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May 28, 2012


Melinda Romanoff

And I couldn't ever, not once, imagine the threat of loss of Federal funding for any jurisdiction, if those names came up in any sort of "up the chain" information request.



That's just crazy talk, he's got himself a good Bialystok level scam though, a little 'plomo or plata' a little Luigi Vercottti,
and then there is either plausible deniability, or effussions about bringing
'forth a better world. After all, as one of
the Sorospheric minions, Joseph Romm, put it,we are 'brainless frogs' after all.

Melinda Romanoff

E' nuff from me. I don't have any vanilla, so I'm just going to watch Spain melt.



I thank God for great men like your friend Sgt Fontanesi. And you Sir, have a wonderful way with words!


Great backstory Rocco.
Those guys made it possible for my dad's 15th Air Force to move from Tunisia up to Foggia, Italy.
God bless Van T Barfoot.

Captain Hate

My father was in Italy during WW2. Even though he was never in a situation that called for an act of heroism, it seemed as if real heroes got relative short shrift as far as official recognition.

Soylent Red

Mitt makes a play for the Paul-tard vote?



funny you mention that, Iggy. I just finished reading the obit of an American CPT during the war, George Vujnovich. He had the nerve to cross Churchill by proposing to work with Mihailovich to evacuate American air crews who bailed out or crashed in Yugoslavia.

The Brits hated Mihailovich and in the interest of Russo-Anglo accord, with the connivance of the State dept, bet on Tito.

The Brits and State did their best to sabotage the mission. Vujnovich made it happen with the help of the CG of the 15th Air Force.

it was suspected early on that there were communist agents in SOE/State leaking critical information to Tito and perhaps the Germans.

It became an all-American operation.The Yugoslavs scraped out an airstrip which was never detected, and over 500 US airmen were flown out by American cargo aircraft.Not a one was shot down.

The whole thing was covered up and Vujnovich was persona non grata with the Brits. Mihailovich was murdered by Tito and Vujnovich was awarded a Bronze Star in the early '00's.

The 15th AF took horrible casualties bombing Ploesti.

The leftist scum have been active for a long, long time.


The Spain story was interesting. They've found a way to open the spigots for Greece too, at least temporarily. From ft.com
Greece’s four largest banks received a €18bn transfer on Monday as the first instalment of a recapitalisation plan agreed as part of the country’s second bailout by the EU and the International Monetary Fund.

The funding, in bonds issued by the European Financial Stability Facility, will help banks reduce their dependence on emergency liquidity assistance, a temporary lifeline provided by the Greek central bank after they were excluded from European Central Bank liquidity operations this month.

The four banks are now expected to regain access to the ECB’s liquidity operations, using the bonds as collateral for funding at cheaper rates than under the emergency liquidity arrangement.

Bankers said they hoped the funding would help stem a continuing outflow of deposits since an inconclusive general election on May 6 triggered fears that Greece would soon be forced to leave the eurozone.


It's an Orwellian nightmare come to fruition. The press won't report it. The police won't enforce the laws even after being used by the offenders. Our elected officials ignore it. I haven't seen anything like it and it's pretty damn infuriating.

There is definitely more than just liberal bias as far as the WaPo & the Maryland Dem. machine go. Kimberlin lives in Bethesda, MD. Years ago I followed a local story written by Matthew Mosk for the WaPo. Mosk was definitely working with the Dem machine behind the scenes to bring down the Maryland Republican governor. It was more than reporting....he was an active participant. It involved Free Republic, Matthew Mosk, MD4Bush, & an Ehrlich aide.

Melinda Romanoff


There are more layers to that than a Three Card Monte scam.

There has been no way to "open The Spigots" other than print locally, deposit globally. The Bank of Greece has printed, as has the Bank of Spain and the Bank of Portugal. All those brand spankin' new euros have been parked at the ECB via the TARGET2 Balance of Payments scheme.

They borrowed more to cover what they lost on what they borrowed earlier.

It's a total sham.

And they're running out of other people's money.



Like Sikorski and the Anders Free Army, getting the short end of the stick in Poland,
giving the communists the run of the place,
same in East Germany. The tale of Czechoslavakia, worked a little better, until the business with Masaryk and the balcony.


Here is a bit.

"Steffen confirmed to a Washington Post reporter in February that he wrote the e-mails discussing O’Malley rumors. But after publishing several articles, the Post acknowledged that the reporter, Matthew Mosk, had logged on as MD4BUSH from his work computer to verify the exchange, further complicating the story."

bold mine The Dems were setting up phony "sting" operations & having the WaPo reporter be in on it so he could write the story.
Malkin adds - "Now, compare the Sun article with the Washington Post’s coverage today. Note that the paper omits any reference to its own involvement in the matter. "


Now the distinction, is when someone says something frankly unjustifiable on our side,
we call them on it, of course, unlike with Walsh, Riehl didn't coordinate his attack with anyone,



The story of Mihailovich is not a well known one but it should be, matt.
My dad always said Ploesti was the worst although Regensburg was not much better.
A short history of the 15th.
My pop started in the 8th in England when it was first formed and then was diverted to Africa in the 12th AF and then to the 15th in 1943; four long years overseas.


I think that part of what is working for Romney is the contrast. He's earnest, confident and not cocky, traits which are quite appealing in contrast to what we have now. In a different time, that lack of personality would not work as well.

He may be the right guy at the right time.


I remember that scam, Janet..Not with the detail you do.


But there is no level of contempt deep enough for a person who has done nothing but absorb the benefits of the system he rails against, and yet refuses to see the very real sacrifice that many others have made on his behalf, including the ultimate sacrifice.

I love this thought from Soylent Red. It is SO true.

Captain Hate

I agree, Janet; well stated, Soylent.


I want justice, really. I want all the Brett Kimberlins who were working along with the rest of the Tides-Soros-Heinz-Streisand scammers to get the lesson they have long deserved.



btw, if you wanted to know what Mosk has been up to lately:


Melinda Romanoff

Me too.

G'night all.


Usually they are not this obvious;


Rick Ballard

C'mon - we've got our own scum utilizing an anonymizer from the sacred halls of the Pitzer Indoctrination Center. Trippi wasn't just working on social networking to raise dough for Dean. We're seven years into the prog use of computers to do the work that scum reporters have been doing for two hundred.

A careful examination of the rationale behind McCain-Feingold woould reveal the construction of a tool to allow "public interest" garbage foundations' funding of several hundred operatives of precisely the same nature as Kimberlin.

A careful examination of John McCain might reveal exactly what it was that the Obama campaign used to draw all his teeth.


"Btw, have any of you, had experience with first degree burns, from boiling water?"

How about boiling coffee? I had a cup on the console in my car, backed over curb and spilled the coffee over my upper right thigh - 2nd degree burn actually. Excruciating pain for about 3 days, and luckily a very faint rippling of the skin so it doens't really look scarred.


Geez, Rick, have you been imbibing the narciso?

I didn't understand a word of your last post.

OK, I understood the words, but couldn't follow the "story".


I lent him the babelfish, McCain/Feingold, provides an apparatus through which any private party, must jump through, something
Soros and/or Peter Lewis, don't have to bother with, Red Squaw's prole feeding the muddle, for a baker's dozen, provided the rationale for Obamacare and GOSPLAN, the CFPB.


You should have sued yourself Enlightened. You'd be on easy street.


--I lent him the babelfish--

LOL, narc. One of these days somebody should shoot that thing in a barrel.


I'm off to saw logs myself. Nite.

Soylent Red

I want all the Brett Kimberlins who were working along with the rest of the Tides-Soros-Heinz-Streisand scammers to get the lesson they have long deserved.

I believe these conspiracies have been present all along. Probably since 1917.

Things seem worse these days for two reasons. First, the election of a Fellow Traveler to the White House has emboldened them and made them less fearful of the law. Holder isn't going to prosecute any of these thugs and they know that as long as their boys are in power, they can act with relative impunity. Even if they get caught red-handed, the system is now such that there will be minimal penalty.

Second, the rapid expansion of global communication and social networking has accelerated the process where suspicions are tested against facts and turned into narratives and examples. One man, who knows a little can connect dots with other people who know a little. Each piece comes together in a commons, where a blogger or interested party can put them together to form a picture. That picture is, in turn pushed out to join other pictures to form a bigger picture. On and on.

This can only get worse for a political philosophy that uses lies and concealment to get and maintain power. It should also serve as a warning to the Right about how to act, and who will be successful in the new transparency.

Danube of Thought

"...we've got our own scum utilizing an anonymizer from the sacred halls of the Pitzer Indoctrination Center..."

But he's not committing any crimes. I'm assuming that "spoofing" another person's phone number (more on that in a minute), and impersonating the owner of that phone to give a false report of a violent crime or serious accident is a felony--multiple felonies. I'm not yet prepared to believe that Maryland law enforcement people are supinely acquiescing in a scheme by a corrupt governor to ignore it just because the likely perp hates conservative bloggers. My concern is whether it is possible to do this kind of thing today in a manner that can't be detected. That is, even if MD authorities were eager to catch these people, could they do so?

Does "spoofing" X's phone mean making a call that no one can determine did not in fact come from X's phone?


Well Soylent, Klein's 'the Amateur' suggests the proper comparison to Obama, is in Forrest
McDonald's description of Wilson, even though
the latter was a more accomplished academic,


apparently Kruggy is dancing all over Europe preaching the Gospel of the Open Spigot.

The Greeks have been found to have failed to do anything meaningful in tax recapture while the Italians have failed to do anything to change labor laws. The few billion in additional income taxes recaptured in Italy from tracing exotic automobiles and vacays is spit in a 10 gallon bucket.

So much for austerity. And the moron from Manhattan is being received like an Emperor by Hollande and the rest of the Eurowastrels. This will only be solved when they run up against a hard wall at 100 MPH.

As long as OPM is available they will spend every penny. The same is just as true here as Rick refers to. The propaganda machine is worse than Goebbels' in that it will take down the entire structure if followed.

Capital is running around the world like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find safe havens, but as the best of a terrible lot, the dollar is only good until the day people say "oh shit" there are too many of them out there to have any real value.

If a feckless administration acts fecklessly, what else is to be expected?

Soylent Red

As an aside...

I have a couple of George Nash books in my stack that I have skimmed a little recently. On first glance, it seems to me that Romney would be wise to learn and embrace the historical underpinnings of conservatism. We need a return to the old time philosophical basis that produced Goldwater and Reagan. I think people in this country are sooooo ready for it, and the pure version stands directly in contradiction to the vision of the Obama Left.

Mitt has a real chance of becoming one of the great ones if he has the testicular fortitude to learn and profess Conservatism without sprinkling in Republican mumbo jumbo.

Rick Ballard


Sorry. McCain-Feingold was passed in order to stifle private competition with the "public interest" foundations of the types which support Kimberlin style destruction. Dana Gilbert Ward of Pitzer College has been using an anonymizer at Pitzer College for the past eight years to damage a number of conservative blogs through trolling. Kimberlin is a bit beyond trolling but he's definitely involved in attempting to destroy conservative social media.

The big push in the organized defacement and destruction of conservative social media began in 2003-2004 and was coincident (and probably controlled) by the same people used by Joe Trippi as adjuncts to the Howard Dean campaign. Trippi's public claim to fame was organizing fund raising through social media but destruction and defacement of conservative social media were also goals.

IMO - John McCain was muzzled by the Obama campaign. I don't know what they had on him but it was more than his Keating flirtation.


Rather frightening, DoT. It sounds like something from the Bourne stories.


Well the likely candidate for the spoofing, seems to be from the NYC, somehow I don't think Schneiderman, will move on it, any further than Gansler or Harris.



Just catching up, but I see there are a few new stories up about LIzzie's Dem Primary challenger, as reflected in your 07:10 above.

Just a suggestion. Would it be worthwhile to ask Dick his opinion on IF such a challenge from this DeFranco challenger was to pick up steam, how does he think that would happen.

From listening to your show he is very proud of mentioning his experience and understanding of the inside baseball nature of in state politics, and you admit you are far from an expert on that.

So just thought it might be interesting if you could actually get him to address, without poo-pooing the question, what mechanics would need to be accomplished and by whom in the State Dem pecking order, in order for this DeFranco girl to start making headway beyond a few stories in the Herald and on Breitbart. Apologies if I'm out of line for my suggestion.

FWIW, I liked when DeFRanco spoke out about Lizzy's unanswered Indian questions last week. Hope she does it again and keeps the Squawling front and center.

If all DeFranco needs is 15%, some witty JOMer ought to be able to come up with a slogan playing that 15% off Lizzy's 1/32nd percent.

Danube of Thought

Look, his grades were great, and the courses rigorous. He just doesn't want to let the public see them for fear it might lower students' self-esteem.

"When President Obama gave the commencement address last week at the Air Force Academy, he congratulated the cadets for excelling at one of the most demanding schools in the country.

"But decades after Mr. Obama completed his own college course work, his academic performance is still a mystery. Before and after his election as president, Mr. Obama has refused to release his college transcripts from his days as an undergraduate and a law school student.

"Most presidents’ academic records are made public by the time they reach the highest office in the land, either with their consent or by someone else digging them up.

“'There’s no reason why people shouldn’t know,' said Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who focuses on the presidency. 'At this point, it’s pretty moot — perhaps amusing if it turned out that he didn’t do very well.'

"But whenever Team Obama is asked about the president’s college performance, officials dodge the question, obviously with Mr. Obama’s blessing."


FWIW, I liked when DeFRanco spoke out about Lizzy's unanswered Indian questions last week. Hope she does it again and keeps the Squawling front and center.

It would be fun to see her take down Lizzy, but just as an aside, DeFranco appears to be an extreme moonbat. For example, from her website:

The [Military Industrial Complex] keeps us in a constant state of war in order to justify the output production of the complex. We can retool factories to build wind turbines, high-speed rail engines and tracks, etc. to have a working economy that builds things that help people live better lives instead of kill them.

Oh crikey that old chestnut, not to be too pedantic, if it wasn't for the MIC, we'd be speaking German,

Danube of Thought

And the most sinister thing about the MIC is that nobody really knows who they are, or how they have acquired and exert such power. Perhaps Ike, when he coined that ill-considered phrase a half century ago, could have identified the members of that Complex. Would that he had done so. Then we would a bit more about how they should be combatted.


It's like the Canadian Menace, it's evil is so
subtle, that it must be countered at all costs.


Always a good day when Jack Cashill has a piece up at American Thinker. LUN.


College transcripts replace birth certificate for Obama detractors

What do these "transcripters" (if we may coin a phrase) hope to prove?

"We’re not convinced that Barack is as smart as you media elitists keep insisting he is," says The Trenches, the website that posted the reward. (The Daily Caller outed the responsible party as Brooks Bayne, a conservative blogger who admitted he was behind the reward.)

That rationale may strike some as a little flimsy, given that Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review, taught constitutional law, has two bestselling books to his credit and is, at the moment, leader of the free world.


Stacy McCain and others have posted about Kimberlin's wealthy Aunt, who seems to provide some amount of funding for his 501(c) orgs, and perhaps more directly.

I stumbled across another of her connections via her bio as a board member of Friends of the Earth (scroll down):

Harriett Crosby, Co-founder & President of Institute for Soviet American Relations Audit committee chair

ISAR supports the work of environmental activists in the former Soviet Union. Harriett has worked as an instructor for the Colorado Outward Bound School and taught at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Aspen Community School , and at the Putney School in Vermont. She worked at the White House Council on Environmental Quality for the first five years of the Clinton Administration. Harriett has a Master's degree in Psychology from Temple University and has been trained as a Jungian analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. She attended Pitzer College and just received their distinguished alumni award. She manages Fox Haven, a farm and retreat center in Maryland, and currently serves as vice chair for the board of Friends of the Earth.

Who could have seen that coming?


Byron York: Two books, two standards, for Obama, Bush

Klein's book, which debuted in early May, has been mostly ignored by large media organizations (although not by the book-buying public, which has put it at the top of next week's best-seller list). Hatfield's book, on the other hand, rocked a presidential campaign -- before crashing and burning on its own dishonesty and its author's criminal record.

Thanks Rick, it's all so clear now.

Now, if we can get narciso to post a key to each one of his comments...I can dream :)

Jim Eagle


What a find. LOL

Birds of a feather.....


College transcripts replace birth certificate for Obama detractors

What do these "transcripters" (if we may coin a phrase) hope to prove?

And the story is in the LA Times. The Times doesn't have anything to report on the transcripts other than to make fun of the citizens that want to know. The Obama Production Company is probably getting ready to release some forged college transcripts. Look for Obama to go on some comedy/talk show & laugh about the idiot "transcripters".



Great suggestion - I'm going to ask Dick verbatim.

High School Diploma

I appreciate your help. You really helped me.


Here is Weasel Zippers headline to the LA Times story -

Cutting-Edge Journalism: LA Times pooh-poohs Obama’s missing college records, coins the word “transcripters” rather than investigate


It is odd that newspapers now-a-days make fun of customers that want to know some information, rather than finding out the information FOR their customers.
What's the use of a newspaper then...to mock customers? They've really lost sight of their reason for even existing...


The LA Times, like most ink wasters, has no investigators, only leftist propaganda spreaders.

For your daily word- that you will be able to use every day as long as the Obama regime rules this land.



Whatever they had on McCain they must have forced him to hire Steve Schmidt, the worst campaign staffer in my memory.



Please take a look. If we want qualified young office holders in the Republican party, we need to keep this young lady in office.


The Greek version, pagar is kakistocracy, or 'rule by the worst' One suspects we were doomed from the outset, clarice, seeing as his previous hire was John weaver, who was last seen driving huntsman, right into the iceberg,

Voldemort Delenda Est !                   Sandy Daze

Saw the Blues arrive via a six-ship fly-over-the-beach on Sunday evening.

They are practicing for the oceanfront performances this weekend, overhead, now.

For Memorial Day weekend, and for the Blues, I´m with the man who said:

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived."
-- George Patton

May they all Rest In Peace.

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