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May 27, 2012



Gotta hand it to the Cubs, 11 in a row. Why dont they just call up the AAA team and let them give it a go?


MT: The following is a story about my Great Grandmother's brother, Capt. Leander Jeffrey. One of the vender's in San Diego during a Cup race back in the '90s had a framed original newspaper picture and article of this race that now hangs in my house. That same day, I, along with my Mom, got to tour the New Zealand boat. We had partied with the crew the night before:


Reference: Town of Islip's Early History by George Lewis Weeks, Islip Town Historian


Leaner A. Jeffrey [brother of our great-grandmother, Estelle Jeffrey L'Hommdieu] was born in the village of Islip on Dec. 12, 1848. At the age of 23, short of two moths, this young man was skipper of the schooner yacht "Columbia" which sailed in the International Cup races against the English yacht Livonia owned by James Ashbury -- this being the second time Mr. Ashbury made an attempt to lift the "America's" Cup.

In his day, Capt. Jeffrey was one of the most prominent yachtsmen in American waters. His experience covered a wide scope as a navigator. He sailed such vessels as the "Vigilant," the steam yacht "Sovereign," and during the Spanish American war he was in command of the U.S. Army Transport Michigan when this vessel convoyed a corps of engineers and the First Marine Artillery to Ponce, Porto Rico, with the Fifth U.S. Cavalry. He also was captain of the U.S. Gunboat Scorpion, and during his years on the high seas had been in all classes of coast and ocean going vessels.

Capt. Jeffrey never gave up a command except through the transfer of ownership. he had the enviable reputation of never having put a cost against insurance companies or vessel owners for damages during his career as a boat captain.

After the international cup race of 1870, when the English yacht Cambria lost to the 23 boats pitted against her, Mr. Ashbury - the owner - immediately made preparations to send another challenge. During the early part of 1871, considerable discussion passed between Mr. Ashbury and the racing officials of the New York Yacht Club. Mr. Ashbury objected to the American center-board yachts defending the cup against his sea going keel schooner, the Livonia. He also objected to the inside course,. and he finally obtained a compromise whereby the contests were sailed on alternate inside, and outside courses, the latter being a 20 miles to windward and return outside the Sandy Hook Lightship.

Without a syndicate building a new yacht to defend the cup, the N.Y. Yacht Club selected four schooners - two center board schooners; the Palmer and the Columbia, and two keel schooners, the Dauntless and the Sappho.

The elimination was held on Oct. 16 and the Columbia was picked as the defending yacht. The crew of the Livonia dubbed the Columbia the "skimming dish" as she was much lighter in construction than the English boat. The Columbia drew only five feet of water, whereas the Livonia drew 12 1/2 feet, outside, stout ceiling inside, and fastened with trenails from plank to ceiling. her ballast, all of iron, was inside. She was owned by Franklin Osgood, and everything in a yacht from suggested experience was done to place her in shape for the contest. The results proved that Mr. Osgood was a very hard yachtsman to beat. Of course, the handling of the craft by Capt. Jeffrey was in a great way responsible for the victory.

Capt. Jeffrey earned the title of the "True Blue Yankee Skipper."

Headlines in a New York newspaper following the race blared: "Hail Columbia," and another reporter wrote: "This is the first victory, and the cup can't go away from here."

The weather on Oct. 18 had all the earmarks of a stiff northeaster, and after much discussion the American committee again chose Columbia to go against the Livonia.

When the instructions were given to the yachts, nothing was said about how the outer mark was to be turned. The course was 10 miles and return. The stake boat was off New Inlet (today known as Jones Inlet). The actual course was laid out east-northeast, or about four points off a true leeward and windward course. The owner of the Columbia went aboard the committee boat and learned that the turning at the outer mark "could be left on either hand." Of course, the Livonia's master was in ignorance of this ruling.

Livonia had a head start of about two minutes crossing the starting line at 13:03:29.25, and the Columbia at 12:05:36.25. With a heavy wind, Livonia hung all her kites aloft and "tore up" (an expression of the seafaring men) the 20 miles of rough water to the outer mark, holding the two minute lead from the start. Livonia's master, not knowing the instructions, jibed around the mark on the starboard, that being the rules in England when not otherwise specified. In doing this, the skipper had to jibe "all standing" as the nautical term is known.

Columbia came on the mark and Capt. Jeffrey, knowing that he could turn either way, luffed around, trimming in his sheets as he turned, and cutting between Livonia and the stake boat. This gave Columbia the lead. Capt. Jeffrey sailed a great race home and won by 5 minutes, 16 seconds, and with time allowance by 10 minutes, 33.75 seconds.

J.R. Woods captained Livonia, but Capt. Jeffrey knew all the tricks of a sailing race, helping to keep the Cup and bringing honors to another native of Islip Town.

After a long and interesting career, Capt. Jeffrey died on Jan. 25, 1930.


There was an OL In Nantuckett
Who's Apple arrived as he plucked it,
But HP made him bitter
with their service in the shitter,
so he told Hewlett Packard to f#*k-it!


"OL, I have many similar delivery stories that I'd love to share over a beer."


I too have many delivery stories that I'd love to share over a beer:)


Question for legal bee-gles:

TL speculates that the prosecution might try to put on character witnesses for Trayvon.

How could that possibly be relevant?


As I listened to her analysis, the thought occurred to me: I wonder how Barack Obama would do if he ran for president as himself.

As I read that sentence, the thought occurs to me: I wonder why I haven't managed to swindle Friedman and his devotees out of vast sums of money yet.

Old Lurker

I'll bet you do Daddy, I'll bet you do.

Beers on me!

Ditto DrJ.


Yeah Old Lurker...dunderheads is too kind. Once President 404 is out, I gotta start looking at local politics more. This place has gone insane.

Danube of Thought

Good to see you, OL.


I'm no big Trump fan

Me neither, but has anyone here ever heard a Democrat call another Democrat a bloviating ignoramus or anything similar, except for that guy who found himself on the SC ballot for Senate in 2010, Alvin Greene? I haven't.


Well to be fair, Booker did call Obama only campaign strategy "nauseating" before be humbled and forced to do a hostage video.


--When I demanded to see a copy of said notice, I pointed out that they had addressed it, literally, to the Dumpster in the alley itself...

That is not a joke.--

Perhaps not to you OL, but it was a laugh out loud one to me.

Danube of Thought

Here's part of the discussion character evidence in the federal evidence rulebook:

"In most jurisdictions today, the circumstantial use of character is rejected but with important exceptions: (1) an accused may introduce pertinent evidence of good character (often misleadingly described as 'putting his character in issue'), in which event the prosecution may rebut with evidence of bad character; (2) an accused may introduce pertinent evidence of the character of the victim, as in support of a claim of self-defense to a charge of homicide or consent in a case of rape, and the prosecution may introduce similar evidence in rebuttal of the character evidence, or, in a homicide case, to rebut a claim that deceased was the first aggressor, however proved; and (3) the character of a witness may be gone into as bearing on his credibility."

Captain Hate

It never occurs in their minds to leave things unsaid http://twitchy.com/2012/05/27/msnbcs-chris-hayes-observes-memorial-day-weekend-im-uncomfortable-calling-fallen-soldiers-heroes/?utm_source=autotweet&utm_mediu

Manuel Transmission

A little side story about Nantucket. The neighboring ranch from where I grew up just north of Yellowstone had two boys, the younger of which was my age and we became good buds even visiting throughout the years after we left that area. The mom was like my godmother. She was one of two daughters of a certain Bassett Jones of Park Avenue. I never knew how grandpa made his money, but it was turn of the last century and I think it was something like elevators for the new highrise buildings in NYC. The g-mom disgraced papa by marrying a Norwegian cowboy and moving into a log cabin in the wilderness. His wedding gift was a toilet which was set out in the yard for a long time.

Anyway, back to Nantucket. Bassett must have had some significant property/influence there, because when the older brother and namesake went to Nantucket to visit many years later, he could never buy his own drink in any bar.


--Exactly, Iggie.

Posted by: sailor | May 27, 2012 at 05:12 PM --

Which one of my trenchant comments is that in reference to sailor?
I always like to savor those rare moments I get something right.


Iggy a less valiant poster would just assume that it was all of them. And that would include me, definitely.



we were starting a family here in CA then but followed it closely. Bond later lost it all and I believe, went to prison.

Danube of Thought

Problem with Trump is, you can't really be sure he's a Republican. He never hesitates to trash them.


Yeah, Extraneus. That is what gets me.



when you sign the contract that is a blank check up to and including death, that's pretty heroic. One of those things the Left just doesn't get because they never have and never will understand the price of liberty. Essentially they are in the business of taking away liberty.

    Cruddas realises that if socialism is to have any appeal, it must adopt a platform of social conservatism.

    Some may be confused by this. How can socialism be conservative?

Nazism was socially conservative in many ways--they just substituted Nazism for religion.

Captain Hate

Well stated, matt.

narc, if you get a chance, point out in one of the threads @ AoS that I've been inadvertently (I think because I wasn't being overly offensive earlier today) banned and find out WTF.

Manuel Transmission

Were you there when the Aussies won?

Jane, we were there and practically felt guilty for somehow jinxing things. MT Jr. was still in HS and racing Windsurfers and Lasers. We were hanging out with our friends from Warwick and had a chance to be on the water during part of the activities. I remember how paranoid the Aussies were about hiding the wing/endplate on the bottom of their keel.

Sara, never read any details of the first races. Quite amazing.


Republicans do not have a health care plan to offer the country. And it makes no sense for the supreme court to overrule a law that was debated endlessly and voted on by the country - overrule simply on a technicality. The constitution was amended years ago to give the Congress the power of taxation. Telling people they have to buy health insurance is no different than using the tax code to have people deduct the purchase price of the insurance from the taxes they owe.

Captain Hate

Forget it narc; I just sent an email to Ewok central


Are they told they have to take the deduction?

Captain Hate

Republicans do not have a health care plan to offer the country.

Wrong but even if you were correct: So what?

Telling people they have to buy health insurance is no different than using the tax code to have people deduct the purchase price of the insurance from the taxes they owe.

Wrong; go sit at the children's table until you figure out the difference.


What group, that is going to vote for Romney, is willing to not vote for him because he has grapefruit head's support?

    Republicans do not have a health care plan to offer the country.

That would be great if it is true.

You want the government to plan for all your upkeep?

I bet you fear corporations because they are big and scary (unlike your benevolent government).

You are a drone, and a parasite,...I could go on.


CH the irony to me is that if the ACA had been passed as a tax its constitutionality would be on a lot firmer ground. Who knows why they chose not to.


Iggy, re Ashley Judd. Could not believe seeing her on the television. She needs to be quiet especially when she is praising Obama!


Re: How is the media going to spin Obama to victory?

By lying.

Our ADN today posts an NYTimes story about Obama's supposed efforts, against opposition by his advisors, to open Arctic drilling off the coasts of Alaska. It attempts to paint the Prez as the same tough guy making the same sort of gutsy decisions he made ala OBL, in order to push permission for Shell to drill in the Chukchi.

"Shortly before Thanksgiving in 2010, the leaders of the commission President Barack Obama had appointed to investigate the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico sat down in the Oval Office to brief him.

After listening to their findings about the BP accident and the safety of deepwater drilling, the president abruptly changed the subject.

"Where are you coming out on the offshore Arctic?" he asked.

"What that told me," Reilly later recounted, "was that the president had already gotten deeply into this issue and was prepared to go forward."

"The president's preoccupation with the Arctic proposal, even as the nation was still reeling from the BP spill, was the first hint that Shell's audacious plan to drill in waters previously considered untouchable had gone from improbable to inevitable."

The story, IMHO, is propaganda start to finish. To anybody paying attention, Obama has been shutting down energy exploration and drilling all across this country. This NYTimes story is an attempt to rewrite history and tell us how hard he has been working to increase drilling.

No mention of Obama's complete banning of future drilling in Bristol Bay. No mention of easily found 2010 statements like this in the ADN: "the president said he would cancel planned Chukchi and Beaufort lease sales so that environmental and oil-spill risks could be studied further."

From today's story:

"...(Shell) needed to know if their $4 billion investment was ever going to yield oil. "I can actually remember saying several times, 'We need a decision,' " Odum said of his conversations with top policymakers. " 'Is this resource on-limits or off-limits?'"

"The company's plans were set back again at the end of December 2010 when an EPA panel revoked the air pollution permit for one of its drilling rigs. That infuriated Shell executives, frustrated White House officials and unleashed the ire of Alaska's two senators, who introduced legislation to streamline permitting.

"The EPA action effectively stopped Shell's plans for another year, but the president put his foot on the gas."

So you see, it wasn't the President who had anything to do with his EPA underlings shutting down Shells 5 year, 4 Billion dollar plans.
It was the EPA, golly and it really made the President mad, so he "put his foot on the gas."

Right. And Lizzie's a Cherokee.

I can't stand even reading it.

If this President had honestly been interested in promoting energy exploration in this county he could easily have done so from the bully pulpit these last 3 years, instead of allying himself with every Tom, Dick and Harry group across the planet intent on shutting down energy production.

"Shell is awaiting its final drilling permits from the Interior Department. Two Shell ships are in Seattle, undergoing final modifications and inspections."

Danube of Thought

Catch this from Willie Brown, one of the smartest men in California:

The president's trip to the Bay Area last week made it painfully clear that the Barack Obama re-election campaign has lost its mojo. There was no life, no personality, no memorable line or moment and no real enthusiasm in the entire fundraising foray. In short, there was no buzz. It was like a summer rerun of a show that wasn't very interesting to begin with. Worse yet, Obama sounded like he was playing catch-up to Mitt Romney. I can't think of anything that should have him in that role, but he's acting like the underdog.

(SF Chronicle)



The info you cited certainly doesn't seem to allow the prosecution to "spontaneously" introduce a character witness of a "victim".


Who knows why they chose not to.

Probably because if it had been passed as a tax, then it would have been the largest single tax increase in US history. Kind of hard to make Obama sign a law like that after promising that "if you make less than $200,000 your taxes will not go up."

Captain Hate

Who knows why they chose not to.

Scotty Centerfold's election tied their hands with what the Senate passed but before that, who knows? Also contra to the troll, the whole bill wasn't debated at great length because most reps didn't get to see the monstrosity; hence the statement that Pelosi made that was incredibly ignorant even by her standards.


Daddy, Put down the NY Times!! Just do not read it--all propaganda all the time.


Willie Brown joins the parade of saying the obvious. As with the others, its a good thing he is a Democrat and black. Otherwise they would be howling racist by now for sure...

Danube of Thought

overrule simply on a technicality.

Exceeding congress's power under the constitution is not a technicality.

The constitution was amended years ago to give the Congress the power of taxation. Telling people they have to buy health insurance is no different than using the tax code to have people deduct the purchase price of the insurance from the taxes they owe

It certainly is different. The latter course requires the congress to enact, and the president to sign, a new tax. They went to great lengths to avoid doing that, for their own political purposes.

Mark Folkestad

Man Tran, our coffee-time visit many months ago was far too short. I didn't remember exactly where your ranch was. Twenty-some years ago, I was driving with a buddy and his parents out of Yellowstone, heading toward Red Lodge for the night. We stopped at the summit and watched the sunset. It was one of the most awesome vistas I've ever encountered.

As with the Bassett heir in your account, my family was never able to pay for a meal when we visited the little town where my pastor grandfather is buried, his last congregation. That always struck me as a powerful tribute to the kind of man my grandfather was, and kept me on the road to trying to be that kind of man.


What a diverse group of people who write on this blog. Amazing and very interesting.

Danube of Thought

Any man who believes he needs the federal government to take care of the health needs of himself and his family has the soul of a serf.


Republicans have proposed many improvements that would reduce the cost of health care, such as tort reform and removing the restrictions against buying health insurance across state lines and others. Democrats successfully fought every one of these proposals over many years, because they intended for the problems to fester. Why? Because they have a goal, that they've lusted after for decades, which goes by the names "socialized medicine," "single payer," "nationalized health care," and "taking over the health care sector."

Their current plan, which they were so happy to pass over the objections of a large majority of Americans even at the risk of getting blown out in the 2010 elections, gets them half way there.

Obama speaking to the Illinois AFL-CIO, June 30, 2003.

“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program.” (applause) “I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that’s what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.”

[W]e can’t get there overnight. It will take time to develop the infrastructure for a single payer

(I realize that composing this post was a waste of time, but I couldn't think of anything better to do for the past few minutes.)

Rick Ballard

"I can't think of anything that should have him in that role, but he's acting like the underdog."

Gee, Willie, it couldn't be the fact Candidate Blank Slate now has a record, could it? It couldn't be the fact he has demonstrated such a profound level of incompetence while betraying every lying word he uttered during his campaign that he has driven off more than twenty per cent of his party? It couldn't be because he has access to private polling results which show him in a hole so deep light no longer penetrates?

Yeah, it's a real wonder the magic President Jiveturkey never had just isn't there.


removing the restrictions against buying health insurance across state lines

Since we are getting into "open topic" form (and I'm waiting for a hard drive to format), allow me ask about this. I've heard the statement often, but I don't know how it would work.

Presumably if one is allowed to buy insurance across state lines, one could go with a carrier that offer less complete health care requirements than that State imposes. Is that legal?

And how would it work? If I buy insurance from a carrier in Alabama (for example) that carrier would have had to negotiate rates with various providers in the region where I live. How can they do this? I certainly won't fly to Alabama when I need medical attention.

Or would one of the multi-state ones (like the Blues) simply use the local negotiations and provide a smaller coverage than the state package?


It was in MClatchy, which as one time commenter, Section, used to say, 'Friends don't let Friends (take McClatchy seriously)


Of course the Puppy Trainer isn't any better;



As well as the piece referred therein;



Most of the Google links on this are from the "universal health care" fan club, such as WaPo and NYT, but these two address DrJ's question.

WSJ: The Competition Cure

Forbes: Will Buying Health Insurance Across State Lines Reduce Costs?


Thanks, Ext. One approach that I had missed is that a local provider simply could adopt the coverage level of a different state.

But right now that plan is not legal to sell in that state. How can the Feds tell CA or NY or NJ or IL that they cannot regulate the coverage in their own state?


Why not the Interstate Commerce Clause, DrJ? Surely this is the kind of thing it was actually meant for.


--Iggy, re Ashley Judd. Could not believe seeing her on the television. She needs to be quiet especially when she is praising Obama!--

Yeah, even her one attribute, looking good with her yap shut, seemed to be eluding her.
She looked like a puffy chipmunk with a mouth full of nuts.


Bond later lost it all and I believe, went to prison.

After they won the race The Bonds were given a ticker tape parade in Sydney. Red turned to Alan and said: "Australia hates heroes, this is not going to end well."

Then came the charges. Alan was found not guilty but in Oz there is no double jeopardy so he was retried, found guilty and went to jail for a few years where he spent his days teaching fellow prisoners business.

I hung out with the Aussies in Newport that summer. I never met the Bonds, but a few years later I met Red and we became close friends. I went to their daughter's wedding in England, and spent a month in Australia hanging out at their homes in Sydney and Perth in 2002.

She sent me an emergency email from Africa several months ago asking who would win the election - she wanted to announce it to the people she was with. I told her it would be Perry - Rubio.

My credibility is now toast.


Apparently somebody on the Rez didn't get the memo.

Native American cartoonist Marty Two Bulls over at the Blog Indian Country", posts this:

Just for interest I googled to see if anyone, anywhere had bothered to get Ward Churchill to comment on the Lizzy Warren incident. I can find no mention whatever of that having occurred. I guess America's favorite Indian is staying mum.


speaking of puffy chipmunks with mouths full of nuts, Yahoo is claiming that Melanie (I've never met a procedure I didn't like) Griffiths
daughter is a look-alike.

I didn't know plastic surgery was hereditary.


That occurred to me, Ext, but in the end it has to be a federal regulation that undercuts a state's right to regulate its own insurance market. Clearly I'm no legislator, but I don't know how this would be written.


Since the cartoon above didn't come thru, here's the link to Indian country.

The story on the right about it being taboo for Navajo's to watch eclipses was interesting, the one about Tribal Vagina monologs much less so.


That McCarran (the inspiration for Sen, Geary)
and Ferguson, the Michigander best identified with having frustrated Tucker's designs, well at least in popular lore, anyways.



My understanding is that congress has chosen to regulate interstate commerce in health insurance by prohibiting it. But that is just a choice, and congress can choose to go back and write new law that would enable interstate health insurance.


ManTran, there is a Bassett Island near where I am on Cape Cod. Could be the same one.

Today I saw one car with Bialot(sp?) and Brown bumper stickers and one McCain. No Bamas.None. In Massachusetts.

Danube of Thought

Conner is from San Diego. I have never encountered anyone who met him who didn't immediately comment what an asshole he was.


Sounds like Conner would make a good addition as a Kennedy In Law:)


Does this seem like self indulgent tripe or does it have a point, albeit poorly expressed
or understood.


Danube of Thought

I concur with Ranger. And if the states' restrictions are lifted, the marketplace will offer myriad solutions to the problems of rates, coverages and more.

One marvelous effect would be the elimination of the log-rolling from various special interests, e.g. the podiatry, drug abuse treatment, hair replacement etc. lobbies that results in mandatory coverage of their pet specialties. Those who didn't want that crap could take their business elsewhere, and the states with those sorts of mandates would see their insurance companies suffer.

You could end up with most health insurance being written in a very few locations, as is the case with other insurance--Omaha, Hartford, San Antonio.


The info you cited certainly doesn't seem to allow the prosecution to "spontaneously" introduce a character witness of a "victim".

I think this would:
"the prosecution may introduce similar evidence in rebuttal of the character evidence, or, in a homicide case, to rebut a claim that deceased was the first aggressor, however proved."

Since such a claim is intrinsic to self-defense, that allows the prosecution to inroduce character evidence. They may not, though, since the defense could then rebut with contrary evidence.


If it is that easy, then go for it! I had no idea it would be so simple.

I am well aware of insurance mandates. This year CA required pregnancy/maternity coverage for all health plans. We don't need it, but had to include it.

Needless to say, our rates went up substantially.

Rick Ballard

I'll take "self indulgent tripe" for $10 million, Narciso. Any idiot who writes of "the end of the Roman Empire" without noting that it was a number of centuries after the profligacy which marked the end of the Roman Republic (corresponding to the initiation of the triumvirate of Crassus, Pompeii and Julius Caesar) is engaged in merit-less pseudo-intellectual buffoonery.

I'm not forecasting sunshine and roses forever but we're going to outlast the Manichean Malthusians by quite a few generations.


This is great: German teen solves 300-year-old mathematical riddle posed by Sir Isaac Newton


Caro--you wouldn't think a can of paint would cause a guy to get a little misty, but it did. Thanks for remembering.
Also Bassett Island. I got one of the worst cases of poison ivy ever camping there when I was about 17.

Ralph L

Monomoy. Rich people live there
That's it! I offered to take all of us out to dinner, but they refused--said it was too expensive. The mother had summered there since the 30's, and she didn't like all the changes money brought.

Stumbled into my first nude beach at the SE tip of the island.

Do they allow poor people on Nantucket who aren't domestics or natives? Isn't that the point of going?


boatbuilder, more than once over the years I have had some weird paint color issue, like matching stuff to my purple sail covers,and your dad would fix me up and sometimes send me on my way with a paper cup of tint concentrate. No charge. I saw your brother the other day and kind of wanted to say...I don't know your brother, but I do know his most intimate political thoughts. Heh.



About a decade ago they put some low income housing on the island.



Thanks, shows my poor reading skills.

Still makes no sense to me, "nice" people kill people, too.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet


Here's a belated BZ to Captain Hate's unranked Terps in their convincing thrashing of the number 3 dookies in the NCAA LAX championship, after knocking off the number 2 Hopkins gang last week. That puts the Terps in an all Maryland final with Loyola, the number 1 team in the country. I predict the tortoise will win.

Of course, I am biased because the Terps beat my Mountain Hawks in the first round by one point in a thrilling first round match.


"Manichean Malthusians"-

we really do need to give rick the alliteration combined with substance award.

What a phrase. In honor of julian simon et al we need to do what will annoy the most and be the most beneficial.

Use that unique capacity for human ingenuity that proved thomas malthus.

It is precisely what has been targeted.


It is missing the wrong.


Caro--It is an odd connection. Like being a pen pal. If you can explain it feel free to tell him you know me as a fellow blogger. My intimate political thoughts are neither intimate nor a whole lot different than his. Maybe he can tell me about some of the more outrageous colors you've concocted and we'll be even.


True, rse, you would think after the results of that wager, any proponent of Ehrlich would be actively shunned, yet one is our Walter Bishop like Presidential science advisor.


"when you sign the contract that is a blank check up to and including death, that's pretty heroic."

Matt, it's hard to believe anyone could say it better.

I have always wondered why the American leftists hate the US military so much and yet spend so much time and effort helping the enemy. Look at all John Kerry did for the North Vietnamese military.


I'm surprised Trump hasn't contracted America's Cup fever. It does seem to attract an inordinate number of a-holes.

Ralph L

Jane, looks like they could use the tiny, primitive cottages that movie stars used to be photographed in (I wonder how many actually stayed there) at the NE tip, but they are probably the highest rent.

Did they import some poor Southies for the low-income housing? I don't see how a low or no income person could afford to live there year 'round (or why they'd want to).

I suppose the construction workers and summer hires for the bars and shops were having a hard time finding something affordable without overcrowding. This could be the first instance in which subsidized housing actually saves money for the rich.


As Glenn Reynolds has often put it pagar, they
are 'on the other side' hence they invite the
brood of the Castro regime, side with Baathist thugs, in syria as well as Iraq, Who is surprised by the events in Houla, this is what is done as a matter of course,

Manuel Transmission

Oops, posted on the other thread.

Caro, we sailed in the 505 NA Championships on Buzzard's Bay back about 1980. That was our first race on relatively open water where you had to come up on a wave to see where your competition was. The last race was so rough they called it. Unfortunately we were doing our best on that run and ended up being last getting back as a result. Great fun hanging out in Marblehead Yacht clubs.


Narciso, you're right. I just wish we had a list of all the American leftists have done to help the enemy.


Well he's in the top ten, whether involving South East Asia, Central America, the Middle East, et al.




There is an apt complex which was built behind the street a friend of mine lives on. Most came from southie and Roxbury, significantly increasing the black population. No one seemed terribly upset - it was probably 10 years ago. I remember sitting thru a criminal session in court and every single defendant was black. I recall wondering whether the problem was with the police or the defendants.


If Romney is upsetting Kerry over Russia, than Romney must have that part right. I doubt if Russia has a greater friend in the US than Kerry.

Captain Hate

Thanks Jim; I hope they can finish the run on top tomorrow.

Manuel Transmission

Holy carp, this Bassett Jones thing is off the charts! It's like one of those gentleman explorer types in the movies like the Mummy, etc. He was a member of the Grolier Club and President of the Explorers Club during the depression. He did the elevators in the Chrysler and Empire State. He was also in the early game of freezing food. (Decades ago my dad told me about both of these technical areas at different times and I wrote it off as legend ala Fauxahantus.)

Jones was apparently a pal of Maude Adams back in the day when she did the first Peter Pan and wrote this to her biographer:

Few people living today have any idea that Maude Adams possessed a keen scientific intuition. Dr. Willis Whitney, then Director, General Electric Research Laboratory asked me, “Where did she get it?” How many people know of her research laboratory at Schenectady? Foolishly, and for some unknown reason, she refused to sign a tripartate [sic] agreement between Eastman Kodak Co., General Electric Co. and Maude Adams to establish a moving picture laboratory in Schenectady to operate under her direction. When she refused I gave her hell and walked out. What an opportunity! She would have been a rich woman in a few years. My God! Think of it! That was on the same scale as would have been an agreement between the U.S. Steel and the Standard Oil, and she turned it down. There was never anyone like her on the stage. She completely revamped the whole art of stage craft—setting and lighting. That was her joy of the stage—not, as she said, “hopping about for a living”. In my opinion Maude Adams was the greatest production artist this country ever saw. I worked with her to carry out her ingenious ideas for ten years.

That reminds me of the Heddy Lamarr story of spread sprectum


--Jones was apparently a pal of Maude Adams back in the day when she did the first Peter Pan--

Geez, she doesn't look that old;


You'd think that, but you would be wrong , lol;


Manuel Transmission

heh, maybe her granny.

BTW Jones seemed to pretty much run Nantucket even to the point of attempting to secede from Mass. He figured they could run things much more efficiently. Definitely not your average Mass. prog. Also hosted the WIndsors in 1937.


both Powell and Kerry seem ill informed;


bythe way, I saw a piece where the Georgians are moving their parliament out of Tblisi

Captain Hate

The best way for Romney to be a failure at foreign relations would be to pay one iota of attention to Lurch or Powell. It would be nice if those two gasbags were on some MFM gab show when creditors came to seize the assets and dismantled the set during their harumphing.


'Danger, Will Robinson' General Ivashov, is a serious 9/11 denialist, so react accordingly


Capn' Romney needs someone like the Good Doctor...Dr Condoleeeeza Rice, to give him RELIGION vis a vis FOREIGN POLICY.
We are being LAUGHED AT by our enemies.


I hope Romney adroitly uses this to publicly resurrect the scene of Obama whispering off mike to Medvedev to make sure that he passes on to Putin that Obama will be a lot more flexible after he wins re-election. If the Russians are such great sun'suvbitches, then why the hell is Obama hiding what he's colluding to do with them far from American ears?

Go on offense Mitt.


"... Republicans have proposed many improvements that would reduce the cost of health care, such as tort reform and removing the restrictions against buying health insurance across state lines and others. ..."

Tort reform is a state matter. I do not want the feds telling states how their malpractice system should work.

And what sensible HI company is going to sell insurance in a state it is not familiar with? States, as they should have the right to do, regulate the insurance policies sold within their borders. Having the feds impose rules on the states, like voiding insurance regulations imposed by a state, is something republicans should be opposed to, not advocating.


"... Republicans do not have a health care plan to offer the country.

Wrong but even if you were correct: So what?

Health care is very important to people. If republicans do not have a workable plan to enable the system to work they should not be running for political office.

And what is the plan? The Ryan plan which does what? Gets the government subsidizing people's HI thru medicare or something? That does not address the issue of all the low income people who do not buy HI to begin with.

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