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July 24, 2012


Jim Ryan

CH, I'm trying to guess what the muddle will do. They will see Allen as "has-been, macaca" and Kaine as "still in the game". Plus, "balancing out the vote".

Jim Ryan

All we hear down hear is that it's neck-and-neck for Kaine-Allen.


Actually no, but one thinks of all the other officials, to whom their were claims accused of corruption, including Harry Dougherty,


Jim Ryan, what do you think about turnout? If Rs and R-leaning indys turn out in greater force, the "balancing" Muddle might not have as much of an effect.

Jim Ryan

Porch, I think Rs are energized down here in central Va. Not sure, though.

Captain Hate

Jim, it strikes me as a very uninspiring race.

Btw, why does anybody watch a snotty prick like Piers Morgan?


And so it begins:

American Crossroads: "Replay"

Just the first a series I hope.


Jim Ryan: I hope you are wrong about Allen losing Virginia.That smarmy Kaine reminds me of wishy-washy Mr. Potato -Head that is leaving. Allen has already represented the good people of Virginia. It's going to be a repub Senate. Why would they want another dem senator like Warner who votes in lockstep with the dems. They will have less influence in Washington with 2 dem senators. That's why in Ohio we can't wait to elect Josh Mandel and dump loser Sherrod Brown.

James D.

DoT, i get your point, but it seems like it isn't a very far step from your thought, to the idea that government officials above a certain level (or in certain specific agencies) basically can't/shouldn't ever be prosecuted.

I think that's probably more dangerous than the potential harm that the precedent of a prosecution of, say, Holder, would set.


I left out Charlie Forbes of the Veteran's Bureau,


New thread.


I'm convinced there has been & is more voter fraud than we even realize. In the past I have linked an old James O'Keefe video that showed some New Jersey fraud....Union guys having extra voting machines that they just roll out when needed. Pre-voted & ready to go.
*Voter registration needs to be more formal again.
*ID required to vote.
*Chain of possession logs for all voting machines & ballots.
*Serious prosecution for anyone caught cheating.

They could pick up some chain of possession ideas from banks & how they handle their money.

Have Blue

I see things have picked up now. Whew.

That was the second slowest start for JOM ever.

As of 8:00 am, there were 12 comments posted since midnight.

For The Record: The slowest day occurred on February 8, 2009, in which 7 comments had been posted between midnight and 8:00 am.

Posted by: hit and run | July 25, 2012 at 09:00 AM

Hey I tried to do my part but there was nobody around to talk to. (I get home form work around midnight most nights.)


There are too many battleground states for a group which cant raise enough funds to even cover their overhead. Michigan is close, so is Wisconsin and Iowa, and even Minnesota is not a gimme now. If you had a billion ( not even a 1/3 of that will be raised ) and you did not have to defend your indefensible record everywhere but the Northeast and the left coast and DC, maybe you could plausibly think the ground operations would pull out a narrow victory. It seems a bridge too far from where I sit...


"The only post since 6:30 that makes any sense at all to me is H&R's"

"Um, you know that it's "Family CIRCUS", right? :)

I blame the Guinness. Good morning.
Anybody got any aspirin?


BTW, Radio here says it's 97 degrees currently here in Indianapolis and its gonna' reach 103 in a couple hours.

I don't know how you guys survive down here.


--I don't know how you guys survive down here.--

For my part, I've switched to Vodka tonics.

Has there ever been a Chicago --> Iowa union fraud operation?
No need -- eastern IA provides enough left-wing nutcases to "go west young man" and that cuts 4 hours off of the trip.

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