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May 16, 2012


Melinda Romanoff


She was an imprimateur of The Great Game.

A reference book, if you don't have it.

Rick Ballard


A castle in Castille, purchased in new pesetas, will be a comfortable place to wait until the new franc is issued. The French/German unwind could take a while.

Carol Herman

Actually, this case is HURTING OBAMA! The election will hinge on his carrying enough electoral college votes to win.

We're not in Rodney King territory here!

We're in goofy doofus territory. And, not for the first time, either.

It's a feeding frenzy, until the "defesne rests." (Oh, over there? I'm putting my money on the defense winning. The "long" was the prosecutor's. The "short?" rests.


The Georgian novelist, with the Russian name,
focused a good deal on this,


Captain Hate

Thanks Mel; I'm on it. No narc, it's the Winik that I mentioned previously.


So, my sis has offered a private tour of the five-sided building. Anyone have a spot/area not to be missed? Recall that the younguns have no security clearances, but would probably pass an FBI background check.

Also, we'll be in Huntsville the third week of July for Space/aviation camp. I'll let y'all know if water boarding is still part of the survival and evasion portion of the F-18 program for 11-year-olds.

Any JoM suggestions for local activities that week? I want to do the hike to the cross near Sewanee on the way out there, but I'm not very familiar with other sites around the area.

I've built in a week between H'ville and the Chesapeake. I'd be interested in something in the Greensboro NC area if anyone has any ideas.

Melinda Romanoff


The Swiss "vacuum" is massive.


You have your history of the US is off, by a bunch. GWB's re-examination of the Monroe doctrine was an elegant extension of JQA's thoughts. Opponents' ownership of the megaphones drowned out the thought and logic of bright people justifying defense of a democratic people and their right to exist, and argue, in peace.

We've been a debtor nation before, and paid it off through industry. I have full faith we'll do it again.

How much will a ferriner pay to receive treatment to make them live to 150 years?

It's that close.

Carol Herman

Oh, a Drudge headline now says "FLORIDA FOUND 56,000 dead people voting."

The dead will always go with Crumb.


THis is what I was referring to,



Well, there's that possibility..although there are other Spanish places I like even better...near the French coast. ..the costa brava and Girona. Unfortunately, the laws in Spain are shall we say--fluid--and purchasing property there can be very problematic.

Captain Hate

That link was pretty hinky, narc; I tried navigating it from the home page but got shut out after the war segment.

Captain Hate

I'm with Mel; I'm feeling more optimistic than I did in 1980.


Walter, the mall is full of so much for the kids to see and do--it should all be of interest to them. Usually though they really love the Air and Space Museum.

Outside of the Mall the Spy Museum draws a lot of interest.

Melinda Romanoff


You absolutely have to go to the Garber Facility, of the Smithsonian.

And bring your drool bucket.

If you have boys in tow, you are done.

hit and run

I'd be interested in something in the Greensboro NC area if anyone has any ideas.

I know where you're staying. I owe you a call.


How did I miss that, but it says they haven't done public tours since 2003.

Melinda Romanoff

Call and ask, that's all you can do, just call and ask.

And with that, I fade.

G'night all.


Hit, I dunno--we'd have to find something involving soccer or baseball for the kids and a beer cooler and patio chairs for me.

Charlie (Colorado)

Details from Trayvon Martin's autopsy show the bullet entered the left side of his chest, and shattered the ventrical, one of his heart's two large chambers but the round did not leave his bod

This would impress me more if they could spell "ventricle".


So are they bluffing here;

Special prosecutor Angela Corey's team has built a murder case against Zimmerman on evidence not available to the original state attorney or Sanford police - information that includes the autopsy report on Martin.

State crime lab analysis of his clothes, including gun powder residue that could indicate the distance between of the men.

Cell phone records from Zimmerman that include text messages he sent up to one month after the shooting

Charlie (Colorado)

What is the protocol with honorary doctorates?

Generally, you only use the title with an earned doctorate. Also, generally you refer to someone by their highest past title, so you'd call Romney "governor" anyway.

Henry Kissinger is a counter-example, but my understanding is that he's encouraged people to call him "Doctor".

hit and run

Consider all of that available.

But do note the rest of the hits will be in Texas...



Anyone heard from old lurker? Is he okay?


They are circling the wagons, Clarice. A friend of mine is a Lloyd's partner and insurance broker for megayachts among other things.

The Russian billionaires were buying the outrageously expensive yachts and positioning 1 or 2 or 3 of them in tax shelters around the world, probably loaded with valuables to protect their assets.

The Caymans, Panama, that kind of thing. They know Putin can't get to them in those places without destroyers.

The same is happening now with people like Corzine, Dion and the other megathieves. Offshore corporations, blind trusts, layered ownership. They plan to recede as far as possible from the chaos as the rest of us fight for what is left.

The French are now moving to London and Genf, and soon the Spanish wealthy will do the same. The Greeks were out a long time ago.

RE in the danger zones will be dropping accordingly. Perhaps if we split the costs for some nice ex-FFL mercs we could find a nice part of Provence and just wall it off. I know a few SF guys who might be interested if they could take their families.


Thanks Clarice and Mel. In addition to the Mall, we'll participate in the Goddard launches on August 5th and visit the Mint, and the Marine parade.

Do you think that nine is too young for the Holocaust museum?

We'd also like to hit Pax and Newport as well as Jim's airshow. Spike starts CAP when we return.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Cell phone records from Zimmerman that include text messages he sent up to one month after the shooting

There is always the possibility that he texted someone, "I got that GD N@@@@@", but somehow I doubt it.


Walter--there are two good museums in Birmingham, gentle canoe trips on the Duck river just north of the line in Tennessee, tour Jack Daniels and enjoy the little town while going to Sewanee

Dave (in MA)

Jane, I left you a couple of replies in the Tomohawk thread.


In self defense terms, 6" to 3.5 feet is literally right on top of you. Ask anyone familiar with the Tueller Drill.

I'd be really interested to hear precisely where they recovered the empty shell casing and the state of the weapon, because I've heard (roundabout, and I'm not sure how reliable) that the weapon recovered had a full magazine and possibly an empty in the chamber. If true, that would mean that either the slide was obstructed by a struggle or Zimmerman was trained in some method of making contact shots while grappling and was attempting to do so when he fired (generally by pushing on the back of the slide to prevent an impact on the front of the pistol from making it go out of battery therefore failing to fire).

This continues to look bad for the prosecution.

Danube of Thought

"Only two things will really work."

Only one thing about which we have any control will really work: stop responding. If you feel you can't do that, say so. Then you and that sick vandal can talk to each other all you like.

Soylent Red


Not living there, I still see DC the way a tourist sees DC, so here's my take...

Definitely divert south and go to Mt. Vernon. It is my favorite place in Virginia.

Try to catch the Marine Silent Drill Team at the Iwo Jima Memorial, if you're there on a Tuesday. It's right next to Arlington Cemetery which I also like to visit. Of course the Tomb of the Unknowns.

NRA Museum, Spy Museum and the National Gallery are places I like to go. On the Mall don't miss the WWII Memorial and the Vietnam wall for just sitting down and taking a break and thinking. Go early in the morning if you can.

Holocaust Museum is pretty moving (I got a little teary eyed the first time as an adult) but I don't know that a 9-year old would completely get it. If they did, you probably wouldn't want them to.

There's lots of great things to do and see so make a prioritized list and plan on about really seeing only about three or four things a day. Maybe less.

Drink water and if you sweat, stop by Harry Reid's Office and rub your armpit on his sofa as a reminder of where his paycheck comes from.


"Clooney Tunes"

Nice phrase Captain Hate. I love it.

Beasts of England


I second the recommendation for the Jack Daniel's distillery tour. The University of the South (its actual name) is lovely, as is the surrounding area.

Huntsville has a very nice Botanic Garden close to the S&RC. Not sure they still have the lake associated with the Aviation Challenge. The new Davidson Center has the flight hardware Saturn V-Apollo displayed indoors - makes it a lot easier to enjoy.

Or, you can swing by Lake Guntersville and we can take the boat out...

Beasts of England

Walter, not waiter. I'm blaming auto-misspell.



My 7yr old grandson loves the Udvar-Hazy Center (located near Dulles) and the Air and Space Museum on the mall. We stay several hours in each. If we have several days, I usually take him to see the Star Spangled Banner Flag at the American History museum, swing by the National Archives to see the Charters of Freedom, check out the animal, dinosaurs, and gems at the Natural History museum, and tour the monuments. His favorite monument is the Korean War Memorial at night. Spooky. The Jefferson Memorial is also a fave because it's nearly always under construction (he's a budding engineer) and it's on the tidal basin. The basin is beautiful, a wonderful place to expend boyish energy. The FDR memorial is also on the basin.

We saw the Marine Silent Drill Team at Iwo Jima last year and it was awesome. It's at the top of his list of DC faves.

When we have an entire week, we spend a half-day at the National Zoo, a few hours at Mount Vernon, a half-day at Great Falls Park (on the Maryland side), an hour at Gravelly Point (a park immediately north of DCA, a great place to get up close and personal with landing airplanes).

If you tour the Capitol, I recommend requesting a personal tour from your congresscritter. Usually the aides giving the tours have been trained to give a kid-friendly version for families. Our guy from Texas was a hoot.

We also try to have dinner at Gadsby's Tavern (LUN) at least once a year. Gadsby's is a restaurant in Old Town Alexandria that features an elderly gentleman who impersonates a Colonial Virginian (weekends only, I think). He interacts with the patrons, particularly the kids. Gotta make a reservation or no go.

Another thing, when we ride the metro, we always sit in the first car, first seat against the front window. To watch the driver. :)


Walter, since you're visiting Sewanee, you're a short drive from the excellent Chattanooga Aquarium.


Here is one other less known about gem in DC - Navy Museum . It is in SE DC in the Washington Navy Yard. Lots of hands on stuff for the kids.

and I think an after dinner evening tour of some of the monuments can be great. The lighting is special, it's cooler, & less crowded. Agree with holly that the Korean War Memorial is special at night. The new Air Force memorial near the Pentagon is very moving at night too.

Soylent Red


Is that the big swoopy one over by the Pentagon?

Oh by the way, Pentagon 9/11 Memorial is finished. Seems like they've been working on it forever.


I've seen children that age at the Holocaust Museum. I think you have to judge the sensitivities of your children before deciding.


Is that the big swoopy one over by the Pentagon?

Yeah. It is lovely at night. Great quotes inscribed around it.


What a shame, what a shame that when Zimmerman asked the thug what he was doing there that the thug did not realize that hey, I'm glad my parents have a concerned neighbor looking out for them.
No, the wannabe thug had to be a thug, he had to assault Zimmerman for kicks, I guess the joke was on him.
Zimmerman will no doubt walk from this feeble murder 2 case and the feds will have egg all over their faces should they attempt to tag this as a hate crime when there was no hate whatsoever.
They want him in jail for purely political reasons.I don't see a snowball chance in hell of that happening unless they ignore and completely do away with justice and totally bastardize the law.
On second thought, the tone of where this country has headed the last three years, he may go to jail.


Don't forget the night-time tour of Anacostia.

Cecil Turner

Did the DC tour thing a couple years ago. Surprisingly, the highlight of the trip was the Marine Corps Museum down by Quantico. The kids loved it.


Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't known about the Marine Corps or Navy museums.

The lakes sound like a fun idea. We'll have our fishing kit along as well.



When I was a bot there was an exhibition in I think the "E" ring where they had all sorts of artifacts from WW II that were very cool. Goering's Marshal's baton and that kind of thing.

It's been a very, very long time, so it's probably gone in the name of political correctness.


or a boy, even



I was on the way to the Beltway from Fredericksburg a couple of years ago and did a three lane change to get to that museum. It's pretty amazing.

The Vietnam segment is entered through the fuselage of a CH-46 helicopter into a large scale diorama of Khe Sanh, with sound effects. The fuselage is made up to represent the helo a friend of mine was flying on Feb 4, 1968, the first day of Tet.

He was repairing the helo on the hill under fire, and took off with a jury rigged crew to test it and get it back to be properly repaired.

He ended up on an emergency mission to save another downed CH-46 with 17 Marines aboard. 2 dead crew, 4 passes under fire, fog and rain, but he got them out.

The next day, the same helo was shot down and fireballed with all crew lost. It was a terrible time. You can tell them you knew a guy who knew a guy.

Doctor Bulldog


The autopsy report of "intermediate range" might be a somewhat flawed interpretation.

Trayvon's hoodied sweatshirt was rather thick and shielded the "soot" from Trayvon's skin. Therefore, the soot which would normally be present in a "close range" shooting is not on the body itself.

You have a MAJOR clue with:

"10:46 - [Lead investigator] Gilbreath says evidence says the gunshot was in close proximity due to powder burns on the sweatshirt and stippling."

The "powder burns" on the hoodied sweatshirt, which the lead investigator notes in his testimony, are no doubt responsible for the missing soot around the bullet hole on Trayvon's skin.

If the soot on the hoodied sweatshirt was not disclosed to the coroner, he naturally would deduce at "intermediate" rather than at "close" range. (Hey, this isn't CSI where everyone in the building shares information with everyone else).

Anyway, I started thinking about all of this because in the news reports, I can find no mention of an examination preformed on Trayvon's clothing associated with the coroner's report.

Does anyone have a PDF of the coroner's report available online which I can use to confirm/rule out this theory of mine?



Doctor Bulldog: So far as I can make out, there is no publicly available autopsy doc or coroners report. Certain news orgs are reporting info that was leaked to them, but even they seem to mostly suggest they don't have the full reports, either.

Whether the info is doubly weighted to either further drive or continue to walk back a narrative by their selectively reporting only some of the selectively leaked details, I'll leave to you to decide.

Doctor Bulldog


Well, that explains why I'm hitting a brick wall trying to find that report!




Saw this statement on another blog and it says it all! Absolutely right!!!

"If Trayvon is NOT suspended from school in Miami.
Then Trayvon is in school in Miami instead of in Sanford.
If Trayvon is in school in Miami and NOT in Sanford.
Then Trayvon would still be alive.

Notice a pattern here.

It all started with Trayvon.

Decisions have consequences (sometime deadly)

End of story."

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