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August 29, 2012


Annoying Old Guy

"Fuel standards raised, women and minorities hardest hit"


Free stuff. It's what has made America great these last 3 years.


TomM? wow, TomM certainly got out of the wrong side of the Obama bed this AM. "Small Men" "Tooth Fairy".


"Uncontroversial with industry" that would mean government owned GM. Got it.


Which is just the way, F.M, Davis, preferred in 1949, as well as Robert Unger, and a host of his other mentors.

Cecil Turner
“These fuel standards represent the single most important step we’ve ever taken to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” President Obama said in a statement.
Well, that's one way of spinning it . . . another might be that it's the biggest selling point for light trucks (which are held to a looser standard):
CAFE has separate standards for "passenger cars" and "light trucks", despite the majority of "light trucks" actually being used as passenger cars. The market share of "light trucks" grew steadily from 9.7% in 1979 to 47% in 2001 and remained in 50% numbers up to 2011. [emphasis added]
Or, especially for luxury cars, one could just ignore the standard, and roll the penalty into the price.
Melinda Romanoff

Not like they're trying to push the urban living thing, or anything.

Captain Hate

"Endorsed by industry"? What a joke. I'm sure the auto engineers' reaction was "WTF".

Melinda Romanoff

Lisa Jackson is into darts, obviously.


Its' the Homer Simpson design team.


Cecil/MelR- highlight the sick joke this CAFE nonsense has become. Families that can afford SUVs are outside the standard, high incomers will pay the higher price for noncompliance in luxury sedans. So who feels CAFE?-- young first-time and poor buyers who are cost driven. Their only choice will be a smaller/lighter/more dangerous URBAN mini. Bam is trying to trap the young in Urban enviros. It's a cynical sinister plan. Full disclosure-- my 21yo son bought a high MPG Ford Focus. DOOM!


I'd love to see a comparison between Mitt and BOzo re their car maintenance experiences. I bet Obama has never checked his oil, much less changed it. Ditto his tires' pressure, despite his admonition re ours. How fuel efficient was that new Grand Cherokee Obama chose for his 3-person family?

Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty

The resulting lighter cars will lead to more highway fatalities. How many must die to save our planet?


When all the cars are finally parked is the average MPG ∞ or 0?

Or is it somewhere in between the two?

Danube of Thought

Minus 15 at Raz today.

Leads Romney by 1.


When Obama debated Alan Keyes, in 2004, he was asked a trick question:

"What type of car do you drive?"

He used a lifeline and asked Michelle, who was in the audience, for help.

It is in cspan's archives.


Quit yur bitchin', you can ride the high speed rail and at least you wont have to sit freezing in the dark in your house cuz you cant afford the utility bill. And Mother Gaia thanks you so do the polar bears, really they do.


Meanwhile the Volt plant sits idle. Why wont the dogs eat the new and improved dog food? They just dont know what's good for them!


GMAX-- excellent snark at 09:48 and 9:50. The Volt plant is indeed idle right now.
BTW-- the original Senators wound up in Minn-St Paul as part of a complex settlement of anti-trust suits brought against Major League Baseball after the Nat'l League approved the Dodger and Giant moves to LA and SF. Minn-St Paul among others sued baseball after the Giants reneged on their planned move to Met Stadium in Minn, the NL owners would only approve O'Malley moving to LA if a second team moved to the West Coast. Somehow O'Malley convinced Stoneham to move to SF (bribe?) NYC sued as well -- Bill Shea was the City's lawyer... the settlement led to team expansion (mets colt 45s, angels and new Senators) the old Senators having moved to Minn to take the Giant place. It's a much longer story than that, and a fascinating piece of American history.

Oops, better go look it up myself.

Wait'll you hear how the CAFE # for electrical vehicles is calculated.

Melinda Romanoff

Repeat: It looks like we bombed Munich overnight, again.

Fireball in pic.

“These fuel standards represent the single most important step we’ve ever taken to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” President Obama said in a statement.

That's because they haven't taken any other ones. Well, except for the ones they don't want to talk about, like Solyndra.




Melinda Romanoff


Monbiot getting broader coverage this AM than is deserved.



Ras has Obama's approval at 50% in swing states.


Yes and Gallup does not.


--Cecil/MelR- highlight the sick joke this CAFE nonsense has become. Families that can afford SUVs are outside the standard--

That's not true. Light trucks are being squeezed harder than autos. Achieving 30 MPG in a light truck is going to lead to a larger change in them than in automobiles.

I'll go out on a limb here and state that the 2016 standards may survive but that's 50/50 while there is almost no chance the 2025 ones will. The abundance of cheap natural gas and petroleum itself and the daunting challenges to ever making electric and/or fuel cell vehicles cost effective will lead to a revolt and simple reality intruding.
Look up what happened to California's electric vehicle mandate for a history lesson.


He's babbling about arresting Tony Blair again.

Melinda Romanoff


Dual fuel.

Someone's investigating a solar connection to the recent swarm of California earthquakes.

Bishop Hill, where the Early Bird rse left a nice note on one thread, has a Josh cartoon of Monbiot in another thread, moaning about Arctic sea ice extent. Nevermind that Antarctic sea ice extent is above normal for this time of year.

This will not stand.

Yes, Iggy, engineering 55mpg is about as difficult as making solar or wind energy cost effective.

Melinda Romanoff

I think there's a relationship between that and piezoelectric phenomena.

Paul Zrimsek

The automakers are showing their gratitude to the good-cop Feds for saving them from the bad-cop CARB. You can read the whole story here (PDF).

Is there some alternative definition of "uncontroversial" that's accessible only to liberals? This isn't the first place I've seen it; in any comments section having to do with judicial nominees, it's only a matter of time before someone complains about how the Republicans have been blocking even "uncontroversial" ones.


Family SUVs are a 'light truck', different standard than the auto. The non performance SUV standard may be attainable, but expensive- diesel engines. The wife drives a Touareg SUV, quite spacious, and gets 35+ highway and about 25mpg overall with a TDI diesel. Whoever can sucessfully develop the functional NatGas powered 'diesel' engine will make a fortune as long haul and even light trucks move to NatGas diesel tech-- that will be the cheapest US fuel for decades.

We know so little about how the climate is regulated.

Could be Mel. I dunno, but it is interesting, very speculative, work.

Comanche Voter

Only the brain dead--which of course includes writers at both WaPo and NYT and the morons at the NRDC-- would claim that these rules are uncontroversial.

Melinda Romanoff

Very dark.

And no flashlights at hand. Just have to go by, what's that called again? Oh, yeah, scientific method, and take one's time.


The resulting lighter cars will lead to more highway fatalities.

Not only that, but higher mpg doesn't necessary reduce gasoline usage, certainly not proportionally anyway. People drive more miles.

It's a bit like the minimum wage. Isn't higher better? Why stop at $7.25/hour? Why not $27.25 and eliminate poverty completely. So why stop at 54.5 mpg? Why not 154.5? It's not as though they are being constrained by technological reality.

And how is it that these things get decided by fiat anyway? Sadly, I don't expect even a Romney administration with a Republican Congress to have the cojones to repeal this any more than they'd lower the minimum wage.


engineering 55mpg is about as difficult as making solar or wind energy cost effective

I don't see the problem.

A gem, Paul.

Nice link, PaulZ @ 10:36. From the conclusion: In setting these standards, 'the Obama administration was not slowed by statute, process, or facts.' Page 37 from Issa.


Ig-- PS I was refering to the 2016 SUV numbers, the 2025 numbers are of course pure Unicorn Poop, for the Leftwing masses.

Melinda Romanoff


And why I said Lisa likes darts. She's just throwing 'em out there.


rse was off reading about the bioregional movement which is precisely what these new CAFE standards were designed for. The post-carbon fantasy where public transit is the norm in the metropolitan areas we will be crowded into. Unless of course we are assigned to agricultural duty.

"This SO won't work" comes up quite frequently when you are reading all the bioregional stuff. Which of course preceded Agenda 21 as a political theory. Agenda 21 being an implementing tool just like education.

NK-not just GM. It's anybody involved in Peter Senge's SoL Sustainability Consortium. That seems to include most of Corporate America.

http://www.hedstromassociates.com/downloads/Summary_TCB080226.pdf is the conference we were not invited to in February 2008 at the Marriott Financial Center, NYC is fairly typical.

These guys also mention Davos a lot. I thought the Small Planet stuff was bad. This is much worse and Senge has these execs thinking that WWF, for example, is a good ally because they have "scientific expertise."


This is my kind of mileage:

"A sad farewell to the U.S. Constitution Exclusive:

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley calls GOP treasonous for eligibility inaction

The U.S. Constitution was a magnificent document. In that long, hot Philadelphia summer, your Founding Fathers thoughtfully debated the instrument of your freedom – a document that inspires all of us who no longer live in the knowledge that the only people who can impose laws or taxes upon us are those whom we have elected.

In today’s Europe, we are ruled by faceless Kommissars elected by none, accountable to none, removable by none. By contrast, the United States is still, in Walt Whitman’s memorable phrase, “the athletic democracy.” Or, rather, it was.

For your governing class has cravenly abandoned the Constitution. Faced with one of the most flagrant and persisting breaches of that great charter of freedom in your nation’s history, they totter fightless from the field.

This is what your Constitution says:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

No ifs. No buts. This is the ancient and sensible ius soli: you are a citizen of the nation on whose soil you were born. Not born here? Go and play president somewhere else.

There is no room in this column to point out all of the obvious defects in Mr. Obama’s transparently forged “birth certificate.” I have summarized them in a briefing for my Peers. Get it from www.moncktononline.com (ALSO EMBEDDED BELOW). Forgery has been committed. The fraudsters should be locked up forever.

But the real criminals are those in high office who know Mr. Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery but willfully, sullenly do absolutely nothing about it."



The birther wagon just keeps rolling along. Is it really running on fumes?

(H/t ORYR)

Jim Eagle


When we were expanding the Pertamina refinery at Balikpapan we lost 3 guys who were dredging out our service water intake system. Unexploded but still fully armed bomb underwater for over 40 years.

We also found unexploded ordnance during our tank farm construction. Lots of artillery shells and grenades. Had lots of downtime while our own "bomb squad" did their thing. We also found a channel mine but it was inert thank God since we received a lot of material via shipping.


--Family SUVs are a 'light truck', different standard than the auto. The non performance SUV standard may be attainable, but expensive- diesel engines. The wife drives a Touareg SUV, quite spacious, and gets 35+ highway and about 25mpg overall with a TDI diesel.--

Yes, but even pick ups have to get 30mpg by 2016.
Mine gets about 14.
My diesels got about 19.
Our Jeep Grand Cherokees got around 17 as does our 2009 GMC Acadia.
There no way to get there from here with gasoline powered light trucks of the current size. Diesel adds $7,000+ to the original cost and pickups still wouldn't make it. Half ton pickups with new small diesels might.

Changing the light truck fleet over to those parameters is a lot more of a climb than forcing everyone into Priuses and Ford Focuses. (Prii and Foci?)
And if the solution predominates towards diesel it will put much more of a strain on refineries.
And as the price of new cars inevitably goes up exorbitantly older less fuel eficient cars will become more economically important further skewing any supposed benefit as they stay on the road longer. Raise the standards high enough and enforce them and our roads won't look too different than Cuba's.




Or zainy?

His pedigree suggests both.


Barry and the EPA's ideal of energy independence; America 2025:


One more -

Melinda Romanoff


If you ever got to St. Petersburg, RU, there is a lovely green ring park around the city where most of the German siege artillery landed. Digging is a very bad idea.


This one's good too -

James D.

Raise the standards high enough and enforce them and our roads won't look too different than Cuba's.

For Zero and his people (and, I'm certain, most of the lifers at EPA and elsewhere in the various executive agencies) that's not a bug, it's a feature.


I don't know bout ya'll but i'm going to be sucking on the tits of the rich. You're going to need a crowbar to get me off.


“These fuel standards represent the single most important step we’ve ever taken to reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” President Obama said...

_More_ important than keeping your tires inflated?

Oh, I thought you said 'Who among you is a Communist?'

I heard awhile ago that most of the classic American cars still running around Cuba now have Mitsubishi diesels in them.

Maybe Sheriff Joe is the mystery speaker.

Monckton's acute and articulate, but he does talk about the aspects of the CAGW social mania that are conspiratorial, while most of us skeptics have been too intimidated to talk about it.


There was talk on one of the car sites I visit of the demise of the V-8 engine with the 2016 standards. This would kill just about any of the major auto manufacturers as they exist today. Worse than going back to the 70's and some of those classic post oil crisis designs.

I believe they are also including light utility vehicles in the CAFE standards. Will try to find the article.

In the UK, GM was sued by the government for false advertising for the Volt when they were promising a 300 mile range but only getting 50 miles on average.

On the EOD front, I am fascinated at how even today farmers in Belgium and France regularly dig up old ordnance. I believe there are a number of deaths per year attributed to these incidents. The European papers report these incidents fairly regularly.

They had to shut down all traffic on the Rhine several months back when they found a couple of 1,000 lb bombs buried in a mudbank.


You mean the active coordination of a group of individuals around a common purpose Kim?

Usually one they only acknowledge out of the country.


Re EPA et al...You can't convince me these arrogant, insolent Obama brats aren't deliberately sabotaging our free market system.

I hope Mitt's speech is all about liberty, liberty and more liberty, and all the goodness and creativity that flows from an unshackled national spirit. Enough of this economic suicide by stupidity.


--There was talk on one of the car sites I visit of the demise of the V-8 engine with the 2016 standards.--

Had a friendly email exchange with Dennis Simanaitis, Road and Tracks science guy, a few years back in which I asked him aren't the manufacturers just going to go to little four bangers (gas or diesel)with big turbos to meet CAFE and the hybrids and all electrics and fuel cells will not be more than peripheral players for a long long time. Being a techy guy he disagreed to some extent.
Where are the manufacturers going? Little four bangers with big turbos.


Our local ordinance.

"The military presence in Mission Trails Regional Park dates back to 1917, when U.S. Army personnel based at Camp Kearny a few miles to the west, used Fortuna Mountain as an artillery target as part of World War I training exercises. This practice was repeated when the area was reactivated as a military base in 1934, this time as Camp Elliott, a U.S. Marine Corps training center. Ordnance was fired at the mountain for the next ten years, when the land was turned over to the U.S. Navy. The Navy used the lands around Fortuna Mountain for infantry, tank and artillery training during World War II and the Korean War.

In 1960, about one-third of Camp Elliot's lands were declared excess holdings and were transferred to the General Services Administration. Between 1960 and 1963, some of this property was given to the City of San Diego, San Diego State University, and the San Diego Unified School District. Ultimately much of this land became part of Mission Trails Regional Park.

Unexploded ordnance was an unfortunate legacy of the military period. Hikers sometimes discovered unexploded materials along the trails, especially after rainy periods, and it became clear the ordnance posed a serious public safety hazard. In 1993, an intensive sweep of the area was conducted and literally tons of unexploded materials were removed."


A self-destructive madness of the crowd.

There are plenty, rse, who've breathed together over this, generally for money, power, and prestige. But as you know, this error has been propagandized to the world and the CAGW social mania is no longer a conspiracy. It's gotten too big.


More about San Diego's ordinance:



--Our local ordinance.--

How did you resist the pun, TK?


What should be interesting is how D.C. is going to get their fleet of (mostly GM) black SUVs. Ok, some white ones too. What are they going to armor? Priuses? Volts?

Ok, most of them aren't armored, but you can tell somewhat when someone important is going somewhere because you will see several of them going somewhere, and then parking illegally to discharge their important personages.

Maybe the answer is to exempt SUVs made by Government Motors. Or, maybe just those bought by some government agency. Like fully automatic weapons - only the government could buy SUVs getting fewer than 30 mpg. Then the sheriff and police departments can continue to buy their Crown Vics and Tahoes, and the important politicians and bureaucrats can continue to ride in their SUV convoys.


mystery speaker down to Dirty Harry or Seamus the dog, maybe both.




Hmmmm... Looks like Billy Jeff's got some 'slainin to do:

Too awful to check: CIA passed on bin Laden hit in 1999?

Looks like Barry shouldn't have ticked off the Poles. They are coming out with the long kinves for the Dems.


"Where are the manufacturers going? Little four bangers with big turbos."... and TurboDiesels, just like EuroLand-- that exemplar of CentralPlanning Nanny State utopia.

Melinda Romanoff

Bill Hobbs-

"John Kerry is a Corporate Wife."

Bang, to the moon!


"John Kerry is a Corporate Wife." HA! give Mr. Hobbs a cigar.


We'll be like Europe with canvas sided trucks. Imagine the theft at truck stops..Heh And impossible to keep refrigerated foods cold I should think.

Get rid of these people fast.


54 MPG. WTF, why not just mandate a MILLLLLLLION?

Some guy

"Endorsed by industry"?

Big companies, contrary to popular notion, *love* regulation, particularly when they know the deadlines get pushed out as they approach.

Regulation is a club used to kill off competition from smaller producers who can't shoulder the costs of regulation. This is one of those cognitive dissonance things for Libtards, they hate "big business" but their natural instincts do more to protect huge companies than any other force. Then they wonder where all the small innovative companies have gone.

Some guy

Saying John Kerry is a corporate wife is an insult to corporate wives. He just married inherited money, he didn't make any sacrifices or help carry any burdens. He's not even good enough to be "just a corporate wife"...


SomeGuy @12:52 and 12:56. Spot on -- squared.

Jim Ryan

Obamacare won't happen. The money's not there. These CAFE standards won't happen. The physics isn't there. Medicare won't happen. The money isn't there.


Agree with Some guy. Not even. John Kerry is married to a woman who used to be a corporate wife. They are both living off the vast wealth of her dead Republican husband.

And in 2004, libs didn't care about any of that.

Jim Eagle

Lets not forget the "unintended consequences" of fuel regulations: highway safety. Lots of ways to get better mileage such as increased engine performance through both electronics and metallurgy. Usually, requires a downsize of engine size but increase in air:fuel ratios firing temperatures. But then you don't want a 2500lb car that sucks up the increased efficiency, so you start working on composite materials to lower the weight while keeping chassis sizes economical and roomy for our American traveling population.

What you get is a lighter, more efficient car that may not be as crash worthy as a 1996 Impala or a 2008 BMW X5. I am sure the Copper Mini and the Fiat's currently running around our highways have great mileage but I wouldn't want to be in one if something hits it or it rolls over.

Open Mic

Oops (via drudge)

Reporter: Romneys 'Happy to Have a Party With Black People Drowning'
12:16 PM, AUG 29, 2012 • BY DANIEL HALPER



JimRyan@1:00-- ObamaCare and Medicare and Soc Sec have run into Herbert Stein's IRON LAW. Economic trends continue until they can't.

Captain Hate

Calling Reporting for Doody a "corporate wife" is an insult to any female who's ever done anything useful for her spouse, or married him for something other than his money.

Dave (in MA)

http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/29/repeal-obamacar/ "Repeal ObamaCar"

Then-Climate Czar Carol Browner oversaw the secret negotiations with the auto industry over these new global warming regulations. (She quietly resigned from the White House last year, just before her role in delaying Solyndra layoffs past the 2010 election was made public.)

Mary Nichols, the chair of the California Air Resources Board, was the other key player in a game of bad cop and really bad cop; basically, Browner told the auto industry that if it didn’t acquiesce to these new fuel economy rules, California would be given a free hand to impose its own, even more destructive regulations that — because many states have adopted California standards — would cripple the industry. Nichols told The New York Times that Browner “quietly orchestrated” the secret negotiations between the White House, regulators, and auto industry officials. “We put nothing in writing, ever,” Nichols said.

That was the first backroom shakedown. Yesterday’s rule is the result of a second round that followed closely on its heels, and at this rate the third round may be well underway.

Congress never voted for these absurd standards, which will drive vehicle prices through the roof for no meaningful environmental benefits.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

This is hysterical. Fell free to start half way in, it's the end that counts.

Have Blue

As I told my brother once, "You go on and on about recycling plastic bottles and tin cans, I recycle billion year old sunlight." He asked me what I was talking about. "Coal and oil baby, coal and oil. (Oh and natural gas.)"

Dave (in MA)

http://freebeacon.com/brian-ross-does-it-again/ Brian Ross stepped in a pile of Brian Ross again.

Jim Ryan

Jack, the physics I meant was for pickup trucks. I assume that the LOAD MAX of a standard Ford pickup would be tiny to prevent the thing from crumpling like a beer can under the load. Am I right?


Now vote fraud goes online, WI GAB approves use of online documents for proof of residency in voter registration. Apparently paper documentation unchecked by clerks (as in Racine) does not allow enough fraud for Obama's campaign in Wisconsin. The WI SC better get their butts in gear.

Have Blue

Bruce - No one can buy Crown Vics any longer, Ford stopped making them.

Captain Hate

Sorry I posted before seeing Some Guy's comments who said the same thing more or less; and probably better.


--I assume that the LOAD MAX of a standard Ford pickup would be tiny to prevent the thing from crumpling like a beer can under the load. Am I right?

Posted by: Jim Ryan | August 29, 2012 at 01:28 PM--

You actually might see the sales of large pickups skyrocket since I believe those over 8500 or 10000 GVW are exempt from CAFE.

James D.

re: Open Mic at 1:10 and Dave at 1:26...

If Romney does win in November, he ought to consider ordering the FCC to review some broadcasting licenses with an eye towards revocation.

JM Hanes

Something just snapped today, when I read about the race baiters at MSNBC not even airing any of the Convention's minority speakers. Even if Artur Davis weren't black, how is it a non-story, when the guy who seconded Obama's nomination ends up with a prime time spot on the GOP Convention stage? Ditto for covering Ted Cruz, who pulled off the most spectacular extremist Tea Party upsets of campaign 2012. It's not just MSNBC either; NBC "curated" both of them right out of "some of the notable speeches" in Tampa.

I know, I know. I know. But it's the brazenness of it all that just stuns me, and keeps on stunning me, no matter how prepared to expect it I should be by now. Today, however, I'm also stunned by just how deep the reservoir of my own anger about it has become. It's so blinding that I can't even concentrate on anything else.

And the annoying colonials.

Watch all of Jane's link. Other wise you miss 'it's very close..... and confusing'.

Open Mic

Original: "Reporter: Romneys 'Happy to Have a Party With Black People Drowning'"

UPDATE: "Yahoo News fires David Chalian"


Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


OpenMic-- per Drudge Yahoo FIRES the miscreant Journo who smeared Mitt/Ann and apologizes. Pleasant surprise. The Legacy Media is cracking up... love it.


Ig@1:36- and what is the price point and profit margin on those larger trucks? exactly... this is how Big Government and Big Business cronyism works, and the small start up business takes it in the neck.


you can still buy Crown Vics, just not new ones.

As someone once said, "It's got a cop motor, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas."

"What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?"


Does it have the cherry-top revolving light and siren?

Captain Hate

It's so blinding that I can't even concentrate on anything else.

I don't mean to be over-reactive or make assumptions for what anybody else is thinking; but for me it's being incredulous at seeing some of the things Orwell presented as fiction happening in a country where such things were assumed could never happen here. Wasn't that at least part of the point of why we read them?


When you have a criminal Department of Justice,a political party that says it stands for human rights and yet contains scum like Edwards, Kennedy, Spitzer, Weiner, etc and misogynists like Dr Dre, Eminem, Jay Z, Russell Simmons, etc, and a department of Homeland Security whose sole focus is the control and investigation of domestic activities, how can such a party be taken seriously?

It is an edifice of lies.

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