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July 17, 2012



It still amazes me that O actually said what he said re success.


I think we will look back at Saturday July 14th as the day Barack H Obama stuck a fork in his own reelection campaign. The mocking on the link is deliciously merciless. I bet its making Zero furious. HOPE he absolutely cant stand the mocking and wants to CHANGE the conversation.


Al Gore invented the mouse trap.


GMAX-- 'Bam hates to be mocked. We all need to keep it up.

Voldemort Delenda Est !                   Sandy Daze

that cretin disgusts me to a level I did not think possible. . .

PS to TM, thanks for changing it back; although I know you did not do that.

Danube of Thought

On the other hand, TM didn't make the first change either.

AP (!) now refers to Obama's statement as a "gaffe."


Crosspost for Rich:

"Is there a transcript available? Aside from the clip I haven't seen or read the whole speech."



This will be an enduring remark.

We need to get it mainstream though. Should we all get our teenagers and 20-somethings to link to on FB?

Then it doesn't matter if the networks do not cover.

Danube of Thought

She didn't slur her speech. Somebody else did that.

"ARMONK, N.Y. — Kerry Kennedy, ex-wife of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was swaying and slurring her speech when police found her after her car hit a tractor-trailer on a highway, police said in a court document. Kennedy, daughter of Sen. Robert Kennedy and niece of President John Kennedy, also told police she might have accidentally taken a sleeping pill before the Friday morning accident. The document, a police officer's deposition, was released several hours before Kennedy was to appear Tuesday night for arraignment on a charge of driving while drug-impaired."



She accidentally might have taken an Ambien?

If only that evil government hadn't built that pharmaceutical factory.


Obama Gaffes-- The "Private Section is doing Fine", and you business owners have nothing to do with that! It's only Mid-July and 2 losing Obama gaffes already. What's next? Fidel, mi amigo, had to take over Cuba otherwise the Mafia would have put missles in Cuba!


You know what I found interesting. When Obama was delivering these now famous lines in Roanoke, Virginia, he was using his "black" voice. He was trying to sound ghetto, the way he does usually only before an all black audience, which parenthetically is quite absurd, since having been raised in a white family, and in Indonesia, and never in a ghetto, the ebonic lilt is a complete affectation. However, it sheds some light into how Obama was thinking. The African-American segment of the population has been so successfully turned into serfs by generations of dependency that he can feel comfortable making this argument to that subculture.


I detest Obama's phony "black accent" with a passion.

BB Key

NK, I detest the bkack preacher head bobing at the microphones...


BBKey and I will be here all week- wednesdays are Blue Plate Special days....


Idiots love Obama. Because they are idiots.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Anything happen on the Arpaio press conf at 5:30 Eastern?

Carol Herman

Feh. Everyone who makes money in business knows to share credit with the people they hire!

Reminds me of Reagan. One of his stellar points that he expressed was that "it doesn't matter if someone else takes the credit" ... You always complement others for a job well done.

It took me a long time to learn that Reagan learned to give others credit, while he was working in Hollywood. And, there were "bigger stars" ... with top billing ... And, ya know what? HE WAS JUST GLAD TO WORK!

So far? For all the money Romney is spending, he still looks like he's heading the ANGRY WHITE MALE ticket.

Try something new.

Too many people still like Obama.

Both parties have had trouble picking good candidates. LBJ got there because JFK picked him to be his veep. (Probably thinking having LBJ in the vice presidency meant he could do less harm, then if he was still sitting in the senate's majority leader's office.) THE PRICE GOT TO BE PAID.

Then, there was Chicago. 1968. Hubert Humphrey couldn't beat Nixon.

The democrats, not giving up, (and the war in Vietnam still ongoing) ... George McGovern was selected to run against Nixon in 1972.

Mort Sahl said "it was a contest between Nembutal and Seconal."

He was asked if he could be fair. And, not pick a side. Oh, he said ... that would be so easy! Listening to either candidate was sure to put you to sleep.

There's been plenty of races where Americans who do vote, go to the polls and say "they are holding their noses."

And, I don't think angry white men have any advantages in this go-round.

Rick Ballard

Why would anyone expect Obama to be better at being black than he is at being President? Or anything else he's tried and failed at?

IMO - he maxed out on the Peter Principle his first day at Occidental.


BO: "Damn. I go off-prompter one time in I don't know how long, to tell a story I should have been telling for years, and these idiots still don't get it!"

[pushes button]

BO: "Get Lakoff on the phone!"

Granny Jan

The Obama campaign has been weaning BHO off of TOTUS lately. He didn't use one in TX today or when he did his revealing hit on business. He's using notes and his memorized talking points instead. They want him to connect better with his audience.

How long will this last? No one knows but it's gaffe-astic!


Hi Carol!! I have a question for you!!! Are you stupid on purpose? OR. Are you just a fuxing idiot??

Have a nice day!!!

Frau Steingehirn

While cutting my hair today, my hair dresser brought up Obama's attack on business owners which he pointed out had been noticed by the media. He was an-i-ma-ted in his disgust at our preezy's idiocy. Politics are not a normal topic for us. I said I hoped the president would continue to share his ideas about business. Everyone needs to see the naked BHO.


BO: "Son of a bitch! Lakoff, you gotta give me somethin', STAT!"


he star of a pro-Obama super PAC ad is speaking out against ... President Barack Obama.

"I could really care less about Obama," Donnie Box says of President Obama, according to In These Times. "I think Obama is a jerk, a pantywaist, a lightweight, a blowhard. He hasn't done a goddamn thing that he said he would do. When he had a Democratic Senate and Democratic Congress, he didn't do a damn thing. He doesn't have the guts to say what’s on his mind."

Box, In These Times reports, won't be voting for Obama.

Here's the pro-Obama, anti-Bain Capital ad Box appeared in:

The ad was created by the super PAC Priorities USA.

"[T]he ad's been in pretty high circulation, part of a $7 million ad campaign in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, one that Priorities USA has said is partially responsible for hurting Romney's polling in swing states," the Atlantic reports.

Weekly Standard

And elsewhere a report that Debbie W-S was bood at a synagogue.

It's so nice when people everywhere start awakening from the slumber of the brain dead.


When Obumblefug says something Marxist, off Prompter or Gaffetastic, MORONS like The Hermanater (Carol), feel the need to explain to us what he REALLY MEANT, and how SOOOOPER DOOOOPER SMART it REALLY was.

Sorry Carol, sometimes a shit sandwich is just a shit sandwich. And Obama IS a shit sandwich.


booed that is..


So Silva 'bats another one out the park, with his latest the Fallen Angel, his interview with Gregory, where he gave props to Bill Clinton on the Middle East, is made up for his tale, which 'really is drawn from today's headlines, it really circles back to where Allon first started out, tracking a terrorist
in Europe, but the consequences don't end there.


Lakoff: “Never use your opponent’s language….Never repeat ideas that you don’t believe in, even if you are arguing against them.”


I'm so jealous. I wish I could have heckled DWS. I would be a superb heckler of that seahag. I swear I would follow the New Tone rules.


could it be that the invisible hand of the market is bitch slapping Obama?


Heading out. For your amusement while I am gone.




Harry Reid, during a debate in which Schumer called for more restrictions on 1st Amendment rights in order to get the DISCLOSE Act passed, made this statement last night:

We can’t go on like this anymore. I don’t want to get rid of the filibuster, but I have to tell you, I want to change the rules and make the filibuster meaningful. The filibuster is not part of our constitution, it came about as a result of our wanting to get legislation passed, and now it’s being used to stop legislation from passing.

I would love to see you heckle DWS, Enlightened. Do you have a PayPal link?

Captain Hate

Per Granny Jan I found this at Weasel Zippers earlier

Critics have mocked Obama’s routine use of the teleprompter, including in speeches to schoolchildren. And the new use of written notes appears intended to trade away the smooth, distant demeanor of teleprompter rhetoric for a little more immediacy and vigor. A senior administration official acknowledged the shift in the president’s style, saying Obama is speaking “more extemporaneously.”

This should produce some comedy club worthy material.


Granny/CH-- thanks for that TOTUS update. That explains the 2 magnificent Gaffes of the past 2 weeks. As Granny says, who knows how long this will last, but while it does, grab some popcorn, the Gaff-O'-Matic machine will be running in overdrive.


Is there anything he has a clue about;

Cato attempted to use the filibuster at least twice to frustrate the political objectives of Julius Caesar.[5] The first incident occurred during the summer of 60 B.C.E., when Caesar was returning home from his propraetorship in Hispania Ulterior. Caesar, by virtue of his military victories over the raiders and bandits in Hispania, had been awarded a triumph by the Senate. Having recently turned 40, Caesar had also become eligible to stand for consul. This posed a dilemma. Roman generals honored with a triumph were not allowed to enter the city prior to the ceremony, but candidates for the consulship were required, by law, to appear in person at the Forum.[5] The date of the election, which had already been set, made it impossible for Caesar to stand unless he crossed the pomerium and gave up the right to his triumph. Caesar petitioned the Senate to stand in absentia, but Cato employed a filibuster to block the proposal. Faced with a choice between a triumph and the consulship, Caesar chose the consulship and entered the city.

Cato made use of the filibuster again in 59 B.C.E. in response to a land reform bill sponsored by Caesar, who was then consul.[5] When it was Cato's time to speak during the debate, he began one of his characteristically long-winded speeches. Caesar, who needed to pass the bill before his co-consul, Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus, took possession of the fasces at the end of the month, immediately recognized Cato's intent and ordered the lictors to jail him for the rest of the day. The move was unpopular with many senators and Caesar, realizing his mistake, soon ordered Cato's release. The day was wasted without the Senate ever getting to vote on a motion supporting the bill, but Caesar eventually circumvented Cato's opposition by taking the measure to the Tribal Assembly, where it passed.


Moving on, to the present day, they did rescind the filibuster in 1842, and eventually brought it back, in 1890;

he Speaker of the House Thomas Brackett Reed put this question to the Members: "Will the House consider the resolution?" The yeas and nays were demanded with a result of 162 yeas, three nays, and 163 not voting. Democrats, led by Charles Crisp (who succeeded Reed as Speaker in the next two Congresses), then declared that the absence of a quorum (179 Representatives) prevented the House from making decisions. As dictated by House rules for the suggestion of the absence of a quorum, Speaker Reed began an attendance roll call - but directed the Clerk of the House to record as present any Member who was then in the chamber, whether they answered the roll call or not


I just returned from the gym and was listening to Mark Levin--Romney has finally come alive! Mark played a really superb speech Romney was giving--don't know where he was. I want more of this!

Captain Hate

sailor I read elsewhere earlier that Romney was en fuego giving a speech. I chalked up a lot of the complaints late last week and early this week as the impact of the heat and the silly season.


sailor: The speech was today in Pennsylvania. Several websites have highlight clips of it.


Is this the only ad we have in response to Obama's commie channeling of Warren?


Looks like Arpaio has some decent points.


Jim Geraghty has two clips (the entire speech) for those interested. Golly, even Michelle Malkin was impressed with it.

Captain Hate

Oh my http://weaselzippers.us/2012/07/17/star-of-pro-obama-super-pac-ad-unleashed-obama-is-a-jerk-a-pantywaist-a-lightweight-a-blowhard-hasnt-done-a-goddamn-thing/


thank you, narciso. It's lovely when Harry Reid perverts the the rules of the Senate to have Cato, the Founding Fathers, and the kitchen sink shoved down his scrawny throat.

Rick Ballard

What's the most effective way of letting the Pinhead Troika know how much we appreciate the decision to have the President move away from scripted remarks to communication via extemporaneous ebonics? Would "I almost fainted from the tingle running down my leg when I heard the President...etc." be too fulsome?


Well, Ch, I certainly hope he has already been paid for his work on the ad.

Rick Ballard

Or "I had to call a paralegal and a corpseman after hearing the President..."


could it be that the invisible hand of the market is bitch slapping Obama?

Before you posted this I was thinking how I'd love to see matt write something up about Smith's belief that the production of wealth would increase dramatically if individuals were allowed to pursue their self-interest, with little interference from government. And how the Industrial Revolution and capitalism allowed millions to be fed, clothed and housed. Didn't Chicago become the great city it once was because of the IR?


"Is there anything he has a clue about"


He used to have a clue about illegal immigration.

Harry Reid 1993 Speech on the Senate Floor:

"If making it easy to be an illegal alien isn't enough, how about offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant?

No sane country would do that, right?

Guess again.

If you break our laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a child we reward that child with US Citizenship and guarantee a full access to all public and social services this society provides---and that's a lot of services.

Is it any wonder that 2/3rds of the babies born at Taxpayer expense in county run hospitals in Los Angeles are born to illegal alien mothers?"

So using his own words, the Harry Reid of 1993 calls the Harry Reid of 2012 "insane."


Rick-You could push for more scripted kisses between the First Couple.

When bo is off TOTUS he speaks from emotion. It's unconscious. I know because it's the kind of reflex action he is pushing for all students.

That's why we see the anger and smarminess over genuine achievements.

Should we hope for a negative liberties moment?


I weas being rhetorical, if he was in Alaska, he's be one of Bill Allen's minions, like Ramras, or Coghill;



By chance I actually heard the part of thespeech where Obama said "If you have a successful business ,you didn't do it. " Now even Fox News is trying to give him somewhat of a pass and Obama is calling it a gaffe. I know what I heard. He believes in BIG GOVERNMent and according to Krauthammer,therein lies the realdebate.


I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think we'll see Obama off-prompter for the rest of the campaign.


Rocco-Read this book by Deirdre McCloskey. It is superb and she writes adeptly about the Great Fact. That factor of 15 improvement from an economy based on freedom for even the poorest.



He was off prompter when he spoke with Joe the plumber. That worked out well for us.


Narciso mentioning Caesar's fellow Consul, Marcus Bibulus, rang a bell about an old joke reported in Seutonius.

After Bibulus was chosen as the other Consul with Caesar in 59 BC, Caesar went a tad Chicago style on his co-equal Consul Bibulus. At the time Pompey and Caesar were allies, and were opposed to Cato and Bibulus.

"Pompey had his henchman, Vatinius (what position did he hold?), organize the veterans into tribes to not only vote on the bill, but terrorize the city into voting their way as well. Bibulus arrived at the forum to protest, but was silenced when a bucket of dung was poured on his head and he was kicked off the rostra. This event let everyone know that the res publica, in its pure democratic form, was now dead. Bibulus locked himself in his house for the rest of the year in a boycott of politics. From then on, he issued proclamations attesting to bad omens every time Caesar put a motion to a vote – this was ignored."

Seutonius tells us that the usual term of referring to the given year as being during the term of the 2 consuls (ie-"Done in the Consulship of Sulla and Cassuis," etc) in this instance, after Bibulus was scared into inaction and cowering, the year sarcastically became known as "Done in the Consulship of Julius and Caesar."

"Caesar's conduct drove him (Bibulus) to such a pitch of desperation, that from that time until the end of his term he did not leave his house, but merely issued proclamations announcing adverse omens.

2 From that time on Caesar managed all the affairs of state alone and after his own pleasure; so that sundry witty fellows, pretending by way of jest to sign and seal testamentary documents,17 wrote "Done in the consulship of Julius and Caesar," instead of "Bibulus and Caesar," writing down p27the same man twice, by name and by surname. Presently too the following verses were on everyone's lips:—

"In Caesar's year, not Bibulus', an act took place of late;
For naught do I remember done in Bibulus' consulate."


Did everyone see this dude, Steve Westly, who got $500M in business in return for $500 thousand in campaign contributions? That's a 100,000% return.

"And lemme tell ya, whatever he likes, that's what I like."


Thank You rse, I'll definitely check it out.



and Boston, and New York, and Detroit, and Los Angeles, and Seattle, and Lowell, MA, and Richmond, and Savannah, and New Orleans and on and on.

Obama has a fundamental misunderstanding of the systems and workings of the world. This is what happens in the rarified air of academia and advocacy.

If he spent time watching how a hardware store worked, or a factory that is having to compete with China every day, or even spoke with people other than the Immelts and Rubins and clean hands crowd, maybe, just maybe he would get an inkling.

Yes, it is interdependent on a hundred factors, but without someone out there to take the risk and lay his or her money and ass on the line, it goes nowhere fast. It is amazing what the burn rate can be when you pick the wrong people. It is amazing what the rewards can e if you pick the right ones and lead them properly.

Obama simply doesn't get it. he doesn't get capitalism. He doesn't get markets. he doesn't get "values". He doesn't get people except when he can bribe them. It's a pretty pathetic worldview.

J. Fred Muggs

Even J. Fred Muggs knows a winner when he sees one and Fallen Angel by Daniel Silva is just that. Brsd Thor's. Full Black is pretty good also for the patriots among the informed.


What was it Krauthammer said? Something like:

"This from a man who has not even run so much as a candy store?"


The scripted kisses remind me of Tipper and Al Gore. It must be a dem thing. Any self-respecting republican wouldn't be caught dead pandering so shamefully. Bammy and company are desperate. His huge money investment in slander is going up in smoke.What's he doing at a ballgame? Shouldn't he be solving the sequester fiasco he created?


This pj piece on the dems holding defense hostage is heartbreaking to me.


matt-I would disagree slightly. Bo understand values and their importance. That's why he is determined to turn all of ed around changing them. To something incompatible with individualism and independence and capitalism.

The Diamond Troika he wants to replace with the advice of the Pinhead Troika.

Rick Ballard

"If he spent time watching how a hardware store worked,"

He'd fall asleep. A hardware store is far too complex a challenge, considering the intellect available.

We really are talking Forrest Gump as Chauncey Gardner, albeit without luck or likeability.



I love how Barack's parents met in 1961 because of the Selma Civil Rights March of 1965.

I love how Biden watched FDR's Fireside chats on TV before anyone owned a TV.

I love how Hillary was named Hillary in 1947 in honor of Sir Edmund Hillary's famous conquest of Mt Everest in 1953.

I love How Mitt Romney who left Bain in 1999 ran the company through 2003.

And now I love how HBO has created a show which anachronistically creates a fictional Newsman who magically responds contemporaneously to Rush Limbaugh from 3 years back.

Temporal reality---it's only for the Right.


This just keeps on happening, when does it become a trend?

“I could really care less about Obama,” says lifelong Democrat Donnie Box. “I think Obama is a jerk, a pantywaist, a lightweight, a blowhard. He hasn’t done a godd*** thing that he said he would do. When he had a Democratic Senate and Democratic Congress, he didn’t do a damn thing. He doesn’t have the guts to say what’s on his mind.”


Well, daddy, at least we know we are right. (For what it's worth.)


Kennedy, daughter of Sen. Robert Kennedy and niece of President John Kennedy, also told police she might have accidentally taken a sleeping pill before the Friday morning accident.

Hey, it worked for Bryson.

Danube of Thought

Best I've seen Romney.

Captain Hate

Anybody know why Newsbusters is covered with pictures of Orca?


The other problem, is that Massachussetts was on a tear against regimes like Burma, as this case NFTC v. Natsios,



Hey, it worked for Bryson.

And Patrick Kennedy too, same sleeping pill...Ambien



Yeah, Porch, and she is claiming a seizure, like Bryson, too.

Changing subjects, I read the Arpaio piece at WND, and if anyone sees (A)B around, I would be curious if she could validate or add info on the claim about the ease of practically anyone getting a birth certificate in that state.


Sometimes, someone not surprisedly a former Gawker writer, and an assistant with the Weinstein company, the one that almost a Hungarian Nazi expatriate, if not a hero,
a decade and a half ago, but also the editors
need to be asked, WTH were you thinking,



Ahhh Minor-league baseball.

AA doubleheader game between the Huntsville Stars and Birmingham Barons.

Parking and three seats on the dugout: eight dollars.
Monkeynaut IPA: nine dollars.


Well, everybody wins. The drunks beat the rap, and the trial lawyers get to sue the manufacturer of Ambien.


Instapundit links to this wired.com story on the US Navy's failure to create a successful, sustainable fighting fleet using Bio-Fuels:

How the Navy’s Incompetence Sank the ‘Green Fleet’

My quick read of the story provokes this reaction: How the hell is it the Navy's fault that they didn't magically achieve idiotically unrealistic mandated goals from Washington DC? The Prez and the Sec Navy moron say, "immediately create a Carrier fleet able to run on unicorn farts and windmills by 2020", and when the Navy, dealing in reality, is unable to do it, the fault is not with the Prez or the Sec Nav or any of their Green Czar idiots, oh no, it's the fault of the Navy.

"Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus’ signature energy effort is now at risk of being stillborn. And if it goes, it could halt the progress of the broader biofuels industry for decades. How that happened is a story of the Navy’s unforced errors."

What a bunch of BS.

I hate every one of these pontificating political bastards. None of them deal in reality.


daddy, there was a story in a recent Chemical and Engineering News, the weekly publication of the American Chemical Society, about how eager the airlines are to get jet fuel from renewable resources. It was long on unicorn fats and eye of newt.

Jane - talk is cheap!

Sue posted a link in the last thread from Jack Cashill that simply blows my mind.


Here's someone who you'll probably see no coverage of at the Olympics, Kim Rhode bidding to become the first athlete to medal in five consecutive Summer Olympics in an individual sport.


Actually, once you get past the first page of filler, it's the prosecutor's brief against such a silly notion, with the aggregate impact
of the ethanol spike, the failure of Solyndra,
Solazyme, et al.


It drives me crazy DrJ,

And to pound the point home, after Solyndra, and this Green Fleet idiocy, here is a new story from an Obama speech yesterday in Ohio:

Obama Pledges More Taxpayer Dollars For Green Energy

“I don’t know about you, but in my life what I’ve found, you know, sometimes I do boneheaded things, I make mistakes,” Obama conceded. “I find, when I try something that doesn’t work, then I don’t try it again. I don’t — you don’t go back to doing something that didn’t work.”

"Soon after, the president promised that he would continue to “invest” in alternative-energy technology if he is reelected in November."

"Overall, an analysis by the Heritage Foundation reveals that a startling 19 companies that were granted federal loans or grants by the Obama administration have either filed for bankruptcy or are currently in the process of doing so"


You know, Jane - sadly, it does not "blow my mind." It merely reinforces dark thoughts that already reside there about our political class, about our media enablers, and how really easy it all is to manipulate the American public (okay, that PORTION of the public that gives a friggen damn)!



Do you know in how many companies the DoE invested money or gave loan guarantees? 19 companies may or may not be a lot, comparatively speaking. I'd bet it is a lot.

Thomas Collins

TM thinks he created and sustains this fine blog. No way. Just ask Obama. And all these wonderful posts that brighten my day and educate and inform me? It's Obama I have to thank. Glad Barack cleared this up.


I have no idea DrJ.

From that same story I linked above:

"The Department of Energy (DOE) under the Obama administration doled out roughly $9 billion for solar and wind projects from 2009 to 2011, resulting in the conception of a whopping 910 direct jobs — equaling about $9.8 million per job — according to a report by the DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory."

“I find, when I try something that doesn’t work, then I don’t try it again. I don’t — you don’t go back to doing something that didn’t work." If re-elected I'll do it again.

I do know that our Federally purchased Wind Turbines, currently being erected on Fire Island just outside my window, were built in China.


Is she writing another book on Obama;




I stopped to talk to a construction worker in the parking garage on my way to my car today. He had recently moved from New Mexico and had worked on a solar field up there, one of the biggest in the country. He mentioned code word "Fox News" and I began to pick up what he was putting down. Turns out, he says, no one wants any part of solar anymore after Solyndra. I said "if solar was truly profitable there would be no need for 500 billion loans." He heartily agreed. We parted with cheerful, if not showy, understanding of our mutual convictions. (Such is the nature of undercover Austin conservatives.)

Nice to make such a connection on an evening when Dear Leader was not one mile away shaking the donation tree.


Hey, hey - TK should be over the moon. Have you seen what is headlining Drudge as I type?





Shark Tank has some info on DWS


$30 grand for a cruise for 5 people is middle class - my ass...

And a second home in New Hampshire.


Good job Porch,

One Austinite at a time:)

Looks like it's a scorcher outside---66 and sunny. Think I'll take the dogs to a nearby waterfall now to cool them off.


Turns out Yuengling is $2 tonight as well. Tasting tip: when offered the choice, go with the monkeynaut.

Jane - talk is cheap!

It merely reinforces dark thoughts that already reside there about our political class, about our media enablers, and how really easy it all is to manipulate the American public (okay, that PORTION of the public that gives a friggen damn)!


I was at a Tea party meeting tonite where a state rep (who I often have on my radio show) was the speaker. All I could think was that none of them represent us - they are all in if for themselves. And this is a guy I like.

It is a very long road to come back.


I have no idea DrJ.

The reason I ask, daddy, is that an early-stage VC expects none out of ten investments to go bust. The tenth one makes the money.

Now early-stage investments are a few million (say, $2 to $5 million). Solyndra at $500 million is *not* early stage. And as you go down the investment stages, it is expected that the success rate goes up. Consider Mezzanine financing.


Oops! Not *none*, *one*!

I'll have another artisanl beer please

Doggone it. I'm glad to know that Obama has a hand in the effort down at the local craft brewery. Without him I wouldn't be able to enjoy my favorite brewski.

I might also add that without him I wouldn't need to get blitzed every night to forget what a miserable SOB we have in the Oval Office

Melinda Romanoff


That couldn't have been the Sea Cloud, nah, she wouldn't charter that at its going rate at all.

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