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May 20, 2012



Dan Mitchell has a story up on the Cisco routers funded by that 2009 Stimulus Act and put in places where there is no need for such capacity.

Gee I can't imagine why the big C is part of the triumvirate of tech cos that can be relied upon to be the face of Business and what it needs for every bad ed idea.

That broadband funding came up recently in connection with the power grid and having laid the infrastructure to turn off energy in a green economy whether we like it or not.

The intl broadband collaborative also has Sachs (Jeffrey) involved which never seems to be a good thing.

And I just confirmed that the Stimulus Act created a controversial individual data tracking mechanism that had been kicking around since 1987.

Lots of collars and harnesses in that bill.





We are going to take over Twitter. Come on.



able to hide his contempt for white Americans.


How do you "do" twitter? If I sign up, can I do it through the computer...or is it a phone thing?

Jim Ryan

bgates, that was a delightful video.

Jim Eagle


Computer and mobile devices both on twitter. Just go there and sign up. You can then tweet like a bird...You can even use the pic of you sitting on a roack for your avatar:)



big on wearing an American flag lapel pin.


Thanks, JiB!


able to stop a fly from landing on his face.


Good Morning!

Over at the Telegraph today there is a story in honor of famous insults.
Apparently a recent PC Law there has outlawed the use of rude comments and insults. Self esteem you know and all that---pip, pip Cheerio.

In memoriam to the late, great insult,the author provides some classics from history:

---“When they circumcised Herbert Samuel, they threw away the wrong bit”
David Lloyd George on the Liberal home secretary

---“Tell him I can only deal with one sh-- at a time”
Winston Churchill on being disturbed in his toilet by a call from the Lord Privy Seal

---“After Braveheart, they said he’d never make a true Scotsman, but look at him now – alcoholic and racist”
Frankie Boyle on Mel Gibson

---"It's like playing badminton with a jellyfish"
P'UK (Peter UK) on attempting to have a conversation with Sylvia

Rest in Peace Insults. You served us well lo these many centuries.

I’ve never been so insulted...


Great idea, Rick..actually just vacuuming up the Obama was Not posts, the thing writes itself.

Thanks, Jim.. To even be named in the company of Ramirez and Steyn is an honor.


Pacquiao is gonna have his De La Hoya moment against Bradley.



aware that "Am I my brother's keeper?" was spoken by a murderer.



Just saw this development posted at Legal Insurrection regarding Walker's Re-Election in Henry's Wisconsin:

"If that wasn’t enough good news for the long-suffering residents of Wisconsin, this Friday Judge William Conley ruled that union members will have to ask for their union dues to be deducted from their paychecks (rather than having the amounts automatically deducted). From American Thinker:

"The same US District Court judge, William Conley, struck down parts of Governor Scott Walker’s union reform bill last March, including a provision that would have forced unions to recertify every year by getting a majority of members to vote in favor.

But this important decision – forcing union members to “opt in” to having their dues deducted rather than the union’s preference for an “opt out” clause – will force unions to be more responsive to members."

IMHO that is a big move at unstacking the deck.
Apologies if you guys have already discussed that.


Everyone gets a tax cut, none of the programs you like are touched, the budget is balanced, and military expenses are doubled, cause I love America and my opponent hates it.

Iraq is ours; it's all good. Afghanistan is Obama's and it's all bad.

A perfect summary of the Republican platform.


Hat Tip AoS

Captain Hate

Strange woman says things http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2012/05/20/what-randi-rhodes-guesses-mark-levin-pothead

Blind justice


But what happens when a potentially crucial piece of evidence in one of the most explosive court cases in recent memory is a poor-quality recording of overlapping voices and unintelligible yells, essentially a wilderness of sound?

If you can’t hear the 45 seconds, how do you hear the 45 seconds?

The answer may come down to which expert you ask.

Expert No. 1

One of those experts is Alan R. Reich, and his answer is that he is certain he can hear a young man he concludes is Martin pleading for his life, from the start of the 45-second recording until the end.

“I’m begging you,” he hears the younger of the two men yell as the recording begins.

Twenty-six seconds later: “Help me.”

In the last second before the gunshot: a high-pitched “Stop!”

In an effort to find out what might be discerned from the crucial 911 call, The Washington Post retained Reich, 67, a former University of Washington professor with a doctorate in speech science who has worked for prosecutors and defense attorneys in hundreds of criminal and civil cases over a period of more than 35 years.


gournande, get real.

Mark Folkestad

The news this morning in Minnesota is that the Ronulans, through massive turnout and deceit, took over the state Republican convention, and got 12 of 13 delegate slots to the national convention. As an olive branch, they allowed Bachmann to be a delegate. I've heard many stories about Ronulans getting their registration and travel expenses paid to ensure their attendance. I've also talked to angry folks who saw people pledging support Romney and others turning out to be hard-core Paulbots all along. So much for honor. I can't fathom why, with Romney assured the nomination, the Paul campaign would continue this way.

Rick Ballard


It is a decent move regarding unstacking the deck. It can also be construed as an effort to take a thin slice off of GOP turnout. We're going to be seeing a river of propaganda flowing, the purpose of which is to explain that the hammering the Democrats are going to receive has nothing to do with the fact the American electorate is rejecting socialism.

Walker's win will be due to the "unions being crippled" and the #occupooper voices" being stilled and "betrayal by the DNC" and "outside money" coming in when the fact of the matter is that the Wisconsin electorate is going to reward him for doing what he promised to do.


I just finished reading 'the Amateur' and it is devastating, like pinata to a sledgehammer, to that pristine image of the Obama, what the Obama's was represented as being.
I don't know how it was written much less published, Klein come at it from a liberal perspective. what's you've seen about Reverend Wright and Oprah are just
apperitifs, that insular arrogance, that preening narcissism that alienates even those ostensibly on his side. The fact that Klein doesn't know about the Journolist, makes Remnick's comment, that he was surprised that the Jeremiah Wright revelations didn't take off
seem much stronger. Sarah's name is not present, but her prescient warning, about
electing a 'community organizer' is written all through out the book, Many like Caroline Kennedy, are revealed to be fools, for having back him, maybe it was payback for having saddled them with Joe Biden,
unlike the rest of the clan, including
Robert Kennedy jr.were supporter of Hillary. He goes into the copresidency with Michelle, but with nothing like the adulation that Kantor lavished on them. He suggests that Michelle's arrogance is due in part to the feeling that her father Fraser Robinson wasn't treated well by the Daley machine, the need to 'game the system.
He goes into the Urban Health Initiative,
and uses the 'patient dumping' term that Dr. Nick Jacobs dubbed it, and mentions Axelrod's part in it, James Baker, does the obligatory genuflection, to his genius, and
then points out how broken into factions,
bewtween Daley, Donilon, et al, the White House is, The Sherrod episode, comes into sharp relief, because Obama didn't realize
what an effront it was not only to Shirley,
but to Charles, the longtime fighter to civil rights, the call and the subsequent
reinstatement, did nothing to resolve that


Walker is a rare man: A politician with principles and the guts to stick to them.


Interesting stuff, narciso, but I think it would be much better if you took just a few more moments to write a more... coherent comment.


You can tell he hit the mark, by this review;



Naciso is a rare treasure.

Like watching Yngwie rip a dazzling guitar riff and saying "cool, now play it slow so I can see how you did that ..."

Yngwie: "that was slow ..."


xbrad: Old pros here read narciso-ese perfectly. It just takes practice :)


Well, I appreciate the review, narciso.


Thanks Boris, is Sam Stein one of the unpaid drones from Sector 7G


Bain Complain

"In one sense, the story of the Citizens United case goes back more than a hundred years. It begins in the Gilded Age, when the Supreme Court barred most attempts by the government to ameliorate the harsh effects of market forces. In that era, the Court said, for the first time, that corporations, like people, have constitutional rights. The Progressive Era, which followed, saw the development of activist government and the first major efforts to limit the impact of money in politics. Since then, the sides in the continuing battle have remained more or less the same: progressives (or liberals) vs. conservatives, Democrats vs. Republicans, regulators vs. libertarians. One side has favored government rules to limit the influence of the moneyed in political campaigns; the other has supported a freer market, allowing individuals and corporations to contribute as they see fit. Citizens United marked another round in this contest.

In a different way, though, Citizens United is a distinctive product of the Roberts Court."

Distinctive product? Roberts IS Citizens United !

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/05/21/120521fa_fact_toobin#ixzz1vRBhsyJg


Hey now. I like Narciso's posts in volume, and readily accept and enjoy the occasional effort required on my part to read his doodles/notes and compressed style.

hit and run

Just back from hit and run jr's guitar recital.

#ObamaWasNot interested in hearing contrary opinions.

#ObamaWasNot ever interested in changing Washington

#ObamaWasNot going to let the chance to enrich himself and his buddies go to waste

#ObamaWasNot interested in anything other than obtaining power for himself

#ObamaWasNot going to let campaign finance reform keep him from raising money outside of the system he championed once he found out he could raise more money that way

#ObamaWasNot ever interested in Reverend Wright as anything other than a political stepping stone

#ObamaWasNot the candidate who raised the second most amount of money from wall street or the oil companies. He was the first.

#ObamaWasNot ever against special interests except for the fact that he thinks the interests that line the pockets of him and his supporters are not "special"

#ObamaWasNot ever hesitant about using the race card for electoral advantage

#ObamaWasNot as experienced in executive governance as Sarah Palin in 2008

#ObamaWasNot unwilling to meet with Ahmadinejad unconditionally

#ObamaWasNot ready

#ObamaWasNot qualified

#ObamaWasNot experienced

#ObamaWasNot the best choice Democrats could have made in 2008

gone fishin

Glennuendo is channeling a Zimmerman conviction.

Premptive strikes, like 'Obama was not vetted"

nyuk, nyuk. 'Coitenly'

It was the middle of the lunch rush Saturday, and Mike Winston was working in the kitchen of his Tinley Park restaurant, the Ashford House, when a waitress screamed a fight had broken out in the dining room.

Police call the melee at the restaurant a targeted assault by a mob that Winston said wielded metal batons and hammers. Ten diners were hurt in the attack, and three of those were hospitalized.

Tinley Park police had five suspected assailants in custody, and Winston said 18 young men, all wearing hooded jackets and obscuring their faces with scarves and other coverings, stormed into the restaurant.

Seriously, people like this should expect to be shot. And in a civilized polity — which Chicagoland isn’t — they would have been.

Trayvon is dead, long live Republican shadnefreude.


"Why do these reporters still believe"

It can't just be their beliefs. A very large part has to be that if they open their mouths, like Campbell Brown and Jon Lovitz just did, a ton of vindictive tongue lashings and career killing opprobrium is going to rain down on them. I think the vast majority of them are simply social chameleons, very aware of what they have to say and do in order to keep their jobs and stay in the good graces of the Left's thought police.


Yes, hit the whole book is like that, of course, it makes Remnick's 'the Bridge' the most treacly political paen, since Procopius's
official history of Justinian,


Think of narciso's posts as the JOM puzzle section-our version of the NYT's will shortz


hit, get these on Twitter.


#ObamaWasNot able to look like a man when throwing a ceremonial first pitch.


**scrounges around for English-Narciso phrasebook**

Well... whaddya know. Amazon DOESN'T carry everything.


Has anyone already linked to this?

Hey, Barack Hussein Obama, who's your daddy?


Back from a long walk on a gorgeous spring day. This was a 24 squirrel sighting day, they seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was...

Jim Eagle

There is a rule I have that if you post a link to the New Yorker, you have to include at least 5 of the cartoons, so we don't have to read the articles unless they are by John McPhee.


#Obamawasnot COMPETENT

Carol Herman

The September 2012 date means that Bush will be put on trial, again, for a stupid war.

hit and run

#ObamaWasNot in favor of gay marriage until he saw it as politically convenient

#ObamaWasNot a part of the team that killed Osama

#ObamaWasNot ever going to actually,you know,read ObamaCare

#ObamaWasNot the difference between 1994 and 2010

#ObamaWasNot complete dumbass. He ordered bin Laden killed. Other than that, though...

#ObamaWasNot what he sold himself as in 2008

#ObamaWasNot talking about you when he said "we are the one we have been waiting for". Unless you got a million bucks from his stimulus. Then he definitely was talking about you.


Narciso, Thank you for the review. I've moved it to a must read. The Sherrod incident alone should make it priceless.

I also just finished Shelley's Heart by Charles McCarry. Thanks to your recommendation. It was great. Anyone who hasn't read it is missing an outstanding political novel.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Charlie Pierce? WTF?



Bless you for taking the time to read so many of these books on stuff I loathe. You are invaluable sir. Thank you.

Jim Eagle

I agree with Doc. If you're going to throw stones make sure they are OSHA approved by a democrat administration. I mean who the hell do these right-wingnuts think they are exercising their first amendment rights. And a double clap for you Doc for setting up the strawman of the size of Romney's cajones. It is dare's like that that will keep the republican buzz machine quiet this campaign. I can even see McRino being brought on board to make sure there are no more civility issues. This way the likes of Schumer, Durbin and Pelosi are free to use completely vetted invective and perjorative language without prejudice.


#Obamawasnot a joke. He was a real problem.


"Just back from hit and run jr's guitar recital."

If it was a Gibson, book him.


O/T, but since narc started with the book reviews...

I just finished "The Alchemy of Air: A Jewish Genius, a Doomed Tycoon, and the Scientific Discovery That Fed the World but Fueled the Rise of Hitler" by Thomas Hager. Those two would be Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch, both Nobel laureates (in Chemistry -- part of the real Nobel prizes).

It is a book about nitrogen fixation: making ammonia and other compounds from the air. The most important products are used as fertilizer and as explosives. It starts with Malthus, goes through the guano wars in South America, the redirection of BASF (Bosch) to the Haber-Bosch process from their traditional dye base, through WW I, the Weimar republic and Hitler.

Absolutely fascinating, and well-written though it is very light on the chemistry. Most would count that as a good thing. It really is the story of the development of the German chemical enterprise (industrial and academic) in the late 1800s and early to mid 1900s, and how that influenced the world.

Some interesting factoids:

- 1% of the energy consumed goes to ammonia production for fertilizer -- the biggest plant is in Russia.

- Haber sought to pay the German war reparations from WW I ($155 billion marks!) by extracting gold from seawater, but this failed.

- BASF banded together the other German chemical industry (Bayer, Hoechst and others) to form IG Farben (yes, that one) so they could make synthetic gasoline from coal, which Germany had lots of, and had partnerships with Ford and Standard Oil to do so. Why? Peak oil. The effort failed only because of the huge amounts discovered in Oklahoma and Texas, and was not nearly as limited as was thought.

daddy, I think you'd like this one. Highly recommended.

It is also the first book I have read on the Kindle. What a wonderful device!


"And a double clap for you Doc for setting up the strawman of the size of Romney's cajones"

I'm sure you wish there was an edit button.

I'm not one to derogate based on their size, but you have opened that up to scrutiny.


Independence Day, is more and more prescient;



guano wars in South America,

That is bat shit crazy, like the Pitzer prof

Cecil Turner

Charlie Pierce? WTF?

You know, he's the guy who . . . no that was Charlie Brown. Hmmm, maybe he . . . no, that was Charlie Sheen. Oh, never mind.


Bird shit actually, GMax, but it does not change your point.


Actually with the feather merchant, I think chicken shit is most appropriate.


I got to take a look at that one, Dr. J., that Dyson book on the rise of the computer, 'Turing's cathedral, is very good, although I didn't get all of it,

Dave (in MA)

Are you sure you're not just jealous that there's no xbradtcolator?


#ObamaWasNot going to let overwhelming opposition stop him from imposing Obamacare on America

#ObamaWasNot going to read the Obamacare legislation before signing it into law

#ObamaWasNot concerned about the Constitution's limits on federal power

#ObamaWasNot aware that Isaiah spoke of our "iniquities," not our "inequities."

#ObamaWasNot ever one to think of anyone but Obama


#ObamaWasNot able to look like a man when throwing a ceremonial first pitch.

Ha! Nice one MAM.

Have these ObamaWasNotAble thingies been outlawed yet in England?


Looks like we are both correct Dr. J. Did you know the term applied to seals as well? I did not. Here:

Guano (via Spanish, ultimately from the Quechua wanu, meaning 'dung') is the excrement (feces and urine) of seabirds, cave dwelling bats, and seals.


Oops, hit beat me to the one about not reading Obamacare. So one more:

#ObamaWasNot a better President than Jimmy Carter.

Dave (in MA)

I can't see the #ObamaWasNot thread except for the top 5 or 6, for some reason. "Older Tweet results for #ObamaWasNot are unavailable."


Are you sure you're not just jealous that there's no xbradtcolator?


Dave (in MA)

Obama Was Not briefed on the correct pronunciation of 'corpsmen'.


It's right next to the Hungarian/English phrasebook, you just need to look harder.


If you have ever been in a bat infested cave and seen the massive piles of guano, well it how I imagine a classroom on the Pitzer campus.


Quiz Time:

Brave, brave, super-courageous, cutting edge "Artiste" makes "in your face", shock-value popsicles of which Religious figure?

1) Muhammed
2) Buddha
3) Jesus
4) Moses

“It’s not that I purposely want to get in trouble. I just believe if you are not doing work that can make people stop, think and discuss, then it’s better not to make any work at all.”



able to look cool riding a bike.

Rick Ballard

#ObamaWasNot inattentive to Rev. Wright's anti-American sermons.


Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.)—last seen in these parts warning that undocumented immigrants would vote en masse for Obama this fall—suggested at a fundraiser last weekend that President Barack Obama might not have been born in the United States. It was awkward:

"I don't know whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America. I don't know that," Coffman said. "But I do know this, that in his heart, he's not an American. He's just not an American."


#ObamaWasNot the candidate who raised the second most amount of money from wall street or the oil companies. He was the first.

really good one, hit.


Prior to today, my last tweet was June 18, which was:

"It's been > month since I was on twitter. In that time, my followers grew 20% & I've been added to 6 lists. If present trends continue..."


Maybe he read the bio, from Goderich,

hit and run

hit, get these on Twitter.

Mine have all be tweeted. But I surely don't have any kind of following that would push the tag.

But I did my part.

Charlie (Colorado)

I can't fathom why, with Romney assured the nomination, the Paul campaign would continue this way.

Because the convention does more than give imprimatur to the nominee.

Captain Hate

Klein come at it from a liberal perspective

He will be on Tammy Bruce tomorrow.

Jim Ryan

#ObamaWasNot raised African American.

#ObamaWasNot raised American.

#ObamaWasNot able to quit cocaine or pot for years.

Charlie (Colorado)

Brave, brave, super-courageous, cutting edge "Artiste" makes "in your face", shock-value popsicles of which Religious figure?

To be fair, Daddy, Buddha popsicles might make you some money, but they would have the shock value of a Pat Boone album (besides the heavy-metal one.) See, eg, this Google search.


"The Kochs aren’t an election problem, no matter how much the left tries to demonize them. If anyone’s money is impacting American politics, it’s George Soros’s."

"Forget the $38 million that is directly going into politics. That other $550 million is heading the same place, just with a tiny bit more subtlety."


May God bless the Kochs as they attempt to keep America free.

Charlie (Colorado)

Interestingly, the same search led me to this site which has lots of cross and crucifix candy molds.


You know, I thought Fineman, would be the last person at Newsweek to be infested by
brainslugs 'se le guerre'



a new document filed with the IRS reveals how the Koch political machine funneled over $54.5 million in previously undisclosed funds to a litany of front groups designed to smear Democrats

Amen to Pagar's 4:02.

Didn't Reagan and the West defeat the Soviet Union by out spending them?


Cory Booker Democrat Jus' sayin'

Dave (in MA)
It's right next to the Hungarian/English phrasebook, you just need to look harder.
"Drop your panties, Sir William. I cannot wait until lunchtime."

Also in the text, Klein brings up that shindig with Beschloss, Goodwin, in June 2009, but comes to a different conclusion,
they were telling him of LBJ's travails in dealing with war and social policy, but he believed he could transcend that, by the force of his personality.


hit, you da man. Great stuff. We may have found a new force for good in the world.

Captain Hate

Some abstract notions of "jobs"

Jobs are only an abstract concept in the addled mind of the JEF.


Thanks for the book rec DrJ.

That does sound very interesting.

BTW your mention of trying to get gold from sea-water reminded me of this story a few days back from Nome.

Due to the "Gold Rush Alaska" TV Show, and the huge winter storm roiling up the water's around Nome thus portending a good Gold hunting season, the Nome City fathers have decided to jack up the rates on Gold Mining permit fees. The Gold Miner's are P.O'ed about that.

"At first, the proposal called for recreational permits costing $500 -- with miners recovering more than 500 ounces of gold paying $10,000. Miners exploded and city officials acknowledged a mistake; the latter permit would actually cost $1,500."

"Still, miners asked, why are they singled out when fisherman and others on the water don’t pay extra." Decent question.

Nome gold miners steamed over Proposed Fees.


'my hovercraft is full of eels'

hit and run

I love twitter,Mark.

I loved it a lot when I was unemployed in 2009.

These days I just don't have time.

But I'll do what I can.


Sanger does raise 'a bit of a poser' as the long run consequences of our withdrawal.


There's a reason that the UK is umm, apart from the rest of Europe;



Narciso: I thought Fineman, would be the last person at Newsweek to be infested by brainslugs 'se le guerre'

Why, considering his silly book on American questions, would you think that?


"#ObamaWasNot a better President than Jimmy Carter."

Is there a general consensus yet on if Obama is a worse President than Jimmy Carter? Is Obama the new high in Low?

I think so.


I didn't recall that, sbw, I meant as compared to Alter, Meacham, and co,


Those of us with twitter accounts can retweet Hit's brilliance to our followers.
I've acquired a few folks who are totally disillusioned with Corzine, MF Global bankruptcy and Corzine's bundling cash for BOzo.

Following the #MFG mess has taken quite a bit of my time since we had money stolen from our account by Obama's premier bundler.


And then there is treacle and category error, galore, that should be considered a fair warning;


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