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August 29, 2012



I confess I'm amazed. Good news for Zimmerman is thin on the ground lately.

Panzer Faust

I was hoping for the convention thread. But the right to self defense is more important. Contribute to Zimmerman's defense fund, please.


Are judges required to wear a cone of shame, when the appellate bench tells them their bias was so blatant it can not be overlooked? There was a time when I reflexively backed the criminal justice system. But then I started paying attention and started noticing common sense and blind pursuit of justice was in shockingly short supply...


Why would you blindly support anything gmax?

Jim Ryan

Would someone please post how well McCain does. Smattering of polite applause? Pretty well? Thx.

Danube of Thought

It's as flawed as many other human endeavors, Gmax. You just have to hope that good people get put in positions of authority, but there really aren't enough of them to go around.


I was somewhat surprised the writ of prohibition was granted, even though, in my opinion, the facts supported disqualification under Florida's standards. Lots of lawyers claimed there was no chance the petition would be granted, but they often seemed to be uninformed about the specifics of Florida law. A federal appeals court would almost certainly not disqualify a judge under the same circumstances -- but this isn't in federal court.


I'm curious. Why wouldn't a federal appeals court judge or panel not disqualify a judge under the same circumstances?


"Why would you blindly support anything gmax?
Posted by: Donald"

Ah, he said "blind pursuit of justice". What he said and you said have two very different meanings.


Liberals gleefully sacrifice others to further their narrative. Just ask Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.


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Lee Dodson

About time. Now, if they could get that DA disqualified for the leaks, language, etc., Zimmerman might get a fair trial. How 'bout a gag order, as well.

yung muny

Judges like this need to be censured and removed.

I am skeptical of the cjs


I'm curious. Why wouldn't a federal appeals court judge or panel not disqualify a judge under the same circumstances?

Except in extreme circumstances, federal judges are only disqualified for extra-judicial bias. Extra-judicial bias is bias from something other than the evidence or conduct the judge observed in the court proceedings. So if the defendant were suing the judge in a different case, that would be extra-judicial bias. In the Zimmerman case, the judge's bias was based on conduct within the case.

(I'm sure DoT or some other lawyer will correct me if I'm wrong.)


I don't know about other states, but in CA, one does not ask for judge to be removed without very good reason. Judges tend to stick together and look out for their own. Asking to have a judge removed an have large consequences for an attorney.


I'm not sure if things have changed, but I recently read an early 90s case where the appeals court groused that south Florida attorneys were seeking disqualification at the drop of a hat. Perhaps because the bar for disqualification is quite low in Florida, judges don't take it too personally.

Greg Q

Sweet. That's wonderful news. Here's hoping the next judge takes it to heart.

Jonathan Cohen

The judge may have wanted to get removed from the case. The case has been out of the news for awhile but when the trial occurs it will be center stage and no matter what the judge does he will be hated by some.

When the president of the United States has weighed in already and prejudiced the case before he had much of a clue about the actual evidence, you can see why any judge would want to steer clear of the mess.


If the judge wanted off the case, he could have granted the motion to disqualify. I think the judge was just mad at the Zimmermans for what he saw as an attempt to pull the wool over his eyes in the bond hearing, and madder still that case law from the state supreme court wouldn't let him punish Zimmerman by denying bail. He kept Zimmerman in jail for a month before holding another bond hearing, and essentially fined him $85K by upping the bail. But that wasn't enough, so he lobbied the state to file an additional felony charge, and kept a contempt charge as a backup plan.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Who appointed him?


The judge is probably relying upon the veracity of the prosecutor's office.


Ouch. I think the Judge will have some trouble sitting down for a while.

Carol Herman

Okay. Out goes Lester.

What's next? Won't the new judge have to look at the million dollar bail? That wasn't fair!

Given that Zimmerman's served time in jail ... He's already SERVED TIME FOR NO REASON!

Can he yet clear his name?

A sane judge would have dismissed the charges against Zimmerman, because there was no murder! Just self defense! And, the media will have to deal with this.




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