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June 27, 2012



Are you sure the press corpse heard him correctly?


He's just not that smart.


Happy Day, Janet. Enjoy.


Sure to out the unfamiliar is the north London football (i.e., soccer) team Tottenham Hotspur. Not Hotspurs. But, for short, Spurs, not Spur.


C'mon, he's too busy being Presidents to worry about basketballs.

Jim Eagle


Yeah. Too bad Tottenham Hot Spur v. Arsenal have never been in a FA Cup final. Only semi-finals. But then Arenal are known as the Gunners and that would disqualify even if they ever did meet in a final.


Obama on the "outs"!

Soylent Red

I would have guessed Obama to be a Bullses fan.

We already know he is a strong advocate of Bullses-shit.


Hey JIB,

Some guy on TV is up to his chest in water. You okay where you are?


Oops, I just saw your post in the next thread JIB.

Mark in Houston

In soccer there the Houston Dynamo


I will be pedantic, as Tottenham were my Prem team while the Southampton Saints were in lower divisions these past few years (Saints are back in the top flight now!). The name of that proper North London Club is the Tottenham Hotspur-- that is the Club's name. When refering to the Club's players on the pitch (plural players), they are the Spurs that day. Simple really. There's a less clear analogy to the fraudulent North London pea shooters club, but no need to go into that.


LA Galaxy


He scooped up money in atlanta before moving on to miami yesterday.

Is it officially campaigning yet or are we still paying all the costs of jetting around?

Can you imagine what it would do to his cash flow if he was really paying what it costs Romney's campaign for him to travel?


... and the mighty New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc. That's the proper name of the club.


And there is always United. Also referred to occasionally as the Red Devils.

Happy birthdays Janet and JVerner!


Sometimes both the proper name and the nickname are both singular-- Juventus, FC has as its most common nickname "the old lady."

Soylent Red

He says he's a White Soxes fan, but we all know Obama secretly supports the Reds.


"And there is always United. Also referred to occasionally as the Red Devils."

Except for the DC version of United (and other versions around the world, like Newcastle).

Gary Smith

I think Obama is beginning to feel the heats...


He's LeBrons, Babies. He Can Play On This Levels. He Got Some Games.

Jim O'Sullivan

myig2Xu: That was all net from DOWNTOWN!

Remember Kominsky Park? His inability to name a single member of the White Sox, past or present? The Special Olymics?

Free advice to our leader: stay away from sports.


The is only one United, and Ferguson is their prophet.


--The Special Olymics?-

Are there any Special Olympic events for people without arms?
If so, I'll bet even they could bowl better than a 37.


Ah a ManU - Bot; Ferguson may be their profit, but the team debt will be their doom.


Ferguson as 'profit'? I wish I could say I meant that as a clever double entendre. "prophet"

David Pinto

I always thought Sox was plural, just a different spelling of Socks.


Ah yes, but they are "The Spurs"....


Happy Birthday dear Janet and Happy Birthday sweet Verner.


The first one I remember encountering as a kid was the NASL's Chicago Sting.


1984 Chicago Sting vs Toronto Blizzard


Happy Birthday, Verner.

Captain Hate

HB Verner


'First Elocutionist'! *snort*


2011 MLS Cup Final: LA Galaxy vs Houston Dynamo. No Galaxies or Dynamos were spotted. And the first Cup, in 1996, was DC United vs. LA Galaxy. Not a plural in sight.

Kevin B

Newcasle Utd. are known as the Magpies.



Shouldn't that be press corpses?


So how will Carneys spins this ones?


--So how will Carneys spins this ones?--

He'll lecture us that Barry has no time for trivial sports matters.
Seriously, after Barry jabbers on and on about it and messes it up, that's exactly what Carney will say.


The Chicago Sting was not a sports team, they played soccer. This is America, here soccer is a hobby, not a sport.


Were they part of his March Madness brackets


The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in '96

hit and run

The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in '96

And 2001.

They beat the Panthers in '96 and Devils in '01.


That sound clip a few years ago flubbing an answer after stating loudly that he was a Chicago White Sox fan really outed our President as a poseur. How could a fan not be able to name a single player of his favorite team--past or present? I'll forgive the Cominskey park flub. That little sound bite proved to me the MarkO thesis--he's not that smart. LUN at 1:28

Still, if he gets re-elected, he's likeable enough.


As a Boston fan, I'm glad my teams have plural names. Altho you can say Thomas is/was a Bruin or KG is a Celt but it's awkward to say Pedroia is a Sox... my brain wants to say he's a 'Sock' altho ick you just can't do that.


Shouldn't LeBron and the Miami team promptly change their name to Heats, to accord with the president's wishes, however unwitting? Hasn't he shown us via his revelatory oratory what the team name actually should be?


Obama SUCK.

moonpie 49

Check out the video wherein Rob Dibble asks the Anointed One who his favorite White Sox players were. His answer, while meandering and long, got nowhere near a name. GO BIG BARRY O!


It just occurred to me that Obama may be working on a path to victory in November involving all 57 states.

Beasts of England

Rolls Tides Rolls!

Beasts of England

Kinda roll off the tongues...


Quick, name all the college football team names that are singular.

I'll even give you the first one: my Crimson Tide.

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