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July 14, 2012



keep you pretty far away from the action!

Hmmmm...not sure why I used an exclamation point? I guess I felt pretty strongly about being kept away from "the action". It's that libertarian streak...don't want to be told no.


Plastic injection molding! I made Nerf footballs ( actually repaired the molds that the liquid was shot into ) for about a week one summer. Then my next door neighbor the UAW committeeman, said he had the pull to get me a job at Chevrolet Gear and Axle. Great money for an 18 year old. Scary place in many many ways though.

hit and run

A report from mrs hit and run on site in Lockhart:

your son just wanted sausage and your daughter had cow and a bake potato.

They are a sophisticated culinary pair of kids.


What was some of the stuff you found, DrJ?



At least Chrissy Lance is honest. The Ohio woman's cardboard sign doesn't promise she'll work, and it doesn't ask for food. Instead, she's standing beside a prominent Akron intersection, wearing a bikini and waving a sign that says "Not Homeless. Need boobs." Lance, who says she has all of the proper permits for standing outside flashing her assets (or lack of assets, if you take her approach), says that getting a new set of knockers will "help improve her self-esteem." We're not sure how long she's been distracting drivers, but she did say she's raised $90 so far. Congrats, Chrissy. It sounds like you've already found a few boobs.

This fits in the first job discussion, doesn't it?


Cashier at a local lumber company. Learned how to estimate concrete, lumber and all sorts of neat stuff. $2.75 an hour and I worked 55 hours a week and got overtime.

Next summer it was the local movie theatre and a little flick called Star Wars was playing. Yeah it was insane. We had screenings from 10 am til the last show at 2:00 am. Every single one was sold out and the movies from 5:00 on had 2+ hour waits. No advance ticket sales in those days. I'm pretty sure Dragoncon was born in those lines. Interesting crowd at 4:00 am exiting that last show.


My first job was working for my dad who built houses. I was about 7 and my mom would get tired of my questions. Send me with my dad to clean up the finished basements of built out houses. Stacking up the concrete bricks outside, sweeping up the sawdust, whatever.

I would work at it all day and then he would take lunch out of what he paid me.

Later I learned to paint parking lot lines with a cut in half roller. Very early in the AM before anything opened up. I still have a hard time cutting through a parking lot because I remember how upsetting it was when someone drove over my not yet dry lines trying to cut around traffic going into ATL.

And the diva sang Ah Sweet Mystery of Life from Naughty Marietta and hammed it up. Luckily the boy who played the sea captain whose lap she ended up sprawled in is off to college in England.

I do worry about the kids who seem to think they are rock stars. Much prefer the Broadway showtunes.


Yeah, plastics injection molding. Awful jobs. I made gears, interior panels for cars, and a whole host of other items whose identity are now long forgotten.

The factory floor was loud, hot and humid, there was always a residual odor and taste of plastic in the air, and grease on the floors. My tennis shoes stretched by two sizes as the rubber soles expanded.

A part would come out every 45 seconds or so -- hot. Some wore gloves, but I never could handle the work properly with them. You returned the molds together, and inspected the parts for quality, clipped off the runners, and sorted them into the appropriate boxes. Then the next part came out. And the next one.

The best-paying one was $3.27 per hour on the graveyard shift. Minimum wage then was $2.30, I think.

I never did get into polymers, though a lot of my classmates did.


Chrissy Lance should get together with this Arlington resident, Annie Hawkins-Turner.

102ZZZ. She's got enough to share.

hit and run

As for me and my menu tonight...I've got 3 really really cheaply priced Denver cut steaks I've been marinating all day.

Off to the grill!

But you should know of my trip to Food Lion yesterday after work. It was a hilarious haul, getting me prepared for life without mrs hit and run. Besides the case of cheap beer, my cart contained 10 frozen burritos, 4 Totino's frozen pizzas and 5 pounds of lunchmeat ham and turkey.

The guy at the checkout was probably 18 years old, and I imagine he was thinking to himself, "that's what I want to be when I grow up!"

Inspiration for the next generation is what I am.


First job was driving a tractor pulling a hay trailer in the hay field. I was paid a dollar a day and all I could eat at age 9. And my grandfather told me I was best fellow ever.


What was some of the stuff you found, DrJ?

Some of it long has been deleted from memory, but lots and lots of pornography (all colors and persuasions), empty booze bottles, and "sexy" women's apparel (men's too, actually). Condoms. Under one mattress was a huge cache of marijuana seeds. They must have cleaned a few pounds in the room.

Nearly all of it was stuffed under the mattresses. It got so the first thing I did was rotate the mattress by 90 degrees to see if anything was under there.

I'll not comment on the bathrooms.

I lasted there for two weeks before I found something better paying.

hit and run

The first "job" jobs were, in order: a maid at the Hilton (!)

Oh,gosh, you made me realize I missed a job between baseball camps and the bank.

I spent a summer in Yellowstone working on the housekeeping crew in Canyon Village. Went there as a housekeeper, but was promoted to superviser within a week. What a great job. I got to go from cabin to cabin "inspecting" other people's work -- with the stated goal of keeping morale up with the housekeeper. There were two fabulously cute girls on my assignment I spent all my time with.

That was a transformative summer for me in many ways, and Elizabeth and Peggy were integral to that transformation. I miss them greatly.


Hit somehow I am seeing the start of one of those Penthouse letters...

Agent J

Worked on neighbors farm putting up bailed hay at .50¢ per hour in the early 50's..Old German just about worked me to death, and buried me in the hay mow.. went by his place last month, barn was still there although it seems much smaller..Never worked off farm again.

My interesting job experiences happened after I got out of the Air Force in late 1958 in Saginaw Michigan..Delivered (I think it was Dove) soap, hung it on the door to homes..we were reimbursed on the amount of soap we delivered. Found a poor family, they got a case. Found a U.S. Mail box, it got more then a case.. In July of 1959 I was in training for an Air Traffic Control at Detroit Michigan, yearly salary was $4800.


From John Jay, the first Chief Justice of these United States, in a letter to George Washington:

“Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American Army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

From the current Chief Justice:

"Here is the largest tax ever, FU America."

I don't think anybody would argue with you, DoT, on whether or not the current court thinks the eligibility requirements are important what with them being so busy sticking it in our collective ass.

Their evasion does not make the question unimportant, just unanswered.

Why is such a simple answer so hard to get? That is the real question.


And my grandfather told me I was best fellow ever.

God bless grandfathers, Bob! and God bless Elizabeth and Peggy too!

hit and run

Hit somehow I am seeing the start of one of those Penthouse letters...

Heh. No nothing like that. I was reconnected to my faith that summer. Changed everything.


Paperboy was my first job. After getting my drivers license, Sea World was the place for me. I worked for park services. They misread my application and thought I was 18 instead of 16. A lot of child labor laws were broken with some of the shifts I would have to work. It was the first year of Summer Nights so I would work until midnight and have to be back at five the next morning.

I was making double minimum wage! At least I was until they figured out my age. :-(

The option they gave me was to put on the tie and walk around sweeping up Big Olaf barf from kids that should have never been bought the giant ice cream in the first place.

"Do I get the same pay?"




I had a paper route, too, but my first "real" job was at Nathan's Famous on Staten Island, making fries, hot dogs, burgers and shucking clams until the manager asked me to clean the bathrooms one night and I quit, as the guy was a major dick and I mistakenly thought I was a cook. Then I worked in a pork store (Italian deli), where I learned to make mozzarella and call all the older ladies honey and sweetheart. Next, I delivered Chinese food and learned that they reclaimed the uneaten white rice from people's plates into a large barrel, which they rinsed off and resold to the next fine dining patrons.

Agent J

Extraneus --A friend of mine in Alaska says that if you eat at enough Chinese restaurants, that you will never die of food poison.


Turns out recycling is an ancient Chinese secret.


from Powerline - Can a Candidate Lie His Way to the Presidency?

"Barack Obama has developed quite a record as a liar. He lied for more than a decade about where he was born. He lied about many aspects of his life in his fictional “memoir.” He lied about his Chicago years and has activities and associations there...."

I can't get over how uninterested the MFM were with the "Born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia & Hawaii' bio revelation.


The love and respect a good liar, Janet. Honest people are chumps.

hit and run

And of course, since I left out summer jobs - I should also mention my summer at YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park, CO, which also preceded my time at the bank.

I was chaplain. Led Sunday morning worship services and weekly staff Bible studies, among other things. Apart from that, my job was to weasel my way into the lives of staffers and guests to help show God's love, though that's not exactly how the job description was written.

I'll never forget the second week on the job my putative boss's boss called me into her office just to clarify...the YMCA was a tolerant community that didn't push Christianity on others. My appeals to what the C in YMCA meant went unheeded (you think the "M" in YMCA means we don't also serve women?), and I openly accepted the shackles she was offering. I hope she knew I was just winking and nodding, because I was just winking and nodding as to what restrictions she thought were necessary to maintain the YMCA "way".

I've told another story related to the YMCA of the Rockies gig here back in 2007 starting at 2:29 pm.

Ol' Paul Burka. He was quite a character.


Well playing tiptoe through the footnotes this afternoon has definitely yielded an insider's homerun. It in turn referred me to something else that looks juicy.

Just scored it for 2 pennies plus shipping.


I love how clearly things are laid out when they are sure only fellow koolaid drinkers would ever be reading.

Most of the cites are to people I have already tracked down.

One just now was to Holdren in his pre-czar days.

hit and run

If you go back to that old 2007 post, you'll see Clarice express surprise that I was a chaplain, and PUK helpfully connecting the dots for her:

Chaplain,chalice,communion wine.

Posted by: PeterUK | December 06, 2007 at 03:25 PM

Here's to PUK, never not missed.


Well that does bring a question, how a character out of 'Isle of Doctor Moreau,' or
the Bishop character from Fringe, can have so much influence,


My first job was my own paper route at the age of 13. The Free Press was a morning paper, that meant getting pretty early to get folks the news before they awoke.

I also delivered the Free Press. I didn't mind the delivering, the real pain was door-to-door collecting. Then I had a brief stint going door-to-door for a political campaign, then worked as a busboy at the local golf club.


Never not missed. He was reallt always my favorite. Don't tell the tohers.

Danube of Thought

"...any but a natural born Citizen"

By which every living Englishman at the time, and for the preceding centg 150 years, meant a person born on the country's soil.

I don't suggest the Court doesn't think eligibility is important. I mean only that they do not consider that there is serious doubt about the issue. They will never consider the question until some court of last resort below answers it wrongly, at which point they will promptly reverse.

Danube of Thought

Some useful reading on the subject at the LUN.


First job, valet parking at the local country club. Then I got a job at the local Chrysler plant -- installed exhaust x-pieces then dropped drive train on engine mount. 52x per hour, 120 degrees minimum in the plant. 6.59 an hour plus shift premium, overtime, and COLA. Perfect job for a robot.


--So, what was your first job?

Lifeguard at the city pool...-

Forget first jobs. Janet's post reminds me of swimming lessons with the marvelously voluptuous and bikini clad Loretta Tiripelli.
I'll make no breast stroke jokes but rest assured I'm thinking em. She was no Mrs. Ignatz but she was second or third runner up.


PUK's thoughts on Obama's storytelling abilities -
"...his first instinct is to lie, his second instinct is to elaborate on it."

"I think Obama is trapped by his own smartarsedness. Because his mantel of omnipotence forces him to opine on every subject that arises, he goes into the blagging mode that he has used all his life. "I've always said....". The man bears the imprint of the last person who spoke to him."

As Frau said...St. PUK, patron saint of political mental health, be with us!


Things are looking up; FedEx just dropped off the old Winchester Model 70. :)

hit and run

Ms. Tiripelli doesn't hold a candle to Janet.


--Never not missed. He was reallt always my favorite. Don't tell the tohers.--

Don't worry about the others clarice,
I think it's safe to say PUK was everyone's favorite and for good reason.


the real pain was door-to-door collecting

I was flashed by one of the original Ronald McDonalds while collecting for my paper route. No lie. He came out of his apartment with a trench coat on and opened it right up. Otherwise out of costume.


--Ms. Tiripelli doesn't hold a candle to Janet.--

Quite possibly Hit, but until Janet is leaning over me in a bikini with her arms under me teaching me how to float on my back I'll have to reserve judgement. ;)


Looking for the PUK quotes, I came across this from hit -

""Strong But Vague" is the video title of the Obama 2008 campaign retrospective and the Obama 2012 campaign is gearing up for "Stronger and Vaguer"
apparently the people eat it up."

It's turning out to be true! "Stronger and Vaguer!"


Hah! I didn't look too bad back in high school....but I don't know what has happened to me recently. :(
Whenever I see a picture of myself I think, Good Lord! I thought I looked better than THAT!.


I too drj have experience in platoca injection. Made $2.90 per hour
ended up at $4.40. Not quite as bad as my stint with postal service, but it did stink.


Does the lun address that English Common Law, as defined in Calvin's Case (which is universally recognized as having established the English common law with regard to the jus soli rule) it is perfectly clear that the English common law presumed infidels would never be converted to Christianity, and it specifically states that they are subjects of devils?

" But a perpetual enemy (though there be no wars by fire and sword between them) cannot maintain any action, or get any thing within this Realm. All Infidels are in Law perpetui inimici166 perpetual enemies (for the Law presumes not that they will be converted, that being remota potentia,167 a remote possibility) for between them, as with the devils, whose subjects they be, and the Christian, there is perpetual |[17 b] hostility, and can be no peace; for as the Apostle saith, 2 Cor. 15. Quae autem conventio Christi ad Belial, aut quae pars fideli cum infideli, and the Law saith, Judaeo Christianum nullum serviat mancipium, nefas enim est quem Christus redemit blasphemum Christi in servitutis vinculis detinere. Register 282. Infideles sunt Christi et Christianorum inimici.168 And herewith agreeth the Book in 12 Hen. 8. fol. 4. where it is holden that a Pagan cannot have or maintain any action at all."

Only Christians could become Natural Born Subjects. Period.

I might warm up to this new angle you present, DoT. It will probably be easier to prove Obama was born an infidel than anything else.


What do you guys make of the Drudge poll showing 522,000 respondents 63/37 for "Should Romney pick Rice for VP?"

Captain Hate

First job: Soda jerk and various odd jobs at a local drug store.

hit and run

Captain Jerk?

hit and run

I'm endlessly fascinated with the first job thing. Thanks Sara for bringing it up!

Love hearing everyone's stories.


So, what was your first job?

Official score keeper for a girls softball league, Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, TX.

Was paid a dollar per game but would have done it for free. I mean a young teenage boy watching young teenage girls bat balls and run? Come on!


No matter what our first jobs were...we can all proudly say that we've never done this -

This year the honor went to Thom Browne, an outstanding American designer...?????

Danube of Thought

The Framers addressed that particular piece of common law in Article VI, as follows:

"The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

The holding in Calvin's case (and much else in the common law) remains good law to this day.



This fits in the first job discussion, doesn't it?

Perhaps leading to the oldest profession?


I see. We tweeked English Common Law just enough to satisfy any religious test. The "loyal to the crown" stuff and "subjecthood" stuff we forgot to address in the Constitution so it remains in effect.

That was easy.

Danube of Thought

First job: in high school, summer lifeguard at at bathtub-size pool at the El Cordova Hotel in Coronado. In two weeks on the job, no one entered the pool. Then on a Saturday night, the cops raided a beer party and I jumped out the bathroom window, breaking a bone in my foot. Wearing a cast, I called to report that I couldn't come in. The guy said that was OK; they had decided they didn't need a lifeguard after all and were about to notify me that I was through.


Janet, the designer who put that poor young thing dressed like a pincushion on that runway has a deep revulsion for womankind...

Captain Hate

Captain Jerk?

I knew that was right in somebody's wheelhouse.


Cripes, Janet! I should have read your link first..


He is outstanding, Janet. Clearly. That one has some sort of foam creeping up from under the waist, too, but is the jacket it's holding supposed to go over the suit, say in stormy weather?

Btw, I take it these are gay fashions? (Not that there's anything wrong with that, and it should of course be celebrated if so.)


Good question. I don't know what that brown coat is for.
I'm concerned that you didn't wonder what the spiked face mask was for....

Extra brown coat - what???
Spiked face mask - oh yeah!

hit and run

Fine, I'll repeat my offering from the last thead...merely as a PSA.

Cougar repellant:


A public service message...

Heavily armed and bikini-clad female Israeli soldiers 'mingle' with beachgoers

Pic at the link.


I'm pretty sure I know what the mask is for, Janet.


Barack 'Black Eagle' Obama.

Foam creep on that one too..??

hit and run

At least that mask matched the dude's skirt.

How many times have I seen a dude with a mask with protruding spikes whose mask didn't match his skirt?

I can't even count how many times that's happened.


Yeah I wasn't sure in that last thread if you meant this kind;

or this kind;


Oh my word hit.

Remember our Greenpeace discussion earlier in the week? Well the book I am reading is so graphic because it was designed to teach Big Business execs what they needed to know about the new way of thinking and the new economy in light of sustainability. Assuming I suppose that they would lap up every word.

What til you see the real definition of learning to learn?

This is really going into that Glossary of Terms.

I have the hardest time in bo's speeches when he starts "explaining" how the economy works.


Fabric "Death" panels were used in the crotch area.

hit and run

Yeah I wasn't sure in that last thread if you meant...

I meant both.

Danube of Thought

"We tweeked English Common Law just enough to satisfy any religious test."

Certainly not, and no one has ever said so. English common law was applicable in the colonies--the colonists considered it their birthright--but the Revolution and the Constitution conflicted with, and thus abrogated, certain of its tenets-- including religious tests for office. Nevertheless, after ratification the individual states expressly adopted it as applicable in deciding cases before their courts. It has never been disputed that it is the guide for interpretation of the language of the constitution, which would be incomplete without it (e.g., "due process of law"). The "loyalty to the crown" stuff (assuming without agreeing that it had been mandated by the common law) was most certainly and explicitly addressed by the constitution, as it had previously been addressed by the Declaration of Independence.

If you have evidence that the Framers meant by "natural born" anything other than its common-law meaning, by all means present it. As concisely as you can.

Ralph L

I sold the afternoon paper room-to-room at the hospital across the street for two weeks, subbing for a neighbor. Not really seeing people at their best.

In the summer of '79, I was a clerk/typist at the Economic Regulatory Administration, the part of DoE that caused the gas crisis of that year. I caught a Metrobus 200 ft from my parents' door that went directly to the Pentagon, took the subway to Farragut West, walked 5 blocks to M street, ate a doughnut & a can of Coke and napped for an hour until the "fulltime" snivel servants showed up. Since I was their best summer help (the first week, I didn't know how a hold button worked, so I cut everyone off), for two weeks I answered phones for the agency head, Carter appointee Dr. Bordean, who wore Birkenstocks, had a beard, and took the bus to work.


@ Dr.J: Minimum wage then was $2.30, I think.

We must be around the same vintage, Dr. Aside from the usual high school stuff, my first job (at the above salary) was a Work Study stint for the Forest Service freshman year at UC Berkeley. They had one of those huge computers that took up a whole room and I had to write a program estimating (I think) number of trees per acre, or something like that. I was not much of a programmer. Anyway, I wrote my program, put the punched cards in their slot and watched, delighted, as page after glorious page stacked up. I remember that I could tNOT believe I had written such a terrific program that generated so many sheets of data.

Anyway, after about 15 minutes or so, my supervisor came running into the room and cancelled the program. In those days it cost a fortune to run the computer and printer. I had written a do loop with no exit, apparently. (Is that the right lingo? Can't remember.)

That was followed by an assignment to teach Basic Punch Card to Berkeley HIgh School students. Another humiliation. My group spent the entire time practicing their group's dancing routine (in the style of the Temptations) and utterly ignored me, in spite of my pleading and pathetic threats.


Ignatz, I was going to make a comment similar to yours on the other thread. It then came to mind that the human cougars all look young to me, so I let the urge pass.

hit and run

until the "fulltime" snivel servants showed up

Snivel servants is classic!

Won't you come over for a meal sometime this summer? I'd be honored if you would.

I'll come your way if that would be preferable...



“Thus, by the Constitution, the judicial power of the United States is made to extend to controversies between citizens of different states. Under this, it has been uniformly held that the citizenship necessary to give the courts of the United States jurisdiction of a cause must be affirmatively shown on the record. Its existence as a fact may be put in issue and tried. If found not to exist, the case must be dismissed"

“Additions might always be made to the citizenship of the United States in two ways: first, by birth, and second, by naturalization. This is apparent from the Constitution itself, for it provides that ‘No person except a natural-born citizen or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of the Constitution shall be eligible to the office of President,’ …

“The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first. For the purposes of this case, it is not necessary to solve these doubts. It is sufficient for everything we have now to consider that all children born of citizen parents within the jurisdiction are themselves citizens. “

No English Common Law mentioned.


Hit: My son worked at Yosemite one Summer and started in groundskeeping, very similar to housekeeping only campground cleanup. He, too, was promoted to supervisor and tells it that for the rest of the Summer he got paid to walk around looking important and flirt with all the girls.

Threadkiller: What year were you at Sea World? My son's first job, age 16 and 17, was Cold Prep at the only sit down restaurant at Sea World San Diego. Crazy as it seemed to me, they trusted him with a key to the Park since he had to open the restaurant. He would often get extra hours and overtime working after hours parties as part of the catering team. He says to this day that he learned the most from that job about being responsible, trustworthy, and reliable and his favorite thing, learning to carve ice sculptures. He was there from '82-'84, when we were transferred to South Carolina. At first he was all tough and grown up and had lofty plans to get a couple of friends together and get an apt. at the beach, but as our departure date loomed, he started to have 2nd thoughts about having his family 3000 miles away and he changed his mind and moved with us.


Tonto, I just missed you at Berkeley. I arrived there in '79, though given your field I doubt we would have crossed paths.

Charlie (Colorado)

OT - any foolproof--who, me?--tricks for cutting and dicing jalapenos?

You don't have to use gloves unless it hits your skin uncomfortably while you're cutting. Wash your hands thoroughly with plenty of soap afterwards.

And above all else, don't rub your eyes.


"I have the hardest time in bo's speeches when he starts "explaining" how the economy works."

For me it's why he thinks unions are good for the members. I can not understand why Americans would sell themselves into union slavery.

"Average teacher makes $44G while their top union bosses pull in nearly $500G"

Read more:

Then the Union bigwigs insure that the Democrats get theirs.

I believe my first paid job off of the farm was trimming the grass around tombstones in the local cemetery. Then on to detasseling corn, then stacking boxes of canned products at the local Green Giant factory. Course none of those jobs got us kids out of regular farm chores.

hit and run

And above all else, don't rub your eyes.

As a guy speaking from experience, you probably don't want to go pee before washing your hands.

Not as bad as the eyes, but still....


You do need to wear rubber gloves while slicing jalapenos.. I speak from experience.

Danube of Thought

"No English Common Law mentioned."

It's mentioned as "common law" in the final paragraph. Are you aware of any other than English?

Let me repeat the question: do you have any basis for believing that the Framers had in mind for the term "natural born" other than the meaning it was given at common law?


--Ignatz, I was going to make a comment similar to yours on the other thread. It then came to mind that the human cougars all look young to me, so I let the urge pass.--

I imagine minus the pancake makeup and the airbrushing, Tweety would probably figure he tought he taw a Granny not a putty tat.


Good Morning rant!

Just woke up in Memphis and off for Margarita' s in a minute.

But it struck me while getting out of bed and reading the topic headings here at JOM, that if the NAACP had any courage and decency at all, the next guys they should have address them in some major speech, should be George Zimmerman and the Duke LaCrosse boys.

Those speakers should come in and discuss the exact and particular prejudice and racism they have been unfairly subjected to by the NAACP, and they should hold up mirrors to the crowd to show the face of racism in America. And if there was justice and decency in the audience's hearts, there shouldn't even be heard the sound of a pin dropping in that auditorium until the speakers finish, after which there ought to be a standing ovation.

They want To Kill A Mockingbird? Well, they're looking at it.


@DrJ -- Believe me, computers was not "my field"! And I was there a decade before you (as an undergraduate). I don't want to summon him, but DGW was there when I was, and I think I remember him. UCB had a short-lived (one time?) program called The Experimental College (aka the Tussman Program) run by the Philosophy Department. Sort of a philosophy-inflected great books two-year program that I was part of. So I was a philosophy major. But I took some great courses from John Searle and Michel Foucoult (that fraud!) was hanging around then, too.

Charlie (Colorado)

First job: working for the family business. Which meant:

- janitor in the music store
- instrument repair in the music store
- slung propane in the gas plant
- schlepped air conditioners and console TVs and pianos on the loading doc
- collections and repos
- produce boy
- apprentice butcher
- house painter
- computer programmer nights and weekends
- furniture repair

then away from the family

- draftsman
- drove a Sno-Cone truck
- journeyman butcher packing lunchmeat
- writing True Confession Stories.

I swear I'm missing something.


There were two sit down restaurants at Sea World at the time I was there. A novelty place called Ali-Gators, within the park, and a sophisticated place called The Atlantis, that could be reached by sky ride from the park as well as outside the park customers.

Vector Patrol fondly referred to the posh venue as The Rat-lantis.

I was there in 85-86. I showed up after the great firing of all upper management and supervisors. I think this is why they screwed up my age so badly. It was chaos.

Charlie (Colorado)

As a guy speaking from experience, you probably don't want to go pee before washing your hands.

I was guessing die Gnadige Frau was more or less anatomically safe from that hazard.

hit and run

That's funny, Sara!

We had one week where the housekeepers challenged the supervisors. Challenge accepted!

The typical rotation was 16 cabins in a day. It could be complicated if all 16 of your rotation were checking out on that day -- they had until 11am, so you couldn't get in until they left. Cabins where the guests were staying were relatively easy -- change the towels, remake the bed, wipe a few places down.

I ended up with my 16 cabins -- and finished before lunch. IIRC, I had more checkouts than those staying, but all my checkouts were out before 9-10am. Had two or three other housekeepers go and check my work to make sure I did the job right -- and they were eager to prove that I didn't. Suckers.

Interestingly enough, we supervisors subsequently lobbied management to allow the housekeepers to finish up their work early, and we would stay on and then clock them out after a full day, to keep them from losing pay. Because otherwise we had workers slacking until 5pm to make a full paycheck.

To this day, I am the go-to guy in my family for making beds. My hospital corners are to die for.


If your hands are stinging, immerse them in milk (skim won't work). I learned that the hard way after an afternoon roasting and skinning Hatch chiles.

Charlie (Colorado)

You do need to wear rubber gloves while slicing jalapenos.. I speak from experience.

Since I like to eat fresh jalapeños, the gloves seem a little silly.

hit and run

Just woke up ... and off for Margarita' s in a minute.

If I had a nickel for every time I said that.



So I was a philosophy major [at Berkeley].

So was my ex. It was a wonderful department back then, and she enjoyed Searle (among others) too. I have no idea how it is now.

The minimum wage must not have changed for some time.

Danube of Thought

Great idea, daddy.


@ Charlie & Hit -- And above all, don't rub your eyes.

Or worse.

Ralph L

You might try chilling the peppers first. That works well for onion fumes for me, but I don't do peppers.

Hit, I had a dream during my afternoon nap today that I was napping on a futon by Althouse's palatial pool when you brought a small, lively black dog that woke me up with his cold wet nose. Then I woke up for real.

Snivel servants is one of my brother's creations, or at least where I heard it.


You do need to wear rubber gloves while slicing jalapenos. I speak from experience.

Agreed. Just wash 'em.

Regarding hit's admonishment, I had a property that had a lot of poison Oak. Their oils are very hard to remove, and that helps them to spread.

After weeding one day, I had a business trip back to New Jersey (from the left coast). Apparently I had encountered some of said Oak in the weeding, and I had an outbreak from my shoulders to my knees. Yes, that included the groin, from the activity hit suggested.

I was in meetings for two days without respite. Once I returned home the Doc prescribed cortical steroids. The inflammation subsided in hours.

I love steroids.


I worked at a bank, with those check processing machines, which seems easy, but it's more like 'Lucy at the Candy Factory' without the candy,

Annoying Old Guy

"So, what was your first job?"

Besides the paper route, soldering at my dad's electronic company (making infrared touch panels). ProTip: when you have a soldering pot and want to lean on the table, do not put your hand on the molten pool of solder.

At 14 I started slinging code for pay and haven't ever looked back. I had been doing it for a hobby for a few years and thought it wonderful to get paid for it.

hit and run

I've had two bad poison (ivy. oak, whatever the hell it was) episodes since we've lived here*. The first was Halloween 2006. I was clearing a trail back in our woods and apparently got "sprayed" while doing so. Got in my face. I had to take two days off of work because my eyes were swollen completely shut. I got steroids for that and cleared it up after a couple more days.

The other was a "shoulda washed your hands before you pee'd" thing. I think it was 2007. That year we flew to Jackson Hole for our summer Idaho trip.

I can't say anything other than, don't let this happen to you. Take every precaution so that you don't end up in such a state of calamity.

It was awful. I'd rather rub raw jalapenos in my eyes.

*growing up in Texas, I was not allergic to anything. I'd traipse around woods and creeks and everywhere, rubbing against everything defiantly without a care in the world. I've since found the simple life, ain't so simple.


Common law does not mean English common law. Common law developed over hundreds and hundreds of years. English common law was their unique view of natural law being issued directly from Jesus Christ as enforced by the English monarch.

American common law shared many of the basis that the English used. There is no doubt to the influence. But our Constitution forbids the establishment of a religion while respecting the rights of all persons to worship God or nature as they like. The English common law is in direct polar opposition to our Constitution, in that infidels were considered enemies of the state.

The Law of Nations was as much common law as English common law. Vattel did not create it he merely wrote down his observations of how these laws of separate sovereign nations shared a commonality.

In all of Gray's ramblings about Calvin's Case he failed to mention that non-Christians were excluded in the English definitions we supposedly based our legal language on.


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