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August 29, 2012


Captain Hate

What would life be with Saint Trayvon and diet threads?


Sure TM, but starving the OPM beast does prolong the life of a democracy.


Try this instead.



In wrestling we called this exercise "Oh Susie!"



Nobody can make me do that Full Hindu Squat....I absolutely refuse. Not gonna eat flax seed either -

Mr. Sherman's libido disappeared, he was cranky, cold and flatulent

Who wants to live like THAT!

Tom Maguire
Mr. Sherman's libido disappeared, he was cranky, cold and flatulent Who wants to live like THAT!

That is my picture of a typical left-wing blogger, but maybe that is just me...


typical left-wing blogger,

Well I did hear that Limp Biscuit is playing the DNC convention. Make of that what you will...


Better than Soggy Biscuit, I guess.

Captain Hate

Shouldn't that be Limp Bizkit? I love it when the DNC tries to be "edgy" and ends up pissing their pants. Kind of like the Super Bowl halftime disasters. Does subjecting the little brats that somehow weren't aborted that there's no daycare for to this garbage music equal a war on wimmenz.


I once asked a Holocaust survivor to describe what it had been like in his village after the Nazis occupied it
"How can I explain it?"he said. "In America every year is like a day. In Novy Yarichev every day was like a year." That's what I imagine life on a starvation diet would be like 365 years in a year.

J. Fred Muggs

Phoebe and I tried the South Beach Diet but it didn't allow bananas. But we did like the fake mashed potatoes ( cauliflower) and lots of fish and chicken. Phoebe lost 3 pounds and went from a health Chimp to an overweight monkey.

I played it safe and cheated every night and ate peanut butter sandwiches with gobs of grape jelly.


It's not that they live longer - it just SEEMS longer.


Oh, boy - where do the people who were betting on this dietary plan go to get the last fifteen years back?
If it started in 1987, that was 25 years. Which under this regimen is more like a millennium.


“…mice, geese and guppies…” do not have 6 mg/dl uric acid blood concentration, moron.


Some years ago, in Australia, an academic suggested that living POWs of the Japanese were reaping the benefit of the spartan Japanese diet. "Weary" Dunlop, a former POW, and a doctor in the camps, was one of the many critics of this view.


What is really kind of odd about the whole idea is that it is pretty much the opposite of conventional diet and exercise theories. We tend to react viscerally to the unpleasantness of the scheme -- and to note correctly that on the unpleasantness scale, it's like traditional schemes, just incrementally worse (as in more unpleasant.)

But if you actually think about the conventional wisdom, it is that 1) what you eat is important, not just how many calories; and 2) exercise is really good for you. So if you consume 3,000 calories/day of high-quality nutritious food and burn 3,000 calories/day with vigorous aerobic exercise and weight training, this is MUCH better for you than consuming and burning 1,500 calories/day.

If it had really turned out that sitting on your butt all day because you are starving and exhausted is more healthy than eating a nutritious diet and exercising, this would have been a shocking result.


I think we vastly overestimate our ability to affect our level of overall health or longevity. Doesn't mean there won't be therapies in the future, but our genetic heritage plays a much greater role than most are willing to accept

Peter B

There were two papers discussed here, one each from two populations of monkeys. One had a high sucrose content to its diet and showed benefit from calorie restriction. One didn't have a high sucrose diet and showed no benefit from calorie restriction.

Maybe the take home from this is to restrict sucrose (and probably fructose) intake.


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