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June 13, 2012


Carol Herman

Just a publicity stunt by congress critters. Wouldn't be the first time, either.

Do you know most people don't give a fiddler's fart for this Mexican scandal.

Did you know when the USA got in trouble, it went to the cartels to get bailed out?

Want a scandal? The "war" on drugs. Which has been an even bigger failure than all the wars since the korean war, combined.

Captain Hate

Republican leadership sees this issue as a political loser.

The country clubbers don't have a problem with refusing to stand on principle, and they're quite satisfied with Jeb Bush badmouthing conservatives. They're still trying to put the best face on Scott Walker's victory, which was a rebuke to their squishy ways.


The real problem is the media has not reported this story. NBC had it's first 30 seconds of what they see as a non-issue on last night. I think it is a much bigger story than Watergate, and I fear he will completely get away with it.

The latest talking point is that Bush started it and Holder ended it. Bush did not start Wide Receiver and the DOJ had nothing to do with ending it. It was entirely a local matter.


Republican leadership sees this issue as a political loser.

Brian Terry's family probably don't think it is a loser. The losers are those politicians that let Holder get away with his lies.
Look at the Zimmerman case...how hard libs will fight for a lie.
Few Republicans will even fight for the truth.


What amazes me is that we have completely ignored the havoc and mayhem caused by F&F in Mexico.

It is front page news there, and hundreds are said to be dead shot by firearms connected to the program.

But Mexican deaths don't count on this side of the border. Hell, they hardly count here as well.

Frame the case properly and Holder should be sitting waiting for a bail hearing.


Glenn Beck chalks up the latest 'time of troubles' in Mexico, preceding F&F, as when
the PAN broke the power monopoly, and hence the deal the PRI had with the cartels, they
were all copacetic when they had' a piece of
the action'


Jorge Ramos, pulls a neat hat trick, disguising the causes of that most turmoil, from US policy, instead he blames on the drug war,in general.


Exactly matt.
Hundreds of dead Mexicans, shot by guns our DOJ purposely let across the border, knowing they were going to criminals and our watchdog lapdog press doesn't give a damn.
There's plenty of contempt to go around here, beyond just the chinless excrescence.


A squish is a squish, regardless of which side of the Atlantic, they reside it, he was with the Carlyle Group no.



There is some progress, on the issue;



But what has happened to Sharyl, Narciso? Haven't heard from her in a long while.


From Narciso's 3:37,

“It’s not very often someone sits in front of a prime minister and says to a prime minister, ‘I would like you to change your policy, and if you don’t change your policy my organization cannot support you,’ ” Mr. Major said.

Huh? I would think that would be a regular occurrence. Maybe the UK has a different way of doing things. Or maybe Mr. Major is full of something (including himself).


It was so preposterous, of course, Stelter, having given up on finding the first fired producer, gives assent to this, because Murdoch is pure evil, I guess.


Good Morning.

New Yorkers should demand that Mayor Bloomberg have a full body physical; blood work, cholesterol, papp smears, DNA reading, camera up the old Katy Couric, etc, the whole shebang, and the results should all be made public.

That way New Yorker's could predict what currently available foodstuffs would next come under Government control by the food Nazi's of the Big Apple. Whatever causes Mayor Mike to fart is off limits.

And while you're at it, "Big" is bad, and "Apple's" sometimes have Alar, so that "Big Apple" nicknames gotta' go. I demand you change your name to "The Medium Arugula."


What amazes me is that the CONGRESS, including ISSA has not asked the OBVIOUS FOLLOW UP QUESTION,.

Mr Chinless, what have you done to hold those responsible within your Justice Dept, and where has YOUR investigation lead you??
Who has been punished? Mr Chinless Holder, YOU ARE AWARE of your Departments criminal activities. What have you done about it???


lol daddy, "the Medium Arugula" :)))


daddy, don't forget the always delightful colonoscopy.

Captain Hate

There's plenty of contempt to go around here, beyond just the chinless excrescence.

Where's La Raza on this? First they don't stick up for the "white Hispanic" and now ignore hundreds of dead Mexicans.


Good point CH. The only 'race' La Raza is interested in is the one to the Federal teat.


Maybe the UK has a different way of doing things.

Reminds me of the old Robin Williams joke about unarmed British police officers - "Stop, or I'll say 'stop' again."


That or the directive in Demolition Man 'tell the maniac, in a calm tone of voice, to stop'


That IS funny, bgates. You sure that was Robin Williams? If so, it must have been from about 30 years ago because he ain't been funny since.

Captain Hate

Robin Williams was pretty funny in a cameo in "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen", a Terry Gilliam box office bomb that I thought was very well done; but he's been in his share of stinkers as well. One of my favorite guilty pleasures was watching the late Gene Siskel destroy "Patch Adams" as being so wrong spirited on a number of levels including taking exactly the wrong tone in dealing with critically ill children and ridiculing people who are acting in good faith in interacting with them. I'm not sure if fat Egbert went along with him but after Siskel was done there was only a few fragments left.


--You sure that was Robin Williams? If so, it must have been from about 30 years ago because he ain't been funny since.--

The little jerk lost me at 'Nanoo nanoo' or whatever that idiocy was from, if I'm not mistaken, more than 30 years ago.


daddy, don't forget the always delightful colonoscopy.

MarkO - he had that covered with the "camera up the old Katie Couric." She had a colonoscopy on air not long after her husbands death from colon cancer.


How come the docs never removed the large polyp at the top of Katie's neck?


re: Robin Williams. Moscow on the Hudson has some excellent parts.


It was worse than we knew, don't confuse Juan with the facts though;



What has to happen for him to get a clue;


Uncle BigBad

You stole that line from Mae West in "My Little Chickadee."


Holder's picture was on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Monday. As long as we keep beating the drum on this it hurts Obama. I depend on Fox news and conservative newspapers and blogs to give this story life. I heard Charles Lane on Baier's program say this story still has legs.
How about those dismal jobs numbers today? It's over for Obama. He just doesn't know it yet.

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