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May 27, 2012



He also could have stood in one place, watching for TM and waiting for the cops.

Rick Ballard

The police timeline shows 1:50 from the end of Zimmerman's call to receipt of the first 911 call. How long should we assume it took for a neighbor to hear the altercation, determine a police presence was needed and make the call? My bet would be in the 30-40 second range, leaving Zimmerman with 1:10 - 1:20 to cast a wide net in his manhunt.


My understanding is the same as Rick Ballard's - there was no "several minutes" gap in the timeline.

However, note also that Trayvon Martin was less than 70 yards from his father's girlfriend's condo after Zimmerman lost sight of him. That's less than a minute's walk even at a leisurely pace. If he wanted to go home, he had plenty of time to get there.

Bob Owens suggests a street drug may have been involved: http://po.st/Uo4yhT


He was performing a neighborhood watch wasn't he? When I did that I wandered around the neighborhood slowly...


cboldt, where are you???

Rick Ballard


I'd pay a dollar to see the log on Officer T. Smith's status and location upon receiving the dispatcher's call. People stare so hard at "We don't need you to do that.", they miss the agreement between the dispatcher and Zimmerman for the responding officer to call Zimmerman to establish a meeting point. Zimmerman's position when the altercation ensued was a few steps away from line of sight with his truck. Had Officer T. Smith finished his jelly doughnut and called Zimmerman, as the dispatcher assured Zimmerman he would, then the truck and the flashlight Zimmerman was carrying could have placed him at a meeting point roughly where Zimmerman had lost sight of Martin. Some might find a sort of logic in waiting at such a point.

Danube of Thought

Took me a moment to realize that the "T" in question is that of the sidewalk.

Jim Eagle

So what?

If he was assaulted out of the blue , what difference does it make?

BTW, comment made outside during a minor hurricane unlike a hit & run or DoT vodka storm.


This link that was in the TalkLeft comments shows video that Trayvon allegedly hung around the 7-11 for several minutes. Scroll down for the 2nd and 3rd and 4th videos as well. You decide.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

I agree with Jerrilyn's major point that there is nothing in the witnesses' statements, oral or written, to contradict GZ's basic story. Moreover, nothing in the physical evidence revealed thus far, including photos, wounds, gun, residue, position of the body, autopsy results, etc., contradicts the major points of GZ's story.

That leaves a case built on speculation and conjecture, neither of which will get beyond a well-drafted motion in limine when submitted to a competent and fair judge.

Rick Ballard

I made an error. The police timeline does not indicate 1:50 as the time elapsed between Zimmerman ending his call and the first 911 call

1915:23 - Approximate time call with Zimmerman ends

1916:43 - 911 call placed by (blacked out name) where Zimmerman is heard screaming for help

It was 1:20. Eighty whole seconds.


[ot] FYI. I'm joming on my iPhone from the hospital. Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in the morning. Let's hear it for zophran and delaudid. I'll follow as I can from a distance. Thanks for taking care of the universe while I'm busy. :-) [/ot]

Danube of Thought

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The police timeline is likely wrong. All explained in this video.

Where George first saw Trayvon and the Timeline



Get well, sbw.


Geez SBW - sounds yucky. Here's to a fast recovery!


Uh oh. Here we go again.

Breaking: Bogus Call Sends Police to Erick Erickson’s House


Has Tom called his sheriff's office yet?

Manuel Transmission

Caro, we sailed in the 505 NA Championships on Buzzard's Bay back about 1980. That was our first race on relatively open water where you had to come up on a wave to see where your competition was. The last race was so rough they called it. Unfortunately we were doing our best on that run and ended up being last getting back as a result. Great fun hanging out in Marblehead Yacht clubs.


I was thinking the same, Ignatz. I see Insty has a blurb up about it and says he called his local law enforcement.


MT,Buzzards Bay can be wicked with wind against tide and it is fairly shallow. Okay when you are young,fun even.


Calling the Syrian regime’s latest slaughter “horrific”, Governor Mitt Romney released the following statement:

“The Assad regime’s massacre of civilians in Haoula—many of them young children—is horrific. After nearly a year and a half of slaughter, it is far past time for the United States to begin to lead and put an end to the Assad regime. President Obama can no longer ignore calls from congressional leaders in both parties to take more assertive steps. The Annan ‘peace’ plan—which President Obama still supports—has merely granted the Assad regime more time to execute its military onslaught. The United States should work with partners to organize and arm Syrian opposition groups so they can defend themselves. The bloodshed in Haoula makes clear that our goal must be a new Syrian government, one that contributes to peace and stability in the Middle East and that truly represents the brave Syrian people.”
Danube of Thought

I have no knowledge at all about whether, or how, a fiend as low as Kimberlin can make such calls untraceably, and make them appear as though they are coming from the target's house. And I have no idea if there is any way to prove that he is the one who is doing this, or how otherwiseto stop him.

I am confident that if he were shot through the head from ambush he would never do it again.


I didn't notice initially, that the above referred was the co author of 'Hard Measures' which explains some things;


Carol Herman

Sort of obvious, Obama didn't get his riot.

The media sure did try to bring him one, though.

As to Trayvon, now that his visit to the 7-11 is out there, you can see him bulked up in his hoodie.

I can't blame Zimmerman, out on neighborhood watch, to have become suspicious.

So, too, is the fact that the coroner's report states that Trayvon had a cigarette lighter in his pocket. But no cigarettes.

CHROOM. I think Trayvon was smoking a "fatty" in the rain. Couldn't quite show up at his dad's girlfriend's condo ... puffing weed.


SBW, get well.

I had plenty of zofran during chemo. It is a miracle drug, as far as I am concerned.

Years before the cancer, I went in for my first surgery; rotator cuff.

When I woke, in the recovery room, I felt nauseous. The nurse asked if I needed anything and I promptly instructed her to "leave me alone.". I did not know that was nurse code for adjust the bed and pillows indefinitely, while shaking the gurney.

My face changed color like Bugs in the rocketship. The nurse noticed nothing. Enter stage left, my wife (ICU nurse Extraordinarie), barked out many orders. The fact that she did not work there did not seem to bother her.

Between all the acronyms being shouted, the word "zofran" seemed to stand out. The shakey RN promptly injected zofran into my IV.

Klondike Bar...

I now ask for it, by name, when I go on a bender.


Barked= barking


Carol, Obama is getting his riot. The day after he loses.


sbw, be well.


Be strong, sbw! You'll be in my prayers...


Take care sbw.

There's enough knowledge here to steer if we see a turn ahead.

Check in soon.


Obama is getting his riot. The day after he loses.

Posted by: Gus | May 27, 2012 at 10:51 PM


The night he loses (if it is the landslide we hope for).

Be prepared. And, don't be in any dicey areas.


--I had plenty of zofran during chemo. It is a miracle drug, as far as I am concerned.--

Yeah works great for wifey in the IV but not in pill form for some reason. Luckily she seldom gets nauseated from the chemo.


take care, sbw,


How many more treatments for her Ig?

We think about you guys quite a bit.


Sleep well, sbw. The two people I know who've had that procedure seemed to find the post-op recovery far easier than pre-op suffering of gall bladder attacks and general feeling of yuckiness (they may have used different word ;) ).

TK - "nurse code", *snort*. That is too funny.


Good luck sbw.
My sister will get a laproscopic surgery in 5 weeks or so. Less invasive, less dangerous, faster recovery...hope this is all true for you as well!


SBW: Take care. A friend who had the same gall bladder procedure you are about to undergo said it wasn't too bad. I've had gall bladder surgery, but mine was the old-fashioned 7" incision and it was not an easy recovery, especially since I was still non-weightbearing on crutches and every step felt like I was ripping stitches out. The more current laparoscopic surgery is such a medical advancement and a much quicker heal for the patient. Enjoy the drugs while you can. LOL. You will be in my prayers that everything goes well with limited pain.


--How many more treatments for her Ig?--

At the stage she's at TK, there really isn't an end to it, except when it finally stops working altogether. Since it's single agent rather than combo therapy it's a lot easier on her than the first go round in 2006. She is doing much, much better than she was when she started back in November.

Danube of Thought

You're gonna be just fine, sbw. Lean heavy on the dilaudid, and supplement it with vodka to taste. Keep us posted.


My cousin called today to tell me that she got her followup report Friday and tomorrow she will be cancer free for 4 years. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and elected to have a mastectomy. A couple months after finishing chemo, they found some "wandering" cancer cells in her thyroid, so she went back under the knife to have it removed. It was a rough time for her, but she told me that dying wasn't an option as a single mother with, at that time, a twelve year old. Today, she was laughing about her resolve as her daughter is about to get her driver's license and she is now positive she'll be around to see her graduate, if she survives teaching her to drive.


Stiff upper lip, SBW.
And as someone else said, enjoy the drugs while you can.


We will continue to keep you and your wife in our prayers, Ig.


OT for the Massachusetts folks.

The Harvard Crimson had a story out (23 May) that the OWS branch at Harvard was going to protest during Commencement the following day.

I am unable to find out any info on that protest at all---did it go down, did it get cancelled, did it go down but not get reported because Chief Lizzy Warren is their idealogical head and it would look bad for her Senate Campaign?

Surely the Campus pigs, who according to Obama "act stupidly" wouldn't have come in and busted the Harvard OWSer's without us hearing about it.

Anyhow, just thought I'd ask if anyone knew. It would be ironic but not surprising if Lizzy's movement was encouraged to go out and demonstrate everywhere on the planet except where it was started.
Perhaps Harvard's Commencement exercises are just a little more equal than others.



If you can spell "Laparoscopic gallbladder" correctly, it is an indication that you don't have enough zophran and delaudid in your system.

My advice, call the anesthesiologist pronto!

Best of luck good friend.

Beasts of England

Posted by: Sara | May 27, 2012 at 09:34 PM

Good grief...

Beasts of England

'At the stage she's at TK, there really isn't an end to it, except when it finally stops working altogether. Since it's single agent rather than combo therapy it's a lot easier on her than the first go round in 2006. She is doing much, much better than she was when she started back in November.'

Posted by: Ignatz | May 27, 2012 at 11:23 PM

Peace and prayers to you both, sir.



I had laparoscopic gallbladder surgery years ago. The procedure is amazing. I was up and walking the next day after the anesthesia wore off. The recovery was a breeze.

Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.

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Jim Eagle


Our best wishes for a successful outcome. Keep us updated even if in a zofran stupor:)

OT: Beryl in all his 45mph wind and rain glory passed through over night knocking down one teak bistro chair and soaking everything else wet. Increased the pool level by 6" but we needed this rain desperatedly. Most of this part of Florida was under a burn ban. Off to the beach with Bandit to see what the surf has wrought.


Get well soon, sbw!


Add my good wishes to a speedy recovery, sbw!


((Jeralyn is really good.))

When lefties are good, like Christopher Hitchens was good, it is because they are intellectually honest.


I had the surgery years ago, sbw. Checked myself out of the hospital within hours, went home, had a percocet, went to sleep, woke up perfectly fine.
It's a cake walk..best wishes..


all the best, sbw. it will be a bit hard to take of the universe without your help, so hurry back. I await your next post with great anticipation.


You know I used to think they were merely trolls, but they've advanced to full nazgul;



clarice-has the wolverine discovered the playground yet across from Essex House with all the large boulders? All my kids loved to play there anytime we were in NYC.

I used to do tea at various hotels. My favorite turned out to be the St Regis as they had a harpist playing and rock candy stirrers to get the sweetness just right.

Memorable is the 14 Tears Memorial in the lobby of the American Express building at WFC. It's in honor of their employees who worked as a travel office at Cantor Fitzgerald. Most moving tribute I have ever seen. There are always drops coming down the wires at various rates to create ripples interspersing and then expanding below in the reflection pond. "So no one is ever alone."


Whoa has surgery on Memorial Day? Are we sure SBW isn't the President?

(Gawd I hope not)

Jim Ryan

NPR this morning, covering the Obama: Spendthrift or Tightwad? story: Nothing to see here folks, any president would have spent that much, much of it was for the recession and jobs, and the serious minds who know the facts at Brookings Inst. say so. Obama as spendthrift is just GOP spin.

This was how the news report was structured.

Rick Ballard

Jim Ryan,

How do you replace the neurotransmitters destroyed by exposure to NPR?


So did she was what was wrong with Olmstead's design, clarice.

Jim Ryan

I can hardly stand it, Rick. It's very painful. I listen about five minutes a day.


Well the good news is besides you Jim, the only folks who listen to NPR is crunchy granola liberals, and even then damn few of them. NPR = tree in the middle of forest with no listeners. Sort of like CNN these days...


replace is with are



Yet another democratic hack, but consider who he's running against;


Jim Ryan

Bumper sticker idea:

Another Innumerate
For Obama '12


A reminder,



Why are our tax dollars funding NPR? That is the outrage. The left gets it's propaganda out using our money.
We need to cut off their supply lines rather than battle each lousy story. CPB/PBS/NPR can exist...but they need to stand on their own like any other business.


It's just as objective as the BBC, which has finally evolved to the point that Orwell feared.


New Gallup poll concludes the Zero campaign "fails to resonate" with Veterans, shocking I know:

The poll finds the presidential contenders tied among all registered voters at 46 percent. Among men, Romney leads by 8 points 50 to 42 percent. Obama leads among women 49 to 42 percent.

The poll's numbers suggest that Obama’s efforts to court veteran voters and military families have failed to resonate.

Last month, the campaign announced efforts to engage military voters through the "Veterans and Military Families for Obama" effort. In a video the president and first lady touted the administration’s work “supporting veterans” and making “military families a top priority.”

Jim Ryan

I remember our fallen soldiers. As a result of their sacrificing everything, I am free to live my life as I choose instead of having to live it according to the whims of tyrants.

Danube of Thought

Gallup: vets prefer Romney over the guy who killed bin Laden, 58%-34%.

Rick Ballard

Michael Barone explains Obama disaster. The second half of the column is his best effort to date in explaining the impact of the 20xx election. Obama is not going to win them back with the Bain Campaign.

I believe the Capitalism v Obamunism construct was predicated upon polling done during 2009. The Pinhead Troika is working from data collected when anti-Wall Street sentiment was quite probably at an all time high and super hot to boot. The commies at the heart of Obama's group designed the #occupooper 'movement' to capitalize on what proved to be momentary sentiment.

Forget checkers - they aren't even good at tic tac toe.


With respect, the anger at the banksters is real, they were forced by the CRA revisions and the Justice Department, yet they accomodated themselves at the trough, then
they accepted TARP funds, and spent them on everything but the designated target, Now the likes of Tom Frank's can't grasp that subtlety, which makes a slimmer Michael Moore with a Ph.d



Section 7.M

The flag, when flown at half-staff, should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff position. The flag should be again raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day. On Memorial Day the flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon only, then raised to the top of the staff.

Danube of Thought

Minus 14 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 1.


By the way, this the Blog of the former DIA officer, who had the same insight into Walt Myers, in the LUN


-- Zimmerman had plenty of time to wander down and around the commons area ... --

Or continue past the commons, past the buildings, and to the main street (outside of Retreat at Twin Lakes) to see if he could glimpse a hoodie-wearing person down the street, outside of the gated community.

O'Mara wants time to review Zimmerman's statements for remarks that are in the nature of admission of wrongdoing, with an eye to supress. After he completes that, I think the public will see Zimmerman's statements to police.


--With respect, the anger at the banksters is real...--

That's true, narc, but Barry's mistake along with the rest of the moron Dems is thinking that translates into a general anger at capitalism and an acceptance of the nanny state.
My experience is it mostly translates into anger that they weren't allowed to go out of business and instead got a transfusion of our cash; IOW the opposite of what Barry and company [and Bush] did and still advocate.


Does anybody remember Ranger's rhetorical trick vs honest answer comment?

His wording was perfect and I wish to steal it verbatim.


Ranger, I am asking you too, despite it not looking that way.


Captain Hate

Happy Memorial Day to all the vets: Dot, JiB, Ranger, daddy and any I'm inadvertently overlooking because I don't have a list. Plus I hope our buddy Mustang comes by today.

Captain Hate

Ack, how could I forget Jim Rhoads.

Danube of Thought

Thanks CH.


Yes, Danube, and Jim Rhoads, and Agent J, Pagar,


Thank you for your service. We owe a debt we have no way to repay. Accept the thanks as small and rather insignificant downpayment.


Thank you for your service. We owe a debt we have no way to repay.

I agree. And I feel honored to know all of you - every single day.


Just a personal quibble, but I always refuse to stand when our pastor asks any vets to stand on Memorial Day.
Vets have Veteran's Day.
Memorial Day is for those who did infinitely more than just serve.
Just my personal feeling on the subject.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

RIP Don, Howie, Lew, Jimmy, Earl and all the other guys on the wall.

Memorial Day is for you and all of the men and women like you that gave your lives for all of us from 1776 until today.


2 days out 365 is not near enough for veterans. Accept the thanks, we dont know how else to express the gratitude.


Coulter has a rapier wit and this is snicker inducing:

Ann Coulter took to Twitter to give her assessment of the MSNBC host’s comment. “Chris Hayes ‘Uncomfortable’ Calling Fallen Military ‘Heroes’ — Marines respond by protecting his right to menstruate,”


I'll go with you, Iggy, and say a prayerful thanks to my friend, Dave Kearney, who is also on the wall.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Chris Hayes needs a blanket party. Anyone who went through basic training will know what that means.


Iggy, you are right, but so many of those vets were willing to sacrifice their lives.


I think more like the 'Book Club' that Sideshow Bob endured in prison, one week it was Tom Clancy.


Just keep digging, this is emblematic of Kamiya, Kos, et al;

RT @keder: .@KurtSchlichter: Chris Hayes Uncomfortable w/Calling Troops 'Heroes;' Quite Comfortable Exercising Rights They Protect bit.ly/MXK220


'Don't be this guy, get direct TV'



I think the leftists and people like Chris Hayes have a problem with the Idea of heros because in many ways heroism is the epitome of individualism. It may be done for the good of a group, but in the final analysis it is one man's/woman's decision to act.

A belief that one man can make a difference.


What's with Ann Coulter's "Chris Hayes is a girl"? He certainly could be a girl from his looks - But is he?

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