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July 12, 2012



Jay Cost
Worth considering about the electoral utility of Condi: FORTY % of Obama's 08 margin came from improving w/ blacks relative to John Kerry.

Just saying


--She should've left that Code Stink whore a quivering bloody mass on the floor...--

What I can't understand is you can't chuck a brick these days without hitting a tampon or kotex commercial and that code pinko broad uses here hands?


I am not a big fan of Condi-- I think she did a terrible job as SecoState


Satire is a lost art, oh wait they are serious, well it's Sargent, so not really;



Amen, Captain. Did the MFM cry racism then?....even ONE d#*n journalist?

Condi wouldn't be my first pick, but she is used to being hated & it doesn't seem to phase her. She is dignified & classy & well spoken....all traits absent from any on the lib side. She'd really make Biden look like a buffoon in a debate.


You do not even want to know what formative assessment is all about. Search it and OECD and you will see.

Student achievement is largely social and emotional criteria.

Please get better info Reps. This really is designed to take us down. Condi, you're a Sovietologist. See any parallels?

I have to get the diva. I have been driving so much it will be hard to enjoy the performances.

Klein is n the Board of Jeb's ed venture.


H&R, LOL!!! that was as funny as anything I've ever read on Iowahawk. I bet Mitt himself would get a big laugh out of it.


There was a particularly noxious local 'froad' named Neil Rogers, who has passed on, who was particularly vicious about her,

Biden has been wrong on everything from the Alaskan pipeline to the UBL takedown, yet he is still taken as an idiot savant.


****Biden has been wrong on everything from the Alaskan pipeline to the UBL takedown, yet he is still taken as an idiot savant.****

Half right.


Just a taste, of the wretched that oozed from down here, and this was before Iraq, really got underway, in the LUN


Amazing video of Ken Block doing some insane driving on the streets of San Francisco including what has to be the smokiest ascent of iconic Lombard street ever.


I don't think Condi is tough enough, or conservative enough, for the job. I favor Allen (sp)? West, and I read today that a group of Dems is engaging in a targeted effort to end his political career. They must realize his potential or they wouldn't be focusing on him. Alas, West never gets mentioned in the stories that list who Romney is looking at.

Captain Hate

I think historians will have a field day with what a blithering idiot Biden is. I'm sure everybody has an acquaintance who means well but always says awkwardly inappropriate things and only a sense of propriety and not wanting to be overly crass keep you from saying STFU and GTFO. Subtract the "means well" and that's what Biden is to the nation.

Rick Ballard

Cheney's got a new ticker. Why not pop some prog skulls?


Apparently the FBI report on GZ says--ta da!! He's no racist.

So much for soviet style criminal law where the conduct that forms the basis for the charge is not as important as the state's view of the defendant's political correctness.

Danube of Thought

Condi won't do it.

Rick Ballard

No, Condi will never do it. What's the upside for her? ABO/T1000 isn't going to go for any Bush retread. It wouldn't be prudent.


That's a great point, narciso...about Cheney/Haliburton & now Mitt/Bain.

Is there anything we could do with Obama's one year at Business International Corporation or the New York Public Interest Research Group? Did he DO anything at those places?

Dems/MFM pick apart the strong honest careers of Republicans (Governor Palin)....& then expect us to be impressed with community organizing, & copyediting.


"Let us please get a real world ass kicker in the number 2 spot. West".

Go West, Mitt!


Harry Reid's fake fury. LUN.

I just pisses me off that he, Pelosi, and the rest of the "smart kids" just allowed whole industries to walk and then are shocked, shocked when they read the labels on the U.S. Olympic team's kit.

Boehner can kiss my rear end too.

Danube of Thought

Woot! Woot!

"The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that — by a 15-point margin — the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling makes voters less likely, rather than more likely, to cast their vote for President Obama. Twenty-seven percent of registered voters say that the ruling makes them 'less likely' to vote for Obama, while only 12 percent say that it makes them 'more likely' to do so. Only 9 percent of independents say that they are 'more likely' to vote for Obama because of the ruling, compared to 27 percent who are 'less likely.'"


I loved that one, too, DoT. Roberts was right.


After he is diselected, Obama will be able to dine out on the results of that poll for quite a while -- as the selfless martyr who put his altruism above politics, and sacrificed his political career for the sake of doing what was right for America. America just didn't appreciate him.


I think Condition is a brilliant choice even tho she isn't in my top 10.



I had the pleasure to drive hit to many or most of the places shown in the video, but not quite at the same speed.

In other news, we have our first fire of the year. So far it is at 700 acres, and it is only 10% contained. No threat here, but the air is awful -- it tastes like you are sitting next to a campfire.

I'm also doing a patent search, and ran across one in a related area that protects sorting of sperm. The inventor is Ian Cummer.


Hah!, DrJ.


Mitt should choose someone (anyone) who is an honest to goodness Cherokee.

Danube of Thought

Looking back, I can see that I was too good an athlete, too good a student, and above all too kind and considerate toward not only my friends but also the downtrodden. I gave too much of myself for others. But I know all od us have made mistakes.

I also didn't drink enough vodka and single malt scotch, and I didn't utter enough purply blasphemous oaths.

Perhaps the Good Lord will give me a second chance.


I was too good an athlete, too good a student, and above all too kind and considerate toward not only my friends but also the downtrodden.

Didn't Barry actually say something very much like that back in '08 or '09? When asked about his flaws, saying something to the effect that he "cares too much"? No sense of shame.


I can't thank all of you enough for the Happy Birthday wishes. I must be retiring because I got a fishing pole, a straw gambler panama hat and a boat ride with my buddy, Daisy :


I love all of you. You are some of the best friends, a girl could ever ask for, especially ones she never asked for or met.:)

For real,... you guys have kept me smiling through it all. XXXOOO and HOORAH 2013

Danube of Thought

Beautiful, Ann. Boy would I love to meet Daisy.


Great news from the UK on the NHS. If correlated to our population, it would be 5,500 unnecessary deaths/month. LUN.

The deaths from poor medical care would equal the total of killed in action in just over 4 years.


of World War II that is.


Cheney gives Romney the foreign policy thumbs up...


Dave (in MA)
She'd really make Biden look like a buffoon in a debate.
He does a good job of that on his own.

Happy Birthday, Ann!

I much prefer Bolton to Rice, not that either would be the most natural VP. Just saw him talking sensibly on Greta. I rarely disagree with anything he says. I just wish he'd stop pronouncing "negotiations" as "nego-see-ations."


John Sununu is everywhere these days playing an excellent attack-dog role....hmm, maybe he's vying for VP.


Ralph L

It's on 298 and I only go up to 68.
One day, you'll meet the right man.


My brother is a-political...completely.
He was Dr Rices' chief body guard for 2 years.
She is an honest and moral woman.

There is no LIBTARD that is both honest and moral. Nor competant.


Happy birthday, Ann! I hope it's been a good one even though Obama and Biden didn't mark the occasion appropriately by submitting simultaneous resignations.

Melinda Romanoff

I want whom rewrote the Monroe Doctrine, in the weeks after September 11, 2001, as Veep. And I want that person explain it in public. It would be of Federalist Papers importance.

I don't care what their face or body looks like, just open your mouth. If it was a team, great, who chaired those minds.

John Lewis Gaddis recognized it upon release, and I still, to this day, have no idea who penned it.

I want to know, but will probably never get to know.

So now, I sigh.

G'night all!

(Another) Barbara

Condi won't do it.

Hope you're right, DoT. Better yet, hope she's not asked and I'm grateful we're unlikely to know. If I learned Condi was his first choice it would shake my trust in Romney's judgment.

Frau Wau-Wau

Oh, Ann. Your birthday is the best. We're all making a joyous noise to celebrate your day. Daisy is one lucky girl and so are we to have you here.

Agent J

jimmyk-10:56. I like Bolton also...He could be the Spiro Agnew of the Romney administration.

Every time I see Jay Carney, the President spokesman, I think of Baghdad Bob, wonder if we can have the same final chapter..

Please make it rain.

Beasts of England

By the way, everything we were once told about Penn State football is a lie.

I badly want to hear Musberger admit that everything he's said about the program was a steaming pile.

Posted by: Captain Hate | July 12, 2012 at 12:32 PM

Didn't hear it myself, but my brother (a ‘retired’ national sports anchor) said that Musberger folded the tent on PSU today. Will ask for his source.

Also, having read the executive summary of Freeh's report, I delight in its frank, terse, and unvarnished account of the investigation...


Well after a bit, he went to work for Al Arabiya, last time I checked,


Btw, this is where Cutter found moral clarity;

n late 2007, JC Flowers was one of the many companies bidding for the troubled British Bank, Northern Rock.[5] They pulled out of the bidding in December.[6]

On January 21, 2008, JC Flowers made an infomal bid of £4bn for Friends Provident.[7] A revised bid of £3.5 billion was rejected[8] On March 14, 2008, JC Flowers was reported to be in talks to buy troubled US investment bank Bear Stearns.[9]


FOX and Friends is reporting on some online poll going on as to what to do with the Chinese made Olympic Uniforms.

I suggest we make Harry Reid's Cowboy Poet's wear them when they do their Taxpayer paid for Cowboy Poetry competition.

On Radio today ABC news kept playing the story on the News Breaks. They mentioned that it was bipartisan disgust at the uniforms, but then they only ran soundbites from 2 guys, Harry Reid, and a second Democrat they are trying to help get reelected, Sherrod Brown.

Basically was a campaign promo for Sherrod Brown gratis ABC News. Must be nice to have the Media in your back pocket.

Captain Hate

Thanks for the comment, Beasts; I think a lot of people were shook up by the content of the Freeh report even though I believe evidence of it was there for people to see on their own through the years. Now I'm intrigued by the identity of your brother...


New Romney ad:

No Evidence

I don't think Condi is even in the picture.

Romney has made some major speeches during the Primaries about his belief that the US should be concentrating far more on Latin America. Which of the proposed VP candidates would be a great emissary for Mitt in Latin America?


I didn't even know I liked Sununu until this past week and now with this Hannity discussion, he is fast becoming a favorite.

John Sununu: Can You Imagine How Dumb This President Is?...

Sorry, ran out of numbers.

What, Obama criminal? Let me count the ways.


Well, IMO, putting Condi on the ticket would attract no AAs as they will vote almost as a bloc for Obama, and I think conservative women would not want her as she is not conservative enough. I think it would be a very bad choice, and I sincerely hope that Romney is NOT considering her. I will vote ABO, but it would be hard for me to vote for a ticket with Condi on it. I so hope that when she said she didn't want to be VP that it was true.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Sununu is an ass and should not be anyone's favorite. Yeah he's been great this week, but he's still an ass.

I want John Bolton for secretary of state. The only thing wrong with that is if he is, he won't be on this year's post election cruise.

I still say it's gonna be Portman.


We need a lot more of 'can you imagine how unserious the people who vote for him were/are.'


I, too, Jane, want Bolton as secretary of state and Newt for ambassador to the UN!


Ann, I'm late, but sincere. Happy Birthday.


Good morning. Yay, Ann stopped by - loved the photo of Daisy.

Looks like the Drudge Condi rumor may have been started by folks in Utah who were impressed by her speech there. However, Twitter is reporting Romney insiders are saying, "Condi, no."


Belated B-Day wishes to Ann.


Ig-- ken Block made an appearance on Brit Top Gear driving through an active airport and its plane boneyard. Insane. The SF video cool to watch even for an old guy like me.


“Now that we are soul searching and admitting flaws--I probably shouldn't have been too good, that's always been a problem of mine.”
Clarice, so clever. I once called a lawyer and got his unctuous voicemail that went something like this, “Sorry I missed your call. I’m out doing great work for another client. Leave a message and I’ll call you back."


I see Porch's friend is under investigation for wrongthink.


I saw that, too, Extraneus. Sad and infuriating.


Condi- I love Condi, brilliant, accomplished, a talented musician, beautiful, authentic American and decent. But no to VP nomination. I just don't think she helps Romney win. Personally, my first choice-- provisionally-- is Col. West. But is he a loose cannon? If he is, then come Ryan or Rubio. Jindal on the outside.


I will echo Jane at 8:19 in her first two sentences. Totally. Not quite in the Adam Clymer league but still, right on sister.

Captain Hate

I'm sure Porch's friend was aware of the reception his report would get and dotted every i and crossed every t in his methodology. I have a feeling that the herd of independent thinkers is about to get exposed for what they are.

Melinda Romanoff


That eight you're holding just wants to lay down. Dr. Mobius says it's healthier to let these things go on.

Melinda Romanoff


I completely agree with your take on Gov. So-No-No.

Not ever.


Prior Topic-- I'm surprised there are few comments in the prior topic. Last night I looked at the disclosure info TomM posted-- the FBI stuff fascinates me. 2012 is going to be the worst year imaginable for the NBP Party's favorites 'Bam and Holder. They send the FBI down there to create a racism story they can use, and the FBI report-- wait for it-- proves that GZ is no racist and corroborates that an eyewitness saw the figure on top in the fight was the shooting victim. The FBI's interview of Serino definitely shows that Serino was the most skeptical SPD cop checking out GZ's statements and story and Serino was trying to make a case against GZ because he thought GZ intentionally followed Martin because GZ had a hero complex. So the FBI report blows up in 'Bam's/Holder's face like a trick cigar; 'Bam will lose decisively, Holder has committed perjury and held in contempt,and 'Bam will have to pardon the whold F&F crew. Yep-- 2012 is the worst year imaginable for the NBP Party's favs.


Ditto, with Vizzini, who handed George HW, 'the poison goblet', Yes it's easy to laugh at Andrea Mitchell, but the point is either
they are stupid to understand, or it is not in their interest,


Condi has always been my first pick for VP, and I'm on record with friends predicting her months ago. She's not perfect, but no one is; despite a deep field for Romney to choose from, there's no single pick that doesn't come with some negatives attached. Her stance on abortion is completely meaningless; VPs have even less to do with abortion policy than presidents. As much as I love Rummy, I think Condi came out looking better than he in those altercations they had when she was at State. Palin held her own against Biden in the debate; the difference with Condi is that she'd call out and correct every misstatement he'd make in a debate. She'd bring excitement and class to the ticket, as well as foreign policy expertise and a whopping dose of gravitas. Regardless of who Romney picks, he'll be eviscerated for it in the press; for the MSM, Portman or Pawlenty would mean it's a "vanilla ticket", Rubio would be inexperienced and picked to pander to Hispanics, Christie would be the bottom half of a "bully ticket". With Jindal, they couldn't say much other than that he's "right-wing"; I'd like Jindal fine, but I want Romney to win, and Jindal is very untelegenic. Not Condi - she's fascinating to watch and listen to (because she knows everything). Condi's been making a lot of politically-oriented statements lately, and Ann Romney dropped that hint about Mitt considering a woman. I hope this is much more than a trial balloon.


Well there is that, NK, but don't forget the Sherman Ware affair. like Travis Tanner going
after Harvey Spector on 'Suits' revenge is also a motive.


hrt-- that is a very persuasive Condi case. But this is not a foreign policy election so I still prefer Ryan or Rubio. Excitement? Col West is your man then. In the debate, he might show Biden the 12 ways to kill a man with your right index finger.


For whom, in my view, she undermined policy on Gitmo, N. Korea, and Iran, to name three,
I'll give you she was a little more proactive
on Afghanistan and Iraq, but she forced the administration, to take back 'those 16 words'
which were true,



you make a strong argument for Mitt picking Condi, but even if her stand on abortion is "completely meaningless", (as was Cheney's support of gay marriage), it's not Condi I'm worried about, it's the voters that Romney might alienate if he picks her, especially after he has worked so hard to establish his cred on being an anti- abortion conservative himself. To make a long question short, would picking Condi alienate the "base"? If so, that would hurt him more than help him, imo. On the plus side, I think the Dems would freak if Condi was the pick, and that is a good thing.


I'm sure Porch's friend was aware of the reception his report would get and dotted every i and crossed every t in his methodology.

Yes. He sent it to multiple colleagues and also an independent branch of the APA to make sure his methodology was on track. And it was peer reviewed, of course. The coverage of the study indicates that there are problems in the methodology but what is reported is incorrect. They say he didn't compare gay families to other family types, only to straight married families, but that is not true. There are six different family of origin types in the study.

Things are looking pretty bad. There is one lefty loudmouth who is making it particularly difficult. Do you think that if the shoe were on the other foot and the study showed that gay parents were better than straight parents and Regnerus was being targeted by some Westboro Church type outfit, that UT would hesitate in trumpeting "academic freedom FTW!!" in his defense?

It is like free speech. Academic freedom means nothing if unpopular scholarship is not protected. But it looks increasingly like Regnerus will lose his job even though he has tenure.


--I like Bolton also...He could be the Spiro Agnew of the Romney administration.--

If you're looking for a bulldog fine, but I'm not sure one with striped pajamas and his number sown on them is the one.


--They say he didn't compare gay families to other family types, only to straight married families, but that is not true.--

I thought that was a valid criticism at first until I actually read what he said which was two married, biological parents have the best outcomes. Children of gay couples, unmarried couples, divorced couples, singles parents all did worse. Unless maybe gays are saying they really are different and deserve their own special category. That couldn't be it could it?

What they're pissed off about is not that his methods were bad, but that he refused to use the biased methods of previous pro gay "researchers".


and then.... CONDI FOR PRESIDENT!!!

16 years of Repubicans in control might actually solve some of the Dem caused problems that we discuss here.

(I always thought that there was a special relationship between Condi and W, that she was his teacher's pet, so to speak, (not in any slimey way.) I wonder if the Bush contingent is pressuring for Condi.)


Narciso, I often wonder if Bush didn't use Condi as cover when he wanted to ignore Cheney and Rummy's advice, and perhaps even guided her in that direction. You're right, of course, that retracting the "16 words" was a real GW low point, of course.

Chubby, I really can't see any significant portion of the base staying home due to Condi being on the ticket; in any case, the pick-up from independent women would surely outdo that factor. And, yeah, the left would be apoplectic!


But it looks increasingly like Regnerus will lose his job even though he has tenure.

That seems improbable absent outright fraud. I don't mean to sound naive, but this is exactly what tenure is supposed to protect against. I'm sure his department can make life miserable for him, but even they should realize that they'll make a martyr of him and give his work that much more publicity if they try to do something crazy.


((But it looks increasingly like Regnerus will lose his job even though he has tenure.))

That is terrible Porchlight. Simply dreadful.

On a much smaller scale, but in the same vein, -- the death threats directed to Brad Pitt's mother, for voicing her opinion about abortion and gay marriage in a letter to the editor. The death threats scared her into silence.


After they whitewashed Sullivan and 'Red Liz'
shoddy research, ans apparently deleted two warming periods from the climate record, I'm not so sanguine, think of the Lysenko level scam that ESCR has become.


I wonder if the Bush contingent is pressuring for Condi.
She is sort of Jeb-ish in demeanor and tone, isn't she? And I know that Jeb is anathema to purists, and even a less-than-purist like myself finds fault with some of his stances. Still, like Jeb, Condi is a consummate "adult in the room", and one who wows crowds. I just think it would be a very dynamic pick.


I hope so, jimmyk. I think they know they can't fire him simply because of the study's conclusions. Hence the "investigation" into the study's methodology.


((this is exactly what tenure is supposed to protect against))

I'm sure the left has rewritten those old rules, in thought, if not yet totally in deed.


JimmyK-- unfortunately for 30 years or so since the Left took control of Academia, 'Tenure' means preserving the 'narrative'-- you know-- God doesn't exist, Marxism is good-- Mao and Stalin gave it a bad name, USA is a racist colonial oppressor, there is no objective truth, blah blah blah blah.


Sure, NK, but that's mostly enforced through the selection process: Hire and promote only those who look to be true to the cause, at least in the softer fields. Once someone has slipped through the system and gets tenure, getting rid of him is not really an option any more. But it's unpleasant for the independent thinkers, and they will often leave of their own accord to one of the few schools that isn't dominated by leftist counterculture.


hrt--Picking Condi as VP would just confirm that Romney wants to stay with the Rinos and not pick someone the majority of conservatives would want. I, personally, like Adam West very much, but I do not think he would be a good pick for VP--not because he isn't a good speaker and personable and very knowledgeable--but because he would not attract any of O's base ie AAs and because the indys want someone a little more bland. Sad to say, but true. And, also, some people would think that Romney picked West to pander to the AA vote.


I, personally, like Adam West very much

Ah, he was ok as Batman, but what has he done since?

[sorry, couldn't resist]

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

I don't think Batman would be a good VP either, plus he is too old.


At any rate, Condi's not wildly pro-choice - two quotes:
"We have to respect the culture of life and we have to try and bring people to have respect for it and make this as rare a circumstance as possible."
"I tend to agree with those who do not favor federal funding for abortion, because I believe that those who hold a strong moral view on the other side should not be forced to fund it."

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Geez Jimmy you beat me!


Barry's latest welfare reform dismantlement project will be exposed by Romney as well as the the other tawdry political stunts the media just doesn't seem to notice.



I don't think Batman would be a good VP either, plus he is too old.
Anyway, Alfred might spill about West and Dick Grayson dressing up funny all the time.


Okay, jimmyk, oops. Allen West, of course.


JimmyK-- it's not just selection, its peer review, course syllabus, tenure committee, academic fraud committes -- its all the same leftists so it is pervasive. But I do agree, even the leftists won't admit they are trying to fire the guy because he disagrees with them. They are trying to nail him on 'methodology' that I'm sure they'd be very happy with if he came to the opposite conclusion.


...it's all the same Leftists...


I don't know if this thread is "dead" yet, but there is a long interview of Jay Cost at NRO (about his book) and the very last question by KLO is:

LOPEZ: It’s not the point of the book, of course, but who makes the most sense as the vice-presidential pick for Mitt Romney?

COST: For my money, it does not get any better than Bobby Jindal.


Not her biggest fan,


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