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June 22, 2012



How odd that the above discussion regarding birds while I was outside watching a bunch of swallows dive bombing a crow who had something in his claws--perhaps a baby swallow?


Where's your plan?

I'm not Romney, but if I were:

Status quo ante. Why is a (federal) plan required? Let states decide.

But deregulate at the fed level. Get rid of the law that requires all hospitals to treat anyone who shows up.

The only real federal issue is to entitlement reform, i.e. fixing Medicare and Medicaid.


daddy, great videos.

So Jane taught Dick another lesson. Good on her!



Don't let Lawrence O'Donnell see Princess hit's dressage scoresheet.

MSNBC sneers giddily at such stuff.


A Plan for Replacement

  • Enact Medical Liability Reform
  • Purchase Health Insurance across State Lines
  • Expand Health Savings Accounts
  • Ensure Access for Patients with Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Permanently Prohibit Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
hit and run

If we were to draw out the "right" answer to the question of "what comes after ObamaCare is struck down?" -- the best possible policy evah invented -- how different would that be from the best poll-tested, voter-approved answer?

Assuming there is a difference of some significance -- which should Romney adopt?


"what comes after ObamaCare is struck down?"

First thing, a simple declarative statement:

"Next time we read the damn thing BEFORE we vote on it."


Get rid of the law that requires all hospitals to treat anyone who shows up.

That's not part of the Republican proposal, but it's the main thing that would fix the current situation: Help people who can't afford insurance, and make everyone else stand on their own. No free rides for people who simply refuse to provide for themselves.

Just like those people who refused to pay $79 for an assurance that the fire department would put their house out.

hit and run

Don't let Lawrence O'Donnell see Princess hit's dressage scoresheet.

Indeed. The stables princess hit and run spent last week at also hosts a horse therapy program. I remember a couple years ago the progam was in dire straights due to funding issues. I'm very happy to see they're still running -- and look to be running strong.

Actually, only one horse in yesterday's program would be properly classified as "dressage" (and it wasn't princess hit and run's horse). In the trotting section of that horse's program, they decided not to have the horse trot, because he would have been waaaay to fast for a <10 year old to handle. Quick walk instead with trainers guiding the horse on the correct speed.


Negotiators closing in on student loan deal

Senate aides from both parties said Friday the two sides were moving toward a deal on how to pay the measure's $6 billion price tag, the chief source of partisan conflict.


"Right now, we are seven days away from thousands of American workers having to walk off the job because Congress hasn't passed a transportation bill. We are eight days away from nearly seven and a half million students seeing their loan rates double because Congress hasn't acted to stop it," Obama said. "This makes no sense."

No, it makes no sense not to have the rest of us cover the difference between 3.4% and whatever it would be in a free economy. What kind of heartless country are we running here, anyway?




Extraneous, that graph greatly understates the problem.

If you compound the extra inflation of tuition vs general inflation, the accumulated difference is huge.



I'm thankful I paid mine off a few months ago. Still feel broke, but thankful.



An old acquaintance of mine (former gf of an old high school friend) got involved in horse therapy many many years ago when it seemed a bit wacky to many folks. She is based out of the Asheville area, I think. She's lib to the core, but I wonder a little what some of these equine therapy people think of the stupid attacks on Ann Romney.

Congrats on princess hit's accomplishments!

hit and run

Dang. Sitting out in the driveway, hit and run jr came out and wanted to shoot some hoops. I'm in!

I'm barefoot. So. After taking a jump shot, I drag my big toe along the driveway. I tore off a dime-sized piece of skin just below the nail on my big toe. I don't feel anything, but look down and I'm leaving drops of blood everywhere I step. I should probably stop the bleeding at some point. Ok, pressure applied, bleeding stopped, bandaid on. Sheesh.

And this morning mrs hit and run opened a cabinet and some ramekins fell out (my fault, I stacked them precariously, I feel horrible*). She stepped in a broken piece and slit her foot. She bled rather profusely for a few minutes until we got it packed.

It's foot injury Saturday at the hit house.

Oh, and I made the shot -- a fifteen foot jumper. Now I want to go all CSI and put a bunch of markers on all the drops of blood I left.

*No, this is not an attempt to get her to stop asking me to put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher. But now that you mention it.............


Since its a slow day here at JOM...

Lefty Journo' Leonard Pitts uses the collapsing of the Times-Picayune newspaper as an opportunity to slam Sarah Palin and Matt Drudge, and to tell us why the daily Newspaper Journalism which he claims to practice cannot be replaced by informed, intelligent, interested, and interconnected citizens:
Don't kid yourself, daily newspaper journalism cannot be replaced

Commenter number 2, Kirt, responds beautifully to Pitts, and it is enjoyable to see the many kudo's and comments that follow.


Sorry to hear that hit, you know that's the first time I ever heard of ramekins, I've led
too sheltered a life.

As for O'Donnell, if it wasn't for Hoft and
Graham's outfit, no one would hear of him, it's like that ridiculous profile of Maddow
I mentioned on another thread, back when O'Donnell actually influenced policy at Tip
O'Neil's knee, now it's more like expensive
therapy (for the shareholders at Comcast)



Had never heard of them.

ramekin |ˈramikən| (also ramekin dish)
a small dish for baking and serving an individual portion of food.
• a quantity of food served in such a dish, in particular a small quantity of cheese baked with breadcrumbs, eggs, and seasoning.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French ramequin, of Low German or Dutch origin; compare with obsolete Flemish rameken ‘toasted bread.’

Oh, those things. Didn't know they had a special name.

Now if they was full of gravy, would they be Gravy Bowls or Gravy Boats?

Cab Calloway, help!

Sorry Hit 'bout the toe damage, but thank goodness there weren't any porcupine quills in the kitchen or on the 3 point line.

BTW, August 6th is National "Wiggle Your Toes Day."

hit and run

I love ramekins. I used one today to build my spices for the beans I made.

These might have been my best beans ever.

"Mmmm, these are just like Popeye's, but with the extra andouille flavor"
--stuff mrs hit and run said

::fist pump::

I just shouldn't be trusted to stack the ramekins in a cabinet.


We have ramekins too. They don't stack so great.


Some ramekins are more stackable than others. For that reason it is nice to have the kind that are a bit narrower at the bottom than at the top.

I always know when my husband has put the clean dishes away because I can't find anything.


I don't know why, but somehow the word "ramekins" brings forth imagery of leather codpieces instead of pudding cups.


Well, I also know when he's done it because I didn't do it.

hit and run

When unloading the dishwasher there are inevitably little pieces of something or other I have no idea where they go.

I leave them on the island.

mrs hit and run will pretend to tell me where they are supposed to go as she puts them away, and I'll pretend to listen.

And the next time I'm unloading the dishwasher, the same items end up on the island.


I saw on TV earlier that Ozzie Osbourne's son, Jack, has recently been diagnosed with MS. You watch, it will start to get a whole lot of public attention now that it has reached the current day celebrity/reality TV circuit.

Mitt and Ann should get in touch and offer MS tips and advice.


I know consider the source, but doesn't make one feel like Mogatu;



Wow! I have four sizes of ramekins, but until just now, I never knew they were called ramekins. The two larger sizes are favorites for making sweet potato casserole.

Danube of Thought

I think jimmyk and Ext are headed in the right direction, but the approach to people with pre-existing conditions is a knotty problem that someone will have to address in some detail down the road.

I would suggest Romney talk in general ptinciples, but start and end every address with this: "I will never, ever sign legislation of this scope that does not have bipartisan support. My administration will work with both parties in both houses of congress, and we will draft legislation based on that input. But if either party declines to lend it any support, then we will stay with what we have. And if you like your current plan, you can keep it."

Captain Hate

the daily Newspaper Journalism which he claims to practice cannot be replaced by informed, intelligent, interested, and interconnected citizens

There are quite a few unemployed people who believed they were irreplaceable.


I patiently sat through a Leonard Pitts talk at a local college.

I wouldn't do it again. He's a bundle of poorly thought out clichés. He comes across opinionated but not educated.

I declined to engage him substantively afterwards. There was little point.


In practice the ramekins are the smaller ones in that photo and the larger ones are gratins aka casseroles aka souffle dishes.


It seems the problem was put in place, by the previous fix, and before that, McCarren/Ferguson


hit and run

Whatever they are ramekins are dangerous. Out to get you. Sneaky bastards willing to destroy themselves even to the point of shattering into thousands of pieces just so you will cut yourself in the wake of their shattering.

Don't trust ramekins.


This might as well be a press release from
(Soros) Climate Central;


On other areas, like say Gitmo, Rosenberg serves as the paper's press spokesman for
the detainees, Robles, is practically an
adjunct of the Crump firm


Hit, I'm so sorry. I hope your tetanus shot is up to date . If not go get one.

Princess it is off to a great start though.


From the sound of this article, Mitt's retreat is a resounding success. According to the article, Condi Rice's speech was the star of the event.

Romney mixes and mingles at rarefied retreat as top donors taste victory


Learn something new everyday. I managed to break all the ramekins that my dad had. 4 in total=, each while taking them out of the dishwasher.


In my slice of heaven, in Northern Virginia, I'd rate this place as good but traffic in places I frequent is noticibly thining (even with gas prices down almost 50 cents the last couple of weeks). Not sure what his point was-I can read a newspaper and see that riots are breaking out in Greece and that North Las Vegas is bankrupt (I'd rate both as bad).

Peter principled into politics.

Pitts was a fine sportswriter.


Someone up thread asked for an honest Dem-Jeralyn Merritt should rate as one.


Hope you are healing well.


Saw a dead tree headline today that gas prices were predicted to fall to $3 by the fall. How does Obama manage to wrangle that?


Duh, Porch. He talked to the Saudis.

hit and run

We're driving from here to Idaho next Friday.

Let gas prices fall!


Satisfying, but kind of small fry, who's really running the show over there;


Melinda Romanoff


That's Goldman's trade. Leave it alone.


Yes, but does that mean they're right, or playing the wrong deck, as they did in 2008.

hit and run

Nigh Tall.

Obama for America Event Donation

Dear Mrs. Porchlight;

Since you have found a new bounty in your wallet, would you be so kind as to make a donation to Michelle and I. It has been tough running the country for these last 3 and a half years and I have finally been able to break the backs of those wicked oil companies that have been overcharging US consumers for gas. That extra money has been what my administration has been working on and I'd appriciate it greatly if you would kick some my way.



Melinda Romanoff

The anonymizer is not at The Stag's Head. Nor is it across the street at The Dame.

But since the posts are from the east coast of here, not there, the lie, like all the others, just got too big to keep track of all the inconsistencies. It's like they never mature past high school.

Melinda Romanoff


They'll be right up to and including the moment they have to commit the capital for other, more critical, on going operations and recommend customers get "short" the crude complex.


This story by Richard Black of the BBC is his conclusion of of the RIO-20 Enviro-conference.

Rio: Worth The Effort?

"If voluntary commitments are all governments want to do at this point in time - which appears to be the case, given the nature of the climate change accord made at the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009 and now this - that begs two more questions.

Firstly, is there any point in pretending otherwise? And secondly - and more importantly - can voluntarism ever be enough to sort out the complex mix of social and environmental issues that humanity finds itself facing?"

Well if you've been following Richard Black for any length of time, the answer to both of those questions is No.

Richard's answer, is that there must be some empowered organization to compel compliance with what he thinks needs to be done.

My guess is that he comes away from this conference, not discouraged, but instead more committed than ever to creating that single overpowering organization.

Captain Hate

I bought gas for 3.39 today.



Yes, but does that mean they're right, or playing the wrong deck, as they did in 2008.

Hummm, not sure what sort of double talk Goldman has been engaging in, but usually when oil prices crater in this way it is a sign of a recession. Prices here in the US have been consideribly lower than in the rest of the world and slowdowns in China and Europe are going to bite. It usually takes 2 quarters for high oil prices to filter through the economy so Q3, Q4, Q1-13 ought to see the hit from the March, April, May fever.

Unless of course something blows up in KSA and the Obama Administration is able to come up with some scheme to shut down the Bakken (for the children).


ramekens are also very goof for making flans. I love my mini-blowtorch.

Commodities prices are falling all over, Porch. Demand is dropping rapidly. Europe is in recession, and China is down 30-40% from what I'm being told. Commodities prices have been at all time highs for years, including oil.

The other factor with oil is the new competition with natural gas. Everything I'm reading and a lot of people I'm talking to are talking about a new age of cheap NG that is just beginning.

I was in Ft. Worth a couple of months back and concurrent with our conference was a small exhibition of semi-tractors using NG. Maximum range is @ 300 miles, and they are now building the infrastructure in parts of the country to use NG in both cars and trucks. It is the win-win fuel of the future. Plentiful, low cost, low polluting.

And naturally the Greens are all agin it. Frickin Gaia loving Luddites.

btw, I downloaded a number of Gourds songs the other day. Great stuff!


and good, too....


They were circulating 'the mutant star goat'
projections, in James Burke's 'After the Warming, about twenty some years ago, carbon rationing, energy meters, et al, where all
being 'fixed around the goal' then they tweaked the data sets, to make them conform
with the desired outcome.


--I drag my big toe along the driveway. I tore off a dime-sized piece of skin just below the nail on my big toe.--

I can't remember how many times I did that as a kid in my shorts-and-nothing-else-for-three months summer savagery. At least twice every summer.
I did grow out of it however. Hmmm.


Dear Barack,

Thanks for your generous offer to let me give you some money. I have an idea for you. We are such fans of Michelle's couture. How about you auction off the opportunity to publicly set fire to some of her favorite outfits? She doesn't have to be wearing them.

Around late October when the burn ban is lifted here in Texas should be a good time.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mrs. Porchlight

Melinda Romanoff


I believe this to be the "real" market, and should continue to contract to demand, albeit, sloowly.

I've been up since 11:30PM yesterday, so I'm going to fade. More later on bad English weddings. GGggghaaa.


Busy day today...just wanted to post Happy Birthday MoodyBlu!!! JOM's #1 Hokie fan!

Loved the videos, daddy.

Danube of Thought

We have ramekins. La Preciosa brought them into our household the instant we were married, and thus I love everything about them.


--How does Obama manage to wrangle that?--

It's really simple.
You mismanage every policy you can until the economy is teetering on the brink and have your idiot friends in Europe make matters even worse so that the dollar spikes and toss in the inevitable flop of China's managed economy and bingo; oil takes a great fall, along with all other commodities, employment, wealth, whole economies and governments, hopefully culminating in Humpty Obama in November.



Low gas prices are a good thing even if Barack didn't personally order them. Wonder if they'll drop past $3 here in TX.

I love natural gas. Palin's been singing its praises for years. Sure would love to see her at Energy or Interior.

Glad you are digging the Gourds. Let me know what you like. There's a documentary film in the works coming in the next 6-8 months.


WonderBoy wiped out a couple of my ramekins by stacking them sloppily. Also all my pyrex microwave pots and lids, one by one, by shoving them in the cupboard and slamming the door. The ramekins were new and easily replaced, but the pyrex turns out to be irreplaceable. (What is the problem with people? 20-30 years ago corning made these great little saucepans, perfect for heating and defrosting in the microwave. They have long handles, and you can take them out of the microwave without having to find hotpads. All of the modern "microwave" cooking containers have no handles or short stubby handles.)

Obama for America Event Donation

Dear Mrs. Porchlight;

Is it unseemly for a President to beg? Where is your envy, your jealousy, your desire to get back at the 1%? Have you no want in your heart to stick it to Bain and the Koch Bros. and Exxon? It'd be ashame if I waved my hands and made gas prices go up again.



Captain Hate

I winced when I read of hit playing basketball with no shoes. I did it about 15 years ago in a pinch on a good floor and not a strenuous game but passed up a chance to continue on the main court with the ass kickers. I was dumb but not that dumb. My feet hurt quite a bit afterward but nothing unexpected.


cathy--the pyrex formula is now changed and the wonderful, inexpensive glass cooking utensils they made which could withstand the highest heat no longer exist except at yard sales. Ridiculous.



the wonderful, inexpensive glass cooking utensils they made which could withstand the highest heat no longer exist except at yard sales. Ridiculous.

I beg to differ. Corning moved on to more lucrative markets, such as fiber optics, where the margins are much larger.

Pyrex long is off patent, so others could have made the cookware if the margins were there.

That's part of capitalism: a company seeks its best margins.


So npt only do they edit the opposition's statements, but they introduce things never said into the record.



Dear Barack,

But I am getting back at the 1%.

What's a few paltry ensembles on the pyre of campaign sacrifice?

You know you want to.


Mrs. Porchlight



Allow me to introduce you to ebay:


I am an ebay freak - would be happy to purchase and send any of these to you...


Maybe get Padma Lakshmi to brand a line.

Obama for America Event Donation

Dear Mrs. Porchlight;

I see that my charm is still working. Just between you and me, I'd like to burn that stuff myself. However, she'd kick my ass and you've seen the tumble I've taken in the polls. I'm still holding out for that donation.




Just remember it's just coincidental;



There are two kitchen items I treasure, both inherited and wedding gift variety. The first is my collection of cast iron cookware from Dutch oven to several sizes of frying pans. Half of them date back to my Grandmother or earlier. The other is my Pyrex pans in different sizes. My son accidentally broke my 9x12 and I could not believe how many times I missed it. When we moved my Mom out of her home, the first thing I looked for was her Pyrex. I got back a 9x12 plus 2 other sizes I did not already have. I received a complete set of Corning casserole-wear as a wedding present and have managed, even with all our moves, not to have had a single lid or baking dish break in 43 years. I know, it's a miracle! LOL.


Mark Steyn at his best: And so we regard the first member of the Invented-American community to make it to the White House as a kinda weird development rather than an encouraging sign of how a new post-racial, post-gender, post-modern America is moving beyond the old straightjackets of black and white, male and female, gay and straight, real and hallucinatory.



SAN FRANCISCO — A costly mess, including court battles with employees and lenders that could stretch over years, is likely to await Stockton, California, if it cannot reach a last-minute deal with creditors and becomes the largest U.S. city ever to file for bankruptcy.

"A Chapter 9 bankruptcy proceeding is complicated, expensive, time-consuming and uncertain," said James Spiotto, a lawyer and municipal bankruptcy specialist at the Chapman and Cutler law firm in Chicago. "More likely than not, you're not going to get your desired result."

Stockton on Wednesday provided an initial outline of what a "bankruptcy budget" might look like for the city of 292,000 as a June 25 deadline for mediation talks with bond holders, employee unions and others approaches. The city proposes to stop payments on much of its debt and impose wage and benefit cuts including the elimination of all retiree healthcare benefits after a one-year transition period.

In Vallejo, which filed for bankruptcy protection in 2008, public employee unions, led by the police, fought a pitched legal battle against the type of cuts that Stockton is now proposing, but ultimately lost in court. Vallejo has emerged from bankruptcy, but crime has soared, businesses have fled and property values have plunged as the city struggles to maintain basic services.

For Stockton's city workers, the only silver lining in the Vallejo case is that Vallejo chose not to challenge payments to the California Public Employees' Retirement System (Calpers), which handles employee pension plans for many cities and counties around the state.

Calpers has made it clear it believes pensions have iron-clad legal protection even in a bankruptcy. That belief has never been tested in court - but with the same bankruptcy lawyers who represented Vallejo now acting for Stockton, pensions may again be off the table.

"It's left off the table because they knew they would lose the fight," said Mark McLaughlin, a Stockton detective and board member of the city's police officers union.

Milnes said a legal fight over pensions would prove costly for Stockton and complicate any bankruptcy case.

"Do you want to be on the bleeding edge or on the cutting edge?," he asked. "If you want to take this thing on you could stretch your bankruptcy on for years and take on more cost."

Stockton runs its own retiree medical program, making it a far easier to target for costs savings, McLaughlin noted.

Stockton officials have repeatedly said the city faces a crushing liability of $417 million for its retiree medical expenses and that those costs must be reined in."

Beasts of England

Thanks, Ignatz - Clues everywhere, I just rarely see them!

Of course, it's a bit of an indictment that one would even have to disprove such suspected vulgarity, but Obama's decorum and dignity trains left the station long ago.


Back from long sojourn in the Far East--want to thank all of you for the company and the updates while away.

Two family members are quite involved in horse therapy--one stable specializes in autistic kids and real progress is made. It is a good thing and has been under radar too long.

Beasts of England

I bought 68.5 gallons of 93 Octane (no ethanol) Shell V-Power on the water today for $5.69 per gallon. Not bad. Marina owner said their next 10,000 gallon shipment would probably be cheaper by $0.30 per gallon...

Ralph L

I saw gas for $3.06 this evening--of course I'd just filled up at $3.20.

I use the Grab-it bowls we gave my grandmother in the 70's. Only broken one in 20 years. The lack of handles is a serious problem for ramekins, IMO. They're just asking for trouble.

Spent 3 hours cleaning 2 years of pecan tree crud off my step-mother's old pickup. Something bit my ankles and calves all over.

Beasts of England

I forgot to discuss ramekins. Will think of something clever while asleep, I'm sure.

If it's not white, it's not a natural born mannikin, er ramekin.

I, too, 'd've guessed a piece of leatherwork, and lo, a small ramekin has beheld my household for many years. A yeoman, I've no idea of its origin.


I didn't know Corningware was obsolete. My goodness, years ago I reluctantly bought a set of flowery design as a favor to my husband's friend/distributor. And I secretly rejoiced every time a piece broke. Still have one big oven dish to break :)


I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes...
Your spies are all around me
And so the feeling grows

Dum dum dum


The Supreme Court should totally strike down the entire Obamacare, since no one read it, not Congress, not the President, not the people, not even the Supreme Court.
So, is the country to be ruled by special interest unelected nobodies?


I figured 2,000 pages, since it's technical and would need cross-referencing with existing law, the Constitution, and analyzing as to consequences while reading, a congressperson might have time to read 2 hours per day, and it would take a month to complete at a rate of 66.666666 pages per day.


Stupid Bill Maher says Republicns don't care about dead Mexicans, after the entire liberal left media, news outlets, commentators and Bill Maher himself ignored the 200-300 dead Mexicans for the last two years.

Mr. Maher, the actions of you guys on the left PROVES you don't care about dead Mexicans...now lets see some proof for your assertion?

Ralph L

I imagine most of it is deliberately unintelligible.



Thank you for the BD wishes. Hokie daughter is home for a week before summer session II starts.

Currently up in State College where it's Sandusky (creep) all the time. Ran into some fellow Hokies at the famous Penn State creamery yesterday. Fantastic butter pecan ice cream. Happy Valley is almost as nice as Blacksburg!

Jack is Back!

Sundays with Clarice.


from narciso's 11:06 link -

"Which is something CNN failed to note when introducing him/bio'ing him. How about calling him what he is, a strong Democratic supporter?

There is no point in noting it for the millionth time, but Republicans and conservatives are identified as such, while MoveOn.org members are called merely "experts.""

"Experts", "name-your-victim advocacy groups", "consumer safety organizations", ...
The MFM need to identify these libs. One of my big light bulb moments about this MFM practice was with the Terri Schiavo story. I remember writing letters to the WaPo asking them to identify the euthanasia connections & writings of the "kill Terri" side....but they were always just distinguished brain surgeons & experts. The pro-life side was uber dissected...their own & their friend/family/associates writings, connections, & donations...


Ms. Feldman,

Excellent pieces once again. Thank you for taking the time to prepare them for us each week.


Hey, MoodyBlu....hope you had a great birthday! A creamery sounds like a good place to be for some proper birthday food.

Having to catch up on JOM. Gave a backyard bridal shower for my neighbor yesterday....whew. Lots.of.work.
I don't know how Clarice can have two 10+ people dinner parties in a week while spending time with Wolverine & then writing Clarice's Pieces. Super woman!


Clarice has done it again. Great Pieces make Sunday a better day.


Thanks. They might still make corningware. I don't know about that. It's the clear pyrex stuff that they changed the formula on and which no longer is safe for high temp cooking.


Instapundit links this Kaus post on a Eugene Robinson op-ed.

good comment -
"Actually the US and Mexico had, in the past, worked together to trace the flow of arms to the cartels from US sources. Fast and Furious was the US government directly sourcing arms to the cartels without even telling the Mexicans.

Maybe Eugene should buy a ranch on the Mexico border. Armed with self-righteousness he is sure to be safe."

Jim Eagle

This should make the West Side happy. The New York Times may be getting just a little more left-wing and liberal.

The guy at BBC who admitted they were pretty much a liberal mouthpiece is interviewing to head the New York Times.

Meet Mark Thompson

What'sch matta?

Let's hope Obama's race card is the cardboard suitcase holding his inventory of schmata.


The WaPo was laying the groundwork for more gun control laws before Brian Terry's death (Dec. 15, 2010).

As Mexico drug violence runs rampant, U.S. guns tied to crime south of border

By James V. Grimaldi and Sari Horwitz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, December 15, 2010; 1:14 PM

U.S. gun dealers with the most firearms traced over the past four years

By Sari Horwitz and James V. Grimaldi
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, December 13, 2010; 9:55 PM

It would be interesting to see who Sari & James were corresponding with....probably just some neutral "experts"...not the evil gun lobby. :(


Yes, Janet--and how close they were to people behind F & F. I guess they've been outed as puppets, no?

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