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July 31, 2012



I'm pretty sure the Atlanta Olympics, run by Billy Payne and with the influence of Andrew Young (a great guy by the way) made a profit and spurred a ITP housing boom that is shaking out probably to my advantage (gonna get me a condo for squat!).

How's about that ITP reference Steph.

Oh well, on to referee school.

JM Hanes

"I have another take on why the ruling elites think it is not a good idea for everyone to take algebra."

No matter how much math anyone does or doesn't take, this little book should be part of every high school's core curriculum.


Don't expect a big investigation into Bain. FreeBeacon has quite an extensive write-up on John Eff'n Kerry and his many (questionable?) investments, including this:

That is hardly the extent of Kerry’s questionable dealings, however. He has millions of dollars invested in funds operated by some of his largest campaign donors, including Bain Capital, Beacon Capital Partners, and the Blackstone Group, investment firms that have collectively given more than $170,000 to Kerry’s campaigns since 2007.

As one of their reporters said on Twitter, Kerry certainly has ole Dingy Harry's phone number.


Matt@412: your 2d graph is the ObamaPlouffe dilemma. That's why they have to CHANGE the pool of voters by disgusting weak ABO Indies enough so that they stay home.

hit and run

Alice: Does the clock start when his speech is scheduled to begin, or when he actually gets there?

Captain: Slick is notoriously late for everything.

I'm almost certain I've mentioned this before -- I would say "stop me if you've heard this before", but let's face it, you can't even hope to contain me -- but at a conference two years ago, Clinton was scheduled to speak. He was late.

I know, right?

Anyway, to fill the time, the host had Stevie Wonder, who was there as the conference musical entertainment, come up on stage and sit on a comfy chair for a chat. He was only mildly political, so that wasn't a problem at all, but he was 100% banal. No, wait, he's an overachiever when it comes to banality, it was at least 110%. It was mind-numbing. My ears were bleeding. TheVIMH went hoarse trying to drown out the sound of his voice and the words he was soul-crushingly bludgeoning me with. If I had been in possession of any sharp, narrow objects I may have taken out my ear drums to make the pain go away. If someone had promised me they could make him stop talking if I confessed to being a member of al qaeda, I would have taken that out.

I really can't prove it, but I suspect I would have rather sat through an Obama speech. Lord knows Slick was to be greatly preferred. My heart soared like the hawk when Clinton finally arrived because he was the only force in the universe that was going to make Wonder stop talking.

I don't have anything against Stevland Hardaway Morris the man. I'm sure he's a swell guy in person. He's certainly brought a lot of joy to a lot of people through his music. I think the world is a better place for him having lived his life the way that he has. I wish him all the best in his career and personal life, and I hope he is happy and remains healthy for many years to come.


CC-- Obama will throw anybody and anything under the bus to get where he wants to go, Kerry, Dirty Harry, Moosshelle, the WHOLE DEM party if need be.


Well, NK, I sure hope you are right, because I am really liking your list so far! Thing is, he can't get to where he wants to go without some of them, no?


Naturally, the only math I was ever really good at, they want to do away with.

Don't worry, the author of that NYT piece also wants to do away with high school geometry, trig and calculus. After all, only 1.5% of college degrees were in mathematics.


CC-- In full scorched earth he only absolutely needs the Public and low income Unions (AFSCME/NEA-SEIU) to GOTV, and the 'ACORN'/OWS activists for vote fraud.


Teh Fred has been on frigging fire lately:

Despair is settling into the Obama camp, with adviser James Carville saying, "we're gonna have to go through hell and high water to win this damn thing."

Worse. You'll have to go through the very fed-up American people.

Go Fred!


Seems like the Iranian press, have new credibility, or the Union Leader has gone
to the dogs:



If Obama is running ads in Chicago, you know he is in big big trouble. In fact, look at anywhere he has even moderate-sized ad buys and that will give you an idea where their own polling is telling them things look bad.


This from Insty made me LOL:

600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle. They’ve since been returned to their original owner, Helen Thomas.


Naturally, the only math I was ever really good at, they want to do away with.

After rereading this sentence, I think I should have stuck with algebra. Yikes!


Btw, Dewhurst is doing robocalls pretending that Sarah endorsed him and not Cruz

Danube of Thought

"...opening 'investigations' of Bain and tax shelters Romney invested in aren't designed to make Indies switch votes..."

The reason there won't be any is not that these people wouldn't stoop that low, it's that it would hurt them much more than help. No investigation announced three months before an election can yield any results at all before election day, but the stench would make even the New York Times blanch.


Rush pointed out from this West Wing reference in a Josh Barro column;

Henry, last fall, every time your boss got on the stump and said, “It’s time for the rich to pay their fair share,” I hid under a couch and changed my name. I left Gage Whitney making $400,000 a year, which means I paid twenty-seven times the national average in income tax. I paid my fair share, and the fair share of twenty-six other people. And I’m happy to ’cause that’s the only way it’s gonna work, and it’s in my best interest that everybody be able to go to schools and drive on roads, but I don’t get twenty-seven votes on Election Day. The fire department doesn’t come to my house twenty-seven times faster and the water doesn’t come out of my faucet twenty-seven times hotter. The top one percent of wage earners in this country pay for twenty-two percent of this country. Let’s not call them names while they’re doing it, is all I’m saying.


That and a few more dirty tricks;


Dave (in MA)

The Toe-sucker says The Cigar-shover is going to vote for The Mormonator instead of Jughead.

Thomas Collins

See LUN (via Instapundit) for an article on Cokie Roberts playing the race card on Romney's trip to Poland.

MSM is abandoning even a fig leaf of impartiality in this campaign. I think what is happening is that MSM, schooled by Axelmessplouffe, sees that Romney must be branded before September for Obama to have a chance to pull off an Electoral College victory with a 48-51 split in the popular vote. This campaign is going to hearken back to the 18th and 19th centuries in terms of vicious media coverage. The difference will be that, instead of each party's house organs attacking the other side's candidate, there will be one massive Obama house organ (MSM as a whole) attacking Romney.


Ooops, sorry. It wasn't 1.5%. Here's his big finish:

I hope that mathematics departments can also create courses in the history and philosophy of their discipline, as well as its applications in early cultures. Why not mathematics in art and music — even poetry — along with its role in assorted sciences? The aim would be to treat mathematics as a liberal art, making it as accessible and welcoming as sculpture or ballet. If we rethink how the discipline is conceived, word will get around and math [he means "math" here] enrollments are bound to rise. It can only help. Of the 1.7 million bachelor’s degrees awarded in 2010, only 15,396 — less than 1 percent — were in mathematics.

I’ve observed a host of high school and college classes, from Michigan to Mississippi, and have been impressed by conscientious teaching and dutiful students. I’ll grant that with an outpouring of resources, we could reclaim many dropouts and help them get through quadratic equations. But that would misuse teaching talent and student effort. It would be far better to reduce, not expand, the mathematics we ask young people to imbibe. (That said, I do not advocate vocational tracks for students considered, almost always unfairly, as less studious.)

Yes, young people should learn to read and write and do long division, whether they want to or not. But there is no reason to force them to grasp vectorial angles and discontinuous functions. Think of math as a huge boulder we make everyone pull, without assessing what all this pain achieves. So why require it, without alternatives or exceptions? Thus far I haven’t found a compelling answer.

Perhaps that's because you're an idiot.


Saying he had “no problem with somebody being really, really wealthy,” Reid sat up in his chair a bit before stirring the pot further. A month or so ago, he said, a person who had invested with Bain Capital called his office.

“Harry, he didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years,” Reid recounted the person as saying.

“He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” said Reid. “But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?"


Romney team announced they were releasing iPhone app today that will notify supporters of VP pick before media. Obama team also released an iPhone app today.

Looks like Romney app is way ahead, so far.

JM Hanes


"we saw the viciousness and how it derailed McCain and Palin in 2008. We are seeing the same slander and belittling and lies we did then, only amplified."

A lot has changed in the meantime, including this Gallup nugget:

Eighty-seven percent of respondents said that reducing corruption in the federal government is an “extremely important” or “very important” priority for the next president, compared with 92 percent who said the same about creating good jobs.

As far as I can see, the only thing moving Obama's numbers anywhere are a slew of affirmative action executive orders aimed at getting core constituencies to the polls, which may, in fact, be his only real hope. He really can't continue that patently vote-buying practice in the post-convention phase, and any discernible bounce will probably be a distant memory by November.

In my dream scenario, Romney offsets Obama's advantage with minorities by siphoning off voters where the Democrats least expect it. If you look back at the primaries, you'll note that Romney consistently walked away with the urban/suburban vote. I don't see such blue strongholds turning red, but even a modest uptick percentage-wise could mean some game changing numbers.

Does anyone else wonder if there might also be a quasi Bradley effect in play wrt to Obama polling (not because there are a lot of closet racists out there, this time around, but because they know they'll be cast as racists, even when they're not)?


Man these guys are nervous, dirty harry is getting desperate and channeling mitts dad (nice sourcing harry and thanks for getting barrys negatives up some more)...

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid alleged that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for more than a decade—and that his father, the long deceased George Romney, would be embarrassed by his own son.

The unsubstantiated allegation about Romney’s taxes was based on what Reid described as the recollection of an unnamed Bain investor. Reid admitted he did not know if the claim was true, but aired it anyway.

“He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” Reid told the Huffington Post. “But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?”

Reid went on, “His poor father must be so embarrassed about his son,” referring to George Romney’s decision to release 12 years of tax returns during his run for president."


Rick Ballard


You can track the effect of the Obama Campaign's efforts to date via the Gallup Election Center. Gallup provides 12 weeks of tracking info, including demographic splits and a means to calculate LV from the RV data provided (just multiply by the "definitely vote" percentage).

Take an easy split - white/nonwhite and run the numbers. Over 12 weeks the white "definitely vote" percentage has moved from 81% to 83% while the nonwhite percentage has moved from 69% to 70%. There has been no statistically meaningful movement whatsoever.

If you run that split out with the "definitely vote" group, the result is 49% Romney, 43% Obama and 8% undecided. If you run it without - 48% Romney, 44% Obama.

I sincerely doubt it will be a 3% election.



Why not?


EX-all those math classes are about to exist in name only on a transcript. The assumption is the typical parent will not notice or be concerned as long as there is no problem with grades. Which there won't be as grades get deemphasized in OBE.

In the famous phrase "know and be able to do", know got added later to quiet dismay because what we want students to do sounded bad. Just skills. That is still the reality but the know addition obscures the fact that the knowledge has to to with how to do the skill. The math is mostly open-ended real world applications without a fixed answer. That's what rigorous means.

It really is a fast train to destruction and I find the curriculum all that Gates money created to be especially mindless. And some of it astonishingly impolitic to have created. As if there's a Pinhead Troika advising Gates. Or maybe that's just how Vicki thinks. Anyone here from Portland, Oregon or Pennsylvania the state or Lancaster the town may remember her various stints as a Gypsy Super herself before landing the Golden ring of foundation pay.


--The Toe-sucker says The Cigar-shover is going to vote for The Mormonator instead of Jughead.--

That deserves a frame.


Maybe Romney should simply say "Considering this administration's history, don't you think I would have been audited by now? If they're not beyond opening the sealed divorce records of their opponents, don't you think they would have leaked any problematic returns by now?"

JM Hanes

Whether you're mathematically challenged -- or think you're not -- This One's for You.

And if you're struggling with that doctorate, this equally musical Tropic of Calculus lays out the secret of success.


Who said?: America would vote for Barack Obama because he was a "light-skinned" African-American "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

A) George W Bush
B) Mitt Romney
c) KKK Grand Wizard
D) Harry Reid

Answer: D


Don't miss the 04:47PM by Stephanie!
Talk about low info voters:

"Btw, Dewhurst is doing robocalls pretending that Sarah endorsed him and not Cruz"

Good one, Narciso!


If they're not beyond opening the sealed divorce records of their opponents, don't you think they would have leaked any problematic returns by now?"

I have no doubt that a desearate team Obama will do just that via NYT in October.

It will backfire with indies


there is no reason to force them to grasp vectorial angles and discontinuous functions. Think of math as a huge boulder we make everyone pull

If I wanted to pull a huge boulder, I'd want to understand the vectors first.

JM Hanes

"don't you think they would have leaked any problematic returns by now?"

Why would they bother, when it's so much easier just to lie?


FANNIE-- the Fannie administrator refuses to play bribe the voters and write off Fannie mortgage debt, and rejects Geithner requests that he do so. Geithner writes back saying "Nice GSE you got there..." and "what don't you understand about the word BRIBE." Geithner is a complete tool. From ZeroHedge: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/geithner-demarco-i-do-not-believe-un-socialism-best-decision-country


Heh. I liked how he threw "vectorial angles and discontinuous functions" in there, as if he knows what they are.


I believe Harry Reid used to shower with Jerry Sandusky with Harry playing the role of catcher. Am I certain? As certain as Harry is with his mystery source's recollection about someone's personal tax returns.


instead of each party's house organs attacking the other side's candidate, there will be one massive Obama house organ (MSM as a whole) attacking Romney.

So true, TC. You are exactly right.


"A month or so ago, he said, a person who had invested with Bain Capital called his office.

“Harry, he didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years,” Reid recounted the person as saying"

How would an investor with Bain know anything about Romney's income taxes? I've seen subscription docs for dozens of private equity firms over the last 25 years and NOT ONE OF THEM cite anything like the partner's 1040s. Utter bullshit and utterly unsurprising coming from that greasetrap, Reid.


CNN says ‘Stupid Girls’ was ‘poor choice’ for Palin segment

This was reported to be an "apology," btw, apparently similar to the one they would have issued if it had been done to Nancy Pelosi.


It would seem that Harry has a friend Minsk, who has a Pinsk, whose friend in Omsk has friend in Tomsk...


who has a *friend in* Pinsk


A month or so ago, a constituent of Reid's told me, “lyle, Harry has been stewing puppies for 10 years.”

I said “He's been stewing puppies for 10 years?!"

"Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” said lyle. “But obviously he can’t release those puppy stews. How would it look?



UPDATE: Reader Robert Crawford emails: “After the MSM’s treatment of Romney’s European tour, especially the shrieking reporters in Poland, Romney is a fool if he allows for any ‘moderator’ in the ‘debates.’”

Harry Reid went to the "Brian Ross School of Soucing"...no math was taught.


Watching the France24 Channel. They are doing a segment on Romney's tour, and both the female host and a Reporter named Simon Marks are calling Romney's Foreign Tour "Gaffe prone".

Marks says Mitt has a horrible relation with the Press core. He says Mitt infuriated the Palestinians, offended David Cameron and angered the Press Corp by not answering enough of their shouted questions as they toured the Memorial to the War Dead in Poland. He says the statement by a Romney spokesman "that the Press corp behaved disrespectfully at the Memorial", has really angered the Press Corps. Says that is a big Romney gaffe.

Christopher Dickey of NewsWeek agrees, as does the female host. Dickey says this is simply Mitt's efforts to promote Fundraising in the US.

Aaron David Miller of the Woodrow Wilson Center says Romney may have done himself some good among Evangelicals, but that he has dropped the ball among Independent voters. He says "too many gaffe's" are not convincing Independent Voters. He says "too many times on this trip he spoke before he thought."

NewsWeek guy now jumps on George Bush and blames him for all the problems in the Middle East. The NewsWeek guy says he himself is not a Democrat or a Republican so you can believe his observations about Republican President George Bush's screw-ups in the Middle East. He also says Romney is not a Christian, he is a Mormon. He blames Romney for provoking the Palestinians.

Anyhow, just thought I'd report this so you'd know what they are saying overseas.


A month or so ago, a constituent of Reid's told me, “lyle, Harry hasn't changed his diaper for 10 years.”

I said “He's been wearing the exact same diaper for 10 years?!"

"Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain, but it would explain why no one gets closer than twenty paces to him,” said lyle. “But obviously he can’t release this information. I mean we know how it smells but how would it look?


Trying to use Mitt's Dad against him sounds to me like Harry Reid et al have bought into the complete BS that Mitt Romney is insecure. I don't know everything there is to know about Romney, but I know more than Harry Reid or the press at this point and I'm not seeing anywhere in that resume a sign of insecurity. He has taken a successful leadership role in every endeavor, whether in the LDS church, politics, or within his own family.

Unlike Obama or Clinton, he wasn't fathered by or raised by an abusive drunk. Mitt was raised in a loving family devoted to raising their kids in a secure and loving environment.

Besides, as the mother of one boy, I will say that you don't turn out 5 wonderful and successful sons when you, as their role model, are consumed with insecurity and doubt. Raising sons is no easy task.

The projection of these lefties is beyond comprehension some times.

James D.

I was going to post the LUN for Harry Reid's slanderous, vicious lies, but I see I've been beaten to it.

So my question is: aside from folks like Charlie Manson and Jim Jones and the murderous whackjob in Aurora, Colorado, has our country ever produced worse human beings than the current leadership of the Democratic Party?


Thanks for the report, Daddy. It's the same stuff here (which makes sense, because their just cutting/pasting the offended foreign press). We did learn that Ahmadinijad has also stood up to be counted as being really really offended. Sounds like a very successful visit to me.


has our country ever produced worse human beings than the current leadership of the Democratic Party?

Gosh, where to start? My initial answer was going to be no but then I started thinking for a moment...

In no particular order:

Bull Connor
Alger Hiss
Fred Phelps
Ted Kennedy (or any of his progeny)

On further thought--even with these entries--the answer is still no.


Here is the report from the French Alex Jones,
that the Iranians used as source,



The problem is that most people listen to what Romney actually said and react, "Gaffe? Where is the gaffe?" It is only these very immature reporters and the Chicago machine who thinks or at least pretends to think these are gaffes for political purposes.

Sure morons like doodoo will buy into the talking point, not realizing what an idiot it makes him sound, but I'm not going to worry about Indie voters. I have much more faith in Americans and their ability to see thru the BS.


Good evening, JMH. The Daily Mail followed the example of the eminent Mr. Lehrer in employing "stadia" in preference to the accepted Anglicized form of the plural in a recent article about unused tickets. In light of this and Al Trautwig's quadrennial penchant for demonstrating his familiarity with the grammatical peculiarity of "apparatus," perhaps we can pronounce that these games are unrivaled in their plurality.


Vizzini, chimed in, and said 'you can't be serious;



Hey, Elliot, how are you doing,

Me thinks alcohol was involved here;



Can anyone else here write like Elliott? I think not.


Great ad Clarice linked at 21:01.

Here it is again if anyone missed it: What City Does This Administration consider to be the Capitol of Israel?


Those volleyball shorts are made by Loudmouth Sports. Same group that makes John Daly's pants for golf.

I love em. Kind of an homage to the really tacky joke that 'golf pants' were in the seventies but on steroids. Think Judge Smails or Al Czervik :D

Al Czervik: Oh, this is the worst-looking hat I ever saw. What, when you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh?

[looks at Judge Smails, who's wearing the same hat]

Al Czervik: Oh, it looks good on you though.


lyle is on fire! Too funny.


Great News! CNN's ratings continue to drop.

"CNN was down double digits across the board in July. Compared to July 2011, the network is -20% in Total Viewers"

Erin Burnett‘s 7pm hour — is down -21%

“Piers Morgan Tonight” is down -18%

“Anderson Cooper 360″ 10 PM hour---is down -34%

JM Hanes

Elliott! You clicked my links! Good Evening, you're my favorite!


Warren backtracks on claim of Wall Street support, calls own comment 'silly'

Elizabeth Warren is backtracking on a claim she made about Wall Street executives supporting her in her Senate bid because she will "save capitalism" -- a comment she now calls "silly."

Well about a half an hour ago I STOOD IN LINE to vote for Ted Cruz. We should know soon but I recruited my dentist, his hygienist and the Dentist wife who works in the front office to get to the polls. I dont think its going to be close, at 8:15 this AM a friend in Dallas called me to remind me to vote for Cruz.

The Democrats were the maytag repairmen again, no one in line or voting.


Wild West town for sale in Utah for $3.9 million

Woodside once bustled with about 300 residents in the early 1900s when it was a water stop for steam engines. Now the town sits empty - of people, that is. Two free-range llamas come with the deal.

Link for Texas results so you can celebrate with us:



GMax - way to go!!!


My Grandson left today after a wonderful 2 week visit. It is so nice to see a little brat turn into such a nice young man. He starts high school next week, is enthusiastic about it, and tells me that he wants a career with the forestry service or as a rock star.

However, there is something wrong when you get a call that the traveler is already in Las Vegas when you haven't even made it home from the airport.


I simply do not understand how any American could declare that they were an Indie who had not yet made up their mind, after all the anti American stuff pulled by the Obama regime.


Does someone really think people are going to vote for a bunch of leftists who want to keep: "Coalition of Black Pastors Slams Mayors For Wanting To Ban Chick-Fil-A, Say It's The "Same Thing" As Banning Blacks From Restaurants"

IMO the leftist Democrats led by the Obama regime have set their party back a hundred years.

J. Fred Muggs


Your favorite Simian back to you.

If you have seen this article then you may have some concern about chimps but I can tell you we are completely sane and reasonable.

I mean how would you act if you were once a liberal college student, graduated, got a good job, started paying taxes and realized what a liberal really mean't then some one drags you off the street, puts you in a car with an Obama sticker and drives you to meet Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a sleazy motel room.

See what I mean?

Rick Ballard

"IMO the leftist Democrats led by the Obama regime have set their party back a hundred years."

Don't worry, Pagar. Having an impeached perjurer and accused rapist renominate the Kendonesian commie is sure to bring all the stray sheep back to the fold.


Drudge headlining a 20 point lead for Romney among white voters (men and women)...

Champagne anyone?


narciso, I'm doing quite well. I hope you and yours are too.

Don't tempt bgates, Extraneus!


A third of Americans favor a ban on all television political advertising. Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, says the data “suggests many Americans view political campaigns and political advertising as a form of civic pollution.” Just 43% believe American elections are fair to voters.

Those Obama Olympic ads are really a bargain - for the GOP.



vectorial angles and discontinuous functions

I'm building my company on physics that lead to discontinuous functions. Alas they are scalars. To the mathematically sophisticated, yes, there is some rounding from second-order terms, but practically this can be ignored.

No one should be derived of the joy that Dirac delta functions or Heaviside step functions bring! Thank of the children!


I love elliott! so it breaks my heart to tell you this, jmh. he was not the only one here who clicked on those great links.


--tells me that he wants a career with the forestry service or as a rock star--

Push him toward the rock star thing, sara. He'll do a lot less damage to the country. :)

Jim Eagle


Officiated a 2 day sectional qualifier for the US Am today and yesterday. We only had one go through and 2 alternates. 142 got it done. Difficult course at 6900 yds setup. Greens running 11.5 and I only saw one putt over 6 feet made all day and it was a 35 foot snake by the guy who won the medal.

Welcome back and hope the game is going well. Keep your head down.


Don't do it Stephanie! A fellow Jets fan did that once when they were 10-1, and they went on to lose 5 in a row and miss the playoffs.


I am time addled at the moment. Anyone know basically how many more hours from right now until we know the Cruz/Dewhurst result?


Cruz up 2000 votes, but it very early only 1/2 of 1 % of precincts reported.


Now up 11K with 2% reported. Good trend

Rick Ballard

Up 11K with 1.5% reported.

Danube of Thought

Pagar, don't confuse Indies with Undecideds. The latter group, at this point, consists entirely of morons, but as election day nears they will get more and more attention, without ever being asked "how can you be so Goddam stupid?"


Harry Reid a pederast? I hadn't heard that before. LUN


Now 14K vote lead, with approx 3%.


18K still way early but I like that the lead keeps growing.


Brad Watson

@tedcruz sweeps the four big NTX counties that Dewhurst needed to win or run very strong. Denton County goes to @tedcruz 62-38. #wfaavote


20K with 3.15% in. Lead is not holding, its growing.

Jim Eagle

Ted Cruz will send a message.

in our Congressional District we have a real dog fight for the Republican Primary. John Mica decided to primary Sandy Adams since my district is no longer his but in Florida that wouldn't make a difference since he doesn't have to live in it. But he chose to primary her and I hope he loses even though I know him and his brother Dan and like them both.

We have 5 going for gold here. And 3 of them high profile and with some money to back them. But I like Ron DeSantis against Fred Costello and Graig Miler (endorsed by 9-9-9 himself).

Danube of Thought

Why doesn't Romney release, for each of the preceding ten years, the single page (page 1 or 2) of his Form 1040 that shows his total tax paid? It would probably be best to wait for a greater accumulation of scurrilous Harry Reid-style smears before doing so.


Did they bounce you from the jury, DoT..Or is the selection still ongoing?


Here is a little 40 second video of that "reporter" screeching a question to Romney....the aide says, "This is a holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect."

I hadn't seen it. The Romney aide sounded like the sensible one to me.


Want a look at how bad its going to be for Democrats? Open Senate seat here, and both Republicans and Democrats have a runoff for their nominee for the seat. Total Republican votes exceed Democrat ones by a factor of about 4 to 1. Now this a Republican friendly place, but 4 to 1 would be 80% to 20% WHOA.


Daddy: Following up on the sports discussion last night, I wonder if you saw the clip a couple of months ago in which Romney was telling the story of getting an early morning wake up call from one of his sons. Paraphrasing, Romney said his son told him that a miracle had occurred, something he never thought he'd live to see ... a Mitt Romney headline on the sports page.

Apparently, there was a big story and regarding Mitt's selection to head up the Olympics and this was something his sons found hilarious, knowing that sports isn't exactly their Dad's big strength.


Guess everyone heard the head job destroyer was going to a soon to be closed Air Force Base in Ohio tomorrow. Turns out there is another reason for him to be going to Ohio, to make sure that that everyone knows he is serious about destroying the coal industry and private good paying jobs.

"Regulatory actions by President Barack Obama and his appointees and followers were cited as the entire reason. “Mr. Obama has already destroyed 83,000 megawatts of coal-fired electricity generation in America,” said Mr. Michael T. W. Carey, Vice President of Government Affairs for Murray Energy. “Electric prices in the recent PJM Interconnection monthly auction were bid up 800 percent (8 times) for 2015-2016 because of this,” he added".



21K with 6.4% in.


May have been posted before but note the egregious logical fallacy embedded in this idiotic sentence;

The Jim Henson Company has celebrated and embraced diversity and inclusiveness for over fifty years and we have notified Chick-fil-A that we do not wish to partner with them on any future endeavors.

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