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July 04, 2012




NOAA is actively involved in chamging the nature of math and science so that properly credentialed holders of applicable degrees will reflect the population's diversity.

So maybe they wanted to clarify that there would be no Mermaid category for diversity scrutiny.

Jane - talk is cheap!

"Why did the the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration bother to deny the existence of mermaids?"

We gave them a $10m grant to do so.


Well you can see why he was picked;


Danube of Thought

"...long line of American war movies depicting world war 2 being fought and won solely by the United states."

Look, you ignorant low-life son of a bitch, that movie did not depict that war as being either fought or won solely by the United States. It depicted a minor series of events involving Americans occurring in a brief period in a single theater of a global war that went on for years. Nothing whatsoever in the movie suggested otherwise.

I have no idea what this country has ever done to harm you, but whatever it is I'm damn glad for it, and am highly pleased that you are havung such a difficult time carving out a happy life for yourself.

And you might want to work on the spelling of "independence," you stupid shit.


Speaking of great happenings in 1776, may I also suggest another reason that year was so wonderful in World Importance.


If you stop by the Musee D'orsay, be sure to pay homage to the Statue there of the Greek Poet Anacreon, who was the inspiration for the drinking song that became the Star Spangled Banner.

I suppose we all knew that, but I had never before realized that the guy who came up with it, head of some London drinking Club, created the song in the year 1776, and that he wrote it as an anthem of sorts for his drinking buddies because ancient Anacreon wrote a lot of poems about wine and women.

I had never before thought to try to bellow out the song using the original words.

Well I just did! Pretty darn successful if I say so myself.

(Mom's out with the kids thankfully), but the dogs took notice. A tad perplexed I'd call their reaction, but not too critical:)

Anyhow, here's Verse one, which on this august July Day of our Independence, I suggest we each consider belting out at least once to our pets and loved one's in honor of the grand tune:

"To Anacreon in Heaven, where he sat in full glee,
A few sons of harmony sent a petition,
That he their inspirer and patron should be.
When this answer arrived from that jolly old Grecian:
Voice, fiddle and flute no longer be mute,
I’ll lend you my name and inspire you to boot,
And besides I’ll instruct you like me to entwine
The myrtle of Venus with Bacchus’ vine."

Feel free to post the reactions of your pets:)

BTW, Anybody happen to know why that 38 year old drinking tune stuck in Francis Scott Key's head on the night of September 3, 1814?

Melinda Romanoff

They don't serve whiskey at McSorley's.


He's a mean little troll, vicious and ignorant



The America our trolls love so much:

The America I love so much.


So, DD, you not only didn't answer my question, you didn't even try. Instead you attempted to deflect the question into a war that was fought over 250 years ago, and one in which you are a piss-poor student.

The 7-year War, or French & Indian War, or French War as you called it, was really a minor part of the larger French & English War being fought on the Continent of Europe. But on this side of the Atlantic it boiled down to a squabble beteen the French and English as to which country was going to exploit the colonies. As it turns out, most of the men who fought for the English were colonists, and more particularly that group of men who had come, or whose fathers had come, from - TA DA! - Ireland (they were also the most fervent patriots in fighting the British in the American Revolution).

But you did prove that a lot of liberal progressives hate the American outcome of the Revolution, then, and for all time.


Perhaps the lyrics were attached to the score after he wrote the poem.


Daddy, heh, I guess that explains the high notes...


((Key gave the poem to his brother-in-law, Judge Joseph H. Nicholson, who saw that the words fit the popular melody "The Anacreontic Song", by English composer John Stafford Smith. ))


there are lots of poems which have been set to popular melodies, of which the original lyrics, and the newer lyrics, bear no relationship to each other whatsoever, other than the mechanical phrasing of the song.


Today gives lie to AliceH's contention that we don't need inspirational leaders.

But, in a sense she is right, we only really need inspirational rhetoric.

The Declaration of Independence, Common Sense, The American Crisis, the Gettysburg Address, etc.

Carol Herman

There's an interesting experiment out there. Done by Dan Ariely. Who is a Behavioral Economist.

Seems if you put pressure on obtaining an outcome, you over-stress. And, then you do worse on the work that would produce your outcome.

I'm enjoying his book emensely. It's called The Upside Of Irrationality. Because there are unexpected benefits to defying logic.

Not that you're thinking Romney's winning the presidency wuold be "defying logic." Only that you really don't see any enthusiasm rising, now. And, you don't hear vast sections of America's electorate up in arms in any way. Maybe, because not that many people are thrilled with Romney, it freezes expectations, and keeps them lowered?

When Roberts "mumbled" his opinion out, he was red-eyed. And, he tried to keep his head down. Not delivered with his usual confidence. While his "joke" of going to Malta, didn't produce outrage, either.

This was supposed to be the blow that upset Obama's re-election chances.

While the press WANTS to keep Obama's profile low! If people just said "he's got it in the bag," turnout drops!

If you say the race is neck-and-neck ... all the bettors focus on the racing game. And, that should take care of an expected drop in how many people go out and vote.

You know, among other things, I didn't know that FDR won in a landslide, in 1932. But I don't think Hoover got 50 electoral college votes. In 1936 Alf Landon got 8. FDR cleaned house!

The Conservatives also "ruled" the Supreme Court. It was called the Hughes Court. And, there were only 3 liberals: Brandies, Cardozo and Harlan Fiske Stone.

FDR was chancing it back then with his "pack the court" idea ... (Which did not go over well.) BUT one of the Conservatives, Robert Owens (sp?) ... switched his vote! And, it was called "The SWITCH in TIME that SAVED 9.

The Social Security Act was a huge success! And, yet? So many people died before they reached 65.

Maybe, the "selling" feature was that people understood that when their parents lived a very long time, taking care of them got to be very expensive? And, Social Security's benefit was that it would not strip the children of their assets when as adults, they had to care for their parents in declining health?

I think the Conservatives bet the farm! And, because the stakes were so high, they blew it!

Dan Ariely explains this phenomenon quite well. Though in many of his examples, he uses bankers. The bigger the bonus they earn, the less well they do on their track record. (Clutch basketball players, as well.)

Soylent Red

Happy Independence Day to all!

Melinda Romanoff


I remember reading somewhere that the song was popularly used as a ruse by the British press gangs. I have no idea why I remember that.


Benjamin Netanyahu's Independence Day Greetings


THere was a disturbing note in films like the English Patient, which couldn't tell the difference between the good guys and villains,
(Oondatje, the source material, is from Sri Lanka or there abouts, so postcolonial hangups could be attribut ed) and even 'Ryan' suggests there was no great import to the mission, 'Pearl Harbor' was closest to the traditional view of things, but it was a Randall Wallace script,


But, in a sense she is right, we only really need inspirational rhetoric.

Because those capable of successful inspirational rhetoric are known as inspirational leaders.

Progressives think backwards. They live in the past and attempt to inspire others to join them back in their glory days as they try so hard to recreate them, the 30s, the late 60s, etc. The cult of personality.

Inspirational rhetoric grows out of minds capable of seeing the possibilities, unafraid of the risks, capable of invention and quick adjustments to circumstance. Ideas rooted in ideals.


Romney is slogging it out at the grassroots level, not rubbing shoulders on Olympus with celebrities and elites. In the end his hard work is going to pay off. Sort of like the tortoise versus the hare, or the ant versus the grasshopper.


Have you seen the Drudge link about an HBO production targeting Roger Ailes? Oh, and apparently the producers will be Joe S. and Mika B. from MSNBC.

Good grief.


Facepalm with an Octopus, they renewed the NewRoom, because they are going for that 'ever
more selective audience;


In case no one has posted anything on the possible discovery of the Higgs boson, here are two videos, one explaining what it is and the other from a CERN guy talking about it's potential significance. Its existence was predicted in 1964.


You can see why they had to get rid of Conrad Black;



I'm doing the Lititz Springs Park 4th of July Celebration today


re calling the Reps the Treason party, and actually believing that to be true -- I really wonder sometimes where it's all going to end.

"a kingdom divided cannot stand"



Thank you for that part of the puzzle.

Of possible interest, while googling for info as to the meaning of "the myrtle of Venus" I came upon this unusual bit of info on Francis Scott Key's son, Philip.

Apparently the son was a bit of a bounder, and in 1859 was suspected of making time with the wife of a Congressman, Dan Sickles.

Sickles was so enraged at the suspected affair that he shot Philip Key dead in Lafayette Park in DC , just across from The White House. Sickles then became the first person in US History to successfully plead the “murder by reason of insanity” defense, and in a move that would astonish George Zimmerman, he was arrested and put into jail, but allowed to receive visitors and to hold onto his weapon while in jail.

Sickel's was a Democrat, and apparently a somewhat notorious Union General at Gettysburg, who eventually won The Medal of Honor 34 years after the fact. He donated to a DC Museum his amputated leg and the cannonball that took it off, and he used to visit them on the anniversary of his grievous wounding. Fascinating.

He spent his last years in NYCity where I assume, like Melinda, he was bummed at McSorley's not serving whiskey.

Manuel Transmission

Fresh off the camera.

Happy 4th!


I vote for daddy as our rep to Jeopardy.


Chris Rock: ‘Happy white peoples independence day’


Great shot Manny T!

My guess is that that photo is where, in 1859, back when Sickles was shooting young Philip Key in DC, one of your San Juan Islander forerunners, Lyman Cutler, shot some British Pig dead, and precipitated The Pig War, that finally resolved that your Island was US Territory. Have I got that right?


Only if I get to go up against Wolf Blitzer, Soledad O'Brian, and Chrissy Matthews:)

KayyyRoooooo. Happy 4th everyone.


Commemt from BabyBitchNigga (who appears to be white):

Guys, America sucks.
Jane - talk is cheap!

Georgous ManTran - was that dawn?


Sorry, not comment; tweet.


rse, after reading your links, I am a much more knowledgable, therefore better, person :)

mt, that is a very special photograph


sorry, daddy, I got you mixed up with "rse" :(

hit and run

Beautiful picture! Makes me want to see the rest of her house.

Been there, done that -- and yes, you want to see JMH's house. Just a lovely place, one that hit and run jr and princess hit and run keep bugging me to go back to.

Happy 4th everyone, from southeastern Idaho. hit and run jr and I are going to attempt a 12 mile hike tomorrow to summit Table Mountain, from which you are supposed to have the most amazing views of the Tetons.

Tonight? The town of Driggs cancelled their fireworks due to the dry conditions here. That might just leave the hit family to carry the day. Two calls to the fire department confirmed that fireworks are legal tonight and there are no warnings for private citizens to indulge. They may not realize the size of our aresenal.

Maybe a pic or vid or two will make its way intertubeward at some point in the near future. Including the female contingent of the cousins' new musical interspersing Mary Poppins with Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train on our traipse through Yellowstone yesterday.

It really was spectacular.

Manuel Transmission

that finally resolved that your Island was US Territory. Have I got that right?

Rat-on, rat-on, daddy. They had to get Kaiser Wilhelm to arbitrate the final boundaries. We celebrate every 4th with a pig roast and retelling of the stories.

Jane - sunset. We face due east and the sun sets well north this time of year, so the left end of the rainbow is nearly due east.

One of the little blessings of this place is that even on the cloudiest days, we get a flash of sun as it dips below the clouds to the west.

Thanks, Chubby. I have a lovely window on the world. I just have to look up from JOM occasionally to notice. :0

Melinda Romanoff

Jealous of the view, MT.

Mine is clouded by drywall and the hum of efficient HVAC products.

It's 102 here, with some humidity.

Danube of Thought

Does it surprise anyone that DuDa, with his seething, ill-informed and infantile hatred of the United States, welcomes every triumph of the Democratic Party?

Note the fool puts "freedom" in scare quotes, as if it were some ethereal, inconseqential thing. At some point when he sobers up he might inquire of himself why people have flocked to this country from all over the world for so long, and continue to do so to this day. How did a hellhole such as this wind up with such a huge illegal immigration problem?


Chubby-daddy actually gets to visit cool places in person. I'm only travelling via the internet at the moment.

Back to watching a Capitol 4th. Daughters off to see fireworks but I am skipping the crowds.

Remember all those families with soldiers away. It does add to the poignancy of the day. You never want to receive a flag under those circumstances.


DOT-the saddest thing is talking internationally these days and having the British, Canadians, or Australians begging us to pull out of the freefall and be the leader of freedom they look to.

Melinda Romanoff


No to the first part, and as far as the second, I seem to recall something about some "shining city on a hill".

Pity the sttopid people whom can't read the signposts worth a damn.

Melinda Romanoff

Or misspell somthinurudder.


Beautiful picture, Manuel Transmission!

They may not realize the size of our arsenal.

What a great sentence...I'm proud to call you friend, hit!


Obama's social security number challenged - by Jack Cashill.

I'm doing the Lititz Springs Park 4th of July Celebration today
Is that next to the Wilbur Chocolate Factory?

Bill Whittle: Our Glorious Fourth


Interesting about the origin of that word, hit, I came across this in my Venice studies;

The word arsenal appears in various forms in Romance languages (from which it has been adopted into the Germanic languages), i.e. Italian arsenale, Spanish arsenal etc.; Italian also has arzana and darsena, and Spanish a longer form atarazana. The word is of Arabic origin, being a corruption of dar as-sina'ah, "house of manufacturing" or "manufacture". Alternative derivations, such as arx navalis, "naval citadel", arx senatus (i.e. of Venice, etc.), have been discounted. For early modern Europe, the arsenal was the Venetian Arsenal

Charlie (Colorado)

Where is Oreo's celebration of Riehl's sexual preferences?

Regular Oreo cream is already vanilla.

Oh, say, can you, cuz?

Frances Scott Key Fitzgerald was a second cousin, three times removed.

Per asperum ad victoria.

Murtos Murcia
Morcli Torsia see ya'.
Veni, video.

Charlie (Colorado)

Just finished watching the Directors cut of 'Saving Private ryan",have you?Another in a long line of American war movies depicting world war 2 being fought and won solely by the United states.

They didn't even include a picture of the Nazi Embassy in Dublin, did they?


Melinda, your 8:21 link was not bad, not bad at all.


He seems to be in sympathy with the one whom the word 'fisk' was coined;



FTR, I did not contend "that we don't need inspirational leaders".

Just deleted a couple paragraphs of clarification but there's really no point.

Happy Independence Day.


This is that project helmed by Scarborough and Brezinski, it takes two years for Sherman
to make things up, call Mr, Peabody;


hit and run

Mary Poppins Meets Ozzy Osbourne

I shot the video aimed at a flyer they pass out at the park entrances. Couldn't risk the girls getting stage fright with a camera in their face.

"Many visitors have been gored by buffalo"

hit and run

The village baker even asked for my lemon square recipe when it was over.

I no longer eat any dessert other than lemon squares (and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving/Christmas). You simply must give mrs hit and run your recipe.

45 fried shrimp down so far - nowhere near a record, but probably the best I can do, especially because we're also going to fry some pickles and jalapenos once the shrimp are done.

No lemon squares for dessert tonight, but that's because we're waiting for the recipe.


Happy 4th!!!

From Janet's Cashill link:

" What Daniels has done, however, is establish a paper trail so indisputably legitimate that even the most squeamish of conservative media will have a hard time finding fault.

The major media, of course, will not bother to look. It is up to our Beltway brethren to step up and ask some very basic questions of the president that they, through their timidity in 2008, helped elect. The Romney campaign cannot talk about this issue without their support"

MC Obama sez "can't vet this"


Ok, Hit, that's 45 for the whole family right.


Well if you are home and have a recorder do have it watch a Capitol 4th rebroadcasting right now on PBS.

There were parts I went back and played 3 times just because they sounded so wonderful.

It is hard for me to hear the music and see the monuments and think about what is going on quietly and not want to weep.

But we are fighters. Although I had about 24 shrimp at an all you can eat for my 14th birthday and did not eat them again for 2 years.

And hit just skips the dessert.

Melinda Romanoff


I have lots of 45's. Whaddaya wanna hear?

Melinda Romanoff


I got slammed with the "Boxer Argument" that the whole "skeptic" argument was launched by the same lobbyists that defended the tobacco lobby, on Tuesday. I could only remember the launch pad of the argument, it was so old.

Do you recall any earlier noise about it, prior to the spring of '07? I really, really want to put this one back in its box.

When you get a chance, I'd appreciate a site preference to search. Thank you in advance.

Melinda Romanoff

An aside.


The Design Margin should mean something to all of us.


I think it began with this fellow, around 2004, that was the year of that film that would make Irwin Allen shame himself;


Melinda Romanoff


That's the LAST place I'd go for data on this, given the edit history. The Nation as a byline history doesn't help.


--Does it surprise anyone that DuDa, with his seething, ill-informed and infantile hatred of the United States, welcomes every triumph of the Democratic Party?--

What really surprises me is a putative Irishman defending the Brits re our war of Independence considering Ireland fought their own against the Limeys about 100 years ago.
If anyone really think this imbecile is who he claims he is I suspect they plan on collecting lucrative tolls on that new bridge they just bought in Brooklyn.


I don't look to politicians for inspiration or leadership. I prefer we inspire them, and lead them to do the right thing.

Posted by: AliceH | July 03, 2012 at 12:34 PM

FTR, I did not contend "that we don't need inspirational leaders".

Posted by: AliceH | July 04, 2012 at 09:15 PM

Melinda Romanoff


And why I keep referring to McSorley's, an un-franchised suds swilling joint in NYC.

Probably not far from the fakir.


Well I remembered this author along with McKibben, was floating that argument around that time, which led me to his blog, the one that fellow Kurtz was reinstated, which in turn led to this paper;


Melinda Romanoff

That feed needs a date, narciso. Sorry.

Captain Hate

Oh, and apparently the producers will be Joe S. and Mika B. from MSNBC.

I'm looking for the best one word description of this: Incoherent, incomprehensible, unwatchable? I'll say one thing for Ailes and Rupert: They have better taste in articulate doll babies than to ever let a dimwit skeezer like Meeka haunt the set.

Btw, evidence that Satan walks the earth: I was watching a library copy of the first season of Downton Abbey (and thoroughly enjoying it; I can see why Porch and others have raved it up because I was caught up in it immediately and I can understand the best ratings since Brideshead Revisited) and was to the last part of the final episode when the DVD had a scratch that made it unplayable on any playback device @ chez Hate. Dammit!


Speaking of great happenings in 1776

In case it hasn't been mentioned, Adam Smith published Wealth of Nations in 1776.

Mrs K and I started off the 4th last night watching "Act of Valor" on PPV. This afternoon we took the Staten Island Ferry through New York Harbor past the Statue of Liberty, and also had a great view of the Freedom Tower under construction. We stopped for dinner in Little Italy (ok, not very 4th of July-ish). Finally, we saw the fireworks 8 miles away from the top of our apartment building.

These aren't great pics like MT's but the best I could do with my Blackberry.

Happy Fourth!


that paper is in 2007, by Robert Carter, which gives a quick overview of the process, but the legitimization of the bogus argument,
begins with this paper;


Captain Hate

Also in 1776 Edward Gibbon published the first volume of "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".


I think the word you're looking for is 'unpossible', it's based on a book by Gabriel Sherman, that hasn't been conjured out of thin air yet, he's had a few story about the army of killbots that Roger keeps in his arsenal, but other than that.


This is the outfit where that last paper comes from,



Just to forestall any objections regarding politicians=/=leaders:

...let's call it "style" from their elected political leaders than I find to be necessary.
Posted by: AliceH | July 03, 2012 at 03:03 PM

Ralph L

Thanks, cathyf, I wondered how they would be paid off. Is that in the law or just in the regulations? Of course, they're still fools, because high drug prices would be the first thing cut when the money gets tight, and Democrats would lead the charge, since doctors and hospitals have more votes.

Why is it that socialism ends up defending the status quo and never actual "change"?


Maybe this is a cleaner link,



DuDa you are a jerk. Saving Private Ryan was
about my family. You have no idea the sacrifices made by many familes for your freedom. These young men fought for you. Guess what? Their grandparents were born in Ireland. www.canisus.edu/archives/niland.asp


That work didn't work either, but they published some of McKittrick and McIntire's earlier work,



--Also in 1776 Edward Gibbon published the first volume of "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".--

Has anyone finished reading it yet? :)


--Does it surprise anyone that DuDa, with his seething, ill-informed and infantile hatred of the United States, welcomes every triumph of the Democratic Party?--

What really surprises me is a putative Irishman defending the Brits re our war of Independence considering Ireland fought their own against the Limeys about 100 years ago.

Jesus,Mary and Sausages Ignatz,you must think all Irish people are long bearded revolutionaries sitting in smokey pubs plotting against the English.

Having a strained relationship with a country doesn't bar one from being able to view History somewhat objectively.The sad truth is that the United states of America fought side by side with the English against a common enemy,the French.They enjoyed a wonderful military victory,however,they skipped out when it came time to pay their portion of the dinner cheque and somehow,don't ask me how, they've managed to market it as an act of Independance.

Oh don't worry,the Brits picked up the tab for that little skirmish with the French.I guess you could say 'the meal was on them'.

Heh heh...shouldn't we scratch 'Independance day' and instead call it 'cheapskate day' or even 'deadbeat day'?


Wonderful Wretchard link, Mel. Thanks.

and what a great 4th of July for you & family, jimmyk!


--Their grandparents were born in Ireland.--

In direct contradistinction to WeeDavey's.

Send shysters gats and loot.

Melinda, that was Naomi Oreskes work, mostly, that tied the tobacco lobby to climate skepticism, partly through the American Enterprise Institute, no, mebbe ATI, American Traditions Institute. er something. The meme started in the 90's, partly through the second hand smoke scam.


Jimmyk: What an absolutely wonderful way to spend the 4th and your pictures are just fine for those of us who can't be there. Isn't the digital age just the best!

Captain Hate

Has anyone finished reading it yet? :)

It's a very long term project. I finished volume 1 quite a while ago, if that's what you're asking (and I'm pretty sure it's not).


Interesting details related to the era, that Captain and daddy have referred to;



The sad truth is that the United states of America fought side by side with the English against a common enemy,the French.

I think Jefferson would take exception to France being a common enemy with the English. I think Lafayette might also. Now Adams, maybe not so much.


Interesting link, narc.


I believe the wee leprechaun is referring to the French and Indian War, Sara.



Got some news-I'm moving to your neck o'the woods. Moving into a place off Monument-still waiting to hear back from Mason though.


--Jesus,Mary and Sausages Ignatz,you must think all Irish people are long bearded revolutionaries sitting in smokey pubs plotting against the English.--

No, I just think it's clear that 'all Irish people' does not include the fake Lucky Charm JOM is afflicted with.


the fake Lucky Charm

I'm stealing that. Ha.


I believe the wee leprechaun is referring to the French and Indian War, Sara.

I know that is what he was referring to, but he says it as if it a long term fact. The English and French have been common enemies for centuries, not so with America and France.

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