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July 28, 2012


Captain Hate

Carmella isn't nearly the complete player James is; particularly on defense.

Danube of Thought

Forget Melo. He's what Pete Carrill called a ball-stopper.


I'm looking to have Coach K work some magic at home.

hit and run

Coach K enjoys sticking it to Obama. I'll never not like him just for that.

Jim Eagle

CA has to. ask first. That is what makes LeBron King - he still wants to learn.


It's good to be King, and have your own way.

hit and run

Unless you're Charles I.

Captain Hate

LeBron's development may have been slightly retarded by not having attended college. Before anybody jumps down my throat for that, I'm talking strictly the mental aspect of the game. Physically the guy is what you'd get if somebody with unlimited resources said to a bunch of cyborg developers "Design me the perfect basketball player". He never gets injured because he's built like a truck. He's quick as a cat and has an incredible feel for the flow of the game and where the ball is; it's not an accident that he's almost always in an excellent position for a rebound.

All he needed coming in to last season was to know how to perform consistently in the Finals and to trust his teammates. I've been convinced all along that Spoelstra would be a good coach for him because he was Riley's underling. I've had my issues with Riley in the past but he knows how to win at the highest level and I believe transferred that knowledge to Spoelstra. The Mavs caught lightning in a bottle the season before last and, even though I was as thrilled about Dirk winning after the 2006 screw job as I've ever been about a championship, I realized that it was something that probably wouldn't get repeated. I felt good for Spoelstra that Riley stuck with him after that series because there was a lot of online chatter from the usual idiots blaming Erik for the loss.

I think LeBron entered the Finals this year with the right attitude and played an almost flawless series. Who knows if it would've happened earlier if he'd been coached well in college but a good argument can be made for that.


Unless you're Charles I.

Or William II, or Edward II, or Richard II, or Henry VI, or Edward V....

And that's just from England, post-Norman Conquest.


I'm not going to say that LeBron's defense has charmed me out of my pants. I think he's okay, and sometimes poor on D. He creates a lot of space but the hard nosed defense of the past is that, in the past.

Heart means a lot in the playoffs. That and experience. I've seen a lot of the greats, but James isn't quite there yet.

If takes his jersey off and has the bruises to show, I'll believe it on the D.

And I agree wholely CH. He had a hell of a playoff run. Now he has to do it 5 more times to be recognized. Until then, it's Boston. Lakers. Bulls.


The Games organizers have already identified the corporate suits masquerading as empty seats phenomenon, which is good.

In Calgary they instituted a policy that after a certain period of time SRO hopefuls waiting outside would get the seats at a very moderate price. It electrified the Games from that point.

The only event that rivals the Olympics as a corporate schmoozefest is the Super Bowl but at that event the butts do fill the seats.


So does Lebron share coach K's affinity for foul language? The coach is legendary for his malediction.

Michelle Obama

"The only event that rivals the Olympics as a corporate schmoozefest is the Super Bowl but at that event the butts do fill the seats."

Believe me my butt filled my seat.

Captain Hate

lyle is right; Kay drops f-bombs with great frequency. I don't hold that against him, Mark; in case you thought I was taking a shot against him as too many of my fellow Terps are wont to do. I respect K a great deal.


I know Coach K uses certain words, but with my background and love of vituperation, I don't deem them to be foul or even swearing. And, no, Capt'n, I didn't think that.

hit and run

If Coach K wears briefs, should we ask LeBron if he shares that affinity?


To quote a famous philosopher, “What’s between a man and his pants is between a man and his pants.” Stay thirsty, my friends.

Captain Hate

I strongly support addressing ACC refs with the foulest language possible.


I think I have an idea of what ails Jesse Jackson Jr.

A report from the Mayo Clinic says he has a dual diagnosis of some form of psychiatric issue and complications from something along the lines of a stomach stable or other weight loss surgery.

I am going to guess he may have a painkiller addiction. There have been a lot of stories out here about weight loss surgeries going bad and severe pain is a side effect. The addiction is a result of trying to cope with the pain with some pretty powerful opiates. Just my clueless $0.02, but that would explain a lot.

There has been a rush of practitioners offering these procedures in California, often on 75' high billboards, and I am sure many of them don't do a good job explaining the potential side effects, which are quite serious and occur regularly.

I feel sorry for the guy if this is true.

hit and run

To quote a famous philosopher, “What’s between a man and his pants is between a man and his pants.”

Until the man pulls a Weiner.

Captain Hate

matt I generally agree with everything you write but I think you give LeBron short shrift when it comes to his defense. In addition to being large and quick enough to guard every position except the real extremes in both directions (ie Rondo and Howard) he anticipates passes to other players extremely well. Believe me, in the Finals I was wishing it wasn't so.

Jack is Back!

Live from the Chelsea V. AC Milan game in Miami. It's halftime and the score is nil-nil. About 30k attendance by my guess.

Jack is Back!

Just announced: 57,780 attendance. Largest crowd during the tour. ACM just scored. ACM 1 - CFC 0.


--he anticipates passes to other players extremely well--

That and your previous mention of his ability to be where the rebound goes demonstrate a fine basketball mind more than just about anything IMO.
Neither can be taught to any extent and tremendous physical athletes who haven't got any brains can't do either.
At least that's my experience.

Captain Hate

Agreed Iggy; he is kind of in the realm of MJ, Russell, Bird, Magic and precious few others in that regard. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that.

I must admit that the trade of Nash to the Lakers has me intrigued because taking the ball out of Kobe's hand so much should help everybody on that team, including Kobe.

Captain Hate

Btw, on the subject of basketball, there's a good review of McCallum's "Dream Team" in today's WSJ. I knew that Bird and Ewing became good friends during that experience but I didn't know that Bird doesn't like Magic as much as the common perception has it. Or that Clyde Drexler was the only person on the team who thought he was better than MJ.


Here in Japan I'm getting some great coverage of Female Japanese Olympic Weightlifting.

The Thai gal just bombed out and hurt her arm.
Now the Chinese girl failed.

Great to hear excitement and cheering from the announcers. Very much barked out exclamations of exciting approval, much like "Bansai!" when the lifter successfully completes a lift, just not exactly the word bansai.

Early had Japan Soccer girls against Sweden, then badmitton, and some big bike-race. Very interesting coverage on multiple Japanese channels.

Carol Herman

Dan Ariely, in Predictably Irrational, devotes a chapter to Coach K. And, Duke's baseketball team. Where students, to get tickets to games, spend about two weeks "held captive" by a system the school runs.

First, the students set up tents. 10 students sleep in each one of them. But being the first tent, doesn't mean you get first dibs at the basketball tickets. There are all sorts of horns and whistles added. And, finally, a lottery.

You'd think this would be such a turnoff, nobody would show up for games.

But beyond debt, there's this "sports attachment." It postpones your ability to study. Since "it's more important to claim tickets" ... than to do classwork.

Only in America! More expensive than it has to be.

Besides, the games are televised. The stadium, meanwhile, is old. And, doesn't sit all that many people.

Bob Agard

I am surprised that more commenters did not pick up on your mention of Carmelo. We here in Denver saw a brand of basketball last year that we never saw in the Carmelo years: unselfish, constant hustle, defense creates the offense, pass to the open man.

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