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May 16, 2012



Of course the liberals and the media have to point the finger at racism. Who on their side would possibly step forward and admit Trayvon Martin is dead because he tried to be the thug gangster all the cool black guys portray in the hollywood culture of rappers and gangs.

Trayvon followed the exact role models the liberal media and the liberal press constant put on pedestals and it got him killed.

Don't expect to see any introspection from that crowd.


cboldt already phoned in the autopsy report.

"Intermediate range" ( 6 - 8 inches to 1.5 - 3.5 feet)

Now we know it wasn't 'close range'.
Another question remaining; was there an exit wound to accompany the entry? Where was the entry?

Zimmerman is toast.


“shot down in his youth, by a trigger-happy neighborhood organizer?”
Yes. Shot in the back as he ran for the safety of his parents’ condo. An octoroon killed him.

Grab a rope. Set the pikes. Tether your elephant.

Danube of Thought

Sitemeter confirms that Dana Gilbert Ward of Pitzer College just posted as "Whoosh."


Please listen to the idiot Benny Crump. On BO'R. Attacking the doctor. Attacking the visible evidence.

Martin's knuckles scraped. Crump says "context." Zim got out of a car. "Profile." Why get out of your car?

If he had stood down.

If the sun had not come up.


I am watching Crump on the television, and itjust makes me sick! What have we come to as a people and a nation?


SPD turned over its material to Wolfinger, on March 13 or thereabouts (going from memory). Wolfinger had scheduled a grand jury for April 10, to make final disposition of the case. My sense is that SPD did in fact finish its investigation.
posted by: cboldt | May 16, 2012 at 06:22 PM

You are correct sir. But then the political pressure drummed up by those who shall not be named to have Wolfinger withdraw succeeded. During the police investigation there were the meetings with Jackson, Sharpton, Crump with the city manager who had gotten the police chief on adm leave and was negotiating his resignation so the city could "move on". The mayor and the same city manager were traveling to DC meeting with the CBC and the DOJ. The city manager had negotiated a severance with the police chief. It was to be voted on by the commission on the night that the bail hearing took place. When commissioners demanded to know exactly what the police chief had done wrong the city manager could or would not answer. The resignation was not accepted by the city commissioners and the city manager acted like he was in a stupor that it had not worked out as planned.

So two critical people in the early stages of this investigation were shoved out by inside politics. They will both play a critical role in figuring out exactly how Crump got Zimmerman charged and how Florida's legal system has been corrupted and why.


Funny how if Trayvon had been a fetus, the same liberals would be cheering his demise.


Too bad that BO'R is so stupid.


"Probably the most shocking quote from Ed Klein comes when he talks about Obama's faith.

"The reverend Wright told me, on tape, that Obama came to him and said I need some spiritual advice. I don't know exactly who I am. And the reverend Wright said.... this is on tape... we know your Islam background and you have that but what you need now is some coaching on Christianity. And I asked the reverend Wright 'did you convert him from being a Muslim to a Christian?'. And he said 'well I don't know if I could go that far but I could tell you that I made it comfortable for him to accept Christianity without having to renounce his Islamic background'. "

Sean Hannity confirms that all of this is on tape and was given the go-ahead to be able to have the audio. So we shall see within the next couple of weeks or months whether or not this audio is played."


I wonder if citizenship was discussed.


BOR is an absolute idiot. Good thing he is standing up for the folks eh? He left Crump get away with several whoppers and intential distortions. Crump got not answer for skinned knuckles and the medical evidence in the Doctor report of a vicious assault on Zimmerman.


This case needs a KC Johnson to provide in depth reporting about the anti Zimmerman establishment.


Why does that racist Dana Gilbert Ward of Pitzer College want to lynch the black Hispanic?


Templates are a dime a dozen, this reporter serves the same function as Shane at the Times, Mayer at the NY, Priest at the Post.



"... Sitemeter confirms that Dana Gilbert Ward of Pitzer College just posted as "Whoosh." ..."

what is sitemeter?


MarkO - FYI You're responding to a Dana sock.


O'reilly is too busy distracted by the voices in his own head, to actually listen to anyone
else, the exchange with Vandersloot is instructive in that regard, why do you think he's welcome at the View, mutual narcissism.

Danube of Thought

"investigators say they do not know who started the fight"

If they can't say they do--and say it under oath--this guy shouldn't have been charged.


Dick Morris just said he did a LV voter poll in Michigan and Romney is up there by 2.

I must be looking in the wrong places for this blue tide! Let recap, Penn in play, Wisconsin tied, Michigan Romney up, NC Romney up big.

Is it Rhode Island where the tide is cresting?


You can see the damage the naxguls have wrought in the comment section, here;



This case has nothing to do with justice and evrything to do with Obmas re-election.

It was just another piece of red meat the left has been throwing to try to energize Obamas base which is leaving him in droves.

The media is doing all they can to now ignore Romney nad spend all their time on left wing hot button issues to kick off OBmas reelection campaign.


I have always maintained that because of his Indonesian background Obama is a secret Muslim. This tape with Rev. Wright only proves the point. Obama has never acted like any Christian I know and he consistently misquotes the Bible. He only asked for Wright's advice so he could further his political career.He'a a Christian for convenience and there is nothing humble in his nature.He only goes to church when some advisor tells him "people think you are a Muslim"


Pops: You are completely right about the news coverage. It is Obama 24/7 and I refuse to watch it. It's propaganda TV.However the ads against Sherrod Brown in Ohio are excellent! Put a fork in him....


"... "investigators say they do not know who started the fight"... "

Why would Zimmerman start a fight when he knew the police would be arriving at any moment?


Now stop questioning his Muslim faith! Ooops.

My base, My base, ohh why have you forsaken me!!

Blacks are being shot down in the streets by white racists!

College girls can't get birth control so they die of cancer due to Right wing religious zealots clinging to their God and guns!

White racists is Arizona are racially profiling Hispanics to lock them up and throw away the key!

Dogs are being strapped to roofs of cars and gays are having their heads shaved by Mormon Nazi bullies !!

My base! Come back!!


Mandel is going to beat that socialist bastard Brown? Excellent. Ohio has had mediocre to worse for a long time until Portman get elected. Democrats and Republicans alike all bad.


I know it's 'tree falls in the forest' but even he notices Tina didn't do him a favor.



And the increased chocolate ration;



"... a financial crisis of debt and spending
Washington has been spending too much money
out-of-control spending sprees, or to piling up massive amounts of debt ..."

yeah, but I think Romney and the conservative establishment are wrong that we can grow our way out of the deficit. After the Bush tax cuts, tax revenue did not return to pre tax cut levels for 4 or so years. If we pile up another $4 Trillion in debt during the Romney first term we might hit a debt point of no return.


Manny Pacquiao banned from "The Grove" ,mall in LA for saying God's law should be considered before man's on gay marriage....LUN

Hmmm...who are the fascists?


Bock, Glenn Beck tackles the Obama story quite well. It is very compelling.


Keep in mind, the only non-fiction is Obama's citizenship status.


Nice work Glenn.


Mitt Romney was given an honorary doctorate from Liberty University the other day. Does that mean we should stop calling him Gov. Romney or, in my case, Mitt, and call him Dr. Romney? What is the protocol with honorary doctorates?


Manny is a Hispanic and a Catholic. He is a pretty good gauge of how the terrifically wonderful historic new position is going to play in that demographic.

Frau Sozialismus

You give him too much credit, maryrose. His short time in Indonesia as a youth could not have made him, IMHO, a committed Muslim. His teen years in Hawaii, sitting next to his mentor/father figure could have made him a committed leftist.


the gap toothed former weatherman from Muncie, has gone completely Otto;


Melinda Romanoff


I whole heartedly disagree. Your need to think in a Gaussian manner, not Poisson.

Melinda Romanoff


When he left daytime, he left his wits behind.


--Keep in mind, the only non-fiction is Obama's citizenship status.--

Ya gotta love TK; JOM's very own Cato the Elder. :)


This is what passes for logic in a Politically Correct world (from Matt's LUN):

A statement from Grove VP of corporate affairs Bill Reich which read
1)“...he is not welcome at The Grove ..."
2) “The Grove is a gathering place for all Angelenos ...".

They really don't see the conflict there - the mutually exclusive assertions are separated by too much self important blather, they get distracted.


Phil Michelson at the Texas Rangers game this evening. Probably cuz the Byron Nelson and the Colonial coming up.

Frau Sozialismus

My honest question: If we cannot "grow" our way out of debt, isn't it helpful to cut back spending no matter what?


Dont you have to adopt a budget first before you know if your spending is staying under it? The only regulator right now is that we only have so many printing presses that can crank out dollars...


Gary Sinese at the Ranger game also. The Stars want to be around the Rangers. HMMM


Speaking of bullets, Manny T and glasater just dodged one.


I heard part of that snippet, on my Clear Channel drivetime, but that kind of density, creates it's own singularity,

hit and run

Manny P back in at the Grove

Late Tuesday, the Grove, a trendy mall in Los Angeles, canceled an appearance Pacquiao was supposed to make on Wednesday with television host Mario Lopez. On Wednesday, though, it reversed that stance and said Pacquiao is now welcome at the mall.


"... whole heartedly disagree. Your need to think in a Gaussian manner, not Poisson.

I never thought of that. What does it mean? Gaussian is a spike in growth vs Poisson says things will even out over time?

I think we have to start with basic facts. If we cut taxes how many years before tax revenue is higher than it is now.

The big worry is Romney and Ryan will not be willing to throw people off the SSDI, food stamp and unemployment roles. The many that is who do not deserve/do not need those payments.

And Romney is saying nothing about getting rid of Fannie Mae and the government student loan monopoly. Also federal bailouts of union pension funds.


Btw, there is a point at which your audience becomes too selective;



actually, Manny is Filipino which is Pacific Islander if anything. They speak Tagalog and there are not a lot of vestiges left of the Spaniards these days except maybe the San Miguel Brewery and the Church.

So to define Hispanic is sort of tough, but easier than Native American.

The biggest kick I get is the Aztlanians we have in abundance here in California. I have to laugh every time I hear it. Are they Mixtecs? Toltecs? Olmecs? Nahuatl? Yaquis? and fundamentally, every single one of them hated the Aztecs and each other for that matter.

Then north of the border ya gots yer Yavapais, your Navajos, yer Hopis, yer Apache, yer Pueblos, yer Paiutes, yer Utes, yer Chumashes, etc.

And then you have yer California Republic, which was supported by the Latinos and the Indians as well as the whites.Texas and that old honky Seguin and then a great big arc of nothing from east of El Paso to Palm Springs for which the U.S. paid $15 million with the Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty.

Now if the Louisiana Purchase cost $3.7 Million according to Wikipedia one might have to conclude that we got rooked by Santa Anna et al.Yes, you have the Phelps Dodge copper mine and some gold and silver and copper out of Jerome, but that's about it.

So my thought is to send all the Atzlanians back to Aztlan if they can find it. I believe it's buried somewhere near central Mexico City.


"Nice work Glenn"

It's a step in the right direction.

Why do the cubans have a problem with this.


Wow! Just WOW!

You have to watch this ad.



Gosh, H&R - that was fast. Funny how many words they devoted to condemning Manny (and arrogating their own superiority), yet not a single word of explanation as to why they reversed their position.

Evolution must indeed occur in quick jumps.


Sara that ad was sheer genius..I sent it to AT as a blog with a h/t to you.


AliceH, not really. I don't engage with him unless he fills up the site, not just with stupidity, but with volume.

I was actually attempting to show absurdity in everything the TM cult believes, beginning with Benny and his jets.


MarkO. It's the "unless" part of "I don't engage with him unless" that is the undoing of efforts to shun persona non grata.

I shouldn't have singled you out, though. Sorry for that.

You're not the only one who sees a point where responding, despite repeated requests not to, is somehow rationalized. I don't understand it, but I guess that's my problem.

Captain Hate

Btw, did anybody here note that Carlos Fuentes died yesterday?


Not sure how the Greek debacle is going to turn out, but it's getting very interesting again. 1 BILLION EUROS withdrawn from Greek banks today. I wonder if the rest of Europe will accept Greek denominated Euros now? Not worth a Greek Euro? Gyro?

Spain is also entering the danger zone rapidly. And Monsieur Hollande's meeting with Merkel was more meet and greet than substance, of which Monsieur Hollande seems to have little.

The banks and arbitrageurs are now betting on a Greek exit but no one knows the consequences except everyone is running to the dollar again.

In the meantime Bernanke has had his hand on the QE lever again but has held back. My guess is that it will be a rocky summer.

In the meantime the most gay president ever tells us it's hard to be elected with a name like Barack Hussein Obama and t'would seem the wheels are coming off his agenda.

Time for heap big pow wow with ValJar, Jokin' Joe, George Clooney and Elizabeth Warren. George bringum his special stash peace pipe.

Captain Hate

Somehow Clooney Tunes having a bit part in this land-locked Titanic adds a certain element of unintentional slapstick that's funnier than anything he's done and gotten paid for.


AliceH, actually, I was not intending to respond to him. I'm not certain a concerted effort to place him in Coventry actually works. Even that weak conspiracy gives him attention.

It's not really the silent treatment.

I tend to read most everything posted when I can, but I don't credit the irrational, illogical or that which threatens the JOM Commons.

Jim Eagle


Manny is Filipino but then if you know the history there is probably more Spanish DNA in him than Cherokee in Warren. The Phillipines are the most Catholic and conservatice country in Southeast Asia, so he is on the right side morally of the issue. Go, Manny!


Thanks for the Beck video link, TK. Very good.

Rob Crawford

Now we know it wasn't 'close range'.
Another question remaining; was there an exit wound to accompany the entry? Where was the entry?

Dana -- 6 inches to 18 inches is well within hand-to-hand range, and if it was a hollow point, there may not be an exit wound.

Regardless, you're just pumping out more BS, just like always. Why don't you get a more constructive hobby, like playing in rush hour traffic or Russian roulette? I recommend using a Glock.


Rob. Do you lack self control ? Have you not heard that TM has asked Dgw to leave and he will not? That we are asking posters to simply ignore him?


Better than his part in 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes too, Captain, that was a classic.

Rob Crawford

I'm not certain a concerted effort to place him in Coventry actually works.

Only two things will really work.

One requires sufficient evidence to convince his employer or ISP that he's violating their TOS.


So, I see that Mueller is on the hunt for the
compromising of the GID asset, unlike with Val, whose status was an open secret, the number of people who had access to said information, can probably be counted on one hand,


Does Cameron, really think more Conquistador Coffee management is going to solve the problem:


Captain Hate

Elvira featured that film a lot.


Who is DGW?


So, the printed evidence runs 300 pages. Redaction shouldn't take more than a couple days, and should already have been done by Corey's team.

Sterilizing the audio material would take longer.


I am Spartacus.

Captain Hate

In the immortal words of the late John Lee Hooker, "It's in him and it's got to come out" http://weaselzippers.us/2012/05/16/mcrino-teaming-up-with-democrats-to-craft-campaign-finance-reform-that-will-benefit-democrats/

Rob Crawford

Obviously I don't, Clarice. Nor do the others who keep on talking about him.

If TM is serious about getting rid of him, he'd be taking action.

It's illegal in California to "knowingly and without permission use or cause to be used
computer services."

Rob Crawford

Who is DGW?

Douchebag Gerbil Warbler.


Roger Simon joins me on the deluge drumbeat:

It is becoming okay not to like Barack Obama.

The Teflon cloak of being a cool, hip black guy, our first African-American president, is losing its power. That cloak of supposed post-racialism – not a “post-boomer leadership style,” whatever that may be – is what protected Obama. No one, not me, not David Brooks, wanted to be accused of racism. America desperately wanted to like Obama.

But they can’t. We can’t. And not just because the economy is brutal.

In hard times you get to see the individual up close, what he is made of. Roosevelt was one thing, Obama something completely different.

Can you imagine having a “fireside chat” with Barack Obama? Brrr…. The incumbent is a petulant, defensive narcissist, not someone with the humanity, humility or the experience to lead us out of dark days. Most people know this. More and more they are allowing themselves to admit it. Soon this may be a deluge.

Remember who told you first months ago, by pointing out poll after poll of Indys indicating they had had all they could stand of Democrats.


Rob? From Pitzer???



So what are you saying, Rob? You won't be part of the solution, but rather a part of the problem by feeding him his needed interaction?


Like a face hugger, Captain, he's like a putton for glunishment, yes you read that.


I would have thought complying with a direct request from the site host would be sufficient reason.

Melinda Romanoff


TM does, yet you stoke the ovens of interest, despite those efforts. DGW's simplistic hope is to be the modren day, mystic bomb-thrower of Haymarket Square and usher in the new regime where he will be gifted consul.

All should kneel in his munificence.

But I digress talking about exoskeleton life forms.

Like palmetto bugs.


Yes Alice, but Pitzer men aren't.

Captain Hate

McClellan and 'Family Guy' must be slapping high fives over this: http://weaselzippers.us/2012/05/16/jay-carney-executes-a-triple-axel-back-flip-at-todays-press-briefing-calls-the-senates-99-0-vote-against-obamas-budget-yet-another-gim

Melinda Romanoff


Sock theft, how nouveau.


So , Mel, when will the euro sink low enough that the dream villa in Provence will be mine?


Clarice, the roving bands of Huns will make that dream dangerous. It will not be pretty real real soon.

Rob Crawford

Centralcal, months ago I told everyone what Douchebag was about, and how he would act. I got lectured about how he'd turned over a new leaf and how his new identity of "Ben Franklin" deserved a chance. Even after I explained that was his MO, and that he'd be right back to his regular abuse and BS once he felt safe, I was cast as the problem.

Ignoring him won't work. He's not here for attention. He's here to make it an unpleasant place and drive people away. Getting everyone fighting over who's not ignoring him enough and who's toeing the line works just as well as anything else. And if everyone does manage to ignore him, he'll just ramp up the abuse until someone is compelled to respond.

Melinda Romanoff


I will not be discussing that.

You should be discussing it with your Canadian banker.

Please. Think JP, but that was in base 2.

I've lost enough sleep already over those I do watch.


HE is a Pomona grad, and one of Sullivan's fmr? Kramerixa interns.


Melinda Romanoff


I'm thinking Persians and Turks, but we're on the same track.

Rob Crawford

I would have thought complying with a direct request from the site host would be sufficient reason.

Accessing a site after you've been told you're not welcome is trespass.

You think this would be the first complaint Pisser Collage has gotten about Douchebag Gerbil Warbler? You think they'd appreciate being accessories to his criminal activity?


Melinda, truth be told, I was thinking the same.


Euro could go to 1 to 1 with dollar. Europe on sale this summer? Dont mind the riots...


A friend of mine was complaining that the Euro was too high. He's heading to Ireland.
I told him not to wish too hard.


Would Erdogan, being an Ottoman enthusiast, make a move on their former Hellenic property,


Narciso, what is yet to come, could be very very very very ugly. There are many domino's to fall.

Captain Hate

Coincidentally I'm reading about when Catherine the Great had designs on expanding from Crimea to Constantinople.


Capn' all of the invading will be outbound from debtor nations.
We are debtor nation.


Well, I'll be there briefly this summer. I'll report back//Not yet noticing any great dip in real estate prices on offers..But the last time there was a problem, lots of families moving to Switzerland put their inherited second and third homes up for cash.


Sorry everyone, but I'm going to make one more attempt at this.

Rob@10:18 - irrelevant. The direct request I refer to is one from TM to all of us (includes YOU) to stop responding. Continuing to respond after you've been told those responses are not welcome is not illegal nor trespass. It is just rude, inconsiderate, and ...troll like.

TM has asked for input, feedback, suggestions on other things that might help - please do share your insights via email to him, but keep it out of comments.

Thanks. I'm done on this topic (for a while).


Is that from the Massie book, because many of those outposts, traded ownership over the enext hundred years,


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