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July 12, 2012



Totally OT & with no point -

I've been cleaning out our study getting ready for my father-in-law to come stay with us (indefinitely) & came across a note scribbled in my handwriting on some old envelope -
"All news stories should begin this intriguing:

Every evening Amal the octopus vendor looks on as sin returns to his beach."

Hah! I Googled it - led to an old 2006 Tim Blair link to a Spiegel article. I remember reading the comments & laughing. The internet is so great. I love the snark & witty comments on the ol' MFM articles. Finally got to see that there were so many others thinking the same things as me. Before the internet, the MFM must of turned down billions of letters-to-the-editor. They had such power to shut us up. Well, things have changed. The gatekeepers don't get to shut up all the talent, wit, & insights from opposing views anymore.


You are just a saint, Janet!


Speaking of sexy Octopus balls...

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