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May 27, 2012



When Obama says "my sons", he's speaking with the royal "my". Or perhaps it's the divine "my". Of course, it could also be the no you can't have a DNA sample and I wasn't even in L.A. at that time "my". It's so hard to tell with this guy.


Well, if Justice Roberts bends to the WH on this, he will have certainly fallen in my opinion of him.


Sons of anarchy

Soylent Red

Of course, it could also be the no you can't have a DNA sample and I wasn't even in L.A. at that time "my".

This isn't Clinton we're talking about here...

BTW, some of you may be interested in



This isn't Clinton we're talking about here...

In that some info re: young Clinton was actually known?

Soylent Red

In that some info re: young Clinton was actually known?

Heh, that too. But I was referring to the fact that unlike Clenis, Barry isn't a well known human crop duster for genetic material. At least outside of the Chicago bathhouses, and even then we don't know who was pitching and who was catching.

Also,OT, it may be a good day to revisit truth watch and report some of the un-American activities we've seen.

Jim Eagle


What Choomganging Does

Jim Eagle


There is a new menu item down at South Beach

/close enough



Full of dog.

Kenyan born wannabe.

Danube of Thought

The idea that there was a leak after the conference vote really intrigues me. I wonder if we will ever know.


OT and extremely gruesome; One dude was chewing another dude's face off, so the rozzer's plugged him.
No info on what their respective races were so it is unknown at this time whether we'll hear any more about it. Let's hope we don't.

Danube of Thought

I usually switch off Fox JNews Sunday when they get to the power player segment. Glad I didn't today.

Soylent Red

Let's hope we don't.

The Zombie Apocalypse begins...


On my dying day, I will continue to wonder what entertainment value is contained in the thousands of 140 letter posts on such inane subjects as "#DescribeObamaInThreeWords."

I think that I will waste my time reading good blogs like JOM. You Twitter folks can accommodate old folks like me by keeping your ego-driven tweets on Twitter.


Power player made me cry Dot. There are some incredible people in this country.


Yes, DoT, I, too, thought it was wonderful.


Didn't see your link JiB.


John Podhoretz in the Post laughing at the Democrat shills in the press:

Tuesday night, two more Democratic primaries brought bad news to the sitting Democratic president. More than four of every 10 Democrats who went to the polls in Arkansas and Kentucky voted against him. Obama was able to secure only 58 percent of the primary vote in each state.

This follows the 41 percent showing in the West Virginia primary for a felon sitting in a Texas jail, and the fact that 20 percent of Democratic voters in North Carolina’sprimary actually voted “no preference” rather than pull the lever for their party leader and president.
President Barack Obama

Granted, of all these states, Obama won only North Carolina in 2008. But remember, these are Democratic voters, and they live in states that are perfectly hospitable to Democratic politicians. All four have Democratic governors; West Virginia has two Democratic senators, while North Carolina and Arkansas each have one.

Instantly, the Obama-defensive media sprang into action and located the nefarious explanation for these dreadful numbers: To wit, the voters are evil.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza said the results “have drawn a collective eyeroll from Democrats — and many others who closely follow national politics — who ascribe the underperformance by the incumbent to a very simple thing: racism.


I would say it only serves as dog training material, but then again, what did the dog do wrong?



Note: You can follow a direct line from this to Rick Ballard hollowing out of the Democrat Party, by refusing to self Identify as a Democrat any longer that is well supported by huge samples that Rasmussen has taken over 18 months or so, and the large enthusiasm gap that nearly all pollster are seeing.

If you dont have a natural advantage ( i.e. its not D + but in fact R + ) and you lose more Democrats than you gain Republicans, then the only path to victory is with Indys. And they have been showing up as much as 60 40 against the Democrat since Obamacare, so that seems to be unlikely.

Army of Davids

Walker win and an ObamaCare defeat...

great way to go into the fall election.

But EuroLand is where the real action is at....

slow motion train wreck is picking up speed.


I have always loved your optimism, GMax.


Damnit, it aint optimism, its realism. I am just analyzing the facts, and maybe helping connect the dots. First lets see the results in Wisconsin. That will send shockwaves through the false bravado of the progs...


First lets see the results in Wisconsin.
And they're essentially a foregone conclusion, with the left in denial about it. The lines are drawn, nothing is going to shift between now and election day in Wisconsin, turn-out will be huge on both sides, and Walker will win by 4 to 7 points. Leaving the left to publicly blame outside "extremist groups" for the loss, while privately moaning that the White House didn't help (though Obama still remembers how much he "helped" Martha Coakley).


I guess today is my day to be resident worrier.

I worry about the Recall. Sure, polls have Walker solidly ahead, but if there is an easier state in the Union for committing voter fraud, I can't think of what it might be.


Well, I hope so, hrtshpdbox.

Carol Herman

You think only Roberts is concerned about his reputation?

How about Breyer? Or Anthony Kennedy?

The only one in a "safe harbor" is Ruth Ginsberg. All the others feel the heat of looking stupid.

You think they're vying for a "Rehnquist reward?" Or one of Sandra Day O'Connor's plastic reindeer?

If Obamacare gets tossed ... you'll see happy democraps. They've got to run in an atmosphere where a lot of them are getting their horses shot right out from under their comfy behinds.


U.S. Bishops Prepare Catholics for Civil Disobedience: ‘We May Need to Witness to the Truth by Resisting the Law’

“Every effort must be made to repeal them,” the bishops say in the document, which is already posted on the website of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. “When fundamental human goods, such as the right of conscience, are at stake, we may need to witness to the truth by resisting the law and incurring its penalties.”

I wonder how a "community organizer" handles protests.

Carol Herman

Tip of the iceberg.

Of course, when Sasha Cohen was interviewed in his Dictator's character ... I laughed when he said "The Jews took down the Titanic." Followed by his question: "What, you didn't know it was Goldberg, and not Iceberg?"

Failures the media just fails to report. (Obamacare is not popular enough to pass.)


Does anyone honestly believe that Roberts cares at all what Obama thinks? Or the press? He's the head of a co-equal branch of government, not the EPA.


--I wonder how a "community organizer" handles protests.--

Same way Napoleon the pig did?


I would certainly hope not, MarkO. What strikes me is the audacity of Obama in trying to influence what the SC does.

Manuel Transmission

OT For anyone here that knows sailing, we went to a fundraiser last night for our local junior sailing team. They had a local kid here that went on to the pros by being a key player in Ellison's carbon fiber monster America's Cup winner two years ago. As it turns out the boat was build in a skunkworks out here in Anacortes, so the kid left a comparable job in Italy for Prada and got to come home to do what may be the most significant thing for another century in that rare realm.

So the highlight of the evening was to get the full narrative of the timeline from first launch up here through the trials in San Diego and finally to Valencia for the match. As it turns out, we happened to be sailing back from Pt. Townsend on Labor Day, 2008 across the Straits of Juan de Fuca when we spotted something so out of the ordinary it could have been a UFO. In reality, from about five miles away, it looked kinda like some off-shore rig. Eventually we got close enough to see it for what it was, which still was mind boggling.

The whole design, development, and final competition was a miracle of ingenuity, tenacity, and probably a bit of luck. Of course having Larry's checkbook with at least $110M in it didn't hurt. However, unlike other rich boy's games, like F1, this was all from scratch. They tried some far out stuff like filling every void in the hulls with helium bags effectively lightening the boat the equivalent of one crew. They even developed a super slippery goo that produced an ultra wetted surface. Unfortunately, they scrapped it when the goo got spread around enough that nobody could walk around the topside.

Dismantling the boat and packing it up to ship it over to Valencia resulted in major damage to several key components. Things like have the once in a year heavy rain in SD weighing down the shrinkwrap enough to crush the stack of wing segments (essentially flaps) inside their containers. BTW, it took a whole freighter to haul it.

They are starting on the new design for September 2013. It will be a smaller cat instead of a trimaran. They are already playing with scaled down winged cats now including some spectacular capsizes and pitch poled crashes even with the lead guy falling through the wing. The new design will have 72' hulls and a 138' wing. We bid on a personal tour of the new skunkworks on Pier 80 once the new machine is ready.

The racecourse in the Bay will be so short given the 35-38kt boat speeds that they will have two minute legs! Not many tacking duels under those conditions.


I wonder if Roberts is trying to persuade Ginzberg and Kagan that Leahy is right--that 9-0 would be far less divisive than 5-4, or 7-2; and that history will remember them as the hacks who reflexively supported this unconstitutional abomination and failed to acknowledge any limit whatsoever on the scope of the Commerce clause.


Well, one would hope, bb.


George Will calls Donald Trump a "Bloviating Ignoramus" on "This Week'

Why? Is Trump running for something? Is there NO Democrat that fits that description? Trump supports Romney... most of the Obama supporters are bloviating ignoramuses, so maybe George could point out some of those. The Rinos do at least half the work for the Dems.


Lucky for us it would be hard to have a better read Chief. Hard to see him as taking this as anything other than why judicial review by a co-equal branch has to remain a viable remedy of legislative or exec overreach.

Want a somewhat amusing anecdote? I have my next 3 Invisible serfs collar stories thought out complete with their cute names. They all link together in a series that will have those of you wishing to turn that former Rockefeller property by the East River back into a park beside yourselves. Looking for an easy to grasp link instead of one I have to explain I did a rather creative search. I usually go out at least 3 pages seeing what turns up. Up turned some bureaucrat's memo for official internal distribution you know where from this month. Very graphic of course since it was NOT prepared for the likes of me. Not only laying out the status but things not yet announced they plan after rio. Also precisely what they currently intend to be the links between ed policy and their global devt policy.

Emboldened I went to page 4 of the search and there was a pdf for a notorious document I had read about but never been able to locate. So I read that too. It is hard to find because its descriptions fit so well with what we have now under other names. Which means the designers original intent is still relevant.

Now I am reading Robert Higgs pondering the implications of what is demonstrably true.

Rick Ballard


The margin of theft is <2%, usually <1%. Vote fraud carries risks and vote fraud against an incumbent who is well beyond the margin of theft requires an idiot at the level of someone matriculating at Pitzer College. Given that the indoctrination centers are empty in Wisconsin at the moment, where would you suggest the Dem party will be able to find 35-40,000 Bubus and Dudas?


Donald Trump makes my skin crawl.


where would you suggest the Dem party will be able to find 35-40,000 Bubus and Dudas?



at Am. Thinker -


I'm sure Roberts was quaking in his boots until Wills "saved" him--Wills can be a real maroon sometimes.

Danube of Thought

"He's the head of a co-equal branch of government, not the EPA."

And he's got lifetime tenure, no matter who gets upset. And frankly, I would find it very hard not to vote in a way that upsets Patrick Leahy.


Please note that courts do not repeal unconstitutional legislation. They invalidate it. A repeal is a legislative act. This might sound like a minor distinction, but it isn't.


Well, no, Janet, Trump is not running for something, but I do wish he would stop talking about O's birth certificate.

Captain Hate

I would find it very hard not to vote in a way that upsets Patrick Leahy.

I think Cheney expressed a majority opinion of the content of his character.


CH, You are too clever, as usual.


Yes, Trump gives me gas, because he was willing to go along with the Bush 'lied us into war' but Will doesn't get off that easy;



Well he's a Clymer;


Danube of Thought

At least Will and I are in accord on this:

"This morning on 'This Week,' ABC News’ George Will called Donald Trump a 'bloviating ignoramus,' questioning why presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is associating with the real estate mogul, who once again falsely questioned President Obama’s birthplace this week. 'I do not understand the cost benefit here,' Will said on the “'This Week' roundtable. 'The costs are clear. The benefit — what voter is gonna vote for him (Romney) because he is seen with Donald Trump? The cost of appearing with this bloviating ignoramus is obvious it seems to me.'”

Danube of Thought

Ooops--sorry, Janet, I missed your post.


The appointment of Cruddas is an inspired move. Writing him off as a Left-winger is to miss the point by a mile.

For Cruddas possesses one very important insight which has so far quite eluded David Cameron and his band of muddled modernisers.

Cruddas realises that if socialism is to have any appeal, it must adopt a platform of social conservatism.

Some may be confused by this. How can socialism be conservative?

This story reminds me a lot of the 2008 campaign by Obama, and some of it sounds like this campaign.

Old Lurker

As Clarice reported the other day when Iggy wondered where I had been, I have been up to my eyeballs finishing our house on Nantucket. That meant no time to keep up with JOM. Since I have been traveling there with just my iPhone to make security lines easier and since that means my eyes are too dim and my fingers too fat to blog...I have not been here!

But I have missed all of you.

Well almost all of you.

So you can appreciate my life of late finishing and furnishing a house...please enjoy the email I just sent to friends about a typical experience:

"Why Apple is rich and HP is not and just fired 27,000 employees.

Dear friends,

Friday I decided to order two computers and have them shipped to our storage unit on Nantucket (where we have shipped maybe 200 items in the last year).

First I went to Apple.com, found an $1100 Mac for XXX, had it ordered in perhaps five minutes, received email confirmation within another 5 minutes and within 12 hours had received confirmation that it had already been shipped for delivery Wednesday to unit #XXX.

Then I went to HP.com, found the HP equivalent of the all-in-one Mac(since I remain a PC guy), noted that it cost $350 more than the Mac, but ordered it anyway. Maybe five minutes start to finish. So far so good.

The next day HP emailed me an "order declined notice" pending a call back from me to an 800# to clear up a question about my credit card. I waited 22 minutes on hold to get a person who then made me wait an additional 8 minutes on hold while she called my bank. Of course all was OK so she removed the "order declined" status and promised the item would be processed immediately.

The next day - today - "XXX at HP" left a voice message (came in as "unknown caller" so we did not answer it) that HP needed to know if I work for Nantucket Storage Center or whether I just rent space there...and that the "order declined" status was reapplied pending another call from me to the 800# to answer that question. This being Sunday I was only on hold for 10 minutes whereupon I was asked the question stated above. I asked why in the world that mattered. He said that HP would not ship to Nantucket Storage Center unless I either own that business or am employed by them. When I stated that I rent space from them and pay them to accept and inspect items I buy, I was informed that HP was not willing to ship to an address like that. I asked for a supervisor to discuss a waiver but was told no such person was available and that I would have to find another way to acquire my $1500 HP Computer.

So I canceled the order and placed it five minutes later with Lenovo. And it was cheaper.

No more HP products for me. Ever."

Thus goes my life!

Ralph L

From the last thread, re: Brown molestation story:
Why he wanted to use the event to draw attention to himself and the thinking behind it just are incomprehensible to me

The pressures of pubic office?
The story does explain his later dabbling in prOn. The vast majority of female stars and pros were molested/abused children, according to Dr. Drew.


Now giving a cold shoulder to Ricketts, yet entertaining Trump, that causes a Norman level paradox.


Jake Tapper earns his pay today ...

This morning on “This Week,” ABC News’ George Will called Donald Trump a ”bloviating ignoramus,” questioning why presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is associating with the real estate mogul, who once again falsely questioned President Obama’s birthplace this week.

“I do not understand the cost benefit here,” Will said on the “This Week” roundtable. “The costs are clear. The benefit — what voter is gonna vote for him (Romney) because he is seen with Donald Trump? The cost of appearing with this bloviating ignoramus is obvious it seems to me.”

Hanging with Trump is somewhat worse that hanging with Ron Paul.


This will work out well;

On 26 May 2007, Cruddas signed an open letter to The Guardian, expressing support for Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's decision not to renew the broadcast licence of opposition television station RCTV. The letter justified this support on the grounds that RCTV had encouraged and supported the 2002 Venezuelan coup d'état attempt.[29]

In an interview concerning Cruddas' faith, he stated "in our family the political heroes weren’t Gaitskell or Bevan. They were the Kennedys because they were Irish, there was Oscar Romero because liberation theology was quite a big thing, and Pope John. So I joined the Labour Party, my brother joined the Carmelites. The Labour Party always seemed to me to be a rational, natural element within some of those things we were brought up to believe in. It was as simple as that. My family was part of the Diaspora, they were all over the world, and again that returned to certain issues of solidarity. So there was always that seamless thing between faith and political agency, and union activity as well, forged out of the politics of Irish immigration".[30]


Great sailing story MT. Technology. And thanks for supporting the young racers.

boatbuilder,there you are. I am on my boat around the corner from the hardware store. Yesterday I opened a can of paint that your dad mixed for me a couple of years ago. Small,small world.

Loved Pieces today, Clarice, and kind of wish I had a wolverine of my own to take to American Girl. I am taking my grandson climbing later this summer. Will report.


Tom Friedman is as delusional as ever ...

DURING a recent discussion in Seattle with a group of educators, one of them surprised me when she pointed out that even though their state did not win President Obama’s education “Race to the Top,” that program was critical in spurring education reform in Washington State. As I listened to her analysis, the thought occurred to me: I wonder how Barack Obama would do if he ran for president as himself. ... How he would do if he ran for re-election on all the things he’s accomplished but rarely speaks about.

Like his golf handicap


Mostly, though, the feedback can be broken down into two categories: a raised thumb or an outstretched middle finger. “These days,” he said, “the thumbs up are vastly outnumbering the third digits. I like that.”


OL It's great to see you. I bet it is a beautiful day in Nantucket!


Well, OL, my experience with HP, has a Dantesque 'abandon all hope, ye who enter here' quality

Old Lurker

Back in DC for the Weekend, Jane. Nantucket Tuesday for the last of the movers.

Next time you and Caro can come to Nantucket I will show you what we built!

Captain Hate

As I listened to her analysis, the thought occurred to me: I wonder how Barack Obama would do if he ran for president as himself. ... How he would do if he ran for re-election on all the things he’s accomplished but rarely speaks about.

The brilliance of Flathead.

Ralph L

OL, my college roommate's in-laws inherited a quaint Victorian house on the harbor across from the town. In 1985, people were building huge new houses all around them, so I wonder if they sold out, or if powder-post beetles ate the house. Really should have kept up the acquaintance. The neighborhood began with an "M."


G'morning OT.

Yesterday we heard Ted Kennedy's 3rd or 4th or 5th wife tell Graduating students at some College Commencement speech that they needed to vote for Joe Kennedy 3rd for Barney Frank's empty seat in Congress and she offered this great campaign line: "Joe Kennedy is running on his qualifications and values, not on his Kennedy name."

Well in today's NYPost another women unfortunate enough to have married into the Kennedy clan, and angry at the slurs heaped on RFK Jr's recently deceased wife by the Kennedy bunch, brought to my mind a different campaign slogan: "Joe Kennedy 3rd. Not yet as gross as his relatives."

Patricia Stewart Lawford Stewart "said she first met the young RFK Jr. in 1976, when he showed up on the Lawfords’ doorstep in LA unannounced, having been kicked out by his widowed mother, Ethel...“Then he said, ‘I wish you weren’t married to my uncle — I’d like to f--- you right here on the couch,’ ” Stewart says. “That was a shocker. I knew him for four minutes.”

"...in June 1980, when she called Ted Kennedy’s office to request a favor for Peter, she was rattled by his greeting.
“He gets on the phone and says, ‘I hear you’re the one with the big t--s. The kids all told me"..."I’d never met him."

In short, there's simply not a more disgusting spot
For happy ever philandering than here in Camelot


MT, I remember when Anacortes was mostly a fishing port. I grew up in Oak Harbor. And I remember when it didn't even have a marina.

Danube of Thought

"all the things he’s accomplished but rarely speaks about."

Like his grades.

I ditched an HP for a Mac a couple of years ago. Best computer move I've ever made.


Didn't see if he is in the new MIB;


Rick Ballard

My hope is that the Chief Justice indicates his deep respect for Senator Leahey by assigning the opinion to Justice Thomas. It wouldn't have quite the zip of a "Guess which finger I'm holding up?" note but the message would be rather clear.

Captain Hate

You missed this bit, daddy:

And Peter, she says, had his own issues with Ted. Namely, “He found that Ted was an a--hole. He was at a party with the Kennedys, and he watched Ted spike some punch and give a glass to [then-wife] Joan. Joan had been sober for eight years. Ted says, ‘Here, have some.’ And she gets picked up by the cops driving home.”

To this day, Stewart thinks that Ted set Joan up; the Kennedys, she says, are ruthless when it comes to destroying anyone who’s outlived their usefulness

Whatever airhead who gave the address should thank her dumb luck that she outlived the fat turd before he got tired of her.


I ditched an HP for a Mac a couple of years ago. Best computer move I've ever made.

I don't care much for HP's consumer line, but their workstations are very good (Mac Pro class, but better in my opinion). I have two of them, and they are designed well, rugged and reliable, and very easy to work on.

Yes, they are expensive, but I usually buy them used or refurbished.

Then again, I build most of the computers here. It is a mixed blessing, but one can get exactly what one wants.


OL, I have many similar delivery stories that I'd love to share over a beer. Not here though.


Obama's LSAT score: 75th percentile.

His application: Kenya


“all the things he’s accomplished but rarely speaks about”
He’s just so modest. Hides his light under a bushel. Endearing.



It's come a long way since the Isle of Wight.

Old Lurker

Ralph...Monomoy. Rich people live there.


Hey OL. It seems the Nantucket brain slugs narc is always warning us about haven't gotten to you.......yet. :)


Does Friedman really think this meglamaniac if he had a single accomplishment beyond I dithered but ultimately agreed to let the Seals go get UBL, that he would not relentlessly pound that message like a drum? Idiot.


Seen on my long walk today:

One of my neighbors has a flag pole and is proudly displaying Old Glory. But right underneath it is a second smaller flag and I did a double take. A small white flag with the motto:


And the 0 is the Zero logo.

If the Homeowners Association gives him any grief they are going to have to come through me!


George Zimmerman: The Most Likely Scenario


I am happy UBL is dead, but I still have to take my shoes off at the airport, so he's still winning.

There was nothing but the luck of being there for Obama in the UBL killing. I will grant that Clinton and Gorlick would have passed.

Manuel Transmission

xbradtc, we're about 10 NW of Oak Harbor. The Oracle would sail down between Whidbey and Lopez to reach the Straits.

Were you in a military family there? We have the P-3s fly over us all the time.


Ed Morrissey reading the players at the table notices a "tell":

How can you tell when one party thinks it will lose an election? As the Los Angeles Times writes, when it begins to argue that the election in question doesn’t really matter. Earlier today on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz defended the national party’s involvement in Wisconsin, pointing to a contribution of $250,000 and an e-mail appeal. But in almost the same breath, Wasserman Schultz tried to minimize the importance of the recall election entirely


USWNT plays China 7PM ET today, can see at ussoccer.com


Men play Wed. against Brazil -- will get to see if their performance against Scotland (5-1) was a mirage.


OL, not sure I've been back to Nantucket since we saw you. There was a time when I'd go many times a year - back when it was a 3.5 hour ferry ride. I even tried a case in that courthouse, which really was a trip. I feel like I know that place like the back of my hand. I think it is wonderful you built there.


OT, Interesting Development - Trayvon Martin Quid Pro Quo at the 7-11? - theconservativetreehouse.com

I find this to be quite credible - Martin enlisting assistance from others to obtain goods from 7-11, that he was not of-age to purchase.

Old Lurker

Iggy during Jul & Aug US Airways has one direct flight per day between DC & Nantucket. I learned quickly in summers past that one must avoid the Friday DC flight because all the media jerks are headed back for their Sunday shows. My game is to sit beside them and pretend I have no idea who they are.


My first experience with Cup racers was in the late 70's when there was a lot of activity in Newport. Ficker lives here and Conner practiced here a lot.

We would stand off and watch the latest model compete with its pace boat, usually from the last Cup. It was still DIY at the time and Conner would hit up your grandma for $20 because he was running so lean.

Then he won and brought the Cup to San Diego and it was "Oh Happy Day". The parties afterwards and during the SD years were epic. That was when it got nuts and the really big money came in. Kevlar sails, hulls as thick as a dime (literally) and insane build costs. All for one race and then done. I'll never forget when one of the boats literally collapsed on itself in the harbor in I think 1995.

We were there when those obnoxious NZ bastards won and it was not pleasant. Then again, Conner was pretty obnoxious as well. I have a 6' x 8' painting of one of the races in the office. To me that was the last of the real Cups.They spent more and more time in the courtroom and spying on and screwing each other as time went on.

It has become a very rarified event these days. Larry Ellison, another wonderful human being versus Swiss bankers. Meh!


--My game is to sit beside them and pretend I have no idea who they are.--

You deserve a medal for going above and beyond to try and deflate their Hindenbergesque egos OL, though I'm sure it has no effect on the ponces.


-- George Zimmerman: The Most Likely Scenario--

That's an excellent post by Jeralyn, myiq or 2xu or whatever you prefer to go by. :)
Even the comments were mostly quite sane.


Great to see Old Lurker!!

I'm no big Trump fan, but how bout our side start pointing out the kooks cheering Obama...there's an idea.


--Larry Ellison, another wonderful human being versus Swiss bankers. Meh!--

Heh. I'm thinking a universally celebrated simultaneous regatta would be roving wolfpacks seeing who could hole their hulls with torpedoes and drown the blighters the quickest.



Welcome back. Sounds like the kind of place part of your soul always lingers at while the rest of you is physically somewhere else. I feel like part of me stays on the walkover permanently reading a book. Usually a nerdy book.

Mr MTP chaired a program I was in the audience for a few weeks back. The ego passed through the 5th row where I was sitting and went back another 4 or 5. He thought it was very clever to comment that "Yes I am this tall. I know you are shocked but I am not. I am used to it though. Ha Ha."



BTW congrats to Mr. Ashley Judd, AKA Dario Franchitti, on his third Indy 500 win.
Now if he would just shut his wife up.


how bout our side start pointing out the kooks cheering Obama.

Janet you should not speak of the media in such a dismissive tone!


I realize gad-fly doesn't like twitter, but...
Here is a FB message from Iowahawk -
"David Burge
Alert to anybody following me on Twitter: I got a FB message from someone who recently signed up for Twitter and was suddenly suspended for no reason. Actually, the reason is obvious: there is apparently a concerted effort to identify conservatives on Twitter and gang-report them for "spam", resulting in automatic account suspension. Please let me know if this has happened to you - I suspect the goon squads who are doing this monitor large-follower-count conservatives, and target anyone who follows them."

The left trying to shut conservatives up again. Losers.


Exactly, Iggie.



Were you there when the Aussies won?

Old Lurker

True that, rse.

Hi Janet! I came home to find your Arlington County dunderheads had fined me something like $350 for failing to restrict a dumpster at one of our properties to cardboard only, and for failing to respond to the warning they sent us about that. When I demanded to see a copy of said notice, I pointed out that they had addressed it, literally, to the Dumpster in the alley itself...

That is not a joke.

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