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June 22, 2012



Jerry Sandusky must be wondering how this guy got away with it, while he sits in jail for the rest of his life: LUN

hit and run

Instapundit links this Kaus post on a Eugene Robinson op-ed.

I wrote about that Robinson piece. The day before, Carney used the phrase "fising expedition" five separate times in his press briefing to descrbe Republican attempts to get Holder to hand over all the F&F docs.

The day before that WH communications director Dan Pfeiffer said, "Instead of creating jobs or strengthening the middle class, congressional Republicans are spending their time on a politically motivated, taxpayer-funded election-year fishing expedition."

The bolded part was word-for-word repeated by Carney in his press briefing. I think the WH has settled in on a catchphrase they want repeated often.

Eugene Robinson, an extension of the public relations function of the White House, obligingly carries the water with this in his piece: "The House wants to go fishing in a vast sea of documents..."

Melinda Romanoff


Another great piece!

(Might want to send an edit note on the last cite, though. The Claricinator feature was still active when you submitted, "hark" vs. "hawk". I always need extra proofers for my creative bent.)

hit and run

Happy Birthday yesterday MoodyBlu!

Fahrenheit 212

Jane, put down that cup of coffee, and back away slowly.

Moby Gleick.

Fishing expedition, eh? The Obama Administration left on theirs without the net.

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.

Oh, damn, I've got climate on the mind. That was supposed to be 'Moby Glock'.



I was so honored to wake up and see my name in lights in Clarice's Pieces. Once I got over it, I put on my sunglasses and read another spectacular piece.

Thank you!


SO interesting, hit! The anatomy of a meme: the lib advocacy group, the Dem administration/machine, & the lib MFM.

Melinda Romanoff

Must of been a Journolist memo sent around, because this was the carp, Miss Originality Eleanor Clift was spouting last night. Verbatim.

And she must be the last on anyone's fax list.

hit and run

I'm surprised at your choice of names.

I was expecting something like this.

Posted by: Eugene Calling Spirits from the Vasty Deep |


Great Pieces, Clarice! Good for you for highlighting Continetti -- he is one smart kid!

Jane, I can see you at the beginning of the movie, as the opening credits roll. White silk shirt, drop-dead chic gold earrings...

Great things await, ladies!

OT - now that both Snidely Whiplash and the Plouffeball have both made fools of themselves on the Sunday morning shows,the Obama campaign will roll out Stephanie Cutter,whose credentials include John Kerry's 2004 campaign. Makes Hilary Rosen look like a mensch.


Mel, thanks. I did send an email to the editor..both of us missed the error.


We should write a note to the WaPo editors that they could find out as much about F & F by questioning their own reporters as Woodstein did watching for moving flower pits. I mean it's perfectly obvious --as Janet notes--that Grimaldi and Horowitz ' source was someone in on the gig:
As Mexico drug violence runs rampant, U.S. guns tied to crime south of border

By James V. Grimaldi and Sari Horwitz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, December 15, 2010; 1:14 PM

U.S. gun dealers with the most firearms traced over the past four years

By Sari Horwitz and James V. Grimaldi
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, December 13, 2010; 9:55 PM

And to find out whose working the WH propaganda line check out all "journalists" who used the "fishing expedition" this week.


Where am I?


Hey Clarice, hey Jane, always great to see your names in lights!

I, too, am going way O/T. I want to talk "optics" and WH videographers.

Last night I saw the Restaurant Impossible show featuring FLOTUS. It was stunning! Not in a way you might imagine.

Robert Irvine, early on, is given an iPad like device with the Presidential Seal. Clicks it on to see Michelle Obama giving him his "mission." From his and the viewers' perspective we see MO somewhere in the WH. To the left is a formal setting, fireplace mantel or some such, to her right is an oil painting about 1/3 in view with trees and sky and more trees.

MO is positioned such, that tree foliage appears to jut out on the right side from her hair, looking for all the world like little Farina cornrows all upturned. And it remains that way throughout not only that segment, but is repeated later during another "mission" segment later in the show.

Clarice and others have frequently said that some in the WH must secretly hate MO. What professional videographer could fail to notice the image they were capturing?

Anyway, it was funny in a really awful sort of way. I kept thinking, "can no one see what bad optics this is?" Who decided to position her just that way? Really freaky.

hit and run

Kirsten Powers is down with "fishing expedition".


Re Fast and Furious, earlier thread - Ann's descriptions and Capt H's "Murder in the Name of Subverting the Constitution," I've recently begun to wonder if Brian Terry's murder might have been deliberate in a more direct sense; i.e., targetting him specifically and letting it be known he was killed by Mexicans with American guns to then use the tragedy as a media tool to get public outcry and support for anti-gun measures.

That would explain why the culprits at the scene were let go but the guns remained. (There are conflicting reports about the culprits running away, but, strangely, leaving the guns behind, and other reports of culprits detained but deported. Also conflicting reports about what the culprits were doing there, gun running, drug smuggling or preying on other smugglers. Then Nov 2011, when Obama admin sealed the court proceedings which already had 4 of the 5 culprits' names blacked out, it was reported that Osorio-Arellanes admitted to FBI interrogators that all five illegals had been armed as they were on the hunt for the Border Patrol agents. There are also F&F straw buyers, i.e. assets, with the last name Osorio. It is possible Brian Terry's killer was a paid F&F asset.) But then it backfired when whistleblowers exposed that the guns were from F&F, deliberately placed in the gunrunners' hands by the US govt.

If these culprits were actually ordered to kill Border Patrol agent(s) and leave the guns at the scene by the Fast and Furious planners, which would get more press milage than nameless random Mexicans in Mexico, and thus speed up the pace of the outcry, the "Murder in the Name of Subverting the Constitution" becomes even more serious for Obama and Holder.


BR, Great post.


Hmm,cc, and I used to think I missed nothing by never watching TV!!

Jim Eagle

I thought they had one guy in custody and the trial is pending. Is that right?


BR, I had posted a similar thought some time ago. I found this portion of Obama and Calderon's press conference from April of 2009 to be almost foreshadowing Brian Terry's death.

" PRESIDENT CALDERÓN-- One more thing -- one more thing I forgot to mention. One other thing we can do is to track the weapons that we have in Mexico. If we manage to detect weapons sold illegally in the United States in violation of this law on the control of weapons exports, or if, in the United States, they can have -- probably move forward on a good registry of armament or on the prohibition of certain massive sales of weapons, for example, to a hunter or to a common citizen -- we know that these people do not usually buy hundreds of rifles or assault weapons or grenades -- if we can move forward in those areas, I do believe that security both of the United States and Mexico will improve because those weapons are pointing against Mexican people and Mexican officials today.

But crime is not only acting in Mexico. It is also acting in the United States. Organized crime is acting in both countries. And I do hope that those weapons that are sold today in the United States and are being used in Mexico, I hope the day will never come in which they will also be used against the North American society or against U.S. officials, just like they are now being used in Mexico."


Good post BR.


More from the same conference:

" PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, first of all, we did discuss this extensively in our meetings. I have not backed off at all from my belief that the gun -- the assault weapons ban made sense. And I continue to believe that we can respect and honor the Second Amendment rights in our Constitution, the rights of sportsmen and hunters and homeowners who want to keep their families safe to lawfully bear arms, while dealing with assault weapons that, as we now know, here in Mexico, are helping to fuel extraordinary violence -- violence in our own country, as well.

Now, having said that, I think none of us are under any illusion that reinstating that ban would be easy. And so, what we've focused on is how we can improve our enforcement of existing laws, because even under current law, trafficking illegal firearms, sending them across a border, is illegal. That's something that we can stop.

And so our focus is to work with Secretary Napolitano, Attorney General Holder, our entire Homeland Security team, ATF, border security, everybody who is involved in this, to coordinate with our counterparts in Mexico to significantly ramp up our enforcement of existing laws. And in fact, I've asked Eric Holder to do a complete review of how our enforcement operations are currently working and make sure that we're cutting down on the loopholes that are resulting in some of these drug trafficking problems.

The last point I would make is that there are going to be some opportunities where I think we can build some strong consensus. I'll give you one example, and that is the issue of gun tracing. The tracing of bullets and ballistics and gun information that have been used in major crimes -- that's information that we are still not giving to law enforcement, as a consequence of provisions that have been blocked in the United States Congress, and those are the areas where I think that we can make some significant progress early"

Pyrex long is off patent, so others could have made the cookware if the margins were there.

That's part of capitalism: a company seeks its best margins.

Yeah, that's why I expressed it as "something is wrong with people" for not wanting to buy it, as opposed to something being wrong with Corning or some Chinese factory or another not making stuff people don't want to buy.

And Porchlight, the ones on ebay are generally really expensive considering what they are. And they are going to be heavy to ship. I look for them at garage sales around here, but people here are smart enough to value them highly!


Andrew McCarthy writes about Fast and Furious and OCDETF

"...Why is President Obama denying Congress and the public access to critical information about his administration’s part in a shockingly ill-conceived investigation that resulted in the murder of Brian Terry, a heroic federal Border Patrol agent and veteran U.S. Marine. And when I say “his administration’s part,” that, too, is intentional

...If, prior to Agent Terry’s murder, plans were already being made for Attorney General Holder to appear at the anticipated press conference to announce arrests, it is inconceivable that discussions about the case were not ongoing between the U.S. attorney’s office and Main Justice — which, of course, would already have been quite familiar with the case because of the OCDETF designation and the wiretaps.

OCDETF cases get the attention of the Justice Department’s top hierarchy. What gets that level of attention gets the attorney general’s attention. And what gets the attorney general’s attention very often gets the president’s attention.
That would be the president who just invoked executive privilege."



Tku, TK and Pagar.

Something more is beginning to dawn on me.

March 2009 - approx. inception date of Fast and Furious

August 2009 - Obama starts fiddling with US Arms Export Control Act's munitions list.

After my swim, I'm going to look into whether the US AECA has been revised by Congress or if Obama has again circumvented Congress by Executive order.

Could he have exempted AK47s from the munitions list requiring State Dept. approval unilaterally by Executive Order just for Fast and Furious?

How badly has Obama damaged overall national security?


4/20/10 WH Press Release: Fact Sheet on the President's Export Control Reform Initiative

Lowell 2/7/11 critique letter sent to State Dept. showing it takes Congress to amend the munitions lists. Obama admin can't do it unilaterally. Incredible info and analysis on how Obama is endangering national security by massive removal of restrictions on US arms exports in the critique. Still busy reading it.

It's unbelievable that a country would sell arms to its enemies.


The macrocosm and the microcosm. I had to laugh when a neighbor just came by to borrow stick matches. Being in the middle of reading Lowell, I grilled him thoroughly - what is it for and who is the end user? Then he said, Oh, I'm going to cut off the heads, it's for plugging holes in the wall.

Ha ha ha, that's drug cartel talk.


Give the Obama's a gravy boat would be a better Pres. than Barack. They’re both empty vessels.



The New Party had a significant number of Communist as well as Socialist members. From the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America website, New Ground 42

Chicago New Party Update

by Bruce Bentley

Once approved, candidates must sign a contract with the NP. The contract mandates that they must have a visible and active relationship with the NP.

Indeed it was an exciting evening because the NP has two crucial components. First, the NP is a true "Rainbow Coalition" consisting of both young and aged African-Americans, Hispanics and Caucasians. Although ACORN and SEIU Local 880 were the harbingers of the NP there was a strong presence of CoC and DSA (15% DSA).

CoC aka Committees of Correspondence

Obama signed a contract with a party that had "a strong presence" of Communist members.

Animal Onesies

It’s a great way to support the President on your big day. Plus, it’s a gift that we can all appreciate—and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl.

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