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June 03, 2012



I know you'll be having a great time, DoT. Next time take Hit and me with you--we are natural born cowpokes.


MT-please read today's post. This is not a possibility. This is not a one place or another. There has been a consistent attempt over the last several decades to use the power of the federal government and our money to take away the ability to think.

This assault on the logico-mathematical, conceptual ability of the human mind is so well organized it is frightening. I actually feel bad for the Ga legislature. They pass what they are told "must pass to be competitive" and it's like getting the blueprint to the cutting edge of radical ed reform with the current vocabulary.

Other places the targeting is what districts are agreeing to do per what I call the Gypsy Supers because there really is more money with each position. The new Dallas super did not want to give up his side consulting business that qualifies for federal funds giving "turnaround" advice. So he keeps that side business but cannot engage in business with Dallas. Well as long as he pushes the most aggressive form of radical ed reform, what I call Tranformational Outcomes Based Education, in its broken up and renamed form, the accreditors have the schools and districts use his company. He thinks interlocking Gears make a nice emblem too.

There is no property this guys respect-not mental or physical. With them, property almost becomes a burden more than an asset as you pay taxes to support the parasites without free use.


Jane, 10 minutes from CT? Maybe I should fly to Hartford next time I go to New Haven ( NY airports suck, & my college roommate lives in New Haven). Now that I think about it, it's just as easy to get to Cambridge via Hartford/ Sturbridge than put up with Logan again anyway.


I always fly out of Hartford or Providence if I can. You aren't flying to Boston to go to New Haven are you?


Jane, last time I went to New Haven I flew into New Haven via Philadelphia. Plusses: avoided LaGuardia, avoided Conn Limo, found good cheesesteak in Phila Airport. Minuses: had time to find good cheesesteak in Phila Airport. Actually the layover was long enough I could have taken Septa into town and had lunch with my brother.


You're all Breitbart now, or is it Zimmerman?

Four grand for a limited edition print of
the legendary hero.

Or, you can get an anti-Obama bumper sticker for $25, suckers.



I learned something new last night.

Acronym: HENRY stands for High Earner, Not Rich Yet


This American Freedom Alliance conference sounds right up your alley, rse:

Various breakout sessions will focus on topics such as “non-governmental organizations as purveyors of global governance,” whether Europe is a model for transnational global governance, the Green movement, Agenda 21, and global warming alarmism as fronts for global governance, and how rules governing the Internet can also be used to undermine national sovereignty

Came back from seeing 'For Greater Glory, a very powerful film, highly recommend, and the
acts of the villain Calles, did have certain powerful resonances, to others beside me, Andy Garcia's dedication to the project, is evident in every frame, the Cristeros, are much like Firefly's BrownCoats, a rag tag band
that grow into a formidable force.


Alice-I am glad they are having that conference. The arrogance in this area is astounding. The motto seems to be if we do this in the open and admit what we are doing, no one can accuse us of conspiring.

Education is undoubtedly a weapon of choice as is climate change/AGW/freezing to death before that.

Vaclav Klaus is right. We are having a global battle over human freedom. I think that's why there's so much anger at the Tea Party. The aspirations go so much deeper than just spending our money.


Have we ever had a better lefty here than dublindave? He's honest about his side's aims to enslave productive citizens and transfer their confiscated wealth to Dem voters; he's rarely if ever insulting, isn't nearly as dumb as he acts, and has a lively sense of humor. I don't recommend reading his posts, but I wanted to go on record with that denigration of the other lefties I've seen on this site.

Am I being unfair to anyone more deserving?


I should mention that he also had the skill to construct a set of rabbit ears so massive as to be able to pick up "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" from his house in Ireland, and surely that's not easy.


There's a dialogue between Calles (Blades) and
Gorostiada (Garcia), late in the film, due to an intercession by Ambassador Morrow, where
Calles, tells him why are you doing this, and he says for freedom, and he further says this about who rules, to which Calles, in his own
manner, says 'I won'

Danube of Thought

I believe he is precisely asdumb as he acts.


Heh narciso!!


--I should mention that he also had the skill to construct a set of rabbit ears so massive as to be able to pick up "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" from his house in Ireland, and surely that's not easy.--

Is he back from France already?


In case you're wondering, Longoria, who was sent on a junket promoting the film, but was more busy flacking Obama, is relatively sparse
in the production,


Anyone know anyone in the Boilermakers Union?

Their bosses seem to live pretty high on the hog.


"Thomas found at least half a dozen Jones relatives, ranging from a brother to a son and a neice, on the union payroll and all with hefty compensation packages."

It is a wonder there is a single American willing to pay union dues for this ripoff.
If the Obama regime had their way, every American worker would be forced into this union slavery.


Sara, LOL. The main thing I learned in grad school was I don't need high earnings to be happy. However, I do love to create wealth when I can figure out a way to do so.


War in the White House: attorney general Eric Holder and top Obama adviser David Axelrod 'had to be separated'

Eric Holder, who heads Mr Obama's justice department, is said to have become "incensed" after being accused by David Axelrod of complaining publicly about political interference in his office.

"That's bull****," Mr Holder said in a confrontation after a cabinet meeting, according to author Daniel Klaidman. He writes: "The two men stood chest to chest. It was like a school yard fight".

The relatively mild-mannered Mr Axelrod is said to have told the attorney general: "Don't ever, ever accuse me of trying to interfere with the operations of the Justice Department", a taboo in US politics.

LOL. A "taboo." Hahaha.

Manuel Transmission

rse, earlier today I sent a link out to my wider email circle with today's posting. The problem in explaining it to that group is that it is abstracted a layer or two from their direct experience -- given that most don't have school age kids. I try to tie it to Agenda 21 and other such crap to get it closer to home. Obviously, that abstraction is key to their success at getting this stuff under the radar.

He writes that Mr Holder and Mr Axelrod were separated by Valerie Jarrett, a White House adviser and confidante to Mr Obama. Ms Jarrett "pushed her way between the two men, her sense of decorum disturbed, ordering them to 'take it out of the hallway'," says Klaidman.

Bwa-Hahahah! Please stop!


I sent this to Jane earlier in the day, but this editorial is so foul that I have to post it. Here's the link:


It is the lead article in the editorial section in today's Sacramento Bee, the local McClatchy bird-cage liner. It claims that tea party people are dumb, racist, and influenced by evil Fox among other things.

This is written by our better, a Harvard Ph.D. student in Government Studies or some such.

Please take your blood pressure medication first.


Considering the group she has been afffiliated with, has been host to more than a few charlatans, I'm not surprised;



Seriously the most obvious facts escape them;



MT- UNESCO refers to that basic skills plus emotional, affective, instinctive focus as its Quality Basic Education under Education for All and those Millenium Devt Goals. Not to mention the previous post on ESD.

That's the personality that will be fair game for the Agenda 21 shenanigans. I don't think that. They so that.

In australia their equivalent of our common core national standards is called the Core Skills Framework. It started in 2008 and was amended again this year.

Want to guess how well it dovetails with the actual intended implementation here?

I am building up letting people get used to some of the ideas.

hit and run

Maybe I should fly to Hartford next time I go to New Haven

If you do, you simply must fit in time to meet with Boatbuilder.

hit and run

I know you'll be having a great time, DoT. Next time take Hit and me with you--we are natural born cowpokes.

Best idea I heard all day.


Hit, absolutely. I'd love to meet BoatBuilder and the entire MA contingent as well. The key to my plan is making sure Jane & her fellow cruise people have a reason to return to the US early Nov, the football game is just before Thanksgiving.

Manuel Transmission

DoT is about 40 miles SW of where I cowpoked every summer from about '56 till '63 at the mouth of the Judith River along the Missouri breaks. Rattlesnakes and prickly-pear cactus.

Danube of Thought

You got it, MT--we're in the Judith River Basin, and bounded on one side by the Lewis and Clark National Forest. Everything verygreen right now. Stanford isabout 15 miles norh of us.


In a disturbing note out of the US House this past week Democrats told women that they didn't even have to declare the unborn child an inconvenience, they could kill it just for being female.

"War on women: Democrats defeat ban on Chinese-style sex selective abortions"

"Baby girls grow up to be women. Dead babies don't grow up at all."


I just do not understand how an American could vote for these leftists.


Ha... I see that Janet has been reposting my facebook posts... good on ya!

Run by to say miss y'all, but I've been drafted to be the new President of the Ladies Golf Association at our club and I've been swamped with getting it restarted (the cat wrangling was unsuccessful before and it died a few years back). Women! Sheesh! We'll see if I'm any better at being a cowpoke catpoke.

BTW K shot a 77 last week for a new low round.

Melinda Romanoff


Melinda Romanoff

Not for your efforts, Stephanie, that was for featherbreath.


Ig-- belated happy B-Day to young Miss Ig;

Henry-- good luck tomorrow; your next trip to New Haven-- definitely think about flying into Bradley Int'l; 30 minute drive to Yale Bowl from there.

Danube of Thought

Minus 16 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 3.

Danube of Thought


"One of the few Republicans in the country who's been tirelessly pushing for the implementation of Obamacare at the state level has been tapped to head Mitt Romney's transition team, should he become president.

"Former HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt, and his consulting group Leavitt Partners, are the primary advocates within Republican circles for implementation of Obamacare's exchanges. It just so happens that his consultancy is one of the major beneficiaries of the taxpayer funded gold mine of hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange implementation grants. But that's a coincidence, of course."

Danube of Thought

Where is everybody?

Jeez--us cowboys are up keeping the West safe for Americans, and all you tinhorns back east are still in the sack.

Danube of Thought

P.S.--cowboys don't participate in Taubes threads.




That's terrible, DoT.


DoT, your link to San Jose's vote on pension reform inspired me to call my most liberal friend. He works for the state fire agency and has been trying for years to get on the local San Jose dept.

When we last talked, I felt as though a stunt double was filling in for him. I never thought he could be so down on public employee unions, but he was. He said the department could have kept all their employees, not closed stations, and hired new people if they agreed to some small contribution.

The union insisted in not playing along so stations were closed and firefighters were laid off.

I will call him today for an update.

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