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July 18, 2012


Jane - talk is cheap!

I love Chick Fil-A, Jane.

I loved hearing about it from my niece. They have a very strict policy of who they will sell franchises to and I think it is limited to people who share the same religious values. I really hope someone doesn't try and sue and interfere with that. Everyone knows how pro-gay marriage I am, but I am equally as pro the "right" to be against gay marriage. (not that I think it is a right on either side, but you get my point.)


Well, Jane, evidently Chick Fil-A's being against gay marriage certainly has not hurt their sales--at least in my area.


with much to think about.

Like would the tooth fairy leave him something for his loose tooth about to come out?

Would he remember how to spell "cup" in next day's spelling bee?



I don't give a fig what happens to Obama as long as I never have to hear his droning voice again.


Chick-Fil-A Is one of the best companies ever in the world. Great food. wonderful service. Great scholarship program. They take in folks who can't be hired elsewhere, respect them, are generous to them and those employees respond to the company's fair dealing by doing a great job and being very nice to the customers. I wish we had one here.


We have a daughter in New York in the city who races to the Chick-Fil-A in our neighborhood whenever she comes to visit. There is a "pretend" Chick-Fil-A at The New School which "doesn't quite cut it." Not the real thing.

Captain Hate

Um, I didn't know we were still living in 1894. Corporations did not send call centers to India in 1894. CEO's did not secure multimillion dollar bonuses after stripping workers of their retirements in 1894. If a company treated the public or workers poorly, the community did not support that company. (the silent voice of market forces). But that does not apply to a global economy, but worked very well in 1894. Just my opinion.

If that quote was any dumber it would be part of Margaret Cho's standup act.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Do not miss CFA lemonade. It is the closest thing to home made money can buy. I buy it by the gallon and dilute it 1/4 cup to 12-16 oz of seltzer or soda water. Trader Joe's is the best buy for soda water at .79/liter.


Darn... I've got to go by CFA in the morning to collect some swag giveaways for a golf tournament this weekend and now I know I'm gonna have to get some chicknminis and a lemonade, too. Darn.

So I'll ask my usual question. Are people still strictly ABOers or are you getting on the Romney train? I'm actually a little embarrassed at how far I've climbed onto the Romney train - but the good thing is it makes a win that much more joyous.
I was behind him last time around, and thought that he was the best of the lot this time. None of the others were, in my mind, ready yet for prime time. I wasn't all that enthusiastic this time, but my happiness with Romney has steadily increased as the campaign has progressed. And, yes, part of that is how well he has managed it. The other is that he seems to have come out of his too-nice Mormon persona (I have known a number of Mormons over the years, including practicing law with them, in UT, AZ, and NV).

One of the reasons that I am esp. enthusiastic is that the next GOP President is going to have a major job on his hand fixing, and hopefully massively downsizing, the federal government. Some 5% of GDP has been added to the federal government since the Dems retook Congress in 2006. All that "stimulus" money was essentially added to the baseline, and seems almost sacrosanct now, despite never having been there until 4 or so years ago.

There are now a bunch of badly operating agencies and departments, with little money going where it should. We were shocked the other day when meeting with the SBA to discover that they had been mandated to make reports on the newly enacted AIA patent statutes, and had no money to do so. That sort of thing. TSA continues to grow, with no increase in security or end in sight. Interior and EPA seem determined to eliminate all non-Green energy production in this country, despite the fact that we may have the reserves to be a major exporter of petroleum products. NASA seems more interested in outreach to the Muslim community than in getting back into space. Justice? Most corrupt in our lifetimes. Etc.

And, I don't see anyone else on the horizon who has a chance of doing anything else about all these issues.



I don't give a fig what happens to Obama as long as I never have to hear his droning voice again.

Posted by: Sara | July 19, 2012 at 09:02 PM

we'll all be hearing from him for the next 30 years or so. He'll never miss an opportunity to run down this country at the most (in)opportune moments. hope I'm wrong but there is substantial precedent.


Romney On Obama: It Wasn't A Gaffe, It Was His Ideology (Video).

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