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August 07, 2012


Some guy

JM Hanes:

He was going to get the Bronze in the parallel universe bars, but one of the judges didn't think he stuck the 'Bearded Spock' landing so he had to settle for the making shit up Bronze.

Mark Folkestad

Hey, folks. I'm way too behind to ever catch up on these threads. Some of you have expressed your sympathy on the passing of my brother Dewey on Facebook, and perhaps some have mentioned it in one of these threads. I'm very grateful for the condolences. It's a lovely tribe I'm a member of at JOM. Dewey and his wife both came back sick from a trip to southeast Alaska, the highlight of which was a short cruise on a charter sailboat out of Sitka, not far north of where I will be moving. Their granddaughter is the chef and her boyfriend is the skipper and co-owner. Dewey and Bev both caught a tough strain of pneumonia from another passenger, and they were rushed to the hospital mere hours after they returned. Bev responded well to new antibiotics, but they discovered heart blockages, and she had a quadruple bypass. Dewey was blessed with a splendid heart in a transplant roughly twenty years ago, but the anti-rejection drugs also made him especially vulnerable to this strain of pneumonia. Our family is stressed, but we are very thankful for the great medical care that has not YET been ruined, and we will cherish the memories of two decades extra with my brother. May God bless all who struggle with health issues and all those who mourn the loss of dear ones.


You and your family are in my prayers Mark Folkestad

Ralph L

I remember reading of Button's HLS degree several years ago, I thought after he collapsed and died in Central Park. Guess he didn't die.

Sorry about your brother, Mark. We lost my senior boss in May to pneumonia after he fell twice in two days, breaking shoulder, wrist and hip, and then having a heart attack waiting to be admitted. Now down to a 2 man, 4 cat office.


Loved this cooking tip, Ralph L.! - green vegetables should be left in the frig until soft and then thrown away.

hit and run


Pete Hoekstra was one of my very first dibs

Let us not forget, the feeling's mutual:


(I hope that works, I'm posting blind...)

Ralph L

Janet, it's how I feel virtuous. I'll buy broccoli, spinach, & celery, etc and tell myself I'm eating right, but a lot of it goes in the trash.

Oddly, Walmart is the only store around here with decent celery that doesn't look like it's been thrown down the stairs. I was spoiled in the DC area, where every store had quality produce because the market demanded it.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Harrumph Hit!!!!!

Melinda Romanoff

Does anyone need my Brussells Sprout recipe again? I've got it around here someplace. All you really need are chemical safety gloves and a commercial driver's license.


I'm so sorry, Mark. From your Facebook posts, I can see that Dewey was very loved. God bless.


Mark, thanks for the update. I hope that JOM visits help put warmer distance between you and your sadness. My condolences.


Mark, my condolences on the loss of your brother.


More speakers announced for the convention:

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker,
Texas GOP Senate nominee Ted Cruz,
Puerto Rico governor Luis Fortuno,
Georgia attorney general Sam Olens, and Florida attorney general Pam Bondi.

h/t the corner


My sympathies, Mark


I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks that a top general or admiral in any branch of the military has "untested" political skills simply has no idea what he, or she, is talking about!

Mark Folkestad

Thanks, for the condolences, my friends.


I will keep your family in my prayers. I am sorry for your loss.I always enjoy your posts here.


So sorry to hear it, Mark.

Timothy Lightburn

Sometimes I think that there is a CIA power block running things. (Then I think that I may be paranoid and delusional.) I start by examining which of the presidential candidates had closest ties to the CIA and noticing who won. I think Obama is CIA and thinks that the only way for him to lose is if the other side takes on a powerful CIA guy onto the ticket. CIA wins either way.

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