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May 19, 2012



Isn't "Bambi" the pet name Maureen Dowd gave to BAR-ack?


To be even more fair, the author also mentions "disease-bearing ticks and front-end collisions." in para. 6. Above the fold, so to speak.

Captain Hate

Isn't "Bambi" the pet name Maureen Dowd gave to BAR-ack?

If so I assume she walked it back like she did when the JEF had a hissy fit about her mentioning those huge airfoils on the side of his melon.


Who would have guessed this ...

As it turns out, new research has determined that a judgmental attitude may just go hand in hand with exposure to organic foods. In fact, a new study published this week in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science, has found that organic food may just make people act a bit like jerks.


Wildlife managers actively promote deer population? Private landowners encouraged to do the same?

I am taken completely by surprise. Every deer-related story I have read in the last decade or more has been "Yay, deer season!" (local paper) or "Danger! Too many deer! Do something!" (city paper/news).


Widlanski, goes on for several pages, on how the likes of Mo Dowd, displayed her rare blend of ignorance and spite, re Bush and the War on Terror,

hit and run

Isn't "Bambi" the pet name Maureen Dowd gave to BAR-ack?

"They talk about me like a fawn."
--stuff Obama (almost) said


It's so funny watching these folks deal with the deer.
Down along the "Main Line" of Philadelphia, they realized that the deer population had grown too large. They tried it all .. the best being the deer contraceptives .. until to their horror, it was time to bring in the guys with the guns .. the hunters.

"Run for the meadow !!"

Have Blue

The primary vector for the Deer Tick are various mice.


"Deer hunting has lost its appeal for many younger Americans"

Speak for yourself, Yankee.


Thank you to my JOM pals for the kind birthday wishes today. It seemed more appropriate to share appreciation on a new thread rather than revisit the previous one where the wishes were.

As a couple of my girl gang pals know, I had eye surgery a month ago to correct for double vision that evidently I've had all my life but in recent years had gotten progressively worse as my aging brain could not compensate as it once had done.

It was taking me longer and longer to concentrate to read. I had fallen a couple of times for poor depth perception. So my local eye doctor tracked down a specialist to help me out and he's done just that.

So my birthday gift this year is especially precious in that I'm seeing so much better. I'm practicing speed reading on the old GZ and Trayvon threads to catch up with what has been going on for quite some time. And on a beautiful day as it is here in the Pacific NW, I may go out on the driving range and see if I can connect a golf club to a golf ball again. That pastime had gone by the way for me also.

When Extraneous pointed out that some of us had been around for eight years beginning with the Libby trial made me realize how time flies by when one is having fun.

Lots of dear friends here at JOM and I so appreciate each one:-)

Cecil Turner
Imagine you're a deer. You're prancing along, you get thirsty, you spot a little brook, you put your little deer lips down to the cool clear water... BAM! A f@#kin bullet rips off part of your head! Your brains are laying on the ground in little bloody pieces! Now I ask ya. Would you give a f@#k what kind of pants the son of a bitch who shot you was wearing?

glasater, I may have missed the birthday news..HB and glad your eyesight is improved.


Happy Birthday glasater and Thomas Collins!
I didn't get done with my chores in time to put it on the other thread. Now glasater has given me another opportunity! Hope all the JOMers enjoy a great day!


Since this is a wildlife thread I note this:

A man shopping at a Wal-Mart in Lewiston, Idaho, says a rattlesnake (see photos) bit his hand when he went to pick up what he thought was a stick

Thomas Collins

Glad to hear that you're sight has improved, glasater. I guess we're covering both sides of the continental US today for the May 19thers today.

Thomas Collins

Thank you, pagar.


Such good news, glasater!

Army of Davids

EuroLand watch.

cross/currency basis swaps pointing to large credit market stresses.

Is this the week the continent crashes?

Or does the Fed just lower credit costs on ECB swap lines?

I'm going w/ the latter...but could be a heck of a week.

Also LTRO (another trillion Euros) from the ECB likely on the docket. Screw the Bundesbank.

Army of Davids

Socialists Unite!!!

G-8 political diaper change....as central planners tell each other everything will be alright.

Army of Davids

I hope Obama sought counsel w/ current bundler MF Corzine for wisdom on how the G-8 should go forward.


We do span the continental US don't we TC:-)

So the vineyard guys around here really don't like the deer roaming through and eating the grapes although some entrepreneur will start killing and marketing some sort of wine fed deer meat one day soon I sure.

And for dear Frau, I've found a new taste treat called a Grapple. It's an apple that has a grape flavor. How in that world does that happen?

Captain Hate

HB glasater and TC


This sort of fits here;



By coincidence just came back from getting my physical and spotted an adult Moose dead on the side of the road.

He was about 15 feet from the highway, so I pulled over and dialed the 911 folks and reported it. Didn't see any sign of a bear attack etc, so the Fish and Game guys have been dispatched before he draws a hungry bear.

Our local young Grizzly is still terrorizing my favorite hiking trail just down the road, and today's front page has a nice photo of the first Copper River King of the season.

Yippee! Summertime is here!


Les Pauler's of the World Unite! We have nothing to lose but our Guitars!


Some very interesting comments following this PJM post probing the layers of deceit surrounding the vetless one..



More bad news for Big Chef Liz:

The Elizabeth Warren Burger is getting clobbered by The Scott Brown Burger!

Bill Bartley, owner of the iconic “Mr. Bartley’s Burgers” located just steps from Harvard University, “Nobody buys the Elizabeth Warren burger,” he said. “You can’t give them away.”

According to The Harvard Crimson "...the burger has more substance than Warren herself." The burger is topped with red peppers, onions, feta cheese, and Dijon mustard.

"Warren now has a burger of her own, based on the recent stir caused when one of her Republican opponents, Scott Brown, said he was glad she didn't "take her clothes off" to pay her way through school (as he did at one time)."

"The thought of her taking her clothes off made me throw up a little in my mouth," Bartley said. Hopefully reactions to the new burger will be much more appetizing."


Definitely not a Bambi fan. Have spent much too much of my recent life in places where they are pests. Heading to Montana for much of the summer, and at the right time of day, you can often see a dozen or so from one place, placidly munching everything that isn't fenced off. And, heaven forbid, if you try to drive fast at dusk. At my father's house in Colorado, they have to fence the smaller Aspen trees because the deer strip the bark. Plus, it seems like pretty much everyone has been hit (or hit) one at some point or another.

Friend in N. Idaho has installed kangaroo guards on both his vehicles, and that seems to work decently well. He got the idea from a friend of ours in N. Virginia, who apparently has at least one run-in a year with Bambi.

My theory is that the big thing is no-hunting zones. It is almost like the deer know where they can legally be hunted, and where they can't, and stick to the later, almost exclusively. The solution, I would suggest, is to open up these areas to some hunting - and maybe increase the bag limit for areas that have way too many deer to support. Obviously, cannot have hunters with high powered rifles in Central Park (and other places with decent population densities), so maybe limit them to bow hunting, or the like.


Bambi? Rats with hooves.

I used to get them all the time when I lived in Santa Rosa (CA). They would come down from the hills towards the end of the summer to find food. My property was fenced completely, except for a single low swinging gate that was a couple of feet wide.

You can probably figure the rest. Inevitably one would enter in that area and move to where the goodies were. I would come out to shoo them away, and they would bolt for the fenced area.

A beautiful leap into the fence (15 feet high) would follow. Again. And again. Ultimately I perfected a method to herd them to the single place where they could get out, but it took two people.

Really dumb and destructive animals.

And they terrified the cats.


Hey Daddy! I'm having that for dinner - fresh, but I bet not as fresh as up there.



Bill Bartley's daughter (altho at this point I'm assuming they are referring to her brother) was one of my best friends in jr. high school. One day we all got to go to Cambridge and have lunch at Bartley's Burger's with all the college kids. I bet Dot's been there a hundred times.

Rick Ballard

"so maybe limit them to bow hunting, or the like"


Why not go full free market and sell permits to bow hunters to take as many deer as they wish, while allowing the sale of meat from deer taken by a permit holder? There would be a few horror stories about wounded hoofed rats but allowing restaurants and specialty stores to purchase venison from bow hunters seems a rather simple solution.


Well I'm doing my part.
Besides the ones I've shot while deer hunting I've got a minimum of six notches on the old steering wheel from the idiotic ones that can't stay out of the road.

Rick Ballard


I actually support a natural solution. There are more than a sufficiency of cougars available in the west and I see no reason why the spares shouldn't be trapped and used to establish a viable breeding population in the Northeast. Think of the wonderful excitement that sightings of full grown cougars from jogging paths and trails would elicit! The one that swings through my neighborhood every few months is 8-9' nose to tail and glimpsing him at dawn or dusk always elicits a primordial response from those fortunate enough to see him.



I actually support a natural solution.--

I'm not sure it would work, Rick. In my rural neck of the woods there are lions galore, including in our front yard. Problem is even a place as rural as this is sufficiently populated that people who feed and pamper the deer either intentionally or accidentally seem able to cause the deer population to outstrip mountain lion appetite. Of course it is far worse back east so it would no doubt help but the person in the NYT article has it about right. The way land and forests are managed now coupled with population densities and sentiment making sufficient hunting pressure impossible, I'm not sure what the solution is.


In my rural neck of the woods there are lions galore, including in our front yard.

I didn't know there are lions in this country. Wow - the things I learn here.


Lion is what we usually call mountain lions around here Jane, AKA pumas, catamounts, and about 100 other names.


Damn ig, for a second there I thought you lived on the Serengeti plain!


--Damn ig, for a second there I thought you lived on the Serengeti plain!--

I wish. CA has far more predators...of the two legged variety of course.
Think I'd prefer the Okovango Delta if I did live over there though.


Ha, Frau. Enjoyed your Princess Laughing Stock jokes for Glasater!

Jane, you would be amazed at the critters roaming California - but, alas, no real lions unless they are in a zoo or some idiot's back yard as a pet. lol.

Iggy is correct, however, that the 2-legged variety are breeding and spreading voraciously.


So you don't have the ones with manes? (I may not be as dumb as I look)


So you don't have the ones with manes?

Yes, I think we do. But, they are mostly all in L.A. or Hollywierd or Brentwood. :)

Thomas Collins

Thank you, CH and Frau. Frau, I haven't seen a Durante clip in awhile. What a great entertainer he was (and continues to be through the intertubes). CH, please forgive my birthday wish, namely, that the Shamrocks once again make the NBA Finals. I think for old times sake, we need another Shamrocks-LALA finals.


Happy Birthday, TC and Glasater!


I'll have another closes in the final stretch to keep the triple crown alive

Jack is Back (Again)!

Two Bambi stories:

Today, I walked our back 9 and on 16, 3 deer crossed the fairway to the pond on the right side. One of them, a young adult, had only 3 legs. Our alligators are trying to do their part:)

In Southampton, they are now allowing residential fences to be higher than 4 feet, up to 8 feet, to keep deer from destroying gardens and plantings. Last year, when were back for 2 weeks, 3 deer lept over the back fence and proceeded to denude our apple trees without protest. Frederick thought it was cool. I on the other hand.....


Think of the wonderful excitement that sightings of full grown cougars from jogging paths and trails would elicit!

No thanks.!

Thomas Collins

Thank you, jimmyk. And thank you to anyone whose birthday wishes post I might have inadvertently missed!


Jane we have;


And this gives an idea of a big mountain lion's size;

An African lion weighs probably more than twice as much.

Jack is Back (Again)!


Down in Florida beside our fragile Panther we hav Bobcats, like this one, walking across the 18th fairway in broad daylight:)

And everyone warns about the gators.


Wow, what a bunch of gorgeous creatures!

Mark Folkestad

TC, Happy Birthday! I already sent greetings to glasater on Facebook and I'm too stingy to do it again here!

My biology professor was the summer park naturalist at Minnesota's Itasca State Park, the headwaters of the Mississippi River. We took a class trip there in the late spring, and one of the stops was the Mary Lake Deer Exclosure, which was a small area that had been closed in with a very tall fence, so that biologists could determine the growth rates and species diversity of plant life in the absence of deer. The professor said that he made clear the purpose of this experiment to every group he talked to at the site, and that not one time had there been at least one person asking the same stupid question after not paying attention to the speech. "Very nice, but where are all the deer?"

Where I'm moving to in Alaska, the outdoors will be my grocery store, and I will join most of the locals in harvesting five deer a year. And I will try to harvest them by gun, not car.

Have Blue

Bruce - Here in Connecticut we have run into that problem. Back in the late nineties I had a friend who wad an active hunter. At that time with bow season, shotgun season, rifle season and muzzle loader season, and several of those seasons giving separate tags for antlered and antler-less deer a single person could take twelve deer a year off public property in this state. Under some provisions it was more than that if you hunted on your own land or with a landowners permission, particularly if their were nuisance permits in place.

He also belonged to a group called (IIRC) Hunters for the Homeless which donated venison to shelters. (CT state law forbids selling wild deer meat but allows it to be donated to charities.) They had a facility at a one of their members, who was a farmer and raised hogs, with a butcher shop the size of a three car garage with walk in coolers. The first time I was there they had at least eight deer ready for butchering.

Mark Folkestad

Ignatz, that's a magnificent cougar, although I'd prefer the cougar who tried to pick me up in a restaurant a year ago, thinking that I was only in my early forties. I'd love to have a tanned cougar hide to decorate my cabin with, the kind in your photo above, not the kind who tried to pick me up.

Mark Folkestad

Here in the Twin Cities a few years ago, we had a "road to Damascus" moment with a notorious wealthy anti-hunter over the issue of bowhunting permits in cities. In one week she lost ten thousand dollars in arborvitae, and she signed the petition to allow the hunting permits shortly thereafter.


Have You Seen This Person?

Goes by the name Peggy Noonan.

Was last seen on 4 March 2012 in the vicinity of Dick Lugar's rear end.
It is suspected she may have some brown on her nose.

If you see her, please contact the Wall Street Journal OpEd Department.


Three anarchists arrested for planning terrorist acts in Chicago during NATO conference. No word if the rather dull looking slackers were alumni of the third rate college in the California desert...


NAACP backs same sex marriage. I think this is a classic case of circling the wagons. It must be playing even worse than we think everywhere outside of Hollyweird ...


Look outside look outside!!!

Solar eclipse in 2 minutes! At least up here. Bummer however, it's over cast.


I posted this yesterday - someone who can't post links here sent it to me - Obama's publisher says she wrote the errant bio about Obama being from Kenya in 1991.

The person who is taking the blame is Miriam Goderich.

If you read her bio she talks about a book published "a few months" after she got to the agency. The book was published in 1994.

I showed up in Jane Dystel’s office with my best suit on and what I hoped was a very grown-up look on my face. Jane gave me and my skimpy resume an appraising once over and offered me a job.

A few months later, I came across a manuscript called China Boy by an unpublished lawyer named Gus Lee. I fell in love with the book and watched Jane make a great sale to Dutton and launch a talented writer’s career.

So how long does it take to publish a book?


Car/deer/moose accidents are common in Maine.The moose are a menace because they are so dumb.When you spot one on the side of the road,it will either go back into the woods or decide to walk into the middle of the road.The Maine moose hunting lottery will be held in June,so after hunting season there will be 3,725 less moose(number of permits). Happy Birthday glasater and TC!


--Look outside look outside!!!-

Dude, it's tomorrow, unless you're just being funny.


Happy Birthday glasater!

I am so sorry that Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich announced Wednesday he has decided against running for Congress in Washington state.

I am certain you would loved to have had the opportunity to vote against Dennis, but oh well, not every Birthday turns out as Happy as one might wish:(

Good thwacking. Fore!

Captain Hate

NAACP backs same sex marriage

There's an organization looking for a raison d'etre. No way that doesn't carve out a major chunk of the "bitter clingers".


Porch, just a suggestion.

Can you please ask hubby and the Gourds to consider writing a song about the Fed's going after Gibson Guitars?

I would think a rocking song with decent lyrics and some good Gibson face melting would be well appreciated by all sides of the political spectrum.

I'll see if I can't come up with some decent lyrics, but the subject definitely needs addressing.

Have Blue

As an addendum to my previous post, Bob used to say that they were going to petition the state for a "sharp stick season" to round out the other deer seasons.


"Dude, it's tomorrow, unless you're just being funny."

Dammit all Iggy, no wonder I couldn't spot the darn thing:(

Here I'm standing by the window with 2 sets of sunglasses on saying to the kids, "any minute now, any minute..."


I'll tell 'em it was just practice for tomorrow.

Think they'll buy it?


Lawfare: Dems With Criminal Records Target Conservative Bloggers


These are some terrifying stories of the legal problems of conservative bloggers.



Jack is Back (Again)!

Have Blue,

As a young engineer starting out on a project in southern Maryland, I had a housemate from Idaho who was no stranger to nature and their denizens. One day on our way to work we hit a deer, not fatally but it did injure her. My buddy without even a thought, grabs a hunter's knife he kept under his car seat, gets out of the car and runs the deer down and kills him. He then drags him over to the car. Puts him on the hood, ties him down and we drive into the local town where there is an Arbatoir. Two days later we have over 100 pounds of venison in the freezer (which he went out and bought the previous day).

For him this was a normal as you and I picking steaks out at the butcher. He told me that this was the 3rd deer he had run down and killed.


Link for the 1st story at 08:24.



"It’s a tactic used almost exclusively by the left and *Islamic combatants in the war on terror.."


Yes, pagar I noted that on another thread, what is the value of Fidelity investing in Kimberlin's Bialystok scam.


A Huff Po contributor, that's just what looks for when evaluating charities;


Rob Crawford

Jane, you would be amazed at the critters roaming California - but, alas, no real lions unless they are in a zoo or some idiot's back yard as a pet.

Naw, that's up near Zanesville.

I listened to a podcast about the event, and, man, I do not envy the responding officers.


Here's a thank you flower for all the great Bday wishes:

Poppy backlit_5778

Along with taking poppy pictures today I was out tracking down when Copper River salmon will be arriving on the East side of WA state thanks to daddy's head's up.


Re: The Obama born In Kenya bio topic.

It really is depressing and insulting that the MSM is actively accepting this BS that some Literary intern back in 1991 made this fact-checking error about Obama's birth.

The words "...was born in Kenya..." appears only 12 words into the very first sentence of Obama's bio blurb. For anyone to believe that that was missed by everybody, including Obama, for up 16 years, is idiotic.

As idiotic if not more so, is the idea that some low level fact checker would have had any specific memory of making such an error back in 1991, when the error was completely innocuous to all concerned until 2007. No sentient human being could possibly recall such an unimportant factoid 16 years after the fact.

That the left and our Media continue to accept this as plausible and worthy of anything but complete belly laughs is sickening.

As a silver lining however, at least all pretense of objectivity for the MSM has gone down the toilet this Election cycle, along with their ratings.


Are we sure she was employed there then Daddy?

Jack is Back (Again)!

Deer? Are we still discussing deer?

How about deer for breakfast.

Those crazy Texans.


The Breitbart vetting has made it absolutely clear to me that Obama pulled a Lizzie Warren, probably for decades to sweeten his wallet. He extorted the schools and people of this country in exchange for a free ride.

I certainly have been a fool. I could have played their game. I'd have a lot more money in the bank if I had.


Apparently one has to go across the ocean, to actually start asking questions;



Narciso,Sorry I didn't see your link on the other thread. I just can't keep up I guess.


No worries, pagar, interesting about the background of that reporter;



"Are we sure she was employed there then Daddy?"

Even if she was Jane it stretches human credulity to imagine that anyone could possibly have immediate recall of having dicked up such an insignificant fact 16 years previous when the fact "in error" was of such a mundane nature.

The human answer to how such a thing happened is either, "that's what Obama told us", or instead "we have no idea how the heck we wound up putting "was born in Kenya" only 12 words into the first sentence of Obama's Bio clip 21 years ago, and if anyone tells you they know how or why we did it in error way back then they are lying, because it is impossible for any human to recall such a thing."

We humans can remember Kennedy's assassination. We can remember The Shuttle Disaster and 911. We cannot recall mistakenly letting slip "Kenya" instead of "Hawaii" in the bio clip of some unpublished nobody from 1991, when there was no idea it was an error until 2007. Impossible.

Here's Roger Simon's latest take on it.


Well he did they were the reason he got into politics;



It reminds me of this:



That the left and our Media continue to accept this as plausible and worthy of anything but complete belly laughs is sickening.

Amen. I can't believe that this isn't a bigger story. The thought of the media laughing at Americans that had questions about Obama's story....making up the term "birthers"....it makes me so mad.

absolutely clear to me that Obama pulled a Lizzie Warren,

I know!!! How can the MFM not want to know about Obama's student loan applications & his college applications?

Jack is Back (Again)!


Another story about a clueless guy who gets all his news handed to him by the aggrieved and victimized. Typical.


and then there is this old story - "One of nine people indicted in federal court for looking up President Obama’s student-loan records, was found guilty of a misdemeanor in U.S. District Court in Iowa."


What he remembers of Baghdad, was the looting
and Abu Ghraib. and he was the local reporter
down here, oh frabjous joy;


Happy Birthday TC and Galsater!!


So, this is what counts as "serous talk' among our ruling class:

Obama: Eurozone 'must focus on jobs and growth'

US President Barack Obama has said there is an "emerging consensus" that European countries must now focus on jobs and growth.

Yeah, you tell'm Barry. Cause without your keen insight, they would have gone for shrinking their economies and jacking up their unemployment.

Of course, no one there has any idea of how to actually pay for the cost of their government right now, but keep on focusing in those jobs and growth. I am sure they are just around the corner.


The whole blown GID caper, reminds me of this,



Yes, the John McClane line, does come to mind;



"The Breitbart vetting has made it absolutely clear to me that Obama pulled a Lizzie Warren..."

So they looked into Arpaio's investigation?

"Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: We're Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service"

MC Brietbart sez "Can't vet this."



Well this way, there won't be any further 'weork place accidents' like happened in Killeen;


This is the most plausible explanation I've seen for the "fact-checking error":

Miriam Goderich's defective keyboard.

(H/T Steven Goddard)

Rick Ballard

"...it makes me so mad."


The MFM has a lot of tickets to see The Great Egress yet to sell. All the political shills and analysts have trillions of baby pixels that must be slaughtered if they are to deposit checks.

How does telling the truth put any money in the bank? 'Caus the truth is that the President's high water mark for November 7th won't exceed 46% and there is a significant possibility that he won't be able to crack 40%. The only demographics where he has not lost significant ground are blacks and Hispanic women. He would lose today solely on the basis of his losses among white men. Or solely on the basis of his losses among white women. Add the losses among Hispanic men to the losses among whites and factor in the shift in Partisan ID and he drops under 42%. Factor in the lower intensity among Democrats and he drops under 40%.

The MFM knows all of that - it's really simple math. You won't see it in print though. That roll of tickets to see The Great Egress isn't going to be sold by telling the truth.


"Morons" for 500 Alec:

The NYTimes Tom Friedman, 3 time Pulitzer Prize Winner, finishes 3rd on Celebrity Jeopardy behind Anderson Cooper and Kelly O'Donnell.



We could be looking at McGovern territory...


LOL, daddy, that was a Dr, Wornstrum level performance.

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