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July 18, 2012


(Another) Barbara

Never mind. Just figured it out. I'm a little slow in tech lingo, if VM is still considered "tech."


I am particularly fond of the large glossy photos included in the political mail, or the calendars, or other little bits n' pieces. I always wonder how much this all costs and what the rate of return is? It must pay off, otherwise why do it.


Haven't caught up with the thread, but have to dash off in a moment to do family stuff. Yesterday, after the talk about hiking, I decided to take the dogs on a long walk up a nearby valley back to Rabbit Lake.

I took the cellphone and did a number of minute long video shots as we progressed, and my daughters uploaded a few of them last night.

Walk was 2 and a half hours back, fool around an hour at destination, then the same time back to the car. Dog Fry killed and partially ate a ground squirrel (daughters edited that out) and we ran into a small herd of Mountain Goats (Dall Sheep).

Anyhow, I remain a lousy filmmaker and and a terrible announcer plus breath way to loudly on the tapes, but here they are in order as we started and finished:

1) Rabbit Creek 1

2) Rabbit Creek 2

3) Rabbit Creek Mountain Goats

4) Arrival at Rabbit Lake

5) Rabbit Lake to McHugh View

6) Fry, Scout and Captain Cook



lol, (A)B - I only know VM because of work and using it as shorthand for my boss, to let him know via email who I directed there!

I will eventually contribute to Romney, the RNC et al., after the convention. Right now, I figure they have the big donors fully on board pre-convention, and I prefer to send my paltry contributions to House candidates throughout the nation who need money.


AB, I'm being love bombed by Romney, too.

(Another) Barbara

I always wonder how much this all costs and what the rate of return is? It must pay off, otherwise why do it.

It must, cc. I have to admit that I've sent two donations to the Romney campaign. I tell myself I would have done so anyway, but the truth is that the daily letters made me quit putting it off (and my second donation followed an especially warm message from Ann Romney). It would be nice to believe I'm not influenced by such ploys, but. . . oh well.

James D.

cc, (A)B, I can tell you that it does pay off.

It pays my salary, in fact (although the agency I work for isn't doing any work for the Romney campaign or the RNC at the moment - not for lack of trying!)

You'd be surprised how well it still works...


I think Prof Jacobson is right about the 'Bam businessman debacle-- although he may be giving Fauxcohontas too much credit. Lots of Libs spout this, like Stiglitz in a recent book: http://legalinsurrection.com/2012/07/thank-you-elizabeth-warren-for-possibly-costing-obama-the-election/


Paraphrase of Darleen at PW:

The State owes it existence (and its infrastructure) to business people. Money has no value except where the producers give it value in a transaction. A government monopoly may print it, but its only value (outside burning it for warmth) is what the market place says it is.

Me likey.

(Another) Barbara

AB, I'm being love bombed by Romney, too.

Oh goody. I'm willing to share, although I did nurse a fond hope that I was Ann's new BFF.


Well, I have given no money to the Romney campaign (although have contributed to local races), and I receive mail from Romney weekly or a little more.


But, AB, no nice note from Ann Romney. So, I guess you are one of her new BFFs along with Clarice!


((I don't know of any libertarian who opposes laws against property crimes or violent acts, but perhaps you don't consider theft, rape, or murder to be moral issues.))

Of course I consider theft, rape and murder to be moral issues. The question is why do modern libertarians adopt moral standards in some departments of society, while they condemn moral standards in other parts of society? Are traditional Judeo-Christian moral standards merely a fashionable buffet, and modern libertarians wannabe gateskeepers who dictate what our society is permitted to eat at said buffet?


sailor: Any of us who have donated to any Republican candidate or organization in the past are on the Romney mailing list. Databases - what's not to love, what's not to share! lol.


I still get mail from W and Laura, too - they always have some worthy cause they want to share with me. Actually, maybe I should credit W and Laura with that database sharing?

(Another) Barbara

So, I guess you are one of her new BFFs along with Clarice!

But are you of the girl gender, sailor? These are sort of private talks between women.


Daddy, the scenery in your travelogue is awe-inspiring. So glad mama bear and her three cubs were elsewhere. ;) I remember snow still on the ground in July from my Montana days in the high-country, as well as my youth in the California Sierra. So pristine and peaceful.

It's always such a pleasure when you share your great appetite for God's creation and his people and culture around the globe with us.


From Red Racing Horses:

New Mexico: PPP- Obama 49%, Romney 44%; Obama 42%, Romney 38%, Johnson (L) 13%. Johnson takes 24% of independents, pulling many Democratic-leaners to take slightly more from Obama than Romney in this poll. Obama has a strong ground game here, while Romney's campaign only just opened its first offices recently.

Not a bad showing in NM for Romney considering it's July and it's PPP and Obama won the state by 15 points in 2008.


Okay, been meaning to answer Jane's question earlier about being "on board" with Romney. Hopefully, The Five hasn't started yet and she isn't preoccupied with Twitter and cursing out Beckel. heh.

Now that my Garden Gnome - to whom I have become very attached - has a name, I am on board. However, I would have been regardless of the candidate because I am still very, very ABO.

So, on board, but life vest and sea band are kept very close at hand. It isn't that I don't believe he will win, it is that once he does, I don't want to be sea sick and upchucking over the side of the boat, or worse yet heaved into the briny drink.

So - on board - let us see where the voyage takes us and if we reach the destination we all desire.


Yes, OT re daddy.


This is something from an Instapundit link - Nancy Pelosi Downplays Tax Return Demand

"Facing questions about why she and other top Congressional officials won’t release their tax returns, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) downplayed her previous demands for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney to release his, calling the issue a distraction."

and this at the end of the article -

"Pelosi also suggested that the media should face disclosure requirements.

“Some people think the same standard should be held to the ownership of the news media in the country who are writing these stories about all of this. What do you think of that?” she asked."

Is she threatening the MFM!!!


I don't know if this is true of all candidates, but Romney allows you to designate a monthly contribution. When you are on a limited fixed income, it is an easy way to contribute more than you could afford in one lump sum. I did it in 2008 and had contributed $250 at $25 each by the time he withdrew. I do it again this year.

What impressed me was the day after he withdrew in '08, I received a beautifully worded email thanking me for my sacrifice and assuring me that all automatic contributions had been cancelled the instant he officially withdrew. This was followed up about 2 weeks later with a snail mail letter with the full accounting of my donations.

I get both emails and snail mail regularly. The first snail mail I got this cycle included a new bumper sticker as a thank you for being a previous donor and (and I loved this) because no one wants a ratty faded bumper sticker on their car. I also get notices from the boys and Ann on Facebook and Twitter.

Direct mail campaigns used to pay off big time, but with the advent of electronic communication, I'm not sure how it compares. I think Romney is a firm believer in using every tool in the box.

Jane - talk is cheap!

Daddy, those are GREAT!


Beautiful Daddy. You are so lucky to live in God's country.

hit and run

Regarding how to refer to the deceased...Genesis 5 recounts the lineage from Adam to Noah.

Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and then Noah.

The chapter ends with Noah still alive - but for each of the other guys we are simply informed, "and then he died" (NIV).

Except for Enoch.

24 "Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away."

Now, what do you write on the card to Enoch's widow, or say to her or his sons and daughters if you see them in the fields?


Well, hit, I guess you say to the sons and daughters--Enoch died and God took him away.


Great, daddy - just watched all 6 videos. Pretty country (dogs, too).


"We are told that Obama is a very smart man, a very eloquent man, according to Chris Matthews the Perfect man. "

and than

"In the video below, Obama calls for one last question, and seems to blunder through saying he “promised” and then “promise” and finally, “I’m gonna call on this young lady here.” But it wasn’t a young lady, it was a boy. He corrects himself, joking, “that’s a handsome young man.” Then ten minutes later, he launches into the end of the speech, and mellifluously saunters into the words, “when I look at this young woman here, I see my daughters” while pointing at the boy again."

"This is the brilliant orator people are swooning over?"


A very telling tale.

hit and run

From Powerline, Pat Sajak on the "you didn't build that" line from Obama:

It’s as if President Obama climbed into a tank, put on his helmet, talked about how his foray into Cambodia was seared in his memory, looked at his watch, misspelled “potato” and pardoned Richard Nixon all in the same day.


I've cautiously climbed aboard Romney's bandwagon, but what will he do to drastically downsize Leviathan? As long as gov't TBTF is allowed to impoverish and imprison us, I see little hope. I fear Romney will slide into the clutches of the politically entrenched movers and shakers if he makes it to the Oval office, and we'll have the SOS we've always endured.

The political corruption in Washington stuns and sickens me - the rate at which the politicians and bureaucrats heist trillions of our hard-earned dollars to enrich and empower themselves is criminal. They hide amongst a labyrinth of shadowy legislation and dubious grants benefiting donors and bundlers and they are never brought to justice. We lose more and more chunks of our liberty as Leviathan gorges himself, ballooning in size minute by minute..

And yet......ABO! - OMG!


H&R: Your comment is the best of the day and has me laughing out loud at the local library.
Dave in Mass: You are completely correct about that ad and the real statement Obama made . I saw him make it on tv. And no he was not talking about roads and bridges. They are covering up his gaffes with lies again and hoping no one will notice.


maryrose: I disagree that it was a "gaffe." His remarks were what he truly believes - it was no blunder, no mistake. He is probably shocked that there is even a fuss about what he said.

Captain Hate

cc, Dennis Miller talked about the "gaffe" a great deal today; yes, it's what he believes but he understood almost immediately that he screwed up by letting it out and had to backtrack to roads and teachers immediately. If he wins in November, he'll say it with no backtracking.


Two questions: 1. Is Alex Castellanos working for Romney again this cycle? 2. Has the new Romney ad sent the media scurrying to the vaults so they can fulminate about its similarities to Castellanos' handiwork for the Helms campaign or do I still have that outrage to look forward to?


Breaking--motus has copies of the real BO birth certificate(s), They look authentic to me. What do you think?http://www.michellesmirror.com/2012/07/the-case-of-composite-birth-certificate.html


Hit, I have to steal that Sajak line.


I saw those earlier today, Clarice! What a hoot. God love MOTUS!


That site is always funny, cc! But today's birth certificates are especially great.


a comment at the Pat Sajak article-


Everyone remember last fall when the President warned that if he wasn't re-elected, we might enter a new, painful era of self-reliance?

This "You didn't build that" is all part of the same vision.


Here is a "spicing up" of painting.



Newest from the Dead Campaign Walking:

Maybe you’re already thinking about which family photo you’ll use in your next holiday card — or maybe your Facebook photo is due for an update.

I’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime solution: President Obama is coming to New York City for an event in a few weeks — and you could get to meet him.

Chip in $25 or whatever you can today and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to get your family photo taken with the President.

Here’s what will happen: You and up to five of your family members will get to your reserved spot at the event, where a photographer will be waiting. You’ll all meet the President of the United States, and we’ll take the picture to prove it.

So comb your hair, put on a clean shirt, and start practicing your camera-ready smile in the mirror.

BTW Love love love the admonition to comb and clean. You know how 'we the people' smell.

Do you have to meet with a 'cleanliness czar' before you can get the pic taken?
I'd suggest someone with experience like the TSA for this important assignment, but the pinhead troika has demonstrated superb skillz as crotch sniffers.

Danube of Thought


"Radio host Mark Levin is “calling on Barack Obama to release the names of the drug dealers from whom he bought his drugs.” On Thursday’s show, Levin offered a rebuttal to Pres. Obama’s campaign push for Mitt Romney to release his tax returns: 'I’m calling on Barack Obama to release the names of the drug dealers from whom he bought his drugs all those years when he was a pothead- self identified. You know, somebody with children- and my children are older now, but that said- I don’t think it’s funny when he goes on Jay Leno and jokes about his past pot use.'"

Jane - talk is cheap!

Hit that is simply hysterical. Now why didn't you post it before my radio show? Harrumph!

(BTW the podcast is up)

Danube of Thought

I am a wholehearted Romney supporter, not merely ABO. i don't have high hopes he'll do much about Leviathan, but whoever it is who will isn't in the race.

NK, a judge once congratulated me in open court (while representing unnamed oil company) for having "the ideal client--a career criminal who can afford you."

Big Law does best when business is booming--mergers and acquisitions, hostile takeovers, related litigation. It's a gold mine.

Dave (in MA)

An excerpt of a Facebook conversation that I had on the topic with some 'Friend' of a 'Friend' of mine:


Here's the exact quote from Obama:
"If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet."

He's referencing the sentence right before ("Somebody invested in roads and bridges"). And he continues on that same theme in the next sentence ("The Internet didn't get invented on its own").

The word "that" doesn't refer to the word "business" in the same sentence, it refers to "roads and bridges" in the previous sentence. I see. You didn't build that roads and bridges. Um, OK.


I hope everyone opened narc's link about Rangle asking for people to tweet him pics of himself so he can choose the best one for his new twitter avatar.

Jose @Jose_Galvan

RT @cbrangel: I'd like to change my profile picture. Tweet me your fav. picture of me and I'll pick the best one! twitpic.com/a9e164


DoT-- as a very young lawyer 28 years ago, NY's notorious judge Cut 'em Loose Bruce McM Wright ruled against me in a summary judgment motion. In his written decision he complimented my papers as very well done in a no chance case-- he described my efforts as being "worthy of the world's second oldest vocation." I always like that-- the world's second oldest VOCATION. At that time Bruce Wright was living in his chambers, b/c his ex wife was trying to service support payment papers on him, and as a judge he was immune from service within the Courthouse. That same year my firm was representing the Episcopal Church, and my adversary attorney was rising star-- NOW USDC Judge-- Sidney Stein; he attacked my papers of having "wrapped the client in the mantle of religiosity." Well.. yeah.. I lost that case too. How did I ever keep my job?


I fear Romney will slide into the clutches of the politically entrenched movers and shakers if he makes it to the Oval office, and we'll have the SOS we've always endured.

Leaders don't "slide into the clutches," they lead the clutchers to where they should go.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in Romney's background screams leader. And, although being a Mormon might be a problem for some, those some should realize that one of the strengths of the LDS church is they start developing leaders with the 3 year olds. It is expected that everyone take some kind of leadership role within their age or experience groups.

Romney goes off on his Mission, a very generic Missionary (yes they all have to get the same haircut) and he rose to being the head Missionary and Assistant to the Mission President, a prestigious position within the Missionary hierarchy. He returns to college and becomes the Valedictorian (not sure that is considered a leadership position, but it indicates a work ethic). He moves on to Harvard and a double degree while also taking care of a growing family with 2 children at the time. His classmates said he often led the study groups and was always the best prepared. He entered the workforce and immediately made his mark and then went on to be tapped by the owner of his company to split off and start his own company, where everyone says he was excellent at running the show. Then another new challenge with the failing and bankrupt Olympics that was rife with corruption. I don't think anyone will say that he wasn't a leader in that endeavor, turning it all around. And, then bringing us one of the best Olympics ever and just after 9/11, with all the additional security problems. There were no complaints that year about wussy-looking idiotic Olympic gear made in China. In fact, they had trouble keeping up with the public demand, everyone loved the gear so much.

He lost out to Ted Kennedy for Senate, something everyone expected because it was Massachusetts, after all. But, then he got some retribution by quietly working behind the scenes to get Scotty Brown elected to Kennedy's "endowment" seat. Scotty may have disappointed, but the bottom line is that we have a MA Senator with an (R) after his name and puts us one body closer to regaining the majority.

By most accounts, he was a fairly successful Governor, considering he had to fight his legislature that was 85% dem and didn't want to give him an inch, if they could get away with it.

But, most of all what I like about Romney is that he learns from every experience and isn't likely to make the same mistake twice. I don't know this to be true, but I suspect that between 2008 and 2010, Romney spent a good deal of his time mapping out a campaign so that when he hit the ground, they knew where they were going and had a roadmap to get there.

I suppose there are lots and lots of people who would not consider this, but he has also led his own home rather successfully, IMHO. Unlike those vaunted Kennedys, he has five wonderful sons that any parent would be proud to call their own. No drugs, no drunks, no expectation of handouts, no stories, like the ones about RFK's kids, totally destroying condos in Vail or Aspen, no stories of wild parties and drunken orgies and charges of rape encouraged by Uncle Ted, etc.

You or I may not like every decision Romney ultimately makes, but it will be his decision not some weak position thrust on him by others. It will be a decision based on research and track records, it will be a decision reached with input from those qualified to advise, and not based on threats, i.e. Acorn's threats, etc.


actually, if one has ever read Horatio Alger, which I did for kicks many years ago, there was no teacher, and the road system was limited, and the internet was a method for DARPA researchers to communicate.

People were still creating the greatest society in history perfectly well without enablers. Which is where he loses the whole concept of entrepreneurship.

That's what happens when one hangs around with a bunch of leeches and MBA's and crony capitalists over latte's.

Melinda Romanoff


One small problem that has the potential to loom much larger later.



Thanks for the chance, Barry, to pay you more money. I'll pass. I have a perfectly good pic of me with one Dan Quayle and even though he spelled my name wrong in his inscription, I still like it and see no reason to replace it with a liar and a loser.


Dave, I suggest you ask your debate partner whether or not the smartest president who ever lived, the president of the HLS review can speak grammatical English or not. (JOMers know he can't, but Obama supporters cannot bear to make that concession.)

Rick Ballard


I'd look very closely at the foundation in relationship to the soil analysis report before worrying about the color selection for the window trim. Sand can be tricky.


Trying to figure out why the MSM calls Obama's off-teleprompter commie statement a "gaffe," I thought I'd look up the word.

gaffe    [gaf]


a social blunder; faux pas.

Surely it was a blunder. Was it a "social" blunder? What's a faux pas?

A faux pas (play /ˌfoʊˈpɑː/ plural: faux pas /ˌfoʊˈpɑːz/) is a violation of accepted social norms (for example, standard customs or etiquette rules).
Ok, then. It was a statement made in violation of social norms. Not the norms of the audience he was speaking to, but of the American people. If the same statement had been made to a different group - say, the people to whom he made the "bitter clinger" statement, when he didn't think it was being recorded - it wouldn't have been a blunder at all, or a "gaffe." Just a commie statement that they'd all agree with.

Got it.


"It’s as if President Obama climbed into a tank, put on his helmet, talked about how his foray into Cambodia was seared in his memory, looked at his watch, misspelled “potato” and pardoned Richard Nixon all in the same day."

"Looked at his watch?"
The others I get.


It's in the Kinsleyan definition of the word, which is when you inadvertently tell the truth, they don't know that definition, but that's what it means.



Ewwwwww Mel. Let's hope he has been muzzled. To me, he is Schmidt light.

EX: re: gaffe. Just saw a clip of Romney on Cavuto at a truck plant. He was already talking about what is and isn't a gaffe.



Bush 41 looked at his watch during a debate and the media made a huge deal about it, trying to make it seem as if he was bored at being there.


Bush Sr. looked at his watch during a debate with Clinton, Jim. It was considered a faux pas by the MSM, much like the scanner comment that was purposely mischaracterized.

Melinda Romanoff

Fehrnstrom's steady advice to the campaign is akin to using termites as object d'art.

Duke&Duke cubed.

Melinda Romanoff


GHWB famously looked at his watch during a debate.


Jim, I think the looking at the watch is referring to GHWB in debate with Clinton.


Well he was profiled by G.Q, some months back,
as some kind of genius, because of the way of
the way he dispatched Newt, as with other races.

Melinda Romanoff

That comforts me no end.

As does his continued chatter with MFM.


Drones That May Fly ‘Indefinitely’ Can Be Recharged By Lasers

Lockheed Martin and a company called LaserMotive have been able to keep a drone flying for some 49 hours non-stop, using a ground-based laser to recharge the drone’s on board battery, says Tom Koonce, the project manager for Lockheed Martin, in an interview with KNX1070 Newsradio.
h/t Drudge

Sara, Enough with Romney's saying what is a gaffe or what is not a gaffe. He needs to continue to strike back and strike hard.


Well he did spearhead the Scott Brown win, so that's something;



The question is why do modern libertarians adopt moral standards in some departments of society, while they condemn moral standards in other parts of society?

By "moral standards" do you mean "laws"? Libertarians are able to understand the difference between those terms.

Nurse Bloomberg is trying to give some teeth to the traditional Judeo-Christian opposition to gluttony. I haven't had a Big Gulp in ten years, but I wouldn't outlaw them. You?


Sara, Enough with Romney's saying what is a gaffe or what is not a gaffe. He needs to continue to strike back and strike hard.

You obviously did not see the clip.


Rove in two separate interviews I have heard, claims that the large number of campaign trips, speeches, fund raisers, etc. have to be taking a toll on Obama. He says Obama has to be exhausted.

Well, The Once has quite a few months more to go and a lot more money to raise and I don't see a let up anytime soon. This simply has to be the hardest he has ever worked in his life - okay, maybe not work, but being on the go-go-go.

Think he will break? Collapse?



Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
Pres Obama recommends his supporters "press the mute button" when Republican TV ads targeting him are aired.


This little story at Drudge gets me -
Punching bag at state fair causes stir...

Here is a WaPo article by Dana Milbank from 2008 celebrating Code Pink throwing shoes at a W effigy. I remember writing a letter to the WaPo about it. There were like 6 protesters & some "journalists"....that's it. Not even the people passing by cared. So don't tell me about some silly, clown Obama punching bag. Who cares.

Tom Maguire

Re Bush 41 looking at his watch during town hall debate: A little noted follow up was that Bush 43 did not wear a watch at all in his debates with Al Gore. I noticed that sitting at home and wondered if it would be picked up or confirmed anywhere.

It wasn't, but then in their post-debate Lieberman asked Cheney what time it was and Cheney said he wasn't wearing a watch.

Pretty good prep by Team Bush (although maybe Lieberman had no watch either...)

I was sure I had mentioned this in an old, old post but can't find it. Early onset Blogzheimers.


Flying on Air Force One to carefully scripted venues where slathered with fawning praise by sycophants is exhausting? Maybe for a guy who never had a job that was not either patronage or an elected position, and only maybe even then.

What Rove is seeing his a narcissist who can NOT STAND the mocking. That is exhausting him not the massive carbon footprint.


I would pay to hit that punching bag btw, and tomorrow I am going to lunch at Chick Fillet just to piss off the progs some more. A buycott. Wont you join me?


GMax, those punching bags are available online (I don't remember where). I got a friend one for Christmas... lots of fun. Be sure to counterweight with sand, water leaks. ; )


Thanks Henry. Seen any polling on Thompson versus the butch?

Jane - talk is cheap!

Think he will break? Collapse?

Yes, and he will blame Bush.


Last I saw, Thompson and Hovde both lead the butch (who also thinks I didn't build my business). The other two are within MOE. That poll was last week, Friday?


Obama is exhausted. What? He is nearly 20 years younger than Romney and I'm getting whiplash trying to keep track of where Romney is speaking from one news cycle to the next. Pa, Oh, NH, Ma, then somewhere else again. By the time anything he says in one makes the news, he is already speaking somewhere else, usually several states away.


Obama is too concerned with himself to ever break, IMO. He will continue--fund raisers, golf and speeches. He loves being in the spotlight too much to ever fold.


Obama is too concerned with himself to ever break

I'm not so sure about that. When it finally hits him, I think a complete mental breakdown is in his future.


I've been combating Facebook idjits today, too.

One of my HS alumni posted the Willy Wonka pic with "So you're a republican who worships Jesus ... Please tell me again about your programs to cut programs that feed the hungry and heal the sick" as the caption with a personal note of

'Please tell us, inquiring minds want to know.'

So I let her know by quoting a democrat. :D

I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and duty of the general government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit. A prevalent tendency to disregard the limited mission of this power and duty should, I think, be steadfastly resisted, to the end that the lesson should be constantly enforced that, though the people support the government, the government should not support the people. The friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied upon to relieve their fellow-citizens in misfortune. This has been repeatedly and quite lately demonstrated. Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood.

Grover Cleveland - Democrat

Loved the response from one of her 'friend':

Um, I didn't know we were still living in 1894. Corporations did not send call centers to India in 1894. CEO's did not secure multimillion dollar bonuses after stripping workers of their retirements in 1894. If a company treated the public or workers poorly, the community did not support that company. (the silent voice of market forces). But that does not apply to a global economy, but worked very well in 1894. Just my opinion.

And my response:

Didn't know that words spoken years ago were deemed inoperative because it was like a really long time ago. What was true in 1894 is true today. Just as 'those republicans who worship Jesus' operate on words written like a really long time ago, too. BTW the economy of 1894 was surprisingly global for a time of limited transport. That tea in Boston Harbor wasn't grown in England.

Pissing off idjits one post at a time. I'd say educating them, but pet rocks have a shallower learning curve. ;)


Maybe, Sara, but it will be after the election--which, hopefully, he looses.


What's the progs' issue with Chick Fil-A, Gmax? I know they are a Christian company and are closed on Sundays like Hobby Lobby so their employees can go to church. All good by me.

BTW, hey progs: those are two prime examples of corporations foregoing higher sales/profits because they believe it's the right thing to do.


Stephanie, You've been a posting so-&-so on Facebook lately!


Well, I believe, now, Porch, that Chick Fil-A is open on Sundays.


Really, narciso? Could be but I know my local franchise is not:


Store Hours
Mon-Sat, 6 AM - 10 PM
Closed on Sunday

Jane - talk is cheap!

What's the progs' issue with Chick Fil-A, Gmax? I know they are a Christian company and are closed on Sundays like Hobby Lobby so their employees can go to church. All good by me.

That is precisely the issue.

For a while my niece considered buying a franchise. It is a very successful company. (I've never been to one)


Plus Truett Cathy's son came out and told the press this:

Company president Dan Cathy told a Baptist website the Atlanta-based restaurant chain is "guilty as charged" in its support of traditional marriage.

"We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit," Cathy said in article published Monday by the Baptist Press. "We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that."


"We know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles," he said.

Seems the intimidation hasn't worked. The article quotes the LGBT group as follows:

"We've moved on," said Heather Cronk, managing director of Get Equal, a national LGBT rights organization that has initiated previous boycotts of the chain. But Cronk added that while many in the gay community already choose not to eat at Chick-fil-A, the latest statements may influence "some of our straight allies who may decide to go somewhere else."

In other words, the buycott was a bust.



I love Chick Fil-A, Jane. They have the best customer service ever, and my nearest one has a playspace for kids (soundproofed1) and special family nights on Tuesdays with story time, costumes, etc. They absolutely welcome famileis who want to buy the minimum and spend the maximum time in the playspace. And it is the cleanest place you'll ever visit. Look at the link I posted above - the manager's picture and message to customers is posted. Really a great company with tasty food and they seem to care about their customers. And this place is right off the highway - it's not like it's in some tony suburb.


Maybe, Sara, but it will be after the election--which, hopefully, he looses.

So? I don't get your point at all. You want him to have a breakdown while still in office? You must really like Biden. I don't think there is any hopefully about it, BTW. It is a done deal. Obama is toast. Get over him! He's done.


The deal with Chic Fil-a is that they publicly stand against gay marriage. Not against gays, just gay marriage. Of course, that isn't allowed any more.


I know of no Chick-fil-A that is open on Sundays. Cathy would freak if any of them tried it. The ones in malls aren't even open on Sundays.

It's a great company - particularly for high schoolers to get their first business experience. CFA has a great scholarship program for them, too. Their employees are unfailingly polite. Excruciatingly polite. And they provide loads of charitable works to the local community. All you gotta do is ask. I've NEVER been turned down for any cause I needed some sammies or coupons or whatever for.


"It is a very successful company. "

Their food just plain tastes better.

hit and run

Their food just plain tastes better.

Flavored with the tears of progressives.


I was looking through old letters to the editor that I wrote the WaPo (looking for the one about the Dana Milbank article)...& came across one about this David Maraniss article.

I wrote the letter about this passage about Soetoro - "He became a nondescript oilman, befriending slick operators from Texas and Louisiana who probably regarded him with racial condescension."
I wrote -
"Probably? How does Mr. Maraniss know this? Did he interview any of the "slick" operators? How did he know they were from Texas and Louisiana? Why is it assumed they regarded Mr. Soetoro with racial condescension?"
I think that passage pissed me off because I'm from Texas originally.

These little bits in the Maraniss article are weird too -
'By the time he was 6, Barry Obama was a hyper-aware boy with much to think about."
"He recalled those days in his memoir with more acuity than he possibly could have had as a 6-year-old, but the words reflect his perceptions nonetheless."

That was what was so phony about the book Dreams...especially at the front end. I wrote in Obama's approx. age when certain events occurred & it is ridiculous to believe he could remember the conversations he recounts or that he cared about those ideas as a 6 year old.

This was all in August 2008....We've battled the phony Obama narrative for a long time.



Why is it that my craving for CFA usually kicks in on Sunday?


Chick-Fil-A collects thank you letters to our troops that we put in our monthly care packages.


Well, I double-checked and the article that I read in April on Garden & Gun mag dated April 1 stated that it was an April Fool's joke and that Chick Fila is NOT open on Sundays. And, Sara, I said that Obama would have his breakdown after the election--so, that means that Biden would not be president as a new one would be coming in in January. Hopefully, O would wait until after the new president was sworn in to have his breakdown.

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