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June 07, 2012



Well, in fairness, the couch looks covered in various junk.


Here's another one for the mix:


Someone may have already said it, but here goes:

The bigger question is .... does Obama go all the way down?



Obama did pot, and a little blow, when he could afford, how likely was that in 1979-81,

Captain Hate

OMG a police uniform!!!!

Downtwinkles to Romney and no feather for him.




Dog Days



Civility, an interesting concept, btw, TM where is the thread on the Kurtz revelations;



Maybe rather than the Ayers Manchurian candidate, Obama is really a secret agent for the Koch brothers' plot to destroy the Democrats. It seems to be working.

Posted by: jimmyk

If we all go back and look at what Obama ans Ayers did in Chicago, it was not in league with the unions.
Wisconsin was just part of the Obama/Ayers axis to destroy unions.

It's almost as if Obama and Ayers wanted not just to destabilize the government, but they wanted to take down all leadership.

Rick Ballard


The question is what type of unnatural act Boehner and McConnell will require BOzo to perform before passing an increase in the debt ceiling. They know there is nothing he won't do but they have to exercise care in choosing the requirement which will maximize damage while minimizing potential blowback. I'm sure they are waiting for the Supremes to cough up the Obamacare repudiation prior to finalizing plans for BOzo's center ring performance. If the mandate is struck down but the shell remains, then the requisite act may follow the path which Ranger outlined, with BOzo signing a repeal as the last gesture of his failed Presidency.


Was it Niedermeyer, that made a similar demand of Flounder,(re pushups) before the horse chased
him down the field



I loved how White House spokesman Jay Carney, aboard Air Force One, pushed back about the Rush Limbaugh "Barack Hussein Kardashian" comment on route to yet another celebrity fundraiser in California.

The irony .. the irony.

Carol Herman

Won't make a whit of a difference in how people vote.


Made the mistake of eating lunch while Shepherd 'the gecko' Smith and Judge Napolitano were discussing Holder and the Fast and Furious hearings.
Had I a couple of those F&F guns handy I'd probably be looking for a new TV. What a couple of uninformed, clueless idiots.


over at ACE´S

State Attorney Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the George Zimmerman case, recently called the Dean of Harvard Law School to complain about my criticism of some of her actions.

She was transferred to the Office of Communications and proceeded to engage in a 40-minute rant, during which she threatened to sue Harvard Law School, to try to get me disciplined by the Bar Association and to file charges against me for libel and slander.

She said that because I work for Harvard and am identified as a professor she had the right to sue Harvard.

When the communications official explained to her that I have a right to express my opinion as “a matter of academic freedom,” and that Harvard has no control over what I say, she did not seem to understand.


RickB-- IF we are right that there will be a Repub congress and POTUS Mitt-- then this never comes up IMO. The Repubs will quietly let Geithner shuffle the financial deck to claim the limit was never breached before inauguration day. The Repubs will handle the issue in February. After he loses, 'Bam will be impossible to deal with, he may be full out mental. I think the repubs will just stay away from him.


The disingenuous team at Brietbart swings and misses, again.

"Thank you for your e-mails, cont'd

The baseless Obama citizenship rumor is back, based on an attempt by its purveyors request that the Supreme Court get to the bottom of the case."


I guess the only time Ben Smith isn't "Bensmithing" is when he claiming the citizenship issue is "baseless".

Nice job john Nolte. Loser.

MC Obama sez "can't vet this"


What a lack of respect for his wife and women in general. If he's trying to secure their vote, I'm not so sure this will help him?


I can see someone making that joke, with their best friend in private. What slays me is Obama #1 assumes it won't offend anyone, #2 thinks its fine to talk sex to a bunch of gays who always say they don't want to be branded by what they do in the bedroom, and #3 assume the entire country would react the way Jon Stewart does.

"Amateur" gives him too much credit.

Captain Hate

#2 thinks its fine to talk sex to a bunch of gays who always say they don't want to be branded by what they do in the bedroom

Tammy Bruce has been over this previously and banged it again today; the lefty homos are like a battered spouse, always forgiving him and giving him money for not rhetorically smacking them around. They've gotten nothing but hollow and false support yet they lap it up like it's ambrosia from the Gods.


Fitch waited until the markets closed to further downgrade Spain by three levels. LUN.

The Brits are insisting they want no part in a European fiscal union.

So what has changed, exactly, in the past 72 hours?

Whoosh, Bernanke says he will do what he needs to do, and the G&, IMF, etc will take appropriate measures....I am so relieved I think I shall put all of my money into Greek lottery tickets.


Hi windansea. I saw that yesterday at TalkLeft. I am amazed that Corey is that thin-skinned. Jeralyn had a long comment thread on it and cboldt did some educating.



CH-- who is Tammy Bruce? she sounds very sensible;

Matt-- what did the Bernanke say in Q&A?; am I nutz to think no QEIII asset purchases before November?


LI says Corey must now recuse herself from the case.


Don't forget Ben Smith was part of the JournoList.

Voldemort Delenda Est !                   Sandy Daze

The ¨joke¨ was intentional.

Voldemort is white trailer park trash*, and well. . .

Voldemort is black trailer park trash*, and well. . .

as Chris Rock says, if he were to be an animal he´d want to be a zebra ¨in honor of our zebra president, black and white, white and black." Rock added "I love our president, you know, but he's black and white, he appeals to all," Rock said. "That's what I'm going for….We ignore the President’s whiteness, but it’s there, it’s there,Rock smiled and said.

* errr, trailer park trash is better than Voldemort.

Actually, Voldemort might be white and black, but he is indeed red all through, a commie bastard to the core.

He is also a cad.

Melinda Romanoff


Yellen played the QE hint last night, and Ben pulled her card off the discard pile in Q&A.


Janet: Jim Treacher is having a grand time on Twitter poking him about the "dark art of Bensmithing" (covering up or covering for Obama)! I imagine there is still some form of Journolist floating out in mediaville.

Clarice: It would certainly seem that Corey needs to recuse herself, plus she looks like quite the fool.

Melinda Romanoff


Read this piece on the FT and banking crisis.

Very imformative.


OT-- at 5:10ET 2 INCOMING Blackhawk helos landing at the UN. Any news at the UN today?


who is Tammy Bruce? she sounds very sensible;

Sorry for my preemption, CH. Tammy Bruce is hot lesbian conservative radio host, NK. OK, maybe not conservative conservative but at the minimum a fierce anti-leftie.


Incoming Blackhawks at the UN?

I hope they're carrying enough firepower to level the place.

Thomas Collins

I think the answers to the questions of whether Obama intended his comment to be an oral sex joke, and the reason for the joke, are relatively straightforward. Many members of our modern sclerotic Ruling Class, for some reason I can't comprehend, think it is a sign of sophistication to make raunchy references. I think Obama was appealing to this element of the electorate. Although he will get their votes, he'd like more money from them.

Raunchy references, financial incontinence, and an unbending prejudice to insist that the higher can be explained in terms of the lower. That just about sums up the worldview of the Regime under which we are currently ruled.


Let's do a comparison:


The only thing I heard on the news today about the UN was regarding another civilian massacre in Syria.



Lefties are too, you can see how the Booman Group, suck up any gesture, now matter how miniscule,


I don’t think he intended to make that kind of joke. I don’t think he’s that sharp. I don’t think he thinks of her in a sexual way at all. I saw the video of this and he did not look like someone who intended that meaning would have looked … he looked as though it didn’t occur to him until the audience laughter was clearly disproportionate … and then it dawned on him. I think the guy is just too clueless about relationships to have a risque sense of humor. Middle finger … that’s his speed …


Clinton now walking back statements about extending the tax cuts:


I was wrong - I thought the WH criticism of him would make him double down. But he's back on the bus, or trying to get there anyway.

Melinda Romanoff


That's a LOT of hang time for a correction from a Clinton.


Lyle/CH -- thanks for the Bruce info, I'll look her up.

Lyle-- alas no Hellfire Missles slung on the Blackhawks-- they are still there BTW.

Sara -- thanks for the photos, the only thing missing from 'Bam is the tiara-- Jeez.
BTW-- 'Bush throwing that BP strike at Yankee Stadium in Oct 2001 -- given the circumstances-- was one of the greatest feats of athletic skill I've ever seen. I kid you not.



I figured he would double down too. Guess Hillary got him.


Clinton knows exactly what here's doing-- he playing all sides against his middle. He'll continue to pick his spots to undermine 'Bam.


I was first aware of Tammy Bruce back in the late '80s. She was a militant president of NOW California. Then at some point toward the end of the Bush 41 presidency and into the Clinton period, she began to be more moderate in her criticisms and the feminists and NOW femi-nazis began to crucify her as a traitor. The more they did it, she says, the more her eyes were opened to the fact that they really weren't for all women. I'm not sure when she had her complete epiphany and came to the right side of the aisle as I lost track of her for a few years after she was kicked out of NOW. She came to my attention again thru links when I started to read blogs back in the early 2000s. I remember being really surprised at how far she had moved politically. In fact, I was also going thru the same surprise about Camille Paglia and some of her long articles. I haven't seen anything from her in a long time, but Tammy parlayed her previous name recognition into being a pretty solid "conservative" voice on almost all topics. I heard her say one time something like, just because I'm gay doesn't mean I think all men are monsters or that a solid family and the values that have made America great aren't vital.

Melinda Romanoff


Or ValJar.


Slightly Off topic


I got up this monring, rode my bike through my little downtown, Senoia Ga. (Home of Keith Brooking and Steve Bedrosian) and it was pituresque and awesome as usual, seeing as it has the world class Oh Chocolate! shop and the Senoia Coffee shop. I got home, showered, drove over to Locust
Grove, bought some new Columbia shirts (And shorts) at the new outlet store, then refereed a passing camp.

Well, as I drive home, going through town (Cause it's pretty cool and all), they had the entire downtown shut down. It's a
Zombie Apocalypse! They've set up the entire downtown as the main set for season 3 of The Walking Dead.

I'm gonna try to cover this with pictures and stuff. It's really neat.


"Though the military has an impressive record for developing technologies to meet its frequently unique requirements, adopting biofuels is unlikely to help meet any mission other than earning political brownie points.".


Help the Republicans stop another leftist money wasting project.


I read Tammy Bruce's book The Death of Right & Wrong years ago.
Very good.


I'm horrified at my grammer and punctuation on that post. Sorry, it's the message that counts.



You do know that our subs and some of our biggest surface ships are nuclear powered, right?


I don’t think he intended to make that kind of joke. I don’t think he’s that sharp. I don’t think he thinks of her in a sexual way at all. I saw the video of this and he did not look like someone who intended that meaning would have looked … he looked as though it didn’t occur to him until the audience laughter was clearly disproportionate … and then it dawned on him.

I think "lethargic" is probably right. Obama has evil, anti-American and dumb down cold, but he doesn't have what it takes to be funny.


Tammy Bruce;


Heck, donald, I thought for sure they would have used Madison, Wisconsin for that - they wouldn't need to hire actors to play zombies.

Please do post some photos, your little town sounds quite lovely.


--but he doesn't have what it takes to be funny--

It wasn't funny, just crude and inappropriate.

Melinda Romanoff

And, fresh from Weasel Zippers, Obama is now well on his way to reaching that $1 Billion mark, courtesy of the US Treasury.

Solves all those pesky fund raising shortfalls.


I have actually followed the military's biofuels efforts, and the costs are so far out of hand there is no real substitution possible except in an environment where they simply cannot access conventional POL.

The AF and navy were looking at $25/gallon equivalent at a minimum.

One of the distorting factors in the current budget is that all fuel for activity in Afghanistan must come overland through Pakistan, who have had their borders shut to these convoys for months now. And that does not factor in the losses from sabotage and raids by Islamists within Pakistan in transit.

The alternative is by air of from Uzbekistan, both extremely expensive. We are being rolled.

The cost/gallon at a FOB, which is not the way out on the line COP's, is over $100/gallon delivered.

The climate change as military threat is based upon inadequate data as well. Hillary's vaunted trip to the Arctic turned up only limited evidence. the real play is for potentially massive oil fields above the Arctic Circle, and the Russians are playing hardball.

This is on top of an announcement a few days ago of what is potentially the largest oil field on record located in Siberia. And guess what, boys and girls, the frakking technology is mainly American.

So we have an oil/gas boom here; massive new discoveries elsewhere, and the ability to make conventional fuels even cleaner.

A gallon of ethanol is wicked expensive as is biomass. In addition, we are starving the poor Ethio-Indo-Kendonesian chirrun by using corn for ethanol and not tortillas or chapatis.

You were saying about those evil oil companies?


It's supposed to be in the South, but it is so selfindulgent, one roots for the zombies to get a character, apparently everyone will become one, whether bitten or not.

Rob Crawford

This is on top of an announcement a few days ago of what is potentially the largest oil field on record located in Siberia. And guess what, boys and girls, the frakking technology is mainly American.

As I understand it, Caterpillar is just about the only heavy equipment manufacturer that makes equipment able to survive Siberian winters.

What a pity that the UAW has so screwed Cat over...

Jim Eagle

Why is the Senate skating around the security leaks and now noting that the DOJ national security office has recused itself on one ocassion? We all know where they originate and the asshats name in initials is JB. Daniel Silva has saved all kinds of research time because this guy writes his own character and dialog.

Melinda Romanoff

And double-secret Taxageddon negotiations with a new "Gang of 12" in the Senate.


It's a wonder, JiB, they keep searching for 'the keys under the street lights' of course,
I would be more worried, ticking off Prince Nayef and his Papa, the Crown Prince, dubbed
Nabil in the books.


Rendell says Hillary would have made a better President than Obama and --from PJTatler:

" He has already distanced himself from the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain Capital. In this clip, he is voicing buyer’s remorse over Obama’s election. Elsewhere in the same interview, he also said that Pennsylvania is probably in play for Romney this fall. These are strong signals that the center-left faction of the Democratic Party is readying to distance itself from a debacle in the fall."


When Bureau of Labor Statistics Acting Commissioner John Galvin balked on what qualifies as a green job under the agency definition, Issa responded, “Just answer the question.”

“Does someone who sweeps the floor at a company that makes solar panels -- is that a green job?” Issa asked.

“Yes,” replied Galvin, who also acknowledged that a bike-repair shop clerk, a hybrid-bus driver, any school bus driver and “the guy who puts gas in a school bus” are all defined as green jobs.

He also acknowledged that an oil lobbyist, if his work is related to environmental issues, would also have a green job.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states a green job is either: a business that produces goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources, or a job in which a worker's duties involve making their establishment's production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.


Clarice-- because of coal/fracking energy issues, IMO Mitt has a better chance in Pa than in Wisc.

Neo-- amazing-- Green Jobs is a scam of the highest order.


Bialystok would applaud, so would Danny Ocean,one can even learn from Robin Wright,
the middle east scribe, (not the actress),
even when she doesn't intend it to be, one of
those involved in the jihad rehabilitation effort, managed by the same prince referred above, was one who had originally encouraged
jihad in Iraq, one could see how the new
inductees would be a little confused, whether
the sermon is live or memorex.


It wasn't funny, just crude and inappropriate.

Well ok, he's got those down, too.


In other words, Sheik Salman Al Odah, referred to in Silva, who rallied thousands to the cause, was put in charge of the reprogramming effort, and you wonder why the recidivism rate is 20%


There's a Barack-oli joke in there somewhere


Well we're getting somewhere;



I realize that this is inappropriate, but does anyone know the name of the staffer sitting behind Issa in the 2nd video?



Another for the collection.


San Franciscans protest against Obama

Barack Obama, America's Fundraiser-in-Chief, visited San Francisco today in search of still more campaign cash. Because San Francisco, home to Nancy Pelosi, has a reputation as America's most liberal city, one might think that The One would be safe from criticism here. It is not so. As he arrived for lunch at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in the historic Merchants Exchange Building on California Street, the San Francisco Tea Party was there to greet him (click on any photo to enlarge):

Lots of pics.


((#2 thinks its fine to talk sex to a bunch of gays who always say they don't want to be branded by what they do in the bedroom, ))

huh? what is "gay pride" all about then?

Captain Hate

Thanks for lyle and Sara for filling NK in on Tammy. She's very much a lib turned into a conservative after being dumped on by those vermin so she understands the enemy very well. She worships Palin and Reagan yet is very much with team Romney now because of the importance of defeating "that dumb bastard in the White House". Even though she's a carpet muncher, she's very much a guy's type of woman who is *extremely* feminine and very attractive. I think she scares the Hell out of squishes like ace.


Well if anyone makes it passed Ben's tantrum, today's podcast of FWDAJ has been posted. I'm terribly impressed with how much easier this is on a MAC.

Also no TV this week as our producer was out - as I know you all are steadfast watchers.


These people are friggen nuts. Before cutting her fundraising talk short so the kids present could go out and get some ice cream (let's moooooove), Michelle said this:

She transitioned from talking about her husband's record to the second half of her speech, which emphasized grassroots organization. "You know those folks who aren't registered -- find them, shake them, get them ready," the first lady exhorted supporters. "He needs all of you to multiply yourselves. Multiply yourselves! He needs you to sign up even more super-star volunteers, more super-star organizers."

Yes, by all means, mulitply yourselves. Kind of reminds me of Janet's favorite - the WH garden rhubarb dance.


It was no problem getting past that drool to your post, Jane. I can do it after reading three or four words.

Ralph L.

then refereed a passing camp.
Took me a while to figure out what this meant.


Via Musing Minds:

My cousin just posted this on Facebook:

Just had to pay $42 in sales tax for a $99 replacement iPhone! Called apple because I thought it was a mistake, but nope, it’s just the state of California charging tax on the highest allowable price. The rep told me the state was worried about getting its cut. I’m SURE the extra money will be well spent!

She was charged the tax on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of the iPhone not the amount she was actually charged.

Living here still sucks.

Jim Eagle

Actually, the war would have been shorter and less bloody if JFK and LBJ had not gotten us in without a plan for winning. To those in Claremont who were not there they do not understand the incompentency of leadership we had to deal with but that's okay, they were Democrats and those guys know how to win wars, ask Obama.


Well having read Moyar's 'Forsaking Victory' I think we had already half lost by '65, My late Philly cop friend, was there at the beginning, TDYed out of Japanese AFB, and it jaundiced his later experience.


Johnson, rather than military commanders, selecting targets. Our planes required to fly the same bombing routes day after day, like sitting ducks, Congress withholding funds, lies, lies and more lies coming out of the Johnson WH. The POS McFarland.

I'm feeling my mellow getting really harshed, so I'll quit.


See! Of course, I meant McNamara, the slime of all slime.


Sara, Wisconsin, San Diego, San Jose. Happier thoughts to restore your mellow.


The Norwegian Blue, apparently did stop pining for the fjords, huh henry.


They didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition Narciso.

Ralph L.

Geography was definitely against us in VN.

TK, 4 or 5 doctors spending $1000s in fun tests couldn't figure out that my chronic indigestion 20 years ago was largely caused by a sudden allergy (after an initial intestinal bug) to my cats--but not other cats. I didn't figure it out until after the cats had died years later. One test showed an apparent growth on my duodenum, but it was just cramped shut, so my stomach would often bloat and empty hours too late. You don't want to know what my colon was doing.

Several elderly people I know got colitis from antibiotics. My uncle had severe cramps every hour for a month before they put him on prednisone.


Obama has done what Hiliary never could, made Bill a eunuch.

Obama has the experience “because she doesn’t go all the way down”


Well, we had a good time. Met Jimmyk who is very nice as I'm sure you suspected. Janet tried to force feed us Pow Wow Chow oatmeal soup. Stay away from that woman!

Jim Eagle


Did Janet offer you a tax-free Indian Marlboro Light as a modern version of the peace pipe?

Ralph L.

Beats headphones and curses.
Takes off headphones and beats them again.

Comanche Voter

You know you need to read Mr. Mom Jeans' "joke" in context. He was talking about a pushup contest between Ellen Degeneres (known in some quarters as "Ellen Degenerate") and Queen Moochelle. Mr. Crass and Tasteless says that Ellen complained that Moochelle did not go all the way down.

Now lesbian sex seems to be an issue amongst the Dems--witness Larry "lesbian sex" O'Donnell who seemed obsessed with Dick Cheney's daughter's sex life in the 2004 Veep debate.

But you have to be a complete and utter A-hole to make a lesbian sex themed "joke" about your wife in a public place. And since Mr. Tasteful made the joke in front of a gay and lesbian audience, you're damned right it was intentional.

Now Mr. Tasteful is Moochelle's meal ticket--but if she had any self respect, she'd kick that sumbitch about half a mile down the road.


No, but you know Janet. If I'd asked for a cigarette, she'd have shipped a semi full of them to my door. Stay away from the doing good womyn..


where is the thread on the Kurtz revelations

For those who haven't heard, let me put the ongoing dispute between Stanley Kurtz and representatives of the New Party in the form of a fictionalized dialog.

Stanley Kurtz: Was Barack Obama a member of the New Party?

New Party Guy: We don't really have members.

SK: This document lists the date he joined as a member.

NPG: That's not a terribly reliable source.

SK: It's the official newsletter of your party.

NPG: Just one line, though.

SK: It says Barack Obama joined as a member.

NPG: It's listed that way, yes. But that's just a term. Some people used the word "members" to mean "regular contributors". It's not like they had any say in the organization.

SK: I have records of a vote taken by New Party members on the day Barack Obama joined the party. The subject was whether to endorse Barack Obama in his 1996 campaign.

NPG: Yes, but that vote was open only to members.

SK: Was Barack Obama a member of the New Party?

NPG: I don't understand your question.

SK: Was Barack Obama a member of the New Party.

NPG: Was Barack Obama a member of the New Party.

SK: That is my question.

NPG: I've never said otherwise.

SK: So Barack Obama was a member of the New Party.

NPG: We've been over this many times, and besides the fact that it's old news, it's not terribly interesting. We're a very mainstream organization.

SK: You sponsored events with prominent socialist Frances Fox Piven.

NPG: Noted Ivy League academic Frances Fox Piven, yes.

SK: And Michael Moore.

NPG: Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, yes.

SK: You advocated sentencing any white male in the non-entertainment private sector who owns a vacation home to hard labor in South Dakota, recarving Mount Rushmore into busts of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Castro.

NPG: Only if they - hold on. We didn't really write that down, did we?

SK: No. But you think it would be a good idea.

NPG: I don't understand the question....

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