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June 17, 2012


Buford Gooch

Well, Happy Father's Day, TM, (and the rest of you fathers).


Happy Father's Day to all.


Happy Fathers Day everyone!!

Hope nothing I wrote ruins it for anyone.

Here's a fairly typical paper insisting it is time to create a new economy that moves beyond GDP.http://www.stakeholderforum.org/fileadmin/files/PAPER%202_BEYOND_GDP_Final_vj%20%282%29.pdf

I would back that one up fast. Virtually all the education changes I am writing about quietly assume this type of post-industrial economy that is planned and managed. I actually recognized that in a meeting and caused an uproar. Little did I know I would later discover that the phrade Pathways to Prosperity that is used in ed also gets used for this transition to a Green Economy.

I really did need to headline dirigisme and engrenage for a reason. If the gears fit, let's go looking for the broader context.

hit and run

Happy Father's Day, indeed.

The kids won't stop climbing all over me to give me hugs today.

I love it.


To keep Father's Day cheerful-- and oldy but a goody from around Easter-- the Obama 2012 headquarters photos from Ace of Spades-- Obama-- he's not big on the Brothas' working for his campaign. http://ace.mu.nu/archives/328259.php


Daughter caught the bouquet at a friend's wedding yesterday and then her on again off again boyfriend caught the garter.
Uh oh.

hit and run

On again-off again boyfriend catches the garter at a wedding?

What was that guy thinking? Keep your hands down! Oh, wait it's coming right at me...duck! Crap,it landed right in my chest...Drop it! Hand it off!

I mean, it sounds almost as bad as that guy who dumped his two year old going for a foul ball at a baseball game.

Unless Mr. OnOffAgain about to get his head on straight.....

hit and run

According to Mark Knoller, today marks Obama's 100th round of golf as president.

May there be many, many more rounds to come, most of which not as president.


I am happy to see a link to Clarice featured in your post, and for your past links to our beautiful blond bombshell, Jane, (plus adding her to the top of your blog roll). The abundance of public communicators here, H&R, rse, sbw, Matt, and others I'm sure I've forgotten to mention, plus our generous, gracious host make this a very attractive, educational, and satisfying place to visit.

Rick Ballard


Delingpole on Rio +20. It sounds an awful lot like one of Obama's Hollyhattan nofundraisers. No A list names but tons of green NGO economy destroying sludge.


LOL Chubby, I'm going to frame that.

And Happy Fathers Day to all you guys. I suspect every one of you is a great a Dad.


Thanks, TM, Happy Father's Day.Hit sounds like he's having the kind of day that sweetheart deserves.

My son and the wolverine arrive tonight for a week of Language camp and I've been working all morning to get reading for them.

Best to everyone--oh, dear Iggy..Is it time for us to send you a dvd of Father of the Bride?I really like the Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor version,

hit and run

Speaking of green and Rio, on this date in 2008, Al Gore endorsed Obama.

I mean, that right there probably slowed the rise of the oceans*.

It was obviously not a shocker for Obama to get Gore's endorsement -- but it did spawn a few days of Gore for VP babble.

*If someone wanted to measurably have the oceans recede, it's simple. Just put Gore in the Atlantic, take a measurement, then have him get out. Displacement is real.


"Romney was just on with Schieffer"
I don't watch, but read that he was squishy on illegal immigration. Do you recall what was said?


Obamacare-- the link below is to remaining SCOTUS argued cases for which opinions have not yet been released. Quite a few. One more conference this Thursday. My guess-- No Obamacare decision this week, it will be issued Monday June 25th. Just a guess I don't have any inside Twitter info: http://www.scotusblog.com/2012/06/remaining-merits-cases-in-plain-english/


((...but read that he was squishy on illegal immigration..))

if true, :( because that would contradict what he says his campaign web site, and Obama will be able to accuse him of being a flip-flopper

but garnering the endorsement of the Bushes and others means a certain amount of compromise, I [unhappily] suppose


hit-the Earth System Science Partnership, ESSP, I mention that wants to put people and economies in the same boat as the natural earth systems was created in 2001. One wonders if it would have been created if Gore had won in 2000.

So many things just waited for the next Dem occupant to reactivate them.

The IGBP. the INternational Geosphere-Biospehere Progamme dates back to 1987. That would be the year of the UN Bruntland Report on Sustainability.

Rick-thanks for the link. One of the reasons I am commenting on post book events that I can see the connections for is because so many people see ed as separate. It's not. If Future Earth is not our economic and political future, the Common Core implementation with little facts, SEL, career pathways, vocational using computer, etc. doesn't work.

So I worry about all the emphasis on no treaty. As Jorgen Sanders noted, there's no need at this point. All these entities are on overdrive.

I never would have known but for following up on those position papers from Planet under Pressure. Straight to rio would have been a better strategy even if it was one less boondoggle.


I don't watch, but read that he was squishy on illegal immigration. Do you recall what was said?

He said he would work with Congress for a solution and wouldn't double down either for or against Obama's illegal executive order, which pretty much seems to me to be the right approach since Axelplouffe is looking for the soundbite that Romney hates illegals.


UPDATE 9:27 AM PT -- According to our sources, King's fiancée is telling friends King had been drinking and even smoked weed in the hours just before his death.

Weeds? Couldn't he, of all people, find some dope?


Happy Father's Day!!


Call me crazy, but I think an "I hate illegals" approach would be very successful.


Agreed, rse, the secular apocalypse, that National Geographic outlined in Earth 2025,
with hurricane sized swarms of locust, firestorms in Las Vegas, massive cholera out breaks in the 3rd world are the primer on this fron,

Rick Ballard

Greek election liveblog at UK Telegraph. The Brits are fortunate to still have actual reporting.

BTW - the Greek vote isn't 'life or death for the EU', it's just an attempt to set a firm date for the funeral.


Obama is rooting for the conservatives to win in Greece, right?

Boy that must fry him.


Well Syriza did wear out it's welcome quite quickly, and of the Golden Dawn, the less said the better, as it is an echo of Greece's darker era,


--Obama is rooting for the conservatives to win in Greece, right?

Boy that must fry him.--

Sort of, since 'conservative' in Greece means only slightly to the left of the Dem party while leftist means about what it did in Mao's China.


The Slimes commemorates Dads in an odd way this Father's Day, LUN.


and in an even odder way, here (LUN)


Well the New Democracy, is awfully wet, basically the same names going back to the prewar era, Tsaldaris, Karamanlis, et al


So Greece will have another new government and nothing will really change. That ought to be worth a couple hundred points and a couple of weeks.

Happy Father's Day to all the JOM Dad's out there.


What's the third installment, they shoot Ward Cleaver?


Yes, but the odds of Syriza and ND getting together, seems unlikely.


Good Morning!

Did you folks see Rush's response to Sam Donaldson for calling Rush a Racist"

"Sam's premise, sadly, is ignorant, simplistic, clichéd, predictable and wrong. The President's ideas are what I oppose, not his skin color, which I couldn't care less about. He's the President of the United States and his race does not inoculate or immunize him from substantive critique."



Right, we would feel the same way, if they were coming from Dean, who bleeds plaid, or
John Kerry,


I hope no one finds this offensive,

this version of the Lord's Prayer to our universal Father is beautiful



Sort of, since 'conservative' in Greece means only slightly to the left of the Dem party

Oh I know, I was just referring to the name.

I really wish I could get a handle on what this means in the big pix.


Happy Father's Day to all our JOM fathers and Grandpas.


I second that, Sara! Happy Father's Day.
And what a splendid day it is.

That piece was awesome!!!

Thomas Collins

Great link, Chubby.


Chubby, thank you.
Beautiful indeed.


Who would you vote for as the most moronic over the hill newsie, Donaldson or Rather?



Maybe Mel and Rick can chime in but my 2 cents.

Think of the Euro as Fannie and Freddie but on a more grand scale. The sovereign debt of various European countries is on the books of other countries banks and central bank. YIKE! The comparison to Fannie and Freddie is that the preferred shares of each were held as tier 1 capital in local and regional banks and when Paulson loosed the bazooka it crushed about a dozen of them all of which needed TARP funding. The agency bonds were also held by foreign central banks so the Fed had to vacuum up a nontrivial number. As the PIIGS get downgraded it puts pressure on other countries central banks and banks to raise capital. The other problem is that there is nothing like the FDIC in European counties so when a bank fails the deposits could, maybe, eventually be replaced. So a bank panic becomes a serious crisis when deposits start flowing out (I think Greece and Spain are in the middle of a slow bank run and that the worry is that it both picks up pace and spreads to Italy and others).

In the big picture I think that it means-DOOM. The only way for the European countries to fix their problems is to gain control over their own currency-devalue and restructure-and take the pain now. Over here-who knows.

Thomas Collins

Despite her young age, Clarice, I'm writing in Soledad O'Brien for most over-the-hill newsie.


Tagg Romney and the rest of the boys talk about Dad.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

How can we get Clarice's Fathers' Day Pieces to the Issa and Grassley committees's investigative staffs?

That article could be exhibit 1 for Holder's impeachment.

Captain Hate

Who would you vote for as the most moronic over the hill newsie, Donaldson or Rather?

Dear God, the most perverted anti-Sophie's Choice. Was it "Internet Day" in the codgers rest home when Sam contacted Zsa Zsa's gazette?


Jim: Email it directly to the Committee or post a link to Issa on Twitter or Facebook.


lol Cap!

Rick Ballard


I can't add to your analysis. I've noticed the Fed making some same day lunges at pure monetization wrt Treasury auctions, providing up to 20% of auction proceeds in order to keep interest rates down. QE3 is warming up in the wings.


The problem in Greece is that they will end up with another coalition government that can accomplish nothing. More stalemate. That is what is not needed.So rather than the sharp blow a Syriza victory might had effected, it will muddle ever more deeply into the morass.

Privately,the ECB and EU are saying they will back off on the severe austerity and Ben and Draghi are dying for some more of that good ole QE.


Thanks, Jim. According to the directory of the 2011 Congress Issa's direct phone no is 202 225-3906;His fax no is 202 225-3303

Grassley's direct phone no is 202 224-3744; his fax no is 202-224-6020.


"our beautiful blond bombshell, Jane,"

Has anyone advised Donald Trump and The New Zealand Miss Universe Pageant we may have another Kiwi contestant from Sturbridge?

Jane, How do you feel about World Peace? How's your Maori?

And what the heck happened to the picture on Clarice's Pieces of that little orange bag of chocolate? Where is this?

Its disappeared!!!

On a day when Science tells us that eating a bar of chocolate a day will prevent 10,000 Heart Attacks per year why is Clarice's package of chocolate pieces being pulled off the Web?

THis is an outrage as well as a Health Hazard!

Get Trump on line 1, get Mayor Bloomberg on Line 2.


--Best to everyone--oh, dear Iggy..Is it time for us to send you a dvd of Father of the Bride?I really like the Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor version--

I don't think so, clarice...not yet. She doesn't seem like she's ready.
And I think we have that DVD. If not I've seen it enough times I ought to have it nearly memorized. :)


--"our beautiful blond bombshell, Jane,"--

I especially liked that picture of her in her yoga pants awhile back. Hot cha cha.


And another thing@#$%^

I've had on the US Open Golf Thing for an hour now and all it is is guys jabbering. Same thing yesterday. Had the channel off of baseball for about 2 hours and all it is is old farts blabbing about the Open.

Hell, you can't even spoil a good walk watching that 'cause nobody's walking---they're all sitting in studio LawnChairs doing nothing.

Bah humbug.

I'm eating 2 chocolate bars today just to calm down. Grrrrrrrrrr.


That Mazower book reminded me of this, which is deja vu all over again;



You can say that again, lol;



Rodney "King's fiancée is telling friends King had been drinking and even smoked weed in the hours just before his death."

Can't we all get a Bong?


I miss my Dad, but even more, I regret so much that he never got to know his Grandson. They are so much alike and would have had so many good times together, had he lived to share them.



Thanks. Now I will need to read that about 46 time to understand it. And what I really need to figure out is what it signals here.

Jack is Back (Again)!

Happy Father's Day all.

For those of you out there who have been putting Fatherhood off for whatever reason please reconsider do you and your future progency a favor and have kids, plenty of them.

Special Father's Day for me since Frederick served our regular 10:00 mass. Proud Papa.

Interesting find at the tables in the gahtering space of church. Prayer cards for "Religious Freedom in America". One has the picture of the flag and another one a picture of the Capitol building. Normally, you get these prayer cards for the recently deceased, patron saints, etc. But this is the first time I have ever seen a prayer card for something political or outside a liturgical relation. Don't know if Gmax or Sandy or others are seeing the same thing in their diocese.

Another indicator of the Bishop's push-back. IMHO, I believe Obama will back off if the Supremes don't kill the whole thing but leave loophole provisions like this one in place or that part of the law that allows the HHS mandate. He wins nothing and loses at least 10% of the Catholics who voted for him including lots of Black Catholics, believe it or not. This coupled with gay marriage doesn't make them happy.


Didn't realize it was taking this long,



--For those of you out there who have been putting Fatherhood off for whatever reason please reconsider do you and your future progency a favor and have kids, plenty of them.--

Amen, Jack.


According to the directory of the 2011 Congress Issa's direct phone no is 202 225-3906;His fax no is 202 225-3303

Grassley's direct phone no is 202 224-3744; his fax no is 202-224-6020.

If you send a fax, attach a personal note, they say handwriting goes directly to the top.

Are you guys making fun of me? I don't even know what yoga pants look like.


I'm rooting for Beau to take the Open - or Lee Westwood, or Furyk, or a comeback from Tiger. Apparently, I'm easy.


You would think the reverse would be true, but
then again, they would know wouldn't they/



((Are you guys making fun of me?))

no way, that picture of you, posted by Caro, was tres cute, as Clarice said

I didn't see any yoga pants picture so have no klew what that's about


For those of you out there who have been putting Fatherhood off for whatever reason . Have you been talking to my mom?

Beasts of England

All the success, money, material goods, accolades, ad infinitum, are complete bullshit when compared to the incredible joy, wonderful responsibility, privilege and honor of raising another human being.

And for those of us who often cry at the thought of missing their Dads, let's be thankful that they meant so much, and did so well for us, that such feelings are the result...

Jack is Back (Again)!


Think about it. Who are you going to teach how to shoot? Your Mom? Your nephew? The guy on the backhoe?

No. You need a son or daughter to show the benefits of being armed and dangerous especially in the wilds of Waukesha County, Wisconsin where men are men and the sheep run wild:)


Great Clarice's pieces, and I just had a nice Father's Day gift, my son mowed the lawn!!!!!
(and the Yankees won)


Iggy, they would shoot Ward Cleaver if they could, white married hetero Christian male-- everything the Slimes hates


Thanks, peter. Now, that's a father's day gift to remember.


The crucifying continues.

Local Lefty Blog story highlights our Imperial EPA in action.

A small Unalaska town out in the Aleutians must come up with 50 Million dollars to comply with EPA mandated Water Treatment Projects.

You have to go to this previous story to get more of the details of our run amuck EPA.

Total cost was initially $158 Million without taking into account the $38,000 per day fine, but they hired a Washington DC Law Firm to deal with that (nice racket DC!)

EPA is making them build a 1 size fits all Treatment system that partially uses ultraviolet light to kill organisms that apparently do not exist in Unlaska but do exist in the lower 48.

Also this: "Whereas the previous permit required Unalaska to remove 30 percent of the organic material contained in wastewater, the new permit erroneously demanded that the city remove far more of the material -- 70 percent...State environmental regulators told the EPA they had screwed up, but for reasons unknown the EPA never modified the bad numbers..."

"EPA is not basing its position to require this new treatment on human health or safety," (Unalaska Mayor) Marquardt said. "It seems to be primarily an issue of forcing Unalaska to comply with national standards and guidelines."

Marquardt: "It is physically, humanly impossible for us to do what you are asking us to do to," Marquardt said she explained to the agency, adding "and by the way, guys, it's based on mistake....it does not matter that a mistake was made. It does not matter that we would have to clean out our bank accounts," Marquardt said. "All of these things don't matter. If they want to play hardball they can because they have the law behind them."

Marquardt: The city is allowed to release 2,700 pounds per day into a "mixing zone" -- an area of water large enough to dilute the material to the point where it does no harm, she said. Compare that, she said, to the 196,000 pounds per day of fish and crab pieces that one of the local seafood processers is allowed to dump and the overall impact should be clear.

"Nobody is killing the bay, and that's the point," Marquardt said."

As for compassion from the EPA:

According to Marquardt, along the way EPA took a decidedly adversarial stance in its dealings with the city. At one time, when a settlement was close and the city was to hold a meeting to finalize the deal, a volcanic eruption disrupted flights and prevented Unalaska's city leaders from getting to the meeting. But EPA, according to Marquardt, was unsympathetic. Refusing to give extra time for the meeting to take place, the agency told city leaders "you missed the deadline," she said.


Who would you vote for as the most moronic over the hill newsie, Donaldson or Rather?
Sam. No question.

woo woo

To be fair, I am sure that Obama would have made a cool father's day video...if he knew who his daddy was.

hit and run

and I just had a nice Father's Day gift, my son mowed the lawn!!!!!

Oh for the day hit and run jr can take over that duty... I mowed today. I think mine was the only mower running in the neighborhood. Just got a new weed eater. Took me over an hour to get the line fed in correctly. Grrr.

When we moved here six years ago and I bought my riding mower, I loved mowing.

That magic has worn off.


Geau Beau!


Quiz Time:

Bogey, Bogey, Double Bogey.

1) A Humphrey Bogart Film Fest, or

2) Tiger on the first 3 holes today

hit and run

In other sports news, LaDanian Tomlinson to retire after 11 years.

I always liked him. My dad (happy father's day!), mom and sister all went to TCU.

He is currently 5th all time in rushing, 3rd all time in TD's behind Rice and Emmitt.

Looking at current active players -- he should hold onto both those positions for the foreseeable future.


Happy Father's Day!

Has it only been 11 years since LT was a rookie? I think he was on my fantasy team that year.

I'm staying out of the living room where Michelle Obama is on my TV set. She showed up in an episode of iCarly that my kids were watching. Pukebox.

hit and run

Michelle Obama is on my TV set

On your tv? Holy cow, get her off of there! She'll surely break it. How'd she get in your house?


Apt for Father's Day:

Joe Biden's son Beau proves he can "open mouth insert foot" as well as his Dad.

Beau Biden gaffes on attack meant for Romney, hits NC’s Dem Governor Instead.

"Beau Biden tried to attack presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, but the punch ended up hitting North Carolina’s Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue instead."

“I’ve never met a successful politician who didn’t run again,” Biden said during his keynote address at the North Carolina Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner, in an attempt to attack Romney’s decision against running for re-election after his sole term as Massachusetts’ governor."

"The crowd “collectively groaned,” according to the Raleigh News and Observer, because (Governor Bev) Perdue had decided against running for re-election this year."

God luv ya' Joe, errr Beau, errr whatever.


Well I did say Geau Beau. Guess I should have specified which one but it's all good. :)


Does the Olympic Midget have a clause in his contract specifying a minimum number of words in his coverage of everything with "Olympic" in its title? Geeez


Who would you vote for as the most moronic over the hill newsie

False choice.


Happy Father's Day!

Funny video for all you JOM Dads. (It's A Dad's Life)



"Who would you vote for as the most moronic over the hill newsie"

I give up.

I go back and forth, first this one, then that one, but they're both so insufferably self-important and deluded I wind up back at square one. I'll see if the pup's have an answer. Bye.

Beasts of England

Three golfers currently in the top-ten who enjoyed their college careers in one particular (non-Lohan) state...


Got two matching lava lamps for father's day. :-D

Jack is Back (Again)!


Of all the progressive legislation that has caused the greatest damage to America it is Nixon's EPA. In fact, getting rid of them will do more good than getting rid of the Energy or Education departments.

The destroy the economy, so even if you get a terrible education you still won't be able to get a terrible job. Plus you will have to get to the job on a cowpie methane fueled bus.

hit and run

The fried snapper from last night was even better reheated.

And mrs hit and run made some cabbage that was amazing.

And for those keeping score at home, I'm at 33 tabs.

But don't please keep score at home.


To me the best part of Father's Day is the reminder of how much better men our wives and children have taught us fathers to be


Madonna's Tour Demands

If her MDNA tour demands are any indication, it seems Madonna is still a Material Girl! In Touch has learned the pop star’s backstage rider states she is traveling with a whopping 200-person entourage including 30 bodyguards, personal chefs, a yoga instructor, an acupuncturist and even an on-site dry cleaner.

That’s not all! An insider tells In Touch that when Madonna’s performing, she expects her dressing room to come equipped with 20 international phone lines, be draped in a special fabric and filled with lilies and white and light-pink roses that have stems trimmed to precisely six inches.

After the show, the 53-year-old will retire to her hotel, which absolutely must feel like her home away from home.

“She requires all furniture be removed from the rooms and replaced with her own pieces that she has shipped in,” reveals another insider to In Touch.

I can understand all of it except the phone line clause.

hit and run

Belated, but...

Posted by: Chubby | June 17, 2012 at 12:23 PM

It is an honor to be mentioned by you in such a comment ... and with those others. Honestly,I'm beyond flattered.


Would you believe the guy promoting this is a sheriff who claims he is a republican?



Charlie (Colorado)

Weeds? Couldn't he, of all people, find some dope?

You kids.

Charlie (Colorado)

Call me crazy, but I think an "I hate illegals" approach would be very successful.

Yeah, you're crazy.


I especially liked that picture of her in her yoga pants awhile back. Hot cha cha.

You must have missed the one of her and Caro sitting at the bar. Now that one was HOT!

Beasts of England

@Stephanie - Did you suggest the #ShutUpJohnny yesterday?

This blabber is painful! And not just by Johnny. It's a visual medium - the picture tells the story. If I hear '...breaks toward Lake Merced' one more time I'm gonna turn the volume all the way down.

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