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August 15, 2012


Mark Folkestad

BofE, maybe a night to cool down is in order. I understand your feelings, but I also remember being pulled over on the outskirts of our little town when I was (very carefully) driving my mother back to our cottage. It was the deputy who lived on our lake, and who wanted to know how Mom's cancer checkup went in Minneapolis. George's first wife died from cancer, and his second wife was then battling cancer. George had a scary look to him, but he was one of the nicest and most trustworthy people you could hope to find. The precinct captain who so offended you might well be a similar good guy, and not some deviant trying any tactic to ravish your daughter. Upon sober reflection, I don't think that you would want to ruin a decent man's life.

Beasts of England

Mark@2:42 - I find his extended conversation to be creepy, but that is not the focus of my anger. Cops simply can't drive onto private property and pull over a young lady just to ask about a sorority. That should be self-evident.

That you judge him to be a decent man is beyond charitable, as many protocols were undoubtedly violated...

Tom Maguire


The precinct captain who so offended you might well be a similar good guy, and not some deviant trying any tactic to ravish your daughter. Upon sober reflection, I don't think that you would want to ruin a decent man's life.

I think it is a fair guess that the Beast would not want to ruin a decent man's life. However, the offending officer *may* or *may not* be a decent guy. The only evidence we have does not speak well for him, since he engaged in a totally inappropriate abuse of his authority.

Years back Arkansas had a problem with the "Blue Light Rapist", who would pull young women over on deserted roads and rape them. OK, in the situation at hand there was a guard station nearby, but still, cops shouldn't be pulling young women over without an excellent reason (and young women are advised only to stop in a public place).


Good Morning!

Just in from overseas and haven't started catch-up, but having watched the news of what I've missed the last 24 hours or so, and seeing the Media still tiptoeing around Joe Biden's racist comments, can I make a suggestion? I want to suggest that somebody with access to PJ Media and Insty etc, decide that we all team together and have a blog day this Saturday to honor Joe Biden called, "Talk Like Joe Biden Talking Down To Black Folks Day."

Y'all know what I mean. Why I'se reckon' dat on Saturdee next, we un's all over dis here Innernet thing why we'un's aughta'a all talk jes like Joe Biden does when he talking to dem der Black Folk.

Yassir. Dat's what I speck'en we'un's ought'a do perzackly as it'll let da' folks an' da' Black Folks 'cross dis great Land knows how much we respeck's Joe Biden an' how much we repecks dat he respecks Black Folk 'nuff to talk at 'em in dat "y'all folks don' want no chains from Masse' Romney, no Sirree Bob!" dialeck.

So's dat's my suggesun' for how to honor Joe Biden. My land's he is a great great Vice Presdent and I sware'n I does love to lissen to dat great 'Merican respeckin' the daylights out of Black Folk. Plus he make Obama sound clean and articalate' when he does dat talk . How 'bout dat!


Beast-That is troubling. Most cops I know believe in treating red lights as stop signs late at night so you are not just sitting there visibly alone. My guess is this is some one who honestly does not know how to behave who wants something better for his children than what he had. He has heard it takes letters and rec's to get into some of these Greek houses and simply saw and opening. It's inappropriate but so inappropriate it suggests cluelessness more than maliciousness.

Ralph-I know who was living in that house the year you graduated because I came back. One is a respected lawyer in Savannah and the other Columbia, SC. And they could be obnoxious. Would have liked to seen Shi pied. Man had an ego. Still does. There is a video of him online touting Sustainability that made me wish he had stuck to the Gilded Age. I didn't aspire to hang out there but I had good friends there. The ones still complaining about the school going coed learned to stereotype female students a little less while avoiding econ classes with me. And I would get invited for a nice hot omelette breakfast before tests which is a nice gesture. I am sending Red off with a taste for good champagne cultivated on birthdays and holidays to prevent any allure from the cheap stuff.

Honestly when I first started practicing corporate law high powered corporate female lawyers were still rare in the south. Those experiences served me well traveling around, being involved with due diligence and taking cos public, and being the only female in the room and the youngest person by 5 years.



I had an attempted breakin when I was home from college for the summer and my parents were in Europe and the responding officer who took the report started dropping by our house two or three times a night while my parents were in gone. Felt safer at first, then after the parents returned he started pulling me over to "talk.". Got really creepy and scared the bezeejesus out of me cause once or twice I wasn't exactly blowing a .00 and until I realized it was him was sure I was nailed for DUI (it was the 80s everyone wasn't as circumspect about DUI like they are now plus I was a 20 yo disco queen). Finally had to call a friends dad who was #2 in the department to put a stop to it.

He showed poor judgment in blue lighting her and you should request a meeting w him and his superior and express your concerns. Unlike mine it could be a one off that he was just excited to see the sorority decal and hoping to bolster his daughters chances (which contrarian that I am I would have probably flagged her for a cut just for having a creepy interfering dad). He could be a concerned dad or he could be a creep but he did his daughter no favors by scaring a potential voter for her admittance to the sorority.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!


Ask the brass what their official policy is. They may be harder on him than you.

Once you find out you can decide what you want to do.

I'd be incredibly pissed too. What was your daughter's reaction?

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Top Mass. health insurers see earnings plunge

BOSTON (AP) - The top health insurers in Massachusetts have posted sharply lower earnings for the second quarter compared with the year-ago period because of pressure from small business customers and the state to hold down premium increases.

The state's largest health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, on Wednesday posted net income in the quarter ending June 30 that was 50% lower. The drop was steeper for other plans - more than 56% at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, nearly 94% at Tufts Health Plan, and more than 68% at Fallon Community Health Plan.

It's only a matter of time....


from narciso's 11:46 link to the WaPo about the FRC shooting -

"Staff writers Mark Berman, Justin Jouvenal, Allison Klein, Fredrick Kunkle, Del Quentin Wilber, Clarence Williams and Mahir Zaveri and researchers Magda Jean-Louis and Jennifer Jenkins contributed to this report."

and the article was written by Paul Duggan & Mary Flaherty.

11 people! Boy, it looks like the WaPo was serious about reporting this news. I bet there was a lecture about not including any PC jabs at FRC.

Interesting too that the shooter was a big fan of Nietzsche.

One other note...imagine if the WaPo had assigned 11 people to dig into the Sandy Berger stealing National Security documents case! How that story wasn't huge, Huge, HUGE is beyond me.

Mark Folkestad

BofE, I stated last night that I understood your feelings. All I wanted you to do was step back for a moment for everyone's benefit. If the cop violated procedure in his stop, then he definitely needs to be disciplined, even if he is both good-hearted and clueless. If the cop is a uniformed version of Jim Carrey's "The Cable Guy", he needs to find another line of work, and psychiatric counsel. Once you've reviewed the matter calmly, if you call for the guy's head to be lopped, go for it.

hit and run


11 people! Boy, it looks like the WaPo was serious about reporting this news...imagine if the WaPo had assigned 11 people to dig into the Sandy Berger stealing National Security documents case!

Flashback: AP devoted 11 reporters to "fact-checking Going Rogue, 5 to investigating Climate Gate.

Tell it, but don't push it.

I suspect his daughter will do worse to him than you should.

Mark Folkestad

BofE, the critical factor for me is your state of mind. Clearly the cop, whose rank indicates that he should know procedure, went beyond his rights and duties and should face discipline, at the least. Depending on how your local police force operates, you and yours could wind up with reprisals, and you should keep that in mind. While I'm generally very supportive of police, I know that there are "bad apples" whose police powers can make them think they are immune to normal limitations on behavior. One of my friends, a cop, warned me that some of the jerks he worked with would consider the older car I drove a "Mexican-mobile", and that I could expect to be pulled over once in a while, no matter how good my driving, "on suspicion of driving while Mexican". And I was. Starting my drive home from work after dark, one cop followed me for three miles, finally turning on his lights just before we left the city limits. The guy was shocked when he saw I was a local Norskie, and stammered when I asked him why he had stopped me. Finally, the cop started a thorough inspection, and he had an anxious look on his face until he came around to the front end. Suddenly a big grin appeared and he swaggered over to my window and said that he had pulled me over because of a tiny crack in my windshield. I got a repair ticket, and the auto glass company said they couldn't believe such a crack would result in a ticket. I never filed a complaint because the small city, our county seat, had a police force famous for getting even.

Beasts of England

@ Mark - appreciate your time and effort, and I understand your concerns. Having slept on it, I'm still upset, but will approach it in a manner of 'Should he have done this?' versus 'I want his ass on a platter!'. I will be firm and direct, but tactful nonetheless. Thank you.

@ Tell it, but don't push it - while my older daughter is not vindictive (unlike her Father) there is no way in hell the cop's daughter is going to be a Tri-Delt. And it's not because of what her Dad did, per se, but because there are 2,000 girls going through rush; and without recommendations ('recs') in her file from DDD alumnae, actives in-house, et al., it's simply impossible... And you're right, his daughter would be livid.


--An XKE would have been too undependable for long trips.

Posted by: Ralph L | August 15, 2012 at 11:31 PM--

Had a very simple and very dependable early sixties E Type, even with electricals provided by the Prince of Darkness.

Mid seventies to early nineties (pre Ford) Jaguars were close to the least dependable cars ever made, although even with them many people had little trouble in particular cars.


--Having slept on it, I'm still upset, but will approach it in a manner of 'Should he have done this?' versus 'I want his ass on a platter!'.--

Glad you slept on it Beasts.
Act in haste, repent in leisure.

Beasts of England

@ Tom Maguire - thank you, sir!

Beasts of England

@ Ignatz - As I grow (very slowly) into maturity, I do try to sleep on things overnight! lol

@ Jane - my daughter was freaked out! She, like her Father, can have a rather quick and deadly tongue. Thankfully, she kept it immobile during the event, knowing her parents would do the heavy lifting after the fact.

@ Stephanie - Sorry to hear about your experience. I've taught my daughters to be wary of anyone and everyone - authority figures included...

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