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August 17, 2012



Amen for that. The 'You didn't build that' remark is indicative of this Administration and its partner the UN mounting an organized assault against American and Western societies, their economies, the primacy and even legitimacy of the individual, and even rational thought itself.

There is nothing not under organized assault. Education may be where I started but it is a tool to destroy everything that has ever brought mass individual prosperity independent of the favors of the state.

And so I wake up early and read and write and blow my horn as best I can over what's at stake. I do believe we can go back to being that city on the hill.

We just have to name and take on the policies and practices emanating from government that have been strangling us for decades. I wrote this last night because I knew today would be busy but it accurately describes part of the organized assault with our tax dollars intended to permanently constrain the mental abilities of future voters.


And if you don't believe how fast this is all happening, you should read the letter to parents sent home last night for a 9th grade Honors Lit class. Everything John Dewey, Maxine Greene, or Bill Ayers ever wanted being imposed on bright hormonal teenagers just wanting to study great books not immerse themselves in each other's personal narratives and emotional journeys.


I guess this makes it unlikely that the bakery will ever get a 20 million dollar taxpayer loan to open a second bakery in the Ukraine. LUN

The O administration has been a fiasco. They are locusts...destroying & looting our country.


TomM-- welcome to JOM. What's this "WE" have a great opportunity this November? What happened to cool detached slightly right of center ennui? Anyways, if you're a full throated ABO guy now, welcome aboard.


Janet-- agree with your 08:04, but it's worse than fiasco. it's gangsterism. Putin is pitching a fit that he can't deliver to cronies what Obama does.


OT - Here is some more info on the Southern Poverty Law Center that lists the Family Research Council as a "hate group". LUN

THEY are the people in the hate business. Livin' in luxury & churning up hatred so idiots send them money. Just disgusting...


from the link -
"Assets for the organization are listed at $190 million, a nice chunk of change in these economic hard times. When was the last time this group, with almost $190 million in assets, did a damn worthwhile thing about, um, poverty?"


one senses much eagerness amongst the Great Unwashed to express their dissatisfaction with the regime.

One does now doesn't one.

hit and run

Calling the FRC a hate group is the very height of celebrating diversity, the pinnacle of being inclusive, the apex of practicing civility and the climatic achievement of promoting tolerance.

And if you disagree, just shut up you hater. We don't want your type around here because we hate you for your disgusting hatefulness and think you should die. Because you are so full of hate.


Another Bob

Thanks for the admonition to not get cocky. I do say quite frequently to work like you are two touchdowns down in the third quarter but you are correct, the time to high five is at the sale closing not the purchase closing.

You should have seen me on the sandlots as a young and brash invincible? Do you know how much cocky it takes to steal home? LOL


Just heard on radio that bo's campaign is saying if Romney will release 5 more years of his returns, they will quit saying he paid no taxes.

Do what we want and then we will stop lying is so presidential and above the fray.

Maybe it is time to really understand what a community organizer is. In Kurtz's book he explains that Obama was funding these groups like Gamaliel while he was in Illinois Senate and they would go after his political opponents including going to their homes to harass.

Some above the fray. This Thugocracy needs to go.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

The Paul Rahe piece posted by Insty is wonderful - well for it's accuracy. He is becoming my favorite.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Obama says if Romney releases 5 years of tax returns, they won't bitch about the rest.

Romney should respond by telling him to release 5 years of academic transcripts and applications and to pound sand.

What are the chance Obama has taken a math class since the 9th grade?


First Obama Medicare attack ads out with the AARP stating that the Ryan/Romney plan would undermine Medicare.

We just need Florida.....we just got Florida.


Rasmussen's commentary today is music to my ears (my emphasis):

One of the things Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate ensures is a series of polling questions over the coming months asking voters what's more important: creating jobs or cutting government spending; helping the economy or cutting deficits; repealing the president's health care law or focusing on the economy.

These questions reflect the way official Washington views the world, but they don't make sense in Mainstream America. In Washington, it's a given that more government spending is needed to help the economy. Most Americans hold the opposite view. So when you ask whether cutting spending or helping the economy is more important, the question doesn't make sense. For most Mainstream voters, one leads to the other.

More in the LUN


AARP?... Hmmm... I guess they don't like competition for Medicare Supplemental insurance. Typical oligarch. Voters will be eduacated during the next 3 months, it's all good.

Rob Crawford

Any bets on when the NYT receives Romney's returns from an "anonymous source"?

I'm thinking mid-October. Late enough to do damage, too early to nail down the source.


I think this was already linked but here is Kudlow interviewing Ed Klein (The Amateur Hour) about Hillary being asked by Jarrett if she would accept VP:


I'm probably the last person to figure it out, but it's obvious that Klein is a Clintonista and that's where he gets most of his stuff. Now that it's apparent Obama may lose, Clinton folks don't seem to be cowed anymore like they used to.

I think Palin has Clinton sources too, probably via Greta van Susteren's husband.

Many of us thought Hillary would never run for anything again, but if that's not the case, of course they would want a Romney win. Could get interesting.


Just heard on radio that bo's campaign is saying if Romney will release 5 more years of his returns, they will quit saying he paid no taxes.

Heh. That's big of them, since everybody's talking about this these days. Wait.


I'm thinking mid-October.
That should pretty much coincide with George Obama's revelations that O was brought up in Kenya.



Well, looks like Messina got a response to his letter, pretty quickly:

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the note.

It is clear that President Obama wants nothing more than to talk about Governor Romney’s tax returns instead of the issues that matter to voters, like putting Americans back to work, fixing the economy and reining in spending.

If Governor Romney’s tax returns are the core message of your campaign, there will be ample time for President Obama to discuss them over the next 81 days.

In the meantime, Governor Romney will continue to lay out his plans for a stronger middle class, to save Medicare, to put work back into welfare, and help the 23 million Americans struggling to find work in the Obama economy.

See you in Denver.

Matt Rhoades
Romney for President
Campaign Manager

Rob Crawford

Yeah, Extraneus, last night I realize that issue had disappeared.

I realized it while reading "It Didn't Start With Watergate", specifically the details of Kennedy's glee at having (illegal) access to people's tax returns.


How long before Obama Medicare defenders catch up to the facts, namely 1) The Romney Plan supersedes "the Ryan Plan" and 2) The most recent Ryan Plan does not propose VOUCHERS? I'm not holding my breath.


I want the Obama transcripts leaked by whomever has the guts to do it. In my mind it's a game-changer. Hopefully in Oct. we will have someone puck up the courage to expose this charlatan . We repubs can play hardball too. We are back to taxes-they have nothing... Obama won't touch religion because then Wright comes into play again. Notice I left off his so-called title. I don't consider Wright a man of God when he uses His name in vain.


Jay Cost-- again-- with astute numbers running explaining "Hip Hop" Joe. With less Black voter turnout because Obamanomics has been a disaster for Black employment, and only getting 91% of the remaining black vote rather than 95% in 2008, Bam could lose 2 MILLION Black votes. Disaster. No Hope in 2012, it's all "Back in Chains' scare mongering. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/morning-jay-why-did-biden-play-race-card_650099.html

Rob Crawford

Rahe, in the comments to his piece:

The "respectable" left makes free use of the unrespectable left.

This. Exactly. This is why I get so pissed when Patterico et. al. chant that the Kimberlin Krew are "not a partisan issue". If the left did not openly express admiration for the violent on their side -- if they actually ostracized those who commit violence, then Kimberlin would be an obscure fry cook paying off the damages to his victims.



The guys who publicly endorsed Obamacare that 2/3 of elderly voters cant stand and want repealed? LOL


Do you know any more jokes?

wipes tear, composed self







Well we knoee now the main problem with Watergate was that their CREEP, was not 'privatized' like the Dems, called Intertel,
stock full of former NSA, and CIA operatives.

Most everything else, is puffery, as we've found out from Holland, Now remember how we ended up on this tax mcguffin, through Shaxson, the OWS ops doing his thing at Vanity Fair, that gave them a degree of deniability, even though most of the details were debunked,

laff trac

"AARP stating that the Ryan/Romney plan would undermine Medicare."

Dubbydave = Comedy Gold !


GMax-- well there's that, plus they don't want competiton for their insurance business. Ryan will educate millions of voters about the scm that is Obamacare diverting medical care $$ from retired WORKERS to BUMS on medicaid.


As Clarice is wont to say, "a little sherbet" to start your morning:

Run, Joe, Run


I have decided there is nothing at all wrong with Obama's birth certificate. The controversy was a deliberate head fake created by Obama so he could laugh and scoff at anyone asking for transcripts, passports, etc., or questioning his life story. It worked. No one questions any lie he tells about his life.

Danube of Thought

Re the Rahe piece, the loathsome Rather has never acknowledged his willful deception in 1963 any more than he has acknowledged that the TANG documents were forgeries.

Danube of Thought

In my family we were taught that hatred was bad, except that it's OK to hate Notre Dame.

Soylent Red

Just heard on radio that bo's campaign is saying if Romney will release 5 more years of his returns, they will quit saying he paid no taxes.

How about...

"President Obama, if you will direct your AG Eric Holder to release all documents pertaining to Fast and Furious, we will quit saying you are responsible for the deaths of two Federal agents and over 200 Mexican citizens in a failed attempt to undermine the Second Amendment.

"And reliable sources tell us that Harry Reid is a pederast."

Danube of Thought

Minus 16 at Raz today.

Leads Romney by 1.


Well from the thread last night, he learned from Cronkite, who wouldn't avoid omitting certain facts, like the fact that Goldwater
was burying a relative, or that General Quinn, had invited him to Germany, to get in the way of the narrative.

Maybe Pat's crew is getting a clue, in the foundational support, behind Kimberlin, that explains that bizarre coloquoy in Md, out of 'My Cousin Vinny' but I'm not absolutely sure.


maryrose, the gamechanger is when people talk what is known about Obama. Waiting for transcripts is unnecessary.

The Press Secretary makes it clear what they would like us to not talk about:

The head of the DNC makes it clear what they would like us to not talk about:


Sue, I don't think he's that smart. Plus, there is the long-running advertisment for his book that admits he was not born in the USA.

I do agree, however, that Obama has Romney's tax returns in hand.

What does Romney have?

Captain Hate

This is why I get so pissed when Patterico et. al. chant that the Kimberlin Krew are "not a partisan issue".

I get really depressed when I read stuff like this. He's giving those vermin a pass for complicity in sending SWAT teams to his home.


"What does Romney have?"

Obama's record as president.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Funny that dudu hates the Irish guy.


No, tcb, I mean the stuff of vituperation.


That's the thing, I'm sure Geithner would obtain them for a farthing, however, as we know from other examples, 'absence of evidence, is evidence of absence' in their
view, the facts get in the way, of their narrative, from the Plain Stealer to the Times and everywhere in between,

And it's not only among the Democrats, the Top Men, you and I, satirize are as vicious
as Beeks on occasion.


"I have decided there is nothing at all wrong with Obama's birth certificate."

I have long said the birth certificate is a ruse. It was always brought up by the left. His dual citizenship should have been the real controversy in 2007-2008.

My interest in the certificate, more recently, is due to Arpaio's proving the online cert is a complete fabrication and the conservative media's subsequent shunning of Arpaio.

Arpaio was their golden boy for all things illegal immigration wise. Now, during the height of Obama's Dream act implementation, nobody will tall to the foremost expert because he is too toxic.

It is bullshit.


Danube of Thought

You're powerless against this conspiracy, TK. It all began back in '61....

Captain Hate

And it's not only among the Democrats, the Top Men, you and I, satirize are as vicious
as Beeks on occasion.

The Christine O'Donnell experience ended my illusion that Top Men put party above all else. If I ever meet Kristol the first question I'll ask him is why he joined the pile on.


I always return the AARP's resolicitaions of me to them in their postage paid envelope -- including all the forms unsigned so they can do their civic duty and recycle them.

Perhaps I should include extra sheets of paper just to help.


GMAX: --The Christine O'Donnell experience ended my illusion that Top Men put party above all else.--

Whatever else is objectionable about these "top men" you (frequently) allude to, not putting "party above all" sounds like a GOOD thing to me.


Well my doubts were clarified much earlier, granted O'Donnell, wasn't an ideal candidate,
there's still some guffawing about the Ewok tree, this morning about her,

As for substantive argument he and Wehner 'chose poorly' during the Egypt business,


As I recall, AARP stands to make about $1 Billion over the first 10 years once Obamacare goes into full effect. No conflict of interest there.


The fundamental problem, Alice, is that they don't stand for principle, one expects to be stabbed in the back by the Democrats, until recently we didn 't require a shield for the front,


"TK. It all began back in '61...."

A conspiracy to make him President did not start in '61. I can say this a million times, I can place the facts in front of you, but I can't understand it for you.


Applewhite - who rode two SEPTA buses to get to the center - showed the clerk a Medicare card from the 1990s, its edges frayed from years of being pulled out of her pocketbook. It listed her Social Security number, but only the last seven digits were visible. A state Department of Public Welfare document showed her name, signature, and Social Security number - but all in her own handwriting. Other documents showed her street address in the city's Germantown section. She had no documents verifying that the Viviette Virene Brooks listed on her birth certificate was the same person as the Viviette Applewhite applying for an ID.

Her lawyers later issued a statement including a comment from Witold Walczak, legal director of the state ACLU: "We are delighted for Ms. Applewhite. She has been trying to obtain PennDot ID for years and now she will be able to vote in November after all." But he cautioned that there are "thousands of Ms. Applewhites out there who still don't have ID. It would be nice if PennDot relaxed the rules for all of them."

For her part, Applewhite was thrilled. She returned to her apartment after little more than an hour at the PennDot office and proudly showed off her new ID. "I got it, Miss Cunningham," she told a neighbor. "I didn't fight for nothing. I fought and got my rights."

You'd think that Democrats would be out getting photo IDs for everybody so they could vote, but instead they insist upon "yelling, screaming and gnashing of teeth."


So you see hope die, when it might have once flourished,an idle dream;


Soylent Red

Perhaps I should include extra sheets of paper just to help.

Sand is cheap and plentiful.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

This has been a great week!

Captain Hate

As for substantive argument he and Wehner 'chose poorly' during the Egypt business,

As bad as that turned out, I can understand having an optimistic attitude that was just extremely ill founded.


the loathsome Rather has never acknowledged his willful deception in 1963

For those, like me, who weren't aware of this, or had forgotten about it:


I can't vouch for the accuracy of the site, but I presume this is what Rahe is alluding to. The bigger question is why Rather wasn't fired right then and there, thus saving us all four decades of annoyance.


sbw, I do that too!! LOL

Loved this quote from a front page story in the Slimes about Dems staying away from the convention:

“Almost any candidate is better off staying home,” said Lawrence Levy, an expert on suburban politics at Hofstra University. “It’s Labor Day — there are parades, there are barbecues, there are block parties. These are the staples of retail campaigning. Why would you want to take time away?”

But the decisions, in some cases, also reflect the reality that even in some pockets of a state as reliably blue as New York, Democrats do not see the president as a political asset.

“Half the electorate is really not happy at this point with the president’s leadership, and so that doesn’t provide members of the House with much of a basis for thinking there will be coattails for them to ride on,” said James E. Campbell, a professor of political science at the State University at Buffalo. “I don’t think they’re running away from him, but I don’t think they’re running to be seen as a close ally of his, either.”

Some guy

Insty headline:

"PUNCHING BACK TWICE AS HARD: Romney Campaign: Team Obama ‘drowning in their own venom.’"


Groden is either nuttier than a fruit bat on tangerines, jimmy, look at his caption, or a cynical conman, after so many years i have to think the later, the likes of Gus Russo, have come around to the notion, that certainly Oswald was more than just sympathetic to Fidel, although the desinformatya, that Mitrokhin uncovered, has scattered the trail, for almost as long.


He hasn't said 'underwear will be worn on the outside' but otherwise this right out of 'Bananas'



--until recently we didn't require a shield for the front--

I would say that until recently, the powerbroker/status quo types WERE the front. It's only recently that we've amassed sufficient numbers of active, interested, and informed people to bypass the DC-centric vested interests to make a difference. The "friendly fire" isn't new - it's that the size of the target that got bigger.

Rick Ballard

“I don’t think they’re running away from him, but I don’t think they’re running to be seen as a close ally of his, either.”

Walking? Sure. Trotting? Yes, some appear to be trotting. Marching? Well, yes, there does seem to be a certain cadence involved. Jogging? Some younger Dem pols do seem to be into cardiovascular distance making but my point is there are very few Dem pols running screaming from the President. A few, sure, but as a credentialed political scientist I can state with complete authority they do not constitute a majority. How do I know it's a majority? Because a majority of the Dems polled in my study hung up when they heard the President's name and were classified in the 'Don't have any opinion.' category.


WEll first of all, relying the Daily Show or Colbert is your first mistake,


but is there other levels of category error,

Danube of Thought

The fundamental problem, Alice, is that they don't stand for principle

Actually, they do; they are just principles with which a number of people disagree.

Danube of Thought

No, the conspiracy began in '61. There are those who are just unwilling to accept it. It's dangerous.



"Biden’s ‘good friend,’ donor receives $20M federal loan to open foreign luxury car dealership in Ukraine"


Hmmmm... Interesting that this issue should come up now:

German court widens army's internal crisis role

The German military will in future be able to use its weapons on German streets in an extreme situation, the Federal Constitutional Court says.

Having seen German riot police in action (they don't play games), they must be afraid of some really bad situation developing if they are even contemplating this kind of step.


Please name one main stream individual, that isn't a kook, that believes such a conspiracy began in 1961.


They bought the cover story, and then they ignored all those who brought them contrary evidence,

This is as true with Obama and the Stimulus and Obamacare as it was with Egypt and Gitmo, And the stink of it, is the ones who more often than not, made the wrong calls get promoted, and those who judged correctly are

Danube of Thought

Please name one main stream individual

That's just the point: the mainstream dares not touch it. That's how powerful it is.


I guess this technically belongs in the previous thread, but this one seems the liveliest:

New American Crossroads ad urges, “Run, Joe, Run”

Looks like Joe has a rough 11 weeks ahead of him.

I do have to say, there is something very satisfying about seeing Joe get the Sarah treatment. The one big difference is that Joe deserves it.


Groden is either nuttier than a fruit bat on tangerines

I'd never heard of him, and didn't look at the rest of the site. But the story about Rather is accurate, no? I'm sure I'd heard before.


I'm sure I'd heard *it* before.

JM Hanes


"I have decided there is nothing at all wrong with Obama's birth certificate. The controversy was a deliberate head fake created by Obama so he could laugh and scoff at anyone asking for transcripts, passports, etc., or questioning his life story."

I'm ambivalent about the birth certificate itself, but you're absolutely right about how his enablers have capitalized on it. I think the really damaging stuff he wants to keep under wraps comes later. The Chicago crowd managed to wipe a lot of that history clean (how could a state senator manage to leave virtually no paper trail at all, for example?), but even their tentacles have limits.

I believe we're unlikely to learn much more about the real Obama until he's out of office, and is divested of the presidential powers which allow him to intimidate and police potential snitches. At that point however, his pre-presidential life story will simply be an interesting prelude to the revelations about his White House & Executive Branch operations which will surface once the Obama gravy train has hit the end of the tracks.


If you have hankering for a conspiracy theory, this incredibly long comment from another site should keep you busy.

" Go to the Hawaii traffic court’s web site "eCourt Kokua" http://jimspss1.courts.state.hi.us:8080/eCourt/ECC/ECCDisclaimer.iface;jsessionid=FDFF513AA90109AC4375A7CBE7C8AF36.

click “Agree” to the terms and conditions. Then click, “Search for case details by case ID or citation number.” Once there, enter at the prompt, Case ID or Citation Number(*): 1193041MO and hit Search.”

1.The Case ID is 1193041MO

2. The name of the case is State v. Bari Shabazz which was a non-jury case. The case is characterized as a “Traffic Crime,” with a “REPORT number W50100.” The offense occurred on March 12, 1982. The charging police officer is Duane Masayuki Espinueva. The event is characterized as an “Accident Major.” The charge was driving without a valid driver’s license.

3. The case was first filed on Tuesday, March 16, 1982, in the First Circuit, located at Kane’Ohe Division.

4. This court is located at 45-939 Pookela Street, Kaneohe, HI 96744. The case was continued to April 5, 1982.

5. The record also shows that Bari Shabazz was supposed to be arraigned and enter a plea on April 5, 1982, at 8:30 a.m., in Kane’ohe Traffic Court, Courtroom B, at the Kane’ohe Division. The case was continued to May 5, 1982.

6. On May 5, 1982, at 8:00 a.m., Bari Shabazz was supposed to again be arraigned and enter his plea in the same court room. He apparently did not appear and so the court issued a bench warrant on May 5, 1982, bearing number “BWO 050582.” It appears as though the court set bail at $25.00. The record also shows the entry of “HONDA,” maybe meaning that Bari Shabazz was driving a Honda or that the prosecutor’s name was “HONDA.”

7. The next entry is for May 5, 1982, at 8:30 a.m. The court ordered the “AP” (maybe meaning accused person) to show proof of “NEW YORK DRIVER’S LICENSE.”

8. The report then shows that the prosecutor on April 9, 2003, filed an ex parte motion to recall the bench warrant and announced on the record “nolle prosequi.” This is a Latin phrase which is formally entered into a court record which means that the prosecutor in a criminal case “will no further prosecute” the case.

9. The motion was listed as “NP [nolle prosequi] 040903.” So, the charge was dismissed upon the prosecutor’s ex parte “Nolle Prosequi” motion made on April 9, 2003. “Ex parte” means that only one side made the application which in this case was the prosecutor.

10. The final entry was for October 30, 2005, at 8:00 a.m., when the court noted that a $-0- balance was owed, but said “Pls check.”

11.The accident is characterized as a major accident. Chances are that Bari Shabazz and/or any passenger was taken to a local hospital in Honolulu County due to his/their injuries. If Bari Shabazz suffered any major injuries or laceration, the physical signs of those injuries and/or lacerations could still be present somewhere on his body if he is still alive. NOTE: THE RIGHT SIDE OF OBAMA'S HEAD IS SEVERELY SCARRED!!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1373780/Mystery-scars-Obamas-head-begs-question--President-brain-surgery.html

12. On April 9, 2003, the prosecutor filed a motion to recall the bench warrant, to terminate prosecution, and close the case. Why would this case come to the attention of some local prosecutor 21 years following the initial violation of March 12, 1982? A local prosecutor does not just go looking for cases that are 21 years old and file motions to dismiss those cases. Someone must have asked that local prosecutor to dismiss the case so that the arrest warrant was cleared from the court’s and nation’s computer system.

13. Bâri′ M. Shabazz, according to the Social Security Death Index, died in August 1994. If Bâri′ M. Shabazz is the same person as is listed in this Hawaii auto accident as Bari Shabazz, why would someone care to recall his arrest warrant on April 9, 2003 or almost 9 years after his death? Surely, it could not be Bâri′ M. Shabazz who was interested since he had been dead since 1994. On the other hand, if he was not dead he would be interested.

14.The SSDI record states that the death information for Bâri′ M. Shabazz was coded “V”. V signifies: “Verified: Report verified with a family member or someone acting on behalf of a family member.” The report is not coded “P“ which signifies: “(Proof): Death Certificate Observed”. Notice of death was made by an informant who did not present verification of his/her reporting. No death certificate was presented with the notification of death.

15. Once in the federal system, the record was flagged as ‘PE’, meaning that an inconsistency exists between what was reported and what was recorded in the government’s files.

16. On 21 August 1994, the Illinois State Senate seat ‘officially’ opened up! Its occupant, Alice Palmer – for whom “Barack Obama” was working – could now set her sights on indicted Mel Reynolds’ Congressional seat.

17. On October 30, 2005, or 23 years following the date of the accident of March 12, 1982, the court again re-visits the case of Bari Shabazz, noting that he did not owe the court any money but to “Pls. check.” Why would the court again concern itself with this case on that date, especially if Bari Shabazz was dead since 1994?

18. Barack Obama was the son of Mau Mau Kenyan Revolution Hero, Hussein Onyango Obama. In the early 1950's, Malcolm X was publicly singing HOO's praises in Harlem - years before his son, Barack Obama, arrived in America.] “Barack Obama II” – a.k.a. “Barack Obama Jr. “

Michelle Obama’s statement during the campaign, when asked about Barack’s nickname, Barry? She stated that its origin was a cute Muslim name, anglicized to “Barry”.

19. Intellus tracking addresses: Malcolm X and his family resided at 23-11 97th St. East Elmhurst, New York, from July 1960 through February 18, 1965, three days before his death. BM Shabazz (Bari M Shabazz) B 10/28/59 D 8/94 SSN 084545926 Residences 1 3226 98TH St Apt 1 EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369 2 3298 EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369 3 HQCO SUC BN Quantico, VA 4 1 HQ CO MCDEC QUANTICO, VA 5 HQ CO SERV BN QUANTICO, VA 6 99999 MILITARY APT QUANTICO, VA 22134 7 HQCO HQSVCBN MCDEC QUANTICO, VA 22134 8 HQCO SERV BN QUANTICO, VA 9 99999 MILITARY APT QUANTICO, VA 22134

Quantico VA = Fake military addresses!!

20. In 1988, Malcolm Xs lawyer and former Manhattan Borough President, Percy Sutton, was asked by Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, the principle adviser to one of the world's richest men, a Saudi, to write a letter to Harvard recommending Obama. Sutton stated on TV that Mansour paid Obama's tuition at Harvard Law School. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/12/percy_sutton_dies_his_obama_re.html

21. Attorney Stephen Pidgeon says Obama actually attended The Patrice Lumumba School in Moscow, Russia, sometime in the period between 1988 and 1989, "a boarding school for recruits being trained in the techniques of communist overthrow.” Attorney Pidgeon believes that Obama’s degree from Columbia University was purchased from Columbia having never attended.

22. Pidgeon found a name change in British Columbia in October 1982, AFTER THE HAWAII CAR CRASH to Barack Hussein Obama.


Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH16Vj1T-4M


The traffic court in Hawaii was still acting on the BariShabazz traffic case 9 and 11 years after the alleged death in August 1994 of Bâri′ M. Shabazz. What needs to be investigated is why the local prosecutor and court took those actions so many years after the traffic accident and at whose behest.

When there is an auto accident, the police do a detailed accident report. That report includes the name, addresses, date of birth, and social security number of the person involved in the accident who is charged for that accident. The driver’s license number is also included if that license is produced or otherwise verified. A physical description of the defendant is also included. The make of auto, including the year made and VIN number are also included, along with statements of witnesses. There could be a photograph of the defendant in the police record. A thorough investigation of this matter would surely include searching the police record in Honolulu County for this report so that this information may be examined and evaluated.

Is Obama now fulfilling the dreams of his father, Malcolm X?

Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5QD_6UtfFo&feature=related



I don't know what 'special sauce' Ras used this morning, but this is a bit distressing,



NAME: Bari Malik Shabazz DOB: October 28, 1959 FATHER: Malcolm Little Shabazz aka Malcolm x MOTHER: Jo Ann Newman

SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX NAME: Bari M. Shabazz DOB: 10-28-59 SOCIAL SECURITY NO: 084-54-5926 Death August, 1994 (V) /verified ( no valid proof or death certificate issued) (PE) (inconsistency flagged between what is reported and what is RECORDED IN GOVERNMENT FILES)

Born in East Elmhurst, NY, most of his addresses are listed as "Quantico, VA 22134" in military housing


bari means "of Allah" in Muslim

Bari Shabazz, with the help of Puppet Masters, reinvented himself with a new ID, birthdate, which he consistenly confuses, and a new social security number, and in August 1994, launched his State Senate Campaign when on August 21, 1994 Rep. Mel Reynolds was convicted of 12 charges including sex with a 16 year old.

Just think of him in a "Witness Protection Program" of sorts."


Whew... Glad I got that out of my system. I do not believe that conspiracy to be true for the record.

Sorry about the length of the post. I will be taking a break from JOM for the weekend. Lots to do.

Take care, see you Monday.

Rob Crawford

DoT, please stop baiting TK.


Well Volodya does treat him like one of the less able Patrice Lumumba grads, but that is because almost?? all of his influences have left wing ones, ironically like what Brofenbrunner proscribed for the rest of us.


Rob, you know I don't need help to go berserk.


Thomas Collins

So, TK, let me make sure I understand this. Your diligence has uncovered evidence tending to suggest that even under a strict interpretation of "natural born," Obama qualifies (both Malcolm X and Ann Dunham, if my recollection is correct, themselves being natural borners)?

Whatever Obama's status, TK, I'm going to be careful not to get you curious about my background. I can just imagine the old records you'll turn up about me! :-))

Danube of Thought


"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Wisconsin Voters shows Thompson with 54% of the vote to Baldwin’s 43%. One percent (1%) prefer some other candidate,"

Danube of Thought

Bait? Moi?


I believe we're unlikely to learn much more about the real Obama until he's out of office...

I think so too, JMH. Actually, I think it is highly likely to occur for many reasons.



He does 30 polls a month and polling by definition is only 95% confident of its results of any survey ( which means one out of 20 will yield an result more than the MOE from the actual reading )

I would not worry about a single survey or several days given RAS is using a three day rolling average. It stays there two weeks running, probably means something has changed, but it could be RAS methodology too. He has become less upfront about what he is doing, trying to bait more folks into paying for the "premium" content.


--Posted by: Threadkiller | August 17, 2012 at 10:27 AM--

I see what you did there. LOL!



Hiding in plain sight! Not just plain sight, but on the world stage. What a concept.


Wisconsin with two Republican Senators. A Republican governor. You have to believe the progs are on a losing binge for the birthplace of Progressivism to be so thoroughly eviscerated. Might have the SEIU folks awakened the sleeping giant?


unlikely to learn much more about the real Obama until he's out of office.

Well you have the opportunity to learn a great deal more right now. Dinesh D'Souza 2016 the Movie, should be in a theatre near you right now. And unlike Mike Moore's trash its quite well researched. Go.


TC, I only deal in strict interpretation of "natural born."


Indeed, he would truly be eligible if O's actual dad turned out to be the Xster. I gives new meaning to "XOXOXOXO."

To be clear, the research was not mine. It came from a comment found here:


Gotta run!

hit and run

Boy, who could've seen this coming?

Speaking of desperate, guess who’s getting his second vacation this month? Vice President Joe Biden is going home to Delaware.

Shouldn't reports camp out around his house? Getting a quote from Joe as he's being silenced by Team Obama would be golden!

Oh, and who saw this coming happening?

::points thumbs at self:: This guy.

A review of Biden’s schedule for the last several weeks shows that he’s been kept on a very short chain, and has spent many days in Delaware, rather than on the campaign trail or even at the Vice-President’s mansion in D.C.

On the week starting Monday Aug 6, he had no campaign events scheduled. In the prior week, he was scheduled to attend only three campaign events. In the prior week, starting Monday July 23, he attend a firefighters’ convention in Palm Beach, Fla., a police convention in Philadelphia, and an one additional “campaign event” in Washington D.C.


Union meetings and ribbon cutting. The buffoon cant handle anything else.


Charlie (Colorado)


Yup, Medicare is driving away the old folks in Florida.

Danube of Thought

I really savor contemplating how that absurd fool feels when he reads the reports of the offer to Hillary.


'Handle' Union meetings and Ribbon Cuttings? I think he's dangerous to Bam at both. By Labor Day he'll be wearing a Silence of the Lambs mask.

Rob Crawford
Union meetings and ribbon cutting. The buffoon cant handle anything else.

You know he's going to end up cutting the union and meeting the ribbon.

Voldemort Delenda Est !                   Sandy Daze

Youse gurlz are welcome !

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