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May 23, 2012



How is Zero doing? Pretty well in North Dakota apparently, drink in the comments of the DEMOCRAT nominee for Senate:

In an interview, [Heidi Heitkamp, a former state attorney general] made it clear she intends to keep her distance from Obama.

“I think he’s failed in the one test America had for him, which was to unite the country,” she told The Associated Press. “I think he needed to be more hands-on. … I don’t think he’s done enough to think broadly and come up with solutions that would engage both sides in a reasonable dialogue.”

Failed. That word keeps coming up over and over.


I suspect Booker, Ford, and now Patrick are setting up the "shoot the messenger" theme that prog policies are fine, but Obama was a poor front for them.

I will be shocked if Deval turns on Obama. He's not running for re-election and we always thought he was hankering for a spot on the SC. Plus he is part of the Chicago crew.


I'm going to NYC this weekend so I looked at the NYT tonight. Did you realize there are black Mormons whose loyalties are torn between Romney and Obama?

Anything to keep the upper West side entertained and certain they are getting all the news that's fit to print.


Interesting what one finds with a little googling, by the way, he was also tied to Abramoff, through the Casinos

Later in the same month Patrick again came under fire, this time for contacting Citigroup Executive Committee chair, and former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin on behalf of the financially beleaguered mortgage company Ameriquest, a subsidiary of ACC Capital Holdings, that had been accused of predatory lending practices and of which Patrick is a former board member. Both Citigroup and ACC Capital Holdings have substantial holdings in Massachusetts.[36] Patrick attempted to deflect criticism claiming he was calling not as governor but as a private citizen. Later Patrick backed down, stating "I appreciate that I should not have made the call. I regret the mistake."[36]


So has DoubleDumb showed his face since the very real possibility that St Trayvon was accumulating the ingredients for Purple Drank and may therefore have been on drugs. Therefore the observation of Zimmerman he looks like he is on drugs, may have been dead solid perfect. Dave? Dave?

Jim Eagle


Mia Lee is a black Mormon and I don't think here convictions are Upper West Side (apologies as always to jimmyk).


Like I said, its a good thing he is a Democrat AND BLACK. The hits just keep on coming:

Former Democratic Representative Artur Davis of Alabama continued his criticism last night on Politico, calling the Obama campaign “a cult of personality that tolerates no dissent.” Fealty to Team O has already damaged Cory Booker, Davis wrote, saying that the mayor of Newark and rising star “already looks a little less brave and a lot more conventional after the forgive me video from the bunker he released on Sunday.”

cook county

in re Fitz: he was way out-of-line during the Libby prosecution, and the Blago presser was irresponsible and premature, but he's been the best public servant Illinois has seen in decades -- not that that's a high bar. Prosecuting public corruption here is a lot of work, though -- the Augean stables have nothing on that beat. I had hoped that Fitz was working his way up to Daley/Madigan. No one Holder/Obama appoints will be as serious as Fitz. Remember, he was appointed independently of the bipartisan combine through the good offices of Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (no relation). I'm sad to see him go. I know you all disagree, but I think he at least *thought* he was honest and nonpartisan, and he was all we had between us and Rahm, Daley, Madigan, Burke, etc. If only Mitch Daniels or Scott Walker would annex Illinois. We are incapable of self-government, and we've now extended Cook County's version of good government to the rest of the country.

John Kass will probably have an aggrieved column tomorrow. Arrrggghh.



Are talking about Mia Love?


Funny, how Fitz, the great crusader, never sought who leaked the wire tap, a leak which came just as the Blago conversations with the WH were getting interesting..


My only comment on the issue:

AMF Fitz


Curious that, btw who will prosecute Kirikaou,
now. Of course Fitz didn't go after Daley or Madigan, and got some small fry alderman instead, with the great Rezko.

It's interesting whose reputations are built up and whose are tarnished, Soufan certainly was talked up by Mayer and Shane,
as diligently as Rodriguez's was run down,




An adults poll a week ahead of an election? Meh. But they have it +8. With likely voters it will be a blow out. You heard it here first.


JiB, Come to think of it, I don't recall even seeing Mia Love' name in that article.


I think I've hit my quota of Times pieces for the month, but you're likely right, Clarice.

Jim Eagle

Yeah, Mia Love. What the hell was I thinking. The Five ran an interview she had with Jonathan Karl of ABC and she is the real deal. This is Condi with executive experience and a great sense of self as well as humor. Watch out world.

Of course, that flatulent pig Beckel could only come up with how many black covservative women are in Congress BS. He is really the loser in the pack and doesn't even realize it or if he does then he is loser squared.

Jim Eagle

Okay, Cheeseheads, show us what you think.

Should Jerry Kramer be in the Hall of Fame?

I voted because it and Ameche's TD are the quintessential plays that ushered in the modern NFL goliath.


I say Romney picks this Uncommitted cat for V/P. Proven ability to pick up Democrat votes even with Zero on the ticket. A winning combo. LOL


Has the revelation that for 16 years Obama advertised himself as 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii' fizzled? Did any TV news programs mention it?...any screaming MFM headlines? Any?


Not knowing any more than what I see I would say yes,



A lot of things happening car-wise today. I wrote a mid-level summary but it read like that 13-page witness statement in the GZ / TM evidence pdf.

So, just the highlights (though still too long…):
1. There is virtually no damage to the car: a bit of a scratch and dent on the driver’s side door by the key whole (which actually might have been there before – I’m not sure). In fact, the local investigator said mine was the cleanest stolen car he ever recovered.
2. The knobs to the radio and the A/C were taken. Sgt. A had no idea what that was about. Is there some huge demand on the black market for 13 year old dashboard knobs?
3. The local guys took DNA samples and tried to get prints. Going all out, it seems.
4. Probably by Friday, I’ll be able to work out procedure for getting the car released to my insurance guy, who will deal with the whole thing for me, including towing it 75 miles from there to my house here.

And this was pretty funny. I asked Sgt A how common car thefts were around here, since I didn’t know of anyone else it had happened to. He said “Not very often. Maybe once a year, we get a report of a stolen vehicle, but about 90% of the time it turns out to be a repo, and the rest are people who forgot where they parked. This is first report of a stolen car that actually was stolen since… well, I don’t know. A long time”.

I’ll bet I get a mention in the local paper!


We dont put guards in the HoF.


I'm glad it was found. Now, check out Michaels Crafts for possibly ways to create new and better knobs for those which were stolen.

Beasts of England

Where'd KK go?


AliceH, heartiest congratulations on the recovery of your car! If they police figure anything out (and I doubt they will) please do let us know.


Congrats, Alice,

Melinda Romanoff


I just tripped across this little 'Bama band video looking at cbolt's escape.

From 1975, with the original guitar trio and RVZ fronting. Beeeg flashback.

Beasts of England

cboldt@7:35 - I'm guessing you will enjoy the show. Or have...


As if being a data doctor, control freak, and chauvinist pig weren’t enough, Jaczko added “liar” to his résumé. Two weeks ago, Jaczko testified before Congress that he was unaware of any incidents in which he was accused of intimidating NRC staff. But internal GOP sources at NRC told Capitol Hill oversight staff that Jaczko personally had apologized to three female employees.

Where were all the Democratic femme-a-gogues who have spent the entire year braying about the GOP War on Women? Defending Reid’s sexist crony, of course. Democratic California senator Barbara Boxer blamed the nuclear industry and complained of a “witch hunt.”

Let there be no doubt: If Jaczko had been a Republican, Senator Boxer, Representative Nancy Pelosi, Sandra Fluke, and Gloria Allred would be hosting anti-bullying conferences and workplace-safety summit tours with his victims from now until November.


Southern blues, you say?



Oh hell Melinda!! I was way way way busy today. In a very good way, but I missed your calls. I'm sorry. henry, I'm sorry too.
We'll try again.

Beasts of England

Great video, Melinda. Would love to claim Lynyrd Skynyrd for 'Bama, but they're from the land of GZ and TM.


Gus, we hoped that was the case. You did miss a good lunch though.

Melinda Romanoff

Another false memory scrubbed clean.

I found the Fillmore East 1970 concert, so I'm a bit busy now.

Maybe I'll link it.



henry, sometimes I cannot get away from the business. I am not far from your work, next time if I stand you 2 up, come to my place and drag me out, or bring me grog!!!!!

Danube of Thought

So happy for you, Alice.

I hope Kramer doesn't make the Hall. I always thought he vastly overrated his role in that Ice Bowl TD with his BS trumpeting of "the Block," and I know some of his teammates resented his self-promotion.

If KK has a shred of pride she'll never show up here again.


For another opinion on the matter;



I'm going to NYC this weekend

Isn't there a rule around these parts that visits require JOM get-togethers?

No pressure, I'll be in DC in a couple weeks.


Danube, what happened with KooKooKaKa, was there a DISHONESTY MELTDOWN?

Melinda Romanoff

"In Memory of Elizabeth Reed".

Not the famous February concert, but just as gooder.

G'night all.

Danube of Thought

"We dont put guards in the HoF."

Russ Grimm? John Hanna? Tom Mack? Gene Upshaw? Need I go on?


Jerry Kramer is a nice man, albeit a self promoter. Danube, if I were you, I'd try to find some video of Kramer at work. He belongs in the HoF.


I've always preferred Jessica to Elizabeth:


Not the best recording or video, but Betts is great.


I know I'm biased toward the Raiduzh and I'm sure others have their own favorites but I can't think of a more impressive offensive line than Gene Upshaw, Art Shell, Jim Otto and for three years Bob Brown, [four out of five hall of famers] and IIRC George Buelher who was no slouch by any means.


Ignatz. The Tooz, is my cousin. was my cousin.


"I see old DoubleDumb so for a brief comment too, but failed to address the poll showing murder being down to 24% and self defense now being almost double that at 40%. He was so sure that it was a win win, I just knew he would explain this poll to me, but alas his heart was not in it either."

We jumped the gun by claiming he had no facial injuries and that, coupled with a few other embarrasing factual flubs aided his defence and won him some positive public sentiment.

Having said that it is a win win.Legislative changes are in the pipeline,ALEC's agenda has been exposed and everytime we look under a 'stand your ground' law eight or nine prominent NRA members scurry away leaving a trail of slime all the way to their HQ.

Residual anger eminating from the African-American community-should George be released-will be cashed in for a few more goodies.Apparently,the weekly memo written by the RNC and delivered to Scalia,Roberts,Alito and Thomas instructing them how to vote on upcoming cases has informed them to leave affirmative action intact.

Win win.Walker's loosing ground,Romney's about to loose ground,the economy is gradually improving,there'll still be a Democrat in the WH this fall and in about two weeks we'll finally find out if Sookie chooses Eric or bill.

Life is good,Man,don't be infecting me with your negative vibes.


This place amazes me. Is there anyone somebody doesn't know or is related to?


--there'll still be a Democrat in the WH this fall --

No doubt about that bright boy.
It's next January when Barry's and Michelle's fingers will have to be pried off the WH china.


Ig! Even more amazing to me has been all of the Wisconsin connections.
John Matusczak was from Milwaukee. Oak Creek High School.


This is belated, but it seems like a'travesty of twop mockeries of a sham;



Interesting beldar link, narc. Thanks and good night.

Danube of Thought

"Is there anyone somebody doesn't know or is related to?"

Not if you include me. And I stand by my gossip 100%.


Does anyone know Alan Dershowitz?

Beasts of England

No, but I know an old guy named Curtis Loew.

Ralph L

No, Gus, who is he?

Beasts of England

This place amazes me. Is there anyone somebody doesn't know or is related to?

Posted by: Ignatz | May 23, 2012 at 11:31 PM

Six degrees of Tom Maguire


How about anybody who was a student of Pilgrim Park Jr. High, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin?

Joe Bonamassa put on a fine show. Very nice venue, not a bad seat in the house, great acoustics. He said it was the first show he's done in Maine. Also said "138, wait, new album, so 150 songs, and .... zero hits!" Yeah, well, see Jeff Beck about that.

We had nosebleed seats, balcony, facing center stage, maybe 80 or 100 feet away from the stage. Venue seats around 2,000. Supposedly sold out - the floor was full, "mezzanine" was probably 85% full, balcony about the same 85%.

As a wannabe guitar player, it is always enjoyable to watch somebody who has practiced (has chops); and has some interesting licks. Seems he has some sort of signature riff that runs down the neck - but from what I've read, his lick library is second to none. Really nice hand on the strings, good musical sense. The drummer is good too. Simple but pleasant light show, interesting static backdrop, but looked very 3-D and varied colors depending on how it was lit.


Is there some huge demand on the black market for 13 year old dashboard knobs?

AliceH: I don't know about knobs, but my girlfriend came out and got in her car to leave for work and discovered someone had stolen the steering wheel out of her car. She said it took her a minute to even comprehend that it wasn't there.

Turns out there actually was a big market for that year's Honda Accord steering wheel because of the old logo on it or something.

I asked her what her first thought was when she discovered the missing wheel and she said all she could think of was her boss was never going to buy that she was going to be late because she couldn't drive her car without a steering wheel.


cboldt. Are you familiar with GREG KOCH and his GUITAR abilities??
I know many people who went to Pilgrim Park, and henry's office is very close.


Cboldt. btw. I grew up in Wauwatosa. Pilgrim Park is on the Elm Grove-Brookfield border. Just a mile or so west of TOSA.


Gus - Greg Koch does not ring a bell, at least not by that name.

I went to Pilgrim Park, lived in Brookfied out near Peewaukee (Astolat Drive, man, i can't believe I remembered that). Had a short stint back that way in the early 90's, living in Germantown. Big changes in Milwaukee in the intervening 30 or so years between my Jr. High days and grown up.

I remember a couple of my teachers' names. Rupright for math, Curran for English.

Okay, off to look up Greg Koch ...

Beasts of England

Also said "138, wait, new album, so 150 songs, and .... zero hits!" Yeah, well, see Jeff Beck about that.

Posted by: cboldt | May 24, 2012 at 12:34 AM



Great stuff, Koch's fingers are about a mile long, holy cow. I like chicken' picken music, but not a steady diet of it. Bangor boy up here is good at it, Johnny Hiland. Plenty of others. He (Koch) puts in some really sweet double stops, and I like his range of tonal color.

Greg Koch Youtube medly of sorts


Here's some interesting speculation fro a commenter on The View From LL2 website:

jimrtex on May 21, 2012 at 2:43 am said:

There were 3 incoming calls after Martin left the 7-11. De La Rionda asked if “DeeDee” and Martin had discussed his mother, and she remembers that Martin was a real momma’s boy. So is this somehow supposed to be used as a character witness for Martin; corroboration for Sybrina Fulton’s voice ID; or was one of the incoming calls from her, and “DeeDee” couldn’t remember all of her cues.


Greg Koch sharing stage with Joe Bonamassa, in Milwaukee no less, about a year ago. And with that, I retire for a few hours of shuteye. My rising time is about 4 hours away.


jimmyk, I'll only be there for a day and a half to be with the wolverine and her parents. I'll see you in DC.


For those who like this sort of stuff (if any), here is a more complete list of phone calls. The calls listed as possibly DeeDee are calls that are within the T-Mobile system that don't overlap other calls. It could be that Martin hung up a call with DeeDee, called someone else, then called back DeeDee. Not theat Martin is on the phone almost continuously from the mid afternoon; so if he begged his father to go to 7-Eleven, he did so very quickly or while talking on the phone.

The calls and texts are:
2:13 text from Hollywood, FL
2:15 text to DeeDee
2:18 text from DeeDee
2:20-2:23 (3 min. - to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
2:38-4:21 (103 min. - to Martin from DeeDee)
2:45-2:47 (2 min. - to Martin)
3:02-3:04 (2 min. - to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
3:04-3:07 (3 min. - to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
4:30 text from Miami, FL
4:28-5:09 (41 min. - from Martin to DeeDee)
5:09-6:30 (81 min. - from Martin to DeeDee)
6:30-6:43 (13 min. - from Martin to DeeDee)
6:41-6:44 (4 min. - to Martin)
6:45-6:50 (5 min. - from Martin to DeeDee)
6:46-6:48 (2 min - from Martin to non-T-Mob.)
6:49-6:53 (4 min. - to Martin from DeeDee)
6:53-6:54 (1 min. - from Martin to DeeDee?)
6:54-6:55 (1 min. - from Martin to DeeDee?)
6:54-7:12 (18 min. - to Martin from DeeDee)
7:04-7:05 (1 min. - to Martin)
7:08 text from DeeDee
7:12-7:16 (4 min. - to Martin from DeeDee)

The possible DeeDee calls and texts are:
2:15 text to DeeDee
2:18 text from DeeDee
2:38-4:21 (103 min. - to Martin)
4:28-5:09 (41 min. - from Martin)
5:09-6:30 (81 min. - from Martin)
6:30-6:43 (13 min. - from Martin)
6:45-6:50 (5 min. - from Martin)
6:49-6:53 (4 min. - to Martin)
6:53-6:54 (1 min. - from Martin) (?)
6:54-6:55 (1 min. - from Martin) (?)
6:54-7:12 (18 min. - to Martin)
7:08 text from DeeDee
7:12-7:16 (4 min. - to Martin)

The non-DeeDee calls and texts are:
2:13 text from Hollywood, FL
2:20-2:23 (3 min. - to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
2:45-2:47 (2 min. - to Martin)
3:02-3:04 (2 min. - to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
3:04-3:07 (3 min. - to Martin from non-T-Mob.)
4:30 text from Miami, FL
6:41-6:44 (4 min. - to Martin)
6:46-6:48 (2 min. - from Martin)
7:04-7:05 (1 min. - to Martin)


Not theat = Note that


Tom, why no comment on the four witnesses's changed stories about what happened that night?

'Awesome' wrapped in 'You're kidding' stuffed into 'LOL' and layered with 'Gee Whiz' sauce.

Don't forget "HAND". :)


I'm amazed Trayvon didn't rob that 7-11 just to pay his phone bill.

Have Blue

duda - Still lusting for a race war to encourage gun control??

Candida, a vermin supreme.

I know many bright peope with GEDs, most with further degrees and all with continuing education.


Interesting day Bear wise.

I read early in the local paper on line that the young grizzly harassing folks on my favorite trail had been shot and killed today, so I figured I was golden to go where he had been seen most prevalently as it would now be Bear free. Paper said it weighed about 300 lbs.

Went about a mile up a forested steep climb with 3 dogs, and just at a beautiful plateau lookout walked right into a large Black Bear. My lead dog startled him first, only about 15 feet distant, so I hollered out to "Scout" to come. I simply turned around, and without speeding or high tailing, simply started back down the path and thankfully the dogs followed. Bummer. I had wanted to go a few miles further now that I was up on the stoop but oh well.

Then got back home, and 10 minutes later the neighbor calls to advise that a Black Bear (small one) was just across the street drinking out of the neighbor's bird bath. Geez.

Then for the evening walk, I drive a mile over to a neat long dirt road cut into a hillside, where I have good visibility. I take the 3 dogs back about a mile, and suddenly "Fry" starts barking, and just up above on a sloping hillside a hundred yards away is a very big Black Bear, just watching us down below walking by. Time to head home, so we did.

That is more than I have seen in a day ever, especially when I didn't expect to see them. Very interesting. Tons of moose are out---it is hard to drive down to the highway a mile down the hill without seeing 1 or 2, so my guess is it is going to be a big year for close encounters. What a fun and exciting place to live.


Former President Clinton keeping it classy:

Bill Clinton poses with PORN STARS in Monaco.

"Clinton was at a Monte Carlo casino for a special Nights in Monaco gala event Wednesday evening when he was snapped with adult starlets Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign."


My nieces went to Pilgrim Park, then Brookfield Central..


-- My nieces went to Pilgrim Park, then Brookfield Central. --

Other than my return stint as an adult, I lived in Wisconsin long enough for two years of school, 8th and 9th grade. High school was couple hundred miles away, R. Nelson Snider HS in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. And on the other end of the Wisconsin experience, grade school and 1 year at E.E. Fell Jr. High in Holland, Michigan.


I was a student at Pilgrim Park when Michael Schwartz was killed, run over by a bus. His older brother was in my graduating class, was a bit of a bully, witnessed the incident and didn't know it was his brother, at first. This is hearsay, but he was overhead saying, "That kid will never live." or similar. Obviously, a devastating event for the family.

Not sure if this link will work. I was surprised that Google pulled up the front page Milwaukee Sentinel from that far back

Milwaukee Sentinel - October 25, 1968

Ten cent paper, 58 pages.


On the topic of innocent until proven guilty, Drudge's headline at the moment is so important to America.

Arming Of Domestic Drones.

This would completely undercut the Second Amendment. How can anyone defend themselves from a tyrannical govt with handguns against drones armed with bullets, tear gas, tasers or lasers. And don't think, oh, it'll only be used on criminals. They, too, are innocent until proven guilty.


-- This would completely undercut the Second Amendment. --

Even moreso, if the availability of hi-tech military hardware to the government is used as a pretext for disarming the public.

Jim Eagle

That pic of Clinton in Monaco is a characterture of W.C. Fields. And the pic of Hillary on Drudge looks like Max Factor was stoned when he did her face.


--here is a more complete list of phone calls--

I find that astonishing. Looking it over, there are almost no breaks from the phone (and that's stretching the definition of "break)".

From 2:13 to 7:16 (304 minutes), here are the times when he was NOT on a call or texting:
2:14 - 2:14 (1 minute)
2:16 - 2:17 (2 minutes)
2:19 - 2:19 (1 minute)
2:24 - 2:37 (14 minutes)
4:22 - 4:27 (6 minutes)
(24 minutes total)

Wow. I once worked in a call center and was on the phone less than that.


GZLegal Case.Com - May 21, 2012

The O’Mara Law group stresses that while the George Zimmerman case will be explored deeply in the media and by the public, the only proper place to determine the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman is in court, and indeed only the jury will have all the evidence required to make such a determination.

Actually, if the jury get evidence, the public will too, by definition. I don't know of a single case where the jury gets more than the public. The jury usually gets less as certain evidence is rendered inadmissible on various grounds.

Still on the hunt for the motion for protection filed by the state. As posted above, that motion is doomed where it asks for protection of admissions that are not confessions; and the state ought to know this by reading the state AG position on the point of confession in light of the public records law.


So, that Suffolk U poll, where 'Red Squaw' has closed the gap, what is that about.


Anyone know general rules of 'evidence' retention of known non-suspects as it applies to, oh, say DNA and fingerprints from a stolen car?

It's obvious that my DNA and prints, plus those of a few other non-car-stealing people I know will be included in the evidence collected by the investigators who processed my car. Without an exemplar, they can't eliminate matches to us, so where does that evidence reside? Is it searchable by other Law Enforcement? Will they ever destroy it? Do I need to formally apply to request they do that?

I am not worried about this. It's more a matter of principle in that I don't want to be in more databases than I absolutely have to be.

Captain Hate

In case anybody wants to know why Muffer looks like a trainwreck and has been drinking excessively http://www.tmz.com/2012/05/23/bill-clinton-porn-stars/

Captain Hate

Hmmm I should've known daddy would beat me to it when it comes to porn

hit and run

From cboldt's link:
and indeed only the jury will have all the evidence required to make such a determination.

Does that hint that O'Mara is not contemplating waiving a jury trial? Or is it more just boilerplate for the fact that "most" trials are by jury?


"Wow. I once worked in a call center and was on the phone less than that"

He was talking on the phone alot, which is yet another chink in the armor of Zimmerman's story.

People have this inate ability to determine what another persons intention is merely through observation.Call it intuition or whatever,but just looking at an individual you can generally tell what it is they intend to do.

So it's a little odd that when you look at kid walking down the street, eating a bag of skittles,drinking an ice tea and talking on the phone with his girlfriend,from that you get 'criminal scouting vacant homes with low-evel security systems'.

Captain Hate

Hmmm missed a lot in this thread last night. Jim Rhoads, thanks for telling that person @ Althouse about my continued existence; not sure where he may have encountered me that long ago, maybe Roger Simon's blog or Cahrlse Soonnjh's brief encounter with sanity.

Levi Johnston hasn't suffered nearly enough although moving back with his meth selling tramp mother is a reasonable start.


-- Does that hint that O'Mara is not contemplating waiving a jury trial? Or is it more just boilerplate for the fact that "most" trials are by jury? --

I think it's boilerplate, to mollify the public or keep it in the dark as to the actual details of the legal/trial process. O'Mara has made a number of assertions that don't pan out as events unfold, or that are false (e.g., state deadline for discovery starts on the day of arraignment).

He'll move for dismissal on immunity grounds, and he'll do so with the intention of prevailing. In that case, there will be no trial. But he doesn't want to say that, now, and not having all the evidence gives him good grounds to not say it.

If he loses the immunity motion, he would still be free to waive jury trial. I tend to agree that he's better off with Lester than with a jury; but he'll have a much better handle on Lester's sense of the case, after the immunity motion plays out. He may figure, based on how Lester handles the immunity motion, that Lester is not the more favorable fact finder for his client.


How does one come to this conclusion,



-- Anyone know general rules of 'evidence' retention of known non-suspects as it applies to, oh, say DNA and fingerprints from a stolen car? --

It's almost certainly destroyed when the statute of limitations on the crime runs. Meanwhile, it may be considered evidence in a trial, to show how your ID is/was eliminated from the cohort of persons in contact with the vehicle, who may be involved in the theft.


Interesting cross section of the left, 400,000 of 900,000 recall signatures matched to Wisconsin Court Cases. That includes 20,000 felons and several signers from mental institutions.


What a fat wretched nazgul, shockah;



A Kid? giggle.

eating a bag of skittles, did you mean sipping on his purple drank? LOL

He put down the phone long enough to criminally assault a law abiding citizen. His fatal mistake since the citizen was armed and protected himself.

Can you ask Crump for new talking points? These are getting a tad crusty and moldy.


Daddy/JiB/CH-- thanks for the links to the Bill/PornQueens/Hill photos. Bill has become pathetic hasn't he? I always thought Bill would die when some dude shoots him in flagrante dilecto with the dude's wife/girl friend. I thought that was invalidated by the triple by-pass, but no, Bill's back to being as low rent as ever. I guess I'm back to Hill not running; she looks like she's hitting the bottle and skipping the day spa.


several signers from mental institutions.

I would bet on the over line for several.


Signs of invincible ignorance seen in the comments, here, but GIGO;


Rick Ballard

"How does one come to this conclusion"

It helps to start with a 36D, 12R. 52I sample split. The "news" in the poll is that Brown's favorables are up 6 points from February while Fauxcahontas has raised her unfavorables by a similar amount.

Given the sample split, I'd say Fauxcahontas is stinking the place up a bit.

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