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July 18, 2012



NK-when I was following up on this international ed conference I recognized the name of the lecturing prof as the man who basically invented the idea of the Ed Leadership degree to credential people to change a society they did not particularly understand. And which the small amount of coursework he pushed sought to misconstrue.

This time he was lecturing on using the salary structure in the central office to create behavior incentives for admins who would not be paid such amounts anywhere else. Since the amounts come from property taxes that would cause liens if not paid, funding for absurd co salaries is basically guaranteed.

I had been convinced for a while something like that was going on because that's the best area to cut. And it never happens.

That got downloaded and hard copied.

I am sure all these deputy grand poobahs are just following orders. Then the supers can say they got bad info.

That's why I loved the books this week where the accreditors said this is how we coerce higher ed.


Nice link, Jim. :-)

Captain Hate

Jane, you are the bomb, girl!


Great job on effectively presenting an approach that listeners can agree with, as exemplified by Dick's response.


((that to try to correct it is like trying to explain trigonometry to a chimpanzee. ))

Hey! Me and chimpanzees everywhere resemble that remark.

Rick Ballard

I would rather see the GOP open a "pay for play" investigation of the Department of Energy loans to failed solar/wind frauds than any further examination of the President's meritless claims regarding his past. The electorate has already drawn the correct conclusion regarding his "credentials" but it doesn't really have a firm handle on the level of graft in the DoE loans. Exposure of the fraud would be helpful when Congress removes CO2 from the purview of the EPA as well.


Got a government agency? You didn't build that. Some other hardworking folks in the private sector provided that for you (at gunpoint).


Priebus: No one’s been invited to speak at the GOP convention yet

All just MSM b.s.

Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, said the Romney campaign won’t be releasing older tax returns in order to block further attacks from President Barack Obama.

“There are so many things that will be open again for more attack,” Mrs. Romney said on ABC’s Good Morning America. “And you just [would] give more material for more attack.

From the WSJ, but behind the pay wall.


Has anyone else noticed new commercials by local businesses that are not-so-subtle responses to the youdidntbuildthat statement?

The spokesman is the business owner himself. Haven't heard any herselves yet. They stress how they serve their customers, hire people and pay taxes.


Conn Carroll tweaks the Left's attempt to bail out 'Bammie for his "that business' slur. 'Bammie realy stepped in it in Roanoke. It'sa Poland not dominated by the USSR moment: http://washingtonexaminer.com/the-lefts-confused-you-didnt-build-that-defense/article/2502589?custom_click=rss


((but it doesn't really have a firm handle on the level of graft in the DoE loans.))

it probably wouldn't even have to go that far to resonate with the public. Just adding up all the money loaned and all the money lost in bankruptcies would get voters' attention. Maybe it's already been done, but I haven't see a cohesive and all inclusive list yet, nor heard it shouted from the [non solar panel] rooftops

Thomas Collins

By engaging in textual commentary, Obama's defenders are making it worse. Perhaps someone in the Obama camp will figure out that the damage can't be repaired and it's time to move on.


Loved your Rhone wine article Clarice. We like Gigondas quite a bit - since it's not quite as splurgey as Chateauneuf somehow I enjoy it more. I guess that's sort of counterintuitive.


TCollins-- shhhhh!... the Obamaniacs have no clue, don't help them out....


they moved their goods on roads the rest of us helped build
Just utter bs; they moved their goods on road that they paid taxes to build. So, yes, gov't takes some of the money they collect in taxes and builds infrastructure with it. And that's the be-all and end-all of that exchange; no business owner or other taxpayer owes a big gooey "thank you" to the gov't for doing it. Obama somehow thinks government is supporting the citizenry, when it's absolutely the other way 'round.


modern libertarians with a laisser[sic] faire attitude toward morality

I don't know of any libertarian who opposes laws against property crimes or violent acts, but perhaps you don't consider theft, rape, or murder to be moral issues. What do you mean by "morality"?


I think they all took the same deconstructionist classes by Fish, or Baker,
where meaning is whatever you want it to be.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Jane does this Dick character have any original thoughts or is it all stream of conscienceness Democrat talking points

Dick is your typical neighbor. He gets minor and irregular exposure to things in media outlets run by ABC or the NY Times. and absorbs some of it. He is about 2 weeks behind at all times.

WE had another battle today about Obama calling Putin about Syria, he thought it was great, I thought he should be calling our allies not our enemies. (and we see how much good it did now that they vetoed the UN resolution.) Dick then regressed to his bi-weekly complaint "You hate Obama".

TBH - he hates Obama - but for very different reasons.


I loved that piece but I need to go back and read it again when I have more time to concentrate. That lavender pix was amazing.

Here is the link.


From Treacher -


I think Bill Engvoll, of 'there's your sign,
fame' is an unacknowledged genius;


Danube of Thought

USA basketball v. Great Britain at 2:00 EDT. Should be ugly.


Obama somehow thinks government is supporting the citizenry, when it's absolutely the other way 'round.

Reminds me of this quote from one of the great (and perhaps unheralded) presidents, Grover Cleveland, from when he vetoed aid to Texans suffering from a drought:

I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and duty of the general government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit. A prevalent tendency to disregard the limited mission of this power and duty should, I think, be steadfastly resisted, to the end that the lesson should be constantly enforced that, though the people support the government, the government should not support the people. The friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied upon to relieve their fellow-citizens in misfortune. This has been repeatedly and quite lately demonstrated. Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood.
(my emphasis)

Shirley she can't be serious;

Does the public have the right to know? And how much does the public have the right to know? Access to copies of his medical records, for example? Now that medical records are available to patients and their families electronically, if you are a public servant, should they be available to the public online?

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/19/by-the-way-jesse-jackson-jr-is-still-in-hiding/#ixzz215ibIYZV


Hey! Me and chimpanzees everywhere resemble that remark.

Sorry, Sue, but if J. Fred hasn't registered an objection, I'm not sure you have a claim.


I thought that name, sounded familiar;



So, when was ghezali released from Gitmo?


2004, around the time, the Gitmo bar was getting underway.


What do you mean by "morality"?

Not to speak for Chubby, but I suspect the reference is to things like usage mind-altering substances, among other things. I would respond that libertarians' "laissez-faire" attitude is not necessarily or specifically toward themselves, but is simply opposed to forcing views on others.


And I remember this part, because he appeared in Thiessen's book


Danube of Thought

The Hill:

"A new survey shows Mitt Romney tied with President Obama in the battleground state of Virginia — exciting news for a Republican challenger who has consistently trailed in recent polling of the state. The survey, released Thursday by Quinnipiac University, shows each candidate garnering 44 percent of the vote. That's a five-point swing in Romney's favor since early June. The poll comes a day after a CBS/New York Times poll showed Romney with a narrow 1-point lead, the first national survey in weeks to show the Republican challenger ahead. "

Incumbent at 44%.


A company fighting back against prog group:


The Weekly Standard wrote about Ghezali back in 2009. Sweden has blood on her hands (and not for the first time).


Melinda Romanoff

I'm sure Malmo wasn't involved.


"A new survey shows Mitt Romney tied with President Obama in the battleground state of Virginia

Here is a "news" story in our local paper -

"County Democrats Seek Housing for Influx of Out-of-State Volunteers"

It is a free notice put out for the Dem. party. Unbelievable.



Why is the fraudulent certificate still posted at the Whitehouse site?

Frau Steingehirn

Clarice, what a wonderful "postcard" from your trip. ::smooches::


Swedish secret police deny Ghezali is the bomber

this should be interesting, as Bulgaria has the body and fingerprints



Actually he's from Orebro, but having read Lapidus, I'm not surprised they are denying


Good Morning!

Darcy doffed his top hot, and proudly yet deferentially bowed to the stunning Elizabeth.

"Good evening Miss Bennett," he said. "T'would be impolitic of me to say so, but you do look ravishing this evening."

A faint blush of scarlet infused her cheeks at these unexpectedly prejudicial words, but her heart beat with a flutter, and the comely maiden replied in kind to the strapping, wealthy hunk of manhood leering at her.

"Oh take me, take me here and now Mister Darcy", she rejoined breathlessly to the virile gentleman, in a passionate whisper so full of longing she was shocked at her wanton lustfulness. "But please Sir, do not tell Mamma or Pappa, and certainly not that cad Willoughby!"

"Thou can count on it, my good Miss Bennett", enthused the decorously clad Lord of Pemberly, who suavely reached for the fetching young damsels bodice strings.

Megyn Kelly reports that in light of the recent success of "Fifty Shades of Gray" there are plans to spice up "Pride and Prejudice."

How'd I do?


Now what should be banned is the phrase "they are in a better place." Untold grief has been caused with those words mindlessly uttered even among people so religious they agonize over having to encounter the evil stepmother throughout eternity.

I agree and add "Take comfort they lived such a long life." My Mother lived 94 years and I took no comfort at the time of her death that she wasn't going to live 95, 96, etc years.

On the discussion about "passed away," where I grew up they just said someone "passed." I always thought it referred to passing to the other side in a religious sense.


"County Democrats Seek Housing for Influx of Out-of-State Volunteers"

FTFT(hem). (One of those "e"s is crossed out.)


How'd I do?

A solid B+. Could be graded higher with nipple clamps.


Perfect, jimmyk. I might have to post that at the Sun-Gazette!

Danube of Thought

A few years ago a friend of mine, age 80, lost his 101-year-old mother. He was inconsolable.


Shirley he can't be serious;


Danube of Thought

Steven Hayward at Powerline says Obama's business remark is like Bush 41's supermarket scanner moment, except that it actually happened. And it has vey long legs.


Well, speaking of out of state voters, Free Beacon shines its light on the SEIU and the Wisconsin vote fraud they perpetrated.

Captain Hate

daddy's fave Dennis Miller has been banging Bammy's business remark like it owes him money and had Krauthammer on for emphasis.




Alright, the Bulgarians are saying it's not Ghezali,


How'd I do?

Needs more chausses.

Here's how it's done


Hahahahhaha...perfect Extraneus! You just knew that link had to come in handy one day. Too funny! I think it was Ignatz who first linked it.


How'd I do?

Forgot the whips, chains and that whole submissive thing. Which those kinda undermine the story in P&P, don't they? I fully expect Hollyweird to rush to production of the reformulated epic edgy 'feminist manifesto' anyways - logic be dammed.


Speaking of Steven Hayward at Powerline - he has a brief post and a catchy video clip up touting the wine country of Paso Robles, CA. Now, unlike Clarice, I have never tasted wine in the South of France (or anywhere in France), but I have been to Napa-Sonoma on several occasions and Paso just a few months ago. Much prefer Paso and surrounding area, and the wines are darned good too.

We band of bottlers, we happy few ...


And don't forget the lutes.

"Fear rose in her chest as she recalled the gleam of avarice that had lit her eyes and she wondered whether he coveted her lute."

(Another) Barbara

On the discussion about "passed away," where I grew up they just said someone "passed."

"Passed" is especially egregious. A euphemism of a euphemism. And I don't believe "passed away" is a Southernism, although it may be used more often there. It's archaic English to avoid admitting death, just as "in a family way" was employed to skirt the shocking word "pregnant."

Look, Camille may have "passed away" as she expired slowly and elegantly on her tubercular chaise, surrounded by lighted candles and roses, but I assure you that Trayvon Martin died.

Maybe it's just my antipathy toward Hannity that made me introduce the phrase I've now become utterly tiresome about. I admit he's good for our side and many enjoy him, but I do wish he'd focus on being less cute and likable in favor of being smarter.


Much prefer Paso and surrounding area, and the wines are darned good too.

Heretic. Try the wines in the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County.


Thanks, guys.. those photos were taken with an IPad. Sheral has a good eye for composition, but these are basically point and shoot.. Something to put you off investing in fancy cameras. no?


I think the whole genre jumped the shark, when Tina Brown dedicated a cover in the Daily Basilisk, btw, didn't we see this somewhere before, it was called 9 1/2 weeks.


Well, AB, Sean cannot focus on being smarter, I am afraid. BUT, do remember he is on our side and certainly does good things for the military.


Jane, I believe that field was a the Abbey de Senanque..really a lovely place to visit especially in early summer when the lavender is at its best.

I believe the catchword for describing the Romney campaign is going to be "well disciplined". Every move has been studied in the light of possible counter moves and execution has been very close to flawless. It's a great help to be up against the Pinhead Troika but he demonstrated the same capability as he bulldozed through the primary campaign.
Agree with the execution, but I think that you are maybe attributing Jedi type mind powers to Romney. Sure, some of his campaign's responses may have been canned in advance. But this one responding to Obama's "you didn't build that" gaffe/revelation is one of those opportunities that I don't that you can fully plan for. What I think that it shows is that Romney has a well oiled campaign machine that can take a gaffe by the President, and turn it into a hard hitting speech the next day and campaign ad a day or two later.

What I think is easily forgotten is that running companies well, and turning them around, is what Romney did for a living, and doing it well made him quite rich. And, that a lot of these skills cross-over into running a Presidential campaign.

Yes, he isn't doing this all by himself, and, I have no doubt that he would admit that if asked. But what he has apparently done is hired the right people for the right jobs and given them the right amount of responsibility and power. And one of the things that I think that he designed into his organization is the ability to react quickly and decisively.


Couldn't happen to a nicer guy;



In my neck of the woods, much school time was devoted to a Scotsman named John McAdam. Perhaps Obama should study about him too.

The first macadam road built in the United States was constructed between Hagerstown and Boonsboro, Maryland and was named Boonsboro Turnpike Road. This was the last section of unimproved road between Baltimore on the Chesapeake Bay to Wheeling on the Ohio River. Stagecoaches traveling the Hagerstown to Boonsboro road in the winter took 5 to 7 hours to cover the 10-mile stretch. This road was completed in 1822, using McAdam's road techniques, except that the finished road was compacted with a cast-iron roller instead of relying on road traffic for compaction.[16] The second American road built using McAdam principles was the Cumberland Road which was 73 miles long and was completed in 1830 after five years of work.[16]
McAdam's influence

McAdam's renown is due to his effective and economical construction, which was a great improvement over the methods used by his generation. He emphasized that roads could be constructed for any kind of traffic, and he helped to alleviate the resentment travelers felt toward increasing traffic on the roads. His legacy lies in his advocacy of effective road maintenance and management. He advocated a central road authority and the trained professional official, who could be paid a salary that would keep him from corruption. This professional could give his entire time to his duties and be held responsible for his actions.

People invent and innovate, government depends on them doing so.


DOT-it's also the sort of story that the business owner tells his lawyers of why 4 more years would be so destructive and it finally penetrates that law firm idea that they make money off of regulation.

A downturn in the private sector hurts Big Law too. It seems to just be taking a while to make that connection.

Took Red shopping and to lunch. I insisted she needed some overtops to take those sleeveless dresses almost year round.

I have a feeling she won't find kelly green shorts obnoxious by the 2nd week of school.

Redheads need kelly green for freshman orientation.

Captain Hate

As a fellow moron pointed out, the recidivism rate from Gitmo is embarrassingly high but *GASP* the MFM can't spare the column inches to write about it.


And don't forget the lutes at band camp.

Harlequin meets American Pie = 50 Shades of Grey

For tis only a short stroll through Shades of Grey mayhaps by a unicorn believing West Sider channeling her inner Samantha that we have found our champion - Obama Giver of Light!


rse, Isn't your daughter going to Sewanee? I don't remember the freshmen needing kelly green shorts. Times have changed, but I certainly hope the rest of The University of the South remains intact.


Well, DrJ - I do love both areas and wasn't suggesting the wine was better in Paso. I was most recently there - been a couple of years now since I was last in The California Wine Country, guess I am just being fickle - ha ha.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

But what he has apparently done is hired the right people for the right jobs and given them the right amount of responsibility and power.

I suspect he did the same thing at Bain. My best friend from law school is a turn-around guy and really incredible at his job. I've never known a better CEO and every one of his employees would say the same thing. The whole secret appears to be the culture. My guess is Romney has some of that going on.

So I'll ask my usual question. Are people still strictly ABOers or are you getting on the Romney train? I'm actually a little embarrassed at how far I've climbed onto the Romney train - but the good thing is it makes a win that much more joyous.

Captain Hate

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy

LOL, it's like Christmas in July. He must've consulted Sheila Jackass Lee on whether seeking that advice was a good idea.


Well, Jane, I am certainly happy that Romney seems to have come alive, and I only hope that it continues. OT Gingrich seems to be bringing the fight to late night television.

Captain Hate

So I'll ask my usual question. Are people still strictly ABOers or are you getting on the Romney train?

I've never disliked Romney per se; he just wasn't as conservative as I'd prefer plus I couldn't figure out why he wanted to be President. I think he's got excellent executive skills, which only one candidate possessed in 2008 and she wasn't running for President; which is why governors often make good Presidents. He's certainly a major improvement over McRINO, which isn't setting the bar very high. So yes, I am on the Romney train.

Danube of Thought

"A downturn in the private sector hurts Big Law too."

Big Law knows it all too well, and it becomes apparent intantaneously. The downturn in the early 90's hit us like a ton of bricks.


For some reason I think Romney just might be the right person for the times.

Be still my heart, my job here is done. :) :)

Seriously, Jane, this made my eyes leak.


I was an early Romney backer here, because I thought he was the ABO with the best chance to win. I think he is outperforming my expectations as ABO candidate. How would he govern as POTUS? I don't know; I think he'll follow Ryan's budget lead, but will he crack skulls in the Repub Senate caucus on spending cuts? He was far more sucessful at Bain capital than I realized, but the finserv people I've spoken to all remember him an investor schmoozer raising capital rather than being on the operations side of deals. He's better than 'Bam-- how much better?


My word, NK, surely you are not serious? Almost anyone would be 100% better than O!


guess I am just being fickle

You are certainly entitled to your tastes in wine. That's part of what makes it fun.

But I partially serious about the Sonoma wine country. There are quite a number of regions in it, and the wineries in them are all very different in their geography and the wines they make. Dry Creek vs. Alexander Valley vs. Valley of the Moon vs. Sonoma (town of) vs. Russian River vs. Carneros and others.

Yes, I used to live in Sonoma county. So shoot me. No, better yet, send wine!


Ha! Excellent News from the BBC: Police end 'ClimateGate' inquiry

"Norfolk Constabulary says there is no realistic prospect of finding the culprit (who leaked the ClimateGate E-mails) within the statutory time limit of three years since the 2009 offence."

Michael Mann and Richard Black hardest hit:

"Prof Michael Mann from Penn State University in the US, who collaborated with CRU researchers on many projects and led the development of the noted "hockey stick" graph, said it was important that the criminals be brought to justice."

Yeah. I think we all would love to see a criminal tied in with ClimateGate brought to Justice. And you top my list of suspects Mr "No FOIActs."

"I hope that the separate investigation underway by the Justice Department in the US will continue undaunted, especially since the British police concluded that the data breach was the result of a 'sophisticated and carefully orchestrated attack'," (Prof Mann) told BBC News.

"sophisticated and carefully orchestrated attack'." Projection much?


DoT/RSE-- people tell me Big Government must be good for lawyers with all the Regs. I answer, NOPE, lawyers are always better off with clients who can afford to pay bills- except for the ghouls who practice Bankruptcy law of course.


Here is a "spicing up" of painting.

"This is a compilation of some of my favorite lines and innuendos by Steve Ross on the Joy of Painting. "Caress it. Make love to the canvas." - Bob Ross"

"You know if your wrist is worn out by the time you get done doing this, you did something right."

I'll say!


@3:18-- Don't call me Shirley...

Dave (in MA)

Obama Ad Accuses Romney of 'Launching a False Attack' for Quoting Obama

‎"If you’ve got a business --you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Exact quote from Obama.

Source: A Democrat ad criticizing Romney for claiming that Romney said that Obama said "If you’ve got a business --you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen" when he didn't say ""If you’ve got a business --you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen".

The best part is later in the ad where they play the clip where Obama says "If you’ve got a business --you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen" during the ad in which they claim that Romney falsely claimed that Obama said "If you’ve got a business --you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen".

♪ ...and the mayonnaise seeped into her brain...♪


Yes, he isn't doing this all by himself, and, I have no doubt that he would admit that if asked. But what he has apparently done is hired the right people for the right jobs and given them the right amount of responsibility and power. And one of the things that I think that he designed into his organization is the ability to react quickly and decisively.

Romney's colleagues describe him as Hoovering in detail and information down to the teeniest tiniest dust mites, jumbling it all up and then dumping it out in an organized big picture manner. His ultimate skill said one was to see the whole forest at the same time as having an accurate count and full description of each and every tree.


Yes Sailor. Yes traditions do still reign supreme there although they have bulldozed the golf course to replace it with a championship calibre course.

She looks good in jewel tones and colors can run to the loud there. That's why I don't think she will see it as loud for long.

She giggled when she saw the boys wearing kilts to the football game, especially when one wore a poncho with the kilt.

You know they still dress for class there. Rarely jeans. No sweats or gym shorts. Some wear coats and ties, sometimes with shorts.

The academic robes to class. The horses that come with the spoiled 18 year old and then stay permanently because the 22 year old with a first job has no good way to take care of them anymore.

And she can be active which is a big deal with titanium rods in your back. She is planning to do their traditional humanities sequence. She's looking forward to it. Still has a Shakespeare minor.


THe last of those Supreme Court decision, which was the worse since NFIB, was like arguing for Manson's release, after 'Squeeky
Fromme, took the shot.


Obama campaign is still arguing that he was referring to roads and bridges. So lets get this straight. We are told that Obama is a very smart man, a very eloquent man, according to Chris Matthews the Perfect man. Yet he doesn't know that you use a demonstrative plural adjective (these and those) when referring to roads and bridges?


rse, Glad to hear that most of the charm of Sewanee remains intact. But, beware, two of our children who went there and graduated with degrees in art history had to continue on to graduate school in order to obtain "real" paying jobs.


NK-in 2008 I knew lawyers who thought bo would be good for business because of regulation. Having been GC and being about the business deal, I said you are not appreciating how close you are to strangling the clients ability to pay.

They know now. Different firms have handled it in different ways. If you still try to nurse the partner whose book of business tried up, you may well be taking it from someone whose book is quite portable.

I guess that's what happened with Dewey. Who I found to be obnoxious years ago.


One last comment on "passed away" and other euphemisms for die. I didn't realize this until reading the comments, but I always say "lost." They lost their Dad, I lost my husband, he lost his Mom, etc. Now that I'm thinking about it, I want to ask where or did anyone find them. But, I think it is regional as my cousin was just telling me that "we lost" one of the clan's patriarchs last week to a heart attack.

(Another) Barbara

Does everyone else here get a daily contact from the Romney campaign? I hear from them twice a day, matter of fact. Every morning there's an e-mail awaiting my presence online and five days per week there's a letter in my USPS mailbox. On the two days Mitt doesn't snail-mail me, I get letters from Ann, woman to woman. Although I therefore feel much beloved, I can't help but be suspicious that all Rs across the nation are receiving equal attention. True?

The campaign so far may not be flawless, but it's durned good.


No art history sailor. In fact I have claimed veto over what she takes and insist she take the best profs she can. And write, write, write.

They have had an alum whose NYSE company was bought out come back and start a business minor there that ties into the liberal arts. I think that's a good mix. Both her dad and I are all about business and markets and what it takes to make payroll etc.

The church there is so stunning with all the stained glass. Good for the soul even if you are not especially religious.


Mikey-- we can only hope 'Bam and his people keeps talking about his 'Businessmen do nothing' speech. Keep digging 'Bam.

RSE-- Due to low interest rates my liberal Democrat partners have not suffered from Obamnomics -- yet. Obviously I'm conflicted, I'd like them to become educated, but 2 fine Jesuit institutions demand their tuition bills be paid in full and on time.


(a)B, daily Romney snail mail has replaced daily Walker snail mail for me. I get both daily in e-mail.


I blame Hallmark.


I get no Romney emails, and only a once-a-month letter. Clearly he knows I have no money!


(A)B - much of my political email gets caught up in the spam filter, but my snail mail is exactly as you describe yours. That plus the 3 to 4 evening telephone calls per week (Republican orgs) that get directed to VM.


Wow, rse! Sounds great with business mixed in with liberal arts. Some of the happiest weeks and week-ends I have ever spent were at The Assembly across from Sewanee where we rented houses for Parents' weekends and graduations.

(Another) Barbara

What's VM, cc?


AB, VM=Voice Mail.

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