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May 26, 2012




I blame Warren. I think she decided that she wanted to take advantage of AA and as a result checked that box. She got all of her teaching positions prior to that by being the wife of a professor. I think it is an issue of integrity, and I think AA is wrong, and cheating it is even worse.

DO not underestimate the role of the media in this. Up until Friday none of the liberal media thought this was anything to worry about. The Globe took credit for Breitbart's scoop, but it was a front page story. Every liberal in MA gets his news from the Globe, so we will see where it goes from here.

Oh and in the ever incredible shallowness of being category, do not underestimate how many people will vote for Brown based on his looks.


Elizabeth Warren has proven herself to be a liar.
That's a feature not a bug to liberals.
I saw a Prius on Capitol Drive in the Milwaukee area yesterday.
Recall Walker, My Government doesn't torture, Clinton lied, no one died, Obama 2012 were just some of the bumper stickers.
The woman driving looked like a hag, and so did the 2 dogs sitting or her lap. The "husband" hadn't shaved in a week and looked like a bum, and so did the 2 dogs sitting on his lap.
The dog leaning between the two fronts seats looked delicious.


"a conservative Democrat"

IMO, there is no such thing today. There may have once been, but they are long gone.


Don't blame Warren -- blame the stupid rules that made her academic achievements less inportant than who her great grandmother was.

No. I blame Warren AND I think the rules are stupid.


Hell yes. I'm part Cherokee myself. Why not? It's all the rage.

Count me in, too, MarkO!

Living in the insane liberal wonderland of California, I can sympathize with Jane in her Senate choices. Like (Another) Barbara, I enthusiastically donated to Scott Brown's campaign in 2008 and celebrated his victory here on the West Coast (albeit much more cheaply - ha ha).

Sure, I hope MA voters re-elect Brown, rather than ushering in Fauxcahontas, but let's face it folks - Scotty Centerfold, as Cap'n calls him, is always gonna break our hearts or cause us heartburn. C'est la vie.


"Daddy, your link shows an update that says that Drunk Democrat had ended his campaign. One down, so many more to go!"


After listening to Jane's second segment all I can say is thank goodness the guy wasn't running in Massachusetts or he'd be a shoe-in regardless.


That show somewhat depressed me but I'm glad I heard it---especially segment 2.

Dick & The Representative may think that that Lizzy Warren Affirmative Action Indian business is small potatoes, but to me, outside of the state, it is a big deal because it is an education on how corrupt both Harvard and the State is.

A Kennedy was in office since I was conscious, so even tho' we could never get that murderous pig out of office except via a casket, at least there was some understanding of him holding office because of his accumulation of power over the decades---the all politics is local notion that Ted could bring home the bacon.

This Lizzy business on the other hand is less understandable, less justifiable, because it is the pushing of a fraud upon you guys, without the justification of an ability to bring home the bacon. So it's probably my naiveté', (and who am I to talk with Lisa and Begich) but I think it glaringly demonstrates to millions around the country, the phoniness at the heart of our vaunted cultural Elite's center, and maybe it'll make a hell of a lot more people quit worrying, like the North Carolina Reasearch Triangle voters, about what the hell the people in Masachusetts will think of them, and that maybe it ain't such a bad thing looking like Mississippi.

Captain Hate

I can't believe just on the basis of integrity that Warren hasn't been forced to quit the race. Most of the people I talk to think integrity doesn't even enter into it. That's what I find shocking.

I agree; insisting on candidates having integrity is the minimum bar to surmount imo.

Captain Hate

Scotty Centerfold, as Cap'n calls him, is always gonna break our hearts or cause us heartburn. C'est la vie.

I think he has ways to address his votes which have upset the Tea Party supporters if he'd express them in terms of being part of a minority party and trying to forge alliances for the future. Also of being the Senator of all the state. Maybe he has done this although I don't recall Jane stating that.

He seems to be very personable although he might like the camera as much as a good looking version of Two Buck Chuck Schoooooooomer.

Mark Folkestad

Since Carol Herman brought it up, the actor we normally associate with Tonto, from the TV series, was Jay Silverheels, a Mohawk from Canada. Incidentally, he played a Seminole in "Key Largo". But another famous TV "Indian" was Mingo, opposite Fess Parker's Daniel Boone, played by golden-voiced Ed Ames, born here of Ukrainian Jewish immigrant parents.


Janet: Most Dem voters don't seem to care if their Senators & Reps are liars & thieves.

Jane: I can't believe just on the basis of integrity that Warren hasn't been forced to quit the race. Most of the people I talk to think integrity doesn't even enter into it. That's what I find shocking.

I think it's unreasonable to expect a party whose main objective is the confiscation of other people's property to do anything other than take pride in their own liars and thieves. How could they not?

How else are they supposed to achieve the objective?


Just the latest of thousands of cases in point:

Thou Shalt Not Steal…Unless You Have To

Two years ago today: Obama celebrates Solyndra

Obama on the defensive [over lies] on spending, debt


A story right in Captain Hate's wheelhouse; Meghan McCain called out for picking fights and then playing the victim, surprisingly enough at Mediaite.


This should make Bill Clinton breath easier:

Owner of "Penthouse" magazine says "Leave Bill Clinton alone!"

"Marc Bell, the private-equity mogul who owns Penthouse, thinks the whole Bill-Clinton-posing-with-porn-stars business has gotten out of hand."

"Bell seemed frustrated...that the photo signified anything untoward."

The Pron stars "Lee and Rain", who were part of the "Penthouse" bosses invited "guests", expressed hope that former President Clinton knew who they were when he ordered his Secret Service Agent to call them over, but Pron mogul Bell said unh unh.

The wealthy pornographer obviously had a nice chat in the Monte Carlo casino with President Clinton, and he was able to determine that the former resident of the Oval Office, who famously "Did not have sex with Ms Lewsinski", absolutely had no idea that the Pron Starlets hanging out with the amiable Pron Boss were in fact Pron Starlets.

“He didn’t even know who they were. When he met them, he had no idea who they were. They were there not under their stage names. They were there under their real names,” Bell said..."The man had no clue."

So that puts that topic to rest.

Pron mogul Bell failed to mention the size of the canker sore on the President's upper lip, so hopefully that topic has been cleared up as well.


They do love their liars, daddy. How could they not? [rimshot]

Captain Hate

surprisingly enough at Mediaite

Even they realize what a self-absorbed nitbrain she is. Missing from her past critics in the article is Tammy Bruce, who first attracted my attention by giving her the most well-deserved to-the-point smackdown I've yet heard. Her father also deserves to be called on the carpet for his poor parenting skills among his other well documented glaring flaws.

Slick being defended by the publisher of Penthouse? Maybe they're casting for a remake of Caligula; although he was only 28 when he was assassinated and Clenis looks really bad for whatever semi-advanced age he is.


That show somewhat depressed me but I'm glad I heard it---especially segment 2.


They didn't convince me. I love Todd, and trust his judgment, but I don't think he is in tune with this story. Then again, the polls are the polls so I could be dead wrong. It's always a break for me when he comes on, because he and Dick go wild for state politics, which I know very little about.

Danube of Thought

"Well is the honest assessment that nearly everyone is more optimistic than you on that point?"

Could be. I'd like one of them to give us a state-by-state analysis of pickups vs. failures to hold. We need a net gain of four, or three if Romney wins.

The reason it's worth holding Brown's seat is to increase the chances of that net gain. Even if Brown crosses over on numerous votes, he still counts toward majority status, which determines committee chairs and assignments and sets the Senate agenda, including calling for hearings.

Danube of Thought

Right now RCP has it 47 Dem, 46 GOP and 7 toss-uo (including (MA).


Agree, Dot @6:28


"Slick being defended by the publisher of Penthouse?"

It's even worse than that Captain Hate.
Look at the job description of the Pron King:

"the private-equity mogul" who owns "Marc Bell Capital, the private-equity firm"

Ai Yi Yi! That's the same job description as for Mitt Romney!


"My view of private equity is that it is set up to maximize profits," Obama said. That may be "a healthy part of the free market," but "their priority is to maximize profits. And that's not always going to be good for communities or businesses or workers."

Thankfully Clinton did not know that Bell was a horrible "private equity mogul", when he chatted with the wealthy Pronographer and his stable of video Starlet's in a Monaco Casino last week.

Rick Ballard

Current 47

Lose Maine and Massachusetts - 45

Eight seats needed for a "comfortable majority".

North Dakota - Lock
Nebraska - Lock
Wisconsin - 80% probability (open)
Montana - 80% (Inc. below 50%)
Missouri - 70% (Inc. below 50%)
Florida - 65% (Inc. below 50%)
Ohio - 60% (Inc. below 50%)
New Mexico - 50% (open) 53rd seat
Virginia - 50% (open)
Michigan - 50% (Inc. below 50%)
Washington - 40% (Inc. below 50%)
Connecticut - 40% (open)

60 would be tough but taking the majority is a relatively simple task.


It's hard to disagree with Obama that maximizing profits isn't always good for businesses.


"They didn't convince me. I love Todd, and trust his judgment, but I don't think he is in tune with this story."

I'm with you in thinking that Jane.

This whole Fauxcahontus business is making her and the Mass Dem's the butt of jokes nationwide. It may not be playing in Boston but's its playing like hell in Peoria and anywhere else comedians like Miller and Leno and talk guys like Rush are getting the word out.

And it never hurts to have the focus on another shitty Kennedy's nastiness to another dead gal.

And on the plus side, with Hurricane season approaching, your Lt Governor can now start reckless driving practice at 5 am to get the local paper in some town halfway across the State.

BTW, How is the Marine doing who is going for the redistricted seat previously held by Barney Frank?


Officials in Wisconsin unwittingly break law using Facebook

MILWAUKEE – High-ranking members of both political parties were unaware that posting photos of completed ballots on Facebook or Twitter is illegal in Wisconsin, and they promised to quickly take down the posts Friday after election officials reminded voters of the law.

The law bars voters from showing their completed ballots to anyone. The intent is to prevent people from selling their votes and then showing their ballots as proof they voted as requested, Wisconsin Government Accountability Board spokesman Reid Magney said.


Romney, Obama compete for veteran vote, Florida emerging as battleground

President George W. Bush won the veteran vote by 16 percentage points in his 2004 race against Democrat and Vietnam veteran Sen. John Kerry.

McCain won in 2008 against Obama, though only by 10 percent, 54 percent to 45 percent.

A recent Wall Street Journal-NBC poll shows Romney leading Obama by 8 percentage points among military voters. But a Reuters-Ipsos poll shows Obama winning the veterans' vote over Romney by as much as 7 percentage points.


Rebel leader in Mali says 2 groups merge, agree on Islamic state

The two groups took over the north of Mali, an area the size of France, at the end of March, forcing Malian government troops to flee south. Until now, the two had been in disagreement because Ansar Dine wants to impose Shariah law in the north of Mali, something the NMLA had been resisting.

--The two groups took over the north of Mali...--

...courtesy of that delightful Arab Spring sponsored by you and me in Libya.


The Choomwagon.


Am off with the dogs now, but if anyone comes up with a fitting way to memorialize ‘Golfer-in-chief’ Obama's upcoming 100th round of his Presidency,
please let us know.

Here's a link to the links where I hope he plays his hundreth round: Prison View Golf Course at Angola, Louisiana.

Unfortunately the posted rules may disqualify the President;

He has to have a "Valid ID", and "No Drugs Allowed."


Roof hits.


60 would be tough but taking the majority is a relatively simple task.

I think if Walker wins handily we will be on our way. People will wake up to the notion that they don't have to be hostage to unions and that should garner some excitement.

Daddy, Sean Bielat is a wonderful candidate in a tough district. That's the place where my close friends live who would never ever consider voting republican regardless. This the the friend who pondered aloud if he could vote for me if I was running - and they are very good friends. (He finally conceded he could, but I'm not sure.)

Bielat is running against Kennedy. If Kennedy wins it will be because of people like my friend not any affinity for him.


Roof hits.

Hahahahaha, Extraneus!! Too funny!


Bielat is wonderful. When Barney Frank won last time...you knew the voters were insane. Just like the Jim Moran voters here. Moran could kill someone & they wouldn't care.


Thanks Jane,

Just saw this story over the wire---Teddy's last wife telling us Joe Kennedy is running on his qualifications and values, not on his Kennedy name.

Right. And Lizzie's a Cherokee.

Go Sean!


daddy, we were at Ft.Polk last week and in driving down to Baton Rouge and got a big kick out of the billboard touting the $0.07/hourly wage at Angola.

Crime, it seems in Louisiana, pays poorly.

I believe The Lightbringer is in line for the Order of the Golden Divot, a little known but highly regarded award originally conceived of by one Judge Elihu Smails and awarded to notables such as Ty Webb, Al Czervikx, and Carl Spackler for their contributions to the integrity of the game.

Under the Winter Rules, the Lightbringer qualifies under the Adolph Hitler clause (2 shots in the bunker) and the Foot Wedge (Chapter 4, Para 3).


Moran could kill someone & they wouldn't care.

When was the last time they turned on one of their own. Lieberman? Now Booker? Never for criminality or immorality, only for apostasy.

Kimberlin thanks donors

May 25, 2012 - We want to thank all of you for your tremendous support this week. Keep those donations flooding in so that those opposed to human rights and progressive values will see that their malicious attacks on youth, women, activists, Muslims, and the 99% will not be tolerated in our beloved democracy.
Jim Eagle

Maybe there should be a right-thinkig equivalent of the SPLC that could track & report on left wing terrorists like Kimberlin and Ayers, et.al. Then we would get front page, exhaustive coverage in the NY Times amd WaPo.......Damn it, I just had this weird dream.

Danube of Thought

Here's what RCP shows:

North Dakota--lock (+7)
Wisconsin--lock (+7.6)
Montana--close (+2)
Missouri--good (+3.5)
Florida--bad (-6)
Ohio--bad (-7.7)
New Mexico--bad (-4.5)
Virgina--even (+0.2)
Michigan--bad (-11.5)
Wisconsin--lock (+7.6)
Connecticut--horrible (-12.2)

That's five states where the GOP is up by 2.0 or more, and one where it's a virtual tie.

Danube of Thought

Left out Washington--bad (-12)

Captain Hate

Ohio--bad (-7.7)

I'm very skeptical of that number and I'm sure maryrose is too.


"it's unreasonable to expect a party whose main objective is the confiscation of other people's property to do anything other than take pride in their own liars and thieves. How could they not?"

Seems like a good point and would explain why their stated principles seem fake while hatred of ours seems real. Also why they demagog defense of self and property worse than crime.

Rick Ballard

Latest LV polling

Tester (MT) 43%
McCaskill (MO) 42%
Brown (OH) 44%
Nelson (FL) 47%
Stabenow (MI) 45%
Cantwell (WA) 51%

Brown (MA) 48%

The bromide is that incumbents under 50% are in trouble. The actual 'trouble line' is 48% and Brown is riding it while Cantwell can breathe a bit - maybe.

In open seat races - latest LV

Thompson WI 50%
Fischer NE 56%
Allen (VA) 46%
Wilson (NM) 43%
Berg (ND) 51%

New Mexico and Virginia are the only actual contests in the open seat category. Nebraska and North Dakota are locks and Wisconsin is very close to a lock.


Right. And Lizzie's a Cherokee.

Seriously, could one lousy reporter ask her what she knows about Cherokees? Does she know ANYTHING about them? Their native rituals or sacred beliefs or ANYTHING? What special knowledge did she have that made her more worthy for employment?


It was a scam, Janet. Now she's playing the innocent victim card. Dealing from the bottom.


How the heck is VA close?


Some girl just murdered (not in a good way) the National Anthem for the USA vs Scotland soccer game.

Danube of Thought

I left out Nebraska. It appears to be the lock of the century.

On the current state of play a majority seems far more likely than not, but every single seat matters--you never know when one of the wimps will pull a Voinovich.


Allen (VA) 46%

Allen is NOT the VA nominee yet. He has a primary with 3 very good candidates running against him.


Owner of "Penthouse" magazine says "Leave Bill Clinton alone!"

Newsbusters had this post about Letterman saying "poor, Bill Clinton" about the Lewinsky affair.

and the ol' Hustler guy is speaking out for Obama. What a parade of losers. How can anyone be a Dem.?

Captain Hate

Ok this is very depressing: http://blog.jim.com/politics/clueless-conservatives.html

Somebody please refute it for me, if possible.

Rick Ballard


The RCP averages include RV polling with some rather extravagant D weighting. It's possibly the best example of steadfast reluctance on the part of analysts to acknowledge that 20** ever happened. The election of 2008 will be followed by that of 2012 and 2012 will closely resemble 2008 - no matter what non-Senator Portman or non-Governor Kasich say.

Captain Hate

Letterman saying "poor, Bill Clinton" about the Lewinsky affair.

One sexual predator shills for another.


or like this Am. Thinker article says, 'Creeps for Obama.'

Danube of Thought

UK Telegraph refreshes our memories:

"In 1980, Democratic president Jimmy Carter faced an uphill struggle for re-election. Yet, despite an index of inflation and unemployment far higher than Obama’s, he was actually doing slightly better in the polls. In March of that year, Carter led his Republican opponent, Ronald Reagan, by around 25 per cent. By May, Gallup gave him a lead of 49 to 41 per cent – higher than Obama’s today. Carter’s advantage evaporated in the months that followed, but he regained ground in October and by the last week he was running even.

"None the less, Carter eventually suffered a landslide defeat. The scale of his humiliation was hidden by the fact that people were unwilling to commit themselves to the conservative Ronald Reagan until the very last minute. It was only when they went into the polling booth and weighed up all the hurt and humiliation of the past four years that they cast their vote against the president. It looks like Barack Obama will be the Jimmy Carter of 2012."

Captain Hate

Rick I don't see any reason to believe that 2012 will be anything other than a continuation of 2010 other than in the steadfast blue hells. The jugeared fraud learned nothing from the experience starting on the day after the election where he was obviously pouting about it on national tv.


Remember that basketball with Obama's face on it?....well he has special golf balls too.

That might be normal though. Maybe all the Presidents have signature golf balls.

tommy mc donnell

the real tragedy is that at harvard like other liberal institutions there is a real disadvantage to having white skin. racial discrimination by the people that are opposed to and made racial discrimination illegal. every white person that was passed over by the indian warren should sue the pants oof harvard for racism.

Thomas Collins

If it's a close vote on funding missile defense or maintaining and improving our nuclear arsenal, Senator Brown will vote with our national security interersts in mind, while Running Rabbit Warren is likely to be a typical Dem worried that a strong defense will seem too hegemonic and hurt Val Putin's feelings. Unfortunately, this is going to be a tough race for Brown, and even with Running Rabbit's Indian identity issues, I have always thought that Brown was the underdog. The urban turnout in the special election was very low. Because this is a POTUS election year, the legitimate, illegitimate and dead urban voters will be out in full force and will fill in the oval or pull the lever for Running Rabbit Warren.



There is some talk of asking Vickie Kennedy to step in for the Cherokee woman should she crash - so I'm not surprised she finds anyone qualified.

the real tragedy is that at harvard like other liberal institutions there is a real disadvantage to having white skin.

I completely agree.


So, why did he vote for New START, which is working so well, that Makarov is threatening to go General Serov, (he was the Russian villain behind the mischief in 'From Russia
with Love' I really didn't under that comment, Captain, re Kimberlin,

Captain Hate

narc, I want some of our legal beagles to tell me that the blog guy is too pessimistic. I'm afraid he's spot on.


Kimberlin, which one recalls isn't best known for what he actually did, at the Speedway school, but for a spurious allegation, against Quayle, doesn't believe in the system,
if we are going to use a fictional analog, the Joker, so he is perfectly willing to trash it for his purposes,


On a more uplifting note, I was watching the likes of this, today, I believe it was filming in your neck of the woods, at the time, Danube, I recalled last year, the notion, it was 'an anacchronistic film in
a more nuanced geopolitical age,' I guess the dreck of 'Flags of Our Fathers' is more the reviewers speed.



"My view of private equity is that it is set up to maximize profits," Obama said.

The moment when Obama first figured that out.


narc, I want some of our legal beagles to tell me that the blog guy is too pessimistic. I'm afraid he's spot on.

Me too. It goes back to Jane's comment on integrity. Do we have enough people with honor & integrity in leadership positions anymore? Is there agreement anymore as to what behaviors even are honorable & virtuous?

Here is a great old post on that - Men Without Chests

"We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful." C.S. Lewis


Yes, Janet, that is the irony of the likes of John Cleese, who made the world, irrespective
of honor, tradition, chivalry and complains about 'the new people that were elected' in
the place of the traditional working class


Do we have enough people with honor & integrity in leadership positions anymore? Is there agreement anymore as to what behaviors even are honorable & virtuous?

One of the objectives of the leftists who degrade public office is to cause voters to forget, over time, what we used to expect from public office holders. So the net effect of a Clinton or an Obama that we forget how Presidents used to behave.

Bush restored that dignity after Clinton, but was mocked for it. I expect Romney to receive the same treatment.

How quickly our standards slide if we don't work to uphold them. Of course a mendacious, decadent, lying press does 80% of the work.


80% of the work to destroy, not uphold, that is....


Rick & Danube-- re the open Senate seat in WI. Thompson polls well vs Tammy Baldwin (aka the first openly lesbian Senator), but he may not win the R primary. The mood here is closer to Tea Party, and Tommy is definitely seen as Duke & Duke. The "not Tommy" is between 3 others, and primary polling is useless until after the recall. Note that Tommy came in 3rd at the GOP confab, no one got the party endorsement. Tommy polls about 2% higher than the others due to name recognition, but I think Baldwin is so tied to Dane County & Madison that the seat is an R lock anyway.


Congrats to Porch & bgates for the Instapundit shout out!!


I nominate this for the Photoshop Top Ten List.


Now this level of stupidity, should be considered criminal, sadly there is more than one possible candidate, Van Deippen, Tauscher,
Power, et al


Thomas Collins

Shamrocks close out Sixers 85-75. With Pierce having fouled out with over four minutes to go, Rondo scored nine straight (11 overall after Pierce fouled out). Shamrocks versus Heat, and Thunder versus Spurs in the conference finals.

Rick Ballard


I was aware of Thompson's battle. Neuman wouldn't have any problem with Baldwin and I doubt Fitgerald would either. I agree with CH above that our very well credentialed political analyst corps is being entirely too dismissive of the '10 elections. I'm aware of the fact that turnout will be 40% higher in a Presidential year but I have seen precisely nothing that indicates the additional voters will behave in a manner significantly different than the Congressional year electorate.

I've also seen close to nothing about the brand damage done to the Democrat Party by the proglodyte Obama #occupooper Fleebagger fringe. You can't have 20% of the party refuse to self identify any further without acknowledging the party has been effectively gutted. I place the damage at 4-7% - that's enough to swing 20 - 30 House seats as well as giving the GOP a 53-55 seat majority in the Senate and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Melinda Romanoff


Omer Avital, bassist

Very, very creative.


That's not enough, even if we run the table, unless we put shock collars on the likes of McCain and Cornyn, hey tere'ss a though, We have to win every time, they only need to peel
off a Senator or two, Consider 2010, the way
should have been able to move either California or Conneticut, or New Jersey, yet it didn't, and that allowed them to hold the majority,

Strawman Cometh

The NC State Bar is moving against Tracy Cline.



ET, Bass.

Very, very weird.

Melinda Romanoff


Quit playing with your instrument.

Captain Hate

We have McCain, in part, because of a strategic mistake by Palin out of misplaced loyalty. Now that he pretended to be a conservative to get re-elected, he'll be busy reaching across the aisle to meddle around in campaign finance "reform" after he and "his good friend" Russ's POS law got shut down by the Supreme Court. Free speech, McRINO; love it or shove it.

I'm not as down on Cornyn as narc is.

I hate the Celtics so much it is should be illegal. I'm sorry I wasted my time watching that POS game tonight when I had plenty of other things to do. GO HEAT!

Rick Ballard


What's the case for taking on Blue Hell beggars as clients? The Ryan Roadmap isn't really going to provide sufficient cuts and having some Blue Hell Senator begging for extra portions in order to save his seat in exchange for his vote is counterproductive. There will undoubtedly be occasions of dramatic low farce on the 60 votes for cloture requirement but I don't believe surviving Dem Senators will be up for draining the poison chalice in order to face an irate electorate in '14.

Danube of Thought

"that's enough to swing 20 - 30 House seats as well as giving the GOP a 53-55 seat majority in the Senate and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

I think those numbers on the Senate and the result on 1600 are very plausible. I'm skeptical on the House, simply because the entire body is subject to a fresh roll of the dice every two years. To say that the GOP is up, say, four points on the generic ballot is only meaningful if compared to where it was when it earned the current majority two years ago. At this point I'd say the GOP can be confident of holding a house majority, but should not anticipate any significant pickup. (I may be misinterpreting what you mean by "swing 20-30 House seats." If you mean add 20-30 to the current majority, I don't agree.)


OT, can someone tell me, what was so bad about
'the Green Berets' maybe John Wayne wasn't the
best fit for Robin Moore's screenplay.

Melinda Romanoff

I remember the Chicago Conventional Wisdom at the time it came out, all horrors that it was pro-war, and more specifically, pro-Army.

There was still an Army garrison at Ft. Sheridan, at that time, for any and all contingencies.

No coincidence, I'm sure.

Rick Ballard


I have 24 Dem seats which were won with 52% or less and another 7 at 53% in '10. Redistricting may make some of them problematic but I'm starting to think the safe cut off should be 55% rather than 52-53%. There is a possibility that Dem partisan ID will rebound but I've yet to see a reason for it to do so.

The Bain Capitalism v Obamunism sure isn't going to help.


Well the late Warren Christopher was the Pentagon liason in that era, and he did a bang up job, or so I'm told,

Melinda Romanoff


My Obamabot asked me to explain the Bain controversy today. The spouse already knows what "Private Equity" does, ahem, part of what I do, but didn't understand the concern with him keeping donations from Bain while belittling them. And most particularly, NBC's repetitive coverage via the Today Show (spouse's sole source of "news") and it's "concern" of the matter.

I didn't know which low hanging curve to hit first.

So I asked "Which would be the biggest source of contributions for the incumbent and how would that cash be raised?"

"They're all thieves." was the response.

So I'm getting closer to a "No" vote on iBama here.


Texas A&M Commencement Address – The students gave a standing ovation; the faculty were deathly silent!

Just a taste:

Now, before the dean has me shackled and hauled off, I have a few random thoughts.

* You need to register to vote, unless you are on welfare. If you are living off the efforts of others, please do us the favor of sitting down and shutting up until you are on your own again.

* When you do vote, your votes for the House and the Senate are more important than your vote for President. The House controls the purse strings, so concentrate your awareness there.

* Liars cannot be trusted, even when the liar is the President of the country. If someone can’t deal honestly with you, send them packing.

* Don’t bow to the temptation to use the government as an instrument of plunder. If it is wrong for you to take money from someone else who earned it — to take their money by force for your own needs — then it is certainly just as wrong for you to demand that the government step forward and do this dirty work for you.

* Don’t look in other people’s pockets. You have no business there. What they earn is theirs. What you earn is yours. Keep it that way. Nobody owes you anything, except to respect your privacy and your rights, and leave you the hell alone.

* Speaking of earning, the revered 40-hour workweek is for losers. Forty hours should be considered the minimum, not the maximum. You don’t see highly successful people clocking out of the office every afternoon at five. The losers are the ones caught up in that afternoon rush hour. The winners drive home in the dark.

* Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection.


Btw, Charles ferguson who got the whole Iraq war wrong, at a critical point, in 'No End in Sight,' and was possibly only slightly less stupid, than Taibbi, in 'Inside Job' is out with a book, Predator Nation, it's not about


Oh, did I forget to mention the speech was written in 1997 and has never actually been delivered anywhere, but should be. It is from the Boortz website.

Melinda Romanoff


I'm not clicking through to know whom you linked.

Put up the stream next time.

I want to see people "get it", live.

That'll be his "hook".


This level of category error is worthy of those annoying Direct TV ads, he really should know better;



They are working on their 'ever more selective' strategy:


Melinda Romanoff

G'night all.

The SF Jazz Collective has sucked me in.


In the same category with Kamikazi scotsman:



Well, this is something: Obama asks MO if she is "Ready to be Tucked? every night.

In a surprisingly intimate admission, Michelle Obama has described how the President 'tucks her in' to bed each night.

She says that they don't set out specific time for each other, instead they share a couple of daily rituals.

She tells People: 'We have a ritual where he tucks me in, because I'm usually in bed before anybody. He'll come and turn the lights out and give me a kiss and we'll talk. He's like, "Ready to be tucked?" I'm like, "Yes I am."'
'We live above the store, which means 6.30pm is dinner,' she says. 'The first half hour, we're talking to the girls, then we shoo them off to go walk Bo and catch a little check-in without the kids.'

Does anyone believe they walk the dog together? before they go to bed after an exhausting day of work? ha ha ha ha ha and then MO has to ask to be tucked. ha ha ha ha ha ha :)

Beasts of England

Posted by: Ignatz | May 26, 2012 at 11:15 PM

Hook, meet mouth...

Soylent Red

He's like, "Ready to be tucked?" I'm like, "Yes I am."'

I'm like, totally disturbed that, like, our Preznit and his wife, like, talk like, like, 13-year old Valley girls. Like.

I wonder if Moochelle has ever had anyone ask her if she's, like, ready to be tummy tucked.


Powerline on Mz Warren:

When it comes to odious phonies, she provides something of a case study. She gives us the complete package.


JimR wondered earlier whether any truly conservative senators have been elected in the Northeast. Another example is James Buckley. I think the problem for Republican/conservatives in the NE is weak candidates, not the impossibility of electing a conservative. Reagan carried Massachusetts twice, as I recall.


LOL, Ann, yet this is the image fed to the muddle, not the trips to Marbella, where she rubs hands with Russian oligarchs and princes,

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