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July 12, 2012



Thanks guys. OB , no picture of the crumb but, yes, the smells were delightful. The baker's a very nice man and we had fun.


Fun article, Clarice. Just think, in a few years maybe the web will have smells as well as audio and video.

Next time you're in NYC, be sure to check out Levain Bakery. Not the same as what you had in France, but the next best thing. In addition to the bread, top-rated to-die-for chocolate chip cookies.

Danube of Thought

I denounce Paterno on the basis of the facts recounted in the Freeh report. I maintain on the basis of the facts disclosed through discovery that GZ should not have been charged with murder 2.

I don't feel it is necessary for me to know much about either of them as persons in order to reach these judgments.


Shirley they can't be serious;



According to this article at the Washington Examiner, Obama is out-raising Romney but crying poor.


Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

It's pretty dumb to keep going after Mitt for criminal behavior. I'm pretty sure he hasn't got it in him.

I guess if you have been a crook for your whole life that is hard to digest.


I took a quick look at some comments last night. It reminded me of one I particularly like@10:48pm: "looks like duda passed out and wet himself again"-- DD denied that he passed out, so we must believe DD wet wet himself while still conscious. After the 10:48 comment there was further banter including DD calling Soylent ''effin GAY', and DD was so drunk he denied that was a sexual slur. If I don't find the imbecile comment from last night or this morning, let me take credit for being the first to call DD an imbecile, which is well and truly what he is.



Just think, in a few years maybe the web will have smells as well as audio and video.

You may be amused to know that the company Digiscents tried to do this about a decade ago; their web site they call the "Snortal." They didn't make it.

That does not mean that it cannot work in the future.

woo woo

I don't care what Romney did with his own money, but I do care what Obama is doing with mine and I don't like it. Looking forward to November.


It's a little like scientology.

Organic Wine: A Guide To The Most Eco-Friendly Reds, Whites, And Rosés


If Axelrod has to fabricate lies about Romney you know he and Obama are in deep dudu. Too bad hope and change didn't work out for them. More of the same doesn't seem to be selling as well.


I think that the Obama campaign is making a strategic mistake here. They seem to be shooting their wad much too early - would think that it would be much better to be pushing this meme in October, not July. As is, when they try to push it in October, it will be old news, and the Romney campaign will have a studied response, including discrediting the newspapers who are helping push the story.

Unless, they have a lot more of these attacks in the wings. But, hard to see how they can keep this level of new attacks going all the way through to the election. They have hit Romney from a bunch of different directions, and I suspect that they are running out of new directions to attack from.

We shall see.


Yes, throwing Hail Marys in the 3rd quarter isn't normally a winning strategy.



We were taken by a friend to a "leading" winery's organic operation; holistic growing, natural pest control, all sorts of happy HS, all of it to pacify the greenies.

Tasted like P*ss. Every varietal they made. A friend of mine up in Napa Valley rages about how the organic solutions for pest treatment are actually much worse for the environment than the stuff that has been safely used for 30 years and he has the chemistry knowledge to back it up. It doesn't matter to the certifiers.

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.


OK, Jimmy, we'll make the rounds Levain and Sullivan St Bakery and have a tasting contest.

hit and run

I heard a rumor that one time some years ago Romney drove down to Florida and laid off the entire workforce at one of the Bain companies at which he wanted to outsource all the jobs -- this despite claims that he wasn't even CEO anymore because he had left to run the Salt Lake Olympics -- literally kicking everyone out of the factory and personally padlocking the gates. Not satisfied, Romney then grabbed one guy by the scruff of his neck and stuffed him into a dog crate mounted on top of his car - then drove down to the docks where he had a boat waiting. Throwing the man onto the boat -- which was improperly titled! -- he then punched his way past local state park cops and drove the boat to the Cayman Islands. After arriving, he went to his secret Cayman bank where he requested access to his safety deposit box from which he pulled a pair of gold-plated scissors at which point he proceeded to cut the hair of his victim all because he though he looked a little gay.

My source told me all this is true, and he is never wrong.

Romney's toast.


If I see a bottle of wine--or any foodstuff, come to think of it--labeled "organic" I pass it right over.

Shafer makes a pretty big deal of their "sustainability" when you visit their winery. Whatever. Just don't start screwing up your Hillside Select.


If I don't find the imbecile comment from last night or this morning, let me take credit for being the first to call DD an imbecile, which is well and truly what he is.

Hey,it beats apoligizing for making a mistake.You going instill those same character traits into your kids:run and duck for cover like a coward?

The "Gay" comment was a sarcastic dig(bolstered by several exclamation points to show it was sarcasism)at Soylent reds anal approach to informal prose.Websters dictionary states that the word "gay" refers to a merriment,light heartedness and a relaxed nature.

The opposite of the grammar Nazi, Soylent red,hence the sarcasm.


Just so no one misses this:

Feds Encourage Food Stamps: Helps Local Economies, 'Everyone Wins'

"Each $5 dollars in new SNAP benefits generates almost twice that amount in economic activity for the community," states the federal government pamphlet. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the official name of the food stamps program.

"Everyone wins when eligible people take advantage of benefits to which they are entitled," states the pamphlet, which is written and distributed by the United States Department of Agriculture, the federal entity responsible for the program.

"Why does increasing participation in SNAP make sense for your community?"

The government states:

SNAP Generates Economic Activity

SNAP brings Federal dollars into communities in the form of benefits which are redeemed by SNAP participants at local stores. These benefits ripple throughout the economies of the community, State, and Nation. For example:

Every $5 in new SNAP benefits generates a total of $9.20 in community spending.

Every additional dollar's worth of SNAP benefits generates 17 to 47 cents of new spending on food.

On average, $1 billion of retail food demand by SNAP recipients generates 3,300 farm jobs.

In fiscal year 2009, the average monthly SNAP benefit per household was approximately $272. These benefits, funded by Federal dollars, create business when they are redeemed at your local food retailers. Eighty-six percent of benefits, totaling $25 billion, were redeemed at the nation's 35,000 supermarkets. The remaining benefits, totaling $3.6 billion, contribute to the viability of 121,000 other firms which include grocery stores, convenience stores, combination stores, farmer's markets, and other retail food stores; plus wholesalers and meal services.

It's a win-win!

Well, except for us.


Dennis MIller has on Lord Moncton swapping laughs about Global Warming. A

A pleasure to listen to those 2. Moncton says he first became aware of the Global Warming push in the 80's when he was an advisor to Maggie Thatcher.

TK will like that Moncton mentions Obama's false Birth Certificate. Sez the BC is not genuine as it appears on the website. Says it is plainly a forgery.

Manuel Transmission

NK, the ship is in the middle of Griffin Bay, which is rather small. The gap behind it is Cattle Pass with the southern tip of San Juan Island on the right and the tip of Lopez Island on the left. Seattle is over the horizon behind all that about 60 miles SE.

BTW, summer arrived here on schedule July 5th with scorching temps of 70-72.


Bain Capial-- it is a pioneer in the consulting/private equity model. So Romney and his partners were always working with OPM, and they made contractual promises to those investors on how the money would be put to work and how investors were to be paid. I'm sure Bain was sued by disgruntled investors, but it's clear that in the big picture they did very well by their investors and the investors were kept happy. It's a very enviable record of success. Let's put it this way if Bain's first couple of deals were like 'Bam's Solyndra-type 'green' deals, and instead of 5 MILLION Green jobs, we got no jobs and defaults by cronies, Bain's investors would have sued Bain, and Bain would have gone bust in it's first year or two. In terms of building success and creating value -- Romney's a winner and 'Bam is an abject loser.


NK,do the right thing and apoligize to me.

Come on bud,these are the basic values that our parents instilled in us.When we get something wrong or we accuse someone of something they didn't do,we man up and apopligize to that person.

Do the right thing,man.


C'Mon DD you know who called you an imbecile, fess up and save some sarch time.
PS: @4:11 in playing down his "effin'gay" slur, DD says "... at Soylent reds anal approach.." Really DD?-- you defend your bigotry by saying 'anal'. You really are an imbecile.


I'm sorry that DD is an imbecile.


.. and asearching we will go...

BB Key

duda, Why is it everytime I visit this blog you are being an asshole ?

Charlie (Colorado)

Hey,it beats apoligizing for making a mistake.

Okay, I'm sorry no one called you an imbecile last night.


What he didn't crack open some one's chest, and eat their heart for courage, crikey, and nothing like Internet ponzi flak Henry Blodget, (and Trig denialist) to put the cherry on top of their crazy rumors.


"let me take credit for being the first to call DD an imbecile"

I don't think that was DD posting, the word "imbecile" is spelled correctly.


Rob Bluey ‏@RobertBluey

Obama administration guts federal work requirements that were foundation of 1996 welfare reform law. http://herit.ag/iB1


I hope folks on our side are keeping a list of all these E.O.'s that will need to be ended as soon as Obama gets the boot.


Hit and Run @ 4:10 PM,

Very funny!


"C'Mon DD you know who called you an imbecile, fess up and save some sarch time"

You're good person,NK.If you feel you can't apoligize to me then forget about it.No big deal.

Buy me a beer some time!


duda, Why is it everytime I visit this blog you are being an asshole ?

I'm sorry.I'll tone it down a bit,BB Key.


Jay Carney: Why No, The Most Unprecedentedly Transparent President In History Won't Release His College Transcripts

"This is the Donald Trump question," said Carney referring the reporter to the Obama campaign.

MT-love the San JUan islands. Had the best mussels there. We went after being in Seattle on way to Vancouver for a cruise. Pretty drive to Vancouver except this lovely yellow Ferrari was doing it in record time. Really made the rental seem lame. Stayed at the Fairmont so kids could see their cruise ship come in.

Ex-food stamps especially help economic activity if the recipient doesn't have a tax paying job and keeps all income off the books. We pay. They do not. Seems to be a fair amount of that.

Raised an accreditation question at my luncheon. Even national experts were not looking at that crucial element. Had someone come up after to thank me for my question. She is with a university and they were shocked at what the accreditors were demanding.

Basically to satisfy the accreditors you have to gut what the paying customers think they are getting.

Sad. I told her I was doing my best to spread the word that was a huge source of the social poison.




Obama administration guts federal work requirements that were foundation of 1996 welfare reform law.

Butthead: "Each $1 billion dollars in new welfare benefits generates almost twice that amount in economic activity for the community."

Beavis: Keynesianism is ... cool!

Jane - talk is cheap!

Obama: My Biggest Mistake Was Not 'Telling a Story'

Jim Eagle


When I was working in the Apple back in 95-96, I use to take the NY Waterway bus down to there ferry dock and noticed this phenom one time. It was like, WoW! Why doesn't NYC promote this but then I read that only a few crowds gather to watch this year.

At Stonehenge even Pravda is there to record the summer solstice with every hippie in England.


Obama: My Biggest Mistake Was Not 'Telling a Story'

Okay...so he's goin' with the old "blah, blah, blah technique". The citizens kill themselves rather than listen him drone on & on & on & on &....

Jim Eagle

Where is the Clarice article? I went to Thinker and nothing there.


Jack, don't have the link handy, but it is at PJ Media Lifestyles.


Jack - here is the link:

Clarice bakes bread in France


I am glad the Bain Capitol slur of Mitt being a Felon is out there now.

Plenty of time to fight back against it, amazingly with the WaPo as an ally in that fight, and hopefully Team Romney can turn this into an effective counterattack against Axelrod and various paid liars at the Globe etc.

Would be much tougher to do if this was dumped as an October surprise, so I'm wondering if they flung it out there now because they are in full desperate mode, instead of holding it to a time when Mitt would not have a decent chance to respond.



You asked ..JiB..

"It's funny - when I ran, everybody said, well he can give a good speech but can he actually manage the job?" he said. "And in my first two years, I think the notion was, 'Well, he's been juggling and managing a lot of stuff, but where's the story that tells us where he's going?' And I think that was a legitimate criticism."
That is pretty funny.

Ah, I see during catch-up that you guys are way ahead of my 06:00, as usual.

Oh well...


What will happen if Romney asks Obama to release his transcripts?


Yeah...insufficient verbiage is Obama's problem. Good Lord.


New Mitt ad:


The Mittsters are good about flinging Barry's poo back in his face.


Ex, Romney won't ask.

Jim Eagle


Next to biting political satire, that you are the scale of greatness at, my second favorite topic is food and wine. And at that you have outdone yourself. Fantastic stuff in that article.

I am going to send that link to Mrs. JiB, who as a Belgian is very much aware of what it takes to make great food. I love to cook but am a lousy baker.

All I know is that in Belgian like France, when you go into a bakery the way it showcases it wares is the most absolutely delicious and appealing place you could be. Every Sunday, it was my job to trot down to the local bakery (actually there were 4 in a small village of 3K people) to get the "pistolets" for breakfast. Someone had already gone to the Butcher (Slaggerei) for the charcuterie that would be served with the wonderful rolls - Tigerkes, Volourkes, Broodjkes - with the most indecent butter you can imagine.

When you go shopping for food in Belgian and France, the butcher and baker are natural pursuits. Their shops are always as clean as can be and offer the most delectable array of offerings. You have to go there to see what I mean.

Meh! I have Publix but that is not as bad as Walmart or Target.


when I ran, everybody said, well he can give a good speech

Everybody? I.don't.think.so.Barry.


JiB, I know what you mean. We have some rather good bakeries here. but if you try your hand at the ones I recommended you might be surprised at how easy it is to make a decent loaf.


My Biggest Mistake Was Not 'Telling a Story'

"I also shouldn't have skimped on those bargain basement vacations, and it wouldn't have killed me to play some golf or watch some basketball once in a while either."

"And I should have been tougher on those kikes."


Barack Obama: Needs to talk more

Nancy Pelosi: Too reverent towards our founding documents

Magic Johnson: Not enough time spent with the ladies

hit and run

"I also shouldn't have accepted so much personal responsibility for the lack of any meaningful recovery in the economy and endeavored to blame other people and events more. Oh, and technology. I should have blamed technology more."


"Upon circumspection, I think it's fair to criticize me for not putting more blame on Bush."


Weiner: Should have tweeted more.


Finally. A way to get those damn public televisions turned from CNN.

TVs at Penn State University student center suddenly switched to public access from CNN

"The handful of students and alumni that gathered in Penn State's student center this morning to watch the release of the Freeh report live were stunned when the channel suddenly switched.

While most of campus was still sleepy, the small group was viewing CNN on a large screen, or one of several smaller screens nearby, in anticipation of the 9 a.m. release of the report on the sex abuse scandal that has gripped the school.

Most were hoping that the report, part of a seven-month probe by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, would exonerate legendary football coach Joe Paterno.

But, just as an anchor was ready to speak about the report, the television screens suddenly went blank. They then turned to a public access channel featuring a reporter from The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown about the state budget."

Welcome to 1984.

Jane - talk is cheap!

Would be much tougher to do if this was dumped as an October surprise,

Except that all it proves is no one in the democrat party knows how to file docs with the SEC. The woman who leaked the story does however, (she's a democrat operative and professor I believe) and she should be fired for her bald faced lie. Even the SEC says she is all wet.

Dot, if you're are around can you lend your take on what is going on in the Strait of Hormuz? Sorry if I mispelled that.

hit and run

Oh look. 2nd Thursday of the month. I must go relieve some neighbors of their hard earned cash using only a deck of cards and some clay chips of varying denominations.


Oh MY!

Ted Cruz up 49 44 in a PPP(d) poll in Texas. Given Dewhurst has been running the lamest Chinese client of Cruz ads I think I have ever heard. He is going to get beat as the sitting Lt Gov.

But the Tea Party is dead? Replacing Kay Bailout with Ted Cruz is a definite trade up in the Senate.


Just LOVE this from Lee Stranahan - Who wore it best?

ha ha ha ha ha - Mom jean's redux!


oh rats, too large - just click on it to see the whole thing.


Here's the other half of Central's picture that may not fit:


Unemployment with and without better stories


So, on the one hand, we didn't send him back to Saudi Arabia, just across the sea from Saudi Arabia;




U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler will join a group of prominent Democrats who will not attend their party's national convention this year.

Other notable Kentucky Democrats not attending include U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth and Gov. Steve Beshear. Beshear has previously spoken out in opposition to the president's environmental policies.

I suppose all of these Democrats have a lot of constituent work to handle? LOL


David Codrea and Mike Vanderboeugh are on Lou Dobbs. They are 2 bloggers who helped open up the Fast and Furious case.

They say Holder has already committed perjury. They are not expecting their new move to get Holder disbarred to get any traction, but they say Holder has an awful lot more to worry about than their disbarred effort. Seemed to me that they know there is more stuff out there in F&F waiting to drop. Their opinion of the recent opening of the Terry Case is that it is DOJ cosmetics designed in part to deflect and show that they are doing something.

Lou's show is excellent tonight.


Obama better get on the phone & tell them a story pronto.


So anybody buying Drudge's claim that Condi is at the top of the VP heap? I thought she said pretty emphatically that she was not interested.


And since the opposition is being anachronistic in slamming Romney about Bain Capitol, I wonder if they'll next try to slam Romney for our 2012 Chinese made Olympic Uniforms---after all, Mitt was in charge of the Olympics in 2000.


So, you are all pretty blase about Drudge screaming red headline that Condi is top choice for VP?



If it is Condi, I can see it as a polling studygroup trying to win some of the Single woman vote and some of the Black Vote, both groups that overwhelmingly go to Obama. Might look good on paper.

But if that is their selection, I'm against it. Let us please get a real world ass kicker in the number 2 spot. West, Christy, maybe Rubio.


If someone on the Internet said they would pay your utility bills, you would be suspicious, right?
I feel for the Obama voters, what an unpleasant shock.


Am I the only one who thinks she may be a fine person but she gave GWB some really lousy advice?


Well, I was hoping for West or Rubio or Jindal - I am not as keen on Christy as some folks are.

Not sure how serious to take the Drudge headline.


Yeah, cc. Obama & the Dems are so bad that it doesn't matter to me who Romney picks.


How many years did they go after Cheney and Halliburton, trumpet some failure to dot the I's with Harken and W, even Rumsfeld's corporate decisions, years before.


At least the Drudge headline on Condy puts the lie to SE Cupp calling Ann Romney a liar on her new MSNBC Show, for saying Mitt was seriously looking at a woman for VP.

Don't know what it is about appearing on MSNBC that turns you into a trash talking imbecile, desperate to criticize the Right.


It's swarming with brainslugs, daddy, like so,
which make Zapp Brannigan seem like a rocket scientist;



Am I the only one who thinks she may be a fine person but she gave GWB some really lousy advice?

I agree with you, rse. She's very impressive, but she would not be a good VP choice.


She's not through with the bad advice, rse;


Captain Hate

Am I the only one who thinks she may be a fine person but she gave GWB some really lousy advice?

No; I'm in 100% agreement with Barbara. Don't do it Mitt.


The VP job is still the VP job. Just look at the current occupant. I don't think much really changes.

A more sane, conservative, and principled Congress must be elected to rein in the executive regardless. No more czars and bureaucratic reacharounds. There's a mess to clear up.

There are thousands of leeches and parasites gaming the system in the bureaucracy and some sort of order must be restored. There is a need for real reform, and a lot of it should be apolitical.

Government should be based in the real world, not la la land. The rest of the world is looking at us as if we are nuts screwing up the best thing ever. Get back to some sort of Pay Go; real health care reform; an honest financial system that separates the casinos from the guys with the eyeshades; this ain't rocket science.

If there are no ethics, which is what the Left has promoted through their "no rules" social and education policy; then there is no basis for an ethical structure that causes the individual to pause before doing something legal but malicious.

Heck, even putting civics, auto shop, and some of the other classic programs back into the curriculum would go a long way.

Ryan and others are pointing the way, and if we can find others like them, maybe we can fix what needs fixing most.


Been out all day melting in the first real heat of the season marking trees so a belated Happy birthday to Ann; my favorite save one. :)

Jane - talk is cheap!

Lou's show is excellent tonight.

Is that Fox business? I so want that station but I can't get it without HBO which I refuse to get.

Condi would scare the left to its knees, but she doesn't want it and I agree with RSE about the bad advice.

She is also pro-choice - frankly I cannot believe anyone votes on abortion these days - I know for a lot of people it is a huge issue, but in this election I cannot believe it would be anyone's #1 issue - except maybe Katherine Lopaz.


Really, Jane, now I see how the Post has been cross promoting first 'Julianne's bender, and now the Newsroom, lemons dripping with acid,

This part, is what I was pointing out;

Implement educational expectations and assessments in subjects vital to protecting national security. States should expand the Common Core State Standards and implement assessments that more meaningfully measure student achievement. Children in every state must have strong foundations in science, technology, and foreign language, and skills like creative thinking and problem solving if they are to be competitive nationally and globally.

Jim Eagle

Why not Condi? The litmus for VP is who can step in and be POTUS. Well, can she more than Portman, Rubio or Jindal? And does she at the same time bring some jazz to the campaign.

I'm buying it.


I discovered to my surprise that Dish Network restored our Fox Business channel. We downgraded service a couple of years ago and couldn't access. But now, voila, it's back again!


Does Condi have guts or does Condi have guts?

Captain Hate

Why not Condi?

Too tied in with Bush. I want a Bush and McRINO free ticket. I don't think that's asking too much.


OT and Jane - I think Fox renegotiated their contracts. I have AT&T Uverse and when I signed on, Fox Business was part of the higher priced package. Now it is included with the package that has FNC, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Jane you might want to check your channels - you may now have it and not even know it.


This was great on live TV.

Captain Hate

Does Condi have guts or does Condi have guts?

She should've left that Code Stink whore a quivering bloody mass on the floor; and then gone after whatever Congressional POS got her into the closed meeting. Another fine example of how lefty lunatics evade reasonable national security and not a fucking thing is done about it.

Jane - talk is cheap!

Oh I checked. It's on 298 and I only go up to 68.


I am open to almost any VP candidate. After all, it does have to be a personality that will not overshadow Romney - or, let's face it, they won't be picked. I have become acclimated to my Garden Gnome being named Mitt, so I will just acclimate to the VP.

Like, Janet, I vehemently want Barry and Shelley and Valerie and Eric sent packing into the Chicago hell hole from whence they came.


Now that we are soul searching and admitting flaws--I probably shouldn't have been too good, that's always been a problem of mine.

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