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May 14, 2012


Jack is Back!


I think MayBee is more a Sabre specialist. In Sabre, the head is in play as a scoring target.

BTW, Angela Corey is now the target of Corinne Brown (D-Stupidville) for overcharging Marissa Alexander (she got 20 after losing her Immunity hearing on SYG). So, whatever goodwill Scott/Bondi/Corey thought they would have engendered with the Black community in Florida has now been neutralized.

Also, local Central Florida TV is a buzz with GZ evidence release including interview with O'Mara that I couldn't hear siiting at car dealer waiting for service. Will try to check with my Brighthouse app.


Brooks says this about Obama and why he will win the election: "But Obama has displayed a kind of ESPN masculinity . . .."

I suppose for Brooks, those wispy nerds who really never played are as close to masculine as he wants. Last night, softball was on.

The effort to un-gay Obama has now officially begun.

I favor Hannah Storm.

Captain Hate

a kind of ESPN masculinity

Bathtub Boy


MayBee left after asking to be removed from a group email. I suspect that is why she no longer hangs with us. MayBee would have to confirm or deny since I'm speculating, but the timing of her leaving us fits.


Yes I saw that on the scroll at Morning Joke,
facepalm with an old one;

Meanwhile, this fellow still hasn't figured out yet that they blew the best chance at a direct approach to Al Asiri;



I feel a lot better, thanks. I can honestly say last night I wondered whether I was about to die. Today I'm much much better.

The flu sucks.

Captain Hate

Btw was Tweety more inept on Jeopardy than Wolf Blitzer was in the past?


For whatever reason she left, I miss MayBee. I found her brilliant and witty comments a joy to read.

If I had first started reading this blog on a day when the juvenile tyrant Cleo was bespattering every thread, I never would have stayed here. The general tone of JOM is so much more pleasant than anywhere else I know of, but as its rather anonymous blogs always draw some distasteful types.


This account comes closer to the mark,


Yes, he was, he almost ended up getting the 'Billy Madison' treatment. Dana and his new leprechaun friend, and the other persistent
nazgul, have done their best to 'scorch earth'
the place, pistolas, gatling guns, plasma rifles in the 40 watt range, can't cut through
this miasma, long enough.


Thank you for your kind summation of why most of us choose to post on TM's wonderful site.
I myself learn something new every day.
At this point I feel we need to allow Maybee some peace in the matter and I too hope she returns soon as I always enjoy her comments.
CH: I love your posts and we need to stick together being from Northeast Ohio.
Jane: Feel better soon, we all benefit whenever you comment.


I wouldn't be surprised if it was the fake Ben Franklin that did it. I know his/her vulgar and mean-spirited posts have caused me to close the browser tab more than once.


At this point I feel we need to allow Maybee some peace

MayBee has all the peace she wants. I don't think voicing that some miss her and wonder why she left us disturbs her peace. It should make her feel special that people here still wonder where she is.


Watching her and her flunkies try and explain her use of an old and very well-known AA scam is quite amusing. Under ordinary college-type circumstances, nobody would dare question such a claim, of course. Maybe she should have stayed in the Ivory Tower.


I'm glad to hear that, Jane. The flu does suck and it's so much worse for adults than for kids who bounce back immediately. I still have the same stupid thing I've had for a week. I'm getting some antibiotics today bc I want to be done with it.


I miss MayBee's comments, too, but personally I think it is mostly her loss if she doesn't want to hang out on JOM. Althouse has a decent comment section but a MUCH less fabulous host. :) And IMHO, far less interesting commenters on the whole (except for the JOMers who post there).


--I still have the same stupid thing I've had for a week. I'm getting some antibiotics today bc I want to be done with it.--

I'm assuming you know if it's a cold or the flu the ABs won't do anything other than kill your healthy native flora and fauna.


No, it's some kind of infection, Iggy. Aches and pains and fever/headache for over a week, plus a cough and sinus pain that are both getting worse. I rarely get sick for even a couple of days let along drag around for more than a week. I wouldn't really mind except I can't get anything done at work - too foggy. I figure antibiotics every couple of years won't hurt too much.

Ralph L

I think all those happy birthday wishes were making MayBee feel old.

Seriously, it probably was the sockpuppet BFs.


--Aches and pains and fever/headache for over a week, plus a cough and sinus pain that are both getting worse.--

If you're hacking up green, yellow or white stuff then you probably do have a bacterial infection.
Zythromax or Augmentin both knocked em out when I used to get them.


test 3


test 5


test 6


test 7


test 8


sorry for the "test" spam.
all my comments have auto-deleted for the past several days. just checking to see if different combination of name/email/LUN make a difference.
or not.


Jim - is this a cry for "help?"


Thanks, CC.
Yeah, lately every comment I make would quickly vanish. Either I made it onto a list or there are some tougher filters which I was violating unintentionally.
I sent an email to TM last night, but suddenly realized that I could do some experiments on my own (and picked an old-ish thread to despoil).


Glad you made it through the filters. Hopefully, Professor Dana Ward of Pitzer College won't! ha ha.


For me this is a small price to pay to be able to read JOM without the "visual stench".

Manuel Transmission

Regarding missed friends, I think JMH and (A)B both stepped away from the heated mudslinging last winter during the primaries. They both got thumped pretty hard as I recall when the haymakers were swinging wildly. Fake Ben was adding to the mess.



For your 08:48: Ef-hari-sto


I haven't been in the comments long enough to miss people, but I do find myself hankering for one of those old-time Maguire autopsies of a Paul Krugman column.

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