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June 03, 2012



Cock puppet

Speaking of these, what has happened our our Pitzer plague? Has TM been removing the detritis? Or has it moved on?


I read this book, and it gave me some perspective on the matter, specially when looks at the afterword, one sees practically
all the major characters are dead;



He was ignored, removed, and I assume has moved on..unless some of tonight's posters are he.


By contrast, this fellow deserves a full round of pikes and halberds


hit and run

They are he.

Mark Folkestad

I would suspect that the Sage of Pitzer is still present, with those goofy nicknames. As with pedophiles, he will never be cured. The comments threads at Fox News are being destroyed by trolls. One, calling itself "footlongterd" is clogging up the thread on the Ghana airliner disaster. I can't figure out why such a thread would be a target. But, then again, I can't figure out why a rabid animal would want to bite everything in sight.

Soylent Red

Looks like this is the mindset of our latest troll.

The McBain reference and the stupid cut and paste jobs tell me that we are dealing with one or more of the usual suspects here.

Not to mention the abandonment of the rule of law, with "exemptions" handed out like the monarchs did with their royal scepters.

A much un-discussed effect of crony capitalism. Our economy is primarily small business driven, and crony capitalism sets up one more barrier to entry. Not to mention the planning factor of outguessing what sort of graft and palm greasing and tax sheltering will be necessary to actually turn a profit.

No one's hiring? Gee I wonder why.


Well he's being honest in his handle, perhaps understated. what kind of a nazgul would do that in the face of such a tragedy.

the cure

You get the blog you deserve.

Yes, Mitt Romney is a bald-faced liar.

Yes, Romney's main goal is to leave no angry white voter untapped.

Yes, Romney and the GOP will suppress the Democratic vote because Eric Holder sat on his hands too long.

Yes, Romney, the Kochs, and Karl Rove will outspend Obama two or 3:1 in this campaign, thanks to the treasonous work of John Roberts and Sam Alito.

And yes, a large part of the country simply (and reprehensibly) wants the black man out of the White House.

But the one thing Barack Obama could not afford to do was let Romney gain traction on the economy. And yet, because Larry Summers declined to show Obama the full range of stimulus options, the president made the first of two decisions during his term that will ultimately make him a one-term president: he went too small on the stimulus when he had the political capital to go larger. His second mistake was to focus on health care reform in 2009 instead of staying focused on the economy, and financial reform and accountability.

Because of these mistakes, even a bald-faced, race-baiting liar like Mitt Romney, who has no economic remedies of his own can win the presidency this year, and usher in a generation of darkness and American decline thanks to a return to failed policies and a degenerate Supreme Court.


OT, but it is a great time of year. Both the Komitsuna and the Blueberries are ripe.



Too small as in not enough spending. 5 Trillion was not enough in deficit spending. Oy vey.

Well they are going to get to sit on the sidelines and watch the big boys play come November. Or they can whine and bitch. I got money on the whining and bitching. You?


Daddy, that was me with the Transit of Venus march sheet music. I can't remember where I found it, might be in the public domain. I have so much sheet music, I don't know what to do with it all.


sheet music for Transit of Venus March LUN


conservative compassion ...



It seems they were looking for the conclusion, long before they did the study;


Ralph L

SJParker: "Line, please."

Melinda Romanoff

I see Pitzer paid up for the Automatic Bob software.

Another happy NYT investor.


Yes, but what happens if that technology falls in the wrong hands, it might Flame look
like a piker.


So it's Catch 22, the administration will not enforce motor voter law, so what is one to do;



--What is it with the trolls today? They are stinking up the place.--

Smells like troll spirit.

Mark Folkestad

An example of that particular troll on Fox News:
footlongterd0 minutes ago
for my namestealer, destroyer of Fox comment boards

"bin Laden Determined to Strike within the US"
Most Americans hope a president would pay attention to something like that, rather than taking off for a month-long vacation.

The troll repeats a message five to ten times within a couple of minutes, and then changes to another short outrage, again repeated for the purpose of clogging the thread.

Melinda Romanoff

Not an issue if it "falls into the wrong hands", it's a GIGO Loop.

hit and run

Had a wonderful afternoon/evening with our supper club.

I've only been with these peoples once, back when we hosted them with my gumbo and etouffee in February.

So, still some feeling out for me on peoples political persuasions.

Turns out they're all sane. Good times, good times. We are so used to hanging with friends from the neighborhood with whom political conversations are a mine field.

Tonight was different. And good. And fun.

Mark Folkestad

If anyone wants to boost their blood pressure, go to the discussion thread for the Ghana plane crash. Ninety percent or more of them are from the same troll. Perhaps half a dozen messages repeated in cycles, with clusters of up to twenty of the same at a time. The "terd" can't possibly be doing anything other than sit at his computer and maniacally keying in crap.


Is there a random Brooks column generator;


Melinda Romanoff


They've never met their real opposition before.

And for me it's hysterical.

conservative compassion is a bullet in someone else

In the most comprehensive effort of its kind, the Tampa Bay Times has identified nearly 200 "stand your ground'' cases and their outcomes. The Times identified cases through media reports, court records and dozens of interviews with prosecutors and defense attorneys across the state.

Among the findings:'

• Those who invoke "stand your ground" to avoid prosecution have been extremely successful. Nearly 70 percent have gone free.

• Defendants claiming "stand your ground" are more likely to prevail if the victim is black. Seventy-three percent of those who killed a black person faced no penalty compared to 59 percent of those who killed a white.

• The number of cases is increasing, largely because defense attorneys are using "stand your ground" in ways state legislators never envisioned. The defense has been invoked in dozens of cases with minor or no injuries. It has also been used by a self-described "vampire" in Pinellas County, a Miami man arrested with a single marijuana cigarette, a Fort Myers homeowner who shot a bear and a West Palm Beach jogger who beat a Jack Russell terrier.

• People often go free under "stand your ground" in cases that seem to make a mockery of what lawmakers intended. One man killed two unarmed people and walked out of jail. Another shot a man as he lay on the ground. Others went free after shooting their victims in the back. In nearly a third of the cases the Times analyzed, defendants initiated the fight, shot an unarmed person or pursued their victim — and still went free.

• Similar cases can have opposite outcomes. Depending on who decided their cases, some drug dealers claiming self-defense have gone to prison while others have been set free. The same holds true for killers who left a fight, only to arm themselves and return. Shoot someone from your doorway? Fire on a fleeing burglar? Your case can swing on different interpretations of the law by prosecutors, judge or jury.

• A comprehensive analysis of "stand your ground" decisions is all but impossible. When police and prosecutors decide not to press charges, they don't always keep records showing how they reached their decisions. And no one keeps track of how many "stand your ground" motions have been filed or their outcomes.

Wow. Read the whole thing to see the details. It would appear that if you want to murder someone, Florida's the place to do it.

Melinda Romanoff


Oh, you were expecting a name change?

Sorry, these things seem to write themselves.

conservative compassion is a bullet in someone else

Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town...

What gun ban?

You're so vain, I bet you think this song is about you, don't you, don't you...

Melinda Romanoff

I notice there's an echo here. And some dissonance.


Weep for the country. Miss USA pageant has singer Akon on....he acted out raping a young girl at a concert some years ago.
Then question time...one girl was FOR the ban on large drinks in New York & another girl thought men surgically changed to women should be able to compete.
Ban Coke but man/girls are okay....:(

George Zimmerman ist Verklempt

June 3, 2012
Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op drops a load on Scott Walker.
Beginning with an "Editor's Note" — presumably an attempt at deflecting a defamation lawsuit — that reads:
What follows is one woman's account of the Scott Walker she knew at Marquette University. To the extent possible we have verified its accuracy, including the accuracy of details not printed here in order to protect the identities of the people involved. All of the elements are consistent: the principals were at Marquette University when the incidents recounted here allegedly happened, and "Ruth" did have a baby shortly thereafter. However, attempts to reach "Ruth" and her first husband have been unsuccessful, as phone numbers listed for each have been disconnected, and so far we have not been able to independently verify Bernadette's account.
They are orgasmic at Daily Kos — "OMFG!! Scott Walker's Got a Love Child?!?!"

Via Jay (in a comments thread here), who says: "Can you smell the desperation?"

Yes, I can. The recall election is Tuesday. I was going to link to something really desperate in Isthmus this morning, but the Isthmus site seems to be crashed right now. There's a lot of desperation and maybe all the desperados went there at once. Well, this is the link, if it works. The article is called something like Legal Cloud Gathers Over Scott Walker, and it purports to have sources that say that Walker is the target of a criminal investigation. Ah! The site is back. It's "Legal cloud gathers over Scott Walker as recall election approaches":
With the recall election only two days away, federal prosecutors are closing in on Governor Scott Walker, according to veteran political reporter David Shuster, former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, and former district attorney Bob Jambois.

In a conference call organized by state Democrats on Saturday evening, June 2, Shuster, Lautenschlager, and Jambois laid out evidence that Walker is a target of a federal investigation.

Wisconsin Democratic Party Communications Director Graeme Zielinski added that there is evidence of wrongdoing after Walker's time as Milwaukee County Executive, and that the investigation includes criminal activity during his time as governor.

Based on conversations with a lawyer who has knowledge of the investigation....
Quite the "legal cloud," no? It's less of a cloud of law than a swarm of Democrats. Desperate Democrats. Embarrassing. You just had a former President appear on behalf of your candidate. Why not a little grace and dignity as you approach the end?

UPDATE: "Daniel Bice, the 'Watchdog' reporter of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online interviewed the anonymous woman who had the baby, but she adamantly denied that Scott Walker was the father according to a comment by Daniel Bice to the linked story." I wonder if Daniel Bice knows anything about the lawyer with knowledge of the federal investigation.
Posted by Ann Althouse at 10:46 AM

Melinda Romanoff

Man, it must suck, big time, that Kolledges have summer breaks so tenured professors have to do ALL the work themselves.

That lack of slave labor must eat into personal featherdom.


"Sow the Wind. Reap the Whirlwind"

Melinda Romanoff


Steps ahead, as always.

Melinda Romanoff

Dizzy, much?

Rick Ballard

PPP (Prog Propaganda Polling) has their final Wisconsin polling out within an hour or so. The results may have been leaked to those select few mental defectives charged with disrupting conservative blogs. When you see the poll "results" make sure to add the MoE to Walker's number. PPP will make a dishonest effort to appear "professional" but the results will be juiced. (Their last effort in Wisconsin oversampled union members by 100%.)

Melinda Romanoff

Read the next one on the other post?

G'night all, and sleepy.


Markos Moulitsas never apologized for his glee
at the murder and mutilation, of the contractors over the Fallujah Bridge, despite
one Helvenstone, having been a decorated SEAL
and a direct descendant of Secretary of State
Elihu Root, in fact, that barbarity opened the way, to the big time, a standing invitation to MTP, a column at Newsweek, and
the location of every DEmocratic party candidate including the Secretary of State,
the formerly indicted Senator, the incumbent
and his wife.


& another girl thought men surgically changed to women should be able to compete.

That girl won...Miss Rhode Island. I hope a man wins the competition next year.


'Just when I think I'm out, they drag me back in;



--Disruption is in the eye of the beholder.--

No it's not. Makes a nice pretense for anti social behavior though.

Melinda Romanoff

Ah, so the revolving door IS winning.

Good to know.


Time for Roger Ramjet.

ratfucking is not a spectator sport

'Pretense' is an accurate word for your support of Zimmerman.


Now this type of detachment is new;


Melinda Romanoff

The Obama panini press is working on Hong Kong at the moment, so I'm really going to have to sign off.

Much to do.

Some should keep in mind tenure disappears as fast as the cash on hand does. There are NO guarantees in life. Hope there's no CalTers involved.


ratfucking is not a spectator sport

that's your third g'nite.

When will you crash?


So what will Helicopter Ben do now?

Melinda Romanoff


Math wins!

Melinda Romanoff

Op. Twist extended through election.

Melinda Romanoff

No tenure here!

Melinda Romanoff

3 And done.


Eric in Boise

Narc, I saw that too. I've gone from referring to her as "Fauxcohontas" and henceforth will just address her as "Dances With Whoppers".



CAn't help herself, just like with the claim that she worked for Kennedy;


Rick Ballard

PPP has it at 50-47. Walker should be over 53, maybe over 54 on Tuesday. That's off of a tweet - the actual results will post around midnight.

Thomas Collins

Pierce and James foul out in overtime. Wade gets a good look for a game winning three, but misses the shot. Celts win 93-91. Series tied at 2-2. Home team is 8-0 in the NBA Conference Finals this year.

Rick Ballard

Ace has a polling post by CAC up. There's another small sample RV poll out showing Walker 53-47.

Keep pushing Henry, we want to see 54+.


Then question time...one girl was FOR the ban on large drinks in New York & another girl thought men surgically changed to women should be able to compete.
Ban Coke but man/girls are okay....:(

Is this the contest where about 40% of the contestants could not name the Vice President of the United States?


Yes it is:

Miss USA Contestants Can’t Name the Vice President

For women battling each other to claim the coveted crown of Miss USA, you would think they’d care to know the basics of their country. But a hilarious quiz has revealed nearly half of the contestants quizzed on the nation’s vice president could not name him. And most did not know the colour of the waves of grain mentioned in the song America the Beautiful – a mainstay of classrooms across the country. . .

But they feel the right way about things, that's the important thing.


40% of the contestants could not name the Vice President of the United States

There's more than one way to interpret that finding.

Beasts of England

I'm partial to Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.

'Here we are now, entertain us...'


((You are a fickle bunch))

thanks for letting us know that you support liars even when you know they're lying.


I like the Maximus line from 'Gladiator' best,

'aRE you not entertained'

Beasts of England

Panem et circenses.


Apologies for the mix-up Peter.

BTW, did you see that about about Sousa's Transit Of Venus novella?

Who'd a think it.


Adventures in Attention Deficit Disorder:

Funny thing about Democrats in meetings:

---You'll recall that Nancy Pelosi sat in on multiple CIA meetings where EIT (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques) including Waterboarding were briefed, yet amazingly she claimed she never heard any of it, regardless of multiple eyewitnesses at the same meeting who swear she was there and that it was completely discussed.

---Yesterday we learned that Mary Kendall, the Interior Department’s acting inspector general (IG), who previously testified she was not involved in the process of preparing false reports of scientists agreeing with Salazar's Moratorium on Gulf Oil Drilling, was in fact at those very meetings which discussed these things, but now she tells us she attended only "as an active listener", not as "an active participant."

---And today we hear from David Axelrod on CBS's Face The Nation, that reports of him attending Top Secret weekly White House Meetings on CounterTerrorism as reported in the NYTimes are totally false.

I think this pic aptly describes the situation:

Andy Scavo

I think it's dear that TM and Glenn try so hard to save their readers' lives. Sweet. Like the dads they are.TM, however, unlike Glenn, doesn't go so far as to cover survivalist stuff.



Rick, that Ace post has a pretty good analysis. Milwaukee and Waukesha are where the big population is. The turnout battle is a test of Tea Party ground game vs unions. Plus I think PPP had Kloppenberg by 2 over Prosser FWIW.



What is the procedure/preparation for certifying the vote if you happen to know?


Daddy, each precinct verifies that counts by race match total ballots in a cross check then send them in to the GAB via the county (except for Waukesha this time). It can take a couple days. If you go back to the posts on the Prosser election last year, this stuff got covered in mind numbing detail. Best guess is the only recall race that will be close enough for technical details to matter will be Wanggaard v Lehman in Racine County.


Thanks Henry.

I have really appreciated your terrific in-state reports.


Sodium/potassium ratio is BIG fucking deal (sorry, Biden). Without supplementing potassium intake all frigging diets will, frigging, fail.

If you eat mostly home prepared meals, mix your table salt with potassium chloride (often called no-salt in grocery stores) to the ratio 30% potassium 70% sodium. If you eat mostly outside, make it 50/50. Ideal ratio found in emergency marine water pouches is 20/80.

When you will get proper amount of potassium, you will naturally quit your crawl for sugary drinks, like soda, orange juice, or any other kind of sugary-filled juices, and will be able to switch your re-hydration needs to mineral water, and to start ketosis dieting.

Thomas Collins

Miss Rhode Island wins Miss USA!

Thomas Collins

Let's try that LUN again.


Daddy, tku for the Transit of Venus novella link by Sousa and Peter, tku for the sheet music!


TK, tku for the CNN Birthergate link and I'm sure you've seen Corsi's latest 5/29/12 at WND.

"The Hawaii source [who has contact with Hawaii government officials] said ink and paper from 1961 have been secured to create an “original” document that would correspond with the digital copy posted on the White House website."

"Arpaio has said he wants to see the entire roll of microfilm that contains Obama’s birth record and submit it to court-certified forensic examiners to determine its authenticity."


another girl thought men surgically changed to women should be able to compete

To be fair, the organization had announced its decision to allow them to compete, so she probably didn't think she had much choice. It would be like saying she's not in favor of world peace. :)


I think it's going to eventually come out that birth cert number 10641 was originally issued to a deceased infant. 5/17/11.


They're lucky I'm not in charge of the pageant, because I would outlaw enhancements of any kind, which would disqualify he/she contestants as well as some others. Hopefully not Miss RI, for TC's sake.


A funny post on the thingamajig idiocy over at Michelle Obama's Mirror.

The tweets are funny - I was in the market for a large-size thingamajig but some jackass banned them for my own good. Hah!


My Captcha was "ageTitz"...must have seen Extraneus's post.


On CNBC, they are asking a former?? member of the Auti Task Force, Harry Wilson, how thing will go in Greece, he thinks New Democracy will edge out over Syriza,


It really is like low comedy, if the stakes weren't so great


That word you are using,. . .



How does this sound, too grim or just right;



Tom Jensen is a big fat democrat, but is a fairly shrewd pollster. He is not above putting his thumb on the scale and definitely puts spin on the ball to the Democrat Party advantage in his commentary. HOWEVER, he knows his credibility is most at stake in the last poll of the race pre election, and he takes great pains to get the winner right and to be within a respectable margin of the true margin.

As such, I would conclude Walker wins. Priebus already let the cat out of the bag on the early voting, it is going strong for Walker.

And Priebus was rubbing it in Debbie Does America's face on the ground game too. He is expecting to get his voters to the polls and to have a better ground game than the Democrats.

The only thing that could change the outcome is the failure of Republicans to turn out. I dont see that as being at all likely.


Has anyone here applied for the dinner with Anna Wintour, Sara Jessica Parker and Michelle Obama? I just got a chance to see the ad, and I agree that it's a tour de force.


Rick Ballard


He's right about the valuation model and the fact Bernanke is pushing a string. He's also right about T-bonds being a speculative play at current yields. I'm not sure about the recession call, not because he's wrong but because the same political focus which drove the NBER to place the start date of the last (current?) recession in December '07 will drive it to move the Obama Crash past his defeat in November.

I have yet to see a proper analysis of the Obama jobs report regarding the tremendous shift from full time to part time employment. That masked what should have been a much sharper drop in average hours worked and will allow the NBER to twiddle its thumbs for a while longer.


Ben Smith at BuzzFeed, indicates the fundraising ship has broke deep and is taking on water, not donations:

Nearly 90% of the Americans who gave $200 to Obama's 2008 campaign haven't re-upped this year. Disillusionment, and hard times


I hope everyone got to see Rondo call out the 2 punks from Miami during his half-time interview. Go Boston!!!!!


I just had the oddest experience. I did a search several hours ago and it was solid gold. I am toward the end of the 2nd document. It's easier to read on screen.

All of a sudden screen goes off pdf to search logo page. I'm surprised and try to use go back arrow. Won't work. I hit search again and go back to the relevant page of search to relocate document.

It's gone. I can't imagine why anyone would be sensitive about a document explaining how and why a certain intl agency we fund wants to be able to constrain and then control all knowledge production in the 21st century.

Bizarre. Now I had been reading pursuant to the search about 4 hours when this happened and that document for more than an hour.

Anybody else ever had something like that happen? I have had links gone within an hour off of servers after I cited to it but never while I was reading.


Yes, Rick, but as with the Red Queen, the fact that the change the language, doesn't affect the underlying facts, I'm kidding,
now the speculation here and in other places, was the reverse of the carry trade, signalled
that change in the tides in 2007, butthat seems dubious,

Melinda Romanoff


I seem to recall the unlocked credit card game came after the convention, so it's early yet.


Well remember rse, there is no unperson Ogilvy, and there never has been, and really 2+2=5.


Like this fellow, well who were we talking about anyways;



Breaking! Scandal involving Scott Walker. Per Twitter:

Scott Walker sneaks into your laundry room and takes that sock you're always missing. #WIunionDesperation

That is damn funny, I dont care what you say!

Dave (in MA)

GMAX, I bet he's the one who keeps hiding the damned remote, too.


Close call at WH; Stedman and Axelrod nearly in catfight, broken up by valiant ValJar.
Whole story sounds like a fake but still makes one recall the Old Testament verse;
There were giants on the earth in those days.

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