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June 03, 2012


Visible Serf Collars.

When the government can no longer pay for the drugs to treat hypertension, obesity, atherosclerotic heart disease and diabetes, it will say 'Work for Food', and dole out nutrition in return for physical exercise.


Do we know for a fact that 'Gary Taubes' is not a nom de plume for you know who?


Good, Cause I love salt.


Salt in the wound:

"The “BIRTHGATE” scandal is still unfolding after CNN committed an act of “Fraud” upon the American people on May 30 th 2012 by writing, producing, editing and broadcasting a report with a microfiche copy of a long form birth certificate knowing it is not Barack Obama’s yet claiming it was.

refer to this microfiche at the 1 minute 22 second point in the video used by CNN as (Exhibit A) for it is evidence of “Fraud” by claiming it belongs to the putative President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama when they knew that it did not. CNN had also previously included (Exhibit A) in another report where they referred to it as “another man’s” and the use of (Exhibit A) in their report on the 30 th was wholly designed to mislead the public into believing Obama is entitled to citizenship status needed for eligibility to the Office of the President of the United States.

CNN claims (Exhibit A), which is a (negative) copy of microfiche of a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH was released by Obama 4 years ago, although he did not. What Obama purportedly released in 2008 was an online digital image of a COLB or Certification of Live Birth. They are NOT the same. He has never released microfiche. After the original digital image of the COLB became a problem because it was missing the raised seal then later photographs of other short-form documents (COLB) were released having their own problems.

analysis will prove with certainty that the copy of the microfiche CNN is showing in this report is NOT Obama's IF his parents are Barack Hussein Obama and Stanley Ann Dunham.

Here's how:

Based on the proportional scale of the middle names on the microfiche in this report I was able to determine that they do not match the middle names in the online copy of Obama’s purported long form birth certificate"

Images at the site are literally literal even though they are images.



Bless you, TK. Enjoy your posts. :)

From yahoo-news headlines: "George Zimmerman has returned to Florida and will turn himself in to authorities by Sunday's deadline"

Wait. Where has he been?


Rubber: meet road.
The OPM drought gets ugly.
The Stockton City Council announced Wednesday that they will look at bankruptcy contingency plans after Wells Fargo seized the new city hall building.

The city paid $35 million to buy the 8-story building, but was not able to move in because of its money problems, and recently stopped making debt payments all together. [[ should that be "altogether? ]]


...Salt consumption is said to raise blood pressure, cause hypertension and increase the risk of premature death.

I look forward to lots of PSAs showing loser Americans that consume salt. Hopefully they will feature amputees, people with scars from heart surgery, & maybe some people picking out coffins for their premature deaths with their kids watching!


Really interesting link, TK. Thanks.


Well, if Obama said he was born in Kenya, who am I to disagree?


Eat healthy, die anyway.


Wait. Where has he been?

South-Central LA


Eat healthy, die anyway.

That's the irony of the whole healthcare debate. We all die of something.

Has it ever been shown that smokers or the obese or whatever have increased end-of-life medical costs than the average "routine" death from "old age?"

Carol Herman

Politicians are so corrupt. And, so are their "media jackasses."

You think the NY Times is a respected newspaper?

I think everything you see as news you see first on the Internet.

As to WHY politicians are doing this ... is that they are looking for MONEY. From people who "make things." So it goes into their pockets.

There's no excuse for sugar (ethanol) in gasoline! And, farmers aren't growing corn for food. They're growing it because it makes chemical additives. And, it replaces cane sugar! You have to go to france to get better tasting cakes and pastries.

Jim Eagle

Maybe the USDA is actually talking about the dangers of bath salts and effect it has on your diet like the South Beach cannibal:)


Eat healthy, die anyway.

True, but if "healthy" now means well-marbled steaks, eggs, cheese, cream, butter, instead of wheat germ, brown rice, and skim milk, I might just get the will to live longer instead of throw myself in front of a bus out of boredom.


Do we know for a fact that 'Gary Taubes' is not a nom de plume for you know who?

Well based on their writing style I'd say no way. I find Taubes very hard to read and TM a joy to read. I'm very interested in what Taubes has to say and frankly learn more about it here than from his books.


-Well based on their writing style I'd say no way. I find Taubes very hard to read and TM a joy to read.--

That's the genius of TM; write the other stuff poorly so no one suspects.
Obviously he's craftier than Barry and Ayers.


--Has it ever been shown that smokers or the obese or whatever have increased end-of-life medical costs than the average "routine" death from "old age?--

Don't know about end of life med costs but they save Social Security for sure and possibly Medicare substantial amounts by croaking early.


That's true, Ignatz, but once again with Prop 29 we hear the unrelenting "Cancer Kills People so Fund This Boondoggle."

Everyone dies. Do these terrible things that are being stamped out make a difference in the medical cost?


Do what we tell you to do until we tell you to do something completely different.


Here's an example of how lousy medical reporting is.
A new cancer drug supposedly adds several months to cancer progression in advanced breast cancer. Every story I've seen acts as though it is for all breast cancers. Only the one I linked mentions the trial was on women who have an over expression of HER2Neu which is about 20% of breast cancers and even it doesn't mention it probably would do nothing for HER2 negative cancers.
Anyone reading these stories would assume this drug would be useful on the other 80% of breast cancers which I kind of doubt is the case.


I think it's dear that TM and Glenn try so hard to save their readers' lives. Sweet. Like the dads they are.TM, however, unlike Glenn, doesn't go so far as to cover survivalist stuff.

If you intend to live forever through all catastrophes you have to read both of them.


--If you intend to live forever through all catastrophes you have to read both of them.--

What should I read if I intend to go out in a blaze of glory like Jimmy Cagney at the end of White Heat;

Made it Ma, top o' the world!


RIP Richard Dawson


It wasn't salt that got him.


Just remember, those extra years you get by eating healthy are the ones you spend in an old folks home, crapping in a diaper and trying to remember what an erection felt like.


--Just remember, those extra years you get by eating healthy are the ones you spend in an old folks home...-

I agree [he said, five minutes after ordering some more lycopene and beta carotene]. :)


Ed Gillespie doing a nice job on FOX disputing Chris Wallace's "facts" as to the job creation record of Romney in Massachusetts.

I don't know who is right or wrong, but I like Gillespie's refusal to accept Chris Wallace's premises. I like how he is telling Wallace that Wallace's facts are incorrect and lets get the real facts out there to verify which of the 2 of us is correct. That's fine by me.


I maintain that medical "science" is the origin of junk science. Never fear, today's illness or cure du jour will change next week or month. It's kind of like Obama's promises - there's always an expiration date.


Do what we tell you to do until we tell you to do something completely different.

Hah! So true, matt.


I think the Wallace facts are a "composite". They took the economy he inherited and averaged the result. Gillespie is right. I have no memory of things here doing anything but booming when Romney was governor - then again my once steel trap memory sucks.


--I maintain that medical "science" is the origin of junk science.--

I think the death of the concept of uncertainty is the problem.
When ideology and desired results run science, uncertainty is either ignored altogether or tacked on as a fig leaf of authenticity when the idea behind it (ie, everything we're saying may very well be total bunk) is in reality ignored.


Well, they're rethinking cholesterol again--the god and bad are apparently, maybe, could be, both bad.

OTOH, we seem to have licked prostate cancer;

a ear friends has inoperable prostate cancer , and I hope to heaven this saves him,


True, Iggy. Read the Emperor of all malades about the history of cancer treatment in the US to see how that works..thank goodness we now have biochemists, not surgeons working on cancer issues.
And now a little sherbet for the fibonacci folks


"Emperor of all Maladies"

(Another) Barbara

Yeah, that final tussle with the G. Reaper won't end in a tie for any of us. But that's not why we should heed Gary Taubes's counsel. We should heed his counsel so we can be as vigorous, active, lean and cute as we can manage, so our final decade doesn't involve diapers, drooling and diabetes. I'm probably the oldest participant on JOM ((sob)) but you kids in your 50s and 60s have lots to look forward to. Play your cards right and salt your steaks, eggs and butter but run like hell from grains and sugar.


Re: The upcoming Transit Of Venus

Henry 2 threads back said that John Phillips Sousa wrote a March about The Transit of Venus, and that he (Henry) is going to play it come the Transit.

Cool, Henry!

That got me hunting down other music inspired by the Transit of Venus. This group Transit of Venus has their own little new-agy tunes for the transit, but in this linked story they look back in History trying to find examples of previous music inspired by the Transit, and suggest one of Bach's tunes may fit the bill.

Of interest is that they said John Phillips Sousa actually wrote a sort of Sci-Fi novella about it. They say it is awful.

Here is Sousa's book The Transit Of Venus, which you can scroll through.

Who Knew---John Phillips Sousa channeled Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Have any of you guys ever read it?

Old Lurker

DrJ IIRC you and Janet will die sooner, your end of life costs will be about the same, you will draw less SS and Medicare, you will live longer on your own money than on mine, and the taxes you pay on those cigs reduce the tax burdens on the rest of us.

Smoke away.

Pass the salt.



I'm probably the oldest participant on JOM

You are probably the only person who looks 40 years younger than your actual age. If you can attribute that to Taubes, I'm in.


Daddy -

You can't read what you didn't know existed, eh?


--Play your cards right and salt your steaks, eggs and butter but run like hell from grains and sugar.--

I just ate a Twinkie.


Re: The comments on Queen Elizabeth upon reaching her 60th on the Throne.

The UK Telegraph has a story with the following Headline: In an era of feeble bishops, Elizabeth the Christian Queen has helped keep the faith alive

Basically says she has been the sole voice for the faith in the country because she's had such a lousy string of ArchBishop's of Canterbury---about as senseless as her son, Chuck.

I haven't been a follower of her ArchBishop's all that long but I certainly know the current resigning one is a theological and cultural mess. Speaking half facetiously, it is too bad she could not appoint Radio Talk Show Host Dennis Prager to the coming vacancy in Canterbury. Sure he is an American and sure he is a Jew, both obvious disqualifiers, but in his measured rational, reassuring, confident manner, he does more intelligent and honest commentary promoting the positive nature and accomplishments of Christianity than almost anyone else I can recall.

To use Clarice's word from today, it is as if the current ArchBishop of Canterbury has an oikophobia of Christianity.

So here's to hoping that when the Lizzie (who is not an Indian) picks the next Archbishop of Canterbury, she picks a guy who is in fact as knowledgable about Christianity as Obama thinks he is knowledgable about the Jews.


Daddy, apparently the Archbishop of Canterbury is chosen by the PM. So I guess Tony Blair was responsible for the current one. I'm not aware of any rule that says a Jew from California can't be appointed.


Problem with cancer headlines is progress is so incremental that something that does any good is heralded as the 'end' of cancer.
Here's what a Bloomberg story said;

Men treated with Zytiga plus steroids who had not received chemotherapy gained at least 16 months before the cancer resumed spreading, twice the 8 month progression-free survival seen in those given steroids alone, according to research presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago.

That means you get an extra eight months before you have to go on chemo after which your options have become few and far between.
sixteen months is better than eight but doesn't seem to warrant the headlines.



You earned your Salary with this post:)




Brevity is the soul of wit.


Actually, she may still be the nominal head of state for some Indians, daddy, both of the Canadian kind and the East Asian kind. That whole Commonwealth thing.

She is surely more Indian that Elizabeth, "Flipper/Fauxcahontas" Warren and more on the up and up in her real estate dealings.


That better not be your puppy JIB!


Is bandit the gay superhero?


"I'm probably the oldest participant on JOM ((sob))"

Sniff, sniff...pee you!

Another Bub, you stink!

(That's a complement:)

You can smell how old someone is, according to a study which found young people have a stronger and more unpleasant scent than the elderly.

Mark Folkestad

Bandit, I already have several Bibles, thank you! One is eight feet away on my lamp table, and I've bookmarked online Bible sites. Sheesh.

(Another) Bub

Another Bub, you stink!

Why thank you kindly, daddy. Next to Jane's, that's about the nicest compliment I've ever received. (I'm blushing attractively, I hope, and scentfully)


Joe Nocera of the NYT has an interesting opinion piece on how the DoJ and IRS have been going after the small fry and letting the big fish in the mortgage crisis go scot-free.LUN.

Having had some proximity to Mozillo and watching his predations ca. 2005-2006 the stench was overwhelming.

Jim Eagle


Bandit can't cut and paste but he can type:)

Appropiately named BTW, since my kitchen towels are not safe hung on the bars. Find them all over the house with his muzzle in them.

How about Tiger? I know MarkO is delighted.

Woo Woo

Pale face calls it High Fructose Corn Syrup, she calls it High Fructose Maize Syrup...

"Elizabeth Warren Says She Will Be MA’s First Native American Senator – Cherokees Disagree (Video)"



Speaking of chow you wouldn't normally think of as healthy...

Sausage powers British climbers to Denali summit

"Two mountain climbers from northern England...credit the hometown saveloy sausage and pies for building their climbing power."

Here's the Saveloy sausage: Yuck:(


Barry cements his man of the people street cred with Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker?
How did Mittens turn Axelrod and Plouffe to become double agents?
He's got to have something on them and he's playin it the Chicago way.


Janet Daley at the Telegraph again hits the nail on the head regarding the EU and describes the fundamental irreconcilable contradiction that has always existed at the heart of the EU project as well as I've seen it put.


Can the story of Mitt Romney's Love Child be far behind?



Unbelieveable shot by Tiger. I wanted to scream "He's back"!

I had no idea Bandit was such a scholar.

Jim Eagle


Those are great "wurst" believe me. The Jordies have them for breakfast with boiled tomatoe, mushroom, baked beans, fried egg and hashers. Nice up there on the Tynside. Its where Newcastle Brown Ale originates and the special Jordie dialect is spoken. I'll pay for your night on the town in Sunderland if you understand one complete spoken sentance by a Jordie:)


Daddy, Peter was going to play the "transit". On Tuesday I will vote then later pop a champaign cork. (You don't want me near a musical instrument plus amp, just trust me on this).

If this double posts, typepad got me.


Democrat Elizabeth Warren told reporters this weekend that if elected she would be the first Native American Senator from Massachusetts.

So what. Again...what special knowledge does a phony 1/32 Cherokee bring to any job? Does she even know ANYTHING about Cherokees? Their sacred rituals? Their old beliefs? How to kill a deer? a rabbit? a toad? Can she fish? Ride a horse bareback? Shoot an arrow? Does she own a pair of moccasins?
Our country has gone insane when we don't just laugh these frauds off the stage.


Watching the boat parade and the Queen's obvious delight. Such big smiles. Makes me feel old though. I remember the day of her coronation. Not because I was so interested in world affairs at the age of 6, but because it was the very first time I ever saw a television brought into a classroom. This was such an important event, an American elementary school thought it important enough to have its students view it live on very snowy tv screens with tinfoil extended rabbit ears.

A little pomp and circumstance is necessary sometimes to remind us all of what was, what is, and what might be. Elizabeth has reigned with dignity in a very undignified world and I salute her.


Remember the good old days when uncertainty was the rule and no one claimed to know more than everybody else. Then science came along...


When Obama brings in Dubya to make himself look better by comparison, you know it's not good.

"Covering a humorous W. at the unveiling of his portrait, the White House press actually seemed nostalgic for the president who bollixed up Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina and the economy — a sure sign that the Obama magic is flagging."


This is funny. From Stephanie on FB -


George Zimmerman has turned himself in and is now back in jail, where his life is at risk every minute of every hour of every day. The man his be cooperative ever step of the way, he has complied with every order, yet somehow he has had to have his bail revoked. Did he violate the judge's order while out, no. Did you do anything to warrant being locked up again on a revocation, no.


Sheesh ... his be = has been

Ralph L

My grandmother used a lot of salt because she didn't have much sense of smell. After decades of high blood pressure and a small stroke at 90, they put her on a low salt diet. A month after hip surgery at 93, she had to go back to the hospital because of dizziness--the cause: a sodium deficiency.

I think the low salt/low fat guidelines should only apply to the percentage of Americans who over-indulge in french fries and fast food.

I've gotten my exercise today from scrolling.


And did you should be did he.

Sorry. Took the dog swimming yesterday and he zigged at the same time I zagged, he head butted my hand hard and now I'm beginning to think that the pain and swelling is indicating a broken hand bone and not just a sprain. Actually, there are two bones involved, the two small ones that lead from the end of my pinkie and ring finger of my left hand. Hurts like hell and getting worse as the day progresses. However, it is the lack of concentration due to the pain and not the restriction on typing that is causing me to make some stupid errors. Getting old sucks!!!!

Manuel Transmission

Newcastle Brown Ale

Wow, I still have a vivid recollection of my first. We were doing race committee on a hot summer day in central Ahia nearly 40 years ago and long before microbreweries. That stuff put a buzz on like I had never had before from a beer.


LOL, Sara, isn't curious those who sing his praises don't know what he has admitted by his own words.


((I maintain that medical "science" is the origin of junk science.))

I think the test of a true science is that it has dependable laws and rules that can be relied on, like astronomy, mathmematics, mechanics, aerodynamics, optics, etc. If aerodynamics were as unreliable as the the effects of drugs are, it would be impossible to design reliable aircraft. So I agree with you, medicine is a "science", it is not a science.


Why wouldn't a professor hired because of her Cherokee heritage speak at two conferences sponsored by Harvard's Indian College in 2004-5?



Iggy, I so want to do a column on that awful Wintour ad..Was actually thinking along the same lines as you are.

Here's Iowahawk on it:

"Rejoice, you bitter clingy filthy flyover hillbillies! Thanks to the Obama campaign, you finally have a chance to live the dream of every American: rubbing elbows with chic lefty fashionistas. Dessicated Eurotrash Vogue editor Anna Wintour explains it for you in what will go down in history as the WORST CAMPAIGN AD EVER."

Rick Ballard

"and manufacturing jobs left that state at twice the rate as the rest of the country"

Pretty common for rotting Blue Hells with Dem legislatures. California suffered the same way under Scwarzenegger.

You have to go to a Free State such as Texas to find much growth. You can actually watch the transition in real time in Wisconsin. Dumping a Dem majority legislature is much like following Taubes diet - the fat melts away and health and energy improve every day.


You have to love the timing Clarice - the worst jobs report evah and the offer to pay for a chance to meet Sara Jessica Parker all in the same day.

flim-flam squad

I love to listen to the words of mouth while nose is held tight to keep the stench from
interfering with the McBain support; limp-wristed and soprano voiced.


--Iggy, I so want to do a column on that awful Wintour ad..Was actually thinking along the same lines as you are.--

What kind of genius brain trust sits around and says 'hey let's get The Devil Wears Prada inspiration, that ET looking hag with the Brit accent and the Raggedy Ann page boy to appeal to America's voters'?
And to toss in Mr. Ed's idiot spawn Sarah Jessica Parker as the bonus guest is equally inexplicable.
It's especially bizarre given the anti 1% thrust of the Bain theme they're running with [albeit running over a cliff].
Perhaps ValJar is Mitts' Mata Hari?


Ok--Now I gotta do it..It is so awful..I couldn't believe it when I first saw it.

Rick Ballard

The Nikkei is celebrating the Obama jobs report by dropping 2% on open.

B+ Barry strikes again.


That's right up there with the Guardian's Ohio Project, of course it works best if one
does it in Madelyn Kahn's Frau Blucher accent.


I think the test of a true science is that it has dependable laws and rules that can be relied on, like astronomy, mathmematics, mechanics, aerodynamics, optics, etc.

Respectfully disagree. Some phenomena are just intrinsically more uncertain, but that doesn't make them outside the bounds of science. The scam, as Iggy said earlier, is ignoring the uncertainty and treating every new finding as the Final Word. Maybe it's not surprising that the researchers oversell their results, but when policymakers and journalists take the bait, the public loses, though by now the public has become pretty cynical.


What is it with the trolls today? They are stinking up the place.

Beasts of England

Wow, just took a quick break from work and I ended up with a bible school credit and permission to add extra salt to my popcorn!

Thanks, JoM!


The end is nigh DrJ. For the trolls anyway.


henry, I sure hope so. Gotta look at my ballot for Tuesday (in CA) but I'm not holding up much hope for anything serious.

Charlie (Colorado)

Madelyn Kahn's Frau Blucher accent.

Cloris Leachman. Madelyn Kahn was Victor's fiancee Elizabeth.


excess revenues

What's that? What is an "excess revenue?"


If things were working properly right now, companies would take their excess revenues and use them to hire more people. Instead, they’re basically just letting those excess revenues sit on their balance sheets as cash because they’re scared to invest in themselves. It’s frankly pathetic.

So why do you suppose that is? You don't think it might have something to do with the massive regulations and higher taxes that the current maladministration wishes to foist on the economy? Not to mention the abandonment of the rule of law, with "exemptions" handed out like the monarchs did with their royal scepters.


I get the impression that CA is exhausted, and you need some new stars on the bench for a good primary. I want to thank all our CA friends for sending Tony Patz (sp?) to emcee the Tea Party events here. He rocked Caledonia Saturday and greeted my friends after the rally. WI remembers and looks forward to helping you regain your state after Tuesday.


These aren't even good trolls - just cutting/pasting someone else's words, with no link and no attribution. (FYI This stuff is coming from an article by Michael Tomaskey of the Daily Beast - not linking. He can chase down the troll stealing his work himself.)

Must be some of that "grass roots" stuff I keep hearing about.


People invest in their businesses a no small risk in order to make money. That takes a certain degree of planning. Planning requires a degree of certainty about the near future. This administration has now created so much uncertainty about taxes, expenses of employment (Obamacare)and the future market that investors are loath to kick in.

Or, we could play the soviet game..create this kind of uncertainty, then blame the kulaks for sabotaging the economy and kill them for doing so. Looks like this is the mindset of our latest troll.


I happen to know Tomasky. He never ran a lemonade stand so I'd take his ranting about business with a big grain of salt.


OH, crikey, Tomaskey again, he failed upwards from the Village Voice, to be one of the choice journolisters at the Guardian, his earlier bit of genius, was thinking the miniscule vetting Warren has received to be untoward.


Dunny you should mention that, about the kulaks because Calles in the film reacted the same way, he ignored their petitions, took the
boycott as a personal affront.


Then after they butchered the kulaks they went after the engineers for failing to producte what it was impossible to produce under the circumstances--that was "sabotage".

all failures to meet production targets became the fault of the producers, the technicians, the managers--never the politicians who impeded supplies of necessary materials and labor and facilities.

In no time, no one with any brains and a desire to avoid Camp Siberia, wanted to take any responsible position

hit and run

For the Sarah Jessica Parker / Anna Wintour files . . . this was their effort in 2008.

hit and run

Posted by: Tom Maguire | June 03, 2012 at 09:17 PM

Cock puppet

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