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June 27, 2012



Juan Williams just admitted the defections on Holder could be "as high as 35"!



Boy I am so worried, I think I will watch the Rangers beat up on the Tigers. Bye.

Charlie (Colorado)

BTW, Excellent relink on Insty last night of an old Chaco story going after Jonathan Turley. That fit in well with the fireworks over at the Althouse/Turley "Bullshit-fest."

I'll be damned, I didn't realize Glenn did that. Probably Right Network's highest traffic in a year.

I should hit them for a bonus.

Right after they pay me my last invoice, from two years ago.



After I posted it I noticed it was poorly worded. There is no recall ability so I was stuck with the message. Thankfully the better half does not read this blog, or she would see it. Jane or Rocco, don't send an email to me referencing it. She would see that.

Waiting till 10:00 tomorrow morning for the SC decision. I have my guess what it will be, but I'm traditionally wrong on these.


Damn, DoT. You'd better hand over some of those percocets. If that scenario comes thru it's suicide or drugs for me.


"Stop torturing yourselves. It is what it is.Upheld or overturned there is nothing any of us can do about it. So stop and have a drink even one without alcohol if it will make you stop worrying about something you have no, zilch, nil control over."

ROFLMAO.......you guys are in for a rough week.

The Arizona jackboot-law struck down,the ACA upheld in it's entirety and a Republican Congress about to hold the Attorney General in contempt as new information that the 'fast and furious'wasn't even a gun walking programme.....heck, it wasn't a programme period.

Tut,tut,tut,your only 'Obama-water-gate' scandal falling apart faster Scooter libby's fabricated stories to the FBI.

I can't prove it and my source is mad at me for telling people about tommorrows SC decision along with Boehner's involvement(I told him people think i'm an internet kook no one takes me seriously), so he's not speaking...but why do I think the Obama administration intentionally walked you into a trap?????

I think we've just taken the White house for another four years.Enough time to get the economy up to full strength again thus paving the way for a Bill C-oh I mean Hillary Clinton Presidency, running all the way till 2024.

My God,no Republican in the White house till 2024.....maybe even beyond.


Marty Robbins "Janet"

Jack is Back!

So, DoT, and all the pessimists, if it is an Obama moment tomorrow, why the stretch out? Why not go first 2 weeks ago and be. done? I mean this isasupreme court he admires so much. Where's the love, Baby?


Seriously, Danube, move that Martini up.


I am about 4 pages behind, so this may have been answered.

CH brought up the waivers. Would the fact of all those waivers be included in any briefs the Supreme Court had to consider? Or is by chance that they heard this news on their own and included it in their considerations?

Melinda Romanoff

How does one hold onto a revolving door when it spins that fast? Must be shoeless too.


Sean Trende at RCP on why more than the mandate may go.
May already have been linked.


My God,when we Dems ginn up a scandal involving a Republican White house we really use it to maximum effect.I mea we literally destroyed the entire Bush presidency with one poorly edited newspaper story.


'Fast and Furious'is so freaking lame, people can barely keep their eyes open when listening to it.And Issa's admission today that Holder knew nothing, just let the air out of it.

It's over, save tommorrows pageant.


You guys think Holder held in contempt would be worse than Nixon's Saturday night massacre? I don't think so. In fact, I don't think it will have any effect on Holder at all. Neither he nor his boss have any respect for Congress or the Court. They are dictator material thru and thru.


The waivers were not at issue to my knowledge in the lower courts and I don't recall mention of them in the oral argument before SCOTUS--Normally, one cannot aise any factual issue there not part of the record in the lower court.


If this can't be bought under control it won't make any difference who wins.

The picture up on drudge at this moment is not the "We won" picture. Looks more like 3 losers to me.


Re: Waivers

Thanks Clarice.

Jack is Back!

A littlle. OT:

Our handyman got a call to the commuity up beach from ours. A clients house sprung a leak during Debbie and a celebrity was staying there.

Turns out to be Drew Brees. Frederick and I are going up beach tomorrow with the dogs and see if he wants to throw the ball around.


Obama is toast. He isn't defending Holder. Holder cannot be thrown under the bus, because Holder has the dirt on Obama.
The best that Obama can hope is that after he gets SHIT CANNED,(and he IS getting SHITC CANNED), the GOP does not go for blood. Obama would not last long in prison.
WeeWeeDoucheBagDave will fill you in on the details.


Just in case you were wondering, btw the pic does him no favors



Buck up you wusses

My prediction is they strike down the whole mess, striking down just the mandate will cause a bigger mess.

fall back position, Roberts punts until mandate comes into play in 2015 (Gonzales opinion at Politico)


WeeWeeDoucheBagDave will fill you in on the details.

Gus,honestly,you can disagree with someone without making it personal.

Come here and give me a cyber hug ye big dope ye...


YEP. Black Caucus. Nothing says racist like backing a criminal (Holder) because he is the same race as you.

Danube of Thought

I don't think Obama knows.


I'm beginning to think there is something in Fall River, that causes this madness.



DoT. I don't think heknows either. I think the WH is just going on the reports of the oral argument.


Why should Congress FUND anything that an Imperial Asshole like Obama wants.

I agree with Gus.


He's still using the same intelligence network that got Chicago the Olympics and the World Cup for the US, oh wait.


Heh, narciso.


Happy Birthday Janet!!

" This week’s issue of The GLOBE has the cover story ‘BUSTED! This Man Forged Obama’s Birth Certificate!’ Now who would want to go and do a nasty thing like that? Forging anyone’s birth certificate is illegal, let alone the President’s. In fact, forgery is a serious crime, so let’s hope that this turns out to have some benign explanation. Of course there are all sorts of cranks out there so you never know…

This week we look forward to seeing the print edition as GLOBE has blockbuster details regarding the probe into President Obama‘s birth certificate and a stunning photo re-enactment of the moment investigators approached one of two men they suspect of playing a part in the forgery of the document.

The question that comes to mind is why someone would want to forge the President’s birth certificate? I doubt that the perp wanted to get a driver’s license in the name of Barack Hussein Obama II – or apply for a passport bearing this moniker – it would kind of stand out. Could this forgery be politically motivated"



I hope weeDavey goes easy on us tomorrow if SCOTUS guts the Constitution like a kippered herring.


I think Obama knows. It would be easy to tip him off without actually saying anything. People owe him. He's the sort to remind them. He's also the sort to fail to respect anything that gets in his way.

Think about his character and then think about the ways in which the information could be passed with total deniability.

DoT, you forgot to add that Obama was reelected and the Democrats took both houses. And your house.



Hah! That would be a perfect gift, TK!
...or Jack Cashill interviewing Barack Obama.
Has any "reporter" asked Obama about Kenya in his book bio?


President Bush is enjoying the game that GMax and I are watching. He, of course, is in the box with Nolan Ryan watching it, but still...Rangers are leading Detroit 7-2.


--The question that comes to mind is why someone would want to forge the President’s birth certificate? I doubt that the perp wanted to get a driver’s license in the name of Barack Hussein Obama II – or apply for a passport bearing this moniker – it would kind of stand out. Could this forgery be politically motivated"--

Who the hell cares, TK?
The question that comes to mind is why does Kathy Lee hate Regis?


Romney Strikes Back at Washington Post's Outsourcing Article


It is the Globe.


My bestest bestest friend married the widow of the founder of the Globe and they live in the lap of luxury in Costa Rica. He met her on Match.com.


I'm not nearly as concerned about tomorrow's SC news as I am about tomorrow's local high temp prediction of 105, followed by a high of 106 on Friday. In JUNE. My brain is starting to melt just thinking about it.


AliceH: I don't know what is going on with the temps. I live in the desert where it is normally in the high 90s to 100+ by this time, but we can barely break 80. Today it got to 84. Crazy time.


Yep, 81 here in the Sierras today.
Two mornings ago it was 40.


That is weird, we're getting a high of 86, with thunderstorms tomorrow. Who did Rove lend
the weather machine to?


I could use some of TS Debby here, too. Only had about an inch of rain in 2 months. My lawn is crunchy.

Rick Ballard


Pretty much. No incumbent polling at 45% at the end of June since Truman has come back to win. He's not doing as badly as Carter - much closer to Ford/GHWB. That will slip right along with the economy.

Captain Hate

It's been dry as a bone in NE Ahia; and last year set a record for most amount of rain. It's also been hotter than I like it with some seasonal days interspersed; but the nice days are missing from the extended forecast.


Actually 89 is supposed to be the high, in the aftermath of Debbie,


My Supreme Court prediction?

If Obamacare goes down, Democrats are toast in November.

If Obamacare is sustained, Democrats are worse than toast in November.


Somehow, the novelty of breaking weather records doesn't carry the same "neato!" factor it did when I was young.

In addition to (likely) setting several new high temp records, I am on track for breaking my previous water-bill record, set a few summers back when my sister, BIL, and 6 nieces/nephews visited me for a week.

I blame Bush.

Rick Ballard

When should the superpacs start running the "On this day in 2009/10/11 Barack Obama was playing golf/on vacay at [exotic local]" ads? I'd go for July 15-20 and run them through Labor Day.


Taking the 4 questions at issue (stolen from Ace), here's my worthless predictions which are really just my hopes:

First, does Congress have the authority under Article I of the Constitution (the Commerce Clause or the power to tax and spend for the general welfare) to enact the so-called individual mandate? [No, it does not]

Second, if the individual mandate-requiring the purchase of insurance or payment of a penalty-is unconstitutional, must the entire Act fall invalid? [Yes, it does]

Third, does the Act's expansion of Medicaid exceed Congress' spending power? [No idea - I don't even remember this one]

Fourth, Do federal courts lack jurisdiction to entertain a pre-enforcement challenge to the individual mandate in light of the Anti-Injunction Act of 1867.45 That Act prohibits "any person" from suing the federal government to restrain "the assessment or collection of any tax." [No, the Act does not apply]

hit and run

The forecast here for Friday?

Jun 29
Mostly Sunny

First triple digit temp day of the year.

The good news? We leave for Idaho on Friday. We'll drive all night and all the next day through NC, WV, OH, IL, MO, IA, NE, spend the night in NE, then complete the trip on Sunday through WY and into ID.

Melinda Romanoff


All that is very nice, but no one has answered MY question yet.

Has the SEC file on Phil Falcone gotten so large that it has blocked the view of Corzine's file, or is it more related to the drop off in donations by Mr. Falcone?

(Which they did after the AT&T/T-Mobile merger block fiasco, BTW)


Melinda Romanoff


Are you doing Rte 80 or 90 when choosing to motor West? (Obviously not 66)

Beasts of England

What - no decision was released today? I'm guessing that most people will have forgotten all about this Obamacare stuff by tomorrow...


Haven't yet caught up, but I did see "Dammit Janet from Rocky Horror mentioned, and also "Janet" by Marty Robbins.

Can't find a recording of Duke Ellington's "Janet."

Did anyone link a more fun, catchy "Janet" tune anywhere, more like our wonderful Birthday Janet, or am I (or the Gourds) gonna' have to write one?


Hamilton beaned by the Detroit pitcher.

Ump warning both benches.


I'm glad I'm not a reporter covering the Ct. It's hot. They have to get a cab to the cthouse and then walk up a million steps and then sit as each opinion is read---and I predict there'll be several Obamacare opinions just because--while drafting up something to send on to the paper or to read outside for the cameras.


Well you would think Don Corzione, only redirected MF Funds, Falcone only threatened
the entire GPS system, that's Moriarty territory, either the BBC or Jares Harris's


I was trying to figure out Mel's 10:09 post when along comes narciso who cleared it up perfectly.

I swear. Not a typo. Thanks, narc!

Melinda Romanoff


If the Pentagon would have just given up on that silly old GPS system they've been clinging to, everybody would be richer. I mean that's what your paying for with campaign donations, right? OK, so they tried to slide in by blocking that merger and buying T-Mobile's spectrum instead, on the sly, but that didn't collapse the way it was supposed to....


Just found my first couple of gray hairs. No joke. Obamacare, I shake my fist at you!

Captain Hate


Missing a state, hit?


a friend of mine sent me a drive with 300 gigs of music on it. A friend in the UK gave it to him. It is very heavy on 1950's - 1960's, 70's and 80's pop. I have been vigorously deleting the Cowsills, Osmonds, Carpenters, Cher, Madonna, etc.; most of the complete James Taylor, Carly, (and I mean complete) etc....

It is amazing how many Rolling Stones and Beatles records there were, especially when one includes euro, japanese, etc releases. I may still have David Hasselhof in German.

I shall try to seek the keyword "Janet" tomorrow if time allows. There may be something from the 50's from the Mellotones, Mooktones or Drifters or Elvis. It is amazing how many awful Elvis albums there were. Speedway, Blue Hawaii, and every movie he ever made....The Elvis discography alone must be 400 albums.

My goal is to put it into some kind of manageable form, but I feel like the Dr. Demento of pop music.

Coming to you over the 50,000 watt transmitter located high atop Mount Winnepausaukee....this is the Real Don Steele wishing you mellow days and rockin' nights.....

Janet, only for you....


Aww...thanks, matt. The Drifters are good. I always liked This Magic Moment because it was on the jukebox at Garner State Park. Memories of summer crushes. :)


Anyone know what time the contempt vote happens?

Captain Hate

Did nobody follow my link and the 4.735 songs with "Janet" in the titles?


Even though I don't like Michelle Malkin's political punditry, I'm sad to learn that she and her family have had to evacuate their home in the wake of the Colorado wildfires. I hope they had enough time to get the really important things in their lives out before they had to leave.

Because of losing our home to a hurricane and living under earthquake threat, I made a list a few years ago of what to grab first. My computers, flashdrives, pets, jewelry, and phone. The bins with a lifetime or two of pictures. The box with our insurance policies and other important documents and as much of my son's sports memorabilia collection as possible. Oh, and my glasses and an extra pair. Then if there was still time, I'd start on clothes and then furniture.


Sad news I just learned...longtime commenter around the righty blogs, Ric Locke, has announced on his blog that he has Stage III lung cancer.

Insty had something up about it, maybe today or yesterday.

He is in some financial straits. You can donate via the Donations link at his blog:


Just came upon it Captain.

The Duke Ellington one starts very nice...sorry it quit at 30 seconds.

Liked the Ralph Towner one. It picks up nicely at about the 3 minute mark, but overall I think there's still room for a killer "Janet" tune out there in potential music land.

Sorry for not getting to your comment earlier---car problems.

And back off now with the dogs.


Interplanet Janet she's a galaxy girl
A solar system Ms. from a future world
She travels like a rocket with her comet team
And there's never been a planet Janet hasn't seen
No, there's never been a planet Janet hasn't seen.


--It is amazing how many awful Elvis albums there were. Speedway, Blue Hawaii, and every movie he ever made--

Blue Hawaii had the excellent Rocka Hula Baby and the decent Slicin Sand.
And every movie includes King Creole which includes the superb title song, and the immortal Trouble and the excellent New Orleans not to mention a version of Hard Headed Woman.
Pretty good tunes IMO.


Did nobody follow my link and the 4.735 songs with "Janet" in the titles?

I did CH. That is how I found the Marty Robbins "Janet" and then searched for it on YouTube.


--It is amazing how many awful Elvis albums there were. Speedway, Blue Hawaii, and every movie he ever made--

I refuse to believe there has ever been an awful Elvis song. LOL.

Captain Hate

Yes daddy, the all music people are very niggardly with the length of their sound clips.

Viva Las Vegas had a young Ann Margret. I'm sure there was music.


Hey. The market should be open for at least a half an hour before the SCOTUS hands down it's ruling.
Where should I go long ?


As far as I'm concerned, every time I hear a dem say we need to keep the ACA, my first reaction is, how would you know, you never read it.

Agent J

Hit and Run..It is hot all over the Midwest..If you go through Missouri on !-70 I will buy you a treat 24/7..If you go through Gillette WY, go to the DQ. Find the Managers..they are family..


"If Obamacare goes down, Democrats are toast in November.If Obamacare is sustained, Democrats are worse than toast in November."

If Republicans stopped looking for a political panacea and started actually formulating a cohesive vision for getting America back on it's economic feet they might actually pull ahead in some swing states.

Lol....who am I kidding.....it still wouldn't help.....roflmao......ah man that's funny....I don't care who you are that's funny.....

Righties,are you at least beginning to feel the weight of the 'fast and spurious' scandal come down around your heads?

This f and f witch hunt could help us take back the house.

Captain Hate

I dunno Sara; I can't think of any bad songs by Teh King but soundtrack albums back then usually had quite a few stinkers to fill up space.


THat would see to be true, Captain;


Soylent Red

spend the night in NE

If you're on your way to Idaho and take the northern route through the southern Badlands, I wholeheartedly recommend the Sandhills paradise of Chadron, NE, near the Nebraska National Forest.

If you take the I-80 route, I recommend Ogallala. Take the kids down to Front Street and soak up some Nebraska history.

Dammit Janet from Rocky Horror

I had a girlfriend in high school named Janet, who I used to regularly refer to as "Dammit Janet". In fact I don't recall ever calling her by her actual name. Needless to say the relationship didn't last, but the nickname stuck to her for several subsequent boyfriends. I suspect somewhere she has a bullet with my name on it.

Finally, my prediction for tomorrow (God help us all)...

Unlike Michelle Obama, Obamacare goes down all the way.


Teh King made an immense number of bad tunes later in his career and every soundtrack had some pretty bad filler in it.


Jiminy cricket, this leprechaun is one note,

Considering Elvis's whole repertoire, he could be forgiven a few clunkers, 'Fools Rush In' is certainly not one of them, no matter who covers it, although the film with Matthew
Perry and Salma Hayek, falls in that category.


Needless to say the relationship didn't last, but the nickname stuck to her for several subsequent boyfriends.

Are you one of those guys who can hang a nickname on anyone? I had a boyfriend like that in college, and damnit, I'm still going by that nickname today, much to my utter annoyance.

To be fair, he didn't invent it, but he popularized it. Grr.


I hope weeDavey goes easy on us tomorrow if SCOTUS guts the Constitution like a kippered herring.

Alot of people stop me on the street or they come up to me while i'm eating dinner and say,"Dave,you're such a dickhead.But there's one thing I admire about you?",and I say,"My blinding intelligence and insights into the crippling human condition?", and they say,"Huh?Wha-No.Your ability to not say 'I fucking told you so.I admire that about you,Dave.Even though you are a complete and utter dick'".

Sadly they're mistake because there's nothing sweeter than shoving humble pie in someones face all day long.


The only Elvis song I cannot stand is "Suspicious Minds."


I admit, I don't know that one.


And my all time favorite Elvis, the very best of the very best.

I have told my kids and left a direction attached to my will that when I die, I want no funeral, no crying, just a giant party where all they play are Elvis and Neil Diamond for the night.


--"Dave,you're such a dickhead.But there's one thing I admire about you?",and I say,"My blinding intelligence and insights into the crippling human condition?", and they say,"Huh?Wha-No.Your ability to not say 'I fucking told you so.I admire that about you,Dave.Even though you are a complete and utter dick'".--

I thought sure they would tell you they admired your taxi door eared, snaggle toothed, sexy, pasty face.


--I admit, I don't know that one.--

It's the song the movie The Never Ending Story was based on. :)


Like with UB40, they did a decent rendition all told, of 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' as well as that other song.

Soylent Red


It was more the reference that made the name stick than anything I did (it was the 80s and RHPS was on every weekend at the midnight movies). Other than call her that in front of people, over and over.

The little clasps that keep rank and insignia pins on uniforms are commonly referred to as "dammits" because they are easily dropped. To this day, when I drop one I say "Dammit Janet!" and think of her. So I guess she's sort of getting even.

Suspicious Minds

Blue Christmas and whatever that monstrosity was that was the B-side to "Return to Sender". Elvis sounds like he might be being tortured on that one.

Alot of people stop me on the street or they come up to me while i'm eating dinner and say,"Dave,you're such a dickhead.

Although I'm sure that is a fantastically high number, imagine how much higher it would be if people actually paid any attention to you.


Well that did seem a little painful, come to think of it, I 404ed at that.

Captain Hate

I liked Suspicious Minds; yes it was greatly over-produced but so were a lot of his other songs from that time.


The 1973 version from Hawaii was more up tempo.


I got to see Elvis in concert four times. Twice in Las Vegas and twice in San Diego. I took my son to one. It was his first live concert and he was about 12 years old. If possible, to this day he is a bigger Elvis fan than his Mom, and that is saying alot.

Several years ago, I was browsing in a record store and they had a life-sized Elvis cutout where he is wearing his gold suit. It was cheap, so I bought it as a joke for my son. He gave it a place of honor in his hobby room for years, until I got my little MinPin "Princess." She hates it and every time she sees it she tries to attack. We finally had to move it to the garage and completely out of sight, since it upset her so much.

Captain Hate

A girl I knew once set me up with a blind date and I took her to an Allman Brothers concert. She was a big Elvis fan. Yes it was as big of a disaster as you can imagine.


MinPin "Princess."

She ain't never caught a rabbit and she ain't no friend of mine.


Yes, was an asteroid sized SNAFU.


Three of my favorite Elvis tunes all from King Creole;


King Creole

New Orleans.

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