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April 12, 2012



This Ronquavis Fulton, age 21, of Miami is apparently an aspiring actor whose specialty is lying on command, even to the point of tears.


"when i'm faking people think i'm for real. i can defently act, i can make my self cry, i can even tell lies with a striaght face, i don't really laught and i'm a good person."

How many Ronquavis Fultons could there be around TM's age?


"He changed his mind during the course of the conversation. "

Ahh, okay, I took your initial comment to mean you were arguing against the "Disregard/Disobey" thing.

We're not contradicting eachother though, so alls good.


When Alan Dershowitz said the prosecutions case was trash, it was pretty compelling. Dershowitz is definitely no right wing shill, if anything he would tend to favor the black victim. But he is also a very good lawyer. If he thinks the prosecutions case is trash, they are in deep trouble.

I notice the indightment does not mention any exculpatory evidence at all, like zimmermans wounds, the grass stains on his back, or the witness that reported Martin pinning zimmerman to the ground and hitting his head on the pavement. If the indightment is this thin, just mentioning the evidence that favors the prosecution, what will happen when the defense presents this exculpatory evidence.

And really gross overcharging. At best, the indightment supports a manslaughter charge.


There IS no witness who saw Zimmerman on top of Martin.

Look at the Orlando TV report from the day after. It all happened right outside witness "John's" house. He saw Martin on Zimmerman AND said Z was the one screaming!

So what if M's mother said it was her son screaming on tape - Z's DAD said it was HIS son!

Then there's the size differential. Z's 5'9/170, per news reports. M's 6'3/180 and a football player!

Coincidentally, I'm also 5'9, and a friend is 6'3. I stood up next to him today - that half a foot is HUGE!

Tell me: how in the HELL does Z end up on top of M, unless it's AFTER the shooting and he's trying CPR?


This is nothing more than a lynching under color of law.



It's not "passive voice". Has the following link been mentioned yet? If so, I missed it:


"Passive voice wrongly accused yet again".


For purposes of the 4th amendment, the officers effected an arrest once G was handcuffed and brought to the police station. Probable cause seizes to build once an arrest is made. the argument that the Defense should make is that there was not enough PC at the time of the arrest. The audio tape evidence and information from the girlfriend was obtaned after the fact(arrest); therefore it should not have been included in the affidavit.

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