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July 07, 2012


Captain Hate

a good rack record

I'm counting on Iggy to illustrate this abundantly.

Jane - talk is cheap!

I agree Rick. I hope it's not wishful thinking.


That is simply stunning.


he has it dead even.

Well not really. Nominally, yes its 45 to 45 today. But an imcumbent President is drawing 45% with 4% saying someone else ( 3rd parties will be the normal 1%) or undecided at 6%. Rove, Morris and other pundits will tell you that the undecides will break 3 to 1 or MORE for the challenger in the end.

In addition, stat sampling is only so precise. Its better to look at longer term trends than a simple 3 day average. Many more days of Romney up than Obama up over the last 30 days, which means the monthly average with a much bigger sample ( and thus a much smaller MOE) is advantage good guys.

Finally, RAS tracks intensity through the strongly approve strongly disapprove dichotomy, but as far as I can tell, he does not factor it into his model. No one else is either - which is going to surprise a lot folks if they dont factor it in.

Army of Davids

Discount on Greek columns should come in handy


--I'm counting on Iggy to illustrate this abundantly.--

I promised I'd be a good boy so I can only link to the illustrations CH, but there is quite bountiful selection of pulchritudinous pollsters out checking the pulse of America.
How come I'm never home when they ring my doorbell?:)


Jane, there are so many groups of numbers that are outrageous, here's one that might fit good in a conversation about why the leftists throw out so much BS about where political money comes from.



"The IRS will have gestapo-like powers to tyrannize and harass the citizenry if they don't comply."

This sounds alright to me. "Gestapo-like"

"Normal methods of investigation included various forms of blackmail, threats and extortion to secure "confessions". Beyond that, ...various forms of harassment were used as investigative methods. Failing that,...planting evidence were common methods of resolving a case,"

The sleep deprivation & torture may come later. Who's gonna stop them if they do these things? Our DOJ?


Yahoo has another of their leftist propaganda stories about how voter ID laws will prevent qualified voters from voting.

Meanwhile, Mexico:


Can Democrat/leftists whatever, be that unable to function in an organized society?

JM Hanes

Heck yeah! Except for the torture and the holocaust, the IRS is just totally "Gestapo-like."


Not yet, but the National Socialist German Workers' Party reached those horrors with time.


Seems to me, Conservative America has been nice, polite, & quiet for over 50 years. Live & let live....but look where we are now.


[ hī púrbəlee ]
exaggeration: deliberate and obvious exaggeration used for effect, e.g. "I could eat a million of these"

JM Hanes

Eating a million is an exaggeration, Ignatz. Killing millions, not so much.

Perhaps someone should define effect.


Maybe it was a typo ... as in "Gestapo-Lite"


I like the Gestapo hyperbole a lot more than the kill grandma, starve the children or pollute the air hyperbole, not to mention this effective sample from the former Lion of the Senate:

"Robert Bork's America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens' doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists could be censored at the whim of government.".
I'm not too good for hyperbole.

Do you really think, Rick Ballard, that a candidate of lackluster mediocrity

There is nothing mediocre about Mitt. He may not dance a jig or blow a mean sax and therefore seem lackluster, but mediocre he is not.


I really wish some Romney surrogates who would respond to the left's demand that he disclose all his bank accounts with a demand for Obama to disclose his college grades, or his writing or the amount of taxpayer money he has spent on vacation.

I wish so too, but what good would it do? The country already shrugged a so what, it makes him just like us, a cheater, when our Liar-in-Chief blatantly presented a forged birth certificate. We didn't even blink at that deceit. In some circles, they even celebrated his chutzpah, his ingenuity.

JM Hanes


Better than the Democratic swill you've pasted up? That's the standard?

"I'm not too good for hyperbole."

Well, never mind then. I've had my say.


--Eating a million is an exaggeration, Ignatz. Killing millions, not so much.--

Eating a million is the exaggeration in that hyperbole because no one can eat a million of pretty much anything.
Killing millions is not hyperbole at all in the comment under discussion.
The hyperbole is saying that the IRS will have "Gestapo like powers".
Seems to be textbook hyperbole to me.

JM Hanes


"The country already shrugged a so what"

Yep, that train has left the station. The rest of the predictable barbs about hiding tax returns, yada, yada, are just sort of like election white noise that the voters probably don't care about anyway. I do think the press is not giving Obama the same kind of slack he used to get though, don't you?


Kennedy replaced Bork as Reagan's nominee.

I rest my case.

JM Hanes

As long as it's hyperbole, anything goes. Got it.


Oh that earned them many more dividends, with Souter, and although Thomas survived the gauntlet put up by the likes of Podesta, and Schmaler,(sic) the continuous attacks, are an object lesson, don't seriously consider ruling that way.

Meanwhile a politician who began his campaign in the home of a terrorists, whose first campaign involved disqualifying all his opponents, whose previous executive experience involved using foundation funds
destined for inner city schools, for sinecure for associates of the same terrorists, who drove his two principle competitors out of the 2004 race, well we have to tip toe around him.


--As long as it's hyperbole, anything goes. Got it.--

Would you have objected if he'd said "NKVD like powers" or "Stasi like powers"?


I'm not saying anything goes, but if anyone on the right could match The Lion's hyperbolic effectiveness, I'll send money.


And I'm not sure what the alternative to 'Gestapo like' would be for an agency that already has quite extraordinary powers in a reputedly free country;
DMV like?
General Services Administration like?
A really, really mean verson of the IRS like power?

Hyperbole and exaggeration rely on being, you know, hyperbolic and exaggerated.


Or consider how the Auto Task Force operated, it closed thriving dealerships, if they had contributed to the opponent, while keeping
others open.


As long as it's hyperbole, anything goes. Got it.

Yes, I'd say you do.

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