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July 09, 2012



Yes Obama gets this. That's why one of his early acts was to get his National Science Foundation under Czar John Holdren to create the Belmont Forum that would push the US into quietly implementing the UN's sustainability and environmental initiatives.

It is under the direction of this man http://www.ncar.ucar.edu/Director/killeenbio.htm--Timothy Killeen.

I have all the documentation and this is actually operating over in Sweden out of prying eyes. It is scheduled to go operational as the Future Earth Alliance in 2013. I really do not think this is a part of my understanding of that oath he took.


I came across all this documentation when I was reading all the policy briefs that were created for the Planet under Pressure conference in London in March. It actually ended up being more substantive than Rio+20.

This is the story I wrote about the Belmont Challenge.http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/the-belmont-challenge-and-the-death-of-the-individual-via-education/ which involves remaking American society including the American people around this social, political, and economic vision.

The Future Earth Alliance is covered in the next post on June 17, 2012. An NRC report released last week appeared to be relying on the technology companies to provide the needed hardware and software and consulting to make it possible to keep track of the data needed to implement the Belmont Challenge sustainable economy.

I think this is nuts but there is no question this exists and these goals are being actively pursued. With our money.

So actually having energy resources is contrary to the desired template being put stealthily in place. To be completed by 2020 according to the documents.


If Republicans were serious and if Romney ends up elected with a Repub congress, they would withdraw the US from the UN and kick it out of NY.
Let the left play defense for a few decades and see how they do.


And let's not forget Israel has more shale oil than Saudi Arabia has oil and vast stores of shale gas.

James D.

God, if only, Ignatz. Withdrawing us from the UN would be very high on my wish list of things a President and Congress that actually honored their Constitutional responsibilities and gave a damn about the American people would do.

Also on that list would be the elimination of the departments of Education and Energy, and the gutting and defunding of most of the rest of them.

We can dream, right?


Good Morning.

Talk Radio Roundup.

Today caught Rush for 2 hours, then Dennis Miller interviewing Thomas Lifson of American Thinker, then a quick interview by Hannity on his Radio Show interviewing Pat Buchanan.

Rush was hammering that this election will not be won simply by arguing economics. Says that would have worked in the past but not now. Says if the Republican establishment thinks that will work then they are dead wrong.

Lifson and Miller pretty much agree on that point. Lifson was very disturbed that Mitt is sitting idly by and allowing the Obama camp to paint an untrue image of Romney that will convince enough voters in the swing states to vote Obama over Mitt, and that Mitt has to get off his butt ASAP and counter that and do it without worrying about whether he comes off as not nice.

Miller agrees completely and is sick of Mitt saying Obama is a nice guy. Says Mitt has to take the battle to Obama and call a spade a spade and explain why Obama must be stopped.

Over at Hannity Buchanan says that Team Obama cannot run on their record which is awful, so their strategy is to paint Mitt as an unacceptable ugly alternative, and in his opinion they are so far doing that very effectively. Hannity agrees and they both hope Mitt either has a strategy in place to deal with that which we are just not yet seeing, or comes out swinging soon.

Overall seems like the talkers are all on the same page. Mitt has to define himself and go on offense, and cannot sit relatively idly by hoping that economics pushes him over the top.


Hannity agrees and they both hope Mitt either has a strategy in place to deal with that which we are just not yet seeing, or comes out swinging soon.

Oh noes...this brings out the ugly in someone...


Ha ha ha ha, Sue!

Oh, but over at HotAir they say Romney is gonna hit back hard and call Obama a "liar." Ooooohhh - that should do it!

I nearly gag whenever I hear Romney or a surrogate call Obama a "nice guy." I guess they think that saves them from being called racist or something?


So actually having energy resources is contrary to the desired template being put stealthily in place.

They're not that stealthy.

Carol Herman

Obama is still ahead.

And, the "anger" level isn't the best way to win over voters who could care less about a party's "label."

When you think back to Reagan, what people gave him lots of credit for was the twinkle in his eye. And, his laugh when he said "he was once a democrat."

Mitt has yet to find this vein.


Speaking of radio personalities, here's a link from Instapundit.

Levin pre-election tax proposal:

Ok, two can play the Obama game. Here's the Levin proposal: A one year tax holiday from all federal taxes of any kind (income, payroll, capital gains, and death) for all tax filers with adjusted gross incomes of $200,000 or less, and all joint and business returns with adjusted gross incomes of $250,000 or less. The status quo will apply to all filers earning above these thresholds.
I realize these guys have to do a lot of talking, and that sometimes means they don't get to think much before talking, but how does this make sense? Somebody with AGI of $200,001 has to pay almost 35% of that in federal income taxes, but if they had only made $1 less, they're tax free?

Perhaps he meant that the first $200K should be tax free?

Danube of Thought

I'm sure he means it that way, Ext.

"Does Obama do or say anything to suggest that he gets this?" Does Romney?


I commented on this re; the big fracking conspiracy, that seems to be the new template;



Carol. Obama is the angry one. Thanks for playing Carol.


Carol has yet to find her brain.


This is the exact reason why I didn't want Romney as the nominee. I was hoping for someone who would take it to Obama in no uncertain terms and just kick his ass from one end of the country to the other. Rarely has there been such a target-rich environment, but perhaps he's just keeping his powder dry or planning on a VP nominee doing it for him.


Buchanan, is too untergang for my taste, his sell by date was around 1992,


((Rush was hammering that this election will not be won simply by arguing economics.))

thanks a lot for that recap daddy. I wasn't able to listen today. I agree with them all, that there the economy cannot be the only issue because what if there is a semblance of prosperity created by pumping the markets? Did Rush say what other issues he thinks should be trumpeted?


Rarely has there been such a target-rich environment, but perhaps he's just keeping his powder dry or planning on a VP nominee doing it for him.

Or maybe he just decided to take a couple of days off and spend the 4th with his family at his bought and paid for with his own money vacation home.

Wasn't it just a little over a week ago that everyone was talking about how quickly the Romney campaign was responding to everything coming from Obama as if they were inside his head or at least the campaign planning sessions?


((I was hoping for someone who would take it to Obama in no uncertain terms and just kick his ass from one end of the country to the other. ))

and I'm sure we can agree that there is at least one person who would have done that very well.

I do not wan to to hear Owebama is a nice guy. No he's not nice.


The release of the Terry murder indictment raises some extremely serious questions. LUN


In the Zimmerman case it appears that Det Serino was busted for having taped the video of GZ entering the police hq and given it to reporter Mat Gutma. I imagine this will seriously jeopardize the use of Serino was a prosecution witness


From the same source:
"ABC’s Matt Gutman has exposed ABC to considerable litigation risk and has been reassigned to a foreign coorespondent role. He was shipped out of the country by ABC and tweeted this morning from Tel Aviv.

Everything Matt has reported on this issue is now suspect. Including the “exclusive” DeeDee recording interviews.


((ABC’s Matt Gutman has exposed ABC to considerable litigation risk))

from the Zimmerman family?


I suppose that is who the author means, Chubby,

Jane, you want this:
http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/09/mass-gov-deval-patrick-vetoes-ban-on-purchasing-tattoos-manicures-porn-with-ebt/ In Mass you can use food stamps to buy anything at all thanks to your governor.

Charlie (Colorado)

Hey DoT, could you contact me by email? I've got an Iraq/Afghanistan vet acquaintance trying to get connected with veterans resources in San Diego.


Issues for the Election

The Economy
Health Care
The War
The Imperial Presidency
Homeland Security
Crony Capitalism

I got plenty more, but I think a majority of rational people can agree on most of these.


Also thought I would mention that (I think it was ABC) radio news ran a story at the top of the hour break by some Doctor saying that he just concluded a study that shows that vascular stints that we put in patients made of some high quality material are non-essential and we should do the procedure much less often and do it with lower quality material, and that it would save approximately a quarter billion dollars a year in Medical savings.

Struck me that we will probably be hearing a lot more of these sort of stories about how expensive medical care and procedures which were essential before Obamacare passed are suddenly not essential and if done at all should be done on the cheap.


I'm a sucker for hot red-on-red action.

Durbin: Rep. Jackson has 'responsibility' to share details about medical condition


Beanbags versus Bullets

hit and run

I'm back home. 21 hour drive from Idaho to DFW yesterday/this morning. We made much better time than expected - so we arrived at 4am. My flight didn't leave until 10. We had tried to kill some time in Denver going through old stompin' grounds to show the kids, including the townhouse we lived in when hit and run jr was born. But in the end, you cannot stop my lead foot and you can't really even hope to contain it.

So we slept for a few hours in the DFW parking garage at Terminal E. It was 82 degrees and mrs hit and run kept turning the car on for the AC (take that Gaia!).

Now I'm back home, as stated previously, and the rest of the hits are in Texas for the rest of the summer, to return the week before school starts.

Here we go. So much to do. And all without supervision.


Jeff would have loved to get together but not at 4 AM! Next time you are through DFW shout. 10 minutes from you nap spot to my humble abode.

Danube of Thought

Hit, I no longer have ChaCo's e-mail. Can you send it to me? Thanks.

Danube of Thought

Sue, what's up with all those Texas Rangers scurrying off the field like scared rabbits?


LI: Oh looky, Obama’s back to attacking the Top 5%

Over time Obama narrowed the demonization to the Top 2%, then the Top 1%, then a few hundred people who might pay more under the “Buffett Rule.”

Apparently that narrowing didn’t work. The public wasn’t interested in a public flogging of a relatively few folks.

So 5% it is!


I got OVER on the 13 Democrats in the House tomorrow. Anyone want under? Got any money? LOL


The latest Gallup poll shows a drop in the president's approval rating among young voters, but it's the overall trend since 2009 that tells the real story. America's youth is losing hope and turning its back on Obama. SHARE this if you're voting against Obama and for real change in November!

At Drudge - Broke Scranton, PA cuts all employees to minimum wage!

Isn't ol' Joe Biden from Scranton?! ...lived there for awhile as a kid anyway. That should make Obama from Indonesia...


Of course, this could be easily counterpunched, with a pic or two,



Debbie Does America is still the gift that keeps on giving, she is prattling on about Romney tax returns but guess what, the dimbulb refuses to release her own:

But the irony of today's event is rich: Debbie Wasserman Schultz has refused--and continues to refuse--to release her own tax returns.

Ask her opponent. You could not write a believable parody about progressives.


Via Insty:

Obama vs. Romney: Bully vs. Nerd.

Romney’s big problem is that he grew up in another America. He was raised to believe there is a clear standard for adult conduct, that even politics has rules and that it is the duty of a president to unite and lead the nation through its economic crisis.

Timing could be his great misfortune. Fate has given him a demoralized electorate that is growing distant from that old America and an opponent who spouts its verities, but actually believes in none of them.

Barack Obama believes that politics is a knife fight, and the only rule is that he must win. His conduct reflects the unholy mix of a messiah complex with the muscle of The Chicago Way. His goal, he tells us, is to “transform” America, not fix it.

This culture clash explains a presidential campaign operating in parallel universes.

Old-fashioned America’s remedy for bullying: Punch the bully in the nose. Twice as hard. Think Romney knows that?


I've dubbed him the Solon of Scranton, perfectly tongue in cheek. of course,


"stints that we put in patients made of some high quality material"

After the Obama death panels get complete control, paperclips will do.


You must have confused the gallant Rangers with the visiting Twins who were well how to say it, lets ask one of the Twins:

''My heart stopped when I heard the thunder at the stadium. Glad no one heard me scream like a little girl too!! Lol,'' Twins right fielder Ben Revere tweeted.


More from Insty:

DERSHOWITZ TO FELLOW DEMOCRATS: Stop Attacking Sheldon Adelson. “In addition, Dershowitz added, if Democrats wanted to fight a misogynistic donor to political super PACs, they need look no further than television host Bill Maher, whose money they have enthusiastically accepted.”

Dersh has been on a tear lately.


"That should make Obama from Indonesia..."

"That should make Obama from Indonesia"
I knew he was from somewhere:




Hit's home for the summer without supervision. Lawsy!!


THe headlines here, are written as if this was somekind of surprise


It's the same trick that the FLMN is running against the Salvadoran Supreme Court, per Mary Anastasia O'Grady in the Journal


Stints, death panels....gosh, how about a clean organized operating room


A patient receives dental treatment at the Remote Area Medical clinic in Los Angeles, April 29, 2010. Organizers hope to bring free medical, dental and vision care to more than 8,000 uninsured and underinsured people in the week they are in Los Angeles. Health insurer WellPoint Inc will buy rival Amerigroup Corp for $4.46 billion in a major bet on the expansion of the U.S. government's Medicaid health plans for the poor the companies announced July 9, 2012, just a week and a half after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama's healthcare law, which aims to extend coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans.

looks like a parking lot


Punch the bully in the nose. Twice as hard. Think Romney knows that?

I'd have to say no.

Jane - talk is cheap!

Someone brought an article to me at Rotary published in the Southbridge News called "legitimate questions". An Obama voter wrote a compelling piece asking questions like: where did Obama get the money to go to Indonesia or Columbia, or the money to buy his house and on and on. It really was spectacular but I can't find it to repost it here. The one thing in it I was not aware of, is that Valerie Jarret was born in Iran. Did you guys know that?


--Carol has yet to find her brain.--

Gus, if you are not the last person at JOM who actually reads Carol then you're in the top two.


And lots of people "know" that, but not many ever try it.

Jane - talk is cheap!

Already in my outline Clarice, I saw it earlier and Howie Carr was all over it all afternoon. Thank you for thinking of me.

Tonite starts the finale of the Closer narc. Are you ready?


Here's that stint story in print: Drug-coated stents overused in heart patients, study finds

"Cardiologists are routinely over-using drug-coated stents to prop open blocked arteries in the heart rather than using bare-metal stents for patients at low-risk of another blockage...they cost about $1,000 to $2,000 more than the bare-metal ones."

"The paper underscores the broader problem of cardiologists performing too many angioplasties and stent procedures in patients...Yeh and his colleagues calculated that reducing the unnecessary use of drug-coated stents by half would save $205 million in US health care costs each year and lead to an increase of stent failures in only 5 out of every 1,000 patients treated."


Jane, I did know that. Also that her dad was a biggie at the Chicago tribune--you know the paper that got sealed divorce orders involving Obama's opponents unsealed.

I'm always thinking of material for you, Jane. You're a hero of mine.


looks like a parking lot

It does! In my hometown, people give away free puppies in the Walmart parking lot....now they'll be out there getting dental care.

Organizers hope to bring free medical, dental and vision care to more than 8,000 uninsured and underinsured people in the week they are in Los Angeles. Health insurer WellPoint Inc will buy rival Amerigroup Corp for $4.46 billion

So some company bought another company for 4.46 BILLION & they are gonna give away free medical, dental, & vision care? How is that suppose to work? How does anything stay in business if they give away their product for free?


Yes, I am, that detail is not as important as this other item, at the end;

Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran to American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman. Her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children in Shiraz, 1950, as part of a program where American doctors and agricultural experts sought to help jump-start developing countries' health and farming efforts. When she was five, the family moved to London for one year, returning to Chicago in 1963.[3]

In 1966 her mother, Barbara T. Bowman, was one of four child advocates that created the Erikson Institute. The Institute was established to provide advanced knowledge in child development for teachers and other professionals working with young children.[4]


"Valerie Jarret was born in Iran. Did you guys know that? "

I knew that-probably learned it from Narciso.
It's a pretty scary fact when you consider how Obama carries on with the Iranian Govt.

IMO, every single person connected with Obama has scary backgrounds or becomes scary after hanging around him.

Here is a example:


At one time Lahood must have had some common sense. Now he can't tell the difference between 2 years ago and 8 years ago.


Ray Lahood is nominally a Republican. Well that what I once said about Huntsman too,...


It's interesting that they left Iran, before the Shah imposed the White Revolution program, suggested by JFK, which alienated the bazzari's (merchant class) which along with the mullahs, had led to Mossadegh's fall.


Is it just me or does Shep Smith look awfully orange in the KC Royals ballpark? Cheetos got nothing on him.


Suspect we'll have a new Zimm thread any minute now on the Leaking Detective and ABC News.

What Legal stuff is likely to happen to the leaking Sanford Detective, over and above the Lawsuit that Zimmerman might bring.

Also, is the Sanford Police Department eligible for Lawsuits in the matter, or can they effectively shield themselves and simply blame their rogue Detective?

Sounds to this non-Lawyer like a target rich environment.

Also, does ABC News now have to sweat as well?


--What Legal stuff is likely to happen to the leaking Sanford Detective, over and above the Lawsuit that Zimmerman might bring.--



As I recall the Sanford detective Serino just happens to be the same guy GZ accused earlier to harassing a black homeless guy. No?


Yep, that's the one,


Danube of Thought

"You must have confused the gallant Rangers with the visiting Twins"

Not a chance. Those were guys in the field, in home whites, taking off like striped-assed apes.


And this piece, as well;


Danube of Thought

Those Border Patrol guys must be awfully good soldiers, so to speak, and no one can ever doubt their courage. But I think it would have been mighty tough for anyone to get me or any of my colleagues to get into a firefight shooting beanbags. Something very wrong here.


Anyone else have an overwhelming desire for one of the derby balls to hit Berman in the mouth?


I'm missing the evenhandedness, here, sarc



Hold on to your vaporizers!


Another 220 million dollars gone- Vaporized

"On July 9, 2012, NFA made inquiry with US Bank and learned that rather than the $225 million that PFG had reported as being on deposit at US Bank just days earlier, PFG had only approximately $5 million on deposit at U.S. Bank.

Someone better check the Obama campaign


The whole thing stinks, DoT. There is something seriously wrong.My guess is that they had inaccurate information or were set up.

How does anyone out in the boondocks, especially in that area with those known dangers, not be on full alert for an armed opponent?

The illegals aren't armed but some of the coyotes are. Using riot gear just doesn't make sense.


How is that suppose to work? How does anything stay in business if they give away their product for free?

Janet, It'sKinda like, when you add 30 million people to Health care and the costs go down?

Or the recession is Bush's fault so the solution is to extend Bush's tax cuts.

or those young immigrants Obama will not deport are now called “law-abiding illegal immigrants”

Oh yea! Sarah Palin is stupid!!!!!
George Zimmerman is white and what's her name Warren is an Indian.

I ran out of the house yesterday, when I heard Obama was complaining about all the money Romney was spending on his vacations.


this from a web site:

"Terry, 40, and a team of agents were in a remote part of the desert last night trying to track down a group of thieves who were believed to have been stealing from illegal immigrants. Just after 11 p.m., the agents encountered the men in an area north of Nogales, Ariz., known as Peck Canyon, and Terry was killed in the ensuing gunfight."

Thieves usually carry weapons.


Wanggaard has a statement in the Racine Journal Times detailing the scope of election fraud(can't link from their stupid mobil site). If Wanggaard decides to sue, he can still collect unlimited contributions to fund the suit. Deadline is tomorrow.

Jane - talk is cheap!

You're a hero of mine.


You're a hero of mine. So that's really weird.

The guy who wrote the article coupled the Iran background with the relationship to Rezko and a bunch of other mid east connections.

Narc, is the Closer on? Now I can't find it in my TV line-up.


Thanks henry for that bit of good news.

I'm happy to contribute to him pushing this thing. Keep us posted please.


I ran out of the house yesterday, when I heard Obama was complaining about all the money Romney was spending on his vacations.

I hear ya, Ann...Rush played some Nancy Pelosi clip the other day & I just had to turn it off. I get physically nauseous hearing the libs.


Come on you guys. You question the use of bean bags? This coming from the same people that came up with the rules of engagement for our military. You know the same ones that complained about water boarding, but use drones today.

Jane - talk is cheap!


Your F&F piece is nothing short of brilliant.


Daddy, the key stat Wanggaard cited: 5% of the Racine population registered and voted on election day. I'm sure ValJar took notes.


I dont know about you DOT but I have been in a thunderstorm where lightning has struck within a mile. Lightning struck north of the stadium so less than a mile away. I am told the thunder clap was immediate and deafening. But I guess if had the choice of discussing the Padres and their under .400 record or discussing almost anything else, well anything else it would be.



You're a hero of mine as well, and your colleague Thomas Lifson was excellent on Dennis Miller's Show. I'm glad Dennis has him as a regular guest. Dennis was very complementary of American Thinker.


Thanks Jane and Daddy.


Well it's nine oclock, on TNT, down here, it may be different in Massachussetts. The reporter who went all 'look squirrel' on fast & Furious, was the same who attacked CIA interrogators in Vanity Fair in 2007.


GMax-at the beach I have been within 50 yards of 4 different strikes. It's an instantaneous explosion.

We actually wondered if there was something in soil.

I can still remember the 1st time it hit the beach when my son was doing setups. For about 2 minutes he was a kid again and not just the human eating machine.

"Mom, could you go make me 4 grilled ham and cheese sandwiches."


"not be on full alert for an armed opponent?"




"5% of the Racine population registered and voted on election day."

Frightening. And that's without Voter ID.

And I can't find it but previously I posted a photo of a same day Voter who registered, "No Address."

So no address and no photo ID required at all. Simply walk in, say you are "Joe Blow", say you have "no address", and pull the lever.

And the only repercussion I can find by anyone is that the loser is called a sore loser and a bad sport by the Media for demanding that it be investigated and brought to a halt.

Here's a little more: What Will Wanggaard Do? Tuesday is Deadline to Challenge Recount


Hi Ann! Nice to see you running around, posting pics and continuing as JOM's sweetest smart ass. Keep up the good work. :)


RSE good thing you weren't standing in the water. Sand does not conduct well, but water does, and at 50 yards ( 150 feet ) the jolt would knock you down and possibly burn you on exit.

Danube of Thought

Gmax, having attended four Padres games in my life, all as an unwilling guest, I couldn't care less what or how they do.

I and many others I know have seen lightning followed by an instantaneous thunderclap. Never, ever have I seen such a spontaneous display of cowardice and stupidity in response to the phenomenon.


Not everyone can be as brave and frankly fearless as you, apparently.

And I would not admit to being a Padres fan either. No way.


Smooches, Ignatz.


Why I Asked For A Recount, What We Learned, and Why You Should Care


"While people across the state were required to sign the poll list before receiving a ballot to prevent fraud, hundreds of voters in Racine did not. In Racine, poll books were missing dozens of pages, missing names or addresses, and contained wrong information. For hundreds of clerks across Wisconsin, including every other community in Racine County, the poll books were in perfect order. In every other municipality, ballot bags were sealed properly on election night. But in the city of Racine, 20% of the wards had ballot bags that were sealed and reopened, or never sealed at all. All of these discoveries raise serious, and troubling questions."

Sounds to me like he wants to push it, but is uncertain that it will produce anything except excuses of the "Gosh, we inadvertently screwed up, so sorry" variety.


Ann: ditto what Iggy said!

I simply cannot listen to Obama at all on TV. Most liberals and their media significant others - the same!

It just amazes me that anyone can still be enamored by Barry or Meechelle.

Liberalism is the most obnoxious of diseases.


Lightning struck a tree next to the garage where we were sheltering during a neighborhood cookout once. Blew several people about 25 feet into the yard. Two required CPR and hospitalization. One of them was blown out of his shoes which were smoking several minutes later.

Then we noticed his house caught on fire as the lightning forked and evidently hit several things at once. Damage to the attic but luckily the paras and the firetrucks both responded. Scary as hell.

Nice little thunderstorm here right now. The TV is on mute and the rain is falling. So much for Berman. :)


Daddy, Wanggaard is an ex cop. He was very deliberate asking for the recount. The MSM has ignored the fraud side so far. The question is whether $1-200,000 spent on this lawsuit will get anyone to pay attention. I have no idea how the RPW or Priebus are pushing him. I agree that he wants to pursue it -- to uncover the crimes if for no other purpose.

Danube of Thought

"Not everyone can be as brave and frankly fearless as you..."

It appears that everyone is, except those comical Texas Rangers. A true laff riot, that bunch.


Never been to Racine in my life. I went and looked up demographics and its approx 21% black so more than the US average. Any chance that the shenanigans were basically confined to the inner city precincts Henry? I dont think you pull this level of noncompliance except where you are certain everyone is in on it and any monitors can be intimidated and silenced.

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