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August 07, 2012



From their website, this is what probably appealed to the Plouffe. now see Halliburton
just doesn't compare;

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Blue Bayous.

Don't mess with Meshad.


Yesterday they used the Bush did it too defense for Plouffe.


--“Even the most zealous watchdog group on this issue did not start their campaign on the host’s holding company until many months later,” said Eric Schultz, a White House spokesman.--

That's the $64 question.
If true I'm certainly willing to give Plouffe a break.
But Wiki reports MTN-Irancell was instrumental in blocking communications in the 2009 Iranian elections, which predates Plouffe's fees. Somebody needs to dig a little more.


Plouffe was Obama's campaign manager, as Cutter was Kerry's, no, she went to work for
a Goldman larvae J.C. Flowers, they would work for the Umbrella Corporation, if they had the right stock options plan,


Somebody needs to dig a little more.

Somebody already has. LUN

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