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July 11, 2012



No signs of that in my town. Lots of houses for sale, and no new building. But, it is a depressed area economically. About 3/4 of the people living here are on food stamps and welfare.


Like the rest of the economy, it's a dead cat bounce. Scraping along the bottom.

The biggest threat is a large shadow inventory of unsold homes, homes which owners won't put on the market because they are underwater, homes that will be foreclosed eventually and homes owned by lenders.

Bingo. You can skip the rest of the article. Well, except the last sentence:

Or the still-dysfunctional mortgage market could get worse. Or overly zealous regulators or a post-election change in government policy could unsettle mortgage lenders or home buyers

Yeah, because if the Rs get the WH and both house of congress, they'd do...what exactly? It's always useful to remind everyone that the reporting in the WSJ is just as prog as any other fishwrap.

Melinda Romanoff


Not so hidden inventory in the OREO columns of TBTF banks belies this nonsense.


How can the bust be over at the same time there is still a huge number of homeowners underwater and/or behind on their mortgage payments, given that both put downward pressure on home prices?


That's a real mystery, Steve! Just don't worry your pretty little head. These sooper smart journalists and economists will explain it all for you.

The only thing missing in this piece is an ode to O for managing this turnaround.

Captain Hate

It's always useful to remind everyone that the reporting in the WSJ is just as prog as any other fishwrap.

Exactly; they came from the same garbage journo indoctrination schools that teach dogma rather than critical thinking.


This is a pile of {as Jim R would say} ship! It's Obama trying to make something true that is not happening. How come all the homeowners I know that recently sold their homes took a loss on it? Just because Obama says it doesn't make it so. We are back to wishful thinking in the WH. Is this any way to run a country? At least the Russians are moving forward and actually thinking about burying Lenin.


Repost. (Hope you don't mind)

Compare and Contrast:



Recall you came upon your first grey hair over the weekend.

I thought of you when I read the opening little bit in the Bernard Lewis bio I mentioned last thread:

"One grey hair appeared on my head
I plucked it out with my hand.
It answered me: "You have prevailed against me alone---
What will you do when my army comes after me?"

---Yehuda Halevi

That tickled me:) Hope you don't mind.

Going to the dogs.


a little about this particular drone from Sector 7G;

He also has worked for the Boston Globe and at the Hartford (Conn.) Courant and Middletown (Conn.) Press. He has shared two Pulitzer prizes, one for a Boston Globe series on race in the workplace in Boston and the other for Wall Street Journal stories on the corporate scandals of 2002. David is a graduate of Haverford College and was a Knight Bagehot Fellow in Business & Economics Journalism at Columbia University. His book on the Federal Reserve's response to the financial crisis, "In Fed We Trust," www.infedwetrust.com, was published by Crown in August 2009

Thomas Collins

As Bill Clinton might well say, it depends on what you mean by "bust" (sorry, I couldn't resist). The rate of decline in home prices may have decreased, and there may be appreciation in some areas. That is not a recovery, and is no guarantee against another dip, especially with the economy bumping along like prog policied economies usually do.


Just wait. There will be more articles like this in the next three months as the MFM attempts to tie a ribbon on this turd of an economy. Oh, sorry. I should say there will just as many as the last two years or so. But they'll sound more desperate.


Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten that only the editorial page in the WSJ was conservative. All else is written with the usual liberal bent.


My daughter has been house hunting for over a year - looking to upscale her zip code, but searching for something affordable. They have put in offers several times (usually homes on "short sale"), and finally found the one for them and their offer was accepted by the bank.

Now, the worry was selling their existing home. Nine years old, approximately 2,000 s.f., corner lot, 3 year old swimming pool, and well maintained. They sold in 2 days at the price they were asking, had 3 offers to select from. I simply couldn't believe it. Daughter tells me that there is low inventory to choose from.

I simply don't know what to think, but thrilled for them and amazed at how quickly it all happened.

Carol Herman

Yup. Some areas sell well, anyway. But prices aren't going up "enough." And, by enough I mean first: When you try to get a home loan, and then you can't close escrow. As the home loan doesn't materialize. (Which could put your deposit at risk as you're told "no close for you.")

What sells? Assets that foreigners pick up with cash. But they're looking to "park" funds. Not necessarily even live inside the homes they buy. More like "park places" for money, than "moving on up."

Once upon a time "moving on up" was what families were doing. And, every time they had to uproot for their jobs ... they made profits on the homes they were selling. Sometimes? The profits were greater than their annual salaries. And, "profits" were rolled into the next home purchase.

Now? If politicians could figure out how to remove the home owners real estate tax deductions, they would.

The other thing that's missing, now? All those jobs people kept on the side. Like "doing" real estate. Or selling home loan products. So, besides the real estate industry still sitting on more homes, rather than reducing inventory ...

You've got all those who used to find making extra money easy ... Now hanging on by their teeth!

I've even heard of cases where people haven't made a mortgage payment in 3 or 4 years ... And, still the bank doesn't move to foreclose.

The bigger question is just how many decades ahead will this drought last?

If you've just bought a home? How long will it take for the price to rise enough ... so you can afford the re-sale commission?

Don't believe "all the good news" you hear.


Several R members of the WI assembly wrote the GAB and called the Racine election process an utter mockery. They need to keep this issue front and center through November.


The GAB needs to be dissolved and restructed as something HONEST.


Dem Rep. James Clyburn: Romney “Not Honorable Enough To Serve In Office”…

Remember that James Clyburn - along with Reps Andre Carson, John Lewis, & Emanuel Cleaver - lied about Americans that came to the March 20th, 2010 Tea Party. They set up a racism story with the MFM & they ran it even though nobody rose to their lousy bait.
You know who doesn't have honor? James Clyburn, that's who.


No bias, seriously, 'would we lie'


Captain Hate

Trandrea gets the scoop http://weaselzippers.us/2012/07/11/mystery-solved-dem-rep-jesse-jackson-jr-in-rehab-for-drugs-and-alcohol/

Jim Eagle

If you live in Florida, that is total BS.

There is no rebound in the market as long as we have 100 or more foreclosure sales each month in my area where we have luxury condos bought in 2005 for over $500k going for $130k. When we get down to less than 20 a month, I'll agree (maybe).

Romney's speech at the NCAAP was a calculated risk for reward scenario and it will work. He is not the McBain of DuDa's imagination but rather a very strategic political thinker. Do Not Panic! The ABO/T1000 unit has a new sports package coupled with an intelligent navigation system.


A young couple we know made an offer on a house this morning.The price dropped 40k overnight.They decided to go for it,and will put their existing home up for rent,unless it sells quickly.


The 10yr bond auction Mel mentioned last thread.... this article notes some of the oddity in the data. One item is an increase in the bids awarded to "direct bidders", way, way up from historical levels.
"Direct bidders were awarded 45.4 percent of the auction, the most for any offering of U.S. government coupon securities on record...The previous record for direct demand at a 10-year note sale was 31.7 percent at the August 2011 auction."

A possible explanation, via the Mish blog.
"China can now bypass Wall Street when buying U.S. government debt and go straight to the U.S. Treasury, in what is the Treasury's first-ever direct relationship with a foreign government, according to documents viewed by Reuters.
The relationship means the People's Bank of China buys U.S. debt using a different method than any other central bank in the world....
The change was not announced publicly or in any message to primary dealers.
... the Treasury's accommodation of China is unique."

Carol Herman

Some houses always sell.

Back in 1982, interest rates zoomed to 17%. A friend of mine had just started selling real estate. And, I asked "who will buy or sell with interest rates where they are?"

She answered me. People die. People get divorced. Others get married. There's always someone out there who needs to sell. And, who wants to buy.

Yes, she was gangbusters at selling real estate. She had an army of contacts. Because she had gotten involved with weight watchers. She got to know every fat woman in Pasadena!

Because my friend had a base of loyal friends she was able to find homes for some. And, sell the homes of others.

But real estate has known some pretty awful times, before, too.

While the biggest changes have occurred socially. In the way we carry cell phones. And, get information. And, the way we bank.


(I'm an econ-neophyte, but fascinated. Apologies if this bores people to tears.)
The Mish blog also points to an article on funds flow related to Spain. As one would expect, it is mostly "out going".
Each Euro kick of the can down the road staves off the crisis for shorter and shorter amounts of time.
"Since the middle of last year, this has been a one-way show, with capital leaving Spain apace. Capital inflows have been almost non-existent. Indeed, Yiagos Alexopoulos at Credit Suisse reckons outflows are currently running at an annualised rate of 50 per cent of GDP.

The analyst notes that the clear trend of foreign investors yanking money from Spain has been joined by evidence of domestic investors moving assets abroad."


So the 'hit piece', from our 'old adversary'
Adam Serwer leads us here,


Much like our former Governor did, which caused a verklempt feeling among the feely
class like Dean Nunn, last seen pitching the 'two minute hate' against Zimmerman

Beasts of England

If you believe that crap, I've got a couple of really nice houses to sell you!

One's been sitting on the market for two years. It's been rented (for almost nothing) for the last four months, but at a very, very soft rate. Asking $210,000 less than its April 2010 appraisal. Asking.

The other one may or may not end up on the market - depends on what the soon-to-be-ex Beast (probably don't want to slip up and call her that...) chooses to do with it. Although I wouldn't expect to get more than ninety percent of what we paid/put into it two years ago.

Turning the corner my Blutarsky...


We have a local Duke and Duke candidate, that now she got her choice, she's unhappy,


Carol Herman

Actually, the world's a globe. So there are no corners to turn.

It's like the old joke: Man can find a woman in all 4 corners of the earth. But then they discover the world is round.

The measure that real estate comes back to life, isn't even "the inventory." It's all the jobs that headed "south."

When you see an improvement in the numbers of people employed selling homes. And, selling mortgages. you'll have your indicator that the housing bubble is inflating, again,

So far? No bubbles. No balloons.

Danube of Thought

Eminently satisfactory:

"Though pollsters at each organization caution that the margins of error are substantial when looking at subgroups such as this, each poll shows erosion within that margin of error for Obama with these working-class white men. The new Quinnipiac poll shows Obama attracting just 29 percent of non-college white men, down from 32 percent in their most recent national survey in April, according to figures provided by Douglas Schwartz, April Radocchio and Ralph Hansen of Quinnipiac. The ABC/Washington Post survey found Obama drawing just 28 percent of non-college white men, down from 34 percent in their May survey, according to figures provided by ABC Pollster Gary Langer. Romney drew 56 percent of the non-college white men in Quinnipiac and 65 percent in the ABC/Washington Post survey."

Thomas Collins

Note that neither article linked by TM is particularly enthusiastic about a vigorous recovery in the housing market. One might say that the 7-20 bust that marked the end of the 2011 season for the Red Sox is over. The Sox are now a .500 team. But there are many potential obstacles to the Red Sox playing at above a .500 level. Neither the housing market nor the Red Sox have solid prospects in the future.

Carol Herman

"White Groups" don't control outcomes.

America is now also so polyglot ... that in California ... when elections are held ... you can ask for a ballot in any one of 40+ languages.

Do people know whose running? Yes. How hard is it to remember two names?

Is there much difference between the two parties? (Well, to borrow from Nigel Farage's comments about England ... ALL THE PARTIES ARE ALIKE! The only voice that you get that's different belongs to Nigel Farage of UKIP.)

Was there more excitement, let's say, back in 1976 between Ford and Carter?

Carter won, even though Gerald Ford was known as a really nice guy ... because he was unknown. And, in comparison to Ford, more people picked Carter.

In 2008 McCain was pretty sure that white men would never vote for a Black person. McCain lost.

McCain's bar isn't even set high. All he got was 44% of the vote.

On November 6, 2012 people will learn if calling Obama names provides Romney with more than 44% of the vote.

How many Americans today know for whom they will vote, ahead? Instead we are told all the ads make a difference.

Meanwhile, yes. The media is making money. While more and more Americans have decided not to pay attention.



Have you seen the National Journal article breaking white votes down into subgroups. I dont see a chance of an overall 42% with white voters with these numbers. Here:



Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews
US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s office says the Chicago Democrat being treated for `mood disorder'

A mood disorder? What in the heck is a mood disorder?

Jane - talk is cheap!

He's grumpy CC.


Per Wiki, mood disorder includes bi-polar etc. I don't think his choice of drugs helped any.


In order to know what is a mood disorder,
it would help if we knew what a mood order was.


NBCChicago said he was being treated for alcoholism & addiction...but then changed it to just alcoholism.
Now it's mood disorder. Maybe he was in the mood for lots & lots of adult beverages?


Janet, apparently his family and/or staff pushed back hard against the alcoholism and addiction story. So, I guess they had to come up with something - voila - mood disorder.


Sure and Mark Sanford was jogging on the Appalachian trail, Shirley they can't be serious.


Look at the bright side BEASTS. Carol Vermin and WeeWeeDouchebagDaveyBoy may have 5 or 10 extra bucks each to pump back into the economy.


hit and run

"Mood" spelled backwards is "doom".


Tom Collins, I like your analogy. The Red Sox are a .500 team.


Well maybe they don't know the facts, they don't act like they do, or it even matters;



Does this filing mean anything, look all the way, at the end, where they list the directors;


Melinda Romanoff

It's the John Stroger method, all the way. John Stroger, late president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, suffered a massive stroke in 2006.

His family hid the news for weeks and "acted in his name" as President of the Board. Word, after months of denial, leaked out and great harrumphs from the black community were heard. How dare they question a man's family as to his health. Here, vote for his son, Todd, to "hold his seat for him" in the meanwhile.

That lasted four years, but John only lasted two. Many antics were recorded along the way, all along Cook County standard practices, ghost payrolls, excessive nepotism and related salaries, tax hikes on the suburbs to pay for the city.

He was voted out in favor of Toni Preckwinkle, noted Emanuel and Jarrett confidante and New Party Member extraordinaire in 2010.



Love your gray hair story. No worries. I take after my mom who is also a late gray-er. She used to pull them out as they grew, but then realized that everyone probably thought she was dyeing her hair. Now she is nearly 70 and there are still only a tiny few, but she lets them grow.

I tried to pull mine out but I couldn't get a good grip on it so I gave up.


I'm underwater on an expensive property in JiB's development and noted that on LBK where we have our condo in Fla for the first time in memory I received notice of several property--some quite $$$$--in foreclosure.

The market may be rising but not in Fla.


FL is still a mess. My parents have a place in Boca and couldn't get out if they tried. There are still several foreclosures in my "hot" neighborhood and Austin is doing much better than the national average in general.

Carol Herman

Everybody's living in a house. (If you're living in your car, you don't have Internet.)

And, when these articles show up ... lots of people just use their own intuition.

A better question would be "how many people walked away from their homes, after they could not recover what they paid for them?" In other words: "Do people stay underwater? Do they continue to pay their monthly inflated mortgage rate?"

And, do people measure "success" by how many of their friends were once involved in buying and selling real estate?

When there's a drought, farmers know. Because their topsoil disappears. Farmers didn't have to go to college to learn about these terrible conditions. They got their experiences from practice.

There's something else also afoot. People once got deliveries of newspapers. These jobs used to go to school kids. Who had bicycles. But then, the paperboy routes dried up. Before people stopped getting daily newspapers.

If you're old enough, you'd even remember the cartoons of the dogs who were trained to go out and retrieve the delivered newspapers. Today? If you're up early enough. And, you're outside ... you'd notice fewer newspapers delivered to doorsteps.

You might also notice how now long ago ... the Sunday New York Times weighed in at a few pounds. That the classifieds paid for all the other stuff. And, to make a living, today, in journalism is pretty hard to do.

While if you've tried to sell your abode. But you overpriced it. You'd discover that your house just didn't sell. (Until you reduced the price.)

Lots of real estate agents take your listing. And, then ask for 6 months "exclusive right" to sell your home. In that time a lot of sellers become more realistic.

And, of such a population, no one is becoming more realistic, until they first meet their own bellyaches. And, start to reduce the price they are asking.

The marketplace holds a lot of give and take.

What have people learned in spite of upbeat "stories?"


Btw, here we go again;


Rick Ballard


I can't believe Brownstein slaughtered innocent baby pixels to write about a Quinnipiac poll. I'd rather read about the historic predictive value of the Magic 8 Ball. The next Battleground slice and dice will provide the current state of the demographic splits you're seeking. That particular group - white males, no college - is also a low turnout subgroup. The new ABO/T1000 sports package and intelligent navigation systems module may be very helpful with that group.

We're beginning to see some hardening and it ain't pro-Obama.

Carol Herman

Oy. So sad for Zimmerman. And, OUTRAGEOUS for the FBI. What a skunk organiation that is! And, to think J. Edgar Hoover parading around as a woman, wasn't bad enough!

And, then the 2nd in command at the FBI being "deep throat." And, the source against Nixon.

As to Zimmerman's old girl friend, what's so surprising that she'd have an ax to grind? Especially when the FBI comes in and gives her a soapbox!

Maybe, the only good news? Nobody is listening.

People have walked off and gone their own ways.

Carol Herman

Has anyone else noticed how little turnover their is in the homes that surround them?

Once upon a time seeing realtor signs was much more frequent than I see these days.

Heck, there were once City Hall arguments about "all" the signs!

Then, of course, there were those signs where people said "grass was growing around them," because the house was priced too high.

The other side of the coin? You don't know whose underwater!

Oh. And, you also don't see houses "flipping." Where in a year the home would be sold twice.


Come on Rick, what do you expect Brownstein to do, wait for more tests on 'the space modulator', they have to talk up the 'serf collared' that's their only hope.

Rick Ballard

If anyone would care to read a political pro providing further analysis of the data points I raised last week, Jay Cost has a nicely polished piece up this evening.

Carol Herman

Rooting for the underdog.

It's an odd characteristic. I read about it. To the point where "being ahead" is not an advantage.

It's like watching a horse race. As soon as you see horses vying to be over the finish line first ... the horse coming from behind gets cheered.

In this fashion, Reagan got cheered on, and beat Carter in 1980. And, Reagan won because he won over all the votes he needed to win ... by getting "blue collar democrats" to vote for him.

By definition, "blue collar democrats" were the rank and file holding blue collar jobs in factories. And, not having a college education.

While being an "egg head" didn't help Adlai Steveson at all. Of course, he was running against the slogan "I LIKE IKE."

As soon as Eisenhower was chosen you could just feel the victory for the GOP who had been out of the White House from 1932 to 1952.

Of course, back then in the Fifty's LBJ just strengthened his hand. He kept meeting with Ike in the White House on Fridays, guaranteeing that bills Ike wanted passed got passed. Others never even got to see the light of day. And, Eisenhower grew government. His popularity did not get passed on to Nixon. LBJ really had to crap out in 1968 ... for all the turmoil the democrats faced. Including "The Armies In The Night," In Chicago. Back then.

Now? It's all so boring. Good luck if you think Romney's gonna win.


Carol, is it true that they pay you to be an imbecile??

Beasts of England

(If you're living in your car, you don't have Internet.)

Personal wifi hotspot from your cell phone? Powered by your car's 12V? Heck, I surf the 'Internet' on my laptop via iPhone aboard my very lovely boat. Sometimes whilst getting a foot massage from an Ignatz-approved (I'm simply confident he would approve, actually) young lady.

I could be doing so right now...


Beasts! I'll bet you run all that LECTRICITY with a SOLYNDRA PANEL!!!!!!


Beasts! I'll bet you run all that LECTRICITY with a SOLYNDRA PANEL!!!!!!



Marc Lamont Hill, black Columbia Univ Prof on O'Reilly says:

1) Romney's NAACP speech failed because people booed

2) Romney should not have said that "Obama had failed" to that audience because it was rude to say that in front of Obama's core constituency.

That tells me Romney was exactly on target.

Good job Mitt! Keep it up.


It was such a failure, they gave him a standing ovation at the end.

He should just drop out and let Hillary run as the GOP candidate!


Gus, I've been convinced for some time that Carol Herman is an experimental AI program under the control of some techies at google or maybe microsoft. But just in case I'm wrong, you probably should not say mean things to her, since she is harmless and sometimes interesting.

I'd advise to save your bile for the irredeemable stinkers like duda.


Well yes, but then that's why they thought about Skynet, too, this iteration has been more negative since the time that she was on Surber.


--A mood disorder? What in the heck is a mood disorder?--

A mood disorder is a disorder such as depression, etc, as opposed to a personality disorder which is characterized by disordered thinking or perception.
Mood disorders are usually relatively treatable whereas personality disorders are usually a lot more intractable.


--Sometimes whilst getting a foot massage from an Ignatz-approved (I'm simply confident he would approve, actually) young lady.--

I'm almost certain I would but a little evidence would always be helpful. :)


I considered AI for a while too, but I've rejected that theory.

Has myiq2x been around lately?


As far as the housing market, please give me a second to take my shoes off so I can keep counting the number of corners we've turned.
I believe we have now lapped ourselves a couple of times.


Should Marc Lamont Sanford say these things, "in front" of O'Reilly's audience??

I don't play nice with Commie Libtards.

hit and run

You know I had this idea of a lefty tech plot once I saw all the troll cybot invasions in the right wing blogs, presumably using artificial intelligence techniques. Notice how there are so few trolls now? Probably the lefty programmers are busy with donation fraud at the moment and cannot be bothered with their regular trolling. Prob after the ekction though.

Posted by: sylvia | October 30, 2008 at 11:02 PM

Danube of Thought

The Jay Cost piece is invaluable.

It's over; Romney wins. Should we start a pool concerning the date DuDa gives up or disappears?


How does Sylvia stay one step ahead of the guys with the butterfly nets apparently indefinitely?

Carol Herman

Seems to me, Beast, that if you're out on a boat ... you're not meeting real estate types asking if they can put an "open house" sign in front of your abode. Or, make that your boat. Even signs that would float, wouldn't attract enough buyers.

While most people know real estate is in the dumps, because you can't make money on buying, selling, and flipping. You also can't make your remodeling costs back, should you want a new kitchen.

Also, most people aren't swayed by the news, anymore. They're apt to make up their minds because they've gained experience watching what happens in their neighborhoods. It's dependent on gossip.

Just like farmers don't need a college education to know their land suffers from drought. It's the lack of rain.

And, it's how most people learn about "things."

You also can't influence people who are now paying rent ... that they'd be better off if they bought a home. Because the bell weather would be an improvement in watching people becoming realtors. (Or? Unemployed men working on commissions to sell used cars.) Have you noticed cars lasting longer?

The harder times get, the more dependable people want their automobiles to be. (Back in the 1950's automakers sold chrome.)


You're making an assumption, iggy. We haven't heard from her in quite some time (knocks on wood).


That's who I was thinking of, but like invoking Beetlejuice, I didn't want to risk it.

Have Blue

...and Middletown (Conn.) Press. He has shared two Pulitzer prizes, one ...

Nariso- Shocked that anyone associated with the Piddletown Mess would ever be considered for a Pulitzer, or even admit such association if considering employment as a journalist.

It was out evening paper when I was in high school in the 70's and early 80's. I was vaguely shocked to see it still in print in the late nineties.


Back five or six years ago, I became convinced that Carol Hermann is male. I don't remember exactly why I came to that conclusion, just that my opinion formed based on the writing and some of the ways the opinions were worded. Just sayin'


An especially great day today---our Passport applications were denied! Yippee!

Little explanation to follow.

Today after dog walk and hurrying them home for chow, I hustled over to the Airport Post Office to rendezvous with Mom and the girls fresh from their soccer game, all to get in just before closing so that we could get their 3 Passports renewed. I brought my Passport and 3 other forms of ID just to be on the safe side.

Momma had done all the prelim's, bringing their previous 3 Passports along. She is a very organized gal and had not just checked out the US Gov Passport Renewal website, but she had also called the local Post Office where we had to renew them, all to ensure that we had all the required paperwork and could knock this thing out in one fell swoop. Like everyone else with kids and dogs and jobs, we have busy schedules so we had to do a lot of logistic prep.

So I arrive and they are already in line, 20 - 30 deep, and Momma says they have been in line about 20 - 30 minutes already. Gals are in soccer uniforms and are dying to go to the bathroom. Tough luck.

Anyhow, as the line crept along, my girls got a good view of how completely slow and disinterested and impersonal were the Government employees behind the counter. No initiative, no energy, none at all of the average hustle we observe daily at McDonald's or Moose's Tooth, where everyone is busting hump for the customer. None of that at all. This is simply unhappy, uninterested Government clerks sleepwalking in slow motion at snail's pace. Priceless.

Eventually we get up front after 45 minutes. Guy looks at the paperwork and says that the daughter who is not 16 cannot have her Passport Renewal processed because since she is not yet 16, she must have the Birth Certificate. Just FYI, this pasted below is from the US Government Website about what is required:

"Minors Under Age 16:

Primary Evidence of U.S. Citizenship (One of the following):
Previously issued, undamaged U.S. Passport
Certified birth certificate issued by the city, county or state*
Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
Naturalization Certificate
Certificate of Citizenship"

So we arrive with Previously issued, undamaged U.S. Passport, as specifically delineated above and as confirmed by phone, and yet daughter 1 is denied. The previously issued Government US Passport we are told does not suffice to get a renewed Government issued US Passport---instead we must bring in her Birth Certificate.

"Nah, ya' gotta' get her Birth Certificate."

Depressing, disturbing, but they got you by the balls. We say blah, blah, blah, but this is the Government, so what you gonna' do?

We move on now to the 16 year old's application. The Government clerk tells me he no longer needs me since I was only required for the under 16 year old application, not for the 16 year old, so I leave to get back to the dogs at home alone.

A few minutes later my cell-phone rings. It's the oldest daughter using Momma's cellphone from Mom's car:

"He shot down the second application saying that we had to have a school ID in order to proceed with the process. Said for above 16's a School ID is required, not just a previously issued US Government Passport."

Momma is livid. I am livid. The girls are furious plus wetting their pants.

So you JOMer's ask, "Why was this a great day?"

I'll tell you why.

Because today my daughter's got to see the Government in action.

Today, for the first time, they got to see the complete and total incompetence; the complete and total laziness; the complete and total "I will not hurry or try to help you and I don't give a damn how you feel about it, what are you going to do about it?", attitude of Government bureaucratic shitheads who don't give a damn and got you by the balls.

That was great!

While waiting in line Momma and I had been relating our old personal horror stories from waiting in line at the Oakland DMV, (soup Nazi type stuff) all of which was slowly causing the lightbulb to come on in the kids heads, but after this complete Govt cluster%^&*, the points I have been continually hammering home about how G@#D@#$ed incompetent ObamaCare was going to be finally hit the target. They saw total US Government bureaucratic ineptitude in action, and, excepting taking them to a 3rd World Country to view starving children, I cannot think of a more visceral, important lesson for a young American to learn.

Yippee! They viscerally and mentally grok that the f#$%ing Government is horrible! Yay!

Mom and the kids are all ranting around the kitchen as I type this, hollering about the gross incompetence of the entire F#$%in' episode, and I could not be happier! Yippee, yippee, yippee!

I'm hollering out, "KId's, what did Ronald Reagan say was the scariest sentence in the English language?"

"I'm from the Government and we're here to help."

Ha! Big chuckles at that:)

Beasts of England

Seems to me, Beast, that if you're out on a boat ... you're not meeting real estate types asking if they can put an "open house" sign in front of your abode. Or, make that your boat. Even signs that would float, wouldn't attract enough buyers.

While most people know real estate is in the dumps, because you can't make money on buying, selling, and flipping. You also can't make your remodeling costs back, should you want a new kitchen.

Posted by: Carol Herman | July 12, 2012 at 12:02 AM

I have one of those Realtor kinda folks trying to sell the house - not an FSBO. I’m not exactly trying to flip houses, either - the one actively on the market was our primary residence for more than a decade.

The remodel on our (her?) new house (bought two years ago, in a more contented marital state) was to be our final home, so we spared very little expense.

And I'm truly not complaining, only bantering a bit; nor am I blaming anyone or anything for my (our) housing predicament. I've done ok in life via earnings and investments, but real estate is not my (our) forte.

Beasts of England

Beasts! I'll bet you run all that LECTRICITY with a SOLYNDRA PANEL!!!!!!

Posted by: gus | July 11, 2012 at 11:09 PM

Hadn't you seen 'O Brother, Where Art Thou'? We got that TVA down here - 'lectricity everywhere, yes suh - drippin' off them poles and all...

Beasts of England

I'm almost certain I would but a little evidence would always be helpful. :)

Posted by: Ignatz | July 11, 2012 at 11:37 PM

If I only knew how to do so. Of course, TM might remonstrate, given the bikini-clad nature of these delightful debutantes!


I am wondering what time zone "Beasts" resides... :-)


Congratulations, daddy!


Hawaii-Aleutian? Or maybe he likes to keep astronomers hours. Morning all.

Thanks for the Cost article.

The decisive variable here is your evaluation of the president.

The SCoaMF was as big a disaster as I thought he would be. Hope Cost is right.


daddy, after the girls do get their passports, you should write a detailed letter of your experience to the Post Office head and the Secretary of State..


This Dennis Miller video is good. I'm not much on O'Reilly, but Dennis is spot on.

There is something true about being half afraid to tell some political caller what you really think. Heck, most (including me) were afraid to have a Bush bumper sticker on their car for his 8 years....& it has only gotten worse.

daddy's post reminds me of Deuteronomy 6:4-9

"4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. 5 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. 6 These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. 7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 8 Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. 9 Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates."

bold mine


Hummm, listening to Bowles on CNBC. Expenditures in the tax code? I need coffee and to turn off the TV.


Morning Janet.

I think when we write the history of what took down the West or my personal favorite, almost did, we are going to have to carve out a special place of recognition for these tax free foundations and their employees determined to redesign the political, social, and economic systems of the West. While living off untaxed proceeds of the system they despise and want to gut. At no actual cost to them because they live off an already existing pile undiminished by taxes.


It's not just Ford and Carnegie and Gates (alive but creating great mischief pushing policies that benefit MS).

Captain Hate

Miller's right about the polls; few people are telling a stranger that calls their house and ostensibly knows where they live lots of negative stuff about the JEF. Call it the legacy of Joe the Plumber.


Ah. Sherman, I could never take him seriously,
Mooney,(re Ned Beatty's CEO in Network) I mean Buffett is now on, from Sun Valley.


Walton, Packard, et al, of course when I read 'Sustainibility' the gag reflex starts right up again, rse.


Call it the legacy of Joe the Plumber

That is perfect, Captain.

and I agree about the tax free foundations, rse.


40 grams of chocolate rations, everyone, wash it down with Victory Gin.


You had to expect they would do this;



Jobless claims 350,000. Pop the champagne-Recovery Summer is here.

Melinda Romanoff


The NSA #s went the other way, +69,971 to 439,743.

No thumb on the scale, Chinese-style economic reporting at all.



Expenditures in the tax code?

Well, there are "refundable tax credits", but they never seem to talk about those as expenditures in the tax code.


Wasn't she supposed to follow up with the parents of the bullied kid;


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