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July 29, 2012



Romney's car, 2005 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. A gift from Ann.

He also has:

2002 Chev Silverado truck

And a gift from his son, a 1962 Nash Rambler Conv.:

Ann drives a 2007 and 2010 Cadillac SRX, kept in different locations.


Too bad he can't fly to Las Vegas. They could use some of that dude's money.


I'm disappointed in Cheney.
The Dems have a moron, TWO MORONS with Obama & Biden, & the Republicans sit there & cut down Palin.
Why? What's the point?
"How important is it for him to do this in a way that is different than John McCain..."
Cheney should have said he appreciated the MFM's concern for the Republican VP process, but they didn't seem like they could even handle their own damn job of vetting the Presidential candidates.


Today from Israel:

"There's a lot that we'll do at getting prepared for these debates with President Obama," said Romney. "I think, as you suggest, they'll be very important because the rhetoric will be met with response. And if there's ever been something which is said which is untrue, the truth will come out."


I'd like to dedicate my just-completed political opinion poll (by some co. called American Viewpoint) to (Another) Barbara.


Dangit. Let's do Bristol.

I was skimming the thread, and first thought you were talking about having (*ahem*) relations with Sarah's daughter.

Then I realized that you were talking about one of the Tri Cities. I spent quite some time in Kingsport, back in the day. Lovely area.

Too far to attend a NASCAR race, though. How about (the former) Sear's Point, near Sonoma CA?


"I'm disappointed in Cheney."

I can't find the words to express how upsetting Cheney's remarks are. IMO, Palin kept the McCain campaign from being a total disaster. Out of the four individuals in that race Palin was clearly the most capable of leading this country. The days since that election have clearly proven that. Especially the remarks by McCain concerning Michelle Bachmann and the MB connections of our current administration.


Amen, pagar. I totally agree.


Are we sure he didn't mean that since Democrats hate accomplished, feminine, Republican women like Sarah Palin with such murderous passion, it was a mistake to pick her?

hit and run

Cheney should have said...

Cheney said what he truly believes to be true. That it's unpopular is not unexpected.

the Republicans sit there & cut down Palin.
Why? What's the point?

Without defending Cheney's point of view itself -- let's just stipulate that he . . .gasp. . . believes selecting Palin was a mistake. The point from his perspective would be to try and keep from repeating that mistake this time around.

I'm sure his view itself is and should be controversial. I'm not sure why it would be controversial as to why he is making that view known if that's what he believes.


"How important is it for him to do this in a way that is different than John McCain..."

Where is that question coming from?...The MFM are only interested in Cheney's answers that bash conservative ideals & individuals.

How much play did, "He filled the air with vague & useless platitudes" get when Cheney was describing Obama?

I wouldn't bash any Conservative Republican before this election...there is plenty of insanity to point out about the Dems.

*bold mine just cause I love that comment


Of the 4 candidates for P and VP in 2008 ... SP is the only one I would choose for the next 4 years who could have done a decent job the last 4 years.

On that basis DC is making a false statement IMO that can only be justified as claiming he would have held out for someone better. As he defines the term.

Under the circumstances she was a long shot, the McPain campaign blew it, and VPs are not generally chosen on the basis of actually being one heartbeat away from stepping in. Maybe GWB chose DC on that basis but one suspects there were some other considerations at least as important, like DC's DC expertise.


the McPain campaign blew it

Ha. And the msm is still salivating that she isn't "one heartbeat away".


From that Cheney speech - Center for Security Policy

As prepared for delivery
October 21, 2009

"On the political left, it will still be asserted that tough interrogations did no good, because this is an article of faith for them, and actual evidence is unwelcome and disregarded. President Obama himself has ruled these methods out, and when he last addressed the subject he filled the air with vague and useless platitudes."

Now we blow the fellas up with a bomb from a drone...them & their families & everyone around them. It's okay by me, but where is the outrage from the left? Cindy Sheehan? Code Pink? Why were our soldiers lives ruined over Haditha? Maybe the local liar "journalist" gets blown up in the drone attack too? Nobody left to report the outrage to Tim McGirk, I guess...they're all blown to smithereens.


"I wouldn't bash any Conservative Republican before this election."

That is why I'm trying to avoid saying any thing about who Romney may team up with for this campaign. But I do not expect to be excited about the choice. Having Sarah Palin as a VP candidate generated excitement, IMO. IMO, she came the closest to demonstrating that she believed in the America I want my children/grandchildren to live in.


I hear ya, pagar...same for me.

Captain Hate

I'm all in on that too.


ditto, but I bet you knew that already, what is really the logic of such a move, by Cheney,
40 years in public life, should have told him
this was the statement that the press would carry.


'rocket surgery being conducted here,



Yes, let's keep talking about the media generated gaffe that wasn't a gaffe at all and ignore the speech and casual remarks he made in Israel today. Funny how they don't want to talk about that.


"I think Maxine Greene really influenced Ayers. I have managed to find some used books to take a harder look at that in light of what I now know about the Annenberg Challenge"


I am really enjoying the new Autobiography of historian Bernard Lewis.

He has many very savvy, frightening comments on what has been happening to Education in America over the last 30 years, and they seem to be specific examples of the sort of thing you have been posting about here in your researches---group think, Marxist style political indoctrination, bastardization of the Tenure system, run amuck political correctness, concerted efforts to delegitimize opposing scholars and their views...

He is very hard on the Saidist's version of Middle East studies, and when you mentioned Annenberg above, I thought this bit fascinating.

In @1986, having to retire from Princeton at the mandatory 70 years of age, he was offered the head of some new Institute promoted and funded by Walter Annenberg. As Lewis got to know Annenberg and discovered he wanted his new Institute to espouse, regardless of what the real Scholarship actually indicate, Lewis got fed up with him and resigned. Lewis says:

"One of the problems was Walter Annenberg himself. As he was providing all the funding he assumed that he would have the final say on all issues. Unfortunately he had no direct knowledge or experience of academic life but nevertheless expected to have the final say on all academic issues. I found him a difficult man with whom to work, and eventually impossible."

I've really enjoyed his book, and as usual, thank you for your monumental efforts.

Captain Hate

Does Saltsman come from the same Duke and Duke finishing school that gave us Schmidt and Wallace four years ago?


Not exactly, he's one of Huck's 'Top Men' I'm sure that gives you a strong gaseous sensation.


"I'm disappointed in Cheney."

I agree Janet.

What does he gain of value from saying this?

How does his saying this help the overall effort to elect Conservatives and defeat the Leftists and their ideas that are destroying this country?

How is this completely unnecessary comment not a unwarranted gift to the opposition?

Beats me. I have long admired Dick Cheney but this makes zero cents to me at all.

Am very glad to see that his daughter, Liz Cheney has immediately responded with the following:

"Rarely do I disagree with best VP ever but @SarahPalinUSA more qualified than Obama and Biden combined. Huge respect 4 all she's done 4 GOP."


Horrible… DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz: Mitt Romney Will Force Seniors Out of Nursing Homes

I find it so hard to believe that anyone takes this sh!t seriously, but dems do. Sick, sick, sick!

(Another) Barbara

I'd like to dedicate my just-completed political opinion poll (by some co. called American Viewpoint) to (Another) Barbara.

Why Alice, I'm honored. A thrill ran up my leg, I swear it, and that's not a bad thing on a Sunday night. . . at least not at my age.

I've not heard of American Viewpoint (so possibly it's a pseudonym for an individual political candidate) but upping the conservative count is never a bad thing. Thank you.

Captain Hate

Glad to see Liz Cheney respond to an unusual misstep by her father.

Every time Huck opens his mouth I cringe while knowing that he "means well"; why shouldn't I have a similar reaction to one of his Top Men?


Great comments by Liz Cheney to brighten this morning.
Remember you can really upset leftists by eating at Chick-Fil-A and they are open today.


(A)B - According to their website, American Viewpoint, their political clients are all established Republican candidates and orgs. (They also have corporate clients. AARP?! Pfui! heh).

The clients that were mentioned among the questions included Peter Kinder (incumbent running for Lt. Gov), Todd Akin (current US Rep MO, running for US Senate MO), Joanne Emerson (incumbent running for US Rep.)

I was actually thrilled to get asked about what I've seen/heard from or about my US Rep in the last 2 weeks, so I could say "Not one thing".

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