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June 07, 2012



I was going to answer CH's question along the lines of bgates' 1:54 comment.
Glad I waited; he said it much better than I would have.

Danube of Thought

Go to Althouse. Play the video of the hapless, demoralized protesters. Laugh out loud. Cackle smugly. Pop a beer and watch it again. Gloat.


Made the appointment with the GI doc. We are going to be a little more aggressive with the probiotics in the mean time.

Thanks for the input. I love JOM!


Good luck, TK - hope you get some good answers!


Dog Days


Captain Hate

He used to be smart pre "Dogma" http://weaselzippers.us/2012/06/07/chris-rock-on-fellow-libs-support-for-obama-we-ignore-the-presidents-whiteness-but-its-there/


From MacIver, AFSCME tantrum in Milwaulkee. Rev up your gloat and enjoy.

Captain Hate

Are they both wearing "I'm with Stupid" tee shirts http://weaselzippers.us/2012/06/07/caveman-like-former-dem-rep-alan-grayson-claims-not-a-single-job-created-by-private-sector-since-bush-tax-cuts-11-years-ago/


Please let us know what the doc says, TK.

Melinda Romanoff


If you take the Althouse post in the light that it was to inoculate the Dems for 2016, it makes a ton of sense. All the connected here refer to any event in Chicago as a "Rahm For President" move.

Hillary or Rahm, they think enough of themselves that they believe they are "The Bench" right now.


Mel,he Althouse theory is interesting. But it is possible that however he put it to Barrett, he was not acting on Obama's behalf as much as on behalf of the Clinton wing of the party which certainly feels the left has captured too much of the party.

Mare it even more diabolical--maybe he figured if the recall lost, Obama would be injured. I think there's n love between him and the troika.

Remember, Rahm worked for Clinton first.

**Someone mentioned Mi and the plan for a "progressive think tank" Isn't that an oxymoron?



You're my go to Gal for all things Chicago. No bout adoubt that. I reread Althouse vis-a-vis a 2016 thrust and I just don't see it, not saying its not there though. Why would Barrett take one for the team? What's the quid pro quo? He is done as far as state wide office goes. Finegold has aspirations, Falk's a dope and Barrett had the name recognition and an organization that could be resurrected. I believe it was a flat out attempt to win.


Jane--this should make you happy--There's a whistleblowing mole in the DoJ


MelR-- I thought you were a dude?


*MaKe it more diabolical...*

harrjf theory , of course, is more likely.


All the connected here refer to any event in Chicago as a "Rahm For President" move.

I can see Rahm (with Clinton backing) making a run eventually, but I wonder how soon the country will be ready for another Chicago thug-style candidate. Somehow I imagine that the next Dem nominee will be a relatively benign, moderate governor (if one is ever available again).

Melinda Romanoff


No comment on harrjf's comment.

But go read this, at FT's Macro blog, Alphaville.

Please keep in mind the credit formation is done at the commercial level, and I know GMAx will scorch me on this, but the big money center banks lent to friends and family during the boom years, so they could garner the trading flow. As they were capitally challenged, the funds for trading were pulled back in, as if it was on a leash.

Still goes on today.

Melinda Romanoff


The connected also don't believe there are any problems with the current occupant. Just bad media visuals.


I just got around to reading the story about Obama's nominee for ambassador to Iraq. I thought stuff like that was only written for bad movies. Sheesh.


I agree with Porch-- I think Rahm is SOL for at least 8 years. 'Bam has ruined the progressive POTUS for 20 years, and the urban ChiTown pol for at least 8 years. Same 8 year purgatory as Jeb Bush is in.

MelR-- I'll read the link tonight.


--MelR-- I thought you were a dude?--

Perhaps he's a hermaphrodite. :)


My real name is as epicene as it gets. Melinda is not one of those names, seems to me.

Melinda Romanoff

Ah the fog of mystery....

Or was that yesterday's burrito.


Yesterday's burrito?

Slow alimentary tract?

Melinda Romanoff

Size, sir.



Hummm that Althouse link is to clever by half I think. The grand strategic genuis that is the Obama Administration executed flawlessly a "we win by losing" maneuver. Occam needs to sharpen his blade.


well-- this is the group that has a Strategic International Policy of 'leading from behind.' so believing they are following a stupid political strategy is not a stretch of the imagination.


And reading the rest of the thread, I'm still skeptical. Rham was in the front ranks of the Soros, Inc takeover of SEIU, ASFAME, and Dem party. Hizzoner Rham should be more worried about the St. Tryvon's that are getting gunned down on Friday nights in Chicago.


Mary Bell, head of WEAC, is worried that Walker "won't be open for talks" about education policy. A couple sentences later her number two says the union went all in for recall 16 months ago because they had "nothing to lose".

ROFL eleventy!!!

Rick Ballard


I agree. The recall was a Pinhead Troika Production based upon the same shrewd strategic and tactical thinking as found behind the adoption of Grillntats, among other notable successes (think occupooper). Harrjf is correct about it being "all out", as long as "all out" is viewed within prog reality parameters. It's the 13% stumbling blindly between stupid futility and futile stupidity.


"Hizzoner Rham should be more worried about the St. Tryvon's that are getting gunned down on Friday nights in Chicago."

There will be a lot more of them getting gunned down. The Illinois left just got a brand spanking new supply of federal money.

"Former ACORN Director Gets $445 Mil From U.S. Treasury".


Anyone want to bet on what % of this money will go to fraud?


I hope your daughter is feeling better TK.


Two days running and not a single mention on the home page of the ADN (Anchorage Daily News) about the Election in Wisconsin.

Fine job Media. Keep it up.

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