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July 12, 2012


Danube of Thought

Minus 16 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 1.


Is Legal Insurrection down for anyone else?


Yes LI is down currently.


Not around here, OT, what is the proper punishment for these folk;



LI back up.


The prosecution team can drag this out as long as they want. Serino's leaking to the media hack who poisoned the jury pool dooms this case.

Captain Hate

what is the proper punishment for these folk

Difficult to say. There will be a lot of innocent people who will bear the brunt of any financial punishment but there was a massive coverup by TOP MEN involving the cash cow of the football program. The cult that willfully hasn't come to grips with the fact that the program covered up and facilitated a pedophile needs to suffer beyond pressing a lever and having their football food pellet come out uninterrupted. This is the worst situation ever involved with sports and for the usual suspects to emerge unscathed because of excessive hair splitting just can't happen.

Danube of Thought

what is the proper punishment for these folk

At least three of them (in addition to Sandusky) are likely looking a doing time as convicted felons. The question is whether the football program itself should be punished, and I'm uncertain about that. NCAA punishments have always been imposed for infractions that affect fair play on the field, e.g. money under the table to acquire the best athletes. If you view these scumbags' actions as having been taken to preserve the football program's reputation (thus enabling it to keep getting good players), then the NCAA should act. I just don't know...


I haven't seen any details. Are we all cops who are supposed to investigate colleaugues -- how deep an investigation? CH seems to be saying that. or do we fire them and let the chips fall? I'll have to learn details I guess.


I went through the material pretty quickly. No smoking gun for Corey. The "hate crime" angle is DOA. Zimmerman's ex-GF seems less eager to trash talk him in her FBI interview, compared with her "anonymous" remarks to SPD. We get part of FBI's interview with Serino (P124), and he doesn't assign any confrontational role to Zimmerman, beyond following Martin.


Cboldt-- thx for the summary of the further document release. So the State has nothing in its files (so far released) making out a case for malicious/depraved Murder 2. Does anyone in Fla care that their State prosecutors act this way?

Danube of Thought

"Are we all cops who are supposed to investigate colleaugues?"

Cops are supposed to investigate when they learn of criminal activity, and the results of their investigation may result in criminal penalties. The NCAA is supposed to investigate member schools' athletic programs when they are on notice of a "failure of institutional control." They have a manual that defines that term, but I haven't seen it.


Serino's FBI Interview 2 pages. He thinks Zimmerman's story appeared "scripted."

We knew that already.

Some good inside baseball relating to the SPD, including who is friends with the Martin family, and how Serino expresses concern about leaks coming from the department. Ha! He's the leaker!


I have a question... Back in the (Democrat) glory days of Jim Crow and the Klan, were any federal anti-lynching laws passed which could be used when the authorities were in cahoots with the lynch mob? So if we have some future administration where the Dept of Justice takes the position that the 14th Amendment says that anti-lynching laws protect Hispanics as well as blacks, would those racist crackers Serino, Corey and Lester face any federal jeopardy?

woo woo

"FBI interviews: No evidence Zimmerman a racist"

"Chris Serino, the police detective who interviewed Zimmerman the night of the shooting, told agents he thought Zimmerman had pursued Trayvon "based on his attire" and not "skin color." Zimmerman, he said, has a "little hero complex" but is not a racist."

"Co-workers also said they saw no signs of ethnic or racial bias. They described Zimmerman as "pleasant" and "outgoing."

The FBI got involved after the Department of Justice launched a civil-rights investigation into Trayvon's shooting."

"A new witness whose name was blacked out told a prosecution investigator March 27 that she saw the fight and that the person on top was the one who wound up dead."


Uh, let's move on to some BS story about Moochelle.


"Stalling Out" Tom-- the FBI stabbed Holder and 'Bam in the back with this report-- and rightfully so. There is no civil rights case here-- whatever.


The FBI found no racial bias behind George Zimmerman’s shooting of Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin, according to dozens of documents related to the case released Thursday.

Show of hands … how many folks think this will stop Eric Holder’s DOJ from filing civil rights and/or hate crimes against Zimmerman if he gets off in state court ?


Holder's case is thinner than Corey's. Holder couldn't even get Zimmerman's ex-GF, the one who told SPD that Zimmerman was a racist, to say that Zimmerman has racial animus.

But, if the riots are big enough, Zimmerman will get charged for a hate crime. Facts and law are passe.


Neo-- the FBI report isn't even a 'ham sandwich' to show a grand jury. 'Hate crime' is a joke, at least Corey has a body. I refuse to be so cynical to believe Holder would proceed.


While the FBI report does seem to help Zimmerman from a PR point of view (which at this point seems to be what the case is now all about) is there any reason why what Detective Serino (or anyone else, for that matter) thinks about Zimmerman's motivation should have any bearing at all on the legal situation? Serino investigated, had some doubts about Zimmerman's story, didn't have enough to charge, didn't charge. Unless Serino is providing facts and/or actual statements of Zimmerman or the witnesses, there is nothing there. Same for the thoughts and opinions of all of Zim's freinds and the members of the "white supremacist community." If one of them had said that he thought Zimmerman didn't approve of young black men wearing hoodies would that make it ok to charge him with a federal hate crime? Presumably, yes. What a horrible perversion of the system of freedoms that we were bequeathed by the founders. The Salem Witch Trials come to mind.


BB@1:56-- I thinks that's unfair to the SPD. They had a dead unarmed 17yo. It would have been gross negligence for the SPD to take GZ's statement, pat him on the head and close their investigation under those circumstances. They did a thorough investigation even before the Feds arrived. As it turns out, the forensics and witness statements corroborated GZ's statements, so the rights abuser here is Corey who wildly overcharged Murder 2. SPD being suspicious and checking out GZ was completely justified IMO.


O'Mara moves to disqualify Lester? This looks real enough to me ...

July 13 Motion to Disqualify Lester


So the big story, on our local station, was that Zimmerman was staying with a local air marshal, who they ever so gently suggest, coached him, what matters truth,

Some guy

That Motion to Disqualify might dissuade those who think O'Mara isn't the game.

Surprised this isn't bigger news...


this news is very interesting, and I think it is correct to say that Lester is biased against Zimmerman. If he was that personaly offended by Zimmerman, and refuses to consider the state of stress, fear and confusion that Z. was in, and which O'Mara has stated as a relevant, Lester is a petty and vindictive loser, imo.

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