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May 24, 2012



Will it turn out to be only a typo?

hit and run

Hope and Change RIP was pioneered by our darling Ann... Obama Buries Hope and Change



I'm glad you posted Ann's Halloween pictures. That was the 1st thing I thought of when I read the headline.


TomM-- GlennR linked to that as well, and was less charitable to ABC. H/C never was-- it was just schtick and jive all along.


The cause of death appeared to be a bitter realization that he needed to win reelection in an increasingly partisan political environment, a cancer that he had been battling for months if not years.



Good grief. It is never Obama's fault. Ever. If you read the article, be prepared for all the reasons Obama has had to abandon hope and change. It's as if ABC believed his hope and change message to begin with.

Commisar Gus

ART SHOULD GLORIFY THE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"He wanted to change politics and get people in Washington to get along better. But that did not happen."

And to do that, he tells John McCain and republicans "I won".


Technically, to a lefty, since Hope and Change was a disabled abortion that Barry conceived but terminated prior to viability and left in a closet to die on its own without assistance, it should simply be tossed in the garbage, not given a proper burial.


"I won."

hit and run

And who can forget JMH's contribution with this photoshop. Hope and change was on life support by the time the DNC convention came around in 08...

Jim Ryan

I see it as Dope and Remain the Same. "Don't go back to the policies that got us into this mess in the first place" is Dope; you believe that line, you're stoned. "Keep spending, don't act to prevent the looming fiscal meltdown" is Remain the Same.

Obama '12
You Still In?

Obama '12
What, You Chicken?


"I will trump you on that."


No. I have it on good authority that lots of parasites still imbibing deeply on Hope and Change are headed to party in Rio next month.

Someone notorious to me linked a publication recently of yet another one of those intl agencies we fund based in Paris. There was much of the supposed Common Core stealth implementation vision all laid out in technicolor.

Once again. That's not a reasonable place to be looking for elements of the engrenage. Yes it is a good word for this and I intend to start using this.

Have I mentioned I found the reading template on a server on the other side of the world? Quite specific and well hidden unless you follow the referring footnotes.

This is deliberate deception by the govt plutocrats to insist that actually elections no longer matter in the West. They create a mindset of popular control which is useful. The reality is bureaucratic control by an unhealthy alliance of public and rent seeking cronies intended to endure and advance regardless of who is in office all over the West.


I am waiting for the announcement that Biden is out and Hillary is in.


Sue-- If 'Bam really plans to boot Biden and put Hilliary in the slot, he'd better get Hill to Betty Ford and a day spa-- pronto.


Still surprisingly stupid, even for ABC.


Oh Jane-

Have you seen this hilarious and effective YouTube on Warren?

I saw it over at Dan Michell's Intl Liberty.

And to think she was going to have charge over so much of the American economy.


How he has any oxygen left in his lungs , is a mystery;



the first rule of fight club, . . .


Rick Ballard


It actually ties nicely to a comment by AliceH on the last thread

They're designing an a la carte menu of rationalizations, Extraneous, and making sure there are enough side dishes and condiments, as well as the entrees, to satisfy all their disappointed customers.

The Pinhead Troika is not about to let anyone talk about them like they were dogs. They have made the decision to make the election Bain Capitalism v Obamunism and that's the way it will be - just as they encouraged the #occupoopers and the Wisconsin Fleebaggers to engage in serial idiocy that will cost the President Wisconsin in the general.

ABC is placing fatherhood for the coming defeat where it currently resides - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Dave (in MA)

Having solved all of our other problems, the regime is going after my local coffee chain for its hiring practices.

Rob Crawford

Rick -- considering the gubmint now believes it's "racist" not to hire felons...

Rob Crawford

Dang. Meant Dave...

Too early in the morning.

Yes, I realize it's after 10.

It's still too early.


The lack of introspection is simply mind boggling. Nothing about the sheer stupidity and partisanship of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and their ruinous policies. Nothing about his ability to antagonize large swathes of the electorate with his words.

Nothing about his sheer incompetence in so many aspects of the job. Nothing about his contempt for the Constitution and arrogation of power.

It was all partisan politics. Of course! What a fool I am. I allowed the facts to get in the way of the Light Bringer's sheer double dutch brilliance.


We got a President with an IQ above 56 and avoided placing Sarah Palin a heart attack away from being the most powerful person in the History of the world with her finger on the Nuclear button.

I think the 'hope' and 'change' boxes got ticked.

If America elects a Republican with a secret bank account in the Cayman Islands I'll eat my head.We're still toying with the idea of seeking reparations from every registered Republican for crimes against the economy.If you're ideology facilitated a global financhial meltdown causing my 401k to topple then shouldn't I be able to seek monetary restitution for my losses?

Of course I should.


Carney came out and said Obama didn't contribute to the deficit and that he's not a big government spender.How can he proclaim this rubbish with a straight face?
OT; Fitzgerald has stepped down in Chicago as a federal prosecutor. First statement made led with the Scooter Libby kerfuffle.

Danube of Thought

This is what's so infuriating:

"...an increasingly partisan political environment, a cancer that he had been battling for months if not years." Tell us how he went about "battling it" once he set foot in the White House. He was arrugantly dismissive of the GOP from inauguration day on.

This is a cancerous presidency.


Same old, same old.


Danube of Thought

Minus 14 at Raz todat.

Leads Romney by 1.


We're still toying

Isnt that what juveniles do? Engage in massive fantasies and play with toys while the grown ups take care of the heavy lifting? Thanks for the admissions. Less than 190 votes in the House allows lots of time for fantasy and imagination, so just wait until the numbers dwindle in the House and the WH slips away. There is always Vermont and Rhode Island to fall back on ( and Cuba of course ).


Even to someone as oblivious and prone to charity as me it is apparent weedaveyboy is not just stupid but clinically insane.
I suspect either delirium tremens or alcoholic hallucinosis.

Dave (in MA)

I have to chuckle at all these moonbats still obsessing about Palin being the VP candidate 4 years ago when we've had to have 24/7/365*4 girded loins about the current crew of ass-hats. Keep in mind Slow Joe's first reaction to 9/11. "Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran". That's the kind of Foreign Policy Gravitas he brought to the table in the Situation Romper Room. Dubby, could you do us a favor and videotape your reaction to seeing the results on 11/6?

Jim Eagle

Here is an interesting Quinnipiac poll in Florida.

I think there are two highlights:

Mack leads Nelson among Hispanic voters by a comfortable margin. He is ony up 1% overall but I think that is going to grow after he wins the primary. I think this may be more than the Cuban bloc but rather a little GZ treatment thrown in for good measure.

More people favor SYG and oppose stricter gun laws. They also oppose Mayor Buckthorn's proposal to ban guns in downtown Tampa during the Republican convention. I wonder if guns are being banned in Charlotte for the Dems convention?


Arrugantly dismissive-comment of the day
Soon ,very soon the voters will dismiss him.

Jim Ryan

Stupidest platform in American history:

He's cool, he did some blow, and if you believe those rich white guys don't have enough money to start paying their fair share and cover the federal government's obligations then you drank the koolaid.


Carney came out and said Obama didn't contribute to the deficit and that he's not a big government spender.How can he proclaim this rubbish with a straight face?

Yesterday someone (NK?) linked to a WSJ-Marketwatch article that (laughably) tried to make this point. I suspect either they got it from Carney or Carney got it from them.


The lack of introspection is simply mind boggling. Nothing about the sheer stupidity and partisanship of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and their ruinous policies.

No question in my mind the blatant chicanery of the Obamacare passage was the cause of death, though there were many other contributing factors. No way an objective observer could ever see that as anything but one of the most outrageous and destructive stunts in the history of the U.S.


More people favor SYG and oppose stricter gun laws

That cant be right, Doubledumb just doubled down on the win win meme and knowing old doubledumb like I do, he would never just talk out his @ss...


Have you seen this hilarious and effective YouTube on Warren?

I have not. I was told today by someone who would know, that Lizzy is up 5 points since the pow wow controversy and Brown is in big trouble.

Jim Eagle

For all you basketball fans out there, I give you:

Uncle Drew

I wonder if Captain Hate is in that group?


It is not enough that we political junkies mock & ridicule the lib liars & grifters...this stuff HAS to break into the mainstream. Are any of the great mocking Youtube videos on TV? It does no good to just preach to & entertain the choir.
I don't know what we are gonna do with the MFM.


Here is the latest review of the crosstabs of the NBC/Marist poll released today. The toplines may make great headlines for Zero supporting news orgs, but I can assure you the campaign staff is not going to be happy about this when they see what it took for Marist ( another college see the pattern here ?) to show the topline. Oh yeah they used a RV design, it was too hard to ask the two or three additional questions and increase the sample size up to pare down to just likely voters.

Florida -The Party ID sampling split is +8 Democrat. Not sure which Florida voters they polled, but this is pure fantasy. According to the Last 4 exit polls Florida was +4 Rep in 2004, +3 Rep in 2006, +3 Dem in 2008, and Even in 2010. Obama's lead is off by only 10 points.

VA The only one in the ball park. Marist sampled VA voters +2 Democrats, which is less than the +6 from 2008 (this is the only state of the three where the portion of Democrat voters actually declined since 2008). Of course in VA Republicans were +4 in 2004, +3 in a miserable 2006, Dems were +6 in 2008. In 2009 Republicans were +4.

OH Marist polled +9. The tale of the tape is +5 REP in 2004, +3 Dem in 2006, +8 Dem in 2009 and +1 Rep in 2010.

There you go again...

Danube of Thought

From Mickey Kaus:

Just Asking:

Facebook’s IPO launched at $38 a share, and the stock is now trading at $32, and the company and its bankers stand accused of having “hyped up” the stock.** There are lawsuits and hearings.

GM’s post-bailout IPO launched at $33 a share, and the stock is now trading at $22, after being repeatedly touted by the highest officials of the U.S. government. Yet the suckersinvestors who bought it aren’t having a cow. …


**–I understand there is a specific complaint that material info about Facebook’s earnings was disclosed only to selected big investors. But there is also an underlying anger that Facebook’s stock has dropped so far. GM has dropped more.


"either they got it from Carney or Carney got it from them.

Actually, most of the leftist BS comes from:


Democrats continue their war on women.


"Senate Democrats pay female staffers less than male staffers"

Nothing ever changes, the leftists say one thing and do something entirely different.


Veronica de Rugy writes a fine piece in the LUN on faux austerity.


That is terrible, pagar....the left messing with the occult.


Uncle Drew and I went to Duke together.

Rob Crawford

the left messing with the occult.

But we're anti-science.


Oh my goodness...great point, Rob.


Well if white woman who speak with forked tongue does beat Brown, just think of all the fun we can have with her Native American heritage for four more years.

This one's pretty funny too and has my PS in it. I feel like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" I am somebody, I am somebody!


Jim Eagle

I suppose DoT is just thrilled that the SF City Commisson is all in favor of the Navy naming one of their ships after Harvey Milk.

cook county

John Kass of the Trib on Fitz's resignation, LUN.


Jane, I could swear I just saw a poll with Brown ahead but dadgammit I can't remember which one.


Get in their faces.
Bring a gun,
Republicans can ride in the back.
I won.
Whose ass do I kick.
I have my boot on their neck.

Obama simply put, is an asshole. He is a psychologically dysfunctional pathological liar. And his humiliation will be sweet sweet beauty.
The media is occupied by libtards. They see the EMPEROR and love his new clothes.


I read that article linked by cook county, and it sure made it seem there are more corrupt Republicans than Democrats in Illinois.


I simply cannot believe how long it takes for so many people to see the real character and lack of substance in Obama.

It was on display from the start with his chin in the air, the hidden biographical facts, the 57 states, Joe the Plumber, and the Greek columns.



Is'nt even George Ryan's conviction being investigated, I mean who was the US atty before Fitz a lizard?


Janet, the leftists are always messing with everyone.

Inconvenient unborn children, deceased voters, no one is ever safe from them.


a cancer that he had been battling for months if not years

Those cocksuckers. They had to take a life and death struggle and give some heroic light to the stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure. I feel like throwing something. Assholes at ABC I have to schedule my dad for his MRI-that is battling cancer-not some dumb motherfucker carrying on about the 1%.


Real Clear Politics on Brown Warren Race.


RichardUF-- best of luck to your dad. I understand and respect your anger at the pissants at ABC. Fighting and beating cancer is heroic (my wife is 7 years in a successful fight against stage 2 breast cancer). In contrast, the politics of the Once are pathetic. relating the two, even metaphorically, is an obscenity of the highest order.


I simply cannot believe how long it takes for so many people to see the real character and lack of substance in Obama.

I used to say the same thing about Clinton, so I'm no longer surprised. Most people obviously aren't good judges of character, probably because many of them don't have any and aren't familiar with what it is.


Alice, Illinois is split 50/50 between the Democratic crooks in Cook Co. and the Republicans downstate. The states' revenues have been divided up like Jesus' cloak for the past 50 years or more.

The polls still don't reflect how fast the trains are speeding towards each other. USA Today of all people pointed out that the gimmicks Congress and the Administration are using to mask the true deficit are beginning to be seen as what they are by a much wider part of the electorate.

Unfavorable Supreme Court decisions for Obama are going to set the wolves howling on his ass.

General Allen had the balls today to state that we are making progress with Pakistan as Zardari once again point blank refused to allow supply convoys to transit from Karachi to Afghanistan.

This may be the true reason the administration announced today that we will be withdrawing 25,000 more troops by September. the Taliban are stepping up their propaganda and intimidation efforts knowing they simply have to hang on longer. Same as the North Vietnamese in '72.

Greece blows up and there will be another wave of QE whether we like it or not.China is slowing sharply.

Obama is seen as indecisive globally and out of his league. The news reflects all of this in broad strokes right now, but as each cigar explodes in his face, his chances will be reduced.

His only chance is to solidify his crazy ass base, of which there are plenty. maybe we should not only ask for driver's licenses but clean drug tests as well in order to vote.

cook county

AliceH: I think you misunderstand Kass. He's a conservative, but the Republican party here is indeed corrupt. Of course, Cook County Democrats are corrupt and currently run Springfield, but downstate Republicans cooperate with them to keep their own fiefdoms. That's why Kass calls it a combine, or Madiganistan.


Best hopes for your dad, Rich,

Just another Journolister;



The reason those numbers are so bad for Brown is in an election year, most people in MA will vote democrat.

According to http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/elizabeth-warrens-identity-politics/2012/05/23/gJQAt53clU_story.html?wprss=rss_opinions he needs to run between 250,000 and 500,000 votes ahead of Romney.

The person I was talking to knows what is going on if anyone does and he is also good friends with Brown. They are desperate for tea party help, and given his record I'm not sure that can be produced. Rocco is a good measure. Rocco, would you give time to Brown again?


I screwed up that link.


Jane, I don't think you like Brown. And, I, also, like Clarice, saw a poll with Brown leading.


Jane's analysis sounds right. In the long run I do think fauxchohantas ultimately sinks Lizzie. she needs upscale suburan votes -- badly-- and those people know she committed AA fraud. They will either stay home or quietly vote Brown.


When I was starting out in politics in the eighties I went to a function in Seattle where Phil Crane was the featured speaker.
Had my photo taken with him later. Sheesh was he a gorgeous guy....


--RichardUF-- best of luck to your dad. I understand and respect your anger at the pissants at ABC. Fighting and beating cancer is heroic (my wife is 7 years in a successful fight against stage 2 breast cancer).--

Hope your dad gets better Rich; I get your anger and share it.
And congrats to Mrs. NK; must have been diagnosed about the same time as Mr's Iggy.


Sorry about your dad, Rich. I know there's somewhat of an unwritten rule against obscenity laced rants here...but I could not have said it better myself.


"More people favor SYG and oppose stricter gun laws"

Was that poll taken before or after the Witnesses recanted their stories?


And was it taken before or after we saw video of Georgie strolling around the Sandford police department like he owned the place?

No wonder they didn't initially charge him,they were practically related.


1257 is too big a sample, right



sorry...witnesses in the Zimmerman case....


One and I'm done:

I fucking loath the press with the heat of a thousand white hot suns.

How are they demonstrably different from Pravda circa 1960?


Ig-- and of course all the best to Mrs. Iggy. as you know, it's unfortunately never over, there's the daily dread of a bad MRI or sonogram. So I go with love 'em everyday, and don't sweat the small stuff.


This is typical of what one faces everyday;


Rob Crawford

How are they demonstrably different from Pravda circa 1960?

Those working for Pravda were more likely to lose their jobs.


It's pretty clear DuDa gets some erotic frisson thinking about lynching a black man. Or imagining a black man getting raped in prison.


well, that plus the folks at Pravda, didn't pretend to be objective.


A friend had stomach cancer and the death panel would not authorize stomach surgery. Doctor told her to gain weight and stomach reduction surgery was approved for weight reduction and they cut out cancer during that operation. She is doing well except she is also too thin and has problem maintaining her lower weight.


Rich...You and yours are in my prayers.

I'm not so sure Jane. My gut says I should but I'm still so angry at him, I'm not so sure I can get over that. I've said it before and I still believe it, he made a big mistake when he turned his back on those responsible for his win. Tea Partiers all over the country supported his candidacy. And not just financially, I met a lot of people who traveled here from other states to hold signs for him. His senate votes were made to appeal to the voters of this state, I realize that but he burned his bridges with the rest of the country. Where's he going to turn when his money runs out? I'll vote for the bum but I don't want to work for him again. He kicked the TP to the curb...Big mistake IMO.


Just a reminder when looking at these polls. At about this point in time in Carter's efforts to retain office, he was polling up around 52-54% against Reagan. Obama can't even break 50%.


Jane, I don't think you like Brown.

Really sailor? What makes you think that?

Rob Crawford

It's pretty clear DuDa gets some erotic frisson thinking about lynching a black man.

What can you say? It comes with being a Democrat, apparently.


--Ig-- and of course all the best to Mrs. Iggy. as you know, it's unfortunately never over, there's the daily dread of a bad MRI or sonogram.--

Yeah, but Stage 2 is eminently beatable and I pray she has done it.


RichatUF, best wishes to your dad. Since you don't usually cuss, I know your rant was heartfelt and ABC deserved every letter of it.


I'm not so sure Jane. My gut says I should but I'm still so angry at him, I'm not so sure I can get over that.


That is essentially the conversation I had this morning. He was telling me how much Brown needs the tea party, and I said "he should have thought about that when he was kicking us in the shin". However, I promised to help rally the troops because as angry as people are, he is a lot better than Warren.

So Rocco, why don't we have a reunion - since we met for the first time working for Brown? I feel like I haven't seen you for ages and we can do some good in the process.


Via Hot Air:


A good disection of how they came up with the Obama is not a big spender... as they say, when you tell a lie, tell a big one.


--the Republican party [in Illinois] is indeed corrupt--

I do get Kass. I generally like his work (though I don't read him regularly.)

I was giving my sense that there were a lot more occasions for me to be mad about corruption in my party in that article than there would be for a Democrat to be mad about theirs. And there was.

Numbers not proofed, but just consider this:

3 mentions of "Democrat"
5 mentions of "Republican"
3 mentions of "GOP"
7 mentions of "Combine"

So... explicit D = 3, explicit R = 8. "Combine" is for folks like Jane's cohost Dick who dismiss with "they all do it".

But there is more.

Of people specifically mentioned by name, here's how the implied or noted corruption breaks down by party:

3 D's - 1 bad, 2 neutral
6 R's - 4 bad, 1 neutral, 1 good


Jane, I forgot to follow up - didn't you go to a Brown event where you thought you might get to ask him a question? Did that happen?

Jim Eagle

To our resident idiot - it is Sanford not Sandford.

The Q poll was taken yesterday May 24th but I forgot you can't read.

BTW, on the same day Q shows Romney 47 to 41 for the JEF.

Here is the lastest case of justified homicide under SYG decided the other day down in Ft. Pierce.

I am sure the anti-knife crowd will be hollering for more control on kitchen blades or keeping them under lock and key to be used only by certified chefs.


"It's pretty clear DuDa gets some erotic frisson thinking about lynching a black man. Or imagining a black man getting raped in prison."

Who the hell said anything about lynching or raping African-Americans?

Jesus,dump that crap on your Therapist not in a on-line forum,lyle.

My post centred on the accuracy of polls,not rape and murder.

There are women posting at this group, you might want to be a gentleman and lay off on the grotesque imagery.

I'll email Tom and see if there's a way of getting you removed from the group.

Danube of Thought

Imagine how stupid a man would have to be to think that the changes in witness testimony in the Zimmerman case would affect people's attitudes about SYG. That, my friends, is weapons-grade stupid.


We have 5 1/2 months until the election and a lot is going to happen. Remember. Eye on the prize.

There are some real stinkaroos, but if we elect enough good people in the rest of the country they will have to start trimming their sails.

The debt is unsustainable and there will be hard choices ahead a la' Greece. Someone has to be the grown ups, but the manner in which the case is stated is critical.

The Left has spent profligately and unwisely pandering to their special interests. No one wants grandma to starve, but this is how the Left frames it every time.

This time, we have to be the ones trying to hold the social safety net together in the face of greedy unions, $60 Billion/year in Medicare fraud, and dumb programs that help no one except the special interests.

Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi and a lot of others have been feeding at the public trough for far too long. It's time for them to go. Clean government. Transparency. Fiscal rectitude. Moral policy. I think that would get 51% in most states except California, New York, or Illinois.

cook county

AliceH: thanks for the response. I know what you mean; Kass does seem harder on the Rs than the Ds in that column. I wouldn't agree with tu quoque arguments on the national level -- especially now that the Tea Party has helped to reform Republicans in Congress. But in Illinois, both sides really *are* awful. I mean, George Ryan did need to go to jail. My favorite Republican candidate for governor, Dan Proft, had the perfect slogan: "Illinois isn't broken. It's fixed." Unfortunately, he finished fifth or sixth in the primary. Until Republicans here get their act together, the system is hopeless. Kass doesn't expect any decency from the Democrats; that might be why he mentions the Republicans more often. We have to police our own side, and thus far we've failed. But operators like Bill Cellini and Tony Rezko play both parties. Rezko wasn't only Barack Obama's real estate fairy. LUN might help, on the off chance that anyone is interested in the hopeless state of Illinois politics.


--Who the hell said anything about lynching or raping African-Americans?--

Yeah! Get a clue lyle, you pervert.
WeeDavey only fantasizes about lynching and raping white Hispanics.
Some people, huh Dave?

Captain Hate

Dear God, listening to BOR on Letterperv is depressing. Those two bloviating imbeciles are Exhibits A & B that intelligence and income have no correlation.

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