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June 18, 2012


Ignatius J Donnelly

He made a joke about HOODIES.
O'Mara is probably ready to strangle GZ.


He should never have been in jail.


If this stuff is a crime, then all of Wall Street and DC should now be in jail.


National Border patrol Council, which represents some of the Border Patrol agents, has called for Holder's resignation.

And if it does by some chance happen, most of the country will still, after 2 years, have no clue why he resigned.

Rick Ballard

"most of the country will still, after 2 years, have no clue why he resigned"

Sure they will, gun and Bible clinging racists, like that white supremacist Zimmerman guy who killed Obama's only adopted son, lynched him.


Not to worry, Little Johnny Boner, RINO-OH, will soon have another golf summit and Fast and Furious will disappear.


I just got in from causing a ruckus.

Has anyone posted this on ICLEI acknowledging deceit over its real agenda?

MT, Jane, and Janet alert especially.



Since we're OT already:

When you've lost Candy Crowley...


bio mom


The real Romney Wawa video is here compared to the edited hatchet job done by MSNBC. Completely changes the context.


Well a little more context;



Well it's Jen Preston, their ace reporter on the Weinergate follies, what could possibly go wrong?


Andrea Mitchell is probably in line for a Pulitzer for that, bio mom.

"Maybe this is Mitt Romney's supermarket scanner moment."

Oh, do they crave another hit like that one on Bush Sr., which was also pure bull.

Desperation doesn't become her, though. Not that anything else does.


@Rick Ballard

That response is classic!


Democratic West Virginia governor won't attend convention, citing problems with Obama

A Tomblin spokesman, Chris Stadelman, said Monday that the governor has serious problems with Republican Mitt Romney, too.
Granted, he has some problems.

--If this stuff is a crime, then all of Wall Street and DC should now be in jail.--

Is this an argument against it being a crime or for it?


'Yes he had to nail my head to the floor,' but to be fair, he had no choice in the matter.

Manuel Transmission

rse, thanks. I've passed it on to the team out here.


The Milwaukee paper can't say fraud, but notices confusion in same day registrations. Buried at the bottom, the Racine Sheriff is investigating two separate complaints at polling places. The Wanggaard recount starts Wednesday.


Angie Corey went to court
Her mouth a big, red blob
And close behind her, chanting, pressed
A most odoriferous mob.

"Justice here! Justice now!
Justice warm and raw!
We'll have him lynched all legal like
No matter what the law."

"No sweat, my friends," Judge Boss Hog beamed,
"Home cookin' is my pride.
I'm servin' up a special dish
Called 'Guilty, Cut and Dried.'

And for desert, we'll gorge replete
On praise from talking heads,
Then put him in a ribboned box
And hand him to the Feds."

Hapless, he, upon whom rests
Eric's bionic gaze,
Which ceaselessly "racism" finds
In "bitter clinging" ways.


What a farce! It does indeed sound like he choose to use that money to pay for his lawyer rather then pay for his bail. So what!! What would you do if you were charged with murder and needed a lawyer? This is nothing more then the prosecution trying to make him look worse to the jury because the facts don't support a murder charge. Dirty tricks pure and simple.


As things go on in Florida,keep in mind that:


To combat this trend, as many as 200 cops were assigned to wedding detail on Saturday.
Apparently they were successful as there are no reports of either the bride nor groom being killed while that wedding was taking place.


This is the big gasp moment;

14:02) ZIMMERMAN: We could have two cars. We could have two rented cars.

SHELLIE: That's true. The one that we're gonna drive in.


SHELLIE: So leave mine home.


SHELLIE: Get the one that we're gonna drive in, and then get the SUV, I don't know if they black out SUV's though (Voices blended, inaudible)

ZIMMERMAN: Doesn't matter.

SHELLIE: Oh, okay. 'Cause you could always like lay down or something.

ZIMMERMAN: Yeah, exactly. Well, I have my hoodie. (14:26)

Meanwhile Goldberg and O'Reilly get the vapors over Munro, 'beam me up there's no intelligent life down here.


Jesus,Georgie,i've told you for the 9,999th time-oh-I mean the 10th time-go to Sam's club and purchase an extra-strength extra-large tub of KY Jelly cuz when the prison brothers get a hold of you,youse gonna need it boy.

ZIMMERMAN:Put the 'peanut butter' in the 'sandwhich'.

SHELLIE:How much 'Peanut butter'?

ZIMMERMAN:We've been through this-20 'peanut butters'.

SHELLIE:20?Jesus,George,that's alot of mon-


SHELLIE:Sorry-that's alot of....peanut butter.

ZIMMERMAN:Damn straight.After you've taken it from the sandwhich, go to 'Magic man' and buy six 'neon green crayons'.

SHELLIE:George,Jesus,six neon crayons-no George-

ZIMMERMAN:Green.Jesus Shellie this is important!Green!Do it!

SHELLIE;I could get arrest-


SHELLIE;Sorry-I could get 'smokey bear hugged'.

ZIMMERMAN:Not if you do exactly what I say.


It's striking that he has to suggest bullet proof vest for her and his lawyer, because it has become open season on their family, they couldn't even appear in the same county as the hearing, Those two jackalope attorneys speaking ex cathedra, saying they didn't know his mindset, little wonder.


Why are they releasing these transcripts?

Did we get to read all the phone transcripts from Rezko or Blago?...How bout when Berger stole national security documents...did he make any phone calls to Bill Clinton? Do we know? Did they ever publicize a list of the people he had been in contact with?

Beasts of England

@Janet - The Sandy Berger incident was egregious. Orders of magnitude more infuriating than Watergate.

Oh, no! He said the word hoodie! Would someone please wake me up when we get to the 'good part'?


Janet, somehow that reminds me of Obama's statement that he would "stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction". I wonder if there should be a qualifier to that, in case the winds shifted because some Muslims were suspected of unlawfully killing somebody who looked like Obama's son?

I guess the common thread is that the Dems are vociferous in support of the rights of the accused, unless it's inconvenient politically.


You mean like this;



For the record:

Democrats Richer Than Romney


How about Jon Stewart, having his houses, in trusts under the names of his pets. As for Letterman, I wouldn't even want to venture his tax dodge.

1/2 plein, 1/2 rien.

rse, this is the sad, vicious, destructive doom mongering urge of the Malthusians. Lest it be known, a warmer world would sustain more life and more diversity of life. Lest it be known, carbon dioxide is plant food. Lest it be known, a colder world would be a social holocaust, a warmer world, a benificence. Lest it be known, cheap fossil energy and nuclear energy are the most likely paths forward for positive social development. Lest it be known, ultimately, the supply of energy is virtually unlimited. Lest it be known, techno-optimists always win over Malthusians.

Rick Ballard

"stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction"

Shouldn't the President be in Aleppo, tweeting at Russian gunships?


Except we are not warming,kim, not to the extent of the Medieval period. and then again, didn't the cooling period, coincide with the 'Age of Upheaval' that Winik is writing about.

Beasts of England

@1/2 and 1/2 - A few years back I had dinner with the chief scientist of one of NASA's science divisions. Couldn't stand it, had to ask him. He said the data appeared to support some warming - cause unknown. He was perplexed that the AGW crowd wasn't embracing nuclear power... Great guy. Pragmatist.


REally that far back;


Much, much better than cold.

Cause unknown is the key BofE; what is nature and what is man? My point is that the apparently slight warming from man is a good.

Ice Mountain ahead, turn that titanic ship of state.

The Holocene Optima, n, the Minoan, the Roman, the Medieval and now have always been times of advancement of human culture. The intervening 'little ice age' cold periods have been culturally troubled times. We're probably headed for a century or so of cooling now.


I enver thought it tracked so consistently, like that.



Apparently Rubio has a book coming out tomorrow called "An American Son".

He could barely remember the title with all the confusion created from Hannity humping his leg.

If all legal attempts to define "natural born" are stalled on technicalities by election day, and Rubio is the VP candidate for the GOP, I will not vote for the ticket.

MC Rubio sez "can't vet this"

We are cooling, folks; for how long even kim doesn't know.

Very nice, n. I've not seen that one. Ironically, there is a fairly recent Tibetan tree ring study going back around 8,000 years done by Chinese researchers with similar results that the Chinese can link to prosperous times in their history. I believe the Chinese understand that CO2 is minor warmer, that warming is good, and that we face cold times ahead. It partly explains their intransigence in the face of carbon restricting policy discussions.

Beasts of England

@1/2 and 1/2 (et al.?) - He noted what was being reported, at that time, and that was a warming trend. My inference, from his nuclear power observation and tone of voice, was that he was very much a skeptic, as am I. To be sure, I was not making an argument to authority, rather sharing a clever anecdote from someone whom I greatly respect...


And the same silliness, seems to happen down under;



An OT on NBC's Tape-editing malpractices.

We all know about the scandalous and unprofessional edits of the Zimmerman Tapes---edits to create a false narrative painting Zimmerman as a racist.

Now we find out that NBC News had done interviews with that pedophile creep Sandusky, and in some of the tapes he comes very close to admitting he was guilty of having done some of that stuff.

So what does NBC News do? It edits the tape to censor that self-incriminating portion;

Prosecutors want damning Sandusky interview footage NBC didn't air

I hate NBC.



it occurred to me that Obama's little immigration game was done in part to get Romney to react by choosing Rubio as his running mate -- that they really want that. Maybe they have something on Rubio they plan to slime him with, even besides the question of whether or not he is a natural born U.S. citizen.

I want Allen West on the ticket. More age, more experience, more wisdom, more depth.


more *life* experience


Fed Will Ease Monetary Policy This Week: Goldman
By Jean Chua | CNBC

((The U.S. central bank will most likely ease monetary policy when it meets this week as recent data point to a worsening labor market and the crisis in Europe intensifies, Goldman Sachs said.

The Federal Open Market Committee will likely say it would buy assets such as mortgage-backed securities and U.S. Treasurys when it meets for a two-day meeting starting Tuesday, Jan Hatzius, the investment bank's Chief U.S. Economist said in a report on Monday.

"We would be quite surprised if we saw no easing this week," Hatzius wrote in the report." )) continued ... LUN

Rick Ballard already told us that easing III looked to imminent, so perhaps this Goldman report is true.


Allow me to add my voice to the chorus of JOMers pointing out that Zimmerman's parsimony with the truth is made much worse by his apparently reflexive assumption that he's above the law -- two hard facts that make it impossible to accept his version of events at face value.


An OT on NBC's Tape-editing malpractices.

In the recent one about Romney & Wawa...the guy that Andrea Mitchell was talking to didn't even seem like he "got it". SHE is the one that had trouble saying "Wawa".

They are pathetic in their hatred of Republicans.

woo woo

So all those hours of tape on Zimmerman and not once did he admit to killing anyone in cold blood or anything relevant to the night skittles tried to murder him? I'd say that is a plus.

This whole Dem minority shooting Dem minority story is so last month (plus it happens at least 50 times a week in Dem cities like Chicago). Even Jesse and Al have moved on. Let's focus on how horribly Barry is doing with every week worse than the last for him. That will be fresh for at least another 5-7 months.


Who is this guy that Andrea Mitchell is talking to?


A really good article by Jay Cost this morning (Via RCP):

Morning Jay: Is Gallup Biased Against Obama?

One key bit that struck me:

Blumenthal’s criticism of Gallup is directed at its poll of adults, and specifically for having white adults comprise roughly 71 percent of its poll rather than roughly 68 percent. But what is not mentioned is that whites make up a larger share of the electorate than 68 or even 71 percent.

Even in 2008, when Obama generated a 27 percent increase in the black vote, whites still accounted for 74 percent of all voters. This means that, when it comes to measuring the electoral relevance of Obama’s job approval rating, the Gallup poll is still “skewed” toward the Democrats. It just happens to be less “skewed” than other polls.

So, be very skeptical of anyone who says Obama will do "much better" than his approval rating on election day.


Re Zimmerman's lies:

I certainly don't condone him lying under oath but given how he has been treated by the people charged with upholding the law, I'm not surprised he's acting like he's been kidnapped by terrorists and needs to find a way out.

How is he supposed to have faith in a system, or country that has targeted him so relentlessly?


I found it...the guy is Chris Cillizza.

"After the clip cut, Mitchell and MSNBC contributor Chris Cillizza broke out into laughter --"

He looked dumber than Mitchell, if that is possible.


Well said, Jane.


--I certainly don't condone him lying under oath--

He didn't.


Jane if the ptb don't take the extraordinary pressures he and Shelley and his parents were facing into consideration, then something's very wrong, imo.


Obviously O'Mara hadn't given him any sense of security.


The Zimmerman in these recordings is sneaky and not particularly bright. He obviously knows his calls are being recorded, but he resorts to the sort of childish codes one might ordinarily find in notes passed in 4th grade. I can see why the judge felt badly used by the seemingly sincere Zimmerman, who had assets but pleaded poverty. His wife’s use of the phrase “currently” should have alerted seasoned veterans to ask another question. It harkened back to the Watergate answers of “no present recollection.” Of course, if the Feds were to prosecute her for perjury, she’d walk.
There’s no question that Zimmerman was targeted by the race establishment and Mr. President as a campaign issue, and, I’m will many, if not almost all here who reacted to that with an actual review of the evidence that seemed to exonerate him. Nevertheless, all this shiftiness severely weakens his credibility. The episode also makes me wonder about his lawyer, who clearly should have known more about the Internet account. Once he heard of it, which he had, he should have demanded to see it. He didn’t.


I don't know what a ptb is but we are rapidly losing authority that we can trust in this country. The whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing can now be changed to "guilty unless you pay us off Chicago style".


"powers that be"


[email protected]:05-- unfortunately that's all true. And it's a pattern, see GZ's beef with the cop that got him arrested and his ex-girlfriend's 911 call. Given this pattern, who knows what contradictions he told the cops the night of the shooting. TMartin's Purple Drinking, Weed smoking, suspensions, GZ's 911 call and the gunshot forensics all show that GZ used lawful self-defense that night. He's certainly no criminal, but GZ's no hero either.

Captain Hate

How is he supposed to have faith in a system, or country that has targeted him so relentlessly?

Or the political party that's hung him out to dry?


You know I don't see that, I think he did want to pay off some expenses, since he had
already been 'virtually imprisoned' even before he was arrested, he doesn't know there is 24/7 PR campaign against him, when the defense fund first came out, it was attacked for not showing enough contrition, for having some inappropriate figure, then the two jackalopes got in the way. I think it long passed being about money, they want his family broke, disgraced, and if possible, hanging himself.


So, this should be fun:

Muslim Brotherhood urges marches against Egypt military

It looks like the Brotherhood is going to fall right into the Army's trap.


I love this post - Are Liberals the New Squares?

That Andrea Mitchell/Chris Cillizza video is a great example. Ol' Chris is waiting for his cue on when to laugh. He doesn't even understand anymore....Andrea has to tell him who & why to hate.
Mitt Romney is cooler than those losers because he is his own man.

"I guess it’s to be expected – that the cool grew up to be square. Hell, even evangelicals are hipper than liberals now."

James D.

For all the talk of how Zimmerman "isn't that brighT" or is "shifty" or how he's not listening to his lawyer or making things worse for himself, or not acting in the way that any outside observer not actually in his position would act, I just have to ask:

What does anybody really expect? First of all, assuming that his version of events is even remotely accurate, he obviously didn't want to or intend to kill TM and he's got to feel traumatized about the act itself.

Second, he's not just in jail and under indictment, which is bad enough. He's been called out by the freaking Presidnet of the United States, personally! He's got thousands of people across the country rallying against him, calling for his death. He's got major media figures sending out directions to his house (to the wrong house, as it turned out, but still). He's got the three main TV networks flat-out lying about him, as well as digging into every aspect of his life. He's got the Attorney General of the United States personally dispatching large teams of FBI agents to investigate every word he might ever have said in hopes of adding federal hate crime charges to the murder charge he's already facing.

How the f**k is he supposed to react to all that? Do any of the people criticizing his behavior and analyzing his "tactics" honestly think they'd be doing so much better under the same pressures he's under?

I know I wouldn't. I'd be panicking every minute of the day and making every mistake GZ's made and more, even if I knew I'd acted 100% correctly and the facts were all on my side. That is, if I hadn't already tried to kill myself just to make the madness stop.


narc, you might be right, depending, of course, on what you mean and what I think you mean and the meaning of is. Is.

Nevertheless, Zimmerman has only helped those who hate him with his own slippery behavior on the phone and in open court.


certainly don't condone him lying under oath but given how he has been treated by the people charged with upholding the law, I'm not surprised he's acting like he's been kidnapped by terrorists and needs to find a way out.

How is he supposed to have faith in a system, or country that has targeted him so relentlessly?

1. Zimmerman did not lie, as far as I can tell, but he did allow the Court to be misled about material points relating to his financial position and his passport. The revocation of his bail follows from this, and it is hard to blame the judge for taking this action.

2. But it's hard to blame Zimmerman much, either. He's looking at jail, or at the very least, being a target for vigilantes. Peru has to look awfully good to him right now.


I agree with James D. & Jane.


In Spanish media, they describe by one word, 'vigilante' as if neighborhood watch wasn't even part of his job description, he was just hunting TRayvon down, Alvarez and Robles, have painted a picture, deliberately, maliciously at odds with the facts.


James, here's what I expect. As a lawyer, I expect my client to be less than fully honest with me. If he is, that's a plus, but my job is to keep him from further injuring his legal position. Of course, self-preservation is human nature. But, someone hires a lawyer for reasons beyond being a potted plant.

Zimmerman’s lawyer knew questions would be asked about Zimmerman’s assets and those of his family. His lawyer knew there were accounts. He should have accessed the accounts, tallied them and made a full accounting. It is not in his client’s best interest for the lawyer to believe every word about something so easily verifiable.

There's more. He should have rehearsed the call to Zim’s wife with her before the hearing so he knew exactly what she would say and why. The weasel word “currently” should have set his hair on fire.


Coronado Bridge closed down this morning. News says there is "police activity" on the bridge. Any ideas, DoT?


TK, sounds like someone jumped. I hope not.

Captain Hate

Jane, Tammy Bruce just said that Scotty Centerfold agreed to a debate as long as MSKGB wasn't involved.


Here's the real issue, and we ignore it at our


CaptH-- 1. good for Scotty Centerfold. All conservatives and Repubs should condition debates on no MSNBC cretins involved. They can cite MSNBC frauds as the reason.

2. Link below-- another week, another 7% lead for Repubs in generic Congressional polls. Amazingly, after winning a huge majority in 2010, Repubs will GAIN House seats in 2012. Senate- 53-55 seat Repub looks likely. Could be even closer to 60 seats if the wheels continue to fall off the Choom Wagon.


Local news has no clue, MarkO.

Did anybody see Steve King on Fox News? He said he is going forward with his lawsuit against Obama over the immigration/amnesty.


link here: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/mood_of_america/generic_congressional_ballot


Bridge is open now. It was a jumper. They talked him down.


Good news, TK. I guess he didn't real all the signs on the bridge.


*read* Perhaps my poor typing is a sign.


Asked by a Canadian journalist: "Why should North Americans risk their assets to help Europe?" he replied: "Frankly, we are not here to receive lessons in terms of democracy or in terms of how to handle the economy.

"This crisis was not originated in Europe … seeing as you mention North America, this crisis originated in North America and much of our financial sector was contaminated by, how can I put it, unorthodox practices, from some sectors of the financial market."

It was "contaminated" ?? By what ?


Does that mean Greek and Spanish politicians, when asked why they effed their countries up so bad also say 'this mess was bigger than we thought, it's all Bush's fault'?


Link below to WS story about Vlad the Impaler putting the knife into Boy Barry-- once again. God will the Choom Wagon crew-- Hillary included --never learn that Vlad's crew is the World's leading gangster enterprise (aside from FIFA of course), and Vlad's crew plays them at every turn on matters large and small. http://www.weeklystandard.com/daily/daily.asp


Unlike us, Volodya really does regard those not like him as inferior, like the crew at Patrice Lumumba U.


From the Mish blog, some questions to the Euros blaming the US. Clearly they are just letting off steam.
"Might I point out to nannycrats Barroso and Van Rompuy that leverage in European banks exceeded leverage in US banks?
How about the fact the property bubbles in Spain and Ireland were bigger than the property bubbles in the US?
Is the US responsible for putting together a structurally unsound euro, or is Europe?
Did the EU fail to do its homework in letting Greece into the EU?
I am quite certain I can ask dozens of such questions."

Captain Hate

For all the ragging I've been doing on Boehner it sounds like he teamed up with Lieberman to smoke the JEF on reviving the DC school vouchers.


rse, I hope you saw this and also that no one else has already posted it:

Wolverine has me gasping for air..too busy to sit down for very long.


When it comes to the CA budget, one just wishes to look away...
In 2010, voters gave you and the legislative majority control of the process by passing Proposition 25 because they thought this would – at long last – ensure the delivery of an on-time balanced budget devoid of gimmicks. It did not. Last year’s budget assumed $4 billion dollars in wholly fictitious revenue and over the last six months our deficit has increased from $9 billion to $16 billion.
Are average citizens aware that you assume over $2.5 billion in revenue from the less than stellar Facebook IPO and cap-and-trade auction scheme? Are they aware that you increased spending in your budget by 6% from a year ago?
Over $350 million from a recent national mortgage settlement was diverted into the General Fund instead of helping homeowners. Is California’s dramatic foreclosure crisis a concern to you? Hundreds of millions more was diverted from a special fund to pay for construction and repair of courthouses.
Your budget also includes $9 billion in income taxes and sales tax hikes. But didn’t voters reject these same taxes by a two to one margin in 2009? Our structural budget deficit has actually increased since then. Why do you believe this November’s outcome will be any different?

Rick Ballard


Thanks for the link to the Cost piece. He does a nice slice and dice on Blumenthal's 'rally the ever dwindling troops' efforts.

when Obama generated a 27 percent increase in the black vote, whites still accounted for 74 percent of all voter

IMO - the Just Us for Grillantats effort is tied to the 27% increase. It won't work due to the 27% increase being a one off based on the thrill of the opportunity to vote for the first Kendonesian commie to appear on the Presidential ballot. The Partisan ID and Generic Congressional polling indicate just how far that particular thrill has gone. The Wisconsin results suggest a true weight to the white vote in '12 will be closer to 76% than 74%.


[email protected]:27-- Now there you go trying to reduce culture to FACTs and the taudry subject of money. You fail to understand what it is to BE EUROPEAN. Don't you understand that Europeans invented the modern world, the arts, the music, the literature, the politics, the Universities -- and you fail to understand the sensibilities of Europeans in our post-modern world; those primary sensibilities being able to not work hard, to retire at 55, and to have SOMEONE ELSE pay for them to sit in cafes and discuss infereior American culture, Vulgar Chinese-Koreans and -- the cinema. Shame on you.


"[email protected]:27-- Now there you go"
OK, you got me....is this better:
It was Bush's fault! :)


[email protected]:40-- now you got it. That is the true European sentiment. BTW-- California is just as dead as Europe-- to someone my age, to see the Golden State collapse from its own political stupidity and cowardice is a shock.


It was "contaminated" ?? By what ?

Didn't you know that cowboy Bush forced those European banks to invest in mortgage-backed securities? After that their only option for survival was to put their money in high-yielding Greek bonds.


I don't recall seeing this anywhere, but Daddy has probably already seen it.

It's payback time:

"Sealaska led the charge behind Alaskans Standing Together, the super PAC that propelled Murkowski from GOP-primary-loser to write-in-winner and Republican Senator in 38 days by spending $1.7 million on a pro-Murkowski ad campaign".

"H.R. 1408, the Southeast Alaska Native Land Entitlement Finalization and Jobs Protection Act, is a 45-page carve out to a corporation that gave $1.9 million towards Lisa Murkowski’s write-in bid against Republican nominee, Joe Miller, in 2012."

Hard to believe this is best for Alaska!


--God will the Choom Wagon crew-- Hillary included --never learn that Vlad's crew is the World's leading gangster enterprise...--

As much as I was condemning Conde Nast the other day I did read an excellent and largely cant free article about Putin and Khodorofsky in Vanity Fair yesterday while wifey was doing her blood draw.
Of course it was written by a Russian who knows whereof he speaks rather than some modern day Duranty, which explains most of it's excellence.


Ig-- thanks for that heads up-- I'll read that VF article-- wow I thought I'd never say those words again. The AFSCME union members are bitching about pension give backs. it has finally dawned on the gov't employee retirees that they were played by the union bosses and politicians making pension promises that could never be kept. Can't say I feel sorry for the saps-- they effed' up they trusted the politicians: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-06-19/public-sector-workers-digging-in-to-save-pensions-under-assault.html


He should have rehearsed the call to Zim’s wife with her before the hearing so he knew exactly what she would say and why. The weasel word “currently” should have set his hair on fire.

IANAL so I can't say what should or shouldn't have been rehearsed.

However, isn't it possible that Shellie Zimmerman thought that the safest, truest response was (paraphrased) "I don't know what the exact amount is right now, but my BIL does, and you can call him if you want"?

If she mentioned a specific amount, she could have been too high or too low. She might have thought being inaccurate could have gotten her into more trouble than saying she didn't know the exact amount.


Yes, he's done a very good no nonsense bio of Volodya, that's Putin, for those without the Rosetta;



Porch, it was a subject on which they could have been completely accurate on any specific day. I'm sympathetic to the plight, but not to the way this was handled.

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