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June 15, 2012



TomM says-- "Since Obama has taken over that role, does it mean that Joe is being eased out in favor of Hillarity?"
Fantastic snark. You get 2 nitwits and one sinister femme fatale with one clever line.


Heh--Here's an internal memo which shows how terrified the Dems really are and why


Saw this at Red Racing Horses, an R-leaning forum on polling:

Checks And The City


Rick Ballard

RSE has an excellent post up laying out the intent behind the prog edudoctrination garbage. The President's remarks to the Manhattan lefty lice are closely linked to the edudoctrination program.

This really is the apotheosis of a 120 year effort dating from the initiation of the Fabian Society, through the Dewey "molding" nonsense and the Wilsonian power grab followed by the institution of wholesale Gramscian rot in the Ivy League and its spread across the entire educracy.

Reality has always stemmed the growth of utopian idiocy but the Great OPM Famine offers a fine opportunity to poison its deepest roots. I hope RSE identifies the most effective defunding avenues soon. I'd like to see them included in the Roadmap.


WWSJPD? what would Sarah Jessica Parker Do?

Somehow it just doesn't resonate like the other guy.....


Have you all seen this?

Don't all jump at once, it might overwhelm the site.


--Obama, man of the beautiful people--

I disagree with what TM has to say but defend to the death.....ah, who am I kidding? I don't even defend anyone's right to say something that counterfactual.

hit and run

I deeply saddened to learn that Matthew Broderick was not at the gala last night.

"I'm taking the day off."
--stuff Ferris Bueller said


Odd positioning in that Obama family pic. It looks like they decided more women would like to see Obama seated lower than the females. Obama seems to be gritting his teeth.


DebinNC-- that might be a bit much about the body language. But, what is odd is that that photo looks like it was taken around Christmas give the window wreathes and Christmas decoration. they recycled a Christmas photo for Father's Day? They couldn't get the 4 of them together since then? Odd.

hit and run

Hey, thanks for that jimmy.

You have no idea how many JOMer's emails I have.

The only thing I have more of than JOMer's emails is . . . free time on my hands.

Wait that's not right. There are two things I have more of than JOMer's emails. Free time on my hands and an insatiable appetite for mischief.


Thanks Rick. I was just off downloading before writing the next part. So when I explain what the Belmont Challenge is part of, I have all the links subsequent to my initial downloading of that in March.

My poor mom asked me about the book. I had to explain that describing what was going on to people I did not know with examples had the effect of turbocharging my understanding. Now just reading the news and the machinations you can see the patterns. It's much easier to locate new gears of an engrenage when you have the template.

The very idea that now the hard sciences are to be soft and flexible as needed for planning models and the social sciences are to be definitive tools to create predictable unconscious behavior has no place in a country established on the primacy of the individual and their God-given right to live free. Especially when so much prosperity for so many flowed from this concept of personal liberty and dignity.


I read Carville to be both frightened and angry. He may be abrasive as hell, but he knows like I do, that Zero and his clown show are not gonna take the advice and a major @ss whippin awaits. I bet he grinds his teeth just thinking about how Zero has destroyed everything Bubba and he put together for the Liar Party.


Gmax-- one more thing about Carville-- 'Bam has virtually put Carville out of business by kneecapping all of the 'Centrist' Dems who paid fees to Carville.


Free time on my hands and an insatiable appetite for mischief.

Just paste those e-mails addresses right onto the image I posted. That should work.

Odd positioning in that Obama family pic.

That's the least of it. There's something creepy about the whole thing.


I just heard from a friend whose son was one of the chef's who catered the meal at Zero's fundraiser last night. "Simple food, high end ingredients" was the report.


If Hilly goes in for a lobotomy, we'll know for sure.

I Am Not Amused

Hope Carville is right. These major league jerkoffs deserve a thumpin' in November.
Somehow I don't think that Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker and three guys named Guillermo Gomez who are now "legal" sort of should decide the election.


If my neck looked liked that Wintour pic, I wouldn't be wearing a big ugly bulky necklace that draws attention to it.


Sara, I think the idea is to draw attention away from her face.


Re Clarice's Carville link - Orwellian! How Americans have become used to the new normal, one in which they struggle. "New economy" mentioned over and over.

Surely, voters can't be so dumb as to not equate
New Economy = Struggle = Obama failure.


This apparently is part of a "connect the dots" sort of thing ...

"It is elites who are creating a conventional wisdom that an incumbent president must run on his economic performance — and therefore must convince voters that things are moving in the right direction."


What really are a U.S. president's products?
A prosperous, free and safe nation, governed patriotically under the Constitution?

If so, then the economy certainly reflects whether he's doing his job; not to encumber prosperity with interference, over-regulation, oppressive regulation, corruption, massive debt, or tyranny.

For example: Obamacare, suppression of tapping US resources - oil, etc., Solyndra fiasco, TARP, billions to cronies, EPA tyranny, despotic Executive Orders
and snuff flix.


Btw, reportedly the most recent Bilderberger meeting agenda concerned devaluing the dollar and causing hyperinflation. Obama is on track.

The next president will have to undo it.
Hopefully Romney is not a Bilderberger.

I had to laugh when I saw Peggy Noonan listed as a recent participant. Beyond CE. Pegetrated and karplouf :)

Official attendees to the Bilderberg June 2012 meetings

Annotated Bilderberg 2012 Member List.

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